Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

GEORGE BROWN, (son of Andrew Brown,) lived on Stony Hill, where John W. Hand now lives. His wife's name was Elizabeth Martin, of Woodbridge. She died, 6th August, 1777, aged 25 years ; and he married ____ Wood, a sister of Samuel Wood, of Dayton, and also a sister of Esther, the wife of Jonathan Totten. He had children :
1. Thompson, who married Patty Wade, daughter of Andrew, of Morris County, whose wife was Rachel Osborn, daughter of John.
2. Noah, who died at about 22 years.
3. Elizabeth, who married, 15th March, 1796, Lewis Badgley, and removed to Paterson.

Thompson Brown removed to Westfield, and owned a large distilling establishment there. He left his wife and children there, and went to Ohio. He had children :
1. Andrew Wade, born 2d September, 1811, and married Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of Jesse V. Douglas, and lives in Springfield Township, at Sayre's Bridge, over Rahway River. 2. Mary marrried John Keith, in Ohio, and had children : 1. Martha Keith ; 2. Andrew Keith.

ANDREW W. BROWN, and Elizabeth Douglas, had children :
1. Thompson, born 14th March, 1834.
2. Mary, born 9th October, 1835.
3. Caroline, born 4th June, 1837.
4. George, born 24th June, 1839.
5. Eliza Jane, born 15th March, 1841.
6. Sarah Anne, born 12th February, 1843.

Thompson Brown died November, 1842. Patty, his wife, died ____, 1842, aged 63 years.
Elizabeth, wife of A. W. Brown, died 1846.

JOHN BROWN came from England to Elizabethtown, and married Nancy Badgley, daughter of George Badgley.
He removed to Stony Hill, on the Pettit place, and afterwards bought the place where his grandson now lives, where Samuel Johnson formerly lived. They had children :
1. Rachel, who married Henry Hueston, and lived at Beliville, and had children :
1. Jane Hueston, who married Israel Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]
2. John Hueston, who died at 19 years.

2. James, who married Mary Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer, of Stony Hill.
3. William married Sarah Shaw, daughter of Richard.
4. Nancy married Allen Doty, son of Elder Joseph Doty. [See Doty.]
5. Sally married William Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]
6. Polly married Thaddeus Titus, and went to Paterson.

JAMES BROWN, (son of John,) and Mary Lyon, had children :
I. John, born March, 1799, who married Elizabeth Radley, daughter of John, of Westfield.
2. Aaron married _____, in New York, and went to French Creek, Penn.
3. Sally married William Mulligan ; live on Stony Hill.
4. Nancy married William Koyer, of Paterson, and live there.
5. Maria, who died at 18 years, unmarried.
6. Henry married Locky Moore, daughter of Isaac B., of Warren Township.
7. Peter married Sarah Hemmingway, an English girl.

JOHN BROWN, (son of James,) and Elizabeth Radley, had children :
1. Fanny.
2. Mary Anne, born 1822.
3. Jonathan M. Willcox, who died at 9 months ;
4. Eliza died at 12 months ;
5. James; 6. Maria; 7. John Lyon ; 8. Eliza Jane, born 1832.

SALLY BROWN, (3d child of James, son of John,) and William Mulligan, had children:
1. John Mulligan ; 2. Mary Mulligan ; 3. Jane Mulligan ; 4. William Ellis Mullegan ; 5. George Henry Mullegan.

NANCY BROWN, (4th child of James, son of John,) and William Koyer, had children :
1. James Koyer; 2. William Koyer; 3. Henry Koyer ; 4. Maria Koyer ; 5. Sarah Jane Koyer; 6. Peter Koyer.

HENRY BROWN, (6th child of James, son of John,) and Locky Moore, had children :
1. Mary; 2. Albert ; 3. Margaret ; 4. William ; 5. Isaac; 6. Jeremiah.

PETER BROWN, (7th child of James, son of John,) and Sarah Hemmingway, had children ;
1. John Lever ; 2. Margaret ; 3. Hetty ; 4. Charlotte , 5. Thomas ; 6. William.

WILLIAM BROWN, (3d child of John,) became insane, and is in the New Jersey Insane Asylum, at Trenton.
He and Sarah Shaw, had children :
1. Polly, who married Israel B. Long, son of John ; lived where Richard Valentine did. [See Long.] Died March 10th, 1851.
2. George married Polly Badgley, daughter of Anthony, Jun. ; have no children.
3. Anne married Jacob F. Badgley, son of Samuel. [See Badgley.]
4. Hetty married Henry Price, son of William, son of Rice Price. [See Price.]
5. John married Anjoline Irvin, daughter of John W. Foster, of Westfield, and has children : 1. Amanda Merwin; 2. _____.

POLLY BROWN, (6th child of John Brown,) and Thaddeus Titus, had children :
1. Cornelius Titus, who married his cousin, 1st, Sally Doty, daughter of Allen, son of Joseph, and had children : 1. Lorenzo Titus ; 2. Cornelius Titus, Jun. ; and by his 2d wife, Maria, (an Irish girl,) had other children: 3. John.
2. Henry Titus married, 1st, Eliza Post, of Paterson ; 2d, Mary Jane Box ; has no children.
3. Jane Titus married Willard Fisk, son of Russel Fisk, and had children : 1. Amanda Fisk ; 2. Russel Fisk ; 3, Mary Jane Fisk.
4. Rachel Titus married Christian Overnier, and had children : 1. Cornelius Overnier.
5. Mary Titus, who died at 6 years of age.
6. Thompson Titus married Anne Lowrey, and had children: 1. Henry Titus; 2. Sarah Titus ; 3. Thompson Titus, Jun.

WATERS BURROWS, married Frances Meeker, (daughter of James, son of Robert Meeker.) They removed from Elizabethtown, and lived where Stephen Day does, and had children :
1. Hannah, who married David Jones; lived where Jonathan Totten does.
2. Stephen, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio. He died of cholera in 1850.
3. Nancy went to Cincinnati with Stephen.
4. James went to western New York.
5. Aaron went to western New York.
6. David went to Cincinnati,-has three sons in Iowa, John; David, and ____, and Frances and Mary Anne, in Newark, N. J.
7. Mary married Josiah Wilkison. She died 30th April, and he died May 1st, 1838.
8. Deborah married Jonathan Alward (son of Henry, 3d,) of Basking Ridge. [See Alward.]
9. Waters, Jun., (Rev.) married Margaret Wood, daughter of Captain Daniel S. Wood. Mr. Waters Burrows died 5th July, 1815, aged 69 years.

REV. WATERS BURROWS is a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, He and Margret Wood had children :
1. Sarah Anne, who married Abraham Parrot, son of Squier. [See Parrot.]
2. Mary Frances ; 3. Samuel ; 4. Waters, 3d.

MARY BURROWS, (7th child of Waters Burrows,) and Josiah Wilkison, had children :
1. James M. Wilkison married Eliza Payer, of Warren county, and lives there.
2. Stephen Burrows Wilkison married Drusilla Young, daughter of Stephen, of East Madison.
3. Mary Burrows Wilkison married Daniel Y. Harrison, of Newark, and went to Cincinnati.
4. Elias Riggs Wilkison married Charlotte F. Davis, daughter of Isaac L., of Elizabethtown.
5. Eleazer R. Wilkison married Hannah Anne Dickerson, of Sussex.

MARY BURROWS (7th child of Waters Burrows) and Josiah Wilkison, had children:
1. James M. Wilkeson married Eliza Payer, of Warren county and lives there.
2. Stephen Burrows Wilkison married Drusilla Young, daughter of Stephen, of East Madison.
3. Mary Burrows Wilkison married Daniel Y. Harrison, of Newark, and went to Cincinnati.
4. Elias Riggs Wilkison married Charlotte F. David, daughter of Isaac L., of Elizabethtown.
5. Eleazer B. Wilkison married Hannah Ann Dickerson of Sussex.

MARY BURROWS, (daughter of Waters,) and Josiah Wilkison, had children :
1. James M. Wilkeson, (son of Josiah,) and Elizabeth Poyer, of Warren county, had children:
1. Josiah, who died at one year.
2. Abiathar, who died at one year.
3. Jonathan A., who died at 4 years old.
4. Samuel, born 1826.
5. Isaac Newton, who died at 7 years old.
6. John Newton, born 1829.
7. Elias Riggs, born 1832.
8. Charlotte Anne Poyer, born 1835.
9. Mary Margaret Burrows, born 1837.
10. Malvina Young, born 1840.
11. James Jaquet, born 1843.

NAPHTALI BYRAM lived at Morristown. He married Amy Hedges, and had children :
1. Abigail, who married her cousin, Byram Ayers, son of Elias Ayers. They removed to Lexington, Prebble county, Ohio.
2. Amy married Samuel Halliday, of Newburg, New York. He lived at Morristown, and was Sheriff of Morris county several years.
3. Ebenezer married Mary Littell, daughter of Nathaniel, and went to Darke county, Ohio. [See Littell.]
4. Huldah married Loammi Moore, of Morristown ; he was a merchant.
5. Susan, who died, aged about 50 years, unmarried.
6. Silas Condit married Nancy Brown, daughter of Daniel, of Madison ; (she was sister of Caleb Dickerson's wife;) he went to Dayton, Ohio.
7. Sally married Silas Broadwell, son of Simeon. [See Broadwell.]
8. Anne married the same Silas Broadwell, and had no children; she was confined to her bed about seven years, at Morristown. by disease, and subsequently went to Dayton, Ohio, and married.

ABIGAIL BYRAM, (1st child of Naphtali Byram,) and Byram Ayers, have children :
1. Mary Ayers, who married John Cummings, of Lexington, Prebble county.
2. Phebe Ayers, not married in 1850.
3. Amy Ayers married Jacob Westerfield, of Lexington, son of Samuel.
4. Huldah Anne Ayers married John Miller, of Lexington.
5. James Ayers married ____ ____.

AMY BYRAM, (2d child of Naphtali,) and Samuel Halliday, had children :
1.. Betsey Halliday.
2. David Halliday is a Presbyterian minister at Peekskill, N. Y.
3. James Richards Halliday.

HULDAH BYRAM, (4th child of Naphtali,) and Loammi Moore, had children :
1. Byram Moore married in Virginia, and lives there.
2. Sally Anne Moore married Silas Pierson, son of Benjamin. above Madison ; lives at Mercersburgh, Penn., and keeps a high school.
3. Susan Moore married ____ Baldwin, of Orange, and lives there.
4. Abigail Moore went to her sister's, at Mercersburgh.
5. Phebe Moore also went to Mercersburgh.
6. William Moore went to Cincinnati, and married there, and keeps a book-store.
7. Eliza Moore also went to Mercersburgh.

SILAS CONDIT BYRAM, (6th child of Naphtali,) and Nancy Brown, had children :
1. Ebenezer, who married Sarah Hand, daughter of Aaron Hand, of Basking Ridge, and had children: 1. Aaron Milton ; 2. Eliza; 3. Delia ; 4. Silas ; 5. Albert Barnes; 6. Hannah ; 7. William Byram.
2. Amy married Eli Tomkins ; lives at Orange, N. J.
3: Henry married Anna Searing, of Spring Valley, Morris county, New Jersey, and has children : 1. Sarah Anne ; 2. Susan ; 3. Henry.
4. Mary married her cousin, Nathaniel L. Byram, son of Ebenezer. They both died, and left one child, Harriet Byram, who lives with her relative, the Rev. David Halliday, of Peekskill, New York.
5. David married Delia Bishop ;—.lives in Monmouth Co., N. J.
6. Jonas, who went on a whaling voyage, and never returned.
7. Frances married _____, at Succasunna Plains, and went to Illinois.
8. Silas Pierson.
Silas C. Byram and his wife both died, and are buried at Dayton.

JOHANNES VANCAMPEN, (in English called John CAMP,) owned 300 or 400 acres of land, lots No. 50, 51, 52, of the Elizabethtown lots, adjoining Passaic River, west of Littell's lot, where he lives. He lived on lot No. 55, south of Mulford's bridge, by the brook. He probably exchanged lot No. 50 with John Blanchard, for lot No. 55. He lived on No. 55, and Blanchard subsequently sold 40 acres of No. 50 to Thomas Baker, in 1738. About half his 300 acres were sold ( 100 acres of which was subsequently owned by Richard Scudder, now owned by John Littell.) The remainder was inherited by his son, Aaron Camp, who lived where his father did.
Aaron Camp died 8th December, 1788, and his farm was divided among his children. Aaron Camp married, 1st, _____, 2d, Hannah Clark, daughter of Daniel.

Aaron Camp, by his 1st wife, had children :
1. Mary, who married David Allen, son of Joseph Allen, Jun., of Washington Valley. [See Allen.]
2. Aaron, Jun., married, 22d April, 1771, Ketura Clark, daughter of Daniel, and sister of his father's 2d wife, and lived in Caldwell, near the Little Falls.
3. Moses married, 1787, Martha Rutan, daughter of Abraham, of Longhill, and removed to Pennsylvania.
4. Job married, 7th January, 1790, Mary Tucker, daughter of John, of Stonyhill, and went to western Pennsylvania, and from thence to Ohio.
5. John married, 8th November, 1789, Rachel Sayre ; and by his 2d wife, Hannah Clark, Aaron Camp had other children: 6. Lot ; 7. Sally ; 8. Amy ; 9. Theodocia.
Aaron Camp died, and his widow married Deacon William Connet.

THOMAS CARLE lived on Long Island, and had two sons : Jona ; Jacob.
Jona Carle sold, in the year 1729, to Benjamin Pettit, of New Rochelle, in the State of New York, 105 acres of land adjoining Passaic River, and yet in the Pettit family.
In the deed, from John Blanchard for the Church Parsonage lot, Jacob Carle is said to adjoin it on the west ; therefore it would seem that Jacob Carle and Jona Carle owned from the Parsonage lot up the river, to about the middle of the Pettit farm, and that Jacob sold the remainder to Elnathan Cory, who subsequently owned it.
Jacob Carle removed to the farm now owned by John Worth, on the north of Dead River. He then bought 500 acres, the one-fourth part of the Berkley Tract of 2000 acres, north of Passaic River, on which his grandson, Daniel Carle, now lives.

Jacob Carle married Rebecca Stites, daughter of William Stites, and had children :
1. John, who married Providence Layton, sister of Capt. Peter Layton. (Providence and Peter Layton's mother was sister of Richard Runyon, Sen.
2. Sarah, who married Bedient Baird, who lived where Clark Squier does.
3. Jonas, who married Anna Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, 1st.

John Carle, son of Jacob Carle, lived on Long Hill, on the 500 Acre Tract, which was divided between him and his brother Jonas. He was a Justice of the Peace, a Judge of the Court and several time, a member of the Legislature of the State, and in 1783, was a member of the Privy Council.

JOHN CARLE, Esq., (son of Jacob,) and Providence Layton, had children :
1. Jemima, who married, 22d April, 1771, Samuel Hayden, and went, after the war, to Canada.
2. John, married Lydia Perrine,and he became a Presbyterian minister.
3. Sally, married Alexander Kirkpatrick, son of David. [See Kirkpatrick.]

JONAS CARLE, (son of Jacob,) lived where his father did, and Anna Cooper, had children :
1. Betsey, who married James Vail, son of Isaac Vail, who was brother of Daniel Vail, Sen. [See Vail.]
2. Jacob, who died a young man, unmarried.
3. Elijah, who died in youth.
4. Anne is unmarried, aad lives with her brother Daniel.
5. Timothy, who died at 19 years of age, unmarried.
6. Daniel is unmarried, and lives on the farm his father owned.
7. Sally, married Ebenezer Williams, son of John. [See Williams.]
8. Lydia, married the same Ebenezer Williams. They live near the cross-roads, one mile east of Basking Bridge.

JAMES CAULDWELL, with his wife Mary, emigrated from Ireland, about the year 1732, when his son William was six years old, and settled on Long Hill, on lot No. 30, addition of the Elzabethtown lots, which it appears he drew.
From tradition among the families, it would seem, and I am led to believe, that James Cauldwell's wife was Mary Gaston, sister of the father of Hugh Gaston, of Peapack.
Hugh Gaston, was brother of Capt. William Logan's wife, and probably also brother of the wife of Thomas Kirkpatrick, at Liberty Corner. His children called him Uncle Hugh Gaston, and Mr. Gaston, Mrs. Logan, and the old Kirkpatrck family claimed kin to the Cauldwell family.

JAMES CAULDWELL, had children :
1. William, who married Elizabeth Thompson, sister of Thomas, of Springfield.
2. Robert, who married ____ ____, and died, leaving three daughters, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth.
3. Hugh, who married Jane Parker, his cousin; lived on Long Hill.
4. Abraham, married Catherine Hill ; lived in Orange Co, New York.
5 James, married Peggy ____; lived near Goshen, Orange Co.
6. John, who died unmarried.
7. Jennet, married Mr. ____ Miller.
8. Sarah, married Isaac Roll, son of John. [See Roll.]

WILLIAM CAULDWELL, (1st child of James,) and Elizabeth Thompson, owned, and lived on lot No. 17, (addition;) adjoining Passaic River, in Morris County, immediately below Johnson's Bridge. They had children :
1. Aaron, born 7th Jan. 1752, and died unmarried.
2. James, born 23d Sept. 1753, married his cousin Elizabeth Cauldwell, daughter of James.
3. John, born 23d August, 1755, married Hannah Rutan, daughter of Abraham.
4. Mary, born 14th Feb. 1757, married Nathaiel Littell, son of David. [See Littell.]
5. Moses, born 30th Oct. 1758, and died unmarried.
6. Sarah, born 3d May, 1700, married, 26th March, 1787, Isarel Cory, son of Elder Daniel. [See Cory.]
7. Robert, born 13th Sept. 1762, married Mary Ball, born 25th Aug. 1763, daughter of Joseph.
8. Elizabeth, born 9th June, 1764, married, 8th May, 1785, Alexander Simpson, son of John. [See Simpson.]
9. Dan, born 28th Jan. 1766, married 8th May, 1788, Rachel Potter, daughter of Amos, son of Daniel.
10. Abraham, born 5th Sept. 1768, married, 14th June, 1791, Elizabeth Rutan, daughter of Abraham.

NOTE.—William Cauldwell; died in 1799, aged 73 years. His wife, Elizabeth, died , 20th March, 1794, aged 65 years.
John Cauldwell, died 10th Sept. 1801, aged 46. His wife, Hannah, died, 3d June, 1797, aged 96 years.
William Cauldwell, and his son John, were elders in the church here.

JAMES CAULDWELL, (2d child of William,) and Elizabeth, his wife, lived in New York, and had children. 1. Jane, who married. 2. John 3. Thomas.

JOHN CAULDWELL, (3d child of William,) lived where his father did. He and his wife Hannah Rutan had children :
1. Rachel, who died 16th Aug. 1784, aged 10 months.
2. John, who married Electa Hand, daughter of Benjamin, of Long Hill.
3. Abraham Rutan, married, 1. Electa Johson, 26th April, 1815, daughter of Gabriel, Esq. 2. Aquilla Berry, daughter of Judge Berry, of Urbana.
4. Hugh, born 15th May, 1790, married, 28th July, 1811, Abigail Gibbs, born 24th Oct. 1793, daughter of Joseph Gibbs, of Elizabethtown, and lived there.
5. Peter Rutan, married Levinah Fitch ; lived in Urbana, Ohio.
6. Robert M. married his cousin Betsey Cauldwell, daughter of Abraham.
7. Jerry, married, 5th Nov. 1793, Mary Eliza Boyer; all these but Rachel and Hugh went to the State of Ohio.

JOHN CAULDWELL, (son of John, son of William,) and Electa Hand lived in _____, Ohio, and had children :
1. Abraham. who married _____.
2. Hannah, married 1. ____ Rutan, 2. ____ Mars.
3. Azel, married Jane Stewart ; lives near Hill Grove, Darke Co., and had children; 1. Dennis ; 2. John; 3. James Mc Nab ; 4. Electa ; 5. Martha: 6. Catherine ;
4. Ludlow. married;
5. ____, who died in infancy ;
6. Phebe, married ____ ____.
7. Mary; 8. John, 3d ; 9. Peter.

ABRAHAM R. COLWELL, (so he spells his name) son of John, son of William, By his first wife, Electa Johnson, had children :
1. Maria Johnson, who married Dr. Wilson Everet, a printer.
2. William Johnson, who married Jane Ward.
And by his 2nd .wife, Aquilla Berry, had other children :
3. Charles ; 4. Eliza ; 5. Mary ; 6. Girden ; 7. Benjamin ; 8. John.

HUGH CAULDWELL, (3d son of John, son of William,) and Abigail Gibbs had children :
1. Jane, born 25th Oct. 1812, married, 4th November, 1838, Daniel Trembly, son of John, of Rahway ; lived in Elizabethtown, and had children : 1. William Trembly. 2. Anna Meeker Trembly. 3. John Joseph Trembly. 4. Jane Trembly.
2. Robert, born 5th November, 1816, married, 16th May, 1841, Julia Anne, Marsh, daughter of Gideon Marsh, of Westfield, live in Elizabethtown, and have children :
1. Freeman. 2. George.
3. Hannah Maria, born 25th December, 1818, and died 25th April, 1838.
4. William McDowel, born 12th May, 1821, and died 8th May, 1839.
5. Elizabeth, born 7th January, 1823, and died 9th August, 1824.
Hugh Cauldwell, died 14th November, 1822, in Elizabethtown.

PETER R. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Levinah Fitch had children ;
1. James, born 8th June, 1817, married, 18th Sept. 1844, to Sidney Lawrence, and died 25th Sept. 1844.
2. Robert, R. born 24th Oct. 1819.
3. Lavinah.
4. Mary Jane, born 11th August, 1823, married 5th Nov. 1843, Milo Chatfield, and died 25th Sept. 1845.
5. William Vance, born 13th Jan. 1826.
6. Anne Maria, born 23d Dec. 1828, and died 1st Sept. 1829.
7. Elizabeth Electa, twin to Anne Maria, died 21st Sept. 1845.
8. Calvin Fletcher, born 26th Feb. 1831.
9. Philander ; 10. Olivia ; 11. Rebecca ; 12. Fanny.
Peter R. Colwell died 16th November, 1847.

ROBERT M. COLWELL, (son of John,) and Betsey Cauldwell, his wife, had children :
1. Luther Littell, born 1st December, 1818, and died at about 19 years.
2. Eliza Jane. 3. Abraham.
4. Hannah, who died at about 16 years ;
5. Jonathan Chaplain ;
6. Enos ; 7. David.
Robert M. Colwell, died in the spring of 1840, in the field alone, supposed by the bursting of a blood vessel.

JERRY COLWELL, son of John, and Mary E. Boyer, had children:
1. Wallace ; 2. William ; 3. Jerry, born January, 1832, and died.
Jerry Colwell, son of John. was kicked by a horse on the head which broke his scull, and resulted in his death after about two and a half months. He died 24th May, 1832.

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (7th child of William,) removed to Butler county, Ohio, lived there many years, and subsequently removed to near Covington, Indiana.
Robert Cauldwell, and his wife Mary Ball, had children :
1. Joseph, born 7th November, 1795, married Nancy Reynolds, and had children : 1. Mary Jane ; 2. Eleanor ; 3. Robert ; 4. Franklin ; 5. Joseph ; 6. Amzi.
2. Aaron, born 16th August, 1797, and died at about 22 years, unmarried.
3. Rachel, born 20th February, 1799, and died at 7 or 8 years of age.
4. Elizabeth, born 24th, January, 1801.
5. Hannah, married S. S. Moody, and had children : 1. Mary Moody ; 2. Robert Moody ; 3. Matilda Moody ; 4. Elizabeth Moody ; 5. Ulysses Moody ; 6. Nathaniel Moody.
6. Margaret, married James Elder, and had children : 1. Marietta Elder ; 2. John Boyd Elder ; 3. Robert Elder ; 4. Abraham Colwell Elder ; 5. Pamela Elder ; 6. Eleanor Elder.
7. Jane, married, 1st, Anthony Dancer, and had children : 1. Eliza Dancer ; 2. Mary Elizabeth Dancer, and by her 2d, husband, John Hayden, had other children; 3. Robert Hayden ; 4. Lorena Hayden.
8. Mary, married William Thompson, and had children : 1. Aaron Thompson ; 2. Levi Thompson ; 3. Mary Thompson ; 4. Margaret Thompson ; 5. Robert Thompson ; 6. Lucinda Thompson.
9. Hugh, married Martha M. Galloway, and had children.
10. Abraham, married, for his third wife, Elmira Boo, and had children : 1. William ; 2. Ellen ; 3. Christian.
11. William married ____ ____.
12. James, married Mahala Patson.

DAN CAULDWELL, (9th child of William,) and Rachel Potter, lived on the same section of land with Robert, and had children :
1. Polly, who married David Johnson, son of Uzel Johnson, of Long Hill.
2. Betsey, married Josiah Carter.
3. Nancy, was drowned in the Little Miami River.
4. William, married twice.
5. Catherine, married her cousin, Jerry Cauldwell, son of Abraham.
6. John.
7. Sally, married Hugh Stevenson.
8. Charlotte, married Mr. Stone, and soon after died.
9. James, married Lydia Anne Hilyer. 10. Rachel, died a young woman.

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (10th child of William,) and Elizabeth Rutan, lived on the same section of land with Robert and Dan, and had children :
1. Joseph, who married, 1st Ibbe Linn ; 2. Betsey, the widow of Mr. Stewart, and daughter of Mr. Thompson, and by Ibbe Linn, had children :
1. William, who married a Miss ____ Stewart.
2. James Thompson.
3. Ella Jane, who died at about 19 years.
4. Catherine.
And by his 2d wife, Betsey Thompson, had children :
5. Freelove ; 6. Sarah Ellen ; 7. Minerva.

2. Jerry, who married his cousin Catherine Cauldwell, daughter of Dan.
3. Hannah, who married, and had one child, which died in infancy ; her husband died, and she married, 2d, Mr. Hulse, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Hulse, who married James Denise.
4. Betsey married her cousin, Robert M. Cauldwell, son of John, and had 7 children : [See Robert M., son of John.]

ROBERT CAULDWELL, (2d son of James Cauldwelt,) married ____ ____, and had children :
1. Sarah.
2. Mary.
3. Elizabeth, married, 1st, Mr. Woodruff, and had a son, Joel Woodruff, who died ; Mr. Woodruff then died, and she married, 2d, Jacob Denman, and had children :
1. Elizabeth Denman, who married Stephen Muchmore, son of Samuel.
2. Moses Denman, married Patty Morehouse, daughter of Isaac, of Cheapside.
3. Aaron Denman, died at about 45 years, unmarried.
4. Isaac Denman, went a ship-carpenter to sea, and never returned.
5. Robert Denman, married Jane Miller, daughter of Major Luke Miller, of Madison.
6. Hiram Denman, married Sally Hardy, daughter of Joseph T. Hardy, of Cheapside, lived on White Oak Ridge, and. had an only son, Theodore.
7. Hetty Denman, married William Parcel, son of Thomas, of White Oak Ridge.
S. Smith Denman, married Esther Parcel, daughter of Nicholas, of do.

ELIZABETH DENMAN, (daughter of Jacob,) and Stephen Muchmore, had children :
1. Elizabeth Muchmore, who married Elias B. Sturges, son of Ebenezer Sturges, of Chatham, and had children :
1. Harriet Sturges, who married Hervy Lum, son of Samuel.
2. William Henry Sturges.
3. Mary Elizabeth Sturges.
4. Benjamin Smith Sturges.

2. Smith Muchmore, who married Mary Tucker, daughter of Elias Tucker, and had children :
1. Elias Muchmore.
2. Anne Elizabeth Muchmore.
3. John Joseph Muchmore.
3. Hetty Muchmore.
4. Sarah Muchmore, married Jonathan Bruen, and had children : 1.Elizabeth Bruen ; 2. George Washington Bruen.
5. Joel Muchmore, married Elizabeth Bond, daughter of Nathaniel Bond, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Caroline Muchmore : 2. Eliza Muchmore ; 3. Frederick Muchmore.

MOSES DENMAN, (2d child of Jacob Denman, and Elizabeth Cauldwell) and Patty Morehouse, had children : 1. Mary Denman ; 2. Isaac Denman, and then Moses Denman went to the Lake country, New York.

ROBERT DENMAN, (5th child of Jacob Denman, and Elizabeth Cauldwell,) and Jane Miller, had children :1. George Denman ; 2.Louisa Denman ; 3. Sarah Jane Denman ; 4. a daughter 5. Electa Denman.
Robert Denman then removed to Ohio.

HUGH CAULDWELL, (3d son of James Cauldwell,) and Jane Parker, lived where his father did, at the foot of Long Hill, where Abraham Parrot now lives.

NOTE. — Jane, the wife of Hugh Cauldwell, had a sister, Mary Parker, who married 24th January, 1787, James Stinson. Jane and Mary Parker's, father, was brother of John Parker, who married Betsey Pettit, daughter of Benjamin Pettit, Jun., James Parker, brother of John, went to New England and settled.

HUGH CAULDWELL, and Jane Parker, had children :
1. John ; 2. James ; 3. Elizabeth ; 4. John, 2d ; 5. Sarah ; and 6. Jane.
These all died young, except John, 2d, and Jane.
John, married Mahateble Day, daughter of Colonel Israel Day, and had children :
1. James, who married Martha High, daughter of Ephraim, son of Jacob, and went to Illinois.
2. Israel Day, married Catherine Hoagland, of New York, and had children : 1. Frederick Ludlow, who died June, 1848, aged 10 years ; 2. Catherine ; 3. Jenette ; 4. Elizabeth ; 5. ____.
3. Elizabeth, born 1812, is unmarried.
4. Hugh, who went to St. Louis, Missouri ; returned, and died in Newark.
5. William, who died in infancy.
6. Jenette, who died at 21 years.

JANE CAULDWELL, (daughter of Hugh. ) married Daniel Rutan, son of Joseph, son of Abraham, and had children :
1. Hugh, who died in Newark.
2. Hannah, who also died in Newark.

Daniel Rutan lived where his father and grand-daughter had lived ; he died 6th February, 1820, aged 28 years, and his widow, Jane, removed to Newark, where both her children died, and she died 2d February, 1849, in Newark, aged 61 years.

ABRAHAM CAULDWELL, (4th son of James,) and Catherine Hill, in Orange county, New York, had children ;
1. Nathaniel, who married Miss Crawford, daughter of Jennet Miller.
2. John. 3. Abraham. 4. James. 5. Sally. 6. Susan.

JAMES CAULDWELL, (5th child of James,) and Peggy ____, of Orange county, New York, had children :
1. Thomas.
2. James, 3d.
3. Elizabeth, who married her cousin, James Cauldwell, son of William.
4, Sally, married James Young.
5. Mary, married Zach. Young, nephew of James.
6. Temperance.

JENNET CAULDWELL, (daughter of James,) and Mr. ____ Miller, had children :
1. John Miller, who married Charity Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and had a.son, James, who lived near New Vernon.
2. Samuel Miller, married Abigail Roll, daughter of John Roll, 2d. and had children : 1. Rachel Miller ; 2. Abigail Miller.
Samuel Miller's wife, Abigail, died 20th March, 1788, and he was killed, 4th July, 1793, by the upsetting of a wagon loaded with stone.
3. Abraham Miller.
4. Jennet Miller, married Mr. Crawford, father of the wife of Nathaniel Cauldwwell, son of Abraham.
5. James Miller.

DANIEL. CLARK, by his 1st wife, had children :
1. John, who lived and died at Rockaway, Morris County.
2. Daniel, who married _____ ; was a Baptist preacher.
3. Sarah, who married John Doty, son of Joseph Doty, 1st. [See Doty.]
Daniel Clark's 1st wife then died, and he married, 2d, Miss Shipman, and had other children:
4. Stephanus, who married, 28th May, 1776, Keziah Doty, daughter of George, and removed to the State of Ohio.
5. Jabez, who married Caty Sickle, daughter of Samuel Sickle.
6. Keturah married, 22d April, 1771, Aaron Camp, son of Aaron. [See Camp.]
7. Deborah, married Elias Runyon, son of Richard, 1st. [See Runyon.]
8. Abigail married Thomas Scudder, brother of Richard, who owned. and lived on the Townley Farm, See Thomas Scudder.]

STEPHANUS CLARK, (4th child of Daniel,) and Keziah Doty, had children:
1. Polly, who married Jeremiah H. Osborn, 3d March, 1795, as his 2d wife. [See J. H. Osborn.]
2. Israel ; 3. Elmer ; 4. Sally.

ELIAS CLARK, came up from Rahway, and settled on Stony Hill, on No. 47, of the Elizabethtown lots.
He married Betsey Clark, daughter of Benjamin Clark, of Rahway, and had children:
1. Elias, who married Sarah Swain, daughter of Jacob.
2. Nancy married Philip Allen, son of Joseph, [See Allen.]
3. Betsey married 28th October, 1793, Enoch Sutton, son of William. [See Sutton.]
4. Ichabod married Phebe Badgley, and had a son : 1. John who married, 18th Febuary, 1817, Susan Radden, daughter of Jeremy.
5. Sarah married David Stewart, son of William, and went to Ohio.
6. Mary Anne, who had a son, James C. Lyon, and married Henry Littell.
7. Lockey, married David Wilson, of Mount Bethel.
8. Hannah, married, 15th July, 1809, William Raddin, son of Jeremy, [See Radden.]
9. David married, 1st, Betsey Anderson, daughter of James ; 2d, Lockey, widow of Michael Long, and daughter of William Stewart.

ELIAS CLARK, (1st son of Elias,) and Sarah Swain, had children :
1. Benjaman, who went to Long Island.
2. Noah, married Harriet Smith, daughter of Thomas.
3. Betsey, married Ephraim Howard.
4. Stewart, went away unmarried.

DAVID CLARK, (9th child of Elias Clark) and Betsey Anderson, had children:
1. Nancy, who married Samuel Chamberlain, of Newark, and had, 1st, Mary Rebecca, who died at about 4 years; 2d, Jane Elizabeth; 3d, Phebe, who died at about 5 years.
2. Elias married, 1st, Phebe Long, daughter of Michael; 2d, Caroline Doty, daughter of Henry, of Washington Valley, and had children by his first wife: 1. Elizabeth; 2. Samuel.
3. Robert, born 6th April, 1818, married Sarah Wilson, born 7th March 1817, daughter of Benjamin, and had children: 1. Benjamin, born 26th June, 1839; 2. David, born 3d December, 1840; 3. Elizabeth, born 2d Decmber, 1842; 4. Phebe, born 3d Nov., 1844; 5. Stewart, 26th Feb., 1849.
4. James married Hannah Mariah Doty, daughter of Henry.
5. Mary Anne married Garret Pier, of Newark; she died 30th August 1849, and left children: 1. Jane Pier; 2. Robert Pier.
6. Eliza married John Wilson, brother of Robert's wife, and had children: 1. Isaac Wilson, who died at 2 years; 2. Mary Anne Wilson.

Isaac Clark lived near Johnson's Bridge, wherfe Samuel Duryee now lives. He died 8th November, 1784, aged 72 years. His widow died 28th August, 1793. Isaac Clark had children:
1. Samuel, who married Chloe ____, and early removed to the west.
2. Ezekiel also early went to the west.
3. Isaac, Jun., was the Blind Fiddler; lived where Aaron Johnson now lives. He married, 7th December, 1787, Rachel, the widow of Andrew Wade, and daughter of John Osborn, and had children: 1. John Osborne, who married Elizabeth Sale, daughter of Daniel, son of Daniel Sale, of Elizabethtown; 2. Ezekiel, who died in infancy. 3. Polly married John Sullard, of Conn., and removed there.

JOHN CLARK came from Long Island, and settled in this place. He was said to be no kin to Daniel, Elias, or Isaac Clark, nor they to each other. He was an elder in the church here. He lived where Matthias Osborn now lives, and, by his first wife, had children:
1. Jeremiah, who married, 16th January, 1771, Hannah Roberts. He built the house and lived where the widow Polly Day lives. He sold it to Abner Bailey, and removed to the west.
2. Stephen, who also removed to the west.
3. Ketura married Mr. Roff, of Newark, and had children 1. Aaron Roff; 2. Moses Roff; 3. Stephen Roff; 4. David Roff.
Elder Clark's wife then died, and be married Sarah, the widow of Jeremiah Hart, and had other children:
4. Samuel, born 9th December, 1752, married, 1st, Jane Osborn, daughter of John, who was born 25th November, 1756 ; 2d, Damaris Day, daughter of George.
5. John, born 12th September, 1754 ; married Sarah Doty, daughter of George, and removed to the Susquehanna River, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
6. Abigail, born 9th May, 1755, and married Ezra Baldwin, son of Nathan, son of John, of Union, and lived near Cheapside. [See Ezra Baldwin.]
7. Susannah, born 12th October, 1757, married Jacob Potter, son of Daniel, 2d. [See Potter.]
8. Sarah, born 9th January, 1759, married Amos Potter, Esq., brother of Jacob.

Elder John Clark died 12th May, 1794, aged 84 years.
His wife, Sarah, died 1st September, 1808, aged 91 years.
Sarah, wife of Amos Potter, died 15th January, 1796, aged 37 years.
Susannah, wife of Jacob Potter, died 23d March, 1841, aged 83 1/2 years.

SAMUEL CLARK, (4th child of Elder John Clark,) lived where his father did, and was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and Justice of the Peace. He and his wife, Jane Osborn, had children:
1. Daniel Seely, born 12th August, 1773 ; married, 28th February, 1796, Sally Willcox, daughter of John, and died 22d February, 1843, nearly 70 years of age.
2. Eunice, born 5th December, 1775, and died a young woman, unmarried.
3. David C., born, 15th March, 1777 ; married Susannah Condit, of Orange, and died 13th January, 1832.
4. Stephen, born 6th June, 1788, married Joanna Miller, daughter of Jacob, of Long Hill, and went with him to Butler County, Ohio.
5. Polly, born 14th August, 1782, married James Parcel, and went to Clark County, Illinois.
6. Sibbel, baptized 7th June, 1783, and died in infancy.

Samuel Clark's wife, Jane, died 17th November, 1791, aged 38 years, and he married, 1st September, 1792, Damaris Day, daughter of George, and had other chileren:
7. Abraham, who married Jennet Doty, daughter of James Doty, and had an only son, James Doty Clark.
8. Martha Day Clark, who died 16th February, 1827, aged 24 years, unmarried.
Samuel Clark, Esq., died 23d February, 1822, aged 71 years.
His widow, Damaris, died 28th December, 1840.

DANIEL S. CLARK, ESQ., (1st son of Samuel,) was a Justice of the Peace. He lived on his father's farm —was a merchant—and he and Sally Willcox had children:
1. William M., who married, 1st, Rachel Wood, daughter of Daniel S. Wood. Jun. ; 2d. Sally Wood, sister of his 1st wife.
2. Levi, who married, 1st, Eliza Crane, daughter of Joseph, 2d, Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Moses, son of John.
3. Samuel married, 4th December, 1844, Mary Noe, daughter of David, son of John.
4. Daniel Seely, Jun., who went to Louisville, Kentucky, and married there.
5. Stephen, who also went to Kentucky.
6. Jane married Hervy Spencer, son of William Spencer, of Chatham. [See Spencer.]
7. Eliza married Henry Schureman, son of Thomas, Esq., of Hunterdon Co. She lives in New York.
8. Sarah married Mr. Myers, of New York, and went to St. Louis, Missouri.
9. Mary married Joseph Graham, of New York; and lives there.

WILLIAM M. CLARK, (1st child of Daniel S. Clark, Esq.,) lived in this valley, in Morris County; was a merchant, and was a Major in the Militia, and Justice of the Peace. He and his wife, Rachel, had children:
1. Mary ; 2. Anne Curry ; 3. Hannah. And by his 2d wife, Sally, had other children : 4. Emeline.

LEVI CLARK, Esq., (2d child of Daniel S. Clark, Esq.) was a Justice of the Peace--lived where his father did--and he and his wife, Eliza Crane, had children :
1. Jeremiah.
2. Joseph Crane, who died at 17 years.
3. John Wesley.
4. Sarah Elizabeth.
5. Charles Pitman.
6. Ira Crane.
7. Daniel Seely.
8. Abigail Morris.
His 1st wife, Eliza, died 24th October, 1834, aged 34 years ; and by his 2d wife, Elizabeth Tucker, he had other children :
9. Frances ;
10. Emeline.

SAMUEL CLARK, (3d child of Daniel S. Clark, Esq.,) lives in Newark. He and Mary Noe had children:
1. Arthur Berry ; 2. Samuel ; 3. Jane Noe.

DAVID C. CLARK, (3d child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) and Susannah Condit, had children :
1. John D., who married Sally Miller, of Westfield.
2. Smith.
3. Jane married Jeremiah Crane, son of Jeremiah, son of Timothy, and had no children.
4. Polly, who died unmarried.
5. Phebe, who died 23d December, 1846, unmarried.

David C. Clark, died 13th January, 1832, aged 55 ; his wife died 26th February, 1841, aged 65 years.

STEPHEN CLARK, (4th . child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) and Joanna Miller, had children in Ohio :
1. Jonas P. who married _____ and had three sons and three daughters.
2. David C. married _____; had five sons and 1 daughter.
3. Jane married John Hamilton. She died March, 1834 without children.

Stephen Clark died, and his widow married Jacob Morris, and had children : 1. Mary Morris, who married William Jordan ; 2. Hannah Morris, who married Charles Porter.
Mr. Morris died about 1837, and she lives with Mr. Porter, in Vermilion County, Indiana.

POLLY CLARK, (5th child of Samuel Clark, Esq.,) and James Parcel, had children :
1. Jane Parcel, who married William Crawford, from Long Island, and had children. He died in 1840. 1. Royal F. Crawford, who is a Physician in Clinton Co., Indiana. [twin]
2. George W. Crawford, a Physician in Cole's L Co., Illinois. [twin]
3. William lives in Clinton Co., Indiana.
4. Adaline married Stanley Cash ; lives in Clark Co., Illinois.

2. William Morris Parcel, born 1st April, 1803 ; had two wives and six children.
3. John Ira Parcel, born 5th October, 1805, had 2 wives and 8 children ; lives in Westfield, Clark Co., Illinois.
4. Lucinda married Philip Sliper ; lives in Clinton Co., Ind.
5. Margaret married Joseph G. Hayes ; has three sons and two daughters ; lives in Clinton Co.

JOHN CLARK, Jun., (5th child of Elder John Clark,) and Sarah Doty, had children :
1. Aaron, baptized 4th June, 1786, who married Thirza Gore, and had no children.
2. Philemon, who married Betsey Chandler.
3. George Doty, who married Deborah Osborn, daughter of J. H. Osborn.
4. Sebia Howel, who married David Doty, son of Joseph, 3.
5. Sally, who married John Osborn, son of Jonathan H. Osborn. [See Osborn.]
6. John, 3d, married Betsey Tompkins.

GEORGE DOTY CLARK, (3d son of John Clark, Jun.,) and Deborah Osborn, had children :
1. Sarah, who married, 1st, Salma Hyde ; 2d, ______.
2. Miriam married Mr. ____ Dunham.
3. Jotham Potter married ____.
Mr. John Clark, Jun., and all his family, but Mrs. Sally, wife of John Osborn, lived in Luzern Co., Penn.
Mr. G. Doty Clark died, and his widow, Deborah, married a Mr. Camel, and went to Ohio, but had no other children, and he died and left her a widow again.

WILLIAM COLE lived by Green Brook, on the north side, in Somerset County. His wife was Betsey Dennis. They had children :
1. William, who married Elizabeth Williamson, daughter of William Williamson of Plainfield.
2. James, who married Elizabeth Frazee.
3. Dennis, who died an aged man, unmarried.
4. Mary married Daniel Hand ; lived on the top of the First Mountain.
5. Elizabeth, married John Merril, of Staten Island.
6. Phebe, died an aged woman, unmarried.

WILLIAM COLE, (son of William Cole,) was a surveyor and schoolmaster, and was known as "Master Cole." He and his wife, Elizabeth Williamson, lived where his father did, and had children :
1. Isaac, who went to North Carolina, and there married Betsey Blanchard, and died there.
2. Abigail, who married Jonathan Smith, near Springfield
3. Joseph married Hannah Paine, daughter of John Paine, of Rahway.
4. Levi, who died at about 33 years, unmarried.
5. Catherine married Samuel Pound, son of Zachariah, of Plainfield.
6. Elias married, 1st, Jemima Tingley, daughter of Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley ; 2d. Mary Mulford, daughter of Cornelius, of Passaic Valley.
7. Elizabeth married Colonel John Allen, son of David, of Washington valley, and died without children.
8. Phebe married Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, of Scotch Plains. [See Shotwell.]

ISAAC COLE, (1st child of Master William Cole,) and Betsey Blanchard, in North Carolina, had children :
1. James, who married _____, and lived in Newbern, N. Carolina.
2. William, who died at about 8 years.

JOSEPH COLE, (3d child of Master William Cole,) and Hannah Paine, had but one son:
1. Freeman, who was a Justice of the Peace, and a Surveyor; he married Hannah Drake, daughter of Nathaniel, of Plainfield.

ELIAS COLE, (6th child of Master William Cole,) and Jemima Tingley, had children :
1. Levi, who went to South Carolina, and died there at about 23 years.
2. William, who is a Doctor of Physic. He married Karenhappuc Vail, daughter of Alexander, son of Daniel, Sen., and had children : 1. Mary ; 2. Martha.
3. Jacob married Mary Anne Randolph, daughter of David, of Stonehouse Village, and had children 1. Randolph; 2. Sarah Anne.
4. George, who died at about 6 or 7 years.
5. Silas married, 25th September, 1849, Jemima Shotwell, daughter of Daniel, and by his 2d wife, Mary Mulford, Elias Cole had children.
6. Mulford, who married Erneline D. Shotwell, daughter of Daniel, and had children : 1. Elias ; 2. Phebe, born 19th February, 1849.
7. Mary married William Crane, 28th May, 1849, son of Isaac, of Long Hill, and had children : 1. Cornelius.

JAMES COLE, (2d child of William Cole, Sen.) and Elizabeth Frazee, had children:
1. Jemima, who married William Vail, son of Daniel.
2. Rachel married James Clark, of.Rahway.
3. Betsey, who died at about 20 years.
4. Dennis (who was a printer by trade) married Catherine Van Deusen, of Newburgh, New York.
5. David married Mary Miller, daughter of Benjamin Miller, of Scotch Plains.

DENNIS COLE, (son of James,) and Catherine Van Deusen, lived at Scotch Plains, and had children:
1. William, who married ______ in New York.
2. Betsey married Elias Frost, son of ____ , of Mine Brook, Somerset County, and died without children.
3. Maria married Mr. Crane, of Newark.
4. Abraham married _____.
5. Susan married Mr. Stout.

Dennis Cole, Esq., was a member of the Legislature in 1829 and 1830 ; was a Justice of the Peace, and was much engaged in settling estates as Executor, Administrator, and other public business. He died 10th January, 1844.

DAVID COLE, (5th child of James Cole,) and Mary Miller, had children :
1. James, who married _____.
2. Charlotte married Abraham Hutchings, son of Abraham Hutchings, of Springfield He is a grocer of Newark.
3. David married _____; lives in Rahway.

JOSEPH COLE, brother of William Cole, Sen., had children :
1. Abraham.
2. Mary, who married Henry Line, son of Henry Line.
3. Sarah married Abraham Williams.
4. Patty married Benjamin, son of the Rev. Benjamin Miller, of Scotch Plains.
5. Jonathan married, 1st, Dorcas Wallen ; 2d, ____, widow of William Elstone.
6. Joseph married, 31st May, 1785, 1st, Jemima Allen, daughter of David, Sen., of Washington Valley ; 2d. Catherine Willet, daughter of Jonathan.

JOSEPH COLE, (6th child of Joseph Cole,) had children :
1. Frazee, who married Harriet Vail, daughter of Daniel, Sen.
2. Allen married-Sally Badgley, daughter of Joseph, and had no children.
3. Sally married John Osborn, son of Deacon John Osborn of Scotch Plains.
4. David married Polly Tucker, daughter of Moses, and had one daughter, Mary.
5. Phebe married Ezra Littell, son of Ebenezer, from Connecticut.
6. Amos married Betsey Syland, daughter of Benjamin.
7. Aaron.
8. Isaac, who went to French Creek.

FRAZEE COLE, (son of Joseph,) and Harriet Vail, had children :
1. Mary, who married Job Squier, son of Jonathan, of Rahway, and had children :
1. Jonathan Squier. 2. Harriet Squier. 3. Anne Squier. 4. Mary Squier. 5. Martha Squier. 6. Frazee Squier. 7. Lizzy Squier. 8. Irene Squier. 9. Jacob Squier. 10. _____.
2. Jacob, who married Christian Crowd, of Rahway, and had children :
1. William Squier Cole.
2. Albert.
3. Harriet.
4. Edward, who died in infancy.

WILLIAM CONKLIN married Ruth Hedges, of Long Island, and removed from there to Basking Ridge, and had children :
1. Stephen, 1st, who married Deborah Dimon ;
2. William, 2d ; 3. Abraham ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Jacob ; 6. Thomas ; 7. Mary ; 8. Ruth.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (1st son of William, 1st,) and Deborah Dimon, had children :
1. Climena, who married Josiah Ayers, son of Elisha Ayers, of Basking Ridge.
2. William, 3d, married Rebecca Whitaker, daughter of Jonathan, of Mine Brook.
3. Stephen, 2d, married Rachel Lindley, daughter of Benjamin Lindley, Esq., east of Morristown.
4. Ruth, 3d, married Stephen Whitaker, brother of Rebecca, of Mine Brook. (See Whitaker.)
5. Mary, 2d, married John Runyon, son of Richard, of Long Hill, and went to Ohio. (See Runyon.)
6. Isaac, 2d, married Comfort Pitney.
7. John married Phebe Mills.
8. Abraham married Jemima Lindley, daughter of Major Joseph Lindley, east of Morristown.
9. Deborah married John Seward, and went to Goshen, New York.

CLIMENA CONKLIN, (1st child of Stephen Conklin,) and Josiah Ayers, had children :
1: Stephen Ayers, the celebrated itinerant Dr. Ayers, so eminently successful in curing the Cholera at Montreal, in 1832. He haver married.
2. Deborah Ayers, who married Stephen Cave, shoe merchant, of New York.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, 3d, (2d child of Stephen Conklin, 1st,) and Rebecca Whitaker, lived at Basking Ridge. He was a tanner and currier ; had a farm. and a tan-yard, and was a Justice of the Peace. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church there. They had children :
1. Phebe, born 29th Sept. 1779, and died aged 6 years.
2. Stephen, 3d, born 3d. Feb. 1782, married, January, 1807, 1st, Sally Coriell, daughter of Elias, of Long Hill. He married, 2d, Catherine Tailor, 15th August, 1809, daughter of Willet Tailor, of Raritan.
3. Jonathan, born 28th October, 1783, married Apha Colie, daughter of Daniel, of Springfield.
4. Mary, born 7th October, 1785, married, 6th May, 1809, John Littell, son of Nathaniel, of New Providence, [See Nathaniel Littell.]
5. William, 4th, born 23d August, 1787, married Ketura Green, and had no children. He married, 2d, Cornelia, widow of Elias Sturges, and daughter of Thomas Goitre, near Liberty Corner.
6. Joseph, born 28th Nov. 1789, married Viletta Hampton, daughter of James, of Woodbridge.
7. Isaac, 3d, born 24th Jan. 1792, married Sarah Hall, daughter of Richard.
8. Nathaniel, born 5th March, 1794, married Emily Halsey Fitch, daughter of Col. Grant Fitch, of Newton, Sussex Co.
9. Sarah, born 2d Oct. 1796, married, in New York, James S. Rose, and has a son, James Augustus Rose, who married Caroline Drake, daughter of Reuben Drake, near Woodbridge, who lives at Amboy, is a butcher, and has children : 1. Mary Margaret Rose; 2. Anne Eliza Rose, born 17th Nov 1847.

William Conklin, Esq., died in a fit, in his bark-house, on the 14th February, 1803.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, (2d child of William Conklin, 3d, Esq,) lived where his father did, was a member and elder in the Presbyterian church, at Basking Ridge. He subsequently removed to Somerville, where he died 3d Nov. 1849. He and his wife Sally Coriell had a daughter :
1. Sarah, born 15th Dec. 1808, and married Thomas Layton, had a son, Theodore Layton, and died 23d Feb. 1842.
Stephen Conklin, by his 2d wife, Catherine Tailor, had other children :
2. Willet Tailor, born 6th October, 1810, who married Emeline Heath, 21st Dec. 1836, daughter of Daniel Heath, and had children :
1. William Wilson ; 2, Catherine Jane ; 3. John Tailor ; 4. Stephen.
3. Jane, born 15th August, 1815, married John Littell, at the south branch of the Raritan River, Somerset County, and had children : 1. Margaret Sydam Littell. 2. Catherine Elizabeth Littell. 3. Mary Conklin Littell.
4. William, born 11th April, 1818, married Mary Toms, daughter of Charles Toms, Esq., of Somerville, and had children : 1. Harriet. 2: Albert.
5. John Tailor, born 25th Jan. 1821, married Elizabeth Higgins, daughter of Elias T. Higgins, of Rahway, and had children : 1. Nathaniel.
6. Nathaniel, born 20th Oct. 1823. He graduated at Rutgers' College, New Brunswick, and became a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, and is preaching in Monmouth County. He married, 24th Oct. 1848, Elizabeth Woodruff, daughter of Archibald Woodruff, of Newark, and has children : 1. Catherine.
7. Mary Elizabeth, born 13th August, ___.

JONATHAN CONKLIN, (3d, child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Apha Colie, bad an only child :
1. Mary, born 9th Feb. 1803.
He died September, following.
Mary married, 31st, Dec. 1848, John Faulke, of Elizabethtown, an Englishman, who died 4th March, 1849.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, 4th, (5th child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Cornelia Goltra, had children :
1. William, 5th.
2. Mary Elizabeth.
3. James Alonzo.
4. Stephen, who died 9th July, 1849.
5. John Littell.
6. Sarah Agusta.
NOTE--Mrs. Conklin, by her first husband, had one son, Elias Sturges.

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (6th child of William Conklin, 3d,) and Viletta Hampton, lived several years in New York, and from thence removed to Woodbridge. He was an elder of the church there. They had children, besides two who died young :
1. Eliza Hampton, born 3d August, ___.
2. Joseph W., born 29th July, ___.
3. Margaret Anne, born 17th Nov., ___.
4. Nathaniel, born 19th Sept. 1832.

ISAAC CONKLIN, 3d, (7th child of William, 1st,) lived at Basking Ridge ; was a shoe manufacturer and farmer. He and Sarah Hall, had children :
1. Elisha Whitaker, born 2d August, 1819, and married, 27th March, 1843, Margaret Hibler, born 8th Feb. 1824, daughter, of Jacob Hibler, of Danville, Penn. He was a graduate of Princeton College ; is now a bookseller in Danville.
2. Mary Elizabeth.
3. Emily Halsey, who died at about 16 years.
4. Oscar.

NATHANIEL CONKLIN, (8th child of William 1st,) graduated at Princeton College, and studied theology at the Princeton Seminary ; became a minister of the gospel, preached some years in Sussex County, from there removed to Coshocton, Ohio preached there ; there his wife died, and he removed to Covington, Indiana ; after preaching there several years, he returned, with his children, to New Jersey. He and his wife Emily H. Fitch had children :
1. Emily Halsey, born 30th July, ___.
2. Charles Fitch, born 9th August, ___.
3. Mary Littell, born 12th Jan. 1831, married, 12th Feb. 1850, Capt. Robert Evans, a member of the bar, son of Thomas J. Evans, of Covington, Indiana, and resides there.
4. Millecent Rebecca, born 2d May, ___.
5. Nathaniel Whitaker, born 21st December, 1835.

STEPHEN CONKLIN, 2d, (3d child of Stephen Conklin, let, son of William,) and Rachel Lindley, had children :
1. Sally, who married the Rev. Aaron Condit, Presbyterian minister, of Hanover, Morris County, as his 2d wife ; she had no children.
2. Betsey, who never married. She was a milliner, and kept a milliner's store at Morristown. She brought up and educated several of the children of her brothers, Stephen and Benjamin.
3. Rachel, who died in youth.
4. Stephen, 3d, who married Abby Cook, daughter of James Cook, of Morristown. They lived in New York, and had children: 1. Elizabeth, who married in Illinois. 2. Edgar married in Cincinnati, Ohio. 3. Henry married in Ohio. 4. James is a lawyer, married _____, and lives in Springfield, Illinois.
Stephen's wife, Abby, then died, and he married Margaret Dunlap, of Newburg, and removed to Illinois, and had several other children:
5. Benjamin married Mary Johnson, of New York. He lived in New York; was a grocer ; and died there, leaving 4 children : 1. Eliza, who married John Landen, of New York, and died, leaving 2 children : 1. Marietta Landen ; 2. Frederick Landen.
2. Mary.
3. Jane Kipp, who married Philip W. Crater, merchant at Morristown, and had children : 1 Margaret Elizabeth Crater.
4. Henrietta.

ISAAC CONKLIN, 2d, (6th child of Stephen, son of William, and Comfort Pitney, had children:
1. Sally, who married Sineus Baker, of Littletown, Morris County, and had children: 1. Isaac Conklin Baker, 2. Harriet Baker.
2. Damon, who married Sally Nevill, daughter of Charles Nevill of Basking Ridge, and had children : 1. John Nevill. 2. Elizabeth, who married. Abraham P. Jones, son of Edward of Newark, and had children : 1. Edward ; 2. John Nevill, who died 23d September, 1848, at 3 years.
3. William.
4. Charles married, 7th January, 1851, Lydia A. Bird.
5. James.
6. Frances.

Mr. Damon Conklin died when on a visit to Rochester, New York, in August, 1842. His family lives in Newark.
NOTE-- No relation exists between William and Joshua Conklin.

JOSHUA CONKLIN, lived at Williams Farms, near Elizabethtown. He had children :
1. Joseph, born 29th July, 1755, married Miss Crissy, sister of Moses, of Elizabethtown.
2. William, born 10th March, 1757, married, 6th March, 1780 Sarah Halsey, daughter of Joseph. [See Halsey.]
3. Joshua, Jun., born 3d May, 1759, married Polly Johnson, sister of John Johnson, New York.
4. John, twin to Joshua, Jun., married Jerusha Haines.
5. Sarah, born 16th September, 1766, married John Mott.
6. Abigail, born 26th November, 1768, married Mr ___ Pangborn, of Rahway,
and by his 2d wife, Joshua Conklin had children :
7. Benjamin, born 28th August, 1777, married Mary High, daughter of Jacob, of Sterling Valley.
8. Keziah Bonnel, born, 12th October, 1779, married Mr ____ Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.
9. Temperance, born 2d February, 1781, married John Totten, son of David. [See Totten.]

Mr. Conklin was accidentally killed by the fall of a tree in the great swamp.

JOSEPH CONKLIN, (1st child of Joshua,) and his wife, Miss ____ Crissy, had children :
1. James ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Betsey ; 4. Phebe.

WILLIAM CONKLIN, (2d child of Joshua,) and Sarah Halsey, had children :
1. Sarah Halsey, born 16th June, 1781, married William Crane, brother of Captain Isaac Crane, of Chatham; and.had four children, three of which died young ; the other died at 19 years.
2. William Pierson, born 29th March, 1786, married Nancv Crane, daughter of Norris.
3. Ahijah, born 24th December, 1786, and died 24th Sept. 1791.
4. Caleb, born 26th February, 1789, married Lucy Hoagland, and died 3d June, 1826; left no children.
5. James, born 5th February, 1792, married, 1st, Susan Yredenburg, and had a daughter Susan ; 2d, Lucy French, daughter of Anderson. She had no children.
6. Ezekiel, born 24th December, 17971 married Polly Berry, daughter of Charles, of Long Island.

WILLIAM PIERSON CONKLIN, (2d. child of William, son of Joshua,) and Nancy Crane, had children :
1. Sarah Anne, born June, 1811, married, 1829, John M. Dodd, who was born Jan, 1806, and had children: 1. Louisa Dodd, born 15th August, 1829, died 2d February, 1835. Sarah Anne Dodd, born 4th July, 1832, and died 31st Pan. 1885.
3. John C. Dodd, born 18th June, 1834, died 5th February.
4. Elizabeth W. Dodd, born 7th April, 1836.
5. Anne Marsh Dodd, born 19th April, 1838.
6. Helen M. Dodd, born 7th April, 1840.
2. Mary, born 13th June, 1825, and died July, 1823.
3, William, born 16th July, 1824, and died July, 1824.

EZEKIEL CONKLIN, (6th child of William,) and Polly Berry, had children :
1. William, who died at 18 years ;
2. George ; 3. Henry ; 4. John ; 5. Harriet ; 6. Charles.

Sarah, the wife of Joshua Conklin, died 17th May, 1770.
William Conklin, son of Joshua, died 20th January, 1806. Sarah H., his wife, died 27th August, 1802.
William Pierson Conklin, son of William, died 15th September, 1835.
James Conklin, son of William, died 21st October, 1835.
Ezekiel Conklin, son of William, died 28th July, 1821.
Sarah Anne, wife of John M. Dodd, died 11th April, 1840.

JOSHUA CONKLIN, Jun., (3d child of Joshua Conklin,) and Polly Johnson, lived in Spring Valley, and had children :
1. John Johnson Conklin married Hannah ____, and had children : 1. Joshua. 2. Caleb married Margaret Williams, daughter of Abner, son of Noah, of Long Hill. 3. William. 4. Eveline. 5. Mary, married _____, 6. Abigail married William Fairehild, of Morristown. 7. Sarah, or Phebe.
2. Polly married Brooks Sayre, son of Isaac. [See Sayre.]
3. Phebe, is unmarried.
4. Benjamin Crane Conklin.
5. Abigail.
6. Betsey married Mr. Miller.

JOHN CONKLIN, and Jerusha Haines, had children :
1. Catherine, wbo married Isaac Conklin, son of Isaac, had a son who died in infancy.
2. John married Abby Woodruff; had but one son, who died at 18 years, in 1849.
3. Abby married William Garthwaite, son of Jeremiah, and had a son Isaac.
4. Hannah is unmarried ; lives in Elizabethtown.
5. Mary married David Merril, of Staten Island ; had no children.

SARAH CONKLIN, (5th child of Joshua,) and John Mott, had children :
1. Jeremiah Mott, who married Polly Hand, daughter of Benjamin. [See Hand.]
2. Sally Mott married Mr. Smithson.
3. Polly Mott married Mr. Smithson, (brothers.)

ABIGAIL CONKLIN, (6th child of Joshua,) and Mr. Pangborn. had children :
1. Sarah Pangborn, who married _____, and went to the Lakes.
2. William Pangborn went to the Lakes, and married there.
3. Isaac Pangborn went to, New-Orleans, and died there unmarried.

BENJAMIN CONKLIN, (7th child of Joshua,) and Mary High, had children :
1. David, who married Lavina Pollard, daughter of Joshua, of Green village, and had children : 1. Debby Jane ; 2. Mary Elizabeth ; 3. Benjamin Francis ; 4. William ; 6. Hannah Mariah.
2. Deborah married William B. Crane, son of Joseph, Jun., and had children : 1. Elias Crane , 2. Mulford Crane ; 3. Jerusha Crane.
3. James D., went to Ohio, and married, and lives there.
4. William P. married Harriet Roberts, daughter of Samuel, and had children 1. Sophia.
5. Anna, who died at 16 years.
6. Mary, who married James Weir, of Ohio.

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