Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

EDWARD BALL lived in Newark—was Sheriff of the county of Essex in 1693. In 1678, Edward Ball and Daniel Dod were appointed to run the Northern line of the town of Newark from Passaic River to the Mountain. He had a son, Thomas, and also a daughter, Abagail. She married Daniel Harrison, who died 1st December, 1738, aged 77 years. His son, Thomas Ball, had nine sons.

DAVID BALL, who lived in Rahway, had a son, Stephen Ball, who was spitefully hung by the British refugees at Bergen Point, 29th January, 1781, in consequence of his activity and daring as a partizan patriot, leaving a widow, two daughters, and a son, Ezekiel Ball, Jun., who removed to Middletown, Ohio, and was a Justice of the Peace, Judge of the Court, and Post-master there, many years.

EZEKIEL BALL, Esq., of Middletown, Ohio, had children :
1. Stephen, who was a Captain in the Militia, in 1805.
2. Abigail, who married Matthew Nichols.
3. Pally married Abraham Squier, son of William, son of Benjamin Squier, of Westfield.
4. Hannah.
Among the nine sons of Thomas Ball, son of Edward, probably were,
1. Timothy Ball, who lived in Rahway, and had a son, Stephen, and two daughters.
2. Tusken Ball, of Middleville, who built Tusken Hall there.
3. Nathaniel Ball, of Connecticut Farms.
4. Dr. Stephen Ball, whose daughter was the wife of Hobart Littell, of Newark.
5. Edward Ball, of Clinton, who married Esther Mulford, daughter of Captain Jonathan Mulford, of New Providence.
6. Joseph Ball, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of William Hand, of Livingston, [See hand,] and whose daughter, Mary married Robert Cauldwell, son of William Cauldwell, of Passaic Valley, and went to Ohio. [see Cauldwell.]

NATHANIEL BALL lived at Connecticut Farms, near where the tavern is now kept, on the turnpike. He had children:
1. Phebe, who married Jacob Jennings, of Passaic Valley, Morris County. [See Jennings.]
2. Rhoda, who married Patrick Crilley, an Irishman, of Connecticut Farms, now Union, and had children : 1. John Crilley; 2. Moses Crilley; 3. Sarah ; 4. Esther 5. Martha Crilley ; 6. Betsey Crilley. 7. Elias Crilley: 8. David Crilley.

3. Rebecca married Mr. ---- Loyd, of Camptown, now Clinton.
4. James married Eusice Meeker, of Connecticut Farms.
5. Salome married Solomon Line, of Sodom--went to Redstone, Penn.
6. Esther married John Mulford, son of Job, [See Job Mulford.]
7. Aaron married, 1st, Patty Wade, daughter of Captain Henry Wade, of Union ; 2d, Hannah Willis, daughter of Nathaniel, of Springfield.
8. Nehemiah married Esther Sallee, sister of John Sallee, and had children : 1. Betsey ; 2. Elihu ; 3. Nathaniel ; 4. Puah and Esther, twins; 6. Sineas; 7. James.
9. Pauh married John Sallee, and removed to Trenton, Ohio.
10. Davis married Miss ___ Hetfield.
11. Eunice, married Doct. Wats Bonnel, of Union.

JAMES BALL, (4th child of Nathaniel,) and Eunice Meeker, had children :
1. Rhoda, who married Jacob Stookey, and had chidren : 1. Stephen, who died at about 16 years
2. Eunice ; who married ____.
3 David, marrried, 1st, Betsey Howard; 2. Sophia Rittenhouse.
4. Abby, who went to New-York, and married there.
5. Aaron Stookey, who married and lived in New-York.

2. David, who married Abby Wade, daughter of Caleb Wade, and lived at the Turnpike gate, in Union, and had children :
1. Eliza, who married Jotham Brown, son of Henry, and died leaving three children: 1. James Brown, 2. Abby Brown, 3. Caleb Brown.
2. Jane, married John Potter, son of Benjamin son of John, [See Potter.]
3. Phebe, married John Burnet, son of Daniel, son of Matthias Burnet, and had children : 1.. Anna Burnet, 2. Caroline Burnet.
4. James, married Jane Burnet, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Burnet, and had children.: 1. William Merton Ball.
5. Samuel, married Caroline Willcox, daughter of Noah Willcox, son of Noah, and had children : 1. Emma Ball.

AARON BALL, Esq., (6th child of Nathaniel,) and Patty Wade, had children :
1. Polly, who married Abner Meeker.
2. Aaron, married, 1. Betsey Willcox, son of John Willcox, 2. Betsey Woodruff.
3. Henry, married, 1st, Hannah Conklin, daughter of Benjamin Conklin, of Union ; 2nd, Sarah Mullock, daughter of William, of Mount Hope, Orange county, New York.
4. Phebe married John Hallock, Jun., son of John, of Orange county, New-York: He was Judge of the County Court, and member of Congress. By his 2d wife, Hannah Willis, Aaron Ball, .Esq., had children.
5. Harriet, who married Stephen Bonnel, son of Abraham, of Plainfield.
6. Nancy married Joseph Shotwell. Live in Rahway.
7. John, who went to Mexico when a young man, and married there, and had two children, and died there in June, 1845.

POLLY BALL, (1st child of Aaron, Ball, Esq.,) and Abner Meeker, had children :
1. Martha Meeker, who married Turner Frazee, son of George, of Westfield.
2. Rachel Meeker, married James Ireland, an Englishman.
3. Aaron Ball Meeker, married Hannah Frazee, sister of Turner, and had children : 1. Anne Judson Meeker ; 2. George D. Boardman Meeker ; 3. Harriet Newel Meeker.
4. Mary Meeker, married William Woodruff, of Elizabethtown.
5. Henry Wade Meeker, married Julia Clendenen, daughter of George.
6. Obed Meeker, married _____. 7. Ezekiel Meeker, married _____.
8. Henry Meeker, married _____.
NOTE. -- Abner Meeker, and all his children, except Aaron Ball Meeker, removed to Ohio, and lived in the vicinity of Franklin, Warren county.

MAJOR AARON BALL, (2d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) lived at Westfield, and by his first wife, Betsey Willcox, had an only child, Henry, who married Betsey Woodruff, daughter of Asa, of Westfield.

HENRY BALL, (3d child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) is a Baptist Minister, lives in Sussex county, and by his let wife, Hannah Conklin, had four children :
1. Newton ; 2. Newton, 2d ; 3. Mary; 4. William Vanhorn, who all died, and his wife died.
By his 2nd wife, Sarah, Rev. Henry Ball had children : 5. Thomas Jefferson, who also died young ; 6. John ; 7. Clarissa Jane ; 8. Elizabeth ; 9. Hannah, who died young ; 10. Harriet; 11. Julia ; 12. Phebe ; 13. Martha.

PHEBE BALL, (4th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and John Hallock, Esq., had children :
1. Dewitt Hallock; 2. Charlotte Hallock; 3. Sanford Hallock.

HARRIET BALL, (5th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and Stephen Bonnel, had children :
1. Eliza Bonnet, vvho married J. A. Wood ; live in Jefferson County, New York.
2. John Bonnel ; 3. Julia Bonnel 4. William Henry Bonnel.

NANCY BALL, (6th child of Aaron Ball, Esq.,) and Joseph Shotwell, live in Rahway, and had children:
1. Gustavus Shotwell ; 2. Harriet Shotwell ; 3. Henry Shotwell ; 4. John Shotwell.

TIMOTHY BALL, (probably one of the nine sons of Thomas) married and had children :
1. John, who married, 1st, Miss ____ Crane, and had children : 1 Calvin 2. Luther ; 3. Rachel.
John married, 2d, Miss ____ Fairchild, and had other children : 4. John ; 5. David ; 6. Daniel ; 7. Uzel.

2. Uzel Ball, son of Timothy, married Abigail Burnet and had children :
1. Enoch, who married Joanna Lyon, daughter of Daniel.
2. Jonathan married Phebe Headley, daughter of Cary, and had an only son, Uzel.
3. Noah married Fanny Edwards, daughter of Aaron.
4. Lafayette married Phebe Parker, daughter of Joseph, and had an only son, Andrew.
5. Rachel married James Hogan, and had children, Ira and Rachel Hogan.
6. Rhoda married William Johnson.
7. Mariah married Daniel Parker, brother of Phebe.

ENOCH BALL, (son of Uzel,) and Abigail Burnet, had children:
1. Calvin, who died at 21 years, unmarried.
2. Abby, who married Josiah Durand, son of Briant.
3. Betsey married Moses Baldwin.
4. Jonathan married, 1st, Jane Condit, daughter of Jared; 2d, Peery Stevenson.
5. Mahala married John Gildersleeve, son of Joseph.
6. Randolph married Hannah Stevenson.
7. Mary married William Hollinn, son of Jacob.

NOAH BALL, (son of Uzel, son of Timothy Ball,) and Fanny Edwards, had children :
1. Charles, who married Emeline Hand, and had children : 1. Henrietta; 2. Thomas ; 3.Fanny Jane; 4. Juliette; 5. Salina ; 6. Susan ; 7. Theodore ; 8. Noah; 9. Catherine.
2. Susan married Albert R. Meeker.
3. Mariah married Thomas A. Reeve, son of Walter S. Reeve.
4. Marcus Lafayette married Pamela Durand, daughter of Henry.
5. Jane married Nathaniel Burt.
6. Daniel Freeman married Catherine Alexander, daughter of John.
7. Caroline married James S. Brady.
8. Harriet.
9. Emeline married John Gardner, son of Daniel.

RHODA. BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and William Johnson, had children :
1. Hervy Johnson ; 2. Susan Johnson ; 3. Mariah Johnson ; 4. Eliza Johnson ; 5. Alexander Johnson; 6. Alonzo Johnson ; 7. Charles Johnson ; 8. Jephtha Johnson.

MARIAH BALL, (daughter of Uzel,) and Daniel Parker, had children :
1. Uzel Parker ; 2. Caroline Parker ; 3. Abby Parker; 4. Mary Anne Parker ; 5. Harriet Parker , 6. Daniel Parker ; 7. Joseph Parker; 8. Almira Parker ; 9. Albert Parker.

SAMUEL BEACH lived near Jeffersonville, in Union Township. Married _____ and had children:
1. David, who married _____, and removed to the Lakes, N. Y.
2. John married Jerusha Bunnel, daughter of David Bunnel, (whose wife was Elizabeth Jones, of Union.)
3. Ebenezer married in Washington City, and settled in New York, and had children : 1. Maria ; 2. James ; 3. Joanna; 4. William.
4. Susan married Isaac Miller, of New Vernon, and had children: 1. Mary, who married Farrand Cochran, of New Vernon; 2. Betsey married Isaac Rigs ; 3. Isaac ; 4. Phebe.
5. Elias married Hannah Headley, of Union, and removed to the Lakes.
6. Samuel married in Washington, settled in New York, and died there. Had children : 1. Susan ; 2. Eliza ; 3. Julia ; 4. Harriet; 5. Patty.
7. Hannah married Stephen Harris, and went to Redstone, Penn.
8. Patty married Mr. ____ Evarts.
9. Phebe married David Dean, of Springfield, and had children :
1. Elias Dean, who married his cousin, Hannah Dean, daughter of Jacob, above Springfield.
2. Jerusha Dean married Smith Lyon.
3. Hannah Dean married Joseph Smith, son of William, son of Walter, of Springfield.
4. Aaron Dean married Abby Crane, daughter of Samuel Crane, of Springfield.
5. Isaac Dean married _____, of Newark.
6. Harriet Dean married John Smith, son of William, son Walter Smith.
7. John Dean married ____ Crane, only daughter of David Crane, Esq., of Newark.

JOHN BEACH, (2nd son of Samuel Beach) and Jerusha Bunnel, lived on Stony Hill, south of Thomas O. Scudder's, and subsequently removed to Springfield. He was born 12th May, 1757. She was born 17th January, 1764. They had children :
1. James, born 7th March, 1782, and married, 1st, Ann McGinnis, of Newark ; 2d. Catherine Allen, of Newark. He then removed to Lexington, Kentucky and married there, 3d, Betsey Ellis ; 4. Mildred Garniss, cousin of Joseph's 2d wife.
2. Joanna, born 12th February, 1784, and died in infancy.
3. Susan, born 15th May, 1785, who married Jacob G. Broadwell, son of Hezekiah. [See Broadwell.]
4. William, born 7th August, 1787, married Susan Sovercool ; lives in Newton, Sussex county.
5. Joseph, born 15th April, 1790, married, 5th October, 1814, 1st, Rebecca Hoaglin, daughter of Martin Hoaglin. She was born 29th June, 1795, in Kentucky—she died 17th February, 1821. He married, 2d, the widow Catherine Wallace, 29th Sept. 1822, daughter of Thomas Garniss, of New York. She was born 25th April, 1790, was cousin of James' 4th wife.
6. Jabez, born 22d June, 1792, married Maria Tillou, daughter of John Tillou.
7. Samuel, born 3d January, 1795, married, 1st, Phebe Mitchel ; 2d, Elizabeth Van Pelt, in Kentucky; 3d, _____ in Kentucky.
8. John, born 12th August, 1797, married, 1st, Mary McCollum ; 2d, Abigail McCollum, sisters, daughters of Aaron McCollum, of Sussex, near Newton. His 2d wife died 2d February, 1850, without children.
9. Abigail, born 18th May, 1800, married Jonathan, son of Capt. Samuel Bailey. [See Bailey.]

JAMES BEACH, (son of John) by his 1st wife, Anne, had seven sons--all died young but one, William, who married his cousin, Eliza J. Broadwell, daughter of Jacob G. Broadwell. By his 2d wife, 3 children ; but one living. 2. Elisha married Elizabeth Winters, of Newton. By his 3d wife, two living---3. Thomas, 4. Lucy. By his 4th wife, Mildred, one--5. Joseph.

WILLIAM BEACH, (4th child of John Beach,) and Susan Sovercool, had children :
1. Anne Margaret Sovercool, who married Thomas H. Shafer, son of Isaac Shafer, of Newton, and had children ; 1. Louisa Anne Shafer ; 2. Susan Elizabeth Beach Shafer.
2. Alfred.
3. Hannah married John H. Lyon, son of Stephen Lyon, of Basking Ridge, and had children : 1. Emma Louisa Lyon.--died at two or three years ; 2. Anna Lyon ; 3. William James Lyon.

WILLIAM MELANCTON BEACH, (4th son of William, son of John,) married Catherine Roy, son of Stephen, of Sussex, and had children :
1. Sarah Lucilla.
5. John Sovercool, who went to St. Louis, Missouri.
6. Jacob Coursen.
7. Joseph Greer.

JOSEPH BEACH, (5th child of John Beach,) and his 1st wife, Rebecca Hoaglin, had children :
1. Joan H., born 25th July, 1815, and died 13th Feb. 1817.
2. Mary Evelina, born 11th August, 1817, and died 13th May, 1819.
3. James Martin, born 2d August, 1819, married Malinda Slitfield, and had a son, Joseph, born 8th February, 1841. And by his 2d wife, Catherine, had children.
4. Lillis Ferrier, born 11th February, 1824, and died 25th February, 1824.
5. Thos. Garniss, born 16th Aug. 1825- died 25th Aug., 1826.
6. Thomas Garniss, 2d, born 12th December, 1827, died 14th October, 1829.
7. Catherine Garniss, born 16th January, 1829, died 16th August, 1829.

JABEZ BEACH, (6th child of John Beach,) and Maria Tillou, had children :
1. Harriet; 2. Caroline ; 3. Mary; 4. Jerusha; 5. Mariah Catherine.

SAMUEL BEACH, (7th child of John Beach,) and Phebe Mitchell, his 2d wife, had children : 1. John William ; 2. Margaret Jerusha.

JOHN BEACH, (8th child of John, son of Samuel,) and Mary McCollom, had children :
1. Sylvester, who married Mary Catherine Havens, of Marksborough, and went to Illinois.
2. Ithamar married Mary Elizabeth Bross, daughter of Peter Bross, of Hamburg, Sussex Co., and had a child, Jerusha Anne.


The father of the Bebout family came from Holland, and married Mary Miller, sister of the Rev. Benjamin Miller, Baptist minister at Scotch Plains. They had two sons, John and Peter.
John lived near Vealtown, in Somerset County, and early removed to the west.

PETER BEBOUT married, December 1st, 1767, Sarah Jewel, and had a son, Ebenzer, who also removed to the west.
Peter Bebout, married, 2d, Sarah Darling, half-sister of William Parrot, Sen., and had other children 2. Peter Bebout, Jun.
3. William married, 1st, Martha Tingley ; 2d. Hannah Ogden of Hanover, Morris county.
4. Christian, who died at about 18 years of age.
5. Abigail married Isaac Potter, son of Colonel Samuel. [See Potter.]
6. Mary married John Osborn, son of John Osborn. [See Osborn.]
7. Martha married, 12th November, 1796, 1st, John Bedell, son of Jacob, [See Bedell,] 2d, Luther Jones. [See Jones.]
8. Lewis, who died at about 15 years.
9. Stephen married Sally Cory, daughter of Elder Daniel Cory.
10. Nancy married, 1st, Simeon Dunn; 2d, Elisha Coriell, by Green Brook.

Peter Bebout, Sen., died 13th January, or 23d August, 1784 ; the statements differ.
William Bebout died 20th February, 1820, aged 70 years. His widow, Hannah, died 5th September, 1828, aged 72 years.
John Bedell (husband of Martha) died 1st June, 1788. Martha died 18th May, 1847, aged 80 years.
Stephen died _____.
Sally, wife of Stephen, died 5th July, 1843.
The family has lived on the north side of Long Hill, now nearly a century.

WILLIAM BEBOUT, (3d son of Peter Bebout,) by his first wife had no children. By his 2d wife, Hannah, he had one daughter, Sally, who married Joseph Crane, son of Joseph. [See Crane.]

STEPHEN BEBOUT, (8th child of Peter), and Sally Cory, had children:
1. Peter, who married Abigail Potter, daughter of Samuel, son of Caleb Potter.
2. Israel, born 30th October, 1799, married, 4th June, 1843, Mary Crane, daughter of Norris.
3. Daniel Cory, who died a young man.
4. Julia married Benjamin Crane, son of Norris. (see Crane].
5. Sineus married Louisa Mundy, of Bridgetown; lives at Plainfield.
6. William married Phebe Anne Martin, daughter of Richard, of Plainfield.
7. Susan.

PETER BEBOUT, (1st son of Stephen Bebout), and Abigail Potter, had children:
1. Joel Thompson ; 2. Elizabeth Potter ; 3. Mary Potter.
Peter's wife, Abigail, died 22d October, 1847, aged 49 1/2 years.

ISRAEL BEBOUT, (2d son of Stephen Bebout,) and Mary Crane, had children : 1. Helen Todd.

SINEUS BEBOUT, (5th child of Stephen,) and Louisa Mundy, had children :
1. Sydney ; 2. Sarah ; 3. Sylvester ; 4. Emma Louisa ; 5. Stephen.

WILLIAM BECOUT, (6th child of Stephen), had children:
1. Almira. 2. Martha.

BENJAMIN BEDELL, lived in the house where Capt. Abner Stites, lately lived, and kept a tavern there in the time of the Revolutionary War.
He married Sarah Herriman, of Elizabethtown, and had children :
1. Mary, who was baptized 19th August, 1764.
2. Benjamin, baptized 27th December, 1769, and both died young.
3. Nathan, who married Ruth Morrell, daughter of Robert Morrell.
4. Susannah married, 1st, Jonathan Elmer, son of Rev. Jonathan Elmer ; 2d. James Hedges, 13th April, 1788, son of Uriah Hedges, Jun. ; 3. Daniel Cochran, of Green Village.
5. Timothy married, 2d March, 1789, Chloe Hedges, daughter of Uriah Hedges, Jun.
6. Abigail, who was blind--she died at Basking Ridge in 1846, unmarried.

Benjamin Bedell, sold his farm in New Providence to Capt. Abner Stites, and bought another at Basking Ridge, but died 13th December, 1793, before removing there.
In the spring of 1794, the family removed to Basking Ridge. Timothy subsequently sold the farm, and removed to western Pennsylvania, and the widow and her daughter, Abigail, lived and died at Basking Ridge.
Nathan Bedell died 1st December, 1793.
Susannah Cochran died 7th October, 1822, aged 63 years.
Timothy's wife, Chloe, died 3d August, 1793, aged 22 years.

NATHAN BEDELL, (son of Benjamin Bedell,) and Ruth Morrell, had children :
1. Sarah, who married Stephen Sutton, son of Uriah, of Basking Ridge.
2. Benjamin married on Long Island, and had a son, John.
3. Mary, who died unmarried.
4. Robert Morrell married Keziah Goble, daughter of Timothy Goble, of Jockey Hollow.
5. James Harper married Nancy Allen, daughter of Zachariah, of Scotch Plains.
6. Betsey married Gould Silliman, of Long Island.

SARAH BEDELL, (daughter of Nathan,) and Stephen Sutton, had children :
1. Catherine Sutton, who married Pierson Howel, who lives in Newark.
2. Ruth Sutton married, 1st, Benjamin Cook. 2d. Pierson Howel, above-named, as his 2d wife.
3. Eliza Sutton married ____ ____.
4. Uriah Sutton.
NOTE. I know of no connection between Benjamin Bedell, and John Bedell.

ROBERT M. BEDELL, (son of Nathan,) and Keziah Goble, lived at Basking Ridge, and had children :
1. Sarah, who married Lawrence Blue, of Somerville, and had a daughter, Harriet Blue.
2. William, who died at 14 years of age.
3. Betsey married Amos McIntire, and had children : 1. Harriet; 2. Jane ; 3. Eliza ; 4. Sarah McIntire.
4. Hervy, who died at 16 years of age.
5. Jane married William Strang, on Staten Island, and have children : 1. Robert Strang, and others.
6. Robert Finley.
7. Rebecca married James Cross ;---live in Brooklyn.
8. Harriet married, 18th January, 1850, Winant B. Morrell, of Brooklyn.
9. Ruth.
Robert M. Bedell's wife, Keziah, died, and he married a 2d wife, and lives in Brooklyn.

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (4th child of Benjamin,) and Jonathan Elmer, had an only child :
1. Philemon Elmer, who married, 1. Nancy Potter, daughter of Isaac; 2. Catherine Jones. And by her 2d husband, (James Hedges,) had children:
2. Mary, who married Daniel Frost, of Green Village.
3. Sarah, married Thomas Kinnan, son of Thomas.
5. Margaret married John Sturges, of Green Village.

MARY HEDGES, (daughter of James,) and.Daniel Frost, had children :
1. Jedediah Sherred Frost, who married Eliza Jane Bruen, daughter of Benjamin Bruen, of Madison, and had children : 1. Charles Bruen Frost ; 2. Francis Caroline Frost ; 3. Hervy Benjamin Frost ; 4. Eliza Josephine Frost.
2 . William Frost.
3. Ezekiel Frost, who died a young man, unmarried.
4. Hannah Frost, who married Isaac S. Miller, son of Isaac, of New Vernon, and had children : 1. Mahlon M. Miller ; 2. Phebe Crowel Miller ; 3. Susan Miller ; 4. Luke Sturges Miller ; 5. Mary Jane Miller.
5. Hervy Frost.
6. Charles Frost.
7. Jane Frost, who married Nicholas Johnston, in Ohio.

NOTE. -- William, Hervy, Charles, and Jane Frost, went to Ohio, and married there. Their mother went with them, and also married there.

JOHN BEDELL, Sen., had a son, John Bedell, Jun., who was an Elder in the church, in Turkey. He lived where Isaac Crane now does, in Morris county, and owned 100 acres of land, No. 24, (Addition) of the Elizabethtown Survey, and also 114 acres, No. 20, (Addition) lying North in the next tier of lots, extending into the Great Swamp.
There was also an Elder Jacob Bedell.

ELDER JOHN BEDELL, married Susannah, Valentine, and had children :
1. Jacob, who married Eleanor, or Aula, Powers, and was also an Elder in the church.
2. William, married Esther Littell, daughter of David, Sen.
3. Martha, married Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill.
4. Susannah.
5. Mary, married Henry Gray.

Old Mrs Bedell, widow of Elder Jacob Bedell, died 9th September, 1773.
John Bedell Sen., died 2d January, 1768.
Elder John Bedell, died December, 1763.
Jacob Bedell, son of Elder John, died 16th June, 1777, aged 51 years ; his widow, Aula, married Capt. Jonathan Mulford, and died about 1803.

JACOB BEDELL, inherited half the above named Lots, Nos. 24 and 20,and owned also 120 acres in Essex county, on the opposite side of the River, 100 acres of which is still owned and occupied by his grand-daughter, Catherine, the wife of Philemon Elmer, son of Jonathan.

JACOB BEDELL, and Eleanor Powers, had children :
1. Eleanor, who married Samuel Rutan, son of Abraham, [See Rutan.]
2. Abraham, married Polly Osborn, daughter of John, Sen.
3. John, 3d, married Martha Bebout, daughter of Peter, Sen.

ABRAHAM BEDELL, (1st son of Jacob Bedell,) sold out his lands here, and removed, in April, 1800, with John Maxwell, and William Littell, to Sussex county.
Abraham Bedell, and his wife, Polly Osborn, had children :
1. Betsey, who died young.
2. Sally, who married, 25th December, 1797, Lewis Meeker, of a Union ; went to Seneca county, New York.
3. Locky, married Henry Crampton, and went to Ohio.
4. Caty, married John Meeker Littell, son of William, above named.
5. Jacob, married ____ ____ ; lives Newark.
6. John, married Abby Campfield, of Newark; was drowned in the North River.
7. Abraham, married Sally Edwards, lived in Newark.
8. William married Mary Mackerley, of Sussex, and had a child. 1. Abraham Howel.

SALLY BEDELL, (1st daughter of Abraham,) and Lewis Meeker had children:
1. Abraham Meeker.
2. John Meeker, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.
3. Jacob Meeker, married ____ ____.
4. Clarissa Meeker.
5. Jane Meeker.
6. Rhoda Meeker.
7. Matilda Meeker.
8. Emeline Meeker.

JOHN BEDELL, son of Jacob, inherited his father's farm of 120 acres, in Essex county. He and his wife, Martha, had but one daughter, Catherine, born 4th Deceinber, 1787, and married in June, 1806, Erastus Jones, son of Luther Jones, from Connecticut. Her father died 1st June, 1788, aged 24 years, and she inherited the farm, except about 20 acres, which her father sold to Nathaniel Littell, Esq.
Catherine Bedell, and Erastus Jones, had several daughters, who all died young except one, Mary Mulford Jones, who married Isaac L. Willcox, and had children :
1. Caroline Jones Willcox.
2. Erastus Jones Willcox.

WILLIAM BEDELL, (son of John, Jun.) inherited the half of the before named lots, 24 and 724, and lived where his father did. He and his wife Esther Littell, had children :
1. Susannah, who married Jonathan Davis.
2. Phebe, married, 1st, Charles Johnson, son of Uzel Johnson, on Longhill, [See Johnson ;] 2d, Caleb Mulford, son of Job Mulford ; [See Job Mulford.]
3. Lydia, married, 7th August, 1787, Elijah Davis, brother of Susannah's husband.
4. Mary, married, 13th March, 1785, Daniel Hole, son of Charles, as his 2d wife.
5. James, married, 5th October, 1791, Nancy Oakley, sister of Polly, wife of John Abel.

William Bedell, sold out his lands in October, 1792, to his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Littell, and with his son-in-law, and son, and their families, removed to a section of land that he purchased for $250, of Daniel Thompson, between the two Miami Rivers, in Warren county, Ohio, where they all settled.

SUSANNAH BEDELL, (1st child of William,) and Jonathan Davis, had children :
1. William Davis, who married Sarah Lamb, daughter of Colonel Joseph Lamb ; they both joined the Shaking Quakers, among whom he died ; she is with them yet.
2. John Davis, married Elizabeth Serrin, and removed to Texas.
3. Mary Davis, went to the Shakers, where she continues.
4. Huldah Davis, who married John Monger.
5. Hester Davis, married Joseph Q. Lamb, son of Col. Joseph Lamb, [See Lamb.]

PHEBE BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Charles Johnson, had children :
1. Betsey Johnson, who married Boaz Murphy, in Ohio.
2. Charles Johnson, married Betsey Trembly.
Mr. Johnson died, and she married Caleb Mulford, as his 2d wife. Mr. Mulford, by his two wives, had children :
1. Jacob Mulford, married Jane Hole, daughter of John.
2. Rebecca Mulford, married Elias Littell, son of Ephraim, son of Andrew , [See Littell.]
3. William Mulford, married Martha Meek.
4. Job Mulford, married Mary Dudley.

LYDIA BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Elijah Davis, had children :
3. Esther Davis, Jonathan Davis, and Elijah Davis, who all went to the Shakers, and are lost.

MARY BEDELL, (daughter of William,) and Daniel Hole, had children :
1. Phebe Hole, ,who married Daniel Clark, son of Daniel, a Baptist Preacher.
2. Esther Hole, married David Bowers.
3. Stephen Hole, married Miss ____ Eddy.
4. Catherine Hole.
5. Aaron Hole.
6. Mary Hole.
7. Elizabeth Hole.

JAMES BEDELL, and Nancy Oakley, had children :
1. John, who married Nancy Enyart.
2. William.
3. Esther.
I know of no connection between Benjamin, John and Henry Bedell.

HENRY BEDELL, lived in Passaic Valley ; his 1st wife's name was Sutton, by whom he had two children :
1. John, who married Deborah Mulford, daughter of Capt. Jonathan Mulford.
2. Henry, Jun., went to Sussex, married and raised a family there.
The first wife of Henry Bedell, Sen., died, and he married a 2d wife, in the southern part of New Jersey, and soon after removed to the State of Georgia ; — settled and died there, leaving three other children :
3. Chester, who married in Georgia ; had no children.
4. Jacob, married in Georgia, and had a son, Henry.
5. Phebe, married ; nothing is known here of her children.

Henry Bedell, Jun., went to Sussex ; married and raised a family there. I have learned nothing of them.

JOHN BEDELL, (1st child of Henry Bedell,) and Deborah Mulford, lived by the Spring at the then called Bedell's Bridge. (now called Littell's,) and had children :
1. Isaac, who married Mary Kinnan, daughter of Thomas Kinnan, Sen.
2. Stephen, married Phebe Drake, and lived in Sussex, where his father did, and had eight children.
3. Ezekiel, married ____ ____ , and died, leaving two children.
4. Mary, married Martin Vandyke. Mary died, and Mr. Vandyke married Ezekiel Bedell's widow.
5. Esther, married Jacob Crossman.

John Bedell, with his family, except his son Isaac, removed to Sussex county, near the Delaware River ; — he died there.
Isaac Bedell, lived on Long Hill, where Samuel Stanbury formerly lived, and had ten children ; four of which died in infancy ; the other six were, 1 . John Kinnan ; 2. Sarah ; 3. Deborah ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Mary ; and 6. Chester. Deborah died in youth, and Chester died in childhood.
Isaac Bedell, removed,to Mendham, where his wife died. Subsequently, he with three of his children removed to Athens, Ohio, where he died.
Sarah married Ezekiel Day, of Mendham, and went to Athens with their father, and subsequently to Illlnois, and had children : 1. Mary ; 2. Phebe ; 3. Sarah.
Isaac, married Harriet Martin, daughter of Isaac Martin, of Mendham, and also went to Athens, and settled in that vicinity, and had children : 1. Mary ; 2. Sarah.
Mary also went to Athens with her father.

JOHN K. BEDELL, (son of Isaac, Sen.,) married Hannah Jones, near New Vernon, and lives there, and had ten children :
1. Chester, who married Amy North, of Long Island, and had children : 1. William Forrester ; 2. Levi North, who died young ; 3. John Chester, who also died young ; 4. Mary Elizabeth.
2. Phebe married Daniel Oliver, of Water street, Mendham, and had children : 1. Mary Irena ; 2. Chester.
3. Deborah.
4. Sherrod, who died young.
5. William.
6. Mary married Daniel Smith ;--lives in New York.
7. Sarah ; 8. Abigail ; 9. John, who died young ; 10. Isaac.

TIMOTHY BEDFORD, whose wife was Rachel ____, had children :
1. Hannah, who married Ezekiel Stillwell ; lived in Sussex.
2. Sarah, married William Willis.
3. Stephen married Lydia Drake,. daughter of William Drake, of Piscataway.

STEPHEN BEDFORD, son of Timothy, and Lydia Drake, had children :
1. Timothy, who married Catherine McCarty, daughter of Jacob, of Chatham.
2. Andrew, who died young.
3. William Drake, married, 1st, Asenath Swain, daughter of Richard, near Hobart's Hill ; 2. Hannah, widow of Mahlon Simon, and daughter of Mr. Le Hommedeau, of Warren county.
4. Charlotte, married Benjamin Lyon, of South Orange.
5. Rachel and Lydia, twins, who died in infancy.
6. Aaron, married Ruth Whitehead, of Short Hills.
7. Polly, married John Tyson, an Englishman ; lived in Chatham.
8: John Simeon, married 1st, Catherine Jennings, 13th December, 1822 ; she died 6th July, 1836 ; 2d. Joanna Jennings, daughter of David Jennings.

WILLIAM D. BEDFORD, (son of Stephen,) and Asenath Swain, had children : 1. Betsey, who married William Effner, of Hacketstown.
2. Lydia married Isaac Hadden, of South Orange.
3. Charles Nelson married Sarah Johnson, of Stanhope.
4. Stephen Oliver.
5. Mary married John Drew, of Short Hills, in Springfield Township.
6. Harriet married Squier Day, son of Zacheus, 17th Dec. 1745.
7. William Jackson.
8. Emeline, (twin to Abby, who died.)
9. Sarah.

By his 2d wife, Hannah, whom he married, 23d August, 1842, had children : 10. Elmira ; 11. Frank Day ; 12. Isabel ; 13. Lydia Anne.
His wife, Asenath, died 1st June, 1840, aged 49 years.

JOHN S. BRADFORD, (son of Stephen,) and Catherine Jennings, had children :
1. Phebe, who married Benjamin Parker, son of Calvin. [See Parker.]
2. Elizabeth married Joseph Chamberlain.
3. Albert ; 4. Daniel ; 5. John ; 6. David ; and by his 2d wife, Joanna Jennings, he had, 7. Mary Catherine.

NATHANIEL BONNEL, 1st, came from Long Island to Elizabethtown--was one of the first company of the " Elizabethtown Associates," and from thence he removed to Passaic River, above Chatham, and there settled. He married Hannah Miller, of Westfield, and had children:
1. Benjamin (Esq.) who married Rachel Van Winkle.
2. Nathaniel (Capt.) married, 1st, Elizabeth Allen ; 2d, in 1775, Mary Simpson.
3. John married Sarah Carter.
4. Sarah married Samuel Roberts.
5. Betsey married Capt. Isaac Ward.
6. Abigail married Mr. Gardner.
7. Mary married Elijah Woodruff.

BENJAMIN BONNEL, Esq., (son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Rachel Van Winkle, had children :
1. Jane, who married Abner Brown, 21st July, 1763.
2. Joanna married Matthias Woodruff, 2d January, 1764.
3. Benjamin, 2d, (bellows-maker,) married Hannah Ward, a daughter of David.
4. Nathaniel married, 19th February, 1772, Sibbe Howel, and had children : 1. Calvin ; 2. Luther ; 3. Elijah ; 4. Lockey.
5. Samuel married Betsey Crane, and had children : 1. Jane ; 2. Lewis.
6. John (a tailor,) married Nancy Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Esq.
7. Aaron married, 29th May, 1785, Rachel Clark.
8. Paul married, 28th December, 1783, Mary Parsons, daughter of William, Jun., and had children : Elizabeth, Abigail, &c., and event to Ohio.
9. Rachel married, 13th March, 1783, Major Luke Miller, of Bottle Hill.
10. Sarah married Jacob Searing Parsons, son of William, Jun., [See Parsons.]
11. Abigail married Jonathan Johnson, son of Stephen Johnson. [See Stephen Day.]
12. Rhoda married Calvin Morrell, 17th May, 1787, son of Jacob, of Chatham, and went to Ohio.
13., Polly married Stephen Day, Jun., brother of John's wife.

Benjamin Bonnel, Esq., was a Justice of the Peace, and an Elder in the Presbyterian Church here. He was drowned in the winter of 1800, by the upsetting of a ferryboat, in New York Bay, when several persons of this Valley were lost.

BENJAMIN BONNEL, 2d, (3d child of Benjamin, Esq.) and Hannah Ward, had children :
1. Enos, who married Rachel Ball.
2. Matthias married Sally Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of David.
3. Sarah married Enos B. Townley, son of George. [See Townley.]
4. Phebe married Dr. Amos King, of Chatham, son of Stephen King, of Orange County, New York.
5. Prussia married Bonnel Brant, of Chatham.

ENOS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Rachel Ball, had children :
1. Jane.
2. Charlotte, who married Paul Lum, son of Israel Lum, Esq., had no children.
3. Elam W. married Tacy Howel, daughter of David, of Madison.
4. Benjamin, 3d, married Sarah De Camp, daughter of Moses, of Caldwell.
5. Alfred married Henrietta Cooper, daughter of John G. Cooper, Esq.
6. Matilda married Jotham Brant.
7. Harriet married Jared Hathaway, of Morristown.
8. John married Miss Stagg, of Elizabethtown.
9. Almira married Talbert Butler, of Staten Island.
10. Mary married, and soon after died.
11. Eliza married Mr. Baker, of Staten Island.

MATTHIAS BONNEL, (son of Benjamin, 2d,) and Sally Ward, had children :
1. Louisa, who married Albert Leonard, of Connecticut.
2. Moses Ward married Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of James, of New York.
3. Joanna Day, who died 30th January, 1850, in her 38th year.
4. Enos married Phebe Anne Gardner, of Newark.
5. Jane married Elizabeth B. Tickenor, daughter of William, of Clinton.

PHEBE BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Dr. King, had children :
1. Prussia King, who married Franklin Day, son of Moses, and had children : I. Charlotte Day, who died at 24 years, unmarried ; 2. Sylvanus Day, who married Clarissa Fenner ; 3. Hannah Maria Day ; 4. Almira Day, who died at 18 years, unmarried ; 5. Matilda Day ; 6. Harriet Day ; 7. Benjamin Franklin Day ; 8. Calvin Day.
2. Almira King, married, 1st, Hartman De Gray, and had children: 1. Jane Agusta De Gray ; 2. Amelia De Gray.

She married, 2d, Daniel Witter. Live in New York.

PRUSSIA BONNEL, (daughter of Benjamin, 2d,) and Bonnel Brant, had children :
1. Laura Adaline Brant, who died at 18 years.
2. Sofronia Brant married Mr. Scofield, and died at 22 years.
3. Benjamin Brant married in Penn., and lives in Philadelphia.
4. Lavenda Josephine Brant, lives at Sam'l Robert's.
5. Elliet Constantine Brant, lives in Newark.
6. Margaretta died at about 17 years.
7. Sarah died at about 2 years.

JOHN BONNEL, tailor, (6th son of Benjamin Bonne), Esq.,) and Nancy Day, had children :
I. Joanna, who married, as his 2d wife, Capt. Brooks, near Honesdale, Penn.
2. Barna married Lucy Brooks, daughter of Capt. Brooks.
3. Polly married Mr. Wood.
4. Stephen.
5. Julia married, 9th August, 1816, Rev. John M. Babbit, of Mendham.

BARNA BONNEL, (son of tailor John,) and Lucy Brooks, had children :
1. Joan Minerva, who married Charles E. Lute, son of David B., of Union, and had children : 1. Isabel Alathea Lum, born 1 March, 1847 ; 2. Jane Bruen married Ira O. Tickenor, son of a Josiah, of Clinton, 3. Mary Frances; 4. Elijah Day.

CAPT. NATHANIEL, (2d son of Nathaniel Bonnet, 1st,) was born 1731;--died July, 1809 ; he lived where his grandson, Daniel L. Bonnet, now lives. By his first wife, Elizabeth Allen, be had children :
1. Abigail, born July, 1754, married, September, 1755, Jacob Minthorn.
2. Nathaniel, 3d, born June, 1756, married, 1783, Martha Crane, daughter of Isaac.
3. Caleb Gilbert, born November, 1758, married his cousin, Joanna Woodruff, daughter of Elijah. He died 2d May, 1834, aged 76 years. She died 17th December, 1846.
4. Phebe, born May, 1761, married William Johnson, son of Uzel. [See Johnson.]
5. Jane, born April, 1763, married Samuel Crane, son of Joseph. [See Crane.]
6. Jonathan, born March, 1765, and died young.
7. Jacob, born May, 1767, was a clock-maker, married Margaret Crane.
8. Elizabeth, born August, 1769 —married, 29th July, 1787, Gabriel Friend.

Capt. Bonnel's wife, Elizabeth, died 20th April, 1774, and he married, 24th November, 1775, Mary Simpson, daughter of Alexander, and had children:
9. William, who died young.
10. Nancy, born July, 1778, married her cousin, Sylvanus Bonnel, son of John. [See S. Bonnel.]
11. Chloe, born December, 1779, married Abraham Samson, son of David. [See Samson.]
12. William, 2d, born January, 1783-married, 25th December, 1806, Sally Doty, daughter of James.
13. Enoch, born 5th October, 1785, is unmarried;----lives with William.

NATHANIEL BONNEL, 3d, (2d child of Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel,) and Martha Crane, had children :
1. Philemon, born 29th March, 1785, married, 26th January, 1806, Rachael Noe, daughter of John.
2. Huldah, born 1st September, 1787, married, 1st, Timothy D. Pettit, son of Capt. Benjamin. [See Pettit.] Had an only son, Timothy D. 2d, she married David Noe, son of John. [See Noe.]
3. Jonathan Crane, born 29th September, 1790; married, 2d November, 1814, Phebe Ward, daughter of Ichabod, son of David.
4. Mary, born 29th February, 1792—married, 9th January, 1813, Charles Day, son of Moses, and had an only daughter, Elizabeth Day, and Mr. Day died.
5. Jane, born 3d July, 1795, married her cousin, John M. Stites, son of Capt. Abner. [See Stites.]
6. Elizabeth, born 11th February, 1797 — married Matthias Osborn, son of Nehemiah. [See Osborn.]
7. Sarah, born 17th February, 1799, married James T. Lennington, and went to Ohio.
8. Maline Miller, born 22d July, 1802--married Elizabeth D. Walker, of New York.

Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d, died 15th April, 1814. His widow died 20th June, 1846.
Maline M. Bonnel sailed for California, 17th July, 1849, and died of cholera, at sea, the next day.

PHILEMON BONNEL, (1st child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and Rachael Noe, had children :
1. Huldah, who married Sylvester Crane, son of John. [See Crane.]
2. Mary Noe married Ashbel A. Tomkins, son of Joseph. [See Tomkins.]
3. Ellis married, 1st, 11th November, 1835, Betsey Day Potter, daughter of Major Jotham, and had children : 1. Ellis ; 2. Phebe Pettit ; 3. Rachel Noe ; 4. Jotham Potter.
Ellis Bonnel's wife, Betsey, died 7th June, 1843, aged 31 years, and he married her cousin, Charlotte Potter Osborn., daughter of Stephen B., and had other children : 5. Betsey Pettit ; 6. Hannah Burnet.
4. Nathaniel, 4th.
5. Martha Crane married, 3d December, 1845, John Noe, son of Frazee, son of Lewis, and died 11th May, 1849, without children.
6. John Noe.
7. Maline.
8. Sally Doty married, 13th February, 1847, Isaac L. Wood, son of Daniel S. [See Wood.]

JONATHAN C. BONNEL, (3d child of Nathaniel, 3d,) and Phebe Ward, had children :
1. Mahetabel, born 8th December, 1816, married William Littell, son of John Littell, Esq. [See Littell.]
2. Julia, born 1st January, 1819, married, 27th April, 1836, Dr. John S. Smith, son of Abner Smith, of Long Hill. Dr. Smith died 16th August, 1841, without children.
3. Harriet.
4. Charity Frost.
5. Emeline.
6. Jonathan.
7. David Ward.

SARAH BONNEL, (7th child of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) and James Lennington, had children :
1. William Lennington.
2. Thomas Scott Lennington.
3. Nathaniel Bonnel Lennington, twin to Thomas S.
4. Martha Jane Lennington.

MALINE M. BONNEL, (8th child of Nathaniel Bonnel, 3d,) and Elizabeth D. Walker, had children :
1. Helen R., born 4th February, 1836.
2. Martha C., born 30th May, 1839.

JOHN BONNEL, (3d son of Nathaniel Bonnel, 1st,) and Sarah Carter, had children :
1. James, born 10th October, 1758, married Rosa Burnet; lived by the Franklin Mill.
2. Nancy, born 4th September, 1760, married William Day, son a of Stephen, Esq. [See Day.]
3. Jonathan, born 12th May, 1763, married, 10th August, 1783, Mary Burnet, sister of Rosa.
4. Israel, born 24th May, 1765. married Fanny Hand.
5. Joanna, born 20th October, 1767, married Moses Day, son of Paul. [See Paul Day.]
6. Hannah, born 9th September, 1770, and died young.
7. Sylvanus, born 28th, February, 1773, married his cousin, Nancy Bonnel, daughter of. Capt. Nathaniel.
8. Eleanor, born 21st January, 1776, married Matthias Ward, son of Capt. Enos, of Chatham. [See Ward.]
9. David, born 5th September, 1778, and died at 18 years, by the fall of a tree, in the Great Swamp.
10. Sally, born 28th July, 1781—married Ezekiel Sayre, born 1st February, 1774, and died 20th January, 1850. He lived where his wife's father did, near Passaic River, by the brook, near the line between New Providence and Springfield.
11. Caty, born 1st February, 1784, and died in infancy.

JAMES BONNEL, (1st child of John, son of Nathaniel, lst,) and Rosa Burnet, had children :
1. Stephen Carter, who married Sally Simpson, daughter of Isaac Simpson.
2. Electa married Abraham Walker, son of Asher, and died, leaving a daughter, Electa Walker, who married Dr. John L. Munn, son of Dr. J. B. Munn, of Chatham.
3. Elias married Caty Simpson, daughter of Isaac Simpson.
4. Hannah married Stephen Parcel, had a son, John Parcel, and removed to the west.
5. Nancy, who went to the west with Hannah, and died.
6. David married Sally Day, his cousin, daughter of Sally Bonnel, daughter of John.
7. Mahlon, twin to David, married Sally Oliver, daughter of Capt. Oliver, of New Vernon.

STEPHEN C. BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Simpson, had children :
1. Catherine, who married Nathan Foster, son of Stephen, of Union, and had children : 1. Sarah Bonnel Foster ; 2. Susan Foster.
2. James M., born 13th August, 1809, and died 1848, unmarried.
3. Elias, born 9th July, 1811, and died 1836, unmarried.
4. Nancy, born 16th May, 1813, married, 15th August, 1832, William Andrews, from Ireland, and had children: 1. Thomas Andrews ; 2. Stephen Bonnel Andrews.
5. Electa, born 4th July, 1816; married, 24th October, 1835, James Helm, and had a son, Elias Bonnel Helm, and died 28th February, 1837.
6. Stephen Carter, born 7th June, 1818, and died 21st September, 1820.
7. Hannah Parcel Bonnel, born 1st September, 1821, and married, 3d June, 1838, David N. Ruckman, son of Nathan. [See Ruckman.]

ELIAS BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Caty Simpson, had children :
1. Edwin, who married Eliza Scofield, of Connecticut.
2. Caroline married Thomas Smith, of New York.
3. Rhoda married Francis Doremus.
4. Elias Freeman married Maria Tashier.

DAVID BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Day, had children :
1. Harriet, who married Benjamin Wade.

MAHLON BONNEL, (son of James, son of John,) and Sally Oliver, had children :
1. Joanna, who married Henry Lytle, of New York.
2. David, who married ____ ____.
3. John ; 4. Henry ; 5, Sarah ; 6. Salina ; 7. Mahlon ; 8. Cornelia.

JONATHAN BONNEL, (3d child of John Bonnel, son of Nathaniel, 1st) and Mary Burnet, had children :
1. Matilda, who married Alexander Bruen, son of Joseph, and had children: 1. Serenus Bruen, who married a daughter of David Burnet.
2. Jonathan Bruen married Sally Muchmore, daughter of Stephen.
3. Harriet Bruen married Mr. Knapp, from Connecticut.
4. Albert Bruen married ____ ____; Live in Chester, Morris County.
5. John Bruen married ____ ____ in Newark.
6. Charlotte Bruen married ____ ____.
7. Hervy Bruen.

2. Ichabod, who married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas, and had a child, Mary Bonnel, who married John Helm, of Basking Ridge.
3. Joel, who married Arabella Halsey, of Hanover, and had children :
1. Albert Bonnel married a daughter of Carter Bruen, of Madison.
2. Mary Anne Bonnel married Mr. _____, from Conn.
3. Joel Bonnel, Jun., married ____ Meeker, daughter of John Meeker.
4. ____ ____.
5. Francis.
4. Alva, who married Nancy Halsey, sister of Joel Bonnel's wife, had children :
1. Halsey Bonnel, who married ____ ____, in Newark.
2. Marcus Bonnel married Miss ____ Lacy, of Elizabethtown.
3. Elizabeth Bonnel, not married.
4. Joel Bonnet married ____ ____.
5. Sylvanus Bonnel married ____ ____.
6. John Bonnel.
5. John went to the west, and was drowned.

ISRAEL BONNEL, (4th child of John Bonnel, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Fanny Hand, had children:
1. Harriet, who married Lewis Freeman, near Green Village, and had children :
1. Lewis Freeman ; 2. Francis Freeman ; 3. Sarah Freeman ; 4. a son ; 5. a daughter.
2. Sarah.
3. Lewis married _____, and left his wife, and went to Iowa.

SYLVANUS BONNEL, (7th child of John, son of Nathaniel, 1st,) and Nancy Bonnel, lived at Springfield, and had children :
1. Eliza, who married George Sayre, son of Nathan, of Elizabethtown. Live at Madison, (he is a merchant there.) and had children : 1. Sylvanus Sayre ; 2. Edward Sayre ; 3. Theodore Sayre, who died in infancy.
2. Calvin married Julianna ____, from Philadelphia, and had children ; 1. William ; 2. Nancy ; 3. ____; 4. ____.
3. Hervy married _____, in Iowa.
4. John.
5. Charlotte married Abner Stites, of Springfield, son of Abner Stites, of New Providence.
6. Sylvanus.
7. Nancy.
8. William.
All these, except Eliza and Charlotte, went to Iowa, and settled there.

SALLY BONNEL, (daughter of John,) and Ezekiel Sayre, had children:
1. Sally Day, who married her cousin, David Bonnel, son of James, and had an only child, Harriet, who married Benjamin Wade.
2. Electa Sayre, who married Stephen Bower, son of Daniel, and had children : 1. George Bower ; 2. Laura Bower ; 3. Catherine Bower ; 4. Franklin Miller Bower ; 5. a son.
3. Catherine Sayre, who died at 35 years, unmarried.
4. David Sayre, married Mary Spencer, daughter of Samuel, son of William, and had children : 1. Frederick Sayre ; 2. _____; 3. _____.
5. John Edgar Sayre.
6. Lewis Sayre. Lives at St. Louis, Missouri.

SOLOMON BOYLE, emigrated from Ireland, and married a French girl in this country. He purchased of East Jersey Proprietors, 600 acres of land, (west of and adjoining the Berkley tract,) a long piece between that tract and Passaic River, separated from the Berkley tract by a line running from the river, due North crossing Long Hill, to the river again. He lived where William Boyle now lives, and had children :
1. John, who married Hannah Frazee.
2. Solomon, Jun., born February, 1734-5, and married Margaret Hull.
3. Benjamin, who died unmarried.
4. William.
5. Robert, who resided in New York.
6. Joseph, who married Caty Cross, daughter of Robert Cross.
7. Jane, married Joseph Dalrimple, of Succasunna Plains.
8. Sarah, married Joseph Doty.
9. Lynche, married John Cooper, son of Daniel, 1st. [See Cooper.]
10. Polly, married Daniel Munroe.

JOHN BOYLE, (1st child Solomon, 1st,) built a gristmill, saw-mill, and forge, at the fall where the river passes through Long Hill, the site now occupied by Dunn's Mills. He and his wife, Hannah Frazee, had children:
1. Jonathan.
2. Lynche.
3. Sally.
4. Patty.
5. John, who married Betsey Runyon.

SOLOMON BOYLE, Jun., (son of Solomon, 1st,) and Margaret Hull, had children :
1. Agnes, who married Stafford Wilson, from Ireland. [See Wilson.]
2. Susan, married Allen Simpson.
3. Elizabeth, married David Moore, son of Isaac. [See Moore.]
4. Jane, is unmarried, - lives with her brother Col. Solomon.
5. Solomon, 3d, (Col.) married Elizabeth Pierson, daughter of Jonathan, and granddaughter of Col. Cornelius Ludlow.
6. William, (Doct.) married Maria Lafferty.
7. Sarah, who died young.
8. Anne married Jacob Larzalier, and went to near Cayuga Lake, New York.

COL. SOLOMON BOYLE, (5th child of Solomon, Jun.,) and Elizabeth Pierson, lived on Long Hill, on the original tract of 600 acres, and had an only child :
1. Mahetabel Day, who married JohnTunis, son of Daniel, of New Vernon ; had children : 1. Phebe Elizabeth Tunis ; 2. Sydney Adolphus Tunis; 3. William Lindeley Tunis ; 4. John Sineus Tunis.

Dr. WILLIAM BOYLE, (6th child of Solomon, Jun.) and Maria Lafferty, had children :
1. William, who married Hannah Anderson, daughter of George Esq., of Vealtown.
2. Anna Maria, married Dr. James Howard Hutchins, of Brooklyn, New York.
3. Adaline, married Albert H. Osborn, son of David L. Osborn, of Brooklyn, who was son of Nehemiah Osborn, of this Valley.

JOSEPH BOYLE, (6th child of Solomon Boyle, 1st,) and Caty Cross, lived south of Long Hill, on the 600 acre tract, near the river, and had children :
l. Robert, who married, 1st, his cousin Polly Cross, daughter of William ; 2. Larny Appleman, daughter of David, of Washington Valley.
2. Polly, who died young.
3. William, married his cousin Nancy Cross, sister of Robert's wife, and had an only son, Augustus Alexander Boyle.
4. Susan, married Peter Cooper, son of Daniel Cooper, Esq. [See Cooper.]
5. Patty, married Williams Miller, son of Jonathan, near and North of Liberty Corner.
6. Solomon, married Harriet Parcel, daughter of Captain John Parcel, of Liberty Corner, and had an only child, John Ferdinand Boyle, who married Lydia Anne R. Annin, daughter of William C. Annin.
7. Alexander, who went to Cuba, (West Indies,) and never returned.

ROBERT BOYLE, ( eldest child of Joseph, son of Solomon,) and Polly Cross, had children :
1. Cathrine ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Sarah Anne.
4. William Cross Boyle, who married Mary Aletta Annin, daughter of William C. Annin, of Liberty Corner, and went to Jeffersonville, Illinois, in 1848.
Robert Boyle's wife, Polly, then died, and by his 2d wife Lany, had other children :
5. David, who died at about 7 years ; 6. Mary L. ; 7. Elizabeth ; 8. Martha.

WILLIAM BRITTIN'S wife's name was Sarah ____ ; she died 29th December, 1787. They had children :
1. William, Jun., who married Mary Pierson, daughter of John, of Lyons Farms.
2. Jacob, who married Elizabeth VanSickle, 3d March, 1774, whose mother was sister of Thomas Thompson of Springfield; also was sister of Elizabeth, wife of William Cauldwell. [See Thompson & Cauldwell].
3. Joseph married Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Cooper Ward of Hanover, Morris county.
4. John married, 5th June, 1772, Phebe Pettit, daughter of Benjamin Pettit, Jun.

WILLIAM BRITTIN, Jun., (son of William, Sen.) and Mary Pierson, had children :
1. Mary, who died young.
2. Abbey, who married Joseph Green, and had no children.
3. Vashti married Jeremiah C. Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.
4. William, 3d, married Freelove Lewis, of Long Island.
5. Fanny married Elias Thompson, son of Jonathan, of Madison. 6. Elihu married, 1st, Mary Price, daughter of Thomas, of Elizabethtown ; 2. Albina Ralston, daughter of William, son of John, of Mendham.

VASHTI BRITTIN, (3d child of William, Jun.,) and Jeremiah C. Garthwaite, had children :
1. William Garthwaite, who married, 1st, Elmira Parker ; 2d, Abba Ward, daughter of Dr. Ward, of Newark.
2. Abba Garthwaite married Albert Pierson, of Piersonville, Morris county.
3. Samuel Garthwaite married Mary Damon, of Elizabethtown.
4. Mary Carthwaite married Ira Pierson, brother of Albert.
5. Anne Garthwaite married Henry Geiger, of Elizabethtown. Live in Newark.
6. Jeremiah C. Garthwaite, Jun., married Caroline Darcy, daughter of Dr. J. Darcy.
7. Elizabeth Garthwaite married Joseph Wheeler, of Newark.
8. Thomas Garthwaite married Margaret Brittin, daughter of Colonel William, of Madison.
9. John Rudd Garthwaite, who was killed by the explosion of a steamboat, on the Mississippi river.

WILLIAM BRITTIN, 3d, (4th child of William, Jun.,) and Freelove Lewis, lived on Long Island, and had children :
1. William, 4th ; 2. Maria ; 3. Caroline ; 4. John Pierson ; 5. Lewis ; 6. Mary : 7. Joseph Dayton ; 8. Lavina ; 9. Jane Eliza.

FANNY BRITTIN, (5th child of William, Jun.,) and Elias Thompson, lived at Madison, and had children :
1. Abby Thompson, who married Joseph P. Tucker, son of Charles.
2. William Thompson married Miss ____ Marsh.
3. Mary Thompson married Jonathan Crane, son of Isaac, of Madison.
4. Jonathan Thompson, married Bethia Clarkson.
5. Phebe Thompson married Edgar Smith, son of James, of Woodbury.
6. Abel Thompson, who died a young man.
7. Jane Thompson married Mr. Freeman, of Rahway.

COLONEL ELIHU BRITTIN, (6th child of William Brittin, Jun.,) born 1778, and died 9th November, 1849, in his 71st year. He lived in Elizabethtown, and by his 1st wife, Mary Price, had children ;
1. Henry, who married Eliza McBride, daughter of Hugh, of Tarrytown, New York, and had children : 1. Mary Frances ; 2. Lavina ; 3. Henrietta ; 4. James ; 5. George ; 6. Jeannette, (twin to George.)
2. Julia, who married Amos Vreeland, and had children : 1. Mary Vreeland, who married William Smith ; 2. Henry Vreeland.
3. Henrietta married William P. Mulford, son of Jonathan, of Pluckemin, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Mulford; 2. George Mulford ; 3. Emeline Mulford ; 4. Francis Mulford ; 5. Lavina Mulford ; 6. Mary Mulford ; 7. Julia Mulford.
4. Maria, who married John Silvers, son of Noah, of Rahway, and had children ; 1. Mary Malvina Silvers, who married Rev. William V. Wycoff, and had children : 1. HelenMaria Wycoff. 2. Elihu Brittin Silvers ; 3. John Silvers.
5. John Pierson Brittin married Sarah Fay, daughter of ____ ____ of Cazenovia, New York, and had a daughter, Gertrude Fay Brittin. He died at about 36 years.
8. Emeline, who married Abraham C. Squier, son of Recompence Squier, of Rahway, and had children 1. Mary Esther Squier ; 2. Jonathan Squier ; 3. William Henry Squier.
And by his 2d wife, Albina Ralston, Colonel Brittin had other children : 7. Mary Helen ; 8: Luna.

JACOB BRITTI N, (2d son of William Brittin, l st,) lived on Longhill, and owned 100 acres of land, No. 23 (addition,) of the Elizabethtown survey, and also part of No. 27, extending south to the river.
He and his wife, Elizabeth Van Sickle, had children :
1. Theodocia, who married Miller Walker, son of Asher. [See Walker.]
2. William, born 8th February, 1778, and married Margaret Baker, daughter of Daniel, of Westfield. He was Col. of the Militia-..-Judge of the County Court, and was a member of the Legislature several years, and also member of Council, from Morris county.
3. Abraham, born 20th February, 1780 ; married Elizabeth Baker, sister of William's wife. William and Abraham were merchants in Madison many years.
4. Isaac married Abby Ludlow, daughter of Benjamin, of Westfield ; he also lived at Madison.
5. Sally married Caleb Boss, son of Joseph, of Longhill. They both died leaving no children.

Jacob Brittin died 18th August, 1784, and his widow Elizabeth, married Jonathan Miller, of Westfield, who lived with her at Longhill till she died, 15th July, 1795, aged 41 years.
Mr. Miller married again a Miss Hedges, of Long Island, and died of asthma, 30th July, 1802, aged 41 years.

COL. WILLIAM BRITTIN, (2d child of Jacob Brittin,) and Margaret Barker, had children :
1. Sylvester, born 5th February, 1802, married Pamela, widow of Dr. Henry G. Elmer, and daughter of Gabriel Johnson, Esq., both died without children.
2. Eliza Van Sickle, born 4th June, 1804, married William Woodruff, son of Flavel, and had children.
1. Mary ElizabethWoodruff; 2. Sophia Woodruff.
3. Anna Maria, born 16th August, 1806, married Jacob Baker, son of William, brother of Daniel, [See Baker.]
4. Hervy, born August, 1809, and died a young man.
5. Mary, born ___,1812, married Apollos M. Elmer, son of Doct. Moses, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who became deaf in youth. Mrs. Elmer died 9th April, 1836, aged 24 years.
6. William Jackson, married Helen Maria Howel, daughter of Ezra Howe!, of East Madison, and had children : 1. William Ezra. 2. Edwin Ludlow.
7. Isabella.

ABRAHAM BRITTIN (3d child of Jacob,) and Elizabeth Baker, had children :
1, Edwin, who married Rosina Black, of Arkansas. He died 27th Sebtember, 1847, at his father's, and left children : 1. Fanny Elizabeth. 2. Abraham Ludlow. 3. William Isaac. 4. Ford.
2. Alfred Bishop, born 1st October, 1814, is an engineer.
3. Margaret Osborn, born 11th June, 1819, married Jacob Thomas Garthwaite, son of Jeremiah C., of Elizabethtown ; lives in Newark, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Brittin Garthwaite ; 2. Mary Turner Garthwaite, who died at about three years eight months.
4. Mary Walker, married Joseph P. Turner, of Alabama, and lived there and had children :1 Rossina Brittin Turner ; 2. Fredrick Brittin Turner ; 3. Edwin Brittin Turner.

ISAAC BRITTIN, (4th child of Sacob,[sic: Jacob?]) and Abby Ludlow, had but one child :
1. Benjamin Ludlow, who went to Washington, Arkansas.

JOSEPH BRITTIN, (3d son of William, 1st) lived at Schenectady, New York. He and Elizabeth Ward had children :
1. Jacob.
2. William, who died a young man.
3. Maria, who married Asa Sprague, of Connecticut.
4. Eliza, married Dr. Dunlap, of Schenectady.
5 Sarah.
6. Samuel.
7. Lydia.
8. Joseph.

JOHN BRITTIN, (4th son of William Brittin,) lived in Sussex. He and his wife, Phebe Pettit, had children :
1. Pettit, who married _____, lived in Sussex.
2. Betsey, who married James Primrose, lived in Sussex.

WILLIAM BROADWELL, Sen., drew lot No. 13, of the Elizabethtown Survey, and probably built the house upon it by the brook where the Parsons family afterwards lived. He also drew lot No. 18, South of No. 13, where Isaiah Meeker subsequently lived; he had children :
1. William Jun., married Mary ____ , who died 23 September, 1757, aged 32 years. He had a daughter, Jane, who married her cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah Broadwell, Esq.

David, married Mary Rowel, 25th November, 1767; she died 9th April, 1769, aged 21 years.
William Broadwell, Sen., died in 1746, aged 64 years ; his head-stone is of the oldest date of any in the Presbyterian graveyard.
William Broadwell and Josiah Broadwell, Esq., were of the Committee, in 1757, to confer with the Rev. Jonathan Elmer, respecting his settlement as a minister of the Presbyterian church, in New Providence.

WILLIAM BROADWELL, Jun., and Mary ____, had children:
1. William, 3d, who died 5th May, 1761, in his 6th year.
2. Jane, who married her cousin Moses Broadwell, son of Josiah, Esq.

JOSIAH BROADWELL, Esq., lived on lot No. 18, and had children :
Sons -- Samuel, who married Miss Lindsley, and went to Kentucky.
Hezekiah, who married Abigail Green, daughter of Rev. Jacob Green, of Hanover, and sister of the Rev. Ashbel Green, D.D. a LLD. -- late of Philadelphia, who was born 6th July, 1762, and died 19th May, 1848.
Simeon, married Rachel Lindsley, sister. of Samuel's wife, and went to Dayton, Ohio.
Jacob married Jane ____, of Metuchen.
Moses married his cousin, Jane Broadwell, daughter of William.
DAUGHTERS. -- Polly, or Hannah, married William Darling, and lived where Isaac Meeker does.
Esther, married, 1st, John Mills Frost ; 2d, Ichabod Ward. [See Ward.] She died 29th April, 1835, aged 81 years.

HEZEKIAH BROADWELL, son of Josiah, Esq., and Abigail Green, had children :
1. James, married and had children : 1. Charles, who is a Printer in Cincinnati. 2. ____ ____, 3. Jane, who married in Cincinnati.
2. Jacob Green Broadwell, was born 4th April, 1780, and married Susan Beach, daughter of John, son of Samuel.
3. Abby, who died unmarried.

POLLY, (or HANNAH,) BROADWELL, (daughter of Josiah, Esq.,) and William Darling, had children :
Thomas Darling, who married Betsey McComb, of Newark, had children :
1. Herbet Darling.
2. Lewis Darling.
3. Thomas Darling, Jun.
4. Mary Darling, married Silas Lindsley, Jun., son of Silas, Esq. of Spring Valley.
5. Edgar Darling.
6. James Good Darling, married Martha Wilson, daughter of Charles Wilson, and Meriam High, daughter of Jacob.
7. Augustus Darling.
8. Isaac Darling, married Laura Seigler, of Bloomfield, and lived in Newark.

SIMEON BROADWELL, ( son of Josiah Esq.,) and Rachel Lindsley, lived in Dayton, Ohio, and had children:
1. Silas ; 2. Ephraim ; 3. Josiah; 4. Lewis.
1. Silas, who married, 1st, Sally Byram, daughter of Naphtoli, of Morristown ; 2d. Anne Byram, (his first wife's sister, and had no children by her,) and had children :
1. Ebenezer Byram Broadwell, who married _____, in Dayton.
2. Mary, who married Joseph Plunket ____, of Dayton.
3. Simeon married _____.
4. Josiah married Ella Cutter, of Cincinnati ;
5. Anne, married George Joycelin ;
6. Amy ;
7. Susan ;
8. Silas.

2. Ephraim, married Jane Gardener, daughter of Benjamin Gardener and Sarah Thompson. [See Thompson.]
3. Josiah, married 1. _____ ; 2. _____ ; 3. _____.
4. Lewis, married Nancy Valentine, daughter of David, son of Obadiah, and lives on St. Mary's River, Ohio.

JACOB G. BROADWELL, (2d son of Hezekiah,) and Susan Beach, had children :
1. Wickliff Green, who was born 9th April, 1840, and married Joanna Sayre, daughter of Nathan, of Elizabethtown ; had no children.
2. Hannah W., born 28th July, 1805, married, 22d December, 1821, Samuel Parsons, 5th son of _____.
3. John B., born 10th November, 1807, who died at 9 months.
4. Jerusha B., born 24th January, 1809, died at 20 months.
5. William B., born 13th June, 1811, married Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Isaac Miller, of Newark.
6. Joanna H., born 26th January, 1814.
7. Eliza Jones, born 1st August, 1816 ; died at 3 years.
8. James Beach, born 22d March, 1818, died at 18 months.
9. Eliza Jones, 2d, born 4th February, 1820, married, 19th June, 1840, her cousin William Beach, son of James, and lived in Kentucky.
10. John Beach, 2d, born 11th March, 1822.
11. Jacob Green, born 1st October, 1825, married, 10th June, 1846, Eliza Anderson, daughter of James Anderson, of Newark.

HANNAH W. BROADWELL, and Samuel Parsons, had children :
1. Margaret Parsons, 3d, who died at 17 years, unmarried.
2. William Henry Parsons.
3. Samuel Parsons:
4. Charles Parsons, died at about 2 years.
5. Mary Eliza Parsons, died at about one year.
6. Wickliff Parsons.
7. Mary Anne Eliza Parsons.
8. Richard Parsons.
9. Albert Parsons.

WILLIAM B. BROADWELL, and Mary Anne Miller, had children : 1. George Broadwell ; 2. _____; 3. Ira Green ; 4. Lillis, born 25th December, 1849.

ELIZA J. BROADWELL, and William Beach, had children, who all died but Anna McGinnis Beach.
Jacob G. Broadwell, and Eliza Anderson, had children:
1. William Henry, born 11th April, 1847 ; 2. James Anderson, born 25th September; 1849.

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