South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Giving age, names of parents, birthplace or residence

Albertson, David, 25, (s. Jonathan and Jemima), and Mary Sloane (d. David and Sarah), near Timber Creek, 1-7-1808.
Albertson, Enoch, and Elizabeth Chanart, Gloucester twp., 3-28-1760.
Albertus, Lewis, 34, wid., (s. Daniel and Regina), b. Saxony, and Zilla Clark (d Jeffry and Zilla), near Mantua Creek, 12-20-1807.
Andrews, Peter, 28, (s. Peter and Sarah). b. Philadelphia, and Hesther Urian, 18 (d. Andrew and Elizabeth), b. near Swedesboro; 10-19-1818.
Andrews, Samuel, and Elizabeth Payne, near Woodbury, 5-31-1787.
Applin, Charles, 26 (s. Peter and Sarah), Penns Neck, and Rosannah Williams, 18 (d. Peter and Rose Mary), b. at Livorno, Italy; 7-11-1802.
Ashcroft, Samuel, 30 (s. Samuel and Keziah) b. Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Haines, 24 (d. Vandever and Elizabeth), b. Woolwich; 1-9-1822.
Ayars, Edmund D., 23, Bridgeton, and Eliza T. Proctor, 22, Frederick, Md., 11-16-1852.
Banck, George, 45 (s, George and Maria), late of Volgast of Pomerania, and Zebby Kinsey, 44, wid. (d. James and Ann Wood), Gloucester co., 3-4-1816.
Barret, Thomas, 26 (s. Thomas and Elizabeth,) and Deborah Dawson (d. Joseph and Susannah), both Gloucester co., 8-25-1797.
Baxter, John, 24 (s. Samuel and Elizabeth), Gloucester co., and Sarah Carson, 21 (d. James and Anne), Philadelphia, 10-20-1804.
Beck, Henry, 23 (s. Peter and Elizabeth), b. Philadelphia, and Margaret Rambo, 20 (d. Jesse and Jane) b. Gloucester co.; 6-19-1823.
Bennet, James, 23 (a. Wiljam and Marget), Gloucester co., and Mary Laton, wid. (d. James and Sarah Robinson), late of Ireland, 12-10-1793.
Bennet, John A., 22 (s. John and Rebecca), b. Salem co., and Eliza Seaman, 22, wid. (d. Christopher and Mary Robinson), b. Philadelphia; 3-7-1821.
Bethlen, John, Philadelphia, and Catherine Horn, Salem, 10-30-1854.
Bethausen, John Ernest Christian, 32 (s. Charles Christian and Rosina Maria), b. Barenburg, Germany, and Mary Miller, 32, wid. (d. John and Mary Stillman), Gloucester co., 3/19-1803.
Biddle, John, 23 (s. Aaron and Elizabeth), and Keziah Cole, 20 (d. John and Ann), both Upper Penns Neck, 11-25-1793.
Boate, Thomas, 29 (s. Horace and Dorothea), Ireland, and Meribah Gilbertson, 34 (d. William and Elizabeth), Salem co., 7-29-1806.
Bowers, Leonard, 30 (s. Michael and Elizabeth), Philadelphia, and Naomy Senec, 30, wid. (d. Benjamin and Amy Crocier), b. Newport; 2-22-1825.
Bowers, Wiljam, 22 (s. George and Mary), New York, and Catherine Svinning, Salem co., 2-22-1794.
Bowman, Charles, 21 (s. George and Hannah), Philadelphia, and Mary Urien, 20 (d. Andrew and Elizabeth) , Swedesboro, 1-9-1814.
Bowman, Peter, 37 (s. Peter and Cathrine), b. Stockholm, and Rebecca Bowen, 23, wid. of Renshaw (d. Samuel and Rebecca Bowen), b. Salem; 1-15-1817.
Boys [?], Thomas, Christiana, Del., and Jemimah Batten (d. Edward and Edbith), Gloucester co., 9-18-1794.
Bradshaw, Francis, Philadephia, and Harriet Scott, formerly of Woodbury, 10-14-1855.
Brannan, Jeremiah, and Hannah Stagg, both Gloucester co., 7-11-1853.
Bright, George, 25 (s. George and Elizabeth), near Swedesboro, and Jane McCuan (or McEwen), 17 (d. Henry), b. Philadelphia; 1-8-1818.
Brown, Charles, 21 (s. Marc and Ann), Gloucester co., and Harriet French, 18 (d. William and Abigail), Philadelphia. 3-5-1812.
Buckley, John H., 28 (s. John and Ann), Nantucket, Mass., and Deborah Colloway, 23, (d. Jacob and Rebecca), Salem co., 9-22-1812.
Budd, Joseph, 23 (s. James and Mary), Gloucester co.. and Rachel Cox, 20 (d. Richard and Ann). Burlington co., 9- 17-1794.
Burrough, John, 26, wid. (s. John and Elizabeth), Gloucester co. and Phillah Webb, wid. (d. Daniel and Mehizabeth Husted), Cumberland co., 6-22-1825.
Burton, Thomas, 53, wid. (& Thomas and Jane), b. England, and Mary Cheesman, 46, wid. (d. John and Sarah Pidgeon, b. Gloucester co.; 1-25-1817.
Cain, John, 31 (s. John and Ann), Gloucester co., and Phebe Preston, 30, wid., Philadelphia. 4-19-1803.
Camp, Joseph H., 18, Gloucester co., and Martha Chapman, 18, 12-25-1860.
Carlile, William, 22 (s. John and Marget), Salem co., and Jerusha Hamilton, 27, wid.. (d. Richard and Sarah Tully), Kent co., Del.. 8-10-1809.
Carman, James. 32 (s. Henry and Jemima), b. New York, and Mary Skellinger, 18 (d. Aaron and Priscilla), b. Cape May; 10-20-1818.
Castledine, Richard, Southwark, and Elizabeth A. Heppard, Gloucester co., 6-5-1853.
Chew, Joseph, 22 (s. Richard and Sarah), Gloucester co., and Mary Polk, 21 (d. Robert and Susannah), Philadelphia, 7-25-1810.
Clarc, Isaac, and Mary Tuff, Salem co., 10-26-1788.
Cole, John, 25 (s. John and Ann), and Barbara Biddle, 25 (d. Aaron and Elizabeth), both Upper Penns Neck, 11-25- 1793.
Cole, Joseph, 25 (s. Andrew and Letitia), Salem co., and Sarah Browers, 19 (d. John and Perkins), Philadelphia, 12-1-1795.
Collins, George, 22 (s. James and Rebecca), b. Waterford, and Ruth Dupree, 20, wid. (d. John and Elizabeth Saunders), b. Philadelphia; 9-3-1825.
Collins, John, 40, wid. (s. John and Honor), and Eleanore Brookfield, 38, wid. (d. John and Angela Irvin), both Billingsport, 11-26-1798.
Coppas, Peter, and Eda Lord, Gloucester co., 3-26-1789.
Coly, Nathaniel, 32 (s. Jonn and Rebecca), b. Philadelphia, and Abigaii Costian, 19 (d. John and Elizabeth), Morris River. 4-2 -1822.
Corson, Elijah, 23 (s. Jacob and Judith), b Philadelphia, and Hanna Crease, 19 (d. Richard and Mary), Cape May, 6- 19-1819.
Cowgill, Clare, 26 (s. Isaac and Hannah), and Eliza Linsey, 22 (d. Ander and Isabella), both b. Carpenters Landing, 7-21-1825.
Cox, John. and Mary E. Uron, both Gloucester co., 12-26- 1855.
Cox, William, 23 (s. Wm. and Sarah), and Sarah Crawford, 20 (d. John and Mary), both Gloucester co., 8-21-1804.
Craighead, John, 2 (s. Robert and Mary), and Sarah Halcon, [surname blurred] (d. Gustave and Hannah), both near Swedesboro, 11-3-1796.
Crocket, John, 28 (a. John and Catherine). Burlington co., and Martha White, 33, wid. (d. Samuel and Hannah Flannigan), Swedesboro, 1-9-1805.
Dahlbo, William, 22 (s. John and Elizabeth), and Sarah Dahlbo, 18 (d. Daniel And Barbara), both Penns Neck, 5- 17-1806.
Danley, Isaiah, 25 (s. Joseph and Cathrine), and Ann Quam, (d. Thos. and Hope), both Gloucester co., 7-23-1815.
Davall, Benjamin. 29 (s. Abraham and Ann), Salem co , and Mary Comly, wid. (d. David and Cathrine Berry). b. Ireland; 7-6-1807.
Davis, David, 25 (s. Richard and Phebe), and Elizabeth Shane, 18 (d. John and Elizabeth), both Egg Harbor, 10- 14-1795.
Davis, James, and Marsy Chew, Haddonfield, 2-1-1758.
Davis, John U., 24 (s. Elnathan and Sarah), Bridgeton, and Mary Keighler, 19 (d. Christopher and Cathrine), near Philadelphia, 5-24-1816.
Dericson, Wiljam, 22 (s. Allen and Mary), Brandywine, Del. and Rebecca Cartwright, Philadelphia (d. Wiljam and Cathrine of Salem co.), 10-4-1795.
Dickinson, John, 24 (s. John and Ann), Philadelphia co., and Elizabeth Spear, 25, wid. (d. John and Cathrine Sweeten), Gloucester co., 12-16-1802.
Dickinson, Thomas, 40 (s. Richard and Elizabeth) Philadelphia, and Sarah Seley, 34 (d. David and Magdalene), West New Jersey, 12-16-1793.
Dilks, Elishah, 23 (s. John and Sarah), Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Williams, 23 (d. John and Sophia), b. Baltimore; 3-18-1826.
Dickinson, James, and Marget Clark, Deptford twp., 8-31-1786.
Donnoway, John, 22 (s. Thos. and Mary), b. near Woodbury, and Eliza Allen, 19 (d. Jesse and Martha), b. Maryland; 10-30-1817.
Duffel, Edward, 21 (s. James and Ruth, Gloucester co., and Ann Walker, 26 (d. Ebenezer .ind Hanna), Philadelphia, 1-28-1794.
Dyer, William, 26 (s. Wm. and Jane), Swedesboro, and Charlotte Warner, 19 (d. John and Sarah) Hunterdon co., 12- 28-1812.
Eldridge. Levi, 29 (s. Enoch and Prudence), and Elizabeth Price (d. John Lenon And Elizabeth), both Gloucester co., 1-24-1815.
Eldredge, Thomas, Cape May, and Emma Baker, Philadelphia, 11-24-1859.
Elliot (or Ellet), Daniel, 22 (s. Wm. and Gathrine) b. Salem co., res. Philadelphia, and Mary McCoy (d. Edward and Mary), below Southwark, 3-10-1816.
Elliot, Robert, 24 (s. Wm. and Susannah), Salem co., and Mary Ann More, 18 (d. Samuel and Mary), 7-11-1815.
Ellis, Joseph, and Rebecca Burrough, Waterford twp., 10-21- 1768. [1788?]
Ellmoor, Amos, 32 (s. John and Sarah), b. Charleston, S. C., and Elizabeth Warrick, Gloucester co., 3-5-1820.
Elton, Joseph, 25 (s. Isaac and Elizabeth). and Lydia Spencer, 18 (d. Samuel and Elizabeth), b. Salem co. ; 8-19-1819.
Enholm, Laurence, 37 (s. Andrew and Cathrine) b. Delecarha, Sweden, and Hannah Archer (d. John and Sarah), b. Philadelphia; both res. Repapo; 6-1-1809.
Fifer, Jacob, and Abigail Cheesman, Gloucester co., 4.25-1788.
Finnix, John, 21 (s. John and Mary), Portland, Mass., and Naomy Cosher, 19 (d. Benj. and Naomy), Cumberland co.. 4-24-1814.
Fish, Isaac. 46. wid. (s. Isaac and Hester), Gloucester co., and Eunice Higgins (d. Rebecca), Allentown, N. J.. 4- 26-1800.
Flannigan, Thomas, 23 (s. James and Catherine), Salem co., and Mary More, 20 (d. David And Elizabeth), 8-1-1791.
Flavell, Jeremiah, and Anna V. Drunell, both Gloucester co., 3-8-1859.
Fletcher, John (s. Absalom and Neomy), Eastern Shore, Va., and Naomy Foster, 25, wid (d. John and Patience Clark), Cape May, 12-30-1813.
Floyd, Wiljam, 23 (2. David and Elizabeth), Penns Neck, and Jane Lindsey, 19 (d. Andrew and Elizabeth), Philadelphia, 9-4-1795.
Flurry, Frederick Wm., Philadelphia, and Sallie S. Chew, Gloucester co., 6-16-1860.
Ford, William, 29, and Susannah Cooper. 34, wid. (d. Ephraim and Deborah Seley), both b. Woolwich; 1-24.1818.
Fox, Peter, 32 (s. Ephraim and Elizabeth), Fairfield, and Elizabeth Hutson (d. John and Mary), Maryland, 3-12- 1795.
Freeman, Silas, 25 (s. John Ind Ruth), Gloucester co., and Mary Riley, 30, wid. (d. Alexander and Macy Plunket), b. Philadelphia; 5-19-1827.
Friend, William. 42, (s. Laurence and Sarah), and Sarah, Chester, 42, wid. (d. Wm. and Margret Taylor). both near Swedesboro, 10-16-1807.
Fry, Michael, 22 (s. Ellis and Mary). Philadelphia, and Priscilla Sweeten (d. John and Cathrine) Gloucester co. 11-6-1796.
Garey, Jacob, 23 (s. Jacob and Cathrine), Pennsylvania, and Charlotte Hilderman (d. Adam and Charlotte), Salem co.. 6-24-1797.
Garrish, Levi, 20 (s. Levi and Sarah), Burlington co., and Susannah Cozens (d. John and Elizabeth) Gloucester co., 2-24-1796.
Garrison, Jeremiah, 24, and Ruth Erskin, 20 (d. Archibald and Ruth). Cumberland co., 9-24-1809.
Gibson, Samuel, and Rachel Chew, Deptford twp. 10-30-1787.
Githens, Joseph, and Sara Hepherd. Newton twp., 6-25-1787.
Glasby, Nathan, 22 (s. Wm. and Hannah), b. Port Elizabeth, and Cathrine Rinehard, 20 (d. Martin and Mary), b. Philadelphia; 11-25-1821.
Golden, Rem, 25 (s. John and Phebe), and Priscilla Eldredge, (d. Ely and Priscilla), both Cape May, 10-11-1800.
Goodwin, Daniel, and Rebecca Aborn, Gloucester co., 6-8-1789.
Grant, John, 27, New York, and Mary Jennings, 19 (d. Sam'l and Debora), Salem co., 6-19-1810.
Green, Jacob, 23, and Cathrine Norton (d. John and Cathrine), Gloucester co., 8-23-1812.
Green, John, 26 (s. John and Charlotte), and Sarah Whelen, 19 (d. Levin and Hannah), both Penns Neck, 1-30-1800.
Grigg, Isaiah M., Philadelphia, and Jane Mary Chew, Gloucester co., 5-4-1858.
Griffith, John. 23 (s. Levi and Elizabeth) b. Salem co., and Rebecca Longacre, 29 (d. Andrew and Martha), b. Delaware co., Pa.; 9-3-1818.
Gruff, John, and Mary Reeves, Mantua Creek, 1-13-1787.
Gruff, Richard, 38, wid. (s. Richard and Eddy), b. Cumberland co.. and Lydia Hardcastle, 38, wid., 3-27-1828.
Hackney, Josiah, 22 (s. Samuel and Hannah), Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Osborn, 22 (d. John and Roda), Burlington co., 11-15-1804.
Hammond, Bedjamin, 26, wid. (s. James and Rebecca), Sussex co., Md., and Phebe Garrison, 18 (d. John and Christine), Cumberland co., 6-20-1810.
Hanes, Philip, and Zilla Thorp, Gloucester co., 12-17-1787.
Harker, Jonathan, and Sara Branson, Woodbury, 1-29-1787.
Harvey, Wiljam, 49, wid. (s. John and Mary), and Catherine Bryan, 47, wid. (d. Gabriel and Martha Iszard), both Salem co.. 8-2-1796.
Hawk, David (s. Isaiah and Esther), b. Philadelphia: res. Gloucester co., and Sarah Still (d. John and Marget), Gloucester co., 7-19-1815.
Heartshorn, John, and Sarah Shellway, Gloucester co., 8-8- 1758.
Herbert, John, 26 (s. John and Cathrine), b. Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Still, 28 (d. Samuel and Sarah), b. Gloucester co.; 12-17-1825.
Higby, Edward, 28 (s. John and Mary), and Sarah Dole, 19 (d. John and Mary,), Salem co., 5-4-1794.
Hilliard, Richard, and Mary C. Harbart. both Salem co., 9-9 1859.
Hitchner, Daniel, and Emeline DuBois, both Salem co., 5-19- 1855.
Hoffman. William, 32 (s. William and Elizabeth), res. Cumberland co. (grandson of James Hoffman of Maurice River), and Mary Cole. 17 (d. Nathaniel and Elizabeth), b. Cumberland co.; 8-25-1821.
Holton, Peter, 42, wid. (s. Peter and Cathrine), Raccoon Creek, and Elizabeth Garwood, Gloucester co.. 11-11-1802.
Homan, Peter, 23 (s. Peter and Katherine). and Mary Bright, 18 (d. George and Elizabeth), both Repapo, 5-1- 1804.
Hooven, Samuel H., 38, b. Philadelphia, and Rebecca Jane Sweeten, b. Woodbury; 1-7-1861.
Hopper, Zepheniah, 35 (s. John and Ann), and Sarah Miers, 25 (d. Jacob and Mary). both Gloucester co., 7-5-1797.
Hubbard, Ebenezer, and Elenore Sheerwood, near Mantua Creek, 2-1-1787.
Huck, Lewis, and Frances Garter, Gloucester co., 4-28-1788.
Hudson, Mathias, 29 (s. Eric), b. Sweden, and Rebecca Tilton, 21 (d. Daniel and Sarah,) Egg Harbor, 4-28- 1810.
Huet, John, 23 (s. Samuel and Mary), Gloucester co., and Mary Branfield, 26 (d. James and Cathrine). 9-11-1814.
Hogg, Wiljam, and Anne Widdifield, Gloucester co., 3-28-1789.
Hulings, David, 22 (s. Marcus and Wilhelmina), and Abia Legg, 36 (d. John and Rhoda), both Cape May, 5-19- 1794.
Hulings, John, 22 (a. John and Sarah). Swedesboro, and Anna Wickes (d. Solomon and Elizabeth). Redstone, Pa., 8-17- 1807.
Humphreys, Edward C. D., 40, wid. (s. Edward and Sarah), and Rachel Saunders. 29. wid. (d. Benjamin and Rachel Johnson). Gloucester co.. 8-8-1822.
Hunt, Esarah, 49, wid. (s. Edward and Christiana), East Jersey, and Eleonore Bee, 40. wid. (d. Samuel and Elenore Packer), Gloucester co.. 2-18-1795.
Hussy (or Huffy). John, and Kesiah West, Mantua Creek, 4-5-1787.
Hutchins, Charles, 30 (s..Thomas and Elizabeth), Philadelphia, and Catharine Piles, 21 (d. Theodore and Anne), Gloucester co., 8-1-1805.
Inskip, Abraham, 25 (s. Isaac and Hannah), and Sarah Crim, 18, (d. Peter And Sarah), both Gloucester co., 11-2-1794.
Isley, Wiljam, and Sara Howel, Gloucester co., 1-7-1789.
James, Joseph. 28, b. near Swedesboro, and Elizabeth D. Huddell, b. Philadelphia; 12-18-1862.
James, William, 47 (s. Thomas and Sarah), b. Swedesboro, and Sarah Springer, 40, wid. (d. John 4nd Mary Brearly), b. Gloucester co.; 3-10-1818.
Jeffers, William, 38 (s. Peter and Elizabeth), New London, Conn., and Sophia Moore, 34, wid, (d. John and Hester Jones), Salem co., 12-25-1804.
Johnson, Peter, 23 (s. Laurence), Hollstein, Europe, and Ann Sticken (d. John and Ann), Gloucester co., 1-18-1812.
Jones, Andrew, 28 (s. Wm. and Phebe), and Sarah Allen (d. Henry and Isabella), both Penns Neck, 11-12-1798.
Jones, Andrew, 26 (s. Andrew And Hester), b. Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Bilderback, 24 (d. Samuel and Elizabeth), b. Salem co.; 12-24-1827.
Jones, David, 20 (s. John Griffith and Laura), b. Wales, and Martha Teal, 21 (d. John and Rody or Body), Cape May, 8-11-1802.
Jones, John G.. 36 (s. Moses and Elizabeth), Connecticut, and Rebecca VanHook, 23, Maurice River, 7-6-1797.
Jordan, Anthony, and Maria G. Burk, both Gloucester co., 12-18-1864.
Key, Joseph, 30. wid. (s. Joseph and Rachel). Gloucester co., and Susannah Elton, 28, wid. (d. John and Margret Bumstead, 8-25-1811.
Kirby, Thomas, 28 (s. John and Mary), Salem, and Susannah Copes (d.. Magar and Wealthy), 6-19-1823.
Lafetia, Daniel A., 29 (s. Joseph and Mary), Monmouth co., Sarah Cruet (d. Jesper and Christina Lock), Repapo, 3-14-1811.
Laplanche, John Baptiste, 65, wid. (s. John), b. France, and Elizabeth Allen. 50, wid. (d. John and Cathrine Sweeten), b. Gloucester co.; 9-11-1827.
Laurence, William, 21 (s. William and Elizabeth), and Mary Kitts, 35, wid. (d. Mathias and Ann Lauderback), 6-30- 1803.
Leaming, Manley, Cape May, and Rebecca Carley, Philadelphia, 11-29-1840.
Limmier, Christopher 53, wid. (s. Christopher and Ann), Salem co.. and Mary Kelly, 30, wid. (d. Wm. and Bridget Dunn), 4-24-1800.
Lloyd, Bateman, Salem co., and Mary F. Snyder, Philadelphia, 10-21-1858.
Lock, Peter, 23 (s. Peter and Priscilla), and Charlotte Zane, 19 (d. Robt. and Susannah), both Repapo, 11-22-1810.
Lock, William, 23 (s. Peter and Priscilla), and Deborah Mitchell, 18 (d. Wm. and Edith), both Repapo, 11-12-1812.
Low, Joseph, and Lydia Andrews, Woodbury twp., 12-2-1786.
Loyd, Sophar, 50. wid. (s. Joshua and Prudence), and Sarah Johnson, 37, wid. (d. David and Susan Plummer), b. Woodstown; 8-12-1820.
MacDermot, Cornelius, and Elvira Carter, Timber Creek, 10-30-1789.
Maderia, Solomon, 30 (s. John and Susan), Gloucester co. and Harriet Steel, 27, wid. (d. Isaac and Amy Holland), b. Delaware; 1-29-1819.
Main, John, 23, (s. Thomas and Hannah), b. Philadelphia, and Sophia Miller, 21 (d. Wm. and Naomi), b. Gloucester co ; 4-21-1831.
Marlpool, George, and Docy Rossell. 4-6-1767.
Martin, George, 30 (s. George and Mary), b. Gloucester co., and Mary Adams, 18 (d. Thos. and Phebe), b. Philadelphia: 3 9-1817.
Mather, Edwin, Salem co., and Catharine Murray, Philadelphia. 12-1-1857.
Matlack, Caleb, and Mary Wilan___; Gloucester co., 5-30-1789.
Matlack, Melon ( s. Benj. and Susannah.), and Mary Matlack, (d. Thos. and Abigail) both Gloucester co., 8-27-1797.
Matson, Abraham. 39. wid. (s. Charles and Rachel). and Mary Adams, 26 (d. Ebenezer and Mary Ann), both near 0ldmans Creek, 5-22-1816.
Matson, Jonas, 21 (s. Abraham and Rachel), and Mary Key, 21 (d. John and Rachel), Swedesboro 5-25-1799.
McCormick, Patrick (s. Patrick and Rosannah). and Ann Cowgill (d. Wm. and Lydia) both near Swedesboro, 5-12- 1807.
McKim, John, 24 (s. John and Sarah), Philadelphia, and Jane Cox, 18 (d. John and Naomy), Gloucester co.. 11-3-1804.
McQuillin, Abraham, 52. wid. (s. Abraham and Jane), b. Ireland, and Margaret Tomes, c6 [sic], wid. (d. John and Ruth Allen). b. Bridgeport; :2-25-1822.
Middleton, Nathan, and Mary Turner, near Mantua Creek, 11-3-1786.
Miles, John, 42. wid. (s. Thos. and Ann). b. Philadelphia, and Buth Walling, 20, wid. (d. John and Mary Johnson), b. Gloucester co.; 7-15-1823.
John, 21 (s. David and Elizabeth), and Hannah Bowen, 18 (d. James and Lydia) both Salem co., 6-20- 1804.
Morrison, William, 29, wid. (s. Mathew and Ann), and Susannah Nevil, 20 (d. James and Phebe), both Salem. 6-6-1805.
Moses, Augustus, Philadelphia. and Kate Lodge, Gloucester co.. 11-14-1863.
Mouse, William, 27 (s. Jacob and Neorny). and Elizabeth Matson, 21, wid. (d. John and Sarah Huling), both Raccoon Creek, 3-5-1806.
Munjan, Joseph, 58, wid. (s. John and Sarah). and Mary Kirbin, 39, wid. (d. Joseph and Jane Tossa), both Gloucester co., 5-29-1798.
Myers. Felix, 21 (s. Jacob and Margaret), and Elizabeth Marshall (d. Richard and Hester), both Gloucester co., 12-13-1802.
Jacob, 20 (s. Jacob and Abigail), Philadelphia, and Sarah Peterson, 24, wid. (d. John and Ann Mattson), Gloucester co., 11-11-1802.
Nelson, Joseph, 28 (s. Daniel and Rachel). Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Stancliff, 21 (d. Edmund and Silvie), b. Philadelphia; 6-10-1826.
Newton, Nathan, 30 (s. Nathan and Rachel), Cape May, and Margret Rice, 21 (d. George and Sophia), Philadelphia, 4-18-1810.
Norman, Samuel, and Emma Harker, both Swedesboro, 1- 17-1855.
Owen, John. 61, wid. (s. Griffith and Jennett). b. Wales, and Tamer Chattem, 41, wid., Gloucester co., 6-14-1809.
Patten, William, 42 (s. Wm. and Margret), b. Philadelphia and Margaret Hawkins, 42, b. Salem co., 11-5-1826.
Pawling, Jeremiah, 28, (s. David and Rachel). Salem co., and Elizabeth Thompson, 21 (d. Benj. and Mary), 4-18- 1798.
Penton, Andrew, 23 (s. John and Mary (Mary, now wife of Geo Knox), b. West New Jersey, and Hannah Mink, 23 (d. Andrew and Rebecca), West New Jersey, 8-13-1794.
Peterson, Jacob, 24 (s. Jacob and Abiah), Maurice Rive_ [last digit illegible], and Elizabeth Holly, 29, Cumberland co., 6-23-1810.
Pidgeon, H job, and Hanna Robeson, Timber Creek, 8-5- 1788.
Pierce, Peter, 20 (s. Henry and Deborah), and Mary Smith, 21 (d. Abraham and Mary) both Gloucester co., 2-18- 1795.
Pond, John and Hannah Elleritz, West New Jersey, 12-4- 1758.
Poulson, George, 23 (s. Joseph and Mary), Salem co.. and Rebecca Burton (d. James and Elizabeth), 12-1-1804.
Poulson, Richard. 25 (s. Joseph and Mary). Penns Neck, and Mary Cox, 20 (d. Gabriel and Sarah), Salem co., 10-30-1799.
Poulson, Richard. 34 (s. Joseph arid Mary), Rachel Tossa, 21 (d. Joseph and Elizabeth), both Penns Neck, 5-6-1809.
Powell, Abraham, 27 (a. Samuel and Anne), and Mary Ward, 18 (d. Charles and Cathrine), both Gloucester co., 12-10- 1808.
Pratt, Isaac, 38, wid. (s. Silas and Ann), Long Island, and Hannah Johnson, 34, wid. (d. David and Susannah Plummer), Woodstown, 6-9-1813.
Prickett, James J., Salem, and Mary H. Ireland, Philadelphia, 4-19-1861.
Reynolds, Solomon, 37; (s. Briggs and Abigail), late of New York, and Susannah Elliot, 19 (d.. Wm. and Susannah) b. Salem; 5-1-1825.
Richards, Richard, 23 (s. Joseph and Mary), and Mary West 22 (d. Thos. and Mary), both Gloucester co., 1-11-1797.
Richards, Silas. 21 (a. Joseph and Mary) Gloucester co., and Anna Rice, 19 (d. Joseph and Mary), 4-19-1797.
Richardson, Nehemiah, 32 (s. Samuel and Elizabeth), Cape May, and Sarah Smith, 25 (d. Anthony and Mary). Philadelphia, 1-23-1796.
Robins, Isaiah, 27 (s. Moses and Sarah), New York, and Mary Cramer, 20 (d. Isaac and Dorcas), Egg Harbor, 6-9-1813.
Ross, John, 27 (s. Jahn and Martha), b. Philadelphia, and Ann Atkinson, 19 (d. James and Mary), b. Cumberland co.; 8-30-1817.
Rosa, William, 47 (s. Wm. and Mary), Cape May, and Ruth Shields, 28, wid. (d. Allen and Ann Robinet), Wilmington, Del., 12-8-1803.
Runion, Benjamin (s. William and Sarah), East New Jersey, and Catherine Anderson, 16 (d. Henry and Susannah), Gloucester co., 10-3-1800.
Rupert, John Smith, 37 (s. Daniel and Dorothy), Bucks co., Pa , and Sarah Buck, 29, wid. (d. Alexander and Hannah More), Glcucester co., 9-7-1804.
Scott, Samuel, 26 (s. Wm. and Elizabeth), near Swedesboro. and Rebecca Adams, 29 (d. Bartholome and Mary Ann), Mt. Holly, 10-9-1810.
Simkins, Ezekiel, 22 (d. Dean and Susanna), and Rebeec Miller, 18 (d. Henry and Rebecca) both Salem co., 8-25-1794.
Simpson, James, 21 (s. James and Mary). b. Salem, and Elizabeth Jones, 18 (d. Andrew and Hesther), b. Philadelphia; 7-4-1825.
Skellenger, Joseph, 28 (s. Joseph and Mary), Cape May, and Charlotte McCarthy, 29, wid. (d. John and Phebe Ayars), b. New York State; 5-24-1818.
Smith, Daniel, and Elizabeth Cooper, Gloucester co., 11-14-1788.
Smith, John, 23 (s. Wm. and Jemima), b. Mullica Hill, and Rebecca Galloway, 28 (d. Jacob and Rebecca), b. Salem, 10- 12-1821.
Smith, Richard, and Mary Philpot, Lower Penns Neek, 6-12-1787.
Smith, Samuel, 22 (s. Samuel and Hannah), Woodbury, and Ann Richards, 18 (d. John and Mary), b. Philadelphia; 7-20-1820.
Samuel P., 27 (s. Samuel and Hannah), b. Camden, and Ann Bouden, 27, wid (d. Robert and Ann Stuart), 1-30- 1827.
Somers, James, 57 (s. James), Egg Harbor, and Mary Scull, 27, wid. (d. Cornelius and Amelia Brennin), Maurice River, 5-4 -1816.
John, 27 (s. John and Mary), Philadelphia, and Jane Annadown, 35, wid, (d. John and Mary Lewis), Salem co., 5- 29-1816.
Souder, John, Cumberland co., and Susanna Gilbert, Southwark, 11-26-1853.
Spencer, Jacob. 49, wid. (s. James and Sarah), and Sarah Cheesman, wid. (d. Edward and Rachel Newman) both Gloucester co., 7-2-1799.
Spice, Jacob, 22 (s. Philip and Cathrine), Gloucester co., and Cordelia Gold, 23 (d. John and Cathrine), b. Germany; 12-1-1805.
Spire, John, 22 (s. Nathan and Mary), Philadelphia, and Anne Reynolds, 21 (d. Valentine and Sarah). Gloucester co.. 9-28-1802.
Spire, Peter, 40, wid. (s. Nathan and Mary), Philadelphia, and Ann Smick, 39, wid. (d. John and Elizabeth McCan), b. Gloucester co.; 5-27-1823.
Springer, Hudson, 25 (s. Hudson and Sarah), Gloucester co., and Mary Peters, 31, wid. (d. Ebenezer and Mary Termery), Philadelphia, 7-30-1820.
Stanton, Jacob, 21 (s. George and Marget), and Elizabeth Dalbo, wid. (d. John and Mary Sparks), both Salem co., .11-11-1799.
Stewart, Nathan, and Rachel Morgan, Gloucester co., 10-19- 1790.
Stiles, Samuel, 26 (s. Felix and Ann), Gloucester co.. and Ruth Smith, 23, wid. (d. Andrew and Susannah Steelman), near Swedesboro, 2-24-1825.
Stine, Henry, 21 (s. Henry and Mary), b. Gloucester co., and Mary Ann Albright, (d. Frederick and Mary), b. Philadelphia; 4-8-1829.
Stratton, Benjamin, 22 (s. Emanuel and Sarah), and Sarah Beetle, 18 (d. Josiah and Sarah), both Penns Neck, 11- 16-1807.
Sutton, Amos (s. Amos), Camden and Sarah Crisse, 18 (d. Israel and Sarah), Bridgeton, 9-30-1816.
Taylor, James, 24 (s. William and Marget), Maurice River, and Marget Carney (d. Philip and Mary), Philadelphia, 5-30-1806.
Taylor, Samuel H., 21 (s. Henry and Mary), Wilmington, and Hester Hews, 19 (d. Jesse and Mary), Gloucester co., 9-2-1813.
Taylor, Yelverton, 36, wid. (s. George and Sarah), and Delia Hand, 28 (d. Jeremiah and Lydia), both Cape May. 11- 22-1820.
Teel, Ezekiel, 60, wid. (s. John and Rhoda), and Martha Mickle (d. Ely and Martha), both Cape May co., 4-12- 1811.
Thompson. John, M. (s. Wm. and Cathrine Elizabeth), Lancaster, Pa., and Letitia Gillingham, 28, wid. (d. Wm. and Naomy Peats), Cumberland co., 5-18-1811.
Thompson, Wiljam, 24 (s. John and Catherine), Gloucester co., and Matlida Forbes, 21 (d. Hugh and Mary), Repapo, 12-13- 1798.
Tuck, John, 24 (s. John and Elizabeth), Egg Harbor, and Mary Davenport (d. Wiljam and Rachel), West New Jersey. 4-19-1795.
Turner, Edward, Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Skillins, Philadelphia, 6-22-1787.
Tarpin, Thomas, 21 (s. Isaac and Ann), Gloucester co., and Mary Ann Stallings, (d. Wm. and Margaret Camp), Port Elizabeth, 7-3-1815.
Vanneman, Hans (s. Isaac and Sarah), near Swedesboro, and Priscilla Homan, 18 (d Wm. and Mary), Repapo, 4-20-1809.
Ware, John, and Sarah Marlpool, 4-6-1767.
Ward, Jacob, 33, wid. (s. Amariah and Susannah), b. Salem, and Ann Middleton, wid. (d. David and Sarah Bladney), b. Philadelphia; 8-27-1826.
Warren, Robert, 46, wid. (s. Henry and Sarah, Cumberland co., and Mary Garrow, 21 (d. Peter and Sarah), 12-24- 1812.
Watson, John, 28 (s. Edward and Ann), Gloucester co., and Hannah Hart, (d. Jacob and Hannah), Philadelphia, 3- 25-1821.
Wence, Barney, 24 (s. Barney and Mary ), Philadelphia, and Amy Hadley, 24 (d. John and Margret), b. Salem; 3-14- 1824.
West, Washington (s. Thomas and Elizabeth), b. Maryland, and Elizabeth Lamb (d. Jacob and Mary), b. Gloucester co. 7-17-1826.
Wheaton, Andrew, 27 (s. Palmer and Ruth), b. Cumberland co., and Mary Ann Dougherty. 18 (d John and Mary Ann), b. Burlington; 8-28-1825.
White, John. 37, wid. (s. John and Mary), and Mary Ann Bigs. 45, wid. (d. Robert and Nancy Munion), both Gloucester co.. 11-28-1797.
White, William, 26 (s. Thomas and Amy). b. near Glassboro, and Jane Coleman, 23 (d. Edward and Jane, b. Woolwich; 12-25-1821.
Whitehead, Charles, Philadelphia. and Elizabeth Taylor, Penns Neck, 11-3-1787.
Wilden, Jonathan. 22 (s. Jonathan .nd Hannah). Cape May and Tobitha Marts (d. Peter and Elizabeth), Philadelphia, 3-5-1798.
Williams, Henry (s. Theodore ard Lucy), late of Sheffield, Eng., and Mary Ann Russel, 26, wid. (d. John and Elizabeth Counterman , b. Gloucester co.; 1-31-1824.
Williams, Jeremiah. 24 (s. James and Elizabeth). Philadelphia, and Mary Ward, 19 (d. Jacob and Hannah), Gloucester co., 10-11-1810.
Wilson, Nathaniel, 25 (s. John and Sarah, and Ann Ellet, (d. James and Rebecca), both Gloucester co., 2-8- 1827.
Wine, Jacob, and Mary Anderson, Gloucester co., 10-27-1787.
Wood, Benjamin. 28 (s. Henry and Hannah), and Rebecca Aby, 18, wid. (d. Henry and Sarah Leeman), both near Mantua Creek, 1-6-1808.
Young, Jacob, 31 (s. Peter and Target), Coopers Point, and Elizabeth Farrington, 20 (d. John and Sarah), Eastern Shore, Md., 5-17-1807.
Zane, Isaac, 56, wid. (s. Isaac and Elizabeth). Gloucester co., and Sarah Gentry, 26 Philadelphia co., 12-15-1810.
Zane, Isaac and Annie Boyes, both Gloucester co., 3-26-1848.
Zilke, Henry, and Lydia Hillman, Gloucester co., 10-16-1787.

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