Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

BENJAMIN SQUIER lived in Westfield, and had sons :
1. Ellis, who married. 23d January, 1769, Rebecca, daughter of Amos Potter 1st. [See Potter.]
2. Meeker, who married Rachel, daughter of Stephen Meeker, of Essex county, New Jersey.
3. William, who married Sarah Conklin.

ELLIS SQUIER, son of Benjamin Squier, of Westfield, lived in New Providence, where the Franklin school-house now stands. He and Rebecca Potter had children:
1. Mary, who married Jeremiah H. Osborn, son of Jonathan H. Osborn, [see Osborn,] she died without children, and he married 2d, Polly Clark, daughter of Stephanus, and had children : 1. Squier Osborn who married Anne Bond, daughter of Nathaniel. 2. Louisa Osborn, who married Joseph Bond, son of Nathaniel. 3. Sarah Osborn, who married Peter Hendrickson, and had a daughter, Mariah, who married George Potts. 4. Moses Osborn, who did not marry.
2. Rhoda was baptized, 8th August. 1773, and died young.
3. Johannah married, 13th March, 1794, Samuel Baldwin, son of Gabriel. [See Baldwin.]
4. David, born 1777, who married, November, 1805, in Ohio, Sally Gard, born 11th Feb. 1778, daughter of Daniel, and sister of the Rev. Stephen Gard, and had three daughters ; when he died, and his widow Sally married Maxwell Potter, son of Russel Potter, and had a daughter Sarah Anne Potter.
5. Timothy married in Ohio, 1st, a widow Briggs ; 2d, Rebecca Tucker, daughter of John, of Springdale. (not of Henry Tucker's family,) and had three daughters.
6. Mary 2d, baptized 19th Feb. 1794, and married in Ohio, David Sergeant, son of Sampson Sergeant. By his 1st wife had three sons : 1. Ellis Sergeant ; 2. Sampson Sergeant ; 3. Timothy Sergeant. They lived and both died at Leport, Ind.
Ellis Squier and family, and Jeremiah H. Osborn, removed to Ohio, about the year 1798, and lived near the Blue Ball between the Miamis.

JOHANNAH SQUIER, (daughter of Ellis,) and Samuel Baldwin, had children :
1. Squier Baldwin, who married Sally Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of Dayton, whose wife was Elizabeth Gard.
2. Amos Baldwin, married Miss Keziah Tucker, daughter of John, and sister of Timothy Squier's second wife.
3. Sarah married Uriah Sawyer, from New England.

DAVID SQUIER, (son of Ellis,). and Sally Gard, had children :
1. Phebe, who married Benjamin Potter, son of Maxwell, son of Russel Potter. [See Russel Potter.]
2. Eliza married Philip Landis, son of Philip, and had children : 1. Elizabeth R. Landis ; 2.. Mary G. Landis ; 3. Sarah G. Landis ; 4. John Leland Landis ; 5. Charles Landis ; 6. David Landis ; 7. Phebe Anne Landis ; 8. Juliette Landis ; 9. Harriet Landis ; 10. Susannah Landis.
3. Juliette married Sutton Van Pelt, and had children : 1. Alexander Van Pelt ; 2. David Squier Van Pelt ; 3. Camilla Van Pelt. Mr. David Squier died in 1814, aged 38 years, and his widow Sally married Maxwell Potter, son of Russel Potter. [See Russel Potter.]

TIMOTHY SQUIER, (5th child of Ellis,) and Rebecca Tucker, had children :
1. Harriet Anne, who married David Benedict Groat, live in the state of New York.
2. Samantha, who married William Stone, had two children, and he died.
3. Mary married Mr. Winters, of Logansport, Indiana.

MEEKER SQUIER, (son of Benjamin,) and Rachel Meeker lived near the Blue Ball, Warren county, Ohio, and had children :
1. Rebecca, who married, 1st, Thomas Morton, and had children: 1. Rachel Morton ; 2. Samuel Morton ; 3. Meeker Morton. Rebecca married, 2d, Samuel Sergeant, (as his 2d wife,) and had other children : 4. Ivy Sergeant ; 5. Eliza Sergeant ; 6. Thomas Sergeant ; 7. Rebecca Sergeant ; 8. Phebe Anne Sergeant.
2. Anna. who married David Johnson, and had children : 1. Ithaman Johnson ; 2. Phebe Johnson ; 3. Rachel Johnson ; 4. John Johnson.
3. William, who married Puah Osborn, daughter of Jonathan H. Osborn. [See Osborn.]
4. John, who married Mary Potter, daughter of Russel, son of Levi. [see Russel Potter,] and had children : 1. Levi ; 2. Joanna; 3. Russel ; 4. Rachel ; 5. Rhoda Anne ; 6. Mary Jane ; 7. Ezekiel ; 8. Ivy ; 9. Adeline.
5. Ezekiel, who is not married.
6. Phebe, who married John Squier, son of Thomas, of New Jersey.
7. Stephen. who married Sarah Bond, daughter of Caleb, and had children : 1. Levi ; 2. Caleb ; 3. Rachel ; 4. Charlotte.

WILLIAM SQUIER, (3d child of Meeker Squier,) and Puah Osborn had children :
1. Jeremiah, who married Caroline Bond, a daughter of Caleb, and had children : 1. Charlotte ; 2. Emmazetta ; 3. Edward.
2. Ezekiel, who married 1st, Anne Conover, who had no children ; 2d, Mary Martin, in 1851, daughter of Samuel and Anna Martin.
3. Deborah, who married David Eagle, and had a son, William Eagle.
4. Meeker, who married ______.

WILLIAM SQUIER, (son of Benjamin.) and Sarah Conklin lived near the Blue Ball, Ohio, and had children :
1. Caleb, who married Elizabeth Wells ; 2. Abraham, who married Polly Ball, daughter of Ezekiel, of Middletown. [See Ball]; 3. David ; 4. Ellis ; 5. William; 6. Mary, who married John Shuckman ; 7. Abigail, who married Jeremiah Masterson; 8. Sarah married Henry Row ; 9. Daniel married Miss Case ; 10 Rebecca.

THOMAS SQUIER lived where William Mulford, now lives, in Morris county. He married, 1st, Jemima Camp, daughter of Aaron Camp, Sen , and had children :
1. Sarah, who married Jacob Tingley, and lived in Washington Valley.
2. Aaron married Nancy Vance, daughter of Kennedy Vance, of Long Hill.
3. Stephen married Hannah Littell, daughter of Samuel, of Rockaway, Morris county.
4. Moses married, 29th April, 1790, Anna Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and went to Western Pennsylvania.
5. Ludlow married Anna Runyon, daughter of Elias, of Long Hill. He lived at Plainfield, By a second wife, Thomas Squier had a daughter.
6. Anna, who married David Coriell, son of Elias, of Long Hill. [See Coriell.]

SARAH SQUIER and Jacob Tingley had children :
1. Jemima Tingley, who married Elias Cole, son of Master William Cole. [See Cole.]
2. Anna Tingley married William D. Stewart, son of David. [See Stewart.]
3. Osee Tingley married Ralph Shotwell, son of Jacob. [See Shotwell.]
4. Squier Tingley married Ruth Smalley, daughter of Jacob, and had children : 1. Ira Tingley, who married Mary Coulter, daughter of Leffert, and lives at Martinville. 2. Sarah Tingley married Nathaniel Drake, son of Noah. [See Drake.] 3. Jacob Smalley Tingley is a carriage maker of Plainfield. 4. Isaac S. Tingley. 5. Tabitha Tingley married Benjamin Fisher, son of Jerry Fisher, and removed to Jefferson county, N. Y.
5. George Hacket Tingley, who lives in New York.

AARON SQUIER and Nancy Vance had children :
1. Betsey, who married Noah Frazee, son of Maxwell. [See Frazee.]
2. Samuel, who is not married. He lives and owns the farm on which his father and grand-father Vance lived.
3. John married Mary Meeker, daughter of Joseph Ogden Meeker, of Westfield, and had children: 1. Nancy. who married Joseph Ross, son of John Ross, of Westfield. 2. Mary married Isaac H. Potter, son of Recompense, of Plainfield. and died June, 1850, and left 3 children. 3. Ogden, who died at 16 years. 4. Agnes, who died at 9 months.
4. Thomas married Catherine Tate, of New York, and had children : 1. John ; 2 Catherine, and then removed to Geneva, New York.
5. Horatio married Elizabeth Crocker, of New York, and had children : 1. Mary; 2. Caroline ; 3. Horatio ; 4. Samuel.
Aaron Squier died 9th Aug. 1818, aged 57 years. His wife died 15th June, 1801, aged 39 years. His son John died 2d April, 1834, aged 39 years.

STEPHEN SQUIER and Hannah Littell lived on Staten Island, N. Y. and had children :
1. William, who married Sally Merrel, daughter of John Merrel, and had children : 1. Fanny, who is unmarried. 2. John, who was drowned, at 17 or 18 years of age. 3. Stephen married Barbara Van Name, daughter of Simon. 4. Caty married _____. 5. Eliza married _____.
2. Sally married Samuel Sharp, son of William, and had children : 1. Charles Snowden Sharp. 2. Elizabeth Sharp, who married, 1st, Mr. Chandler ; 2d Mr. Sayre. 3. William Sharp. 4. Priscilla Sharp. Mr. Sharp removed to Western New York.
3. Thomas married Charlotte Parsons, daughter of Jonathan. He is a tailor ; lives in Madison, and had children: 1. Anna ; 2. Mary Elizabeth married Effingham Townley, son of Enos B. [see Townley ;] 3. Israel Rickey ; 4. Hannah Mariah ; 5. Harriet; 6. Helen Corieg ; 7. Horace Sheldon ; 8. Emily Parsons, who died at 17 months old.
4. Betsey married Abel Van Camp, and had children: 1. Hannah Mariah Van Camp, who married William Wilson, and had children: 1. Julia Helen Wilson, and others. 2. Sally Anne Van Camp married Mr. Thompson, and had children : 1. Mary Thompson : 2. Elizabeth Thompon ; 3. William Thompson ; 4 Charlotte Thompson.
3. Charlotte Van Camp married James Coburn.
4. Helen Rebecca Van Camp married Drake Benjamin.
5. Gilbert Van Camp;
6. Eliza Jane Van Camp.
7. Ludlow Squier Van Camp.

5. Samuel married Anne Merrel, daughter of Frederick, and had children : 1. Anne Elm, who married Mr. Eddy. 2. John, who was drowned at about 19 years. 3. Mercer__[illegible], who died at about 20 years. 4. Sarah ; 5. Mary Louisa. 6. George.

LUDLOW SQUIER, (son of Thomas,) and Anna Runyon, had children:
1. Abby, who married Richard Coriell, son of Peter. [See Coriell]
2 Clark married Thirza Vail, daughter of Alexander Vail, son of Daniel, and had chi!dren : 1. Elizabeth ; 2. William ; 3. Joseph. 4. Kerenhappuck ; 5. Alexander.
3. Israel married Martha Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander, and had children : 1. H[?]arrison ; 2 Agnes ; 3. Caroline ; 4. John ; 5. Mary. 6. Elizabeth ; 7. Ludlow. and then removed to Illinois.
4. Deborah married William Darby, son of John, of Scotch. Plains.
5. Jane married Elias Kirpatrick, Esq. son of John. [See Kirkpatrick.]
6. Ludlow married Mary Wright, daughter of Savage Wright.

OLIVER STELLE was son of Isaac Stelle, of Piscataway, Middlesex county. He was horn 1st August 175[6?] and married 21st January, 1778, Mary Ryno, and removed to Bernard's Township, Somerset county, in April, 17[9?]4. They had children :>br? 1. Christiana, who is unmarried.
2. Ephraim, who married Anna Manning, daughter of Isaac.
3 Isaac married Rachel Clawson, daughter of Cornelius.
4. Harriet married Peter Landolph, son of Gilbert. [See Randolph.]
5. Ruth married John Worth ; have no children.
6. Sarah married Isaac Randolph, brother of Peter. [See Randolph.]
7. John married Anne Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander ; he went on a visit to his son [illegible...] in Illinois, and died there 24th April, 1853, with three days illness.
8. Anne who died in youth.
9. Mary, who died a young woman.
10. Clarkson married Lucinda Terri!, daughter of Thomas, Esq. He died 13th July, 1850, suddenly without sickness.
11. Rachel, who died a young woman.

EPHRAIM STELLE and Anna Manning, had children :
1. Elizabeth, who marricd Drake Terril, son of Thomas, Esq. [See Terrill]
2. Sally married, 23th December, 1819, William Coddington, Esq of Bound Brook.
3. Margaret mated Charles Smalley, son of Andrew, Esq., lives on Mine Brook and had: 1. Anne Smalley ; 2. Theodore Smalley ; 3. Manning Smalley, 4. Daniel Smalley, who died young.
4 Isaac, who died at 4 years [illegible].
6. Jane married David Tingley, son of Ebenezer, and lives in Newark ;
7. Oliver.

ISAAC STELLE and Rachel Clawson, had children :
1. Mary, who married Madison Terril, son of Thomas, Esq. (See Terril] 2 Clarissy [sp?]

JOHN STELLE and Anne Kirkpatrick, had children :
1. Jeptha, who married Sarah Mandell, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
2. Jacob married Jane Compton, daughter of Moore Compton, and went to Illinois.
3. Freeman married Martha Runyon, daughter of David R.
4. Lewis, who died young ; 5. Pruvy.[Provy?]

CLARKSON STELLE and Lucinda Terre!, had children:
1. Rachel,who married Isaac Runyon, son of David R.
2. Mary Anne; 3. Mercy; 4. Lewis; 6. Thomas Terril. 6. Adeline.

JONATHAN STEVENS lived near where Samuel Squier now lives ; he had children :
1. John. who married Phebe Potter, daughter of Daniel, and sister of Amos Potter, Esq.
2. Sarah married Caleb Mulford, son of Job. [See Job Mulford.]
3. Betsey married John Shipman, son of Jabesh. [See Shipman.]
4. Jane, who died an old woman, unmarried.
5. Christopher married Rachel Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, Jun.
6. Jonathan married, fith November, 1768, Keziah Jennings, daughter of Jacob, and had no children.
7. James married Rhoda Garthwaite, of Connecticut Farms. She died 28th July, 1850, at Union Village, over 80 years of age.
8. William married Phebe Roff; daughter of Nathaniel Roff, and went to Ohio.
9. Jacob married Betsey Miller, daughter of Ephraim Miller. [See Miller.]
10. Frazee married Charlotte Headley, of Connecticut Farms.

JOHN STEVENS, (1st son of Jonathan,) and Phebe Potter had children :
1 Philemon, who died young.
2 Israel, who married 3d December, 1816, Abby Littell, daughter of Ebenezer; lived in New York, and had children: 1. Squier, who married Margaret Jones, of New York. 2. John married Caroline Conkrite, of New York. 3. William married Mary Woolsey. 4. Harriet, who died young. His wife Abby then died, and he married Abigail, the widow of Samuel C Parsons, and daughter of William Parrot, Jun. and had a daughter, 5. Angeline.
3. Gershom Manning, who died a young man.
4. Sarah, who died a young woman.
5. Amos, who married, 22d January, 1820, Rachel Totten, daughter of David, and had children : 1. Miller ; 2. Elizabeth.

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS, (5th child of Jonathan,) and Rachel Dunham had children:
1. Mulford Cory, who married Mary Willet, daughter of Thomas, and had children : 1. Aura Bennet ; 2. Sarah; 3. Eugene ; 4 Rachel ; 5. Gennet ; 6. Linus ; 7. Thomas, and then removed to Ohio.
2. Linus High married Ruth Crane, daughter of Joseph, son of Joseph, and had children: 1. Hannah Jane ; 2. Phebe Anne : 3. Joseph Crane, and then removed to Bloomfield.

JAMES STEVENS, (7th child of Jonathan,) and Rhoda Garthwaite had children :
I. Jonathan, who married Miss Baldwin, of Bloomfield, and live in Newark.
2. Phebe is unmarried ; lives in Plainfield.
3. Daniel Meeker went to Baltimore, and married there.
4. Sarah lives in New York.
5. William married, 22d Sept. 1823, Susan Moore, daughther of Isaac, and had children : 1. Mary Jane ; 2. Phebe Anne ; 3. Sarah Louisa ; 4. Elizabeth ; 5. Almira ; 6. Ellen ; 7. William ; 8. Harriet; 9. Moses ; 10. Susan. [See Moore.]
6. Eliza lives in New York.
7. James Hervy married _____, and lives in New York.
8. Jane married David N. Ruckman, son of Nathan, and had a son, James Ruckman, and then died.

JACOB STEVENS, (9th child of Jonathan,) and Betsey Miller, had children :
1, Miller, who married Asenath Mayhew, daughter of Joseph, near Cincinnati.
2. Jonathan married Harriet Day, in Delhi, near Cincinnati.
3. William married _____, and went to Indiana.
4. Hannah married Alexander Stewart ; lives in Cincinnati.
5. Jacob.
6. Eliphalet married Margaret Day, sister of Jonathan's wife.

JOSEPH STEWART married Mary, the widow of Samuel Doty ; lived in Washington Valley, and had children : 1 Enoch, 2. Rachel, who married Isaac Smalley, son of John. [See Smalley.] 3. David married Rachel Doty, daughter of the above named Samuel Doty. and sister of Henry Doty. 4. Mary married John Drake, son of Jeremiah.

DAVID STEWART and Rachel Doty had children:
1. Samuel. who died at about 24 years, unmarried.
2. Mary married Ezekiel Decamp, son of Ezekiel, and Went to the Lakes.
3 Isaac married Sally Parker, daughter of Gershom.
4. Phebe married Abner Rino, son of John, of Piscataway.
5. Sarah married Lewis Willet, son of Thomas.
6. William Doty, born 1st Oct. 1794, and married Anne Tingley, daughter of Jacob. She died 1st March, 1848.
7. David, Jun., went to Georgia ; married Sophia. Rise, and died there.
8. Rachel married Michael O'Conner ; she soon died.
9. Rhoda married the same Michael O'Conner.
10. Margaret married Aaron Bennet, son of Aaron, of Long Island.
11. Anne married Jacob Wambold, son of Jacob, of Elizabethtown.
12. Eliza married Joel Pangborn, son of Richard, of Plainfield.

WILLIAM D. STEWART and Anne Tingley had children:
1. Abel, who married Abby Totten, daughter of John, son of David.
2. Thirza Shotwell married John Q. Drake, son of Noah.
3. Andrew Jackson married Phebe Frazee, daughter of Gershom.
4. Esther married Elias Wilson, son of James.
5. Anne married John Doty, son of Henry.
6. George married Elizabeth Ogden, an English girl.
7. William.
8. Joseph Warren.

JOHN STITES was born in England, in the year A. D. 1593. Tradition says that he emigrated from London to New England in the time of Oliver Cromwell. He finally settled on Long Island, and died there in 1717, aged 122 years.

RICHARD STITES. son of John, was born 1640. He lived at Hempstead, L. I. and died 1702, aged 62 years.

WILLIAM STITES, son of Richard, was born at Hempstead, in 1676. He removed to Springfield, N. J. and died there in 1727, aged 51 years. William Stites had children :
1. John, born 1706 at Hempstead ; died at Springfield, 1782.
2. Hezekiah, born 1708, at Hempstead; died at Springfield, 1728.
3. Richard, born 1715, at Hempstead; died at Springfield, 1727.
4. Rebecca. born 1717, and married Jacob Carle. [See Carle.]
5. William, Jun. died at Mount Bethel, aged 91 years.
6. Elijah, born 1721, and died at Scotch Plains, 1765.
7. Benjamin married Betsey Willcox, daughter of Peter Wiilcox, Jun. and lived and died at Scotch Plains.

JOHN STITES, eldest son of William, was an Alderman of the borough of Elizabeth, lived near Scudder's Mills. on Rahway River. He married Miss Rushmore, of Long Island, a sister of the wife of Thomas Thompson, Sen. [See Thompson.] They had children :
1. Hezekiah, who became a physician, and settled at Cranbury, Middlesex county.
2. Sarah.
His Wife then died, and he married Miss Hampton, and had other children :
3. A daughter, who married the Rev. Mr. Gano, of New York.
4. A daughter, who married the Rev. Mr. Manning, and went to Rhode Island.
5. Abigail married Isaac Woodruff, Esq. of Elizabethtown.
6. John married. in New York, returned to Elizabethtown, and after a time went to the West.
7. Richard married Sarah Thompson, daughter of the above named Thomas Thompson, [see Thompson,] and had children.
1. Abby, who married John, son of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross, she is the mother of Cornelia, the wife of Gideon Ross, Esq. and lives with him.
2. Richard, born 1777, and died in Savannah, Georgia, in 1813 leaving a son, Richard W. Stites, now, (1850,) living in Morristown.

WILLIAM STITES, Jun. (5th child of William,) lived at Mount Bethel, Somerset county ; he married Miss Searing, and had children :
1. John ; 2. William 3d.
3. Isaac married Anna Butler, daughter of Amos, and died 7th August, 1830, aged 76 years.
William Stites, Jun. married, 2d, Sarah, widow of Amos Butler, by whom he had no children.

ISAAC STITES, (son of William, Jun.) and Anna Butler, had children :
I. Elijah, who married Phebe Bird, daughter of George, and had children : 1. Searing 2. Ellis ; 3. Rosannah ; 4. Elijah : 5. Hezekiah ; 6. Isaac.
2. Samuel married Patty Martin, daughter of Ephraim Martin ; they removed to Illinois, and had 14 children.
3. John married Ruth Moore, daughter of Joseph, and had children : 1. Jacob ; 2. Samuel 3. Phebe ; 4. John ; 5. Joseph ; 6. Peter ; 7. Susan ; 8. Eiiza : 9. William ; 10. Benjamin ; 11. Harriet.
4. Sarah married John Jennings, son of Benjamin.
5. William married, 1st, Mary Hoff, daughter of Ebenezer, and had children : 1. Mahala, who married David Simmons lives in Elizabethtown 2. Mary Anne married William Bonnel, of Elizabeth, town. 3. Israel, who went to Michigan. 4. Amy, who married Charles Whitmore. 5. Martha Jane married _____. He married, 2d, the widow Lydia Garrison, and had a son Joel, and died in New Providence.
6. Amos, who married Agnes Kelly, daughter of Samuel, and had children : 1. Samuel Kelly ; 2. Anna ; 3. Rachel ; 4. Debby ; 5. William Harrison ; 6. Amos Butler ; 7. Isaac A.

ELIJAH STITES, (son of William Stites, Sen.) lived at Scotch Plains. He married ______ and had children :
1. Rebecca, who married Richard Scudder. [See Scudder.]
2. Elijah.
3. Nancy, who married David Ross.
4. Prudence married John Rino, of Piscataway.
5. Chloe married Elias Miller, of Westfield.
6. Harnah married Peter Rino, brother of John.
7. Abner married, 18th Feb. 1786, Huldah Crane, daughter of Isaac, of New Providence.

ABNER STITES lived in New Providence, was a Capt. of the Militia, and an elder in the Presbyterian church. He died 29th August, 1831, his wife died 24th June 1835, aged 71 years. He and Huldah Crane had children :
1. Elijah is a merchant in Springfield. He married Jane Wade, daughter of Jonas Wade, Esq. of Springfield, and has no living children.
2. William is a paper manufacturer of Springfield ; was a Justice of the Peace, and Judge of the court ; has been several times a member of the legislature. He married Hannah B. Smith, daughter of Capt. John Smith ; had an only daughter, Jane Robison, who married Dr. John C. Elmer, of Mendham, son of Dr. Horace Eimer.
3. Huldah Grant married John Thompson, son of Jabez. [See Thompson.]
4. John M. Stites is a tanner and currier in New Providence. He is an elder in the presbyterian church. He married his cousin Jane Bonnel, daughter of Nathaniel 3d. He was born 2d Sept 1797, she was born 3d July, 1795 ; they had children :
1. William Crane, born 16th Nov. 1829. 2. Huldah, born 24th July, 1833.
5. Chloe married Ezra Fairchild, of Mendham. He is principal of a classical school on Long Island; they had children : 1. Emily Fairchild. 2. Elias Fairchild, who married, 16th March, 1850, Agnes Anderson, daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Plainfield, she died about 9 months thereafter.
6. Abner, born 24th Sep. 1803, is a merchant in Springfield ; married Charlotte Bonnel, born 27th Aug. 1814, daughter of Sylvanus, son of John Bonnel, and have children : 1. Edward Morris. born 12th October, 1847 ; 2. Charlotte Morrell, born March, 1850.
7. Apollos married Mary Bryant, daughter of Simeon Bryant, of Springfield; in New York, and has two children, Theodore and Matilda.

BENJAMIN STITES, (son of William Stites, Sen.) and Betsey Willcox, had children :
1. Henry, who died at Redstone, on his way to Cincinnati.
2. Benjamin, Jun. married, and went to Cincinnati.
3. Elijah went to Cincinnati.
4. Hezekiah went also to Cincinnati.
5. Isaiah married Mary Foster, daughter of Jacob Foster, of Lyons Farms.
NOTE—The wife of Benjamin Stites, Jun. was said to be the first white woman that ever landed at Cincinnati.

ISAIAH STITES, (son of Benjamin,) and Mary Foster lived at Scotch P!aina, and had children :>br? 1. Jacob Foster, who married Sarah Frazee, daughter of Henry, and sister of Maxwell.
2. Henry married Mary Clark, of Westfield.
3. Benjamin married Eliza Anne Drake, daughter of Nathaniel Drake, of Scotch Plains ; he is a grocer in Newark.

JACOB F. STITES, (son of Isaiah,) and Sarah Frazee, had children :
1. Isaiah, who married, 1st, Miss Drake ; 2d, Sarah --, and has no children.
2. Mary, who died at 14 or 15 years.
3. Charlotie married Philemon Dunn, and had a son, Albert Dunn.
4. Henry.

HENRY STITES, (son of Isaiah,) and Mary Clark, had children :
1. Eliza, who married Talmadge Ross, son of John, son of Talmadge.
2. John, who married and lives in New York.
3. Anne married Gershom Littell, son of Gershom.
4. Aaron married and lives in New York.

BENJAMIN STITES, (son of Isaiah) and Eliza Anne Drake, had children:
1. Huldah, who married James Cleaver, son of William H. Cleaver ; 2. Julia ; 3. Mary ; 4. Caroline ; 5. Benjamin.

EPHRIAM SUTTON lived on Sutton's Hill, (2d mountain,) west of William Allen's, and married, and had children :
1. Jesse.
2. William, who married Lavina, a Dutch girl, had children:
1. James ; 2. Enoch, who married Betsey Clark, daughter of Elias. [See Clark.] 3. Henry: 4. Mary, who married John Sibbens.
5. David married Sally Parker, daughter of Judah ; 6. William Jun. 7. Catherine ; 8. Sally ; 9. John. The family all removed to Ohio together.

JACOB SWAIN lived on Wolf Hill, near Union Village : his wife was Hannah ____; they had children :
1. Sarah, who married Elias Clark, Jun. son of Elias.
2. Benjamin, who married Caty Long, daughter of John, and had children : 1. Hannah married William McDonald, of Monmouth, and had children : 1. Joseph McDonald ; 2. William McDonald, 3. Thompson McDonald ; 4. Benjamin McDonald. 5. Elizabeth McDonald; the others died young.
2. John, who married at Rahway, and went to the Lakes.
3. Polly married Abraham Simonson, and had children : William .Simonson ; 2. Joseph Simonson, and others who died young. She married 2d, Ephraim Howard, and lives at Scotch Plains.
4. Elizabeth married James Curtis [hard to read], son of John.
5. Jona married an only daughter of Israel Ward, son of Joshua ; he left her, and went south, and she married George W. Ogden, son of Richard.
6 Joel, who married a daughter of Charles Rino.
7. William married in Pennsylvania.

THOMAS TERRIL came up from Rahway, and settled on Stony Hill. about one mile east of Mount Bethel Church ; he married Mary Dunn, diughter of Philemon Dunn, of Piscataway ; he was a justice of the peace, and had children :
1. Lewis, who married Aula Van [Lew? illegible], of New York, and lived, and died there, without children.
2. Squier married Rebecca Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander ; he was justice of the pace, and judge of the court of Somerset county.
3. Gertrude, who died at 42 years, unmarried.
4. Lucinda married Clarkson Stelle, son of Oliver. [See Stelle.]
5. Charity married Robert F. Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander. [See Kirkpatrick .]
6. Harriet married David Coon, son of Capt. Israel Coon ; she died, and left three chi.dren: 1. George Coon ; 2. Walter Coon ; 3. Firman Coon.
7. John, who died at about 13 years.
8. Drake married Elizabeth Stelle, daughter of Ephraim, son of Oliver. He died 1842, aged 37 years.
9. Madison married Mary Stelle, daughter of Isaac, son of Oliver.

SQUIER TERRIL, Esq. and Rebecca Kirkpatrick had children:
1. Aula, who married Badgley Gottra, son of James Gottra, Esq.
2. Mary married Silas Smalley, son of Andrew Smalley, Esq.
3. Jane married John Ross, son of John of Bound Brook.
4. Anne ; 5. Thomas ; 6. Margaret ; 7. Edward ; 8. Walter. 9. George.

DRAKE TERRIL and Elizabeth Stella, had children : 1. Harriet ; 2. Mary Anne; 3. Ephraim; 4. Sarah Jane. 5. Elizabeth; 6. Margaret.

MADISON TERRIL and Mary Stelle had children : 1. Lewis ; 2. Clarissa, who died at 9 years ; 3. Rachel. 4. Jason ; 5. Isaac; 6. George.

WILLIAM THOMAS lived on Stony Hill, was a half bushel maker ; he had children :
1. Derrick, who married Keziah Smalley, daughter of James. [See Smalley.]
2. Keziah married Benjamin Smalley, son of James. [See Smalley.]
3. Esther married Stephen Crane, son of Joseph. [See Joseph Crane]
4. Peggy.
5. Levi married Tabitha Hand, 18th child of Hezekiah Hand, and went to western New York.

THOMAS THOMAS was born 1777, in a house which stood on the line between Wales and England. After his father's death, a nobleman of London conceived a favorable opinion of him, took him under his care, educated and sent him to Oxford college, where he graduated ; he then studied theology, was licensed, and ordained to the gospel ministry ; he married Elizabeth Robison, daughter of Thomas Robison, of London, and emigrated to America in 1815 ; went to Cincinnati, and preached in the first church there, some time. He thence removee to Paddy's Run, in Butler county; thence to Venice, in the same county, and was installed over the presbyterian church there ; and died 9th October, 1831 ; they had children :
1. Mary, who married Nelson Gelpin, from Connecticut.
2. Elizabeth, who died in infancy.
3. Thomas Ebenezer, who graduated at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, studied theology, was licensed, preached at Harrison, below Cincinnati, and removed from thence to Hamilton, and was pastor of the presbyterian church there, till he was appointed, in 1849, president of Hanover college, Jefferson county, Indiana. He married Lydia Fisher, daughter of Nathaniel Fisher, of Boston.
4. Elizabeth married Charles Burrows, son of Eden, of Franklin, Ohio, formerly of Elizabethtown, in N.J.
5. Alfred is a lawyer, of Hamilton, Ohio ; he married Mary Eliza Fisher, sister of Thomas E.'s wife.
6. Sarah Robison is unmarried.
7. Anne married David Linton, son of David, a quaker.
8. John, born 20th July, 1822, is a lawyer of Hamilton, Ohio: he married. 23d May, 1850, Huldah R. Littell, daughter of John Littell, Esq. of Essex county, N. J.

MARY THOMAS, and Nelson Gelpin had children:
1. Sarah Gelpin married, 15th May. 1850, Rev. Mr. Crow, pastor of the church at South Hanover, Jefferson county, Indiana. 2. Thomas Gelpin ; 3. Huldah Gelpin ; 4. Alfred Gelpin. 5. John Gelpin ; 6. Sarah Robison Gelpin. 7. Mary Spencer Gelpin ; 8. David Gelpin.

REV. THOMAS E. THOMAS and Lydia Fisher had children : 1. Ebenezer; 2. Mary May ; 3. Elizabeth ; 4. Alfred. 5. John.

ELIZABETH THOMAS and Charles Burrows had children :
1. Richard Burrows ; 2. Mary Burrows. 3. Sarah Burrows, who died in infancy. 4. Thomas Burrows ; 5. Jane Burrows.

ALFRED THOMAS and Mary Eliza Fisher had chil-dren :
1. Eliza Lillie ; 2. Anne.

ANNE THOMAS and David Linton had children : 1. Anna. Linton 2. _____; 3. _____.

JOHN THOMAS and Huldah R. Littell, had children:
1. Clara Linton, and others.

Tradition in the Thompson family says that three brothers, Moses. Aaron. and Hur Thompson, emigrated from Scotland to America: that one a them, (probably Moses,) settled in Pennsylvania ; one in Connecticut, and that Hur settled in Elizabethtown.
Moses, Thomas and Hur Thompson were among the first setters of Elizabethtown. and their names are in the first list of "the Elizabethtown Associates," respecting their tract of land, of some 500,000 acres, purchased of the Indians, as recorded in the "Old Book of Records" in Elizabethtown.
In the year 1699, there was a town meeting held in Elizabethtown of all the Associates then living, and those holding under them, or some of them, and among these is the name. of John Thompson, who is the only Thompson therein named.
And in the same "Old Book" John Thompson and Samuel Thompson are said to be sons of Hur Thompson. It may reasonably be inferred then that Hur Thompson was the father of John Thompson, who was probably the father of Thomas Thompson, who was born 25th Jan 1712, and died 2d Nov. 1803, aged 91 years, 9 months and 8 days. He survived his 2d wife just one week. Tradition also says that Thomas had a brother, John Thompson.

JOHN THOMPSON. (son of Hur Thompson.) had seven children. He lived a short distance east of the residency of. the late General William Crane, about two miles west of Elizabethtown. The seven children were :
1. Thomas. who married 1st. Hannah Rushmore, of Hempstead, Long Island ; 2d, Rachel Shotwell, widow of Benjamin, of Piscataway.
2. Moses, who settled near the Church, in Connecticut Farms, and died there.
3. Aaron, who settled on Long Hill, in Morris county, and died in the time of the French war.
4. Hannah, who marred Thomas Baker, and with him removed to Turkey, now New Providence, Essex county. [See Baker ]
5. Sarah married 1st. Mr. Van Sickle, of Long Hill, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Jacob Britton, son of William. [See Britton.] Sarah married 2d. Mr. Rutan, who had a son. Peter, who lived in Albany, N. Y. She married 3d, James Enos, or Innes, of Long Hill.
6. Patience married Mr.Willis, of Short Hills, in Westfield township, and had children, but her descendants are not now known.
7. Betsey married William Cauldwell, son of James, of Long Hill. [See Cauldwell.]

ThOMAS THOMPSON. (son of John,) lived in Union Township, near Rahway River, and owned the mills below Springfield. He and Hannah Rushmore had children :
1. Mary, who married, 1st. John Lamb. [see Lamb] ; 2d, Matthias Hetfield. by whom she had no children.
2. Lavina, born 6th July, 1731, and died young.
3. John married Lucy Woolcott, of Connecticut.
4. Abigail. who died in infancy.
5. Abigail 2d married 1st, Moses Littell. [See Moses Littell, son of Benjamin;] 2d, John Seabring.
6. Hezekiah married 1st. Jane Ross ; 2d, Jane Woodruff.
7. Abner married Mary Ross, and died July, 1815.
8. Phebe, born April, 1748, and died 29th October, 1836. She married first, John Littell, son of Benjamin. [See Littell;] 2d, Benjamin Frazee, a grand-son of Benjamin Littell.
9. Sarah, born 9th Nov. 1750, and died 28th Jan 1812 ; she married,1783, James Ross, Esq . son of John, as his 2d wife.
10. Hannah, born 23d Nov. 1753, and died 27th Feb. 1778. She married James Ross, Esq., son of John, as his 1st wife. [See Ross.]
11. Carman married Patience Headley.
Thomas Thompson, by his 2d wife Rachel, had:
12. Aaron, born 19th Dec. 1760, and died 3d July, 1792. He married Aletta Potter, daughter of Matthias Potter.
13. Rachel, born 31st Jan. 1763, married 1st, Noah Marsh; 2d. John Potter, and removed to Redstone.
14. Chloe, who married Ephraim Price, of Elizabethtown.
15. Hur, born 9th July, 1767 ; died at about 18 or 19 years.

JOHN THOMPSON, (son of Thomas,) and Lucy Woolcott had children :
1. Caleb, who married 1st, Mary Jennings ; 2d, Phebe Blake.
2. Phebe married Anthony Fountain, son of Vincent, of Staten Island.
3 John married Martha, daughter of David, and widow of CarmanThompson.
4. Abby, who died in 1838, aged 64 years, unmarried.
5. Hepsibah married Ephraim Marsh, son of Ephraim, of Westfield.
6 Josiah Woolcott married Hetty Merrel, of Staten Island, and lived there.
7. Lucy married 1st, Andrew Hennel ; 2d, Jacob Burbank ; had no children.
8. Chloe married James Hallet, of Westfield.
9. Julia, born 22d Aug. 1784, married Caleb Jeffreys, son of Caleb, of Union.
10. Asa Lay married Hannah Sayre, daughter of Benjamin, of Union.
11. Thomas Rushmore married Joan Quigley, daughter of Capt. Aaron Quigley.

CALEB THOMPSON, (1st child of John,) and Mary Jennings, had children :
1. Sarah, who married Stephen Woodruff son of Gabriel.
2. William, who went to sea when about 22 years old, and did not return.
3. John 4. Aaron; 5 David Smith ; 6. Asa Woodruff.

PHEBE THOMPSON, (2d child of John,) and Anthony Fountain, had children :
1. Amy Fountain, who married Mr. Houseman as his 2d wife.
2. John Fountain married Keziah _____, and had four children.
3. Charles Fountain married Jane Van Pelt ; had eight children.
4. Mary Fountain died at about 30 years, unmarried.
5. George Fountain died at about 10 years.

JOHN THOMPSON, (3d child of John,) and Martha Thompson, had children :
1. Phebe Anne ; 2. Elizabeth, and others.

HEPZIBAH THOMPSON, (5th child of John,) and Ephraim Marsh, had children :
1. Betsey Marsh, who married Jacob Stein.
2. Lucy Marsh married Joseph Christie.
3. Abigail Marsh married Mr. Schrever, of New York.
4. Caroline Marsh married Jesse Wood, of New York.
5. Edwin Marsh.

JOSIAH W. THOMPSON, (6th child of John,) and Hetty Merril live on Staten Island, and had children :
1. William, who married ______.
2. Mariah ; 3. John married twice. 4. Josiah married Miss Pool. 5. George married Sophia ____.

CHLOE THOMPSON, (8th child of John,) and James Hallet had children :
1. Aaron Gilbert Hallet, who died at about 21 years.
2. Polly Hallet, who married Adonijah Holbrook.
3. Susan Hallet married Philander Webb.
4. John Hallet married ______.
5. Lcuy [sic] Anne Hallet married William Fowler, and had a daughter, Elizabeth Fowler.
6. Catherine Hallet.
7. James Hallet married ______.

JULIA THOMPSON, (9th child of John,) and Caleb Jafferys, had children :
1. Isaac Morse Jefferys, who married Sarah Potter, daughter of John.
2. Jane Eliza Jefferys married Jeremy Jagger, son of Stephen, and had no children.
3. Henrietta Jefferys married David C. Baldwin, son of Phinehas.
4. Lucy Anne Jefferys married Josiah Miller, son of Enoch, of Westfield.
5. Sarah Thompson Jefferys married Abraham W. Baldwin, son of David C., son of elder Thomas Baldwin.
6. Rachel Reeve Jefferys married Samuel Ketchum, son of Samuel.
7. Caleb Henry Jefferys left home in 1834, and did not return.

ASA L. THOMPSON, (10th son of John,) and Hannah Sayre, had children :
1. Julia Anne. 2. Hepzibah, who died at 12 years.
3. Elizabeth. 4. Asa Ferdinand.
5. William Baldwin, who died at 17 years.
6. Josiah, who married Catherine _____, of New York.
7. Hannah, who died at about 18 years.
8. Thomas, who died at about 3 years.

THOMAS R. THOMPSON, (11th son of John,) and Joan Quigley, had children :
1. Betsey Anne.
2. Aaron Quigley, who married Theodocia Sayre, daughter of James, son of Ephraim, of Madison ;
3. John ; 4. Charity ; 5. Thomas ; 6. Henry Radley ; 7. Mary.

AARON QUIGLEY THOMPSON, (2d child of Thomas R.,) and Theodocia Sayre, had children :
1. Joan Elizabeth ; 2. Theodocia ; 3. Sidney ; 4. Mary Kate.

HEZEKIAH THOMPSON, (6th child of Thomas,) and Jane Ross, lived on Rahway River, in Union Township, and had children :
1. Mary, who married Benjamin Gardner.
2. Sarah married Benjamin Crane 3d (See Crane.)
3. Moses married, 1st, Esther Bonnel, daughter of Henry ; 2d, Polly Winans, daughter of Joshua.
4. Jacob, who died young.
And by his second wife, Jane Woodruff, had:
5. Jacob 2d, 6. Thomas, 7. Isaac, who all three died young.
8. Jane, who had a daughter Mary Anne, who married David Totten, son of John. [See Totten.]
9. Nancy married Daniel Lacy, son of Samuel. [See Lacy.]
10. Betsey married Jesse C. Baker, son of Jonathan I. [See Baker.]
11. Phebe married Robert Earl ; he died 15th May, 1848, and left children : 1. John Earl. 2. Mary Elizabeth Earl.

MARY THOMPSON, (1st child of Hezekiah,) and Benjamin Gardner, had children :
1. Hezekiah Thompson Gardner married in Baltimore and died in Alabama.
2. Jane Ross Gardner married Ephraim Broadwell, son of Simeon, and lived in Dayton, Ohio. He died 13th Feb. 1849. [See Appendix.]
3. Phebe Gardner married Theophilus Eaglesfield, brother of Woolridge Eaglesfield, and has children : 1. Thomas Eaglesfield. 2. Jane married William Railsback. 3. Sarah. 4. Mary Anne. 5. William Eaglesfield. 4. Noah Gardner married Sarah Baker. 5. Polly Gardner married Caleb Scudder. 6. Jacob Gardner married Sarah Miller, of Black River. 7. Moses Gardner married Phebe and had children : 1. Benjamin. 2. Mary. 3. John. 4. Hezekiah T. 8. Sally Gardner married Wm. Hall, and had children : 1. Hampton Hall. 2. Julia Hall. 3. George Hall. 9. Thomas Gardner. 10. Carman Gardner.

MOSES THOMPSON, (3d child of Hezekiah,) and Esther Bonnel, had children :
1. Nancy, who married John Searing.
2. Jane married Wm. Baker, son of William. [See Baker.]
And by his 2d wife, Moses Thompson had children :
3. Sally, who married James Anderson, son of Andrew, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Aaron Anderson. 2. Eliza Anderson. 3. Caroline Anderson. 4. Henrietta T. Anderson. 5. Mary W. Anderson. 6. Sarah E. Anderson. 7. Jane B. Anderson. 8. James H. Anderson, born 1837.
4. Hezekiah married Mary Birt, daughter of Jacob, and had children : 1. Henrietta. 2. Ellen Louisa. 3. Hezekiah.
5. Jacob married Phebe Ayers, daughter of Daniel, and had children : 1. William Ayers. 2. Moses. 3 Mary Ayers.
6. Mary married Mitchel Anderson, brother of James, and had children : 1. George Anderson. 2. Moses Thompson Anderson.
7. Hetty, born 27th June, 1810, married Oliver Wade, born 23d April, 1804, son of Uzel, and had children : 1. John P. Wade, born 28th January, 1829. 2. Mary Wade. 3. Hezekiah T. Wade. 4. Emily Hart Wade.
8. Aaron married Phebe Marsh, and had children : 1. Mary. 2. William Henry.

ABNER THOMPSON, (7th child of Thomas,) and Mary Ross, had children :
1. Joseph. 2. Smith. 3. Daniel.
4. Hannah, who married Jacob Woolley, Sen. of Springfield, and had children :
1. Polly Woolley, who married Charles Thompson Day, son of Thaddeus. [See Day.]
2. Abner Woolley, who was killed by the fall of a tree in Michigan, aged 27 years.
3. Jacob Woolley, Jun. married Mary Burnet, daughter of Capt. Jonathan, and had children : 1. George W. Woolley, who married his cousin Delia ____. He is a shoe manufacturer, of Springfield. 2. Hervey Woolley, who married ____, a daughter of Augustus Richards. 3. Jonathan B. Woolley ; 4. Mary Woolley.
4. Betsey Woolley married Jacob Miller, son of Enoch, of Westfield.
5. Thompson Woolley married Elizabeth Dean, daughter of William. son of John, and had children : 1. Mary Woolley 2. Hannah Woolley 3. George Woolley.
6. Hannah Woolley married Squier Woodruff; son of Reuben.
7. Charlotte Woolley married Samuel Mooney, son of Nicholas.
8. Abraham Woolley married ______.

CARMAN THOMPSON, (11th child of Thomas,) and Patience Headley, had children:
1. Mary, who married Peter Bennet, of New Brunswick.
2. Sarah married Mr. Pettenger, of New Brunswick.
3. Carman married ______, and died in Albany.

AARON THOMPSON, (12th child of Thomas,) and Aletta Potter, had children :
1. Martin E. who married Mary Kitchel, daughter of the Hon. Aaron Kitchel, of Morris county, and lived in New York.
2. Aaron married Eliza Ryerson, daughter of Judge Ryerson, of Pompton, lived in New York, and had no children.

MARTIN E. THOMPSON, (son of Aaron,) and Mary Kitchel, had children:
1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Beach, of Hanover, had no children.
2. Susan married her cousin James Price, son of Thompson.
3. Matilda married Mr. E. Tomkins.
4. Aaron.
5. William, who went to California.
6 Mary Emma married Henry Munson, of Long Island.
7. Charles ; 8. Edwin ; 9. Henrietta.

RACHEL THOMPSON, (13th child of Thomas,) and Noah Marsh, of Westfield, had one daughter, Harriet, who married Mr. Leonard, of Bound Brook. And by John Potter, she had two daughters. Mr. Potter removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania, and there his daughters married two brothers, by the name of Potter, from New Providence, and removed to Ohio.

CHLOE THOMPSON (14th child of Thomas,) and Ephraim Price, had children :
1. Thompson Price, who married Miss James ; lived in New York.
2. David Price, who was murdered about 1826, on his way from Texas to Mexico.
3. Rachel Price married Mr. Belknap, of New York.
4. Mary Price married Mr. Condit, son of the Rev. Aaron Condit, late of Hanover, and soon after died.

AARON THOMPSON, (brother of Thomas and Moses Thompson,) came up, and settled on Long Hill, on lot No. 31 addition of the Elizabethtown lots. He had children :
1. Joseph. (See remarks under Anthony Littell.)
2. Thomas, who married, 1st December, 1763, Abigail Ross.
3. Patience married, 27th September, 1767, Matthias Sayre, son of Isaac Sayre, of Springfield. [See Sayre.]

THOMAS THOMPSON, (son of Aaron,) and Abigail Ross lived on Long Hill, where Joel D. Thompson now does, and had children :
1. Polly, who married Samuel Parrot, son of William, Sen. [See Parrot.]
2. Aaron married, 20th June, 1807, Keziah Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, Jun.
3. Joanna married, 3d July, 1791, Noah Beach, of Hanover Morris county.
4. Patience married, 20th October, 1795, Phinehas Beach, brother of Noah.
5. Moses married Hannah Potter, daughter of Amos, Esq.

AARON THOMPSON, (son of Thomas, son of Aaron,) and Keziah Dunham, had children :
1. Joel Dunham,. born 7th April, 1808, and married Paulina Mulford, daughter of William Mulford, and had children : 1. Mary and Esther, twins ; 3. Aaron.
2. Hester, died 17th Aug. 1844, in her 33d year, unmarried.
3. William, who married, and went to Louisville, Kentucky.
4. Aaron married Lavina Smith, and went to Louisville. Aaron Thompson died 15th November, 1737, aged 71 years. Keziah, his widow, died 5th December, 1748, aged 68 years, 5 months.

MOSES THOMPSON, (son of Thomas,) lived on part of his father's farm ; he and Hannah Potter had children :
1. Elizabeth, who died 12th November, 1823, aged 24 yrs.
2. Jotham Potter, died 12th Sept. 1828, aged 25 years.
3. Thomas, who married in New York, Martha Baker, and removed to Peoria county, Illinois.
4. Hannah married John K. Swift, of Sing Sing, N. Y . and live there.
5. Sarah C. who died 28th February, 1846, aged 36 years.
6. Mary ; 7. Susan.
8. Amos married, 19th May, 1850, Catherine Doty, daughter of Sylvester Doty.
The three latter went in May, 1847, to Peoria.
Moses Thompson died 10th June, 1844, aged 69 years. His wife Hannah died 3d January, 1838, aged 60 years.

TIMOTHY THOMPSON was born in 1709, and was son of Thomas Thompson. and probably the same Thomas Thompson, named as one of the "Elizabethtown Associates."
It is not known that he was of kin to Hur Thompson.
Timothy Thompson married Sarah Sallee, lived in Connecticut Farms, and had children :
Daniel, Benjamin and Jabez.
He died 27th September, 1780, aged 71 years.

DANIEL THOMPSON, (son of Timothy,) married Euphemia Badgley, lived in Passaic Valley, and had children :
1. Timothy, who married Sarah Enyart, daughter of Benjamin.
2. Benjamin married Betsey Lewis, daughter of Isaac, and sister of Richard Runyon's wife.
3. William, who died 27th March, 1789.
4. Sally married Rufus Enyart, brother of Timothy's wife.
5. Effa married Job Mulford, son of Davis, son of Job. [See Mulford.]
6. Betsey married William Barrack, of Licking Co. Ohio.
7. John, who died in youth.
These last three were twin-born.
8. Polly married Mr. McFane, in Licking county, Ohio.
9. David, who died in Ohio, a young man.
Daniel Thompson and his family, and Benjamin Enyart's family, went to Ohio, about 1800.

BENJAMIN THOMPSON, (son of Timothy,) married Hannah ____, who died 15th April 1790, aged 26 years, leaving children, Henry and Nancy. He removed to Ohio, and married as his 2d wife, Rachel Enyart, daughter of Benjamin.

JABEZ THOMPSON, (son of Timothy,) was born 19th November, 1759, married Mary Jones, of Lyons Farms, and had children:
1. John, born in May, 1788, and married 16th July, 1816, Huldah G. Stites, daughter of Capt. Abner Stites.
2. Elias I. married, 6th June, 1811, Nancy Lewis, daughter of Isaac Lewis, and sister of Richard Runyon's wife ; they live in Newark.
Jabez Thompson died 31st March, 1835.

JOHN THOMPSON, ( son of Jabez, son of Timothy,) and Huldah G. Stites, had children :
1. Jabez, who died a young man ; 2. Silas Stites; 3. Jane Stites ; 4. Caroline Elmer ; 5. Ezra Fairchild.
Mr. Thompson's wife, Huldah, died 21st Aug. 1832, aged 36 years, and he married Hannah Cooper, sister of the Rev. William H. Cooper, son-in-law of Elias I. Thompson. He lives in Madison county, New York.

ELIAS I. THOMPSON, (son of Jabez,) and Nancy Lewis had children :
1. Mary, born 16th March, 1812, and married, 20th July, 1831, the Rev. William H. Cooper, now pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Wampsville, Madison county, New York, and had children: 1. Harriet Augusta Cooper ; 2. Emma Josephine Cooper ; 3. Elias Thompson Cooper ; 4. Edward Payson Cooper.
2. Martha, born 4th Dec. 1813, and married, 8th May, 1839, Jacob F. Reemer ; lives in Newark, N. J., and had children : 1. Harriet Thompson Reemer ; 2. Charles Henry Reemer ; 3. Anna Matilda Reemer ; 4. John Reemer.
3. Harriet Newel, born 8th March, 1816, married, 3d Aug. 1842, the Rev. William W. Holloway, who is now pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church at Amity, Saratoga county, N. York, and had children: 1. William Whiteman Holloway ; 2. Harriet Newel Holloway.
4. George Washington, born 10th Oct. 1819. He graduated at Rutgers' College, New Brunswick ; studied theology ; married, 6th Oct. 1845, Mary Anne Stilwell, daughter of James Stilwell, of New Berlin, Union county, Pennsylvania, and is pastor of the Presbyterian church at____, in Juniatta county, Pennsylvania, and has a child, Charles.

PETER TILYOU came from France. His son, Vincent Tilyou, married, 1st, Nancy Tiebout ; 2d, Jane Freeman, daughter of Joseph. He lived in New York, and by his first wife had children :
1. John, who married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of John, of New Jersey. [See Tucker.]
2. Peter Vincent, who married, 1st, Lucy Bigelow ; 2d, Sally Field.
3. Nancy, who married Mr. Spencer.
And by his 2d wife, Jane Freeman, he had children :
4. Vincent, born 24th May, 1788, and married Catherine Curry, born 25th Aug 1791, who had an only sister, Jane Curry, and were daughters of Francis Curry.
5. Hetty married Francis Curry, brother of Vincent's wife.
6. Joseph F. married as his 2d wife, Sarah Ruckman, daughter of Levi, who obtained a divorce from him, and he married again ; lives near Basking Ridge, and has several children.

JOHN TILYOU, and Elizabeth Tucker lived on Stony Hill, in New Providence, N. J., and had children :
1. Nancy, who married John Hill, son of William. [See Hill.]
2. Mary married Cornelius Frazee, son of Cornelius. [See Frazee.]

PETER V. TILYOU lived in New York. He by his 1st wife, Lucy, had a son :
1. John, who married Betsey Field, and had children : 1. Peter V. ; 2. Eliza ; 3. Lucy ; 4. Catherine ; 5. Caroline ; 6. Evelina ; 7. John V. ; 8. Emma ; 9. Thaddeus ; 10. Josephine ; 11. Adelaide ; 12. Oscar.
And by his 2d wife, Sally Field, Peter V. Tilyou had children :
2. Christian married Mary ____.
3. Louisa, who married Chandler Ingersoll, and had children : 1. Adeline ; 2. Chandler ; 3. Lucy ; 4. Francina Ingersoll.

VINCENT TILYOU was a sea-captain, and traversed the seas many years. Capt. Vincent Tilyou and Catherine Curry lived in New York, and had children :
1. Jane, who married Stephen Decator Morrison, in June, 1845, and died 19th March, 1846.
2. Catherine married James D. Morrison, brother of Stephen D., and had children : 1. Catherine Morrison : 2. Vincent Morrison ; 3. Mary Jane Morrison ; 4. Harriet Morrison ; 5. John Francis Morrison ; 6. Margaret.
3. Esther.
4. Harriet Newel, who married the Rev. Shubal Stiles Parker, a Baptist Minister, who first settled in Burlington, and subsequently in New Brunswick, N. J., and had children :
1. Franklin Wheelock Parker; 2. Jane Tilyou Parker.
5. Vincentine S.
6. Vincent.
NOTE.- Jane Curry, sister of Capt. Vincent Tilyou's wife, married John B. Halsted, of New York, and had children:
1. Sarah Halsted.
2. Susan Halsted, who married Mr. Brush.
3. Jane Halsted died 17th Feb. 1849, aged 32 years, unmarried.
4. Francis Halsted ; 5. Benjamin Halsted; 6. John Halstead ; 7. Catherine Halsted.

HETTY TILYOU, (daughter of Vincent, Sen.) and Francis Curry had children :
1. Jane Curry, who married Lothrip L. Sturges, and had children : 1. Mary Jane Sturges, who married Jeremiah Wardwell, and has children : 1. William Wardwell ; 2. Theodore Wardwell. 2. William Sturges married Jenette Smith. 3. Charles Sturges. 4. Theodore Sturges ; 5. Catherine Sturges ; 6. Wallace Sturges ; 7. Edwin Sturges.
2. Esther Curry married John Laws, and had children: 1. Janet Laws ; 2. William Laws.
3. William Curry married Julia Washburn, and had children : 1. William Curry ; 2. Richard Curry ; 3. George Curry ; 4. Theodore Curry.
4. Catherine Curry married George M. Clearman, and had children : 1. Lewis Clearman ; 2. Mariah Clearman ; 3. Mary Augusta Clearman ; 4. Isaac Clearman ; 5. Emma Clearman ; 6. Frederick Clearman ; 7. Catherine Clearman.

SILAS TITUS had children :
1. Polly, who married David Van Norton, and lives at Bound Brook.
2. Josiah married _____, and lives up the North River.
3. John married, 1st, Hannah Manning, daughter of Jerry Manning, and lived in Washington Valley. He married, 2d, the widow Rachel Boice.
4. William married Jane Squier, daughter of Thomas, of Livingston. He lived in Passaic Valley, in Warren, and died 4th April, 1848, aged 73 years.
5. Isaac.
6. Nelly, who died a young woman.

JOHN TITUS, (son of Silas.) and Hannah Manning had children :
1. Isaac, who married Keziah Smalley, daughter of Samuel, and lives in Washington Valley.
2. Sarah.
And by his 2d wife, Rachel, had children:
3. John, who married _____.
4. Rachel married William Reed, son of Kelly Reed.

ISAAC TITUS, (son of John,) and Keziah Smalley, had children :
1. Martha, who married Amos Giddis, son of Jacob, of Washington Valley.
2. Hannah married Philip Winans, son of John, of do.
3. David, who died at about 10 years.
4. Rhoda, who married Israel Moore, son of Isaac, of Mount Bethel.
5. Manning ; 6. Samuel ; .7. Lewis ; 8. William Henry ; 9. David 2d, who died at 3 years ; 10. Madison ; 11. Amanda; 12. Mahlon.

WILLIAM TITUS, (son of Silas,) and Jane Squier had children :
1. Betsey.
2. Mary, who married Jonathan Cory, son of John, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Cory ; 2. Marietta Cory ; 3. Phebe Cory ; 4. Anne Jane Cory.
3. Phebe married Mr. Brewster.
4. Anne married Isaac C. Allen, son of Daniel. [See Allen.]
5. Charlotte married William Freeman, son of Caleb, of Plainfield, and had children : 1. George Freeman ; 2. John Freeman ; and they, Charlotte and William, both died.
6. Jennette married Thomas Vail, son of Joel, of Plainfield.
7. William is a baker, in Newark.
8. Caroline married, 1st Nov. 1849, David Smalley, son of David D., Esq.
9. Thomas Squier.
10. George.

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