Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

URIAH HEDGES owned lot No. 39, of the Elizabethtown lots, and lived on it between the mountains. Joseph Doty owned part of the sane lot afterwards.
Uriah Hedges married Betsey Badgley, sister of John and James Badgley, and had children:
1. Uriah Hedges, Jun., who married Phebe Dayton.
2. Stephen, who lived in Stony Hill Valley, east of William Robison's farm.
3. Joseph, who lived at Rockaway, Morris county.
4. Gilbert, who married Peggy Porterfield.

URIAH HEDGES, Jun., died 10th October, 1797, aged 72 years. He, and Phebe Dayton, had children:
1. Gilbert, who married, 1st March, 1773, Margaret McCarty.
2. Edward, who died 16th July, 1775, unmarried.
3. Dayton, who also died unmarried.
4. Benjamin, who married Polly Willcox, daughter of Peter Willcox, Jun.
5. James married, 3d April, 1788, Susannah, widow of Jonathan Elmer, Jun., and daughter of Benjamin Bedell, and had children : 1. Polly Bedell, baptized 17th May, 1789 ; 2. Jane, baptized 1st July, 1792 ; 3. Sarah, baptized 8th January, 1797.
6. Farata, who died, an old woman, unmarried.
7. Betsey married 27th March, 1788, Thomas Martin. He died and she married, 2d, John Leonard.
8. Abigail married Anthony Badgley, Jun., son of Anthony.
9. Chloe married, 2d March, 1769, Timothy Bedell, son of Benjamin, and died 3d August, 1793.

GILBERT HEDGES, (son of Uriah Hedges, Jun.,) and Margaret McCarty, had children ;
1. John, who died 20th July, 1783.
2. Jane married, 12th May, 1793, Matthias Dean, son of John Dean, and went to Ohio.
3. Edward, who died 12th July, 1783.
4. Sally, who married Lewis Miller, of Westfield.
5. Polly married David Willcox, son of Noah Willcox, Sen. He died, and she married Nathaniel Roberts, of Green Village, Morris county.
6. Phebe, who died unmarried.
7. Catharine married Zophar Hetfield, of Westfield.
8. Betsey married Capt. Aaron Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty.
9. Edward, 2d, born 1793, twin to Betsey married, 24th December, 1815, Paeba [first name hard to read] Doty, born 1795, daughter of James Doty, and had children : 1. Salina, who died at 4 years of age. 2. Gilbert, who died at 14 years. 3. Mary, who died at 21 years. 4. Jenette, born 18__. 5. Nancy Mariah, born I8__. 6. Edward Locey or Lacey born 1833.

Gilbert Hedges died 5th August, 1822, aged 78 years. Margaret Hedges, his widow, died 18th March, 1838, aged 84 years.

JOHN HIGH lived in Westfield. He married Deborah, the widow of Mr. Brooks, and daughter of Mr. Crane, and had children:
1. Esther, who married Deacon William Sayre, and had no children.
2. Jacob, who married Hetty Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, Sen.
3. Sarah married John Dunham, Jun., brother of Jacob's wife. [See Dunham.]
4. Benjamin, who died unmarried.
5. John, Jr, married Rachel Squier, daughter of Benjamin Squier.
6. Eupheme married Robert Woodruff, of Westfield.

JACOB HIGH, (son of John.) removed from Westfield to Sterling Valley, (the greal swamp.) about the year 1787. He and his wife, Hetty Dunham. had children:
1. Ephraim, who married., 1st, Abby Ross, daughter of Joseph Ross; 2d, Polly Case, daughter of John Case.
2. William, born 19th December, 1777, who married Abigail Williams, daughter of Noah Williams.
3. Polly married Captain Benjamin Conklin, son of Joshua. [See Conklin.]
4. John married, 1 st, Nelly Weir; daughter John Weir ; 2d, Jane Weir, sister of his first wife.
5. Jacob, Jr., who died at 22 years, unmarried.
6. Miriam, who married, 1st, Charles Wilson, son of James, of New Vernon ; 2d, Sylvester Andrews, a Yankee.
7. Hetty, who married Thomas D. Jones, son of Luther Jones. [See Jones.]

EPHRAIM HIGH, (1st child of Jacob,) and Abby Ross, had children :
1. Margaret, who married, 1st, Abraham Harman ; he died without children ; 2d, Isaac Denman, son of Philip of Springfield.
2. Marsh, who married Anna Sutton, of Basking Ridge, and went to Ohio.
By his 2d wife, Ephraim High had children:
3. Eliza Anne married Peter Thomas, son of Griffin, of Logansville, and had 6 children.
4. Catherine married Simon Emmons, son of John, of Mendham, and had 5 children.
5. Esther married Henry Baird, son of William, of Logansville, and had 5 children.
6. Martha married James Colwell, son of John, son of Hugh Cauldwell, had 3 children, and went to Illinois.
7. Hannah married Byram Baird, brother of Henry.
8. Amadee married Lucinda Parcels, daughter of James, of Green Village.

WILLIAM HIGH, (2d child of Jacob,) and Abigail Williams, had children :
1. Eliza Marsh, who married Floyd Ferris, son of Randolph, went to Ohio, and had children : 1. Margaret Jane Ferris, who died at 14 years. 2. Anne Eliza Ferris, who married Cyrus R. Spencer, of Ohio. 3. Walter Ferris. 4. Emanuel Ferris.
2. Lucinda High, daughter of William, married William Douglas, son of Peter, and had children : 1. Caroline, who died at 9 months. 2. Abby Anne Douglas, married Daniel Willcox, son of Ezra.

JOHN HIGH, (4th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) by his 1st wife, had a son, Ezra, and by his 2d wife had children : 2. William ; 3. Jacob ; 4. John.

MIRIAM HIGH, (6th child of Jacob, son of John High, lst,) and Charles Wilson, had children :
1. Martha Wilson, who married James Darling, son of Thomas, of New Vernon, lives at Bloomfield, and has children : 1. Albert Darling.
2. John Wilson, who married Mary Bristol, of Connecticut, lives near Green Village, and had children : 1. Miriam ; 2. Charles Wilson.
By her 2d husband, (Sylvester Andrews,) she had two children:
1. Lorinda, who died 14th November, 1826, in infancy.
2. Harriet, who died 18th August, 1828, in infancy.

HETTY HIGH, (7th child of Jacob, son of John High, 1st,) and Thomas D. Jones, had 6 children :
1. Martha B. ; 2. Matilda ; 3. Margaret Jane ; 4. Mary ; 5 Wealthy Anne ; 6. Emma. [See Jones.]

JOHN HIGH, Jr., (5th child of John High,) and Rachel Squier, lived in Westfield, and had children :
1. Rebecca, who married John Denman, son of Christopher, had no children.
2. Mary married Ezra Miller, son of Moses, son of John Miller. [See Miller.]
3. Linus married Anna Scudder, daughter of Ephraim, and sister of Smith, of Elizabethtown.
4. Rachel married James Mooney, son of Nicholas, of Westfield.
5. John, 3d, married Sarah Meeker, daughter of James Meeker, and sister of J. F. Meeker, of Elizabethtown.

LINUS HIGH, (son of John High Jr.), and Anna Scudder, had children:
1. Ephraim Scudder High, who became a Presbyterian minister, and went to Wisconsan.
2. John, who married Elizabeth Meeker, of Elizabethtown.
3. Martha Anne.

RACHEL HIGH, (daughter of John High, Jr.,) and James Mooney, had children:
1. Linus High Mooney.
2. Sarah Mooney, who married Jeremiah Price, son of Edward, of Elizabethtown, and had children:
1. Elizabeth Price; 2. Linus Miller Price ; 3. Anna Price ;
4. Edward Price ; they live in Columbia, South Carolina.
3. James Mooney, who died at about 18 years.

JOHN HIGH, 3d, (5th child of John High, Jr., son of John High,) and Sarah Meeker, had children :
1. Hannah, who married John B. Oliver, son of Joseph; of Rahway, and had children : 1. Joseph Oliver ; 2. Augustus Oliver ; 3. Edward Oliver.
2. Rachel.
3. Mary.
4. Phebe married Amos Woodruff, and had children : 1. Sarah Meeker Woodruff.
5. Sarah Anne.
6. John James.
7. Linus.

WILLIAM HILL came from Monmouth county, and settled at Mount Bethel, Somerset county, married Anna Layton, and had children :
1. Thomas, who married Susan Taynor.
2., William married Sarah Gunyer, and died soon after.
3. Lydia married John Bird, son of _____, of Mount Bethel.
4. John married Nancy Tilyou, born 25th December, 1780, daughter of John Tilyou, and grand-daughter of John Tucker, of Stony Hill. [See Tilyou. See Tucker.]

THOMAS HILL, and Susan Taynor, had children:
1. William, whu married Anna Mundy.
2. Daniel.
3. Polly.

LYDIA HILL, (daughter of William;) and John Bird, had children :
1. William Bird.
2. Hervy Bird, who married Jane Moore, daughter of Henry.
3. David Bird married Janette Ruckman, daughter of Levi.
4. Rebecca Bird married Peter Moore, Esq., son of Henry.

JOHN HILL. (son of William,) and Nancy Tilyou, had but one child, Peter, who married Henrietta Kline [surname hard to read]. He was born 4th June, 1803. She was born 5th February, 1820. They had children:
1. Peter William, born 11th August, 1842; 2. Nancy, born 7th February, 1844 ; 3. Harriet, born 5th December, 1845; 4. John, born 31st May, 1847 5. Mary Elizabeth, born 4th March, 1849.
John Hill died 31st January, 1846.

CHARLES HOLE lived close by Blue Brook, between the mountains, and owned a tract of land between Uriah Hedges' and the large tract of John and James Badgley, and had children :
I. Rachel, who married Abraham Osborn, 23d July, 1769.
2. Zachariah married _____.
3. Daniel married, 31st March, 1783, Mary Bedell, daughter of William Bedell. and went to Ohio. [See William Bedell.]
4. Charles, Jun., married Polly Scudder, and went to the Beech Woods, New York, and had a son, Daniel, and perhaps others.
5. John. (who was a doctor,) married, 1st, Hannah Clark ; 2d, Mercy Ludlow, daughter of Jeremy Ludlow, [see Jeremy Ludlow,] and went to Ohio, and by whom he had children : 1. Jeremiah ; 2. Mary ; 3. Elizabeth ; 4. Jane, who married Jacob Mulford, son of Caleb, son of Job. [See Job Mulford.]
6. Betsey, who married _____.
7. Polly.
8. William married, 5th July, 1785, Ruth Crane, daughter of Joseph. [See Crane]

DANIEL HOLE, (son of Charles,) and Polly Scudder, had children :
1. Isaac, who went to the lakes, New York, and was there drowned.
2. Jacob married Phebe Leonard, daughter of David, in the Great Swamp.
3. Caleb .married Betsey ____.
4. Charles married Abby Headley.
5. Polly went to the Beech Woods, and married there.
6. Daniel, Jun., married Polly Martin, daughter of Thomas, son of Alexander, and had children : 1. Sally ; 2. Nancy ; 3. Thomas ; and went to the Beech Woods.

ZACHARIAH HOLE, (son of Charles,) had children :
1. Effa, who married Peter Banta, and had children :
1. Christiana Banta, who married Isaac Roberts, son of Isaac.
2. Albert Banta married Miss Brown.
3. Hanna Banta married Martin Foutz.
4. Peter Banta, a new-light preacher, married Keziah Bridge, daughter of John, of Wisconsan.
5. Isaac Banta, also a preacher, married Miss Rica.
6. Mary Banta married William De Groot.
7. James Banta married _____.
S. Anna Banta married George Brewbaker.
9. Rachel Banta married Samuel Johnson.
10. Effa Anne Banta married, 1st, Thomas Wills, also a preacher ; 2d, Mr. Rusk.
11. Henry Banta.

2. Polly Hole married John Auckerman, and had children :
1. Lewis Auckerman, who married, 1st, Miss Wilson ; 2d Miss Brower.
2. George Auckerman married Barbara Brewbaker, sister of George Brewbaker.
3. David Auckerman was killed by lightning at 18 years.
4. Zachariah Auckerman married _____.
5. Elizabeth Auckerman married David Dillman.
b. Fredrick Auckerman married _____.
7. Solomon Auckerman married Miss Schenk.
8. Catherine Auckerman.
9. John Auckerman married Miss Schenk, sister of Solomon's wife.

3. Sarah Hole married William B. Wilson, from Kentucky, and had children :
1. Henry Wilson, who married Margaret Sellers, daughter of William, from Kentucky.
2. James Wilson married Catherine Shidler.
3. William Wilson married Huldah Doty, daughter of John, son of Daniel Doty. She, with her child, was drowned in the canal, near Middletown.
4. Mariah Wilson married Robert Swisher.
5. Madison Wilson married Margaret Neff.
6. Sarah Jane Wilson.
7. Eliza Wilson married Joseph Hunt, lives in Illinois.
8. John Wilson.
9. Jackson Wilson.
10. Washington Wilson married Anne Shippan.
4. James Hole married Miss Black.
5. William Hole.
6. Hannah Hole married Anthony Atkinson.
7. Lucretia Hole married Mr. Brandon.
8. Charles Hole married _____, and died.

SETH HURIN married Mary Hazen, both born in New England. from whence they removed to Morris county, New Jersey, where all their children were born.
In 1787, they removed to Ulster county, New York, and from thence, in 1795, to Hamilton county, Ohio. He was born 22d November, 1729, and died in October, 1815. His wife was born 22d May, 1735, and died 30th June, 1794. They had children:
1. Hannah, born 4th July, 1754, m•irricd John Tharp, in Morris county, and died in Ohio, 29th November, 1841. They had children :
1. Elizabeth Tharp, who married John Leming.
2. Hurin Tharp, who died in infancy.
3. Athalia Tharp, who married Robert Porter.

2. Elizabeth married Uzel Bates, of Morris, and had children : 1. Othniel Bates ; 2. Catherine Bates.
3. Othniel married Bethia St. John, of New York, and went to Ohio.
4. Phebe, born 17th April, 1761, married Bethuel Norris, and had no children.
5. Mary, born 6th February, 1764, and died in infancy.
6, Enos, born 19th September, 1766, married, 1st, _____ ; 2d, Lydia Marsh ; had no children.
7. Mary, 2d, born 11th October, 1769, married Jesse Genung and had children: 1. Hurin. ; 2. Rebecca ; 3. David Genung. She died 4th July, 1844.
8. Eli, born 21st April, 1772, married Lucretia Martin, in Ohio, and died 21st January, 1828.
9. Silas, born 22d July, 1774, and married Agnes Ludlow, daughter of John, son of Col. Cornelius Ludlow. [See Ludlow.]
10. Catherine, born 22d March, 1777, married Mr. McHenry, and died 19th March, 1829.

SILAS HURIN, (9th child of Seth Hurin,) lived at Lebanon, Ohio. He and Agnes Ludlow had children :
1. Catherine C., who married Richard Skinner, lived at Delphos, in Van Wert county, Ohio, and had children: 1. Myrilla Skinner, who married Dr. Guilford D. Coleman, and had children : 1. Catharine M. ; 2. Mary E. ; 3. Laura G. ; 4. Lyonel O. Coleman.
2. Catherine Sophia Skinner.
3. Edwin Skinner.
4. Anna Maria Skinner married Riley O'Neil, and had children : 1. Laura Kate ; 2. Guilford K. O'Neil.
5. Richard L. Skinner.
6. James Hurin Skinner.
7. Harriet Skinner.
8. Mary Skinner.
9: Agnes Skinner.

2. Mariah married George Pierson, and had children : 1. Mary Agnes Pierson, who married, 24th March, 1851, Beriah E. Brower, of Lebanon. 2. William Pierson. 3. James Pierson.
3. Susan married Dr. Caleb Clements, lived in Labanon, and had children : 1. Agnes Clements. 2. Jane Clements. 3. Sarah Bell Clements married, 3d January, 1851, James Monroe Smith, son of George J. Smith, of Lebanon. 4. Alfred Clements.
4. Sarah Hurin married James M. Fisher, lives in Lebanon, and had children : 1. Samuel Fisher ; 2. Eveline Fisher; 3. Amanda Fisher ; 4. Mary Fisher ; 5. Henry Fisher.
5. John Hurin, who died in infancy.
6. Amanda Hurin married John S. Weaver, and had children : 1. Susan Weaver. 2. James Weaver. 3. Catherine Weaver. 4. ____ Weaver. 5. John Weaver.
7. Hannah Hurin, who died in infancy.
8. James Kemper Hurin, who married, 1st, Mary Foster and had a child, Mary Foster. He married, 2d, Eliza Littell, daughter of John Littell, Esq., of New Jersey, and had a daughter, Eliza Littell Hurin, who died 27th July, 1843, aged 5 months and 6 clays. Mrs. Eliza Hurin was born 18th December, 1815, and died 19th of May, 1843. He married, 3d, Cynthia Halsey, daughter of Daniel Halsey, of Ohio, and has children : 3. Alice ; 4. Ella Mariuh ; 5. James.
9. Silas, who died at 17 years.
10. Agnes Hurin married William Logan, and had one daughter, Sarah Catherine, when Mr. Logan died.
11. William Hurin, who died in infancy.

DOCTOR JACOB JENNINGS built the "red house" that stood by the weil west of Nathan Elmer's house, and lived there. He had children :
1. Sarah, baptized 28th January, 1770.
2. Samuel Kennedy, baptized 29th September, 1771.
He sold his house and farm to Thomas Sanders, of New York. I do not know that Sanders ever lived there. Nathaniel Littell lived there from April, 1784, until April, 1786.

JACOB JENNINGS, who married Phebe Ball, daughter of Nathaniel Ball, [see Ball,] lived where William Parrot lately lived, and died, and had children :
1. Keziah, who married, 6th November, 1788, Jonathan Stevens, Jun., son of Jonathan . [See Stevens.]
2. Esther married, 6th November. 1788; David Burnet.
3. Nathaniel married. 30th September, 1793, Sally Scudder, daughter of Thomas. [See Scudder.]
4. Sally.
5. Salome.
6. Jeremiah, baptized 7th December, 1786.
7. Rebecca.
NOTE.-- David Harris married one of the daughters. Jacob Jennings, Nathaniel Roff, and Jonathan Stevens, went to western Pennsylvania, the Redstone country, a little after 1800.

WILLIAM JENNINGS married the widow Bedell, who lived where Jacob Davis Mulford now lives ; I have not learned with certainty her first husband's name, but probably it was Jeremiah Bedell, who lived in this neigliberhood in 1768. She was the mother of Gershom Bedell ; Israel Bedell ; - Chloe Bedell, who married, 8th January, 1784, Joseph Ludlow, (son of Jeremy,) who afterwards lived where his mother-in-law lived ; and Sally Bedell, who married 8th January, 1784, Seth Jewel, of Connecticut Farms.

DAVID JENNINGS was son of William Jennings, and married Phebe Wood, daughter of Daniel, son of Joseph Wood. of Rockaway. She died 3d May, 1838, aged 63 years. They had children :
1. Catherine, who married John S. Bedford, son of Stephen. [See Bedford.]
2. Daniel, who went to French Creek, Pennsylvania.
3. Henry married Rhoda Sayre, daughter of Benjamin Sayre, of Connecticut Farms.
4. Eliza, (twin of Henry,) married Squier Parsons, son of Samuel. [See Parsons.]
5. Mary married Amos S. Nichols, son of John, son of Jonathan Nichols, of Madison, and had children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth Nichols; 2. Rhece Nichols ; 3. John Henry Nichols ; 4. Albert Brant Nichols ; 5. David Oscar Nichols ; 6. George Nichols.
6. Joanna married the same John S. Bedford, son of Stephen Bedford.
7. Phebe married, 1st January, 1839, Albert Brant, son of Samuel, of Madison, and had children : 1. Samuel Brant ; 2. Daniel Wood Brant.

JOHN JOHNSON lived in New York, and did a large grocery business. He had several partners at different times, but became most extensively known as John Johnson & Sons. He married Betty Ward, daughter of David Ward, of Chatham, New Jersey, and had children : [See Ward.]
1. David Johnson, who married Laura Parmalee, and had no children. He retired from business to a farm on Long Island, and died 4th June, 1849, with cholera; without children.
2. John Johnson, who married Abigail ____.
3. Sarah Johnson married William M. Halsted, who was a large dry-goods merchant, in New York.
4. Mariah Johnson married Richard T. Haines, son of Benjamin, of Elizabethtown. [See Townley.]
5. Enos Ward Johnson married Harriet Morton, in England.
6. Philip Johnson married Mariah Freeman, of Bridgetown.
7. William Johnson married Sarah Freeman, sister of his brother Philip's wife, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Mariah Louisa 3. Augustus ; 4. Madora.

JOHN JOHNSON, (2d son of John Johnson,) was a dry-goods merchant in New York. He and Abigail ____ had children:
1. Laura ; 2. Elizabeth ; 3. Adaline ; 4. Mary ; 5. Augustus; 6. Cornelia ; 7. ____ ; 8. William.

SARAH JOHNSON, (3d child of John Johnson,) and William M. Halsted, had children :
1. Mariah ; 2. David Johnson ; 3. Thaddeus ; 4. Enos ; 5. William M., Jun., who married, 20th February, 1851, his cousin, Mary L. Haines, daughter of Richard T. Haines ; 6. Sarah.

MARIAH JOHNSON, (4th child of John Johnson,) and Richard T. Haines, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children :
1. William A. Haines, who married Miss ____ Stagg.
2. Benjamin Haines.
3. Elizabeth Haines.
4. Sarah Halsted Haines, who married, 22d May, 1850, Samuel Knox, of New York.
5. John Johnson Haines.
6. Mary L. Haines married, 20th February, 1851, her cousin, William M. Halsted, Jun., son of William M. Halsted, of New York.
7. Stewart Haines.

ENOS W. JOHNSON, (5th child of John Johnson,) and Harriet Morton, had children : 1. Robert Morton Johnson ; 2. Edward Johnson.

PHILIP JOHNSON, (6th child of John Johnson,) and Mariah Freeman, had children:
1. Philip ; 2. Louisa ; 3. Elizabeth.
His wife Mariah then died, and he married again, and went to Michigan.

UZEL JOHNSON came from Newark to Long Hill in 1767, lived where Abraham Clark now lives. He married, while in Newark, Phebe Wick, and had children:
1. William, who married Phehe Bonnel, daughter of Captain Nathaniel Bonnel and had children: 1. Theodocia ; 2. Abigail.
2. Theodocia, who died young, 29th November, 1772.
3. David, who also died young. 16th November, 1772.
4. Theodorus married Susan Brown, of Newark, removed to Franklin, Ohio, and died there.
5. Charles married Phebe Bedell, daughter of William Bedell, and died 2d June, 1787 leaving children, Charles and Betsey Johnson, who went to Ohio with their mother: [See Bedell.] Betsey Johnson married Boaz Murphy, he died, and she went to the Shakers.
6. Gabriel, who was born 8th December, 1765, married, 19th November, 1790, Lois Bonne!, daughter of ____ Bonnel, of Connecticut Farms. She was born 6th April, 1772, and died 26th April, 1827, and he married, 19th July, 1829, Miss Fanny Smith, daughter of Doctor Peter Smith, of Flanders, Morris county. He died 16th March, 1850 ; had no children by his 2d wife.
7. David, 2d, who married, and had children : 1. Lewis ; 2. Charles ; 3. Susan; 4. Phebe ; 5. Daniel ; 6. ____ ; 7. David. And by his 2d wife, Polly Cauldwell, daughter of Dan Cauldwell, of Butler county, Ohio, he had children: 8. William, who married, and went down the Ohio river. 9. Betsey, who married Robert Cunningham, and had children : 1. Lucinda; 2. Zenas Henry Cunningham. 10. James married Jane Pierson, and lived in Montgomery. 11. John married, 1st, Harriet ____ ; 2d, ____ ; 12. Mary Anne married, 1st, Mr. Everhard ; 2d, Francis Stevens.
8. Uzel married Phebe Woodruff, of Elizabethtown, and soon died.

Phebe, the wife of Uzel Johnson, Sen., died 18th Nov. 1788, aged 54 yrs, and he married, 15th October, 1789, Polly, the widow of Mr. Hole, and a sister of Capt. John Scudder, of Westfield, and had children by her:
9. John, who married, 22d June, 1811, Phebe Squier, daughter of Henry Squier, of Long Hill, and removed to Ohio. [See Walker.]
10. Theodocia, who to married William Kint, had one child, and the died, and she went to Ohio, and there married a Mr. Tharp.
11. Betsey married David Samson, son of Isaac. [See Samson.]

Uzel Johnson, Sen., died 10th September, 1804, aged 73 years
Mrs. Johnsonn, after the death of Mr. Uzel Johnson, married, on the 19th June, 1813, John Dean, of Springfield. She had by her first husband, Mr. Hole,children:
1. Sally Hole, who married Stephen G. Leonard.
2. Jane Hole, who married Elias Stanbury, of Rahway, and had children : 1. Frazee Stanbury, who died at 26 years, unmarried. 2. David F. Stanbury died at 28 years, unmarried. 3. Susan L. Stanbury, who married James M. Whitehead, and died 1846, at 26 years. 4. William Stanbury, who died 1833, at 21 years, unmarried. 5. John Stanbury, who died 1836, at 18 years.
3. Rachel, who married Joseph Rutan, son of Abraham, as his 2d wife. [See Rutan.] He died, and she married Samuel Frazee, son of Morris.

THEODORUS JOHNSON, (4th child of Uzel,) and Susan Brown, had children :
1. Jesse, who married Elizabeth Baldwin, and had children : 1. Frederick H. Johnson ; 2. William Baldwin Johnson ; 3. A daughter, who died young.
2. William, who died in Ohio, unmarried.
3. Phebe, who also died in Ohio, unmarried.
4. Daniel Brown was a Presbyterian minister, and died in Newark.
5. Mariah died, a young woman, in Ohio.
6. Cyrus married in Ohio.
7. Samuel.
8. Catherine.
9. Gabriel.

GABRIEL JOHNSON, Esq., (son of Uzel,) was a justice of the peace twenty years in Morris county. He and Lois Bonnel had children :
1. Sinesey, who was born 7th July, 1793, married, 1st, Anna Crowel, born 27th March, 1816, daughter of Samuel Crowel, of New Vernon, and removed to Dayton, Ohio, and had children :
1. Matilda A., who married, 25th September, 1834, Jesse W. Harker, son of Jesse Harker, of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and died 1st July, 1836, leaving a daughter, Elizabeth Anne Harker, born 21st August, 1835.
2. Augustus, born 27th February, 1820, married 5th January, 1847, Caroline Gilbert, daughter of James H. Gilbert, of the state of New York.
3. Samuel Crowel, born 27th February, 1822, and died 20th December, 1842.
4. Pamelia Elmer, born 27th March, 1824, and married 25th September, 1845, Nathan S. Lockwood, son of Jabez Lockwood, from Connecticut.
Mrs. Anne Johnson died 26th April, 1827, and Mr. Johnson married, 2d, Anne Lindley, daughter of Joseph, son of Benjamin Lindley, Esq, of Morristown ; has no children by her.

2. Charles, born 1st October, 1795, married Charlotte Ferris, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and had children : 1. Mary Charlotte ; 2. Catherine Tichenor. His wife then died, and he married Jane Hopping, of East Madison, and had children : 3. Virginia Bishop ; 4. Charles Emmet. His 2d wife then died, and he married, Sept. 1849, Arabella Jones Floyd Nichol, youngest daughter of Benjamin Nichol, of Shelter Island, near Sag Harbor, Suffolk county, Long Island.
3. Electa, born 25th December, 1797, married 26th April, 1815, Abraham R. Colwell, son of John Cauldwell, and went to Urbana, Ohio, and died 15th November, 1826. [See Cauldwell.]
4. Pamela, born 29th January, 1800, married, 8th December, 1822, Dr. Henry G. Elmer, son of Dr. Moses G. Elmer. He died 11th February, 1824, aged 25 years, and she married, 3d August, 1825, Sylvester Britton, son of Col. William Britton, of Madison. He died soon after, and she died 3d June, 1826, without children.
6. Aaron, born 27th February, 1802, married, 18th February, 1828, Betsey Sayre, daughter of John Sayre, son of Isaac Sayre, Jun., and had children : 1. William ; 2. Rebecca ; 3. Fanny Lois, who died at 5 years.
7. Uzel E., born 29th June, 1806, married, 4th April, 1833, Catherine Tichenor, only daughter of Caleb Tichenor, of Livingston, and lives there. His wife died, leaving children : 1. Mary Tichenor ; 2. Pamela ; and he married 5th December, 1840, Caroline Wood, daughter of Baldwin Wood, near Spring Valley, and had other children : 3, Frances Henrietta ; 4. Julia Day.
8. Mariah, born 14th May, 1809, went to Ohio, and married Calvin Eddy, and soon returned to New Jersey. He died at Stanhope. She died at her father's house, 31st August, 1845, and left children : 1. William Eddy ; 2. Anne Mariah Eddy.
9. William, born 20th October, 1812, and died 21st May, 1821.

JOEL JONES came from Massachusetts., about the year 1787. He kept school on Long Hill, and married, 8th July, 1790, Jane Vance, daughter of Kennely Vance. [See Vance.] He died 13th January, 1792, aged 29 years, leaving one child, Hannah, who died 27th March, 1792, aged 11 Months, 11 days.

LUTHER JONES was brother of Joel. He came here the next year after his brother. He was a widower, and kept school near Littell's Tavern. He married, 15th November, 1789, Martha, the widow of John Bedell, and daughter of Peter Bebout. He had children by his 1st wife, in New England.
1. Silence. who married, 7th October, 1795, Gershom Mills, son of David Mills, in the Great Swamp. Gershom Mills lived in New York, and had children : 1. Harriet Mills, who married Abraham Demerest; 2. Luther Mills ; 3. Isaac Mills ; 4. Aaron Mills.
2. Erastus, who married Catherine Bedell, daughter of John Bedell, deceased, the only child of his father's wife, and had children : 1. Elizabeth, born 21st March, 1817, and died 27th August, 1825. 2. Caroline, who died 15th July, 1823, aged 5 months and 5 days. 3. Mary M., who married Isaac L. Willcox, son of John Willcox. [See Willcox.] Erastus Jones died suddenly, 23d September, 1834, aged 55 years.
3. Wealthy, who continued in New England, and there married Waite Albro, and had children: 1. Jefferson Albro, who married Rachel Stewart. 2. Erastus Albro married Amy Arnold. 3. Minerva Albro married Nathan L. Robison. 4. Betsey, who married Thomas T. Woodruff. 5. Mary Albro, who married Joseph Sherman. 6. Harriet Albro married Lyman S. Patchen. 7. George Albro married ______, in Brooklyn, and lives in Rochester. 8. Martin, who died young. 9. Solomon.
4. Ralph, who died 11th March, 1791, at about 10 years of age.

Luther Jones and Martha Bebout had children :
5. Peter Bebout, who went to Maysville, Kentucky, and married there, Elizabeth ____, and had children: 1. Luther ; 2. John ; 3. Alpheus ; and others who died young. He died 16th October, 1830.
6. Joel, who died 6th October, 1818, aged 19 years.
7. Thomas Darling, who married, 18th August, 1821, Hetty High, daughter of Jacob.
8. Hervy, twin to Abigail, died in infancy, with small pox.
9. Abigail married Joseph Parrot, son of Thomas Parrot, Esq. [See Parrot.]

THOMAS D. JONES, (son of Luther,) and Hetty High, lived in Sterling Valley, and had children :
1. Martha Bebout, who married Cornelius Totten, son of John, and had children : 1. Georgiana Totten ; 2; Matilda Totten, who died in infancy.
2. Matiiela married James White, and had children : 1. William White ; 2. Anne Eliza White, and then they went to Savannah, Georgia.
3. Margaret married Jacob Leonard, son of Samuel, of Sterling valley, and had children : 1. James Leonard ; 2. William Leonard.
4. Mary, who died of consumption, 28th September, 1850.
5. Wealthy Anne.
6. Emma.
NOTE.--There was a family of Jones who lived in a stone house, on Stony Hill, a little above where John Marshall now lives, on the opposite side of the road. I have only learned their names, or some of them : Isaac, Stephen, John, Edward, Justus, and Phebe.
I remember Phebe, an aged maiden woman.

DAVID KIRKPATRICK came from Scotland, and settled at Mine Brook, in Somerset county. He married in this country, Miss McEowen, a sister of the father of Dr. Hugh McEowen, and had children :
1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Sloan, son of William, of Lamington.
2. Anne, who married Moses Esty, Esq., of Morristown.
3. Alexander, who was born 14th September, 1751, and married, 4th May, 1774, Sally Carle, daughter of Justice John Carle, of Long Hill.
4. Andrew, who became chief justice of the supreme court of New Jersey. He married Jane Bayard, daughter of Col. John Bayard, of New Brunswick. She died 16th February, 1851.
5. Polly married Hugh Gaston, lived at Peapack, and had but one child, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter of Henry Cooper, Esq., of Chester, in Morris county. He inherited his father's farm of 300 acres, now owned by John Jeroloman. Samuel Gaston had but one child, Henrietta Gaston.
6. Jennet, who married Dickinson Miller, son of Jonathan Miller, of Basking Ridge, lived at Somerville. [See Miller.]
7. David, who lived on the homestead of his father. He married, 1st, Mary Farmer, of Parcipany, Morris county ; 2d, Sarah, the widow of his nephew, David Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander, and sister of Peter Cooper, of Long Hill, by whom he had no children.

ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK, (daughter of David,) and Henry Sloan, lived at Lamington, and had children :
1. William Sloan, who was a Presbyterian minister, settled as pastor of the Greenwich church, in Warren county, 40 years.
2. John Sloan was a physician, went to North Carolina, and died there, unmarried.
3. Mary Sloan, who died young.
4. David Sloan was a physician, went to Ohio, and settled near Hamilton, married a Miss Crane, and died about 1820, leaving two children.
5. Elizabeth Sloan married Dr. Ebenezer K. Sherwood, and died, leaving no children.
6. Henry Sloan married Phebe Suydam, was a major in the militia, and lived where his father and grandfather did.
7. Samuel Sloan married Elizabeth Boylan, went to Raleigh, North Carolina, as a merchant, and died there, leaving one son.
NOTE.--William Sloan, (the father of Henry Sloan, Sen.) and his wife, whose maiden name was Mary Shields, emigrated from Ireland previous to 1750. They had three sons and six daughters ; (they may not be placed in the order of their births.)
1. Henry, who married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, daughter of David.
2. John, who died an old man, unmarried.
3. Samuel, who was an Episcopal minister, and settled in Maryland, and married, and had but one child, a daughter, who married and died there.
4. A daughter, who married Samuel McCrea, a son of Parson McCrea, who was a long time the pastor of Lamington church ; he removed to Ballston, New York.
5. A daughter, who married David Chambers, a colonel in the Revolutionary War.
6. A daughter, who married Hugh Gaston, as his 1st wife, and died without children. Mr. Gaston married, for his 2d wife, Polly daughter of David Kirkpatrick, and had a son, Samuel Gaston, who married Nancy Cooper, daughter of Henry Cooper, Esq.
7. A daughter, who married John Maxwell, Esq. She soon died without children, and he married Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, the widow of Henry Sloan, Sen., for his 3d wife.
8. A daughter, who married Robert Maxwell, (brother of John Maxwell, Esq. and, also a brother of old General Maxwell, of Revolutionary memory,) and had children :
1. John .Maxwell, who married Mary Williams.
2. William Maxwell, who did not marry.
3. Mary Maxwell, who is unmarried.
4. Anne married Adam Ramsey.
5. Elizabeth Maxwell, who married Mr. Kennedy.

9. Mary Anne, who married John P. Bryan, of Peapack, and had children:
1. Elizabeth Bryan, who married the Rev. Mr. Grant a Presbyterian minister, who settled near New Hope.
2. Mary Bryan, who died young.
3. Rachel Bryan, who married the Hon. George Maxwell, son of the above named John Maxwell, Esq , by his 2d wife. George Maxwell was a member of congress, and had a eon, John P. B. Maxwell, who was subsequently a member of congress.

ANNE KIRKPATRICK, (2d child of David,) and Moses Esty, Esq., had children :
2 1. David K. Esty, who went to Cincinnati, was judge of the supreme court of Ohio. He married Lucy Harrison, daughter of General William Henry- Harrison, subsequently president of the United States.
2. Charles Esty, who was surgeon in the United States Army, in the war of 1812, and died unmarried.
3. John Esty, who died in Philadelphia.
4. Sarah Esty, who married Lewis Mills, merchant, of Morristown.
5. Eliza Esty, who married Mr. Nottingham.
6. Hannah Esty married Mr. ____ Burnet, son of Judge Jacob Burnet, of Cincinnati. He was president of Texas previous to the annexation of that state, to the United States.
7. Mary Esty married _____. She is principal matron of the female seminary at Cincinnati.

ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, (3d child of David,) and Sally Carle, lived in Passaic Valley, Somerset county, and had children :
1. David, who married Sarah Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, 2d, and sister of Peter Cooper, and had a son, who died in infancy.
2. Mary, who married Lafferty Cross, son of Robert, and had children : 1. David Cross, who died young. 2. Carle Cross married Anne Barcalo, daughter of Stoffel, of Basking Ridge.
3. Martha Cross went to Illinois, and married there, 1st, Mr Wilson ; 2d, Mr. Baird [last name very hard to read].
4. Sarah Cross married Joel Cory, son of Parkhurst, and went to Jerseyville, Jersey county. Illinois.
5 Bryant Cross went to Illinois, and thence to Missouri.

3. John married Mary Ayers, daughter of David Ayer, Esq., of Liberty Corner. He waq a captain of the militia ; removed to the lakes, New York, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Elizabeth; 3. Sarah; 4 Hannah; 5. Samuel ; 6. Walter.
4. Jacob, who become the Rev. Jacob Kirkpatrick, D. D." He was settled at Amwell [sp.?], Hunterdon county, over the Presbyterian church, and had children:
1. Alexander, who married Miss Johnson, of Philadelphia, is a merchant at Bridgeton, Cumberland county, New Jersey.
2. John, who died young.
3. David Bishop married Miss McNair, of Pennsylvania ; is a farmer at Ringoes.
4. H. Augustus married Miss Quick, of Flemington ; is a physician at Redington.
5. Calvin is a merchant in New York.
6. Newton married Miss Sebring of Easton, Pennsylvania ; is a teacher in Easton.
7. Charles W. is a harness-maker.
8. Jacob.
9. Lydia married Dr. ____ Lossey.
10. Anne. 11. Frances. 12. Elizabeth.
13. Sarah married Joseph G. Brown, a farmer.
14. Mary.

5. Sarah married William L. Annin, son of John, of Liberty Corner, and had children:
1. Elizabeth Annin married Mr. ____ Locey, son of Jacob Locey, Esq., of Pluckemin.
2. Sarah Annin married Joseph Annin, son of William C. Annin, of Liberty Corner.
3. Martha Annin married Mr. Castner, son of Peter Castner.
4. Mary Annin, (twin to Martha.) married William Boyle, son of Robert, and went to Illinois. [See Boyle.]
5. Lydia Annin married Ferdinand Boyle, son of Solomon, son of Joseph. [See Boyle.]
6. Jahn A. Armin graduated at Princeton college, studied theology, and was ordained to the gospel ministry, by the presbytery of Elizabethtown, 8th October, 1851 ; he preaches at Franklin, Warren county, Ohio. He married, 25th September, 1851, Elizabeth D. Fisher, daughter of the Rev. Jesse Fisher, of Windham, Connecticut.

7. Antoinette Annin.

6. Elizabeth married Alexander Vail, son of James Vail, of Stone house Village ; children :
1. Kerenhappuek Vail, who married Dr. William Cole, son of Elias, of Scotch Plains [See Cole.]
2. Thirza Vail married Clark Squier, son of Ludlow, of Plainfield. [See Squier.]
Mr. Vail then died, and she married William B. Gaston, Esq., son of Joseoh. and lives at Somerville, and has other children :
3. Alexander Gaston ; 4. Joseph Gaston ; 5. Hugh Gaston ; 6. Frederick Gaston ; 7. John Gaston ; S. William Gaston.

7. Lydia, who married Peter Demut, son of John Demut, lives at Peapack, and has children ; 1. Sarah Demut ; 2. Ida Demut; :3. John Demut ; 4. Jacob Demut; 5. Vroom Dernut ; 6. Anne Demut.
8. Anne, who married John Stelle, son of Oliver, lived in, Bernardstown, Somerset county, and had children:
1. Jephiha Stelle, who married Sarah Mandell, lives in Brooklyn, New York.
2. Jacob Stelle married Jane Compton, daughter of Moore Compton, and went to Illinois.
3. Freeman Stelle married Martha Runyon, daughter of David R. Runyon.
4. Lewis Stelle. 5. Provy Stelle.

9. Rebecca, who married Squier Terril, Esq , son of Thomas Terril, Esq., and had children : 1. Aula Terril ; 2. Mary Terril; 3. Jane Terril ; 4. Anne Terril ; 5. Margaret Terril ; 6. Thomas Terril ; 7. Edward Terril ; 8. Walter Terril ; 9. George Terril.
10. Jane married John Cory, son of Parkhurst Cory, and went to Ohio, lived about 30 miles from Dayton,. and had children : 1. Sarah Cory ; 2. Johannah Cory ; 3. David Cory ; 4. Joel Cory.
11. Alexander married Eliza Tingley, duughter of Ebenezer Tingley. He lived and died on his father's farm, and left children: 1. Ebenezer Tingley ; 2. Hugh James ; 3. Mary Elizabeth.
12. Martha married Israel Squier, son of Ludlow, and went to Illinois, and had children: 1. Harrison Squier ; 2. Agnes Squier ; 3. Caroline Squier ; 4. John Squier ; 5. Mary Squier ; 6. Elizabeth Squier ; 7. Ludlow Squier.
13. Robert Finley, who married Charity Terril, daughter of Thomas Terril, Esq. He lived on his father's homestead farm, and had children : 1. Lewis, who married Agnes Smalley, only daughter of Nathan. 1st January, 1851. 2. Amanda. 3. Lucinda. 4. Walter.

CHIEF JUSTICE ANDREW KIRKPATRICK, (4th child of David,) lived in New Brunswick, and had children :
1. Bayard, who lived in Washington City, and had no children.
2. Littleton married in Philadelphia, and lived in New Brunswick.
3. Mary Anne married the Rev. Samuel B. Howe, D. D.
4. Jane married the Rev. Mr. Cogswell, D. D.
5. A daughter, who died unmarried.

JENNET KIRKPATRICK, (6th child of David, 1st,) and Dickinson Miller, lived at Somerville, and had children :
1 . John Miller, who married Rebecca Williamson, daughter of Matthew, of Somerville, and went to Ohio.
2. David K. Miller, who married Jane Quick, daughter of Abraham, of North Branch, lives at Plainfield, and had children : 1. Jennet Miller ; 2. Abraham Miller ; 3. Mary Miller.
3. Andrew Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Chamberland, of Flemington, and lives in Philadelphia, and has no children.
4. Caleb Miller is unmarried ; lives on the homestead at Somerville.
5. Dickinson Miller is a lawyer, married Eliza Van Voorst, and lives in Jersey City, and has no children.
6. Samuel Miller is unmarried ; lives with Caleb.

DAVID KIRKPATRICK, (7th child of David, 1st,) and Mary Farmer, lived on his father's homestead, and had children :
1. Walter, who married 1st, Maria Cobb, daughter of Lemuel Cobb, Esq. ; 2d, Elizabeth Howel, daughter of Benjamin Howel, and niece of his first, wife. They were both of Parcipany.
2. Hugh was sheriff of Somerset county ; is unmarried ; lives on his father's homestead.
3. Elizabeth, who married Alexander Cobb.

WALTER KIRKPATRICK, (son of David,) was a lawyer ; lived on the homestead ; represented Somerset county several years in the council and assembly of the state of New Jersey. He had children : 1. Walter ; 2. Mary.
NOTE. -- I know of no connection between the families of David Kirkpatrick and Thomas Kirkpatrick.

By tradition in the families of Thomas Kirkpatrick, and Hugh Gaston, William Logan, and James Cauldwell, I am led to believe that Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, and the wife of Captain William Logan, of Peapack, were sisters of Hugh Gaston, and that the father, of Hugh Gaston, was brother of Mary, the wife of James Cauldwell. [See Cauldwell.]

THOMAS and ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK lived about a mile westerly of Liberty Corner, and owned a farm of 300 acres, on which was a sawmill ; they had children, John and Jane. Jane died unmarried at some 60 years of age.

JOHN KIRKPATRICK, (son of Thomas,) inherited his father's property, married Anne Coriell, daughter of Elias Coriell, and had children :
1. Sally, who married John Layton, lives in Plainfield, and had children : 1. Josiah Layton. 2. John Layton, who, married Deborah Melissa Bedell, of Green Village. 3. James Finley Layton. 4. Thomas Layton. 5. Mary Anne Layton.
2. Elizabeth married John King, son of John, of Liberty Corner, and had children : 1. James King ; 2. Elias King ; 3. Mary Anne King ; 4. David King ; 5. Jane Elizabeth King.
3. Thomas married Mariah Hurd, and had children : 1. Anne Eliza, who died at 3 years old ; 2. Jacob Hurd ; 3. Manning Rutan ; 4. Eugene ; 5. Amanda Bausabin.
4. Elias married Jane Squier, daughter of Ludlow, lived at Plainfield, was a justice of the peace, and had children: 1. Anne Amelia ; 2. William ; 3. Emily ; 4. Abby; 5. Walter.
5. James married, 1st, Aletta Van Arsdale, daughter of Philip, and had children: 1. Anna ; 2. Frederick. He married, 2d, Mary Stout, and had other children : 3. James Harris ; 4. Josiah Layton ; 5. Hugh.
6. Lydia married Stephen Woodard, son of Samuel, and went to Chicago, Illinois, and had children : 1. Phebe Anne Woodard ; 2. William Woodard ; 3. John Woodard ; 4. Benjamin Franklin Woodard.
7. Jane married David Kline, and had children : 1. Anne Eliza Kline ; 2: Phebe Kline ; 3. Peter Fisher Kline ; 4. John Cassedy Kline ; 5. Jacob Kline ; 6. Franklin Miller Kline; 7. Ellen Taylor Kline ; 8. Mary Malvina Pohlman Kline ; 9. ____.
8. Mary married Tunis Vannest, son of John, of Martinville, and had children : 1. John Vannest, who died young ; 2. Anna Mariah Vannest ; 3. William Vannest ; 4. John Vannest, 2d. 5. Sarah Elizabeth Vannest; 6. Mary Jane Vannest.
9. John, who died in Newark, aged about 30 years, unmarried.
10 Anne married Philip Van Arsdale, son of Peter, and had children : 1. Peter Van Arsdale ; 2. John Van Arsdale ; 3. Elizabeth Van Arsdale.
11. Hugh married Elizabeth King, of Bellville, and had children : 1. John Franklin.

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