Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

DAVID SAMSON lived on the north side of Long Hill, where Philemon Dickerson now lives ; he married Hannah Bonnel, sister of Nathaniel Bonnel 1st, and had children :
1. Stephen, who died, at about 23 years.
2. Jacob, who died, at about 21 years.
3. Sebra, who married Mr. Armstrong, and removed to Pennsylvania.
4. Mary married Moses Hand, son of William. [See Hand.]
5. Isaac married Mary Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Esq., of Chatham. He lived and died in Springfield.
6. Moses is unmarried lives with the widow of Peter Dickerson.
7. Aaron went to sea on board a vessel of war, and did not return.
8. Abraham married Chloe Bonnel, daughter of Capt. Na- thaniel Bonnel.
9. Benjamin married Abigail Ball, daughter of Jeremiah Ball, and grand-daughter ot Jeremiah Hart. [See Ball and Hart.]

ISAAC SAMSON, (son of David,) and Mary Day had children :
1. Nancy, who married Aaron Dean, son of John, of Springfield.
2. Joanna married Mr. Freeman, of Union Township.
3. David, born May, 1791, married Betsey Johnson, daughter of Uzel, by his 2d wife.
4. Mariah married, 11th Jan. 1809, David Nafie, of Springfield.
5. Nathan, who died in Springfield.
6. Charlotte married and went to Western New York.
7. Julia Anne, who died young.

DAVID SAMSON, (son of Isaac,) and Betsey Johnson had children :
1. Isaac Johnson Samson, who married Hannah, the widow of William Potter, of Rahway, and daughter of Mr. Garthrite. She had a son, William Potter, and they had children : 1. David Samson. born Jan. 1840 2. John Wesley, born 14th July, 1843. Isaac Johnson Samson died 6th Dec. 1846.
2. Nathan Scudder Samson, who married Catherine Anne Rino, daughter of Wilson Rino, of Piscataway.
3. William Edgar Samson, born 11th February, 1822, married Caroline, widow of Edward Tornsoe, and daughter of Mr. Powel. ot Brooklyn. New York ; have no children.
4. Stephen, born 11th October, 1825.
5. Mary Jane, born 27th November, 1830.
6. Mariah, born 1st June, 1843.
7. Elizabeth Day, born 13th February, 1838.

ABRAHAM SAMSON, (son of David, Sen.,) and Chloe Bonnel, lived at Madison, Morris county, and had children :
1. Julia, who married Wickliff Condit, son of Ebenezer _____, and soon died.
2. Sally married Christopher Seely Miller, son of Eliplialet, of Chatham, and went to Ohio.
3. Aaron Smith, who died at 5 years.
4. Nancy Bonnel Samson.
5. Zebra
6. Amanda married James B. Condit, brother of Wickliff ; live in Licking county, Ohio.
7. Elizabeth Shaver married Oswald Joseph Burnet, son of William, of Morris county.
8. Mary Malvina married John Radley, son of William, of Ohio, and live there.
9. Enoch Nelson ; 10. Anne Mariah ; 11. Wickliff Condit.
Mr. Abraham Samson died about the 1st July, 1851.
NOTE.-Nancy, w:fe of Sylvanus Bonnel, and sister of Chloe, wife of Abraham Samson, died 4th July, 1851, and her 2d son Calvin[? hard to read] married Julia Anne Crowel, from near Philadelphia, and had children : 1. Mary ; 2. William ; 3. John; 4. Emma.; 5. George Washington Bonnel ; he lives in Iowa.

BENJAMIN SAMSO N, (son of David, Sen.) and Abigail Ball, removed to Knox county, Ohio ; they had children :
1. Benjamin Pettit, who married Mary Jones, of Union ; live in Newark.
2. Harriet married Mulford W. Casterline, son of Mrs. John Marshall. [See Daniel Willcox.]
3. Bonnel married in Newark.
4. Eliza, who died at about 15 years.
5. Hervy, who died in Newark.
6. Abeline, who married Mr. Tailor, in Ohio.
7. Hannah married Mr. Lennel, in Ohio.
8. Vashti married in Ohio.

ISAAC SAYRE came from New England ; he married Jane Swaine, daughter of Matthias Swaine. They lived between the mountains, south west of Springfield, and had children :
1. Elizabeth. who married Enoch Vreeland, son of Brown Vreeland, and lived where Jonathan Gillam now lives.
2. Matthias married, 27th September, 1767, Patience Thompson, daughter of Aaron, of Long Hill. [See Aaron Thompson.]
3. Catherine married Timothy Griffin, of New Providence. [See Griffin.]
4. Isaac married, 22d February, 1774, Elizabeth Roll, daughter of John Roll, Sen. [See Roll.] She died, 26th September, 1850, in her 92d year, after being a long time a widow.

MATTHIAS SAYRE, (son of Isaac,) and Patience Thompson, had children :
1. Caleb, who went to the west, unmarried.
2. Chloe, who married John Scudder, of Westfield, and went to the west.
3. Noah married Rachel Hubbel, and went to the west.
4. Matthias Swaine Sayre went to sea, and died unmarried.

ISAAC SAYRE, Jun. (son of Isaac,) and Elizabeth Roll lived where his father did, and had children :
1. John, who married Abby Brown, of Connecticut, sister of Jonathan Brown, of Chatham ; he lived in Passaic Valley, in Chatham township. Opposite the Methodist church. He was horribly shot through the window of his house, about 1835, the ball passing through his mouth, and knocking out several of his teeth ; he died the 2d day after.
2 Mary Brooks Sayre married Noah Ross, son of James Ross, and brother of Brooks Roll's wife. [See Brooks Roll.]
3. Brooks married Polly Conklin, daughter of Joshua Conklin. [See Conklin.]
4. Jane maried Ralph Eltsone, went to Ohio, and had an only son, Cornelius Elstone.
5. Catherine married Moses Thompson.
6. Betsey married Aaron Briant, sou of Cornelius ; he died the 2d March, 1850.
> 7. Anthony Swaine Sayre married Mariah Armstrong, of Long Island.
8. Hannah married Israel Ward, son of Joshua, and had a daughter, Jane Anne Ward, who married 1st, Jona Swaine, son of Benjamin ; and 2d, George W. Ogden, son of Richard, and had a daughter, Susan Ogden.

JOHN SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun.,) and Abby Brown, had children :
1. William, who married Nancy D. Bonnel, daughter of William Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel, and had children :
1. Elizabeth Bonne! Sayre ; 2. John Francis Sayre ; 3. George Sayre ; 4. Emily Brown Sayre ; 5. Sarah Doty Sayre ; 6. Daniel Brown Sayre.
2. Betsey, who married Aaron Johnson, son of Gabriel Johnson Esq. and had children: 1. William C.; 2. Rebecca. [See Johnson.]

BROOKS SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun.,) and Polly Conklin, had children :
1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Faitoute, son of Moses, of Union ; 2. William ; 3. Mary married Joseph Fain, a carpenter, of Somerville ; 4. Isaac ; 5. Hannah ; 6. Brooks Sayre, Jun. CATHERINE SAYRE, (5th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Moses Thompson, had children : 1. Sarah Thompson, who married Elias Morgan, son of Elias, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. Mary Elizabeth Morgan, who married William Day, son of Josiah Day, of Chatham ; 2. John Sayre Morgan ; 3. Sarah Catherine Morgan ; 4. Abby Mariah Morgan ; 5. Elias Allen Morgan ; 6. James Henry Morgan.
2. Aaron Ogden Thompson, who married Eliza Wood, from Newburgh, and had a son, William Thompson.
3. Eliza Ogden Thompson married John H. Jaques, and had a son, David Jaques, when she died.
4. Isaac Moses Thompson married Mary Smalley, daughter of Abner Smalley, and Mary Roll, 9th child of Abraham Roll, and have children: 1. Abner Thompson 2. _____.

BETSEY SAYRE, (6th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Aaron Briant, had children :
1. Mary Briant, who married Daniel Kissam, son of Richard, and had children : 1. Samuel Kissam, born 1827 2. John R. Kissam. born 1829 ; 3. Franklin Kissam, born 1840. 4. Nancy Kissam, born 1845.
2. Isaac Briant
3. Hannah Briant married William Kent, son of Nathaniel.
4. Abby Briant married Lewis Denman, son of John, of Canoe Brook.
5. William H. Briant.
6. Emily Briant.

ANTHONY S. SAYRE, (7th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Mariah Armstrong, lived where his father did, and had children :
1 Etheniel, a daughter, born 1827 ; 2. Allavosto, a son, born 1829 ; 3. Vozifri, a son, born 1830 ; 4. Vinelia, a daughter, born 1833 ; 5. Fla Alva, a daughter, born 1838.

EPHRAIM SAYRE lived on and owned Lot No. 51, Addition of the Elizabethtown lots, where Squier Parrot now lives. He had a son David who married, 20th December, 1766, Rachel Roffe. He died 3d October, 1781, aged 42 years, and his widow married, 2d, Thomas Osborn, [see Osborn.] and after his death she married, 3d, Jedediah Swan, of Scotch Plains. He also had a son Daniel, who married Anna Runyon. daughter of Richard Runyon, Sen., and had children : James, who married 30th January, 1796, Deborah Dunham, daughter of John, Jun. and. lived at Madison ; 2. Elias, a clock maker, of Elizabethtown, who married _____ and had a son, Thomas 0. Sayre.
Ephraim Sayre had a son, _____, who went. to Virginia, whose son William came from thence to this Valley, and married Miss Canfield, of Monroe, Morris county, and died 15th December, 1820, leaving several children.
And still another son, William, who lived where his father did. He married Esther High, daughter of John High 1st, of Westfield, and had no children. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church in New Providence. His wife Esther died, and he married, 2d, Anna, the widow of Jonathan Acken, of Scotch Plains, and removed to Plainfield, where he died. [See Dr. Anthony Littell]

EZEKIEL SAYRE lived in 1788, on Stony Hill, where John Marshall now lives. He had children :
1. Levi, who was baptized 31st January, 1768.
2. John, who was baptized 20th October, 1771.
3. Huldah, who married in Ohio, Col. John Wallace.
4. Pierson married in New Jersey.
5. Benjamin. 6. Rachel.
Mr. Ezekiel Sayre removed to Ohio before 1800, and lived near Reading, Hamilton county.
NOTE.--See another Ezekiel Sayre, son-in-law of John Bonnel.

RICHARD SCUDDER owned and lived on the farm of 100 acres now owned by John Littell, adjoining the river. He also owned about 100 acres of the farm now owned by Thomas 0. Scudder. He married Rebecca Stites, daughter of Elijah Stites, of Scotch Plains. [See Stites.] He died 24th December. 1785, and left children :
1. Dr. Benjamin R. Scudder, who married Sally Wade, of Connecticut Farms ; they lived at Paterson Landing, where he died.
2. Nancy married, 3d Jan. 1785, Alexander Steele, of Somerset county.
3. Stites married Elizabeth Osborn, daughter of Thomas Osborn, [sse Osborn,] and died 1st April, 1812: she died 22d November, 1848.
4. Mary married James Bishop, of New Market, Middlesex county.
5. Thomas married 1st, Elizabeth Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, Esq. of Liberty Corner; and 2d, Rebecca Auten, 18th Dec. 1811 and he died in March, 1812, of typhus fever.
6. Sally married Zebulon Ayers, of Middlesex county, and lived several years where Lines Tucker now does, and finally removed to Seneca county, New York.

DR. BENJAMIN R. SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Sally Wade had children :
1. Susan, who married, 1st, 22d Jan. 1814, Hugh Littell, son of Nathaniel Littell, Esq. He died 9th November, 1822, without children ; and she married, 2d, the Rev. Peter Ditmus Fieliegh, of Acquackanac, and had a son, Peter D. Freliegh, who is a lawyer, and married Caroline A. Wilkin, daughter of John C. Wilkin, of Orange county, New York. The Rev. Mr. Freliegh died, and she married, 3d, John Conklin.
2. Rhoda married Mr. ____ Mc Rea, and had no children.
3. Nancy married Benjamin Servin, and had children : 1. Benjamin Servin ; 2. Oliver Servin.
4. Sally married Jacob Van Riper, and had four children.

NANCY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and Alexander Steele, had children :
1. John Steele, who is unmarried.
2. Richard Steele is unmarried.
3. Polly Steele is unmarried.
4. Stites Steele married _____ and had children : 1. Alexander Steele 2. Mary Anne Steele, who died young. And then he died.
5. Rebecca Steele married Peter L. Die, had 3 children, and then died ; her children were :
1. David Die, who married Emma Sayre, daughter of Coe Sayre, and had children : Warren Die ; Anne Eliza Die.
2. Anne Mariah Die, who married James Gosman.
3. John Die married Eliza Coles.
6. Thomas Steele, who died at about 30 years.
7. Peggy Steele.
8. Russ Steele married Amanda Tailor ; he is a merchant in Somerset county, New Jersey.
9. Betty Steele.
Mr. A. Steele and family removed to Seneca county, New York.

MARY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and James Bishop removed to Seneca county, New York, and had children :
1. Aury Bishop, who married Miss McDuffy, daughter of James McDuffy.
2. Letty Bishop married Samuel Miller.
3. Caty Bishop married Titus Philips, and went to Michigan.

STITES SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Osborn had children :
1. Richard, who died 3d March, 1812, aged 15 years.
2. Thomas Osborn, born 24th Dec. 1790, and married Martha Vail, daughter of Daniel Vail, of Storehouse Village; lives where his father did, and has no children.
3. Lois married Joh_un [illegible] Willcox, son of Daniel; and went to Seneca county, New York. [See Willcox.]

THOMAS SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Ayers lived where his father did, and had children :
1. Rosetta, who married Joseph Miller, of Hunterdon county, and had children : 1. Alexander Miller ; 2. William Miller. She died 1821, aged 25 years.
2. Sally, born 11th September, 1801, and married Samuel Schureman, born 20th Feuruary, 1795, son of John Schureman ; they had children :
1. Eliza Schureman, born 11th April, 1819, and married Abraham Melick, and went to Illinois.
2. Mariah Schureman, born 22d January, 1821. and married 22d July, 1843, Jonathan Totten, son of Jeremiah Totten, and had no children.
3. Thomas Schureman, born 16th July, 1823, and married Catherine Colie, born 8th August, 1823, daughter of Smith Colie, of Springfield, and had children : 1. George Allein; 2. Albert Monroe; 3. William Eugene, born 4th October, 1831.
4. John Nelson Schureman an, born 10th December, 1825.
5. George Bangheart Schureman, horn 2:3d February, 1827.
6. Henry Schureman, born 16th June, 1860.
7. William Mulford Schureman, born 3d December, 1833.
8. Harriet Louisa Schurernan, born 23d August, 1838.
9. Joseph Perry Schureman, born 30th October, 1840.
10. Sarah Catherine Schureman, born 2d October, 1842.
Samuel Schureman died 9th September, 1849.

3. Mary, who married Godfiey C. Kline, of Hunterdon county, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Kline ; 2. Rosetta Kline ; 3. Isaac Kline ; 4. William Kline; 5. Sarah Catherine Kline ; 6. Mary Frances Kline.
4. Elizabeth, who married William B. Fisher, of Hunterden county, and had children : 1. Jonathan Fisher ; 2. Elizabeth Fisher ; 3. Ellen Fisher ; 4. Josephine Fisher.

SALLY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and Zebulon Ayers, had children :
1. Decator Ayers.
2. Sally Mariah Ayers, who died at about 17 years.
3. Richard S. Ayers, who married his cousin Mary Willcox, daughter of Jotham, [see Willeux,] and died without children.
4. Louisa Ayers married Denton Gurnee, and had children: 1. Francis Gurnee ; 2. Augusta Gurnee.
5. Rebecca Ayers.
6. Anson Ayers.
7. Nancy Ayers.

THOMAS SCUDDER, brother of Richard, lived where George Townley lately lived. and owned that farm of 100 acres, sold to Mr. Townley, and with his family removed to the west. He married, 5th April. 1773, Abigail Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark, [see Daniel Clark,] and had children :
1. Sarah, who married, 10th September, 1793, Nathaniel Jennings, son of Jacob. [See Jennings.]
2. Jotham ; 3. Abigail, who married _____; 4. Ruth ; 5. Clark; 6. Jane baptized 24th September, 1789 ; 7. Daniel Clark.
Old Mrs. Scudder, the mother of Richard and Thomas Scudder, died 10th April, 1784.

JABESH SHIPMAN married Agnes Rogers, lived and owned the farm next west of Thomas Squiers, now occupied mostly by Jacob Grisinger and Thomas Coon. They had children:
1. Abigail. who married, 17th September, 1772; Julio Shadwell, and went to Kentucky.
2. Jemima married, 7th November, 1773, Nathaniel Roff, and went to Kentucky. [SeeRoff]
3. David married Betsey Tingley. He died 12th October, 1787.
4. John married, 15th May, 1792, Betsey Stevens, daughter of Jonathan Stevens, Sen.
5. Jabesh, Jun. married the widow Phebe Bryant; she died 16th November, 1792.
6. Sarah married, 14th November, 1755, Jasper Dove, who died 18th October, 1789, and left one son, Jasper Dove, Jun. who died about 1818, unmarried.
7. Esther married, 16th February, 1793, John Frazee.
8. Phebe, who died 16th March, 1784. unmarried.
9. Leonard, who died 4th January, 1793.

JOHN SHIPMAN and Betsey Stevens, had children :
1. David, who married Nancy, the widow of Caleb Putney, and died without children.
2. Abigail married, 14th June, 1817, Isaac Doty, son of Henry, of Washington Valley.
3. Anne married Nathan Smalley, son of Isaac. [See Smalley.]

ABIGAIL SHIPMAN, (daughter of John,) and Isaac Doty, had children:
1. Henry Doty.
2. Phebe Anne Doty, who married John Drake, son of Elkanah, and had children: 1. Horace Jones Drake ; 2. Emily Drake.
3. John Shipman Doty, who married Bridgetta Kaverson, daughter of Michael, and had children : 1. Nelson Doty : 2. Eugene Doty.
4. Marquis Doty, who married Henrietta Williamson.
5. Elizabeth Doty.

JOHN SHOTWELL came from England, and settled on the road between Scotch Plains and Plainfield ; he married, 1st, Miss Smith, daughter of Shubal Smith; 2d Mary Webster ; he had children :
1. John Smith Shotwell, who married 1st, Miss Webster, sister of his father's 2d, wife ; 2d, Phebe Shotwell, daughter of Joseph Shotwell, of Woodbridge.
2. Jacob married Bersheba Pound, daughter of Elijah Pound, of Piscataway.
3. William married Elizabeth Pound, sister of Jacob's wife.
4. Isaiah married Constant Lippencott, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth county.
5. James married Elsee, widow of William Runyon, and daugher of Andrew Smalley, of Harris's Lane.
6. Hugh married Rosetta Arrison, of Sussex, daughter of John Arrison, who lived at Wyoming, and was driven out from there by the Indians, in time of the war.
7. Mary married John Stevens, and had a son, John Stevens.
8. Sarah married, 1st, Ralph Smith, son of Ralph Smith, of Hanover, and had no children by him ; 2d, Capt. William Piatt, son of John Piatt, from France.
9. Martha married Jonathan Hand Osborn, son of Jonathan Osborn, of Scotch Plains.

JOHN SMITH SHOTWELL, (1st son of John,) by his first wife, Miss Webster, had children :
1. John, who died unmarried.
2. William, who lived at Long Hill, near Franklin Place, and died unmarried.
3. Samuel married Hetty Davison, a widow, and daughter of Nathan Cooper, of Chester, Morris county.
4. Susannah married David Martin, son of Alexander, of Long Hill. [See Martin]
5. Elizabeth married Dennis Hughes, from Ireland.
6. Sarah married Mr. Hamson, and had 2 children and died, viz. 1. Henry Hamson ; 2. John Hamson, who married Sally Parker, daughter of Calvin, of Long Hill.
7. Mary married her cousin, Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, as his 1st wife.
8. Joseph Smith Shotwell married Deborah Fox, daughter of George Fox.
9. Nathan, who died unmarried.

JACOB SHOTWELL, (2d son of John,) and Bersheba Pound had children :
1. Sarah, who died at 29 years, unmarried.
2. Ralph, who married, Betsey Marsh, daughter of William Marsh, of Ash Swamp ; 2d. Osee Tingley, daughter of Jacob Tingley of Washington Valley.
3. Daniel married, 1st, his cousin Mary Shotwell, daughter of Smith Shotwell ; 2d, Phehe Cole, daughter of Master William Cole.
4 Elijah, born October, 1779, married his cousin Jemima Piatt, daughter of Capt. William Piatt.
5. John, (twin to Elijah) married Massy Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, of Newark, and had no children.

RALPH SHOTWELL, (son of Jacob,) and his first wife, Betsey Marsh, had children:
1. Jacob, who married Dorcas Drake, daughter of Noah Drake.
2. Sarah married Richard Manning, son of Isaac Manning, of Plainfield.
3. Bersheba. married Isaac Line, son of Amos Line, and went to French Creek, New York.
4. Mary married Smith Line, brother of Isaac.
And by his 2d wife, Osee Tingley had other children:
5. John.
6. Betsey married James Bullman, near Rahway.
7. Anne married Alfred Berry, of Dover; lives in Plainfield.
8. David married Amelia Clark, daughter of David Clark, of Westfield.

DANIEL SHOTWELL, (3d child of Jacob,) and his first wife, Mary Shotwell, had but one son :
1. John Smith Shotwell, who lives in New York.
And by his 2d wife, Phebe Cole, had children :
2. Mary, who married James Bruen, and had children : 1. Margaret Bruen, who married Patrick De Corsey, from Ireland ; 2. Phebe Bruen ; 3. Philip Bruen; 4. Catherine Bruen ; 5. George W. Bruen ; 6. Mary Bruen.
3. Elizabeth married Daniel Hatfield, son of Daniel, and had children : 1. Jacob Shotwell Hatfield; 2. Sarah Hatfield ; 3. William Hatfield.
4. William, who went to Illinois.
5. Sarah, who married Corra Meeker, son of Jotham Meeker, and had children : 1. Phebe Meeker ; 2. John Meeker ; 3. Jotham Meeker.
6. Rachel married William Williamson, son of Piatt Williamson, and had children : 1. Piatt Williamson; 2. Rebecca Anne Williamson.
7. Jemima married, 25th Sep. 1849, Silas Cole, son of Elias Cole.
8. Emeline Davis Cole married Mulford Cole, son of Elias, and had children : 1. Elias Cole 2 Phebe Cole ; 3. Jemima.
Daniel Shotwell died 8th August, 1851.

ELIJAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of Jacob,) and Jemima Piatt, had but one child :
1. William Piatt Shotwell, who was a Justice of the Peace ; married Harriet Pearce, daughter of Noah Pearce, and had children : 1. Greenleaf Shotwell, married Elizabeth Cleveland, daughter of Ezra Cleveland, of Elizabethtown, and died 30th May, 1849 ; 2. Caroline Piatt Shotweil ; 3. Ellen Jemima Shotwell ; 4. William Piatt Shotwell.

WILLIAM SHOTWELL, (3d child of John 1st,) and Elizabeth Pound had children :
I. Rachel, who married Richard Dell, at Dover, and lives there.
2. Catherine.
3. Anne married Jesse Wi!son, of Sussex.
4. Phebe married Isaac Wilson, of Sussex.
5. Elizabeth married Joseph Adams, of Sussex.
6. Elijah married Miss Birdsal, in Canada.
7. John married Miss Marsh, in Canada.
8. Smith ; 9. Sarah.
William Shotwell with all his family, excepting Rachel, removed to Canada.

ISAIAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of John,) and Constant Lippencott, had children :
1. Mary. who married Thomas Lane, near Rahway.
2. Jedediah married Anna Pound, daughter of Samuel, of Piscataway.
3. Abel married Betsey Vail, daughter of Abraham, of Green Brook.
4. Peter married Phebe Vail, sister of Abel's wife.
5. Thomas married Elizabeth Satterthwaite, daughter of Joshua, of Shrewsbury, and lived there.
6. William died unmarried at about 60 years; he was crazy.
7. Joseph L. married Christain Vail, sister of Betsey and Phebe.
8. Samuel married Sarah Rich, daughter of Joseph, of Pennsylvania, and lived there.
9. Edmund married Sarah Shepperd, of Philadelphia, and lived there.
10. Hugh married Hannah Cole, and lived at Morestown, Pennsylvania.

JAMES SHOTWELL, (5th child of John,) and Elsee Smalley, lived in Sussex, and had chidren :
1. William.
2. Jonathan lived in Warren county, and died 14th Jane 1850, aged 55 years.
3. Charles.
4. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Vleit ; 2d, Mr. Smuch, of Sussex.
5. Clarissa.

HUGH SHOTWELL, (6th son of John,) and Rosetta Arrison, removed to Harrison co. Ohio, and had children :
1. John, who married Sarah Shanklin, and had children : 1. Catherine : 2. Rosetta ; 3. Susannah ; 4. Emily ; 5. Caroline.
2. Esther married, 1st, Timothy Smith, and had children : 1. John Smith ; 2. Rosetta Smith ; 3. James Smith ; 4. Hugh S. Smith ; 5. Timothy Smith. Esther married, 2d, George Seaton, and had other children : 6 Jonathan Seaton ; 7. Charlotte Anne Seaton.
3. Susannah married Charles Wintermute, and had children ; 1. William ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Rosetta. 4. Esther Wintermute ; they lived in Sussex.
4. Charlotte married Ephraim Sayre, and had children : 1. Hugh ; 2. William ; 3. Wesley ; 4. Nancy Sayre.
5. Nancy married, 1st, Peter Van Dolah, and had children: 1. William Van Dolah, who married Julia Walton. 2. John Van Dolah, married Amelia ____. Nancy married, 2d, Jacob Ebert ; live in Hamilton Ohio, and had children : 3. Margaret Ebert. 4. Rosetta Ebert. 5. Sarah Ebert, who married, 22d July, 1851, Mr. Lewis, a lawyer, of Hamilton. 6. Jerome Ebert.
6. William lives in Cadiz Ohio; married Rhoda Beebe and had children : 1. Stewart Beebe ; 2. William. who died at 25 years. 3. Theodore ; 4. Walter, who died at 16 years. 5. Loretta ; 6. Joseph.
7. Joseph lives in Lima, Allen county, Ohio. He married his cousin Mary Allison, and had children : 1. Jeptha, who married Nancy Cooper. 2. George ; 3. Louisa.
8. Arrison Shotwell lives in Harrison county, Ohio. He married Mary Dickerson, and had children : 1. Elizabeth ; 2. Victoria ; 3. Judson, and others.

SARAH SHOTWELL, (8th child of John,) and Capt. William Piatt had children :
1. James Piatt, who married Rachel Baird.
2. Jemima. Piatt married Elijah Shotwell, son ofJacob.[See Elijah Shotwell.]
3. William F. Piatt, born 9th October, 1788, and married. 1st Eliza T. Littell, daughter of Nathaniel Littell, Esq. and had children : 1. Mariah M. Piatt, who married Joel Wilson, son of John Wilson, Esq and had children : 1. William Piatt Wilson ; 2. Mercy Wilson ; 3. Eliza Wilson.
2. James Mortimer Piatt, who went to sea and was lost. His wife Eliza died 29th November, 1827, and he married Caroline Kempton, widow of Capt. Kempton. of N. Y. where they both lived, and had a daughter, Eliza C. Kempton Platt.
Capt. William Piatt was a Capt. in the U. S. service, and was killed by the Indians, in 1794 : his widow died in 1850, aged about 94 years.
William F. Platt was a physician in New York, and died 7th May, 1848 ; his 2d wife Caroline had died previous to his death. [See Nathaniel Littell, son of David.]

MARTHA SHOTWELL, (9th child of John,) and Jonathan Hand Osborn, had children :
1. Corra Osborn, who is a physician and lives in Westfield. He married, 1st, Mary Hand, daughter of William Hand ; 2d, Hannah Downer, daughter of Samuel Downer, of Westfield.
2. John Osborn married Nelly Tunison, daughter of Maj. Tunison, of Somerville.
3. Amos Osborn married Lockey Woodruff, daughter of Reuben, of Westfield.
4. Letitia King Osborn married Dennis Vail, son of Wm. Vail.

DR. CORRA. OSBORN, and his 1st wife, Mary Hand, had children:
1. Mahlon Osborn, who went to St. Louis, and married Mary Frothingham.
2. Mary Osborn married Samuel Hays, son of Dr. Samuel Hays, of Newark.
3. Letitia Osborn married David Miller, son of John Miller, of Westfield.
4. Anne Osborn married Nathan Williams, son of Solomon.
And by his 2d wile, Hannah Downer, he had children:
5. Corra Osborn, born ___, 1830.
6. Jonathan Osborn. born ___, 1832.

SAMUEL VAN SICKLE lived in Sterling Valley, a little east of William High's house ; he had a brother, David Van Sickle, who married Elizabeth, the widow of Moses Bedell, and daughter of David Littell. [See David Littell, son of Samuel 1st.]
NOTE:.—Sarah Thompson, daughter of Thomas Thompson, married Mr. Van Sickle, of Long Hill, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Jacob Britton, son of William [See Britton] She married 2d, Mr. Rutan, who had a son, Peter, who lived in Albany, N. Y.; 3d, James Enos, or Innes, of Long Hill.

SAMUEL VAN SICKLE had children:
1. Zachariah, who married, 30th Oct. 1763. Mary Littell, born 4th March, 1749, daughter of Andrew Littell, a grandson of Samuel 1st.
2. John.
3. Anthony.
4. Elizabeth. (Is not this Elizabeth the wife of Jacob Britton.)
5. Christian.
6. Caty, who married Jabez Clark, son of Daniel. [See Clark]
NOTE.—Andrew Littell was born 15th Dec. 1718, and died 1784 ; his wife's name was Mary, or Molly, born 5th Jan. 1725, and died very old. They had children :
1. William Littell, born 12th April, 1745.
2. Sophia Littell, born 27th March, 1747.
3. Mary Littell, born 4th March, 1749, married Zachariah Van Sickle.
4. Rachel Littell, horn 6th Jan. 1751.
5. Ephraim Littell, born 13th Dec. 1760.
6. Hannah Littell, born 5th Oct. 1762.
7. Temperance Littell, born 30th May, 1769.

ZACHARIAH VAN SICKLE, and Mary Littell had children :
1. Huldah, who married Jonathan Terry, son of William, of Short Hills.
2. Elias ; 3. Sarah ; 4. David.
5. Zachariah, Jun., who married, 20th October, 1789, Rosannah Bowman.
Zachariah Van Sickle, with his family, excepting Huldah, removed to Western Pennsylvania.

HULDAH VAN SICKLE, and Jonathan Terry had children :
1. Hannah Terry, who died in her 24th year.
2. Mary Terry, who married Asa French, son of Anderson.
3. William Terry went to the west and married there, Phebe ____.
4. Lewis Terry married Phebe Hedden, daughter of Edward.
5. Martha Terry married, 1st, David Miller ; 2. Cornelius Brokaw.
6. Ruth Terry married Jeremiah Valentine, son of Joseph. [See Valentine]
7. Sally Terry who died at 14 years.
8. Sarah Anne Terry, who is unmarried.
9. Abba Terry, who married Cutter Dollbeer, son of Samuel.

MARY TERRY, (2d child of Huldah Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry,) and Asa French had children :
1. Caroline Elmer French ; 2. Mary French ; 3. Noah Terry French 4. Huldah Anne French ; 5. Ezra French.

LEWIS TERRY, (4th child of Huldah Van Sickle, and Jonathan Terry.) and Phebe Hedden had children:
1. William Terry ; 2. Mary Terry, who married Caleb Conklin, and went to Missouri; 3. Harriet Terry, who died in 1841, at about 25 years ; 4. Jonathan Terry ; 5. Edward Terry ; 6. Lewis Terry, who died in 1846, at about 17 years; 7. Caroline Terry, who died in 1848, at 16 years.

MARTHA TERRY. (5th child of Huldlh Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry.) and David Miller had children :
1. Carlisle Brown Miller, who married Mary Badgley, daughter of Ahijah.
2. Erastus Miller, who married Eliza Anne Badgley, daughter of Ahijah.
And by Cornelius Brokaw, Mary Terry had:
3. William Terry Brokaw, who married Sarah Mariah Manning, daughter of Squier Manning.

ABBA TERRY, (9th child of Huldah Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry,) and Cutter Dollbeer had children :
1. Huldah Anne Dollbeer, who married Thomas Richards, son of William Richards, of Springfield.
2. Erastus Miller Dollbeer ; 3. Martha Elizabeth Dollbeer.
4. Lewis Faitoute Dollbeer, who died in infancy.
5. Jonathan Woodruff Dollbeer, who died in infancy.
6. John Terry Dollbeer.

JOHN SIMPSON came from Long Island, and settled on No. 27 of the Elizabethtown lots, above the 1st mountain, drawn by Daniel Potter, where John M. Parsons, now lives ; he had children, Alexander and John, and died 10th July, 1773.

ALEXANDER SIMPSON, (son of John,) married Elizabeth ____; she died 2d April, 1768, and he died 1st May, 1768 ; he was an elder in the presbyterian church ; they had children :
1. Simeon, who married, 1st, Mary ____; she died 21st January, 1774, and he married, 2d, 6th June, 1775, Sally Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and removed to Washington county, Pennsylvania, and died there.
2. Abraham, who died 29th March, 1770.
3. Stephen, who went west with Simeon.
4. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Ayers ; 2d, Mr. Rhodes.
5. Mary married, 14th November, 1775, Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel, as his 2d wife. [See Bonnel.]

JOHN SIMPSON, (son of John) lived where his father did ; he married Sarah Carle, of Millstone ; and died 9th May, 1786, aged 60 years ; they had children :
1. Margaret, who married Jonathan Howel Osborn, son of John, Sen. [See Osborn.]
2. Lynche, culled also Magdalen, who married, 26th March, 1774, Samuel Waldron, and went to French Creek, Pennsylvania.
3. John 3d, married Susan Drake, near Scotch Plains.
4. Abraham married Jane Pierson, had a son Jacob, and went to Ohio.
5. Isaac married Rachel Drake, sister of John's wife.
6. Jacob married Sally Turner, of Morristown ; lived at Hanover, and had no children.
7. Anna married 13th May, 1789, as a 2d wife, Samuel Miller, and had children : 1. John Miller ; 2. Abigail Miller, who married Mr. Pew, lives in Green county, Ohio. Samuel Miller died 3d July. 1793, and she married, 2d, Sept. 20th, 1795, Moses Badgley, as his 2d wife, and went to Ohio ; and had children:
3. Ephraim Badgley ; 4. Hugh Badgley. Moses Badgley had by his first wife, 1. Benjamin, who married Miss Street ; 2. Sally married Ephraim Simpson.
8. Sally married Enoch Badgley ; had a daughter Sarah Badgley, who died 23d April, 1784.
9. Alexander, born 2d May, 1763, married 8th May, 1788, Elizabeth Cauldwell, daughter of William, and in 1815, went to Dayton, Ohio; he died in March, 1833. She died 3d February, 1849.
10. Ephriam went to Ohio, lives in Green county, and married Sally, a daughter of the above named Moses Badgley, by his first wife, and had an only daughter, Cynthia, who married William Thegley ; lives in Indiana, and had several children.
11. William married, 6th April, 1796, Betsey Woodruff.

JOHN SIMPSON 3d, (son of John, son of John,) and Susan Drake lived where his father did, and had children :
1. William, who married Sally Brown, daughter of John, of Stony Hill, and had children : 1. Jane ; 2. John ; 3. Pamela, and then removed to the west.
2. Effa, who married Ephraim Griffin, son of Timothy, [See Griffin.]
3. John 4th, who married his cousin _____ , a daughter of Samuel Waldron.
4. Sally married, 18th March, 1809, Stephen Whitehead Beach, son of James Beach, of Livingston, and went to French Creek.
5. Israel married Jane Heuston, daughter of Henry Heuston, of Belleville, and lived there.

ISAAC SIMPSON, (son of John, son of John,) and Rachel Drake lived by Salt Brook, where Ambrose Tailor now lives. He died 14th July, 1829, aged 72 ; she died 25th June, 1838, aged 78 years. They had children :
1 Susannah, who married James Beach, of Livingston, above named.
2. Catherine married Elias Bonnel, son of James, son of John. [See Bonnel]
3. Sally married Stephen C. Bonnel, brother of Elias.
4. Ephraim, who went to Ohio.
5. Jonathan Drake married Hannah Spinning, daughter of Benjamin. He left her, went to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, obtained a divorce, and married again.
6. Jacob married _____.
7. Rachel married, 1st, Simeon Hanford, from Connecticut, and had children : 1. Jonathan Hanford, who married Catherine Griffin, daughter of William M. Griffin. 2. Hetty Hanford married Samuel Badgley, son of David. 3. Henrietta Hanford. She married, 2d, Ambrose Tailor, and had other children : 4. Mary Elizabeth Tailor, born June, 1835. 5. Nancy Caroline Tailor ; 6. Almond Dunbar Tailor. 7. Catherine Bonnel Tailor. Mr. Tailor died 15th January, 1852.

ALEXANDER SIMPSON, (son of John, son of John,) and Elizabeth Cauldwell lived where David A. Oakley now lives, and had children :
1. Aaron, burn 19th February, 1792, married Jemima Scudder, daughter of Jesse Scudder, of Springfield.
2. Moses, born 5th September, 1793, married Eliza Baker, daughter of Aaron Baker, Esq. of Dayton, Ohio.
3. Polly, born 22d March, 1795, married Benjamin Spinning, Jun. son of Benjamin. [See Spinning]
4. Electa, born 3d June, 1800, married David Stout, an iron monger, of Dayton.
5. Betsey, born 8th April, 1803, and died 27th September, 1818.

AARON SIMPSON, (son of Alexander,) and Jemima Scudder lived near Hamilton, Ohio, and had children:
1. Benjamin.
2. Elizabeth, who married Stephen Crane, son of Moses Crane and Sarah Miller. daughter of Jacob. [See Jacob Miller.]
3. John ; 4. Mariah.

MOSES SIMPSON, (2d son of Alexander)) and Eliza Baker, lived in Dayton, Ohio, and had children:
1. Electa Emmeline, who married Seth Crowel, of Dayton, and .had children : 1. Charles Elmore Crowel ; 2. Moses Simpson Crowel ; 3. David Baker Crowel; 4. Florence Eliza Crowel ; 5. Silas Simpson Crowel.
2. Elizabeth. who married Robert Allen, of Dayton, and had children : 1. William Rutan Allen ; 2. Aaron Baker Allen. 3. Henry Allen, who died January, 1849; 4. Emeline Allen. 5. Theodore Allen ; 6. Robert Allen, Jun.
3. Jane Mariah Fuller, who married George W. Morris, and had children : 1. Amelia Morris ; 2. Charles Morris ; 3. Ira Morris ; 4. Mahlon Morris.
4. Silas Maxwell Baker.
5. Aaron Baker Alexander, who died 20th July, 1839.

ELECTA SIMPSON, (4th child of Alexander,) and David Stout, had children:
1. Elias Riggs Stout, who married Lydia Britton.
2. Atlas Lacock Stout, who married Virginia Crane.
3. Phebe Stout, who died at 5 years.
4. Moses Simpson Stout, who died at 24 years.
5. Elizabeth Stout ; 6. Henry Stout; 7. Orin Stout. 8. Ira Stout.

WILLIAM SIMPSON, (11th child of John, son of John.) and Betsey Woodruff, had children :
1. Nancy, who married Robert Ball, of Hanover, Morris county.
2. Eliza, who married Samuel Woodruff, of Hanover.
3. Mahlon, who married Hannah LeHomedeau, of Warren Co. and had children : Alexander and Israel ; Mahlon died, and his widow married William D. Bedford. [See Bedford.] 4. Chilion.

JOHN SMALLEY lived in Passiac Valley, Warren township, Somerset county ; he married Anne Randolph, and had children:
1. James, who married Abigail Jennings, sister of Jacob Jennings.
2. Isaac married Rachel Stewart, daughter of Joseph Stewart, of Washington Valley.
3. Jacob, twin to Isaac, married 1st, Tabitha Moore, daughter of John Moore ; 2d, Betsey Willet, daughter of Jonathan, by whom he had no children.
4. David married Hannah Ruff, sister of Henry Roff. [See Lacy.] He was a justice of the peace, and a practical surveyor.
5. Sally married Isaac Moore, brother of Jacob's 1st wife. [See Moore.]

JAMES SMALLEY, (son of John,) lived near Passaic river, where his father did, on the farm of 130 acres, now owned by John Littell ; he and Abigail Jennings had children:
1. Jonas, who married, 30th September, 1793, Rebecca Wise, and went to Western Pennsylvania.
2. Abner married Mary Roll, daughter of blind Abraham Roll. [See Roll]
3. David I. married Nancy Tucker, daughter of Jacob Tucker, son of Warner.
4. John marreid Sally Moore, daughter of Benjamin Moore, of Acquackanac.
5. Keziah married Derrick Thomas, son of William Thomas, of Stony Hill.
6. Reuben married Rhoda Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, Sen. and removed to the Lakes, New York.
7. Jacob I. married his cousin Anne Smalley, daughter of Jacob Smalley ; lived at Paterson.
8. Benjamin married Keziah Thomas, sister of Derrick.
9. Mary married Samuel Compton, of Dead River, in Somerset county.
10. Rachel married Jacob Moore, son of John Moore, Jun. of Paterson.
11. Catherine married Mr. Brown, in the Lake country, New York.

ABNER SMALLEY, (2d son of James,) and Mary Roll, had children :
1. Sayre, who married, 13th February, 1823, Cornelia Parrot, daughter of Samuel.
2. Fanny married Benjamin Ludlow, son of Lewis, of Westfield, and had an only child, Elizabeth D. Ludlow, who married 26th September, 1850, John Badgley, son of Squier, son of Jonathan Badgley.
3. Mary married Isaac M. Thompson, son of Moses Thompson, and Catherine Sayre, daughter of Isaac, Jun.

DAVID I. SMALLEY, (3d son of James,) and Nancy Tucker went to the Lakes New York, and had children :
1. Abner, who married Rachel Caterline.
2. Hannah married her cousin Matthias Townley, son of William. [See Townley.]
3. Margaret married Matthew Benjamin.
4. Huldah.
5. Charlotte married Elias Parker, son of Samuel.
6. Abby married Mr. ____ Coriell.
7. Joel married Harriet Armsbury.

JACOB I. SMALLEY, (7th child of James,) and Anne, his wife, had children:
1. Louisa, who married Joseph Corley.
2. Betsey married Horace Betawnia.
3. Abraham married Betsey Bower.
4. Squier ; 5. Phebe; 6. Sally Anne; 7. John ; 8. Andrew Jackson.

ISAAC SMALLEY, (son of John,) and Rachel Stewart, lived on Stony Hill, where Mahlon Smalley now does, and had children :
1. Elias, who married Hannah Compton, daughter of Reuben Compton, and went to the Lakes, N. Y.
2. Lewis, married Miss Ayers, near Liberty Corner, and went to the Lakes N. Y.
3. Nathan married Anne Shipman, daughter of John Shipman. [See Shipman.]
4. William married Caty Jobs, sister of Nicholas Jobs, Esq., of Liberty Corner.
5. Polly married Benjamin Coon, son of Levi Coon, near Mount Bethel.
6. Deborah married Samuel Martin, of Martinville.
7. Rachel married Andrew Putnam, son of Mills, of Green Vally.

NATHAN SMALLEY, (son of Isaac,) and Anne Shipman had children :
1. Nelson, who went to East Florida, and died there.
2. Cornelius, who become insane when a young man.
3. Agnes, who married, 1st Jan. 1851, Lewis Kirkpatrick, son of R. Finley Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander. [See Kirkpatrick.]

JACOB SMALLEY, (son of John,) and Tabitha Moore had children :
1. Sally, who married David Randolph, son of Gilbert. [See Randolph.]
2. Anne married her cousin, Jacob T. Smalley, son of James. [See James Smalley.]
3. Phebe married Moses Ayers, son of Jonathan, of Stone House Village.
4. Ruth married Squier Tingley, son of Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley.
5. Electa married Restors Cox, from New England lives in Washington Valley.
6. Elizabeth, who died at 17 years, unmarried.
7. Isaac I. married Nancy, widow of James Pope, and daughter of Jonathan Drake.
8. Jacob, Jun., marries Mariah Bullman, daughter of Joseph, of Long Hill, and went to Illinois.
9. Mary married Jacob Drake, brother of Isaac's wife. 10. Tabitha, who died at 6 years.

PHEBE SMALLEY, (3d child of Jacob,) and Moses Ayers had children :
1. Julia Anne Ayers, who married Israel Coddington, son of Archibald.
2. Sylvanus Ayers married Eliza Fisher.
3. Ezekiel Ayers married Miss Lockerman, daughter of Vincent E. Lockerman.
4. Jonathan Ayers married Mary Coddington, daughter of Jerry.

RUTH SMALLEY. (4th child of Jacob,) and Squier Tingley had children:
1. Ira Tingley, who married Mary Coulter, daughter of Lafferty.
2. Jacob S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield.
3. Sally Tingley married Nathaniel Drake, son of Noah. [See Drake.]
4. Tabitha Tingley married Benjamin Fisher, son of Jerry.
5. Isaac S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield.

ELECTA SMALLEY, (5th child of Jacob,) and Restors Cox had children :
1. Julia Anne Cox, who married Jackson Smalley, son of Samuel.
2. Marietta Cox married _____.
3. James Hartwell Cox married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Lines. [See Tucker.]
4. Freelove Cox married Archibald Baird ; 5. Martha Cox.

ISAAC I. SMALLEY, (7th child of Jacob,) and Nancy Drake had children : 1. Tabitha ; 2. Jacob.

JACOB SMALLEY, (8th child of Jacob,) and Mariah Bullman had children :
1. Oscar, who married Mary Crosby, in Illinois.
2. Helen Finley married Mr. Classby, in Illinois.

MARY SMALLEY, (9th child of Jacob,) and Jacob Drake had children :
1. Theodore Drake ; 2. James Drake ; 3. Isaac S. Drake ; 4. Francis Marion Drake ; 5. Sally Anne Drake ; 6. Elizabeth Drake.

DAVID SMALLEY, Esq., (son of John Smalley 1st;) and Hannah Roff had children :
1. Henry, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of Hezekiah, of Short Hills.
2. Daniel married Deborah Roff, daughter of Jonathan Roff. [See Roff.]
3. Hannah married Samuel Casad, of Warren Township.
4. Samuel married, 1st Rhoda Moore, daughter of Benjamin of Mount Bethel ; 2d, Mary Pennington, daughter of John, of Dead River.
5. Prudence married John Geddis.
6. David D. married, 1st, Polly Blackford, and was a justice of the peace ; 2d, Betsey Allen, daughter of William Allen.
7. Patty married John Dunham, Jun., son of John ; had a daughter Hannah, when he died, and she went to Michigan.
8. Mahlon married, 1st Jan. 1816, Betsey Parrot, daughter of William.
9. Hannah married, 10th Sept. 1809, John Dunn, son of Francis Dunn, of Washington Valley.

HENRY SMALLEY (1st son of David Smalley, Esq.) and Phebe Hand, had children :
1. Chilion, who married Caroline Allen ; 2. Rhoda married Mr. Latrop ; 3. Henry, who married _____ ; 4. Noah.

DANIEL SMALLEY, (2d son of David Smalley, Esq.) and Deborah Roff had children :
1. Pamela, who married Levi Coon, Jun.
2. Elizabeth, who married Henry Doty, Jun.
3. Letta married George Lavzalier.
4. Hannah married Piatt Drake, son of Andrew.
5. Roff, who went to Indiana.
6. Mahlon, who went to Lancaster, Ohio.

SAMUE L SMALLEY, (4th child of David Smalley, Esq.) and Rhoda Moore had children :
1. Keziah, who married Isaac Titus, of Washington Valley, son of John. [See Titus.]
2. David married Docia Wood, daughter of D ae 1 S. [transcriber's note: that's the way it appears on the pg] Wood, Jun, [see Wood.] and went to Western New York, near Lake Ontario.
And by his 2d wife, Mary Pennington, he had children:
3. John, who married Phebe Wooden, daughter of Gideon Wooden.
4. Rhoda married David Weir, son of William, of Sterling Valley.
5. Amanda married Stephen Marshall, son of John. [See Marshall.]
6. Henry married Hannah Townsend, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
7. Jackson married Julia Anne Cox, daughter of Restors Cox.
8. Samuel ; 9. Mary.
NOTE.—Samuel Smalley and wife and their six younger children, with their families, removed to Illinois.

DAVID D. SMALLEY, Esq. (son of David, Esq.) and Polly Blackford, had children :
1. Blackford, who went to Illinois, and married there.
2. Sally married Aaron Carter, son of Gabriel, of Madison.
3. Hannah married John Linberger, of Washington Valley.
4. Samuel.
5. Rachel married John Knapp.
6. Mary married, in Illinois, Mr. Wilson.
All the above six went to Illinois, with their families.
by his 2d wife, Betsey Allen, he had children:
7. Phebe married Peter P. Voorheis, son of Peter, near Paterson.
8. Nancy married Edward Sea, and live up the North river.
9. David D. married, 1st November, 1849, Caroline Titus, daughter of William.

MAHLON SMALLEY and Betsey Parrot, had children :
1. Catherine, who married William Cole, son of Freeman Cole, Esq. and had children : 1. Mary Cole ; 2. Elizabeth Cole ; 3. David Cole ; 4. Adeline Cole.
2. Adeline.
3. Harriet married Elias Drake, son of Nathaniel, of Scotch Plains, and had children : 1. George Drake 2. Augusta Drake 4. Julia Anne.

RICHARD SMITH lived on Long Island, and had children :
1. Richard Smith, Jun. who married, and removed to Herkimer county, New York.
2. Thomas married Lois Sutton, sister of Abner and Jeremy Sutton ; he lived where Ephraim Stelle does, at Stonehouse Village.
3. Cornelius married Dorcas Tingley, and lived near Pluckemin.
4. Elijah married Mary Sutton, sister of Lois, wife of Thomas, and lived on the west end of Long Hill, where his son Abner now lives.
5. John, who lived near Lake Champlain, New York.
6. Sally ; 7. Hannah.

THOMAS SMITH, (2d son of Richard,) and Lois Sutton, had children :
1. Richard, who married Jemima Hayden.
2. Thomas is unmarriel.
3. Rhoda married Jacob Van Ness, and lived near the Sterling farm.
4. Sarah married her cousin Abner Smith, son of Elijah.

CORNELIUS SMITH, (3d son of Richard,) and Dorcas Tingley. had children :
1. Ebenezer.
2. John, who married Mrs. Coon.
3. Mary married Mr. Bateman.
4. Betsey married Andrew Compton.

ELIJAH SMITH, (4th son of Richard,) and Mary Sutton, had children :
1. Richard, who married Rachel Worth, daughter of Benjamin, and went to Nova Scotia.
2. Betsey, who died at the age of 16 or 17 years.
3. Laura married Clark Winans, near Rahway.
4. Abner married his cousin Sarah Smith, daughter of Thomas.
5. Elijah, Jun. married Sarah McCoy daughter of James McCoy, of Basking Ridge, and had a daughter Rachel, when he died. His daughter Rache! married Elias Dayton, son of John, of Basking Ridge, and had several children, when she died, and Mr. Dayton married Sarah Caroline Heath, daughter of Daniel Heath. [See Heath.]
6. Jacamiah married, 1st, Catherine Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson ; 2d, Mary Sickle, daughter of George Sickle, of Stanhope, Sussex county.
7. Anne married George Collyer, son of John Collyer, of Basking Ridge, and had a son, James Collyer, when she died.
8. Silas, who was drowned at about 16 years of age.

RICHARD SMITH, (1st son of Elijah,) and Rachel Worth had children :
1. Grace, who married William Wright.
2. John went to Western New York.
3. Madison married Sarah Trane.
4. Mary, who died at 19 or 20 years.
5. Eliza married Mr. Woodard, in Western N. Y.
6. Aretta married Asa Merrel.
7. Harrison.
8. Richard.
9. Jane married her sousin, Elijah Smith, son of Abner.
10. Annitia, who went to Illinois.

LAURA SMITH, (3d child of Elijah,) and Clark Winans had children : 1. Elijah Smith Winans, who married Miss quick, daughter of John quick ; 2. Betsey Winans ; 3. Benjamin Winans; 4. David Winans; 5. William Winans.

ABNER SMITH, (4th child of Elijah,) and Sarah Smith had children :
1. Sophia Anne.
2. John Sutton, who married Julia Bonnel, daughter of Jonathan C. Bonnel. He was a physician, and died 16th Aug. 1841, without children.
3. Elijah married his cousin, Jane Smith, daughter of Richard Smith. She died at about 20 years, without children, and he went to Illinois.
4. Sarah married Nathaniel Gillam, son of Peter, of Mendham.
5. Mary Elizabeth married Adolphus Cone, and went to Illinois.
6. Cornelia.

JACAMIAH SMITH, (6th child of Elijah,) and Catherine Wilson had children :
1. Phinehas, who married Susan White, of Brooklyn, N. Y. and had children : 1. Walter ; 2. George 3. Howard ; and died 4th February, 1848.
2. Silas, who died at 18 months.
3. Samuel lives in Brooklyn, N. Y.
4. Laura Anne, born 13th January, 1820, and married James C. Blazier, born 28th April, 1810, son of Philip Blazier, and had children : 1. Catherine Blazier, born 27th June, 1842. 2. Silas Blazier, born 3d October, 1843. 3. Philip Ira Blazier, born 27th August, 1845. 4. Susan Blazier, born 16th February, 1848.
5. Martha married Asa F. Curtis, son of John Curtis, and had children : 1. Cornelia and Caroline Curtis, twins ; 3. George Curtis. Caroline died young.
6. Richard ; 7. Daniel ; 8. John.
And by his 2d wife, Mary Sickle, had other children :
9. Catherine ; 10. Andrew ; 11. Dayton ; 12. George. 13. Abner ; 14. Sarah.
Jacamiah Smith died 8th September, 1847.

WILLIAM SPENCER, Esq. merchant of Chatham, was son of Henry Spencer of Elizabethtown ; he was born July, 1765, and died suddenly, in his chair, 29th July, 1848.
He married Alpha Genuing, born 1768, daughter of Thomas Genuing ; he was justice of the peace, and kept a store in Chatham some 50 years : they had children :
1. Polly, who married Jonathan Walker, son of Asher, of Long Hill. [See Walker]
2. Sally married Thomas Bond, the younger.
3. Charles married Amelia Bruen, daughter of Jonathan Bruen, of Madison.
4. Hannah married, 1st, Miller Squier. son of Henry Squier, of Long Hill ; 2d, James Ba'entine.
5. Samuel married Prudence Mulford, daughter of Jeremiah, of Livingston.
6. Phebe married Stephen Young.
7. William Hervy married, 1st, Jane Clark, daughter of D. S. Clark, Esq. of New Providence ; 2d, Nancy Baker, daughter of Jeremiah Baker, of Dover.
8. Eliza married Thomas Phipps.
9. James Lyman married Caroline Willcox, daughter of John Wilcox 3d.
10. Julia Anne married William Ashley.

SALLY SPENCER, and Thomas Bond had children :
1. Sanford Bond, who died young.
2. Hervy Bond, who died in infancy.
3. Hervy Bond 2d, who married Margaret Beach, daughter of William Duane Beach, and had children : 1. Hellen Bond. 2. Emma Bond.
4. Sarah Bond married James Wood, of Newark, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Wood ; 2. Francis Wood.
5. Charles Bond ; 6. Lewis Bond ; 7. Thomas Bond. 8. Elizabeth Bond.

CHARLES SPENCER and Amelia Bruen, had children : 1. Eliza ; 2. Matilda ; 3. Lewis ; 4. Albert ; 5. Charles. 6. Joseph Ogden.

HANNAH SPENCER and Miller Squier, had children :
1. Eliza Squier, who married Mills Day, and had children: 1. Henry Day ; 2. Helen Day ; 3. Mary Day ; 4. Electa Day.
2. Henry Squier married Catherine Garret, of Cauldwell, and had children : 1. Albeit Squier, and others.
3. Phebe Anne Squier ; 2. Juliette Squier.
And by James Balentine, Hannah Spencer had children :
5. Mary Balentine ; 6. Sarah Balentine.

SAMUEL SPENCER and Prudence Mulford, had children:
1. Mary, who married David Sayre, son of Ezekiel, and had children : 1. Fredrick Sayre, and others.
2. Mulford married, 1st, Caroline Mills ; 2d, Elizabeth Day.
3. William ; 4. Julia Anne ; 5. Harriet ; 6. George.

PHEBE SPENCER and Stephen Young, had children :
1. Mary Young ; 2. William Young; 3. Lyman Young ; 4. Caroline Young.

WILLIAM HERVY SPENCER and Jane Clark, had children :
1. William Nelson ; 2. John Morris.
And by his 2d, wife Nancy Baker, had children:
3. Alpha Jane ; 4. Margaret ; 5. Mary ; 6. Phebe.

ELIZA SPENCER and Thomas Phipps. had children : 1. Eliza Phipps ; 2. William Phipps ; 3. Thomas Phipps ; 4. Emma Phipps.

JAMES L. SPENCER and Caroline Willcox, had children:
1. Elizabeth Caroline, who married Elias Allen, son of David Allen, had children : 1. Cornelia Allen, and others.
2. John Lyman, who married, 13th January, 1852, Mary Allen, daughter of David.
3. Emily Arno ; 4. Lewis Craig ; 5. William Francis. 6. Henry Newton ; 7. Georgiana and Josephine, twins.

JULIA ANNE SPENCER and William Ashley, had children:
1. George Ashley ; 2. John Hervy Ashley ; 3, William Ashley ; 4. Amelia Ashley 5. Lyman Ashley.

BENJAMIN SPINNING was probably one of the descendants of Humphrey Spinning, who was among the first of the Elizabethtown Associates. He married Charity _____ and came up from Elizabethtown and lived where his son John Spinning now lives. He died 11th March, 1814, aged 46 years. His widow died 30th November, 1823, aged 56 years. They had children :
1. Benjamin. Jun. who married Polly Simpson, daughter of Alexander, and went to Dayton Ohio, and had children ;
1. Anne, who married Caleb Burchard, live in Springfield, Illinois, and had children : 1. Cornelia Burchard ; 2. Elizabeth Burchard ; 3. Florence Burchard.
2. Eliza Jane married Nathan Allen, of Dayton, and had children : 1. George William Allen ; 2. Almira Allen.
3. Alexander Simpson married Miss Piew ; live in Green county, Ohio.
4. De Witt Clinton married Hannah Wright, daughter of John.

2. Rebecca married, 14th Feb. 1822, Thomas Martin, Jun. son of Thomas. [See Martin.]
3. Hannah married Jonathan D. Simpson, son of Isaac, and died 13th December, 1838, aged 38 years, without children.
4. John, born 19th August 1793, and married Phebe Winters, of Fishkill, New York, and had children : 1. Benjamin, who married, 27th Feb. 1850, Sarah Anne Meeker, daughter of Isaac, son of Caleb. 2. Charles ; 3. Mary ; 4. Jane ; 5. Julia ; 6. John.
5. Solomon married Margaret Winters, sister of John's wife, and had children : 1. George ; 2. Catherine ; 3. John ; 4. Dayton.
6. Prudence married, 20th Feb. 1819, Solomon Dean, son of John, and had children : 1. Benjamin S. Dean, who married Phebe Badgley, daughter of Squier ; 2. John Dean ; 3. Sylvester Dean 4. Mary Cohoon Dean, who died young.

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