Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

JOHN HALL lived near Basking Ridge, and had children :
1. John, Jun. He died unmarried at Basking Ridge, about 1845, an old man.
2. Richard, who married Elizabeth Roy, the widow of William Roy and daughter of Eliphalet Whitaker.
NOTE --William Roy was son of judge John Roy, of Basking Ridge, who also had a son, Joseph Roy, the father of Major Peter Roy, of Vealtown, now Bernardsville ; married Nancy Rickey, daughter of Colonel Israel Richey, who lived at the sawmill on Passaic River, east of Basking Ridge.
NOTE--Elizabeth Roy, and William Roy, had two children :
1. Hannah, who married Aaron Hand, son of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge.
2. William Roy, Jun.. married Deborah Whitaker, daughter of Stephen, and lived in Yates county, New York.

3. Isaac Hall.
4. Jacob married Theodocia Fairchild.
5. Robert married Mary Hand, daughter of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge.

RICHARD HALL, (2d child of John Hall,) and Elizabeth Roy, had children :
1. Isaac, who married Betsey Strimple, daughter of _____ ; lives near Liberty Corner, and had children : 1. Jane ; 2. Eliza ; 3. Samuel ; 4. William ; 5. Platt ; 6. Sarah ; 7. John ; 8. Catherine ; 9. Helen ; 10. Elisha.
2. Elipahlet Hall, (2d son of Richard, son of John, 1st,) married Electa Ward, daughter of Samuel C. Ward, of Bloomfield ; lived there, and was a justice of the peace; they had children : 1. Sarah ; 2. John ; 3. Richard ; 4. William ; 5. George ; 6. Catherine.
3. Platt, who died a young man, unmarried.
4. Ruth married Levi Dayton, son of Jonathan, of Basking Ridge, and had an only son, Elias H. Dayton, who married Huldah Conover, of Monmouth county, and had children : 1. Frank, who died in infancy ; 2. Huldah.
5. Samuel married Mariah Finley, daughter of Alexander, of Basking Ridge ; lived in Newark, and had children : 1. Elizabeth ; 2. Alexander Finley ; 3. Sophia ; 4. Anne.
6. Catherine married Joel C. Roman, son of Thomas H., of Mendham ; lived there, and had children : 1. Samuel Hall Homan, born 6th September, 1819, married Carolinr Vance, daughter of Elias Vance, of Mendham, and had children: 1. Samuel Hall Homan; 2. Annie Mosely Homan; and died in August, 1847. 2. Mclancthnn Homan. 3. Elizabeth Sarah Homan, who died at four years. 4. Thomas Homan, 5. Elizabeth Sarah Johnson Homan. 6. Louisa Homan.

7. Sally married Isaac Conklin, son of William, Esq., of Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.]
8. Betsey married David Howe!, of Mendham ; lived there, and had children : I. Anna Mariah Howel ; 2. Amelia Howel ; 3. Elizabeth Howel ; 4. Charles Howel.
9. Miriam married John Drake, son of Daniel, of Mendham, and lived there, and had children ; 1. Sarah Drake ; 2. Aaron Drake ; 3. Caroline Drake.
10. John married Mary Alling, daughter of David, of Newark, and lived there ; had children : 1. David Ailing ; 2. Antoinette ; 3. Louisa ; 4. Horace.

JACOB HALL, (4th child of John, 1st,) and Theodocia Fairchild, had children :
1. Jacob Burrows Hall, who married Rachel Hall, daughter of John, son of Richard, 1st, had children:
1. Charles Hall, D. D. a Presbyterian minister, and secretary of the A. H. M. S. of New York. He married Sarah Lawrence, of Genesco, New York, sister of the wife of his uncle, Israel Hall, and had children : 1. Charles ; 2: James ; 3. Cornelia ; 4. Mary ; 5. Anne.
2. Sarah married George Carkner, of Michigan ; lived there.
3. Benjamin Hudson is an elder of the church, at Tecumseh, Lenawa county, Michigan.
4. Eliza married her cousin, Sherrod McKane, son of William.
5. Maria married Samuel L. Spafford ; lived at Tecumseh, Michigan.
6. Lewis Austin married Fanny Landen, daughter of Doctor Landen, of Michigan.
7. Sophia.
8. Rachel Catherine married Mr. Keith, of Monroe, Michigan, and lives there.

2. Phebe married William McKane, and had children :
1. Sherrod McKane married his cousin, Eliza Hall, daughter of Jacob B. Hall.
2. Mahlon McKane, twin to Sherrod.
3. John married Miss Howel.
4. Nancy married Mr. ____ Baldwin, of Orange, New Jersey.
5. Theodocia married Mr. ____ Bryan.
6. Abraham B. married Sally Hate, [Hate or Hale?] of Albany ; is a silversmith, in Geneva, New York, and had children : 1. Harriet, who married Truman P. Handy, cashier of the Commercial Baitk, at Cleveland, Ohio. 2. Samuel, who is a Presbyterian minister in Marshall, Michigan ; he married Miss Rankin, of Newark.
7. Israel married Mary Lawrence, of Genesco, New York, sister of the wife of Charles Hall, D. D.
8. Lydia married the Rev. Mr. ____ Myers, of Geneva, New York.
9. Mariah married Foster Bernard, of Geneva, New York.

ROBERT HALL, (5th son of John Hall, 1st,) and Mary Hand, had children.:
1. Catherine,, who married Samuel Rickey, son of John Rickey, Esq.
2. Sarah married Joshua Bullman, son of Joseph, of Long Hill.
3. Mary married Thomas Gibbs, of Illinois.
4. William married at Jacksonville, Illinois.
Robert Hall, with his family, removed to Illinois.

RICHARD HALL was a younger brother of John Hall, 1st; lived at Basking Ridge ; married a Miss Compton, and had children :
1. John, who married Sarah Austin, daughter of Moses Austin, and sister of Moses Austin, many years deputy sheriff in Elizabethtown.
2. Joseph married Ruth Austin, sister of Sarah, John's wife ; he lived between the Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, N. Y.
3. Samuel married Hannah Webster.
4. Jonathan married Rachel Austin, sister of Sarah and Ruth. He lived west of Seneca Lake, in Yates Co., N. Y.
5. Richard, Jun., married Peggy Rogers ; lived in Lycoming Co., Penn.
6. Nathaniel married Nancy Jones, in Pennsylvania ; removed to Ohio, and was there killed by lightning.
7. Margaret married, 1st, Jacob Howke ; 2d, Enos Sillsby.
8. Polly married, 1st, Mr. Parker, and had a son, James Parker ; Mr. Parker died, and she married George Chapin.

JOHN HALL, (1st child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st) and Sarah Austin, had children :
1. Moses, born 25th August, 1776, married, 1st, Phebe Burrows, daughter of John, of Lycoming Co., Penn. She died, and he married, 2d, Mary Whitaker, daughter of Stephen. She died, 18th November, 1835, and he married, 3d, Phebe Whitaker, sister of his 2d wife. He lived at Geneva, N. Y. ; carried on an iron foundry there.
2. Rachel married Jacob B. Hall, son of Jacob, (See Jacob B. Hall.)
3. John Hall, Jun., married Priscilla Fanning., daughter of Asher, of Canandaigua, and went to Zanesville, Ohio, and died 11th July, 1851.
4. Joseph married Polly Black, daughter of Archibald, and went to Michigan.
5. Mary married Stephen Whitaker, son of Stephen, .and lived in Cleveland, Ohio. (See Stephen Whitaker.)
6. Jacob Burrows married, 1st, Abigail, daughter of Esq. Townsend ; lived in Geneseo, and had children : 1. Sarah ; 2. .John ; 3. Emily.; 4. Abigail ; 5. Elizabeth ; 6. Catherine ; 7. Wealthy Anne.
7. Catherine married Amzi Bruen, of Newark, New Jersey.

MOSES HALL, (1st child of John, son of Richard,) and Phebe Burrows, his 1st wife, had children :
1. John Burrows, who married Agnes Millspaw, of Geneva ; lives at Williamsport, on the Susquehannah River, and has a large iron foundrythere.
2. Harriet married William C. Tighlman ; and had children : 1. Burrows Tighlman ; 2. Phebe Tighlman ; and then Harriet died.
Moses Hall's wife Phebe then died, and by his 2d wife, Mary Whitaker, he had other children :
3. Jane, born 25th April, 1809, married John Humphrey, went to Michigan, and had children : 1. William Humphrey ; 2. James Humphrey ; 3. Charles Humphrey ; 4. Henry Humphrey ; 5. Mary Humphrey.
4. Phebe, born 5th November, 1810, married Nelson Rowley, went to Michigan, and had children : 1. Stephen Rowley.
5. Rachel, born 7th November, 1812.
6. Stephen Whitaker, born 5th August, 1815, married Nancy Graham ; lives at Williamsport, with his brother John, and had children : 1. Sarah Jane ; 2. Hetty Amelia.
7. Henry Axtell, born 9th February, 1817, married Susan Claghorn Babcock, daughter of Joseph M. Babcock, of Lenox, Massachusetts ; lives in Geneva, and had children : 1. Lenox.
8. Mary, born 9th March, 1820, married, 30th September, 1847, the Rev. John Jermaine Porter, son of the Rev. Stephen Porter, of Geneva. He is pastor of the Presbyterian church, and settled first at Kingston, opposite Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania.
9. Hetty, born 18th September, 1823, married Chauncey B. Ackley, son of Oliver Ackley, of New England ; lives in Geneva, and had children : 1. Mary Ackley.

JOHN HALL, Jun., (3d child of John Hall, son of Richard,) and Priscilla Fanning, had children:
1. Austin married Mary Mitchel.
2. Eveline married Mr. Harvy ; had a daughter Jane, and then died ; and the child died.
3. Elizabeth married Doct. John Scott ; lives in Toledo, Ohio, and had a daughter Frances.
4. John married Kate Mitchel, sister of Austin's wife.
5. Mary married Mr. Throgmorton, of Zanesville, Ohio.
6. Jacob Burrows, who studied medicine, started for California, and died on the way.
7. Charles married Miss Withington, daughter of Daniel, who married Sarah Hall, daughter of Joseph, son of John.
8. Frances married Mr. Howard, who went with his brother-in-law, Jacob B. Hall, to California.
9. Jane, who died at 3 or 4 years.
10. Henry.
11. Sarah Jane married William Rogers, lived in New York, and had a daughter Molly.

JOSEPH HALL, (4th child of John, son of Richard Hall), and Polly Black, lived in Michigan, and had children: 1. Elizabeth; 2. George ; 3. Catherine ; 4. John ; 5. Charles ; 6. Agnes; 7.
Sarah married Daniel Withington, and had a daughter, who married Charles Hall, son of John, of Zanesville.

JACOB B. HALL, (6th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and Abigail Townsend, lived at Genesco, and had children :
1. Sarah ; 2. Emily ; 3. John ; 4. Abigail ; 5. Elizabeth ; 6. Catherine ; and by a 2d wife, 7. Wealthy Anne.

CATHERINE HALL, (7th child of John, son of Richard Hall,) and Amzi Bruen, had children:
1. John Bruen.
2. George Bruen.
3. Sarah Bruen.
4. Horace Bruen.
5. Eveline Bruen.
6. Austin Bruen. twin.
7. Anson Bruen. twin.

JOSEPh HALL, (2d child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Ruth Austin, had children :
1. Richard 2. David ; .3 William ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Joseph, Jun. ; 6. Susan ; 7. Sarah ; 8. Deborah ; 9. Mary.

1 JONATHAN HALL, (4th child of Richard, brother of John Hall, Ist,) and Rachel Austin, had children :
1. Jonathan Austin married Anne Whitaker, daughter of Stephen ; lived near Penn Yan, Yates county, New York, and had children : 1. Mary Anne ; 2. Deborah married John Littell, son of John Littell, Esq. ; 3. Moses ; 4. Stephen Crosby.

JOSEPH HALL, (son of Jonathan, and brother of Jonathan Austin Hall,) married Sarah Flowers ; lived in Michigan, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Austin ; 3. Charles ; 4. Francis.

RICHARD HALL, Jun., (5th child of Richard, brother of John Hall,) and Peggy Rogers, had children :
1. Samuel.
2. Joseph.
3. William, and others to the number of fourteen.

MARGARET HALL, (7th child of Richard, brother of John Hall, 1st,) and Jacob Howke, had children :
1. Mary Howke : 2. Betsey Howke : 3. Margaret Howke ;
and by Enos Silsby, had, children : 4. John Silsby ; 5. James Silsby.

THOMAS HALLOCK lived between the 1st and 2d mountains. He married Sarah Bedell, (daughter of Moses Bedell, and Elizabeth Littell, daughter of David Littell,) and had children :
1. David, who died unmarried.
2. Smith, who married Jane Raddin, daughter of Jeremiah Raddin, as her 3d husband.
3. John married Betsey, the widow of Moses Roff and had a son, John.
4. Betsey married, 1st, Abraham Walker ; 2d, Jonathan Walker, sons of Asher. [See Walker.]
5. Polly married Hugh Davis, son of John Davis, of Washington Valley.
6. Catherine married Alexander Freeman, son of Henry, of Elizabethtown.
7. Susan married, 11th February, 1815, Thomas Mulligan, from Ireland ; lives in New York.
8. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried.
9. William married Sarah Tucker, of New York ; lived there.
10. Fanny, born 20th June, 1804, married Joseph Pope, son of Samuel.
11. Caroline married John Van Buren ; lived in New York.
12. Sibbel, who died in infancy.

SMITH HALLOCK, (2d child of Thomas,) and Jane Raddin, had children:
1. Lewis, who died young.
2. Thompson, who died a young man, unmarried.
3. Catherine died at 13 years.
4. Jeremiah.

POLLY HALLOCK, (5th child of Thomas,) and Hugh Davis, lived in Newark, and had children :
1. Abraham Davis married Elizabeth ____; she died 1844.
2. Elizabeth Littell Davis married, 1st, David Higby, who died, and she married, 2d, Garret Skinner, and lived at Cleveland, Ohio.
3. Henrietta Davis married James Rogers ; lives in New York.
4. John Davis, (twin to Henrietta,) died a young man.
5. Hugh Littell Davis married Elizabeth Hicks, of Dover, and lives in Newark.
6. David Littell Davis.
7. Thomas H. Davis.
8. Sarah Davis married George Canuff; lives at Cleveland, Ohio.
9. Catherine Ross Davis.

CATHERINE HALLOCK, (6th child of Thomas,) and Alexander Freeman, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 1. William Henry Freeman ; 2. Sarah Eme[?]ine Freeman ; 3. George Augustus Freeman.
Mr. Freeman removed to Ohio, when his wife, his children, died.

SUSAN HALLOCK, (7th child of Thomas,) and Thomas Mulligan, lived in New York, and had children :
1. Bridget Mulligan, who married William Seaman.
2. Fanny Mulligan married Woodruff Crane.
3. William Mulligan married Anne ____.
4. John Mulligan.
5. Daniel Mulligan married _____ ; lives in Rahway.
6. Harriet Mulligan.
7. Anne Mulligan.
8. Emma Mulligan.

FANNY HALLOCK, (10th child of Thomas,) and Joseph Pope, lived at Plainfield, and had children :
1. Lucinda Adaline Pope, born 3d October, 1827, married 28th February, 1848, John Stites, son of Samuel Stites, of Sussex, son of John Stites of Mount Bethel ; lives in Sussex.
2. James Nelson Pope ; 3. Amanda Walker Pope ; 4. William Lewis Pope ; 5. Frances Adelia Pope ; 6. Newton Hill Pope ; 7. Harriet Matilda Pope ; 8. _____.

JOSEPH HALSEY lived near the Wheatsheaf Tavern, between Rahway and Elizabethtown, He married Elizabeth Haines, sister of Richard Valentine's wife ; he had children :
1. Sarah, who married Joshua Conklin, of Williams Farms. [See a Conklin.]
2. Abigail married James Miller, of Piscataway.
3. Rebecca married Thomas Williams, near Elizabethtown.
4. Joseph, Jun., married Mary Armstrong, daughter of John, from Ireland ; lived in Springfield.
5. Hannah married Benjamin Miller ; (their daughter married General William Crane, of Elizabethtown.)
6. Phebe married Benjamin Crane, of Westfield. [See Benjamin Crane.]
7. Daniel married Miss Williams, daughter of Samuel, and sister of John Williams.
8. Isaac married Rebecca Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.
9. Rachel married Benjamin Magie, son of John, of Elizabethtown.
10. Deborah married, 1st, Jonathan Magie, brother of Benjamin ; 2d, Isaiah Meeker, of New Providence. [See Meeker.]
11. Nancy married John Hamilton ; lived in Westfield ; had no children.

JOSEPH HALSEY, Jun., and Mary Armstrong, had children :
1. Joseph, 3d, who married, 1st; Mary Brookfield ; 2d, Miss Frazee.
2. Daniel married Miss Pierson, of Westfield.
3. Mary married Matthias Ross.
4. Hannah married Daniel Baker, of Westfield, son of Nathaniel.
5. John married Nancy Sayre, daughter of Isaac.
6. Abigail married Doct. John Condit, of Orange.
7. Isaac married Sally Smith, daughter of Walter, of Springfield.
8. Rhoda married the same Doct. John Condit.

JOSEPH HALSEY, 3d, (son of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary Brookfield, had children:
1. Joseph, 4th, who married Sally Bryant, daughter of Samuel.
2. Mary married John Clarkson, son of John, and by Miss Frazee had other children.

DANIEL HALSEY, (2d child of Joseph, Jun.). and Miss Pierson, had children :
1. Gitty ; 2. Harriet, and others.

MARY HALSEY, (3d child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Matthias Ross, had children :
1. Ogden Ross, who married Lydia Ludlow, daughter of John, of Butler county, Ohio, and lives there. [See Ludlow.]
2. Abigail Ross married Capt. Jonathan Burnet, near Springfield.
3. Joseph Ross married, and lived near Springdale, Ohio.

HANNAH HALSEY, (4th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Daniel Baker, had children :
1. Rhoda Baker, who married James DeCamp, son of James, of Rahway, and had children :
1. Caleb DeCamp, who married Elizabeth Ward, of Urbana, Ohio.
2. Mary DeCamp, who married Taylor Webster, of Hamilton, Ohio.
3. Daniel DeCamp, who died at 18 years.

2. Mary Halsey Baker married Cornelius Ludlow, son of John, of Westfield, and had a daughter, Jane Ludlow, when Mr. Ludlow died. Jane Ludlow married the Rev. William Spencer ; preaches at Sidney, Ohio.
3. Lewis Conklin Baker married Margaret Dunham, daughter of Joseph, and had an only daughter, Margaret.
4. Caleb Baker married Sarah Williams, daughter of Marsh Williams, and had children : 1. Daniel ; 2. Marsh Williams ; 3. John ; 4. Hannah.
5. Nancy Baker married Jonathan Cory, son of Joseph, of Westfield, and had children : 1. Daniel Baker ; 2. James ; 3. Samuel; 4. William ; 5. Sarah Jane.
6. Betsey Ryerson Baker married Samuel Young, of Butler Co., Ohio, and had children : 1. Josiah ; 2. Hannah Elizabeth.
7. Hannah Baker married Andrew McClary, of Rossville, Ohio, and had children : 1. Mary McClary ; 2. John McClary : 3. Andrew McClary.

JOHN HALSEY, (5th child of Joseph, Jun.) and Nancy Sayre, had children :
1. John, who married, 1st, Hannah Pool, daughter of John, of Long Hill. [See Pool.] They removed to near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children :
1. Caleb, who married Ruth Wood, and had children :
1. Hannah, who married Edmund Monroe, son of Nathan ;
2. Rosetta married Marsh Noe, son of Ellis ;

3. Sarah Anne ; 4. Mariah Josephine ; 5. Joseph ; 6. Eliza ; 7 John Newel.

2. Joseph, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.
3. Rhoda married Rev. David Montfort, of Indiana, brother of the Rev. Francis Montfort.
John Halsey married, 2d, the widow of Capt. Cushion, and daughter of the Rev. Mr. Vanhorn, and had
4. A daughter Eliza, who married, 1st, Asher Corlas ; 2d, Doct. Elias Fisher.

2. Rhoda married Moses Ogden, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. John Ogden ; 2. William Ogden ; 3. Joseph Ogden ; 4. Moses Ogden.
3. Jane married David Miller, of Madison, son of Ichabod, of Rahway, and had children : 1. Caroline ; 2. Matthias ; 3. Sally Anne ; 4. Charlotte ; 5. David ; 6. Ichabod.
Mr. Miller died at Madison.
4. Joseph, 3d, married Mary Potter, daughter of Jacob Potter, of New Providence ; removed to near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children :
1. Mary, who married John Dynes, son of Chamber, and had children : 1. John Dynes ; 2. William Dynes ; 3. Abigail Dynes ; 4. Mary. Dynes ; 5. Clarissa Dynes; 6. James Dynes ; 7. Milton Dynes.
2. Abigail married James Dynes, cousin of John, and had children : 1. Clarissa Dynes : 2. John Dynes; 3. James Dynes ; 4. Sarah Dynes ; 5. Martha Dynes.

3. David.
4. Joseph S.
5. Jacob Potter Halsey married Sally Banta, daughter of Daniel, from Jersey City, and had children : 1. John Russel Halsey ; 2. William Henry Halsey.

ABIGAIL, (6th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and,
RHODA, (8th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Doct. John Condit, had children :
1. Caleb Condit, who was killed by a fall of a horse.
2. Silas Condit, who lives in Newark ; he has been clerk of the county, member of the legislature several times, and a member of congress ; he had a son, Doct. John Condit ; and by Rhoda, Doctor Condit had children :
3. Joseph Condit, who went to Canada.
4. Abigail Condit.
5. Smith Condit.

ISAAC HALSEY, (7th child of Joseph Halsey, Jun.,) and Sally Smith, had children :
1. Mary, who married David Bryant, son of Samuel, of Westfield.
2. Daniel married Jane Miller, daughter of _____, of Westfield.
3. Elizabeth married Samuel Meeker, of Springfield.
4. William married Abby Woodruff, daughter of Stites.
5. Smith married Betsey Miller, daughter of Nathaniel, of Springfield ; he lives in Newark.
6. Joseph A.
7. Samuel.

DANIEL HALSEY, (son of Joseph,) had a son;
Ichabod, who went to Ohio, and married Mary Smith, daughter of John Smith, of Warren county, Ohio, and had children :
1. James Smith Halsey, who married Catherine Hinkle, of Springfield, Clark county, Ohio.
2. Icbabod Beaton Halsey.
3. Martha married Doct. Jennings, of Warren county, Ohio, and went to Indiana.
4. Mary married Charles Anthony, of Springfield, Clark county, Ohio.
5. Cynthia married, 5th June, 1845, James K. Hurin, merchant, of Lebanon, Ohio, as his 3d wife. [See Hurin.]
6. Daniel, who is editor of a newspaper at Hamilton, Ohio. Three daughters have died.

HEZEKIAH HAND lived in. Westfield ; had three wives. By his 1st wife had five, by his 2d. wife, five, and by his 3d wife, 12 children ; making 22 in all.
1. John, who went and settled somewhere on the Mohawk river, in New York, and married there.
2. David, who married Abigail Osborn, daughter of Benjamin, of near Mount Bethel.
3. Sarah married -, and. removed to Philadelphia.
4. Elizabeth married Isaac. Pack.
5. Charity married Job Gould, lived at Milford, Pennsylvania, and had children : 1. John Gould ; 2. Sarah Gould; 3. Rebecca Gould.
And by his 2d wife, had:
6. Hezekiab, who died unmarried.
7. Robert married Rachel Whitehead, daughter of Richard, of Short Hills.
8. Nehemiah, (twin to Robert.) born 6th September, 1764, married Sarah Clark, daughter of David, of Warren township, Somerset county.
9. Jacob married, 1st, Miss Lane 2d, Joanna Crane, a widow.
10.. Nancy, who died young.
And by his 3d wife, Anna Ferrago, Hezekiah Hand had 12 children :
11. Martha, who married, 1st, John Tomer, and 2d, Joseph Stone.
12. Phebe married Henry Smalley, son ot David Smalley, Esq., of Warren, Somerset county.
13. William married, 1st, Sarah Shaw, daughter of John, and had four children.; 2d, Elizabeth Richards, daughter of Samuel, of Springfield ; 3d, on 14th October, 184S, Elizabeth Littell, daughter of Doct. Anthony Littell. He was born 15th June, 1774 ; his 3d wife was born 22d May. 1790 ; had no children by 2d or 3d wives.
14. Mary married Azariah Dunham, of Plainfield.
15. Henry, born 19th November, 1779, and married Sarah Davis, daughter of Deacon Jacob Davis, and went to Ohio.
16. Charlotte married John Wayne.
17. Jotham married Jane Haviland.
18. Tabitha married Levi Thomas, son of William, and went to Western New York.
19. Jonathan married,. for his 2d wife, Phebe Rino, daughter of Peter Rino.
20. Nancy married Levi Hetfield, son of Zophar, of Westfield, and had a pair of twins, who died in infancy.

ROBERT and NEHEMIAH, (sons of Hezekiah Hand,) removed from Westfield to Passaic Valley, about the year 1796.
Robert Hand, and Rachel Whitehead, had children :
1. Fanny, who married, 5th March, 1807, John Stanley, of New York ; she had children : 1. Matthias Stanley, who went to New Orleans, and died in 1846, unmarried. 2. Eliza Anne Stanley, who married Sylvester Leonard, of Rahway, and went to Ohio. John Stanley died, and his wife Fanny died 30th May, 1812, aged 27 years.
2. Margaret married William Bonnel, of Plainfield, and went to French Creek, Pennsylvania.
3. Robert married Hannah Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of New Vernon ; lives in Newark.
4. Uzel married Deborah Meeker, daughter of Daniel H., son of Isaiah ; lived in Newark.
5. Deborah married Abner Williams, son of Noah, of Long Hill ; lives in Morristown. [See Williams.]
6. Harriet married William Camp, Jun., son of William, of Livingston ; had one daughter, and then died.
7, Clarissa, born 30th October, 1799, married, 19th February, 1820, John Trowbridge, of Morris county.
8. Frances Everet, who went west to the Mississippi river.

ROBERT HAND, (son of Robert,) and Hannah Crowel, had children :
1. Salina, who married Henry Sugard, of Newark, and soon died. 2. Helen married Peter Sugard, cousin of Henry ; he died and she married, 2d, George Backus, of Newark.
3. Charles.

UZEL HAND, (son of Robert,) and Deborah Meeker, lived in Newark, and had children :
1. Caroline, who married Henry Low, son of Cornelius, of Cauldwell.
2. Robert married Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Jacob, of Millville, and had children : 1. Jane ; 2, Sarah Caroline ; 3. Henry Low.
3. Frances Everet married Charlotte Warlsie, and had children : 1. Gertrude Cook.
NOTE.- Robert Hand died 19th July, 1819, aged 54 years. Rachel, his wife, died 26th March, 1832, aged 73 years. Uzel Hand, (their son,) died 10th July, 1839, aged 47 years.

CLARISSA HAND, (daughter of Robert,) and John Trowbridge, had children :
1. Mary Jane, who married Francis Woodruff, son of John, of Elizabethtown.
2. Margaret, who married John Cooper, of Rahway.
3. Anna Mariah.
4. John Lewis.
5. Elizabeth Antoinette, born 14th February, 1831.
6. Henrietta, born 5th October, 1833.
7. Henry Augustine, born 17th July, 1836.
8. Uzel, born 7th June, 1839.
9. Frances, born 16th October, 1842.
10. Harriet, born 6th December, 1844.

NEHEMIAH HAND, (son of Hezekiah,) was born 6 Sept. 1764, and died 15th February, 1834. His wire, Sarah, died 26th Feb. 1844 ; they had children:
1. Sarah, born 24th Dec. 1701, and died 24th Nov. 1793.
2. Matthias, born 9th Nov. 1793, married, 20th Nov. 1814, Miriam Foster, daughter of John W. Foster, of Westfield, and died 7th Apri1, 1848.
3. David Clark, born 6th May, 1796, married, 24th Dec. 1814, Mary Badgley, daughter of Jonathan, and had no children.
4. Betsey, born 1st Nov. 1798, married, 24th Aug. 1814, John Combs, sun ofJames, of Monmouth county, and had children : 1. Sally Anne Combs, born 17th Feb, 1815, and died 31st Aug. 1839, unmarried ; 2. David Hand Combs, born 13th Nov. 1818. John Combs left his wife and went to Middletown, Ohio; David H., his son, when a young man, went to his father.
5. Benjamin, born 6th Feb. 1805, married Betsey Tice, daughter of John, of Westchester county, New York.
6. John Winans, born 4th Dec. 1806, married Betsey Doty, daughter of Anthony ; has no children.

MATTHIAS HAND, (son of Nehemiah,) and Miriam Foster, had children:
1. John Foster, born 18th August, 1815, and died 26th May, 1830.
2. Nehemiah, born 7th August, 1817, married, 10th August, 1837, Mary Marsh, of Westfield.
3. Mariah Clark, born 7th April, 1819, married William Ferris, son of Randolph, of Chatham.
4. Elizabeth, born 21st June, 1521, married William Fautoute, of Union township.
5. Martha, born 9th July, 1824, married Lewis Miller, son of William, of Westfield, whose wife was Sarah, daughter of Lewis Ludlow and Betsey Davis, daughter of Deacon Davis.
6. Abby, born 7th October, 1826.
7. William married Emma ____.
8. Melissa.

BENJAMIN HAND, (son of Nehemiah, and Betsey Tice, had children :
1. Caroline ; 2. Mahala Tice ; 3. Sarah Elizabeth.

WILLIAM HAND, (13th child of Hezekiah Hand,) and his first wife, Sarah Shaw, had children :
1. Marv, who married Doct. Corra Osborn, son of Jonathan Hand Osborn.
2. Hannah, who married John Darby, Jun., sun of John Darby of Scotch Plains.
3. William, Jun., who married Nancy Terry, daughter of Thomas Terry.
4. Sarah Anne married James Potter, son of Reuben Potter, of Westfield.

MARY HAND, and Doct. Corra Osborn, had children :
1. Mahlen Osborn, who went to St. Louis, and married Mary Frothingham.
2. Mary Osborn married Samuel Hays, son of Doct. Samuel Hays, of Newark.
3 Letitia Osborn married David Miller, son of John, of Westfield.
4. Anne Osborn married Nathan Williams, son of Solomon, of Westfield.

HANNAH HAND, (2d (laughter of William,) and John Darby, Jun., had children :
1. Ezra Darby, who married Mary Ludlow, was a lawyer, and lived in Elizabethtown. He died 1851.
2. Catherine Darby married Edward Hetfield, son of Zophar, of Westfield.
3. William Darby.
4. Mary Darby married John Hetfield, brother of Edward.
5. Sarah Darby.
6. John Darby.
7. Margaret Darby.
8. Elizabeth Darby.

WILLIAM HAND, Jun., and Nancy Terry, had children ;
1. John ; 2. Mary ; 3. Charlotte ; 4. William ; 5. Henry 6. David ; 7. Thomas Terry.

SARAH HAND, and James Potter, had children ; 1. Sarah Potter ; 2. Reuben Potter ; 3. William Potter ; 4. Apollos Potter.

STEPHEN HAND, (brother of Hezekiah,) had 3 wives, the first of which was Eve ; by them had 23 children, among which were the following, viz. :
1. Isaac.
2. Enoch.
3. Lydia, who married Thomas Baker, and went to Ohio.
4. Abigail.
5. Jane married John Baker, a brother of Thomas Baker.
6. Andrew.
7. Lewis.
8. Stephen.
9. Nathan.
10. Hannah married John McManners, son of Moses.
11. Mary married Alexander Smith ; lived in New York.
12. Sarah married Absalom Ladner.
13. Phebe.
14. James.

I know not that Benjamin is any way related to Hezekiah Hand.

BENJAMIN HAND lived on Long Hill, where Samuel Stanbury formerly lived, and owned the farm lately owned by John Littell, and now owned by Richard Ayre and his son William.
He married Phebe Wood, sister of Samuel Wood, who went to Dayton, Ohio. She was also a sister of the wife of George Brown, and of Esther, the wife of Jonathan Totten.
Benjamin Hand had children :
1. Daniel, who married Abigail Parrot, daughter of Samuel Parrot, and died. [See Parrot.]
2. Betsey married William Parrot, son of Thomas Parrot. [See Parrot.]
3. John married Anna S. Williams, son of John Williams, of Long Hill.
4. Dennis, who went to Ohio.
5. Polly married, 1st, Jeremiah Mott ; 2d, Charles Layton, of New Vernon.
6. Electa married John Cauldwell, son of John, son of William, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldwell.]
7. Joseph. married _____.

JOHN HAND, and Anna S. Williams, had children :
1. Stites, who married Mary Anne Boyle.
2. John Eden.
3. Anna Marian, who, married Henry Frost, of New Vernon, and went to Ohio.
4. Harriet, who went to Ohio, and married there.
5. Emma, went to Ohio, and married there.

1 know of no connection between the following families of Hand, with either the two foregoing by that name.

WILLIAM HAND married Lois Ward ; they lived in Livingston township, and had children :
1. Mary, who married Captain Isaac Gillam.
2. Jonathan married Sarah Reed, daughter of Deacon William Reed, and removed to Basking Ridge.
3. Phebe married Joseph Ball, probably one of the nine sons of Thomas Ball. [See Ball.]
4. David married Patty Campbell, daughter of James Campbell, Esq.
5. Martha married Isaac Shipman, son of Abram, of Monroe, Morris county.
6. Moses married Mary Samson, daughter of David. [See Samson.]
7. Aaron married Phebe Smith, daughter of Walter Smith, of Springfield. He was a colonel in the Essex brigade of militia.

MARY HAND, (1st child of William.) and Capt. Isaac Gilliam, had children :
1. Lois Gillam, .who married Cyrus Crane ; she died, and he married her cousin, Phebe Shipman, widow of John Tichenor.
2. Polly Gillam married Eleazer Baldwin.
3. Anna Gillam married Silas Baldwin, brother of Eleazer.
4. Isaac Gillam, Jun , married _____.
5. Phebe Gillam married Nathaniel Brown.
6. William Gillam married Polly Darling, daughter of Thomas.

JONATHAN HAND removed from Springfield to Basking Ridge ; he married Sarah Reeve, daughter of Deacon William Reeve, of Vauxhall ; they had children :
1. Aaron, who married Hannah Roy, daughter of William Roy and Elizabeth Whitaker, daughter of Eliphalet Whitaker. [See E. Whitaker.]
2. Polly married Robert Hall, brother of Richard. [See Hall.]
3. Sally, who died unmarried, nearly 50 years of age.
4. Gilbert married Eliza Howel, daughter of John, of Westfield, and went to Darke county, Ohio.
5. Esther married Hartman Vreeland, as his 2d wife ; has no children. She lives at Basking Ridge, a widow ; has adopted a son of her husband by his first wife, named Hartman Cornelius Vreeland.
6. Jonathan, Jun., married Anne Alward, daughter of Henry ; has no children. [See Alward.]
7. Caty married William Todd, son of James, and grandson of Alexander Martin.
8. Nancy married John Moore, son of Benjamin Moore, of Mount Bethel.
9. James married Betsey Pennington, daughter of John, of Dead River.
10. Betsey married Walter Smith Reeve, son of William, of Springfield.

AARON HAND, (1st child of Jonathan,) and Hannah Roy, lived at Basking Ridge, and had children :
1. William Roy Hand, who married Phebe M. Annin, daughter of William C. Annin ; he is a physician ; lives at Ringwood, Hunterdon county, and has children : 1. John Cooper Hand ; 2. William Milton Hand ; 3. Sarah Hand ; 4. Frances Hand.
2. Fanny.
3. Eliza Whitaker, who died at 9 months.
4. Sarah R., born 20th Dec. 1811, married Ebenezer Byram, son of Silas C., son of Naphtali Byram; of Morristown. [See Byram.]
5. Aaron Milton, born 1819, died 1820.

GILBERT HAND, (4th child of Jonathan Hand,) and Betsey Howel, had children :
1. Tyler, who died in infancy.
2. Tyler, 2d, who also died young.
3. Hannah, who married John Haas, son of Jacob, of Liberty Corner, N. J.

NOTE.-Jacob Haas's wife was Charity Cooper, daughter of Benjamin Cooper. John and Hannah Haas had children : 1. Lydia Haas ; 2. Sarah Elizabeth Haas ; 3. Job Lane Haas ; 4. Gilbert R. Haas ; ; 5. Charity Cooper Haas ; 6. John Calvin Haas.

4. Jonathan married, in Ohio, Ruth Roberts, and had children : 1. Eliza ; 2. William Reeve.
5. Eliza married John Sagebury, son of James Sagebury, of New York, whose wife was Sally Howel, sister of Eliza's mother.
6. William Reeve.

CATY HAND, (7th child of Jonathan Hand,) and William Todd, had children:
1. John Todd, who married _____.
2. Jane Todd married Ellis D. Baldwin, son of David. [See Baldwin.]
3. Sarepta Todd married George Bird.
4. Mary Todd.
5. Sarah Todd married William Gibson.
6. Jonathan Todd married _____.
7. William Todd.
8. Hugh Todd.
9. James Todd.

NANCY HAND, (8th child of Jonathan Hand,) and John Moore, had children:
1. Elsie Moore, who married Joseph Coulter.
2. Sarah Moore married John Adams, of Mount Bethel.
3. Keziah Moore married Patterson Waldron, of Mount Bethel.
4. Benjamin Moore married Harriet Scofield.
5. Eliza Moore.
6. Jonathan Moore.
7. Esther Moore.
8. William Moore.
9. Catherine Moore.

DAVID HAND, (4th child of William,) and Patty Campbell, had children :
1. Sally, who did not marry.
2. Uriah married _____.
3. Lois married Mr. Winans, and went to Ohio.
4. Joseph B. married Mary Gardner, daughter of Moses.
5. Phebe married _____, of Parcipany, and lived there.
6. Ira married Rhoda Crowel, daughter of Venus Crowel, of Livingston.
7. Prudence married Stephen Brown, son of Phinehas.

IRA HAND, and Rhoda Crowel, had children :
1. Mary, who married Horace Vanhouten.
2. Isaac married Caroline Littell, daughter of James, son of Nathaniel, lives in Middletown, Ohio.
3. Phebe married Thomas A. Smith.
4. Lois married Enos Scott.
5. Matilda married Daniel Terril.
6. Caleb.
7. Luther.
8. James.
9. Francis.
10. Sarah.
11. Elizabeth.
12. Ira.

MARTHA HAND, (5th child of William,) and Isaac Shipman, had children :
1. Phebe Shipman, who married, 1st, John Tichenor ; 2d, Cyrus Crane, as his 2d wife.
2. Sally Shipman married _____.
3. Abraham Shipman married _____.
4. William Shipman married _____.
5. Nathaniel Gilliam Shipman married Amy Warner.

MOSES HAND, (6th child of William) and Mary Samson, had children :
1. Daniel, who married Miss ____ Winans.
2. Elias married ______ and lives near West Point, N. Y.
3. Moses married _____.
4. Nathaniel, who did not marry.
5. Watson.
6. William.

COL. AARON HAND, (7th child of William,) and Phebe Smith, had children:
1. Joseph Smith, born 7th June, 1784, married Lydia Buckbee, daughter of Thomas.
2. Isaac M., born 3d September, 1787, married. l st, Mary Sands, of Long Island ; 2d, Jane, widow of John Barto.
3. Rebecca, born 12th December, 1789, and died at 3 years.
4. William, born 12th June, 1793, and died at 17 years.
5. John Smith, born 23d September, 1793, and died at 33 years, unmarried.
6. Mary P., born 25th August, 1798, married John Bond, son of Nathaniel, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Emma Bond, who married William Chatterton, of Elizabethtown ; 2. Eliza Bond.
7. Rebecca, born 18th February, 1802, and died at about 33 years, unmarried.
8. Hannah B., born 24th January, 1805, and died at about 33 years, unmarried.
9: Aaron A., born 11th November, 1807, and died at about 23 years, unmarried.
10. William, born 26th July, 1810, and died in infancy.

JOSEPH S. HAND, (son of Col. Aaron Hand,) lives where his father did. He and Sarah Buckbee had children :
1. Louisa.
2. Mary, 'who married Asa B. Munn. son of Lewis, of Orange. and had children : 1. Joseph Lewis Munn.
3. William, who died at 35 years, unmarried.
4. Thomas married Mary Bruff [surname hard to read] of Columbus. and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and had children : 1. Catherine.
5. Isaac S., who married two sisters. 1st, Sarah, 2d, Abby, daughters of Elias Thompson of Madison, lives on Long Island.
6. Catherine ; 7. Phebe.

ISAAC M. HAND, (son of Col. Aaron Hand, ) owns the farm adjoining his brother Joseph's, and had children :
1. Edward.
2. Mariah Louisa, who died at 9 years.

JEREMIAH HART lived on the south-east corner of the forts of the road at the Presbyterian church at New Providence. He was born 9th December, 1714, and died 17th November, 1749 ; his wife Sarah, born 11th June, 1718.
They had children ;
1. Elizabeth, who married Jeremiah Ball, and had a daughter, Abigail Ball, who married Benjamin Samson, son of David. [See Samson.] Jerry Bell died, and Elizabeth married Nathan Baldwin, of South Orange, as his 2d wife.
2. Deborah, born 16th May, 1745, married Jonathan Howel Osborn, son of John, Sen. [See Osborn.]
3. Anna, born 25th April, 1747, married Lewis Baldwin, son of Nathan, above named.
4. Daniel, born 17th December, 1749, married, 1st, Hannah, daughter of Daniel Potter. She died 11th October, 1774, aged 23 years, and he married, 2d, June 6th, 1786, Prudence, daughter ,of Col. Samuel Potter, a cousin of his first wife. He died 7th December, 1832, aged 81 years ; his widow died 22d December, 1838, aged 87 years.

DANIEL HART, and Prudence Potter, had children :
1. Dency, born 14th January, 1792, married Frazee Noe, son of Lewis Noe.
2. Sally, born 3d April, 1796, is unmarried.
3. Daniel, who died young.

DENCY HART, and Frazee Noe, had children :
1. Daniel Hart Noe, who married 25th September, 1839, Mary Osborn, daughter of Stephen B., and has a son, Lewis Henry Noe.
2. John Noe, who married, 3d December, 1845, Martha C. Bonnel, daughter of Philemon ; she died 11 th May, 1849, without children.
3. Emeline, who married John S. Dean, son of William, son of John, and had children : 1. William Henry Dean; 2. Phebe Mundy Dean ; 3. Eliza Robison Dean ; she died at two and a half years ; 4. Hannah Mariah Dean, 5. Eliza Jane Dean, twins ; 6. Sally Hart Dean ; 7 Dency Anne Dean ; 8. Martha Frances Dean.

DANIEL HEATH lived at Mine Brook, Somerset county. He married Eleanor Runyon, and had children :
1. John, who married Polly Kirkpatrick, daughter of Thomas. [See Kirkpatrick ]
2. Hugh married Betsey Layton.
3. Elizabeth married Anthony Layton, son of John Layton.
4. Margaret, or Peggy, married Peter Layton, brother of Anthony.
5. Nancy married Samuel Dunham, son of David.
6. Daniel married Jane Wilson, daughter of Stafford, of Long Hill.
7. Polly married John Mooney.
8. Robert married Sally Coon, daughter of William, near Amboy.

JOHN HEATH, and Polly Kirkpatrick, had children :
1. Elizabeth, who married, 1st, Nathaniel Lyon, son of Stephen, and had children : 1. John Lyon ; 2. David Lyon. Mr. Lyon then died, and she married, 2d, James Hill, and had children : 1. Phebe Hill, who married David Dunham, son of Amos ; 2. Margaret Hill.
2. Margaret, who married Lewis Douglas, son of Samuel, of Basking Ridge, lived in Newark, and had children : 1. Nathaniel Douglas ; 2. ____ Douglas.
3. Thomas married Eliza Brees, daughter of Col. John Brees, of Basking Ridge, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Robert Finley ; 3. David ; 4. Crowel ; 5. Charlotte ; 6. John ; 7. Mary Kirkpatrick.
4. Anne married Silas Brees, son of Col, John Brees.
5. John married in New York, and lived and died there.

HUGH HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Betsey Layton, had children :
1. Sally.
2. Nancy, who died at near 40 years of age, unmarried.
3. Fanny.
4. Eliza died a young woman.
5. John, who married Suffrona Umsted, at Stonehouse Village.
6. Margaret.
7. Martha, who died at about 25 years, unmarried.
8. Hugh Heath, Jun., who married Rachel Berry of Pompton, Morris county.
9. Robert married Sarah Mariah Campbell, of Plainfield.

DANIEL HEATH, (son of Daniel,) and Jane Wilson, lived at Long Hill, and had children :
1. Catherine Anne, who died at 29 years, unmarried.
2. Agues, who married Samuel Southard, son of Lot, lived at Newark, and had children : 1. Sarah Jane Southard ; 2. Susan Southard, when she died. 3. Alphacene, who married the same Samuel Southard, as his 2d wife. 4. Jane married Barkley Dunham, son of Amos, of Liberty Corner, and had children :
1. Oscar Wilson Dunham ; 2. Charles Dunham ; 3. Mary Jane Dunham ; 4. Daniel Heath Dunham.

5. Emeline married Willet'F. Conklin, son of Stephen, of Somerville, and lived there. [See Conklin.]
6. Stafford Robert Wilson Heath, married, 24th January, 1843, Catherine Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, of Newark. S, R. W. Heath is a merchant of Newark, and has children :
1. Martha Crane ; 2. Jane.

7. Daniel, who died in Newark, aged 24 1/2 years, unmarried.
8. Sarah Caroline, who married, 1st May, 1849, Elias Dayton, of Long Hill, son Joha Dayton, of Basking Ridge.

ROBERT HEATH, (son of Daniel, 1st,) and Sally Coon, lived at Mine Brook, where his father did, and have children :
1. Daniel, who married Matilda Johnson, daughter of Job Johnson.
2. Sarah Anne married Cornelius Lane, son of Job Lane, of Peapack.
3. William married, December, 1849, Anne Voorhies, daughter of Garret Voorhies, Esq.

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