South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

The date given is that on which the contracting parties made
the first declaration. The marriage usually took place about three months later.

Abbott, Samuel, Salem, and Hannah Forster, Sept, 1733.
Adams, Thornas, and Hannah Sharp, Nov. 1720.
Adamson, John, and Ann Skull, Feb., 1715.
Albertson, Isaac, and Rachel Hains, Jan., 1725.
John (s. Josiah, Jr.), and Ann Price, 10 mo., 1794.
Albertson, Josiah, and Ann Austin, Sept, 1727.
Albertson, William, and Jane Turner. Sept, 1741.
Allen, Henry, Shrewsbury, and Abigail Adams, Apr., 1714.
Allen, William (s. Matthew), and Judith Stokes (d. Joseph), Feb. 1745.
Andrews, Ebenezer (s. Thomas), and Patience Lippincott (d. Thomas), Oct., 1742.
Andrews, Ebenezer. and Mary Warrington (d. Henry), Sept, 1748.
Andrews, Edward (s. Peter), and Tobitha Richardson (d. Edward), 3 mo. 1756.
Isaac (s. Jeremiah), and Keziah Chew (d. Jeremiah), 7 mo., 1771.
Jeremiah (s. Isaac), and Ann Wood (d. James), 10 mo., 1768.
Antrim, John, and Amy Andrews, Oct., 1714.
Ashead, John, and Mary Middleton, Mar., 1742.
Atkinson. Sam'l (s. John), Burlington co., and Esther Evens (d. Thos.), Mar., 1746.
Austin, Caleb (s. Amos). and Lydia Mason (d. James), 3 mo., 1758.
Austin, John, and Rebecca Mason, Sept, 1747.
Austin, William, and Mary Roberson, May, 1741.
Austin, William (s. Francis), and Hannah Thomas (d. Philip), June, 1749.
Ayers, Thomas, Jr. (s. Thomas), Burlington, and Katura Moor (d. Benj., Jr.), Dec., 1751.
Ballenger, Amariah, and Elizabeth Garwood, Mar., 1725.
Ballenger, Amariah, and Mary Ashbrook (wid. of John), Mar., 1751.
Ballenger, Amariah, Jr. (s. Thomas), and Ruth Collins, Jan , 1744.
Ballenger, Joshua (s. Thomas), and Martha Straton (d. Emanuel), Mar., 1740.
Barton, Edward, Burlington, and Margaret Tomlinson, Feb., 1735.
Barton, John (s. John), and Elizabeth Champion (d. Nathaniel), Nov., 1750.
Barton, John (s. John), and Elizabeth Ballenger (d. Amariah), 7 mo., 1773.
Barton, John, Jr., and Elizabeth Lord (d. Robert), Mar., 1730.
Basset, Daniel, Salem, and Mary Lippincott (d. Freedom), Sept, 1750.
Bates, Samuel (s. William). And Eleanor Davis (d. Thos.), 10 mo., 1781.
Bates, Thomas, and Sarah Pancross (wid. of Benj.), 2 mo., 1752.
Bates, William (s. Wm.), and Phebe Butcher (d. Samuel), 2 mo., 1770.
Beaks, Nathan, and Elizabeth Hooten, Sept, 1731.
Bickham, Richard, Jr., and Mary Wood, Mar., 1725.
Bickham, Thomas, and Elizabeth Hopper, Oct., 1725.
Bidgood, Richard, and Hannah Burroughs, wid.. Jan., 1733.
Bishop, Thomas, Burlington, and Rachel Matlack (d. Wm.,. Jr.), Apr., 1736.
Bispham, Joseph (s. Benj.), and Eliza Hinchman (d. John), Apr., 1751.
Borton, John, and Ann Dareling, Mar., 1717.
Borton, Joshua (s. William), and Mary Lippincott (d. Nathaniel), 9 mo., 1770.
Borton, Obadiah, and Mary Driver, Aug., 1749.
Borton, William, and Abigail Lord (d. Robert), Mar., 1741.
Borton, William, Jr., and Deborah Hager, Mar., 1731.
Braddock, Robert, and Frances Norcross, Mar., 1751.
Brown, Chatfield, and Hannah Andrews (d. Peter), 10 mo., 1760.
Brown, Ebenezer, Nottingham, and Elizabeth Ives, Sept, 1737.
Brown, James, and Catherine Andrews (wid. of Thomas), 4 mo., 1732.
Brown, Joseph, and Martha Spicer, 1706.
Brown, Nathaniel, Philadelphia, and Mary Burdsall, Mar., 1750.
Browning, Joseph (s. Jeseph), and Keziah Stokes (d. Thos.), Nov. 1750.
Budd, Thomas, and Susannah Nelson, 1709.
Budd, Thomas, Jr. , Burlington, and Rebecca Atkinson, Feb., 1738.
Bull, Thomas, and Susannah Nelson, 1709.
Burrough, Enoch (s. John), And Deborah Middleton (d. Thos.), Feb., 1750/1.
Burrough, Jacob (s. Samuel), and Sarah Thorne (d. Thos.), Feb., 1750/1.
Burrough, John, and Phebe Haines, Feb. 1725.
Burrough, Joseph (s. Samuel), and Mary Pine (d. Benj.), 10 mo., 1765.
Burrough, Josiah (s. John), and Sarah Morgan (d. Alexander), 2mo., 1757.
Burrows. Isaac, and Deborah Jennings. Apr., 1742. Samuel, and Ann Gray, Feb., 1722. Busby, John (s. John), and Sarah Ellis (d. Joseph), 4 mo., 1758.
Butcher, John. and Mary Heritage, passed meeting, 1691.
Butcher, Joseph (s. Samuel), and Prudence Rogers (d. William), Mar., 1747.
Butcher, Samuel, Jr., and Marcy Newberry, Oct., 1740.
Cattle, Jonas, Burlington, and Mary Engle, wid., June, 1727.
Champion, Benj., and Mary Hewitt. Oct.. 1748.
Champion, Thomas (s. Nathaniel), and Deborah Clark (d. William) 9 mo., 1760.
Chattin, Abraham, and Grace Mills, Dec., 1716.
Chattin, Abraham, Jr. (s. Abraham), and Mary Wood (d. John), Dec. 1743.
Chew, Richard, and Abigail Wood, Aug., 1733.
Clark, Benjamin. Philadelphia, and Mary Hooten, July, 1724.
Clark, Richard. and Elizabeth Flamingham, Aug., 1728.
Clark, William. Jr., and Phillis Ward, Aug., 1727.
Clement, Jacob, (s. Samuel), and Hannah Albertson (d. Josiah), Nov., 1747.
Samuel, and Ruth Evans, wid., Oct. 1748.
Cock (or Cook). John, and Lydia Cooper, Jr., Aug. 1714.
Coffee (or Colsey), James, Duck Creek, and Margaret Zain, June, 1722.
Coffin, Jacob. Jr., and Hannah Wilkins, Oct, 1721.
Coles, Samuel, and Mary Lippincott, Sept., 1731.
Collins, Francis (s. John), and Ann Hanes (wid. Nehemiah), Oct., 1746.
Collins, Samuel. Jr. (s. Samuel), and Rosanna Stokes (d. Thos.), Apr., 1748.
Cook, Ebenezer. and Elizabeth Zains (d. Robert), Aug., 1751.
Cooper, Benj., and Rachel Mickle, Feb. 1717.
Cooper, Daniel, and Sarah Spicer, pass meeting. 1695.
Cooper, Joseph, and Lydia Riggs, pass meeting, 1688.
Cooper, Joseph, and Hannah Dent, Apr., 1735.
Cooper, Robert (s. Thomas), Pennsylvania, and Mary Hopper (d. Samuel), 6 mo. 1767.
Cousins, Jacob (s. Jacob), and Hester Zane (d. Robert), 12 mo., 1761.
Cousins, Wm. (s. George), and Phebe Young (d. Joseph), Nov., 1750.
Cowgill, Isaac, Chesterfield, and Rachel Brigg, Nov., 1730.
Cowgill, Joseph, and Ann Arnel, Dec., 1748.
Cox, Benjamin, and Rachel Mickle, pass meeting, 1718.
Cripps, John, and Mary Eves, Sept. 1731.
Crissom, Caleb (s. James), and Sarah Hopkins (d. Ebenezer), 3 mo., 1767.
Crossly, Nathan, Burlington, and Elizabeth Garwood (d. John). Oct., 1726.
Darnell, Lewis (s. John), and Grace Thomas (d. Philip), 4 mo. 1759.
Darnelly, John, Salem, and Hannah Borton, Mar., 1723.
Davis, David, and Mary Musgrave, Sept., 1733.
Davis, Gabriel, and Sarah Ballenger, Oct., 1743.
Davis, Jonathan, and Esther Haines, June, 1742.
Deacon, Isaac, Chesterfield, and Mary Cripps, Oct, 1737.
Decon, Eber, and Sarah Eves, Nov., 1743.
Decon, Isaac, ind Rachel Newbie, pass meeting, 1695.
Delzel, James, Philadelphia, and Eliza Handcock, Mar. 1744.
Dennis, Samuel, and Ruth Tindall, Feb., 1710.
Dodly, Francis, and Rachel Wilkins, Sept. 1733.
Dole, Joseph, and Hannah Somers, Mar., 1714.
Doron, Robert Jr., and Katherine Ladd (d. Samuel), Jan., 1742.
Earl, William, Burlington, and Mary Sharp, Philadelphia, Jan., 1738.
Edgerton, Thomas, and Esther Bate, Apr., 1738.
Eldridge, Abram (s. James), and Mary Lippincott (d. Isaac), 11 mo., 1757.
Ellis, Jacob (s. Simeon). and Cassandra Albertson (d. Josiah), Mar., 1750.
Ellis, Jonathan, and Mary Hollingshead, Mar., 1737.
Ellis, Thomas, and Catherine Collins, Sept, 1722.
Elwell, David, and Mary Hains, Sept. 1740.
Engle, John, and Mary Ogborn, 1707.
Engle, Joseph (s. Robert), and Mary Borton (d. Obadiah), 4 mo., 1760.
Evans, Isaac (s. Thomas), and Bersheby Stokes (d. Thos.), Oct., 1745.
Evans, Jacob. and Rachel Eldridge, Mar. 1749.
Evans, William, and Sarah Roberts, Dec., 1738.
Evens, Thomas (s. Thomas), and Hannah Roberts (d. John), Apr., 1751.
Evens, Jacob (s. Thomas), and Mary Cherrington (d. Clement), 4 mo., 1756.
Eyres. Thomas, Burlington, and Sarah Middleton, wid., Mar., 1750.
Fancit, Walter, and Margaret Rylins, Nov., 1736.
Farrington, Thomas, and Mary Roberts, May, 1747.
Fisher, John, Philadelphia, and Grace Mason (wid. Samuel), Sept 1747.
Fisher, Jonathan, Jr., and Hannah Hutchinson (d. John). Nov., 1750.
Fisher, Samuel W. (s. William), Philadelphia, and Sarah West Cooper (d. William), 11 mo., 1803.
Forster, William, and Hannah Core, Apr., 1729.
Fortiner, Daniel, and Rebecca Smith, Oct. 1743.
French, Charles, Burlington, and Sarah Wickware, 1724.
French, Jacob (s. Charles) and Elizabeth Stoaks (d. Joshua), 10 mo., 1772.
French, John, Burlington, and Sarah Wickware, July, 1724.
French, Jonathan. and Hester Matlack, Feb , 1743.
French, Robert, and Hannah Cattle, Nov., 1737.
Gardiner, James (s. Joseph), and Mary Tomlinson (d. Ephraim), 9 mo., 1762.
Garwood, Daniel, and Susanna Collins (d. John ), Feb., 1736.
Garwood, John, and Charity Wright. Mar., 1746.
Garwood, Thomas, and Mary Ballenger, Apr., 1733.
Garwood, William. and Jane Troth, Feb., 1723.
Gaskill, Benjamin, Burlington, and Sarah Husted (wid. of Joseph), 8 mo., 1756.
Gibbs, Howard (s. John ), and Hepsibah Evans (d. John), 11 mo., 1781.
Gibbs, Joshua (s. Isaac), and Hannah Burroughs, 2 mo., 1757.
Gibson, Joseph, Jr. (s. Joseph), Salem, and Sarah Lord (d. Joshua), Dec., 1746.
Gibson, Joseph, Jr., and Mary Ballenger, 11 mo. 1766.
Gibson, Obediah, and Mary Lord, wid.. Oct 1733.
Glover, John, and Mary Thorn (d. John), Mar., 1751.
Glover, Thomas (s. John), and Mary Stiles (d. Robert) 2 mo., 1775.
Green, John, Chesterfield, and Katherine Hughstead, Feb., 1744.
Griscom, Andrew, and Susanna Hancock, June. 1737.
Hackney, Thomas and Rebecca Wilkins (or Wilkinson), Aug., 1714.
Haines, Abraham, Jr., and Sarah Ellis (d. Thomas), Feb. 12 1743.
Haines, Ephraim (s. Richard), Salem, and Sarah Cheesman (d.Thomas), 11 mo., 1758.
Haines, Nathan, and Sarah Austin, Mar., 1725.
Haines, Samuel, Burlington, and Lydia Stokes, Sept, 1734.
Hains, Amos, and Rebecca Trought, Sept, 1731.
Hains, Carlile, and Sarah Matlack, Nov., 1721.
Hains, Isaac (s. Abraham), and Deborah Roberts (d. John), 4 mo., 1758.
Hains, Job (s. Jonathan), and Esther Hancock (wid. Samuel), May, 1749.
Hains, John. and Hannah Wood, Apr. 1722.
Hains, John. and Ann Ashead, Nov., 1734.
Hains, John (s. Nathan), and Mary Shreeve (d. Amos), 7 mo., 1758.
Hains, Jonathan, and Mary Matlack, 1711.
Hains, Jonathan, and Hannah Sharp, Mar., 1740.
Hains, Richard, Jr., and Agnes Hollingshead, June, 1721.
Hains, William (s. Nathan), and Elizabeth Ballenger, Mar., 1748.
Hancock, John, and Mary Gurnell, May, 1719.
Hanes, John. Jr., Goshen, and Jane Smith, Mar., 1728. [1746 is on its own line, just below, I have no idea what it refers to] 1746.
Hanes, Samuel (s. George), and Esther Sharp (d. Wm.), Feb. 1746.
Harrison, William, and Ann Hugg (d. John), 1709.
Harvey, John, and Sarah Hasker, 1709.
Heritage, Richard, and Sarah Tindle, Oct, 1729.
Higby, John, and Mary Barton. Sept, 1738.
Hill, John. and Sarah Whiteall, Sept, 1718.
Hillman, Daniel, Jr., and Abigail Nicholson, Jan., 1743.
Hillman, John. and Hannah Nicholson, Apr., 1746.
Hinchman, Jacob, and Abigail Harrison, Apr., 1740.
Hollingshead, and Mary Morgan, Sept, 1737.
Hollingshead, Hugh, and Ann Eves, Apr., 1734.
Holloway, Isaac (s. George). and Mary Hains (d. Nathan), 10 mo., 1758.
Holloway, John, and Elizabeth Sharp, 1707.
Hopewell, Joseph, England, and Sarah Briggs, Mar., 1733.
Hopkins, John Estaugh (s. Ebenezer), and Sarah Mickle (d. William), 4th mo., 1762.
Hooper, Samuel, and Mary Johnson, Oct., 1734.
Hooten, Benjamin (s. John), Sarah Snowden (d. William), 2 mo., 1780.
Horner, Isaac (s. Jacob), and Elizabeth Kay, 2 mo., 1756.
Horner, Joshua (s. John), and Mary Pine (d. John), 10 mo., 1800.
Howell, Jacob. Jr., Chester, and Mary Cooper. Aug., 1737.
Howell, John, and Kathrine Lord, Apr. 1734.
Hudson. John (s. William), Philadelphia, and Hannah Wright. Mar., 1725.
Hudson, Middleton (s. Thomas), and Christian Hopewell, (d. Nathan). Dec., 1745.
Hudson, William, Jr., and Jane Evans, Oct., 1717.
Hugg. Samuel. and Elizabeth Collins (d. John), 1 mo., 1752.
Hughes. Caleb (s. William), Philadelphia, and Abigail Ellis (d. Joseph), 10 mo., 1757.
Hunt, Robert, and Martha Ward (wid. George), May., 1749.
Hustice, Joseph (s. Jona.), and Sarah Lord (d. Samuel), Nov., 1742.
Ingle, Robert (s. John), Rachel Venicomb, Burlington, May, 1728.
Iredell, Abraham, and Sarah Coffin, Sept, 1740.
Jeffreys, John. and Mary Butcher (wid. of Samuel), Apr. 1749.
Jeffries, Constantine (s. John), and Patience Butcher (d. Samuel). 9 mo., 1766.
Jennings, Thomas, Burlington, and Ann Borton, Aug., 1731.
Jessup, John, and Margaret Whitacar, Mar., 1737.
Kaighn, John, and Mary Estaugh (d. James) Apr., 1727.
Kaighn, John (s. Joseph), and Sarah Mickle, (d. Joseph), 3 mo., 1795.
Kay, John, and Sarah Ellis, May, 1730.
Kinsey, Job (s. Thomas), and Elizabeth Estlick, 12 mo., 1763.
Kinsey, Thomas, and Hannsh Ward, Apr., 1740.
Knight, Isaac, and Elizabeth) Wright. Nov., 1728.
Knight, Jonathan, and Elizabeth Delaps (d. Nathan), 2 mo., 1765.
Ladd, John, Jr., and Hannah Mickle (d. John), Oct. 1732.
Ladd, Jonathan and Ann Wills, Nov., 1723.
Ladd, Samuel, and Mary Medcalf, Sept, 1713.
Lendell, John, and Hannah Ward, Aug., 1724.
Lewdom,Jaseph, Penna. and Rebecca Howell, May, 1748.
Lents, Michael, and Rachel Richardson, Jan., 1847/8.
Lindsey, Ezekiel, and Rachel Shoars, Oct., 1749.
Lippincott, Aaron (s. Samuel), and Elizabeth Jennings (d. Isaac) , Feb., 1745.
Lippincott, Abel (s. Freedom), and Jemima Evans (d. Thomas), 4 mo., 1758.
Lippincott, Ezekiel (s. Jacob), and Bathsheba Matlack (d. John, Sr.), 3 mo., 1756.
Lippincott, Freedom, and Hannah Rakestraw (d. Thomas), Philadelphia, Sept., 1739.
Lippincott, Freedom, and Elizabeth Ballenger, Sept, 1743.
Lippincott, Isaac, and Hannah Engle, Dec., 1739.
Lippincott, James, Jr., Burlington, and Elizabeth Lippincott (wid. of Aaron), Oct, 1751.
Lippincott, John (s. Nathaniel), and Anna Matlack (d. John, Jr.), 2 mo., 1756.
Lippincott, Joseph, Burlington, and Elizabeth Evans, Jr., Feb., 1739.
Lippincott, Nathaniel, and Mary Engle, May, 1736.
Lippincott, Soloman (s. Freedom), and Sarah Cousins (d. Jacob), Oct. 1744.
Lippincott, Solomon, and Mary Zane, 11 mo., 1774.
Lippincott, William (s. Restore), and Elizabeth Becket (d. Peter), 11 mo., 1773.
Lord, Edmond, and Elizabeth Wood, Jan., 1734.
Lord, John, and Mary Tindall, Apr., 1721.
Lord, Joshua, and Isabel Wats, 1708.
Mason, Isaac, and Sarah Price (d. William), Nov., 1750.
Mason, John (s. James), and Mary Moore (d. Joseph), 3 mo., 1759.
Matlack, Benj., and Mary Gill, Aug., 1750.
Matlack, George, and Rebecca Hackney, Sept, 1743.
Matlack, Joseph. and Rebecca Hains, Aug., 1722.
Matlack, Joseph (s. Richard), and Hannah Whitall (d. James), 6 mo., 1771.
Matlack, Richard, and Rebecca Hains, Aug., 1721.
Matlack, Richard. and Mary Cole (wid. of John), Nov., 1745.
Matlack, Timothy, and Martha Hains, Feb., 1729.
Matlack, William, Jr., and Ann Antrim, Aug., 1713.
Matlack, William (s. William), and Mary Turner (d. John), Oct., 1748.
Maxfield, John, and Hannah Matlack, Sept, 1737.
Michener, John, Abington, and Sarah Wilkins, May, 1743.
Mickle, Archibald, and Mary Burroughs (d. Samuel). Oct. 1749.
Mickle, James (s. William), and Letitia Wood (d. William), 4 mo. 1772.
Mickle, Joseph, and Elizabeth Estlake, Apr., 1723.
Mickle, Samuel, and Letitcia Matlack, June, 1742.
Middleton, Hudson (s. Thomas), and Sarah Haines (d. Nathan), 4 mo., 1757.
Middleton, John (s. Thomas), and Sarah Matlack (d. John), 5 mo., 1775.
Middleton, Timothy, and Elizabeth Barton, Sept., 1740.
Middleton, Thomas, and Mercy Allen, 1710.
Middleton, Thomas, and Esther Barton. May, 1740.
Middleton, William. and Ann Barton, Feb.. 1749/50.
Miller, William, Chesterfield, and Eliza Woodward, wid., Dec., 1747.
Mills, Michael, And Sarah Moore (d. Henry). Nov , 1740.
Moore, John (s. Benjamin), and Hannah Ayres (d.Thomas), 3 mo.. 1759.
Montgomery, William, Philadelphia, and Mary Ellis, 11 mo., 1755.
More, Benjamin, and Mary Newberry, Aug., 1737.
Morgan, Alexander, and Hannah Cooper, Sept. 1717.
Morgan, Andrew, and Hannah Cooper, pass meeting, 1717.
Morgan, Daniel, Abington. and Mary Hains, June, 1731.
Morgan, Griffith (s. Joseph), and Rebecca Clement (d. Samuel), 1 mo., 1766.
. Morgan, Joseph, and Sarah Mickle, Mar., 1745.
Morris, Israel (s. Anthony), Philadelphia, and Mary Harrison (d. Joseph), 4 mo., 1774.
Moss, Abraham, Salem, and Ann Ladd, wid., Nov., 1734.
Newberry, Hasker, and Mary Heritage, July, 1730.
Newbold, Barzillai, and Sarah Case, Chesterfield, Mar., 1734.
Newbold, Clayton (s. Michael), and Mary Foster (d. William) 9 mo., 1729.
Newbold, John (s. Michael), Chesterfield, and Mary Coles (d. Samuel) 4 mo., 1756.
Newby, Edward, and Hannah Chew, 1706.
Nicholson, George, and Alice Lord, May, 1717.
Nicholson, Mark (s. Joseph), and Mary Rains (d. William), 12 mo., 1774.
Nicholson, Samuel, and Sarah Burrows, Mar., 1722.
Nicholson, Samuel, and Rebecca Saint, Feb, 1743.
Nicholson, Samuel, and Jane Albertson, Mar., 1749.
Nixon, Thomas, and Maudland Belges, Sept, 1713.
Noble, Samuel (s. Joseph), Philadelphia, and Lydia Cooper, (d. Isaac), Oct., 1746.
Packer, Daniel, and Ruth Warrington (d. Henry), Nov. 1740.
Painter, John (s. John), and Susannah Stratton (d. David), 9 mo., 1759.
Paul, William Atkinson, and Yeoman Paul. 7 mo., 1795.
Peacock, John (s. John), and Susanna Ballenger (d. Thomas), 1 mo., 1758.
Pedrick, Philip, Salem, and Hannah Bickham, Aug., 1732.
Pedrick, Thomas, and Rebecca Bickham, June, 1729.
Pimm, John, Abington, and Lydia Briggs, Nov., 1723.
Pinard, William, and Mary Young, Oct., 1743.
Pinyard, John. (s. John), and Martha Wilkins (d. William), Aug., 1749.
Platt, Joseph (s. Thomas), and Martha Pinyard (wid. of John), 4 mo., 1772.
Potter, Thomas Middleton (s. James), and Mary Glover (d. John), 9 mo., 1790.
Potts, Thomas, Jr., and Sarah Beaks, Sept, 1730.
Price, David, and Grace Zane. Aug., 1730.
Pricket, Brizallah (s. Jacob), and Sarah Sharp (d. William), 2 mo., 1759.
Pricket, Jeremiah, and Mary Trough, Mar., 1722.
Prickitt, Jacob (s. Jacob), and Elizabeth Phillips (d. Peter), 2 mo., 1758.
Rackstraw, Thomas, Philadelphia, and Mary Wilkinson (or Wilkins), June, 1718.
Rakestraw, Thomas, and Mary Mason, Dec., 1739.
Reaper, Joshua, and Sarah Cooper, Aug., 1720.
Richardson, Edward, and Mary Richardson, Aug., 1728.
Richardson, Francis, and Sarah Cooper. wid., May, 1716.
Risdon, John, and Sarah Turner (d. John), Sept., 1750.
Roberts, John. Jr., and Ester Lippincott, Mar., 1742.
Roberts, Joshua (s. John), and Rabecea Stokes (d. Joseph), Oct. 1741.
Roberts, Joshua (s. Joseph), and Patience Coles (d. Job), 2 mo., 1794.
Roberts, Samuel (s. Enoch), and Hannah Stiles (d. Robert), 11 mo., 1772.
Rowand, John, and Sarah Matlack (d. John). Aug., 1744.
Saunders, John, and Elizabeth Wilkins, Feb., 1730.
Saunders, John (s. John). and Elizabeth Lippincott (d. Solomon), 10 mo., 1769.
Saunders, Thomas (s. John), and Rachel Stephens (d. Isaac), 10 mo., 1768.
Sharp, John. and Jane Fitzrandel, Oct., 1719.
Sharp, John (s. Anthony), and Sarah Andrews (d. Nehemiah) 4 mo., 1761.
Sharp, Samuel, and Martha Hall, June, 1718.
Sharp, Samuel (s. John), and Mary Tomlinson, Mar., 1730.
Sharp, Samuel (s. William), and Rosanna Prickett (d. Jacob), 2 mo., 1759.
Sharp, Silvester (s. William), and Mary Mills (d. Francis), Apr., 1741.
Sharp, Thomas, and Katherine Hollingsham, Sept , 1710.
Sharp, William, and Mary Austin, June, 1716.
Sharp, William, Jr., and Elizabeth Robinson, Mar., 1737.
Shaterthwait, David, Chesterfield, and Mary Wright (d. Joshua), 3 mo., 1757.
Shinn, Jacob (s. John), Burlington co., and Hannah Lippincott (wid. of Freedom), Jan., 1745.
Siddon, Ezekiel, and Sarah Mickle, Jr., 1708.
Siddon, Job, and Acksah Matlack (d. Timothy), Oct , 1744.
Silver, Aaron (s. Archibald), and Anna Hall, Aug., 1749.
Smith, James, and Jane Whiteall, Nov., 1725.
Spicer, Jacob (s. Thomas), and ____ Lippincott (d. Jacob): Salem, Sept, 1746.
Starr, John (s. Moses), Exter, and Eunice Lord (d. Joshua), 12 mo., 1759.
Stiles, Robert, and Hannah Burroughs (d. Samuel) 11 mo., 1743.
Stiles, Robert, and Mary Ellis (d. Simeon), 4 mo., 1757.
Stoakes, Joseph (s. Joseph), and Atlantic Bispham (d. Joshua), 4 mo., 1757.
Stocks, Thomas, and Rachel Wright, Westbury, L.I., July, 1715.
Stokes, Jacob (s. Thomas), and Priscilla Ellis (d. Joseph), Mar., 17[49? illegible].
Stokes, Joseph, and Ann Haines (wid. of John), Sept., 1746.
Stokes, Thomas, and Abigail Matlack (d. John), Sept., 1741.
Stratton, Enoch (s. Mark) and Any Alkinton, (d. Joseph), Mar., 1746.
Sunderland, Thomas, and Ann Hooper, Dec., 1733.
Swain, John, and Mary Buzby, Sept., 1729.
Tanner, John, and Susanna Allcut, Feb., 1737.
Taylor, Jacob, and Ann Andrews, Feb., 1736.
Thackara, Benjamin, and Mary Cooper, 1707.
Thackeray, Stephen (s. Joseph) and Elizabeth Sloan (d. James), 4 mo., 1762.
Thomas, Jessee (s. John), Haverford, Pa., and Sarah Becket (d. Peter), 10 mo., 1769.
Thorn, Thomas (s. Thomas), and Abigaii Burrows (d. Samuel), 4 mo., 1759.
Thorne, John (s. Thomas), and Mary DuBree, 3 mo., 1789.
Thorne, Isaac (s. Thomas), and Rachel Horner (d. Isaac), 4 mo., 1798.
Tomlinson, Daniel (s. William), and Mary Bates, 2 mo., 1758.
Turner, George (s. John), and Hannah Thorn (d. Thomas), 3 mo., 1759.
Turner, John, and Jane Engle, Sept., 1729.
Tyson, Derrick (s. Rayner), and Ann Hooten (d. Thomas), Sept., 1727.
Ward, George, and Hannah Newby, Mar., 1719.
Ward, George (s. Isaac), and Deborah Saunders (d. John), 9 mo., 1724.
Ward, Habbackok[last digits hard to read] and Hannah Lord, Feb., 1740.
Ward, William, and Hannah Wood, Mar., 1734.
Ward, William (s. William), and Hannah Ladd (d. Samuel), 8 mo., 1777.
Warren, Isaac, Philadelphia, and Priscilla Matlack (d. Timothy), May, 1739.
Warrington, Abraham (s. Thomas), and Rachel Evans (d. Joshua), 2 mo., 1785.
Warrington, Henry, and Elizabeth Bishop, Nov., 1728.
Warrington, John, and Hannah Ellis, Mar., 1744.
Webb, John (s. John), and Amey Wills (wid. of Joab), 10 mo., 1781.
West, James (s. Charles), Philadelphia, and Mary Cooper, Mar., 1749.
West, Thomas (s. Charles), Philadelphia, and Deborah Wills, wid., Aug., 1750.
Whitall, James, and Sarah Rackstraw, Feb., 1717.
Whitall, James, and Ann Cooper, Oct., 1739.
Whitall, Job, and Jane Siddon, Aug., 1716.
White, William (s. William), and Hannah Fisher (d. Jonthan), 8 mo., 1772.
Wickmore (or Wickward), William, and Sarah Mason, Mar., 1717.
Wickward, Samuel, and Sarah Busby, Oct., 1741.
Wilkins, Constantine (s. Thomas), and Ann Hooten (d. John), 1 mo., 1767.
Wilkins, Isaac (s. Thomas), and Ann French (d. Charles), Jan., 1757.
Wilkins, James (s. John), and Mary Ward (d. George)[she died before marriage], 12 mo., 1759.
Wilkins, John, and Sarah Wood, Aug., 1733.
Wilkins, John (s. John), and Rachel Wood (d. William), 1 mo., 1767.
Wilkins, Joseph, and Sarah Hartsman, Philadelphia, Oct., 1743.
Wilkins, Thomas, and Mary Core, Jan.. 1727.
Wilkins, Thomas, and Joanna Wood, Mar., 1730.
Wilkins, William, and Mary Buckken, Aug., 1724.
Willard, Henry, and Elizabeth Ballenger, Nov., 1724.
Wills, Daniel Jr., Burlington, and Sarah Forster (d. Wm.), Oct., 1748.
Wills, Jacob (s. James), Morris co., and Deborah Ladd (d. Sam'l), May, 1747.
Wills, Jacob (s. Micajah), Evesham, and Amy Gill (d. John), 1 mo., 1775.
Wills, James, and Sarah Clements, Mar., 1724.
Wills, John, Burlington, and Elizabeth Kaign, June, 1726.
Wills, John Jr. and Abigial Lippincott (d. Thomas), Oct., 1732.
Wills, Wells. William (s. Edward), Philadelphia, and Anna Craig, (d. Elizabeth of Haddonfield), 4 mo., 1765.
Wood, Henry and Hannah Whitall, Nov. [yr illegible, but ends in a 5].
Wood, Henry, and Ruth Dennis, Sept., 1743.
Wood, Henry and ____ Williams (d. Isaac), Philadelphia, Aug., 1746.
Wood, James, and Sarah Kimsey (sp? hard to read), Sept., 1737.
Wood, James, and Rebecca Wilkins (d. William), 2 mo., 1758.
Wood, John, and Mary Whiteall, 1710.
Wood, John (s. Henry), and Mary Branson (d. Jonathan), 10 mo., 1773.
Wood, Richard (s. James), and Hannah Warrington (wid. of John, and d. Simeon Ellis), Dec., 1739.
Wright, Thomas, Salem, and Mary Thackaray, Apr., 1729.
Zain, Robert, and Mary Chattin (d. Abraham), May, 1743.
Zain, Simeon (s. Robert), and Sarah Hooten, 4 mo., 1761.

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