Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

JEREMIAH RADDIN lived near Blue Brook, above Feltville. he married, 13th July, 1775, Lucretia Willcox, daughter of William Willcox, Sen., and had children:
1. Betsey, who married William Willcox, son of Noah Willcox, Sen. [See Wilcox.]
2 William married, 6th February, 1807, Hannah Clark, daughter of Elias Clark, Sen., on Stony Hill.
3. Jane married, lst, Jonas Price, son of Rice Price ; 2d, Samuel Clark, son of Ichabod Clark, of Westfield ; 3d, Smith Hallock, son or Thomas Hallock. [See Hallock.]
4. Susan married John Clark, son of Ichabod, son of Elias Clark, Sen.

WILLIAM RADDIN, (son of Jeremiah.) and Hannah Clark, lived where his father did, and had children :
1. Jeremy, born April, 1806, married Abby Frazee, born 27th August, 1806, daughter of Reuben Frazee and Joanna Willcox.
2. Freeman married Fanny Anderson, daughter of Robert, son of James.
3. Susan married Samuel Heady, of Clinton.
4. Ellis, who went to Chicago.
5. David, born February, 1818. married Phebe Morehouse, born 29th July, 1824, daughter of John Morehouse, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. John, born 29th Nov. 1846; 2. Hetty Amelia, born 29th Nov. 1849.
6. Eliza married John C. Hays, son of Oliver Hays, of Union Township.
7. John 8. Samuel.
William Raddin died, and his widow married Anthony Badgley, son of Anthony.

JEREMY RADDIN, (son of William, son of Jeremiah,) and Abby Frazee, had children :
1. Reuben, born 27th July, 1824, and married Phebe Atkins, daughter of John.
2. Mary, born 5th April, 1830, and married Henry Burrel, of Newark.
3. William, married _____, lives in Newark.
4. Ellis, born 30th December, 1834.
5. Hervy, born 24th March, 1837.
6. Eliza Jane, born 9th May, 1839.
7. Abby, born 7th February, 1846.

DR. JOHN RAGUE was a Frenchman, he married Miss ____ Bonnel, the aunt of Lois, wife of Gabriel Johnson, Esq., and lived in Passaic Valley. They had children:
1. Betsey, who was brought up by her cousin, Lois Johnson, and married _____.
2. Catherine married Jonas Stanbury, son of Capt. Samuel Stanbury, and lived on Long Island.
3. James went to Urbana, Ohio, and married Polly, a widow, and daughter of Coats Thornton, of Champaign Co. Ohio, and had children: 1. Lemuel, who married Harriet Samples, daughter of Bethuel, of Urbana. 2. Llewelen, who was a Lieut. in the U. S. Army. 3. John F. married in. New York, and lives in Iowa City.

GILBERT RANDOLPH married ______, lived at Stone House Village, and had children:
1. Elizabeth, who married Matthias Lyon ; went to the Lakes, New York ; had 8 children.
2. James, who died at home, unmarried.
3. Rhoda married Moses Parcel, brother of Capt. John Parcel, of Liberty Corner, and went to Western New York, and had 13 children.
4. Peter married Harriet Steele, daughter of Oliver Steele, lived at Stone House Village.
5. David married Sally Smally, daughter of Jacob, and lived at Stone House Village.
6. Justus married Sally Strimple, of Rahway, and went to Ohio.
7. Isaac. married Sally Steele, sister of Peter's wife and lived in the Stone House.

RODA RANDOLPH, (daughter of Gilbert) and Moses Parcel had children :
1. John Parcel, who married ____, a daughter of Henry Smally, son of David, Esq.
2. Randolph Parcel ; 3. Enos Parcel ; 4. Isaac Parcel ; 5. Albert Parcel ; 6. Lewis Parcel ; 7. Mary Parcel ; 8. Elizabeth Parcel ; 9. Squier Pawel.
They then removed to Western New York, and had 4 others.

PETER RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Harriet Steele, had children:
1. Steele, who married Margaret Smalley, daughter of Andrew, and had children : 1. Peter ; 2. George.
2. Lewis married Mary Compton, daughter of Moore Compton, of Long Hill, and had children : 1. Almira; 2. Abel Steele; 3. Moore Compton ; 4. Harriet ; 5. Ruth ; 6. Catharine Anne ; 7. Peter ; and removed to Illinois.
3. Anne ; 4. Mary.

DAVID RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Sally Smalley, had children :
1. Mary Anne, who married Jacob Cole, son of Elias. [See Cole.]
2. Gilbert.

ISAAC RANDOLPH, (son of Gilbert,) and Sally Steele, had children:
1. Isaac, Jun., who married Eliza Jane Ayers, of Cumberland county, and live there, and had children : 1. Asa; 2. David ; 3. Oliver.
2. Oliver.
3. Lewis married Nancy Hiscox, of Rhode Island, live at Green Brook, and had children : 1. Isaac ; 2. Julia ; 3. Gilbert.
4. Christian ; 5. Jeptha ; 6. Mary 7. William.

Three brothers by the name of Riggs lived in Massachusetts, and removed from there to Connecticut. Edward Riggs, one of the three, removed from Connecticut to Newark, N. J. and had a son Joseph Riggs, who lived and died in Orange, and he was the father of Zebulon Riggs, the father of:
PRESERVE RIGGS, of Mendham, who married Puah Hudson, and had children :
1. Elias, born 1st April, 1770, who was a presbyterian minister, and preached a few years at Perth Amboy, and came to New Providence in October, 1806, and was installed the 16th June, 1807, and continued in the ministry there till his death, which occurred the 25th February, 1825, aged 54 years, respected and beloved by all his people.
2. Silas, who married Harriet Rose, of Long Island, and lived at Succasunna Plains.
3. Mary married Mr. Blachley, of Mendham, and had a son, Moses Blachley.
4. Hannah married David Cook, brother of the Rev. Henry Cook, of Metuchen; lived at Geneva, New York, and had children: 1. Elias Cook. 2. William Cook. 3. Charles Cook, who married his cousin Anna Mariah Cook, daughter of the Rev. Henry Cook, of Metuchen. 4. Caroline, who married Herman Camp, lived at Truman-burg, Tomkins county, New York. 5. Sarah Cook, who died unmarried.
5. Elizabeth married Mr. Absalom Woodruff, son of Dr. Absalom Woodruff, of Mendham ; she died without children. He married Matilda Jones, of Morristown. and lives there.
6. Nancy married William Camp Gildersleeve, son of the Rev. Mr. Gildersleeve, of Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. She died at Wiikesharre. and left children : 1. Elizabeth Gildersleeve. 2. Mary Gildersleeve. 3. Norman Gildersleeve, who at about 17 years. [transcriber's note: who did what at 17 years?]
17. Sarah, who married Robert Stoddart, Esq., a lawyer, of Geneva, and had children: 1. John Stoddart ; 2. Elizabeth Stoddart ; 3. Anne Stoddart ; 4. Luther Stoddart ; 5. George Stoddart; 6. Sarah Stoddart ; 7. Elias Stoddart.

REV. ELIAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve.) married Margaret Congar, daughter of David Congar, of New Windsor, Orange county, New York, and widow of David Hudson, of Newark, who was son of David Hudson of Mendham, brother of the wife of Preserve Riggs, and had children :
1. Joseph Lewis, who is a preshyterian minister, and married Elizabeth Anne Roosa, daughter of Egbert Roosa, of Wells, Bradford county, Penn. where he is settled as a pastor. He had children : 1. Edward Hinman; 2. William Congar.
2. Elias, who married Martha Jane Dalzel, of Mendham. He became a presbytetian minister, and with his wife went in October, 1832, as missionaries to Greece, and from thence to Smyrna, in Asia ; they had children : 1. Elizabeth ; 2. Margaret ; 3. Edward ; 4. Emma Louisa.
3. Margaret married, 1st Oct. 1884, James Mitchel Ray, a native of Cauldwell, Essex county, N. J. now a resident of Indianapolis, and is cashier of the state bank of Indiana. They had children :
1. Anna Axel Ray ; 2. Harriet Martha Ray ; 3. Louisa Mont!olt [illegible] Ray ; and have lost six children.
4. Hannah married the Rev. Joseph Y. Montfort, of Greensburgh, Indiana, son of Rev. Francis Montfort, of Ohio. They had children : 1. Elias Riggs Montfort. 2. Francis Cosat Montfort. 3. Margaret Congar Montfort.
5. Phebe married, 8th Sept. 1845, Rev. Samuel S. Potter, son of Isaac. He is a presbyterian minister, settled in 1850, in Lawrenceburgh, Indiana. They had children: 1. Margaret Riggs Potter. 2. Joseph Lewis Potter.
6. Elizabeth married, 25th Aug. 1842, Antrim Robbins Forsyth, merchant of Greensburgh Indiana, son of John Forsyth; of Trenton, N. J. and had chidren: 1. Elias Riggs Forsyth. 2. William Cougar Forsyth, who died in infancy.
Mrs. Elizabeth Forsyth died 7th Sept. 1848. Mrs Margaret Riggs, widow of the Rev. Elias Riggs, died at the house of her son Joseph, in Wells, Bradford county, Penn. on the 28th March, 1851, aged 69 years and 4 days, and was buried April 241, by the side of her husband in the New Providence church yard.

SILAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve Riggs,) and Harriet Rose, had children :
1. Peter.
2. Nancy, who married Caleb Wheeler.
3. Alexander married _____, in Pennsylvania.
4. Albert married Nancy Stansborough.
5. Edward, who died at Louisville, Kentucky, in 1846.
6. Elizabeth married Alpha Durham, and live at Tunkhannock.
7. Harriet married Erastus W. Ripley, and went to Iowa. He is at the head of the college at Davenport, Iowa.
8. Charles Warren, who died February, 1848, at about 21 years.

WILLIAM ROBISON married Betsey Robison, 2d Dec. 1772. They lived on Stony Hill, where Andrew Hyslop now lives. They had children :
1. David, who married 24th Dec. 1795, Agnes Vance, daughter of Kennedy, of Long Hill.
2. Phebe married 5th November, 1794, Henry Mooney, live in Morris County.
3. John married Lydia Wilson, of Maryland, was a methodist preacher of some celebrity.
4. William married Nancy Roll, daughter of John, son of Isaac, of Springfield.

REV. JOHN ROBISON, and Lydia Wilson, had children :
1. William, who married Anne Mariah Lafoucherie, and had children : 1. John Lafoucherie ; 2. James Edwards ; 3. Susan.
2. Elizabeth married Alexander Gilmore, a methodist preacher ; (preaching in 1850, in Springfield.)
3. Catherine is unmarried, she lives in Springfield.

WILLIAM ROBISON, (son of William,) and Nancy Roll, had children :
1. John, who went away, the family knows not where.
2. Wesley, who became a methodist preacher, and married Margaret Worth, of Rahway.
3. Caroline married. 1st, Oliver Rowland ; 2d, William Mawby, and had children : 1. Victoria Mawby ; 2. William Mawby : 3. Frederick Mawby.
4. James, who is crazed.
5. Isaac. who died at about 18 years, unmarried.
William Robison, Sen., died 6th August, 1815, aged 71 years. His wife Betsey died 11th October, 1799, aged 47 years.

NATHANIEL ROFF, lived near Union Village. in Essex County. He married. 7th November, 1773, Jemima Shipman, daughter of Jabez, and had children :
1. Jane, who married James Craig, son of James, son of James, son of Alderman Andrew Craig. [See Craig.]
2. Betsey married 16th July, 1773, Daniel Moore, son. of Isaac. [See Moore.]
3. Deborah married Daniel Smalley, son of David Smalley Esq. [See Smalley.]
4. Phebe married William Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See Stevens.]
5. Jonathan married Sally Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer, and had children : 1. Betsey ; 2. Peter ; 3. John ; 4. David; 5. James; 6. William ; 7. Mary ; 8. Phebe.
6. David married a daughter of John Shadwell, of Mayslick, Kentucky.
7. Henry married Rachel Lambert, daughter of James, of Westfield. [See Lambert.]
8. James.

HENRY ROFF, (son of Nathaniel,) and Rachel Lambert, lived in New York, and had children :
1. Phebe, who married Lewis Dingy, and had children : 1. Charles Dingy ; 2. Louisa Dingy ; 3. Phebe Eliza Dingy ; 4. Lewis Dingy.
2. Anne Eliza married John M. Force, of New Yoxk, and had children : 1. Mary Force, and others.
3. Mary Jane married James Hope, of New York, both died, leaving 3 children : 1. Phebe Anne Hope ; 2. Josephine Hope ; 3. Mary Jane Hope, who died young.
4. Charles married Mariah Dunlap, of New York, and had a son, Henry.
Nathaniel Roff may have been brother of Richard Roff, Sen. He with his sons, Jonathan, David, James, and William Stevens, removed to Kentucky, before A. D. 1800.

RICHARD ROFF lived where Oliver Steele lately lived ; he was some years sheriff of Somerset county. He had children :
1. Ebenezer, who married Abby Roberts, and lived near Mount Bethel.
2. Nelly married Simeon Millharn, and had no children.
3. Betsey married Isaac Vail, and lived at Green Brook. And by a 2d wife, he had children.
4. Richard married Amy Allen, daughter of David Allen, Sen.
5. Nathaniel married. 1st, Johanna Rogers, daughter of Simeon; 2d, Lydia Tainor ; 3. Sally, the widow of Zacheus Day.
6. Moses mariied Betsey Ludlow, lived near Mount Bethel.
7. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Wright ; 2d, Moses Rogers, son of Nathaniel ; 3d, Jotham Lorree.
8. Jonathan married Phebe Ludlow, sister of Moses' wife, and left no children.
9. Francis, a son, who died at about 24 or 25 years, unmarried.

EBENEZER ROFF, and Abby Roberts had children :
1. Mary, who married William Stites, son of Isaac. [See Stites.]
2. Israel married, 1st, Abby Smalley, daughter of John, see of James Smalley ; 2d, Rhoda Drake ; and by his first wife, he had a daughter :
1. Keziah, who married George Giles, son of Samuel, of New Market. And by his 2d, wife, Rhoda Drake, had children : 2. Phebe 3. Abby ; 4. William ; 5. Watson.
3. Anne married James Moore, 14th December, 1813, son of Joseph, and had children : 1. Ruth Moore, who married Cornelius Van Ness. 2. Betsey Moore married James Hancock. 3. Julia Ante Moore married _____. 4. Mary Moore married Throdare Housal. 4. Hiram, who died at about 22 years. 5. Betsey. who married Allen Willet, son of Thomas Willet, and had a son, Runyon Wilke and she died. 6. William, who died at about 20 years. 7. Sally, who married, after her her sister Betsey died, the same Allen Willett and had children : 1. Harrison Willet, who married Rachel Stites, daughter of Amos ; 2. Lewis Willett.

BETSEY ROFF, (3d child of Richard,) and Isaac Vail had children :
1. Joel Vail, who married Phebe Webster, of Plainfield.
2. Lydia Vail married Mr. ____ Vandyke.

RICHARD ROFF, (son of Richard,) and Amy Allen, had children:
1. Sally, who married Alvan Morse, from New England, and. went to the Lakes, New York.
2. David, who went to Wheeling, and married, and lives there.
3. John married, lst, Lavina Cheeseman ; 2d, Sally Hamilton, daughter of David, son of John ; had no children.
4. Mary married John Morris. of Metuchen.
5. Aaron marricd Polly ____ of Lamington, and lived there.
6. Eliza went to Ohio, with her uncle Col. John Allen.
7. Caroline married Christopher Lefevre ; lived at Jersey City.

NATHANIEL ROFF, (5th child of Richard,) and Johannah Rogers had but one child: 1. Phebe, who married Isaac Bird, and had children : 1. Margaret Bird. who married Jacob Van Ness ; 2. Mary Bird married _____ ; 3. Roff Bird married _____ ; 4. George Bird married _____; 5. Anne Bird ; 6. ____; 7. Isaac Bird, Jun. And by his 2d, wife, Lydia Tainor, he had children:
2. Johannah, who married Israel Wilson, son of Hopewell, and had children : 1. Caroline Wilson, who married 1st, William Coon ; 2d, Moses Hughes.
3. Sally married Samuel Leonard, of New Vernon ; live in Morristown, and had children : 1. William Leonard ; 2d, Lydia Leonard, who married Cornelius Mesler, of Morristown ; 3. Levi Leonard, who died at. 24 years ; 4. Isaac Leonard, who enlisted, and went to Mexico and did not return ; 5. Jane Leonard.
4. Mary, who died unmarried.
5 Anne, who married 1st, Elijah Day, son of Zacheus, by his first wife, and had children : 1. Nathaniel Day ; 2. Erastus Day ; 3. Mary Day ; 4. Henry Day ; 5. Sarah Day ; 6 Abby Anne Day. Elijah Day then died, and she married Nathaniel Edgar, as his 2d wife, and had children : 7. Theodore Edgar ; 8. Elizabeth Edgar ; 9. Jane Edgar.
6. Jane, born 10th August, 1809, married William Hoit, son of John, from Connecticut, and had children: 1. William Hoit, born 1st January, 1846. 2. Anne Augusta Hoit, born 26th April, 1840 ; when her husband, William Hoit, died, and she married Clarkson Wilson, born 4th June, 1817, son of Zachariah, son of Hopewell. and had children : 3. Harriet Wilson, born 10th July, 1840. 4. Clarkson Wilson, born 6th February, 1844.
NOTE: --Clarkson Wilson, by his first wife, Prudence Anne Lincoln, had children : 1. Sarah Wilson ; 2. Elizabeth Wilson.
7. Nathaniel Roff, Jun.
8. Agar Lindley Roff, married Julia Scudder, of Westfield, and had children : 1. Firman ; 2. Albert ; 3. ____; 4. Cornelia ; and by his 3d wife, Sally, Nathaniel Roff had a son, 9. Elias.

MOSES ROFF, (6th child of Richard,) and Betsey Ludlow, had children :
1. Deborah, who married Mr. Mundy, and went to Ohio.
2. Mariah married David Loree, nephew of Jonathan, before named.
3. Phebe married ______.
4. Jonathan married ______, and went to Sussex.

NANCY ROFF, (7th child of Richard,) and Mr. Wright, had a daughter,
1. Sarah Wright.
And by Moses Rogers, had children :
2. Mariah Rogers.
3. Samuel Rogers.
4. Jacob Rogers.
They removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania.

JOHN ROLL, (called in German Johonis Mongle,) came from Germany and settled between Springfield and Westfield. near the mountain, and had children :
1. Isaac. who married Sarah Cauldwell, daughter of James, of Long Hill.
2. John married, 1st, Rachel, who died 21st May, 1768, aged 30 years, and he married, 2d, Edith Wick, in 1769.
3. Abraham married, lst, Mary Brooks, 2d, Caty Vreeland.
4. Molly, who married Mr. Woolley.
5. Jane, who married Thomas Cory, son of Elnathan. [See. Cory.]

ISAAC ROLL, (son of John 1st,) and Sarah Cauldwell, lived and kept a tavern, in Springfield, many years ; they had children:
1. John., born 28th. August, 1765, married, 13th December, 1785, Mary Earl, who was born 21st August, 1768, daughter of John. Earl, near Middleville.
2. Mary, baptized 14th June; 1767, and died young.
3. James; who married, 1st, Joanna Earl, sister of John's wife ; 2.d, Abby Meeker, daughter of Benjamin Meeker.
4. Elizabeth, baptized 21st July, 1771, and died young.
5. Abraham, who went to the west and died there.
6. Jacob married Sarah Pierson, daughter of Samuel Pierson, of Springfield, and went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and had, an only child, Pierson. Roll.
7. Catherine married Abner Woodruff of Springfield, and. removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania. He was brother of Caty Woodruff, the wife of Col. Abraham. Woolley, of. Springfield.
8. Abigail.
9. Betsey married Daniel Ayers, of Springfield, son of Benjamin Ayers, of Long Island.
10. Sally married Jacob Thompson,

JOHN ROLL, (son of Isaac Roll, son of John,) and Mary Earl had children :
1. William, who was born 16th October, 1786, and married Mary Eddy, daughter of William Eddy, of Green Village.
2. Nancy, born 10th March, 1788, and married William Robison, son of William, of New Providence, and died 9th May, 1819. [See Robison.]
3. James, born 10th October, 1789, married, 1st, Mary Clark. daughter of Abraham ; 2d, Julia Shipman, daughter of Jacob, son of Abraham, of Monroe, Morris comity ; 3d, Charity Hedges: by whom he had no children.
4. Isaac, born 14th October, 1791, and married 1st, Rebecca Higgins, daughter of James ; 2d, Mary Clark, widow of Henry Stites, of Scotch Plains, and by her had no children.
5. John, born 14th October, 1793, and died 2d April, 1794.
6 John 2d, born 11th July, 17, 1795, and married, 2Oth May, 1818, Phebe Sutton, daughter of Joseph Sutton, of Hacketstown ;lived in Newark.
7. Luther, born 29th July, 1797. married, 1st, Susan ____; she died, and he married, 2d, Elizabeth Brant, and removed to Georgia.
8. Charles, born 5th May, 1799, married, 1st, Phebe Terril, daughter of Enoch; 2d, Nancy Cory, daughters of Andrew, of Westfield.
9. Wesley, born 10th October, 1801, married Anne Smith, born 6th December, 1802, daughter of Jonathan Smith, of Scotch Plains.
10. Mary, born 21st January, 1804, married, 1st. David Camp ; 2d, Charles Roll, son of Peter, son of Abraham Roll.
11. Jacob, born 11th January, 1808, went to Georgia, and married three times, but had no children.

WILLIAM ROLL (son of John, son of Isaac, son of John 1st,) and Mary Eddy had children: (he removed to Illinois):
1. Mary Anne ; 2. John ; 3. Phebe; 4. Caroline ; 5. Elizabeth ; 6. William died young ; 7. Sarah, twin to William ; 8. James ; 9. Nancy ; 10. Alfred.

JAMES ROLL, (3d child of John, son of Isaac Roll,) by his 1st wife Mary, had a son:
1. John, who died at about 22 or 23 years.
And by his 2nd wife, Julia Shipman, had other children :
2. James Madison, who was drowned on his way to Illinois, aged 21 years.
3. Stephen Buckley. who married _____.
4. Chancellor Livingston.
5. Philetta Hicks, (twin to Chancellor,) married William _____ of Plainfield.
6. Henrietta.
7. Manning Rutan.

ISAAC ROLL, (4th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Rebecca Higgins had children:
1. Hannah Eliza. who married David J. Crane, son of Benjamin. [See Crane.]
2. James Higgins married Hannah Mariah Smith, daughter of Joseph, of Springfield.
3. Mary Earl married, 1st, Oliver DeCamp ; 2d, Philemon Dickerson. son of Philemon Dickerson, Esq., of Springfield.
4. Ellen married John Dickerson, also son of Philemon Dickerson, Esq.
5. John married Elizabeth Bond, daughter of Elihu Bond, brother of the Rev. Lewis Bond, of Plainfied.
6. Nancy Jane married Isaac Brokaw, son of Caleb, of Bound Brook.
7. David Elmer.

JOHN ROLL, (6th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Phebe Sutton had children :
1. Jacob ; 2. Joseph ; 3. Luther ; 4. Archibald ; 5. George Iran ; 6. Albert.

LUTHER ROLL, (7th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Susan ____ had children :
1. William ; 2. Mary Frances ; 3. Luther ; 4. ____, who was drowned. 5. Sarah Anne : 6. Robert.
His wife Susan then died, and he married Elizabeth Brant, and removed to Georgia.

CHARLES ROLL, (8th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Phebe Terril had children :
1. Albert ; 2. James Hervy, who died at about 6 years. 3. Anne Eliza ; 4. Cecelia.
And by his 2d wife, Nancy Cory, had other children :
5. Parkhurst Cory ; 6. Lucy Jane.
7. A. son, who died in infancy.

WESLEY ROLL, (9th child of John, son of Isaac,) and Anne Smith had children :
1. Eliza Jane, who married Edward Tailor, son of James, of Springfield. and had children : 1. James Mar [hard to read] Tailor ; 2. Wilber Denman Tailor.
2. Martin Luther ; 3. Jonathan Smith ; 4. Mary Louisa. 5. William Henry ; 6. Eccell Anne; 7. Susan Almira. 8. Jacob Earl ; 9. Sarah Emily ; 10. John James. 11. Josephine, who died at 2 1/s years ; 12. Charles Wesley. 13. Anna Elizabeth.

MARY ROLL, (10th child of John, son of Isaac,) and David Camp had children :
1. David Wheeler Camp ; 2. Caroline Camp, who died at 6 yrs.
And by Charles Roll had children :
3. Mary Adgusta Roll ; 4. Caroline Virginia Roll. 5. Charles Roll ; 6. Sidney Roll.

JAMES ROLL, (son of Isaac, son of John Ist,) and Joanna Earl had an only daughter :
1. Joanna, who married George Frazee, son of George Frazee, of Westfield.
And by his 2d wife, Abby Meeker, had other children:
2. Phebe, who married Clark Baldwin, son of Stephen, of Cheapside, and had children: 1. Sarah Baldwin ; 2. Emily Baldwin ; 3. Mariah Baldwin ; 4. Abby Baldwin ; 5. Stephen Baldwin.
3. Sally married Walter Smith, son of William, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Mary A. Smith; 2. Abby L. Smith; 3. Edward C. Smith ; 4. Albert Smith ; 5. Ellen Smith.

BETSEY ROLL, (daughter of Isaac, son of John 1st,) and Daniel Ayers had children :
1. James Ayers, who went to Cincinnati, and married.
2. Isaac Ayers married Elsie Allen, of Millville, and went to Michigan.
Betsey Roll then died, and Daniel Ayers married Abby Denman, (daughter of Jacob Denman, by a first wife,) and had other children :
3. Jacob Denman Ayers, who married Mary Anne Denfer, daughter of Stephen Denfer, from France.
4. William Ayers married Phebe Bedell, of New Vernon.
5. Eliza Ayers, born 1803, married Samuel C. Smith, a tailor, son of Moses Smith, of Springfield, and had children : 1. Mary Elizabeth Smith, who, married William Wade. 2. Emma Smith ; 3. Henry C. Smith.
6. Phebe Ayers, married Jacob Thompson, son of Moses, son of Hezekiah Thompson. [See Jacob Thompson.]
7. Daniel Ayers, who died at 9 years.
8. Mariah Ayers married Nathan Robbins, and went to Oswego, New York.
9. Benjamin Ayers, who died in youth.

NOTE --Jacob Denmin's 2d wife, was Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Cauldwell. [See Cauldwell.]

JOHN ROLL, son of John, and brother of Isaac, lived on the north side of Long Hill ; sold his farm to John Williams, and went to Ohio ; he had children :
1. Matthias, who married, 7th April, 1785, Mary Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and went to Ohio.
2. John, Jun., who married Patty Force, of Horse Neck, Cauldwell Township, Essex county.
3. Abraham married Patty Vance, of Mendham.
4 Isaac, who died 11th March, 1787, aged 21 years.
5. Isaac 2d, who married Prudence Vance of Mendham. sister of Abraham's wife.
6. Abigail, who married, 7th April, 1785, Samuel Miller, grandson of James Cauldwell 1st.
And by his 2d wife, Edith Wick, John Roll had children :
7. Wick, who died 8th January, 1790, aged 20 years.
8. Jacob, who was killed by lightning, 14th August, 1793, near the house, at about 18 years.
9. Edward.

MATTHIAS ROLL, (1st child of John Roll, son of John,) and Mary Rutan, had children :
1. Charity, who married, 1st, Samuel Trousdale, and had children : 1. Jane Trousdale ; 2. Polly Trousdale ; 3. Lydia Trousdale. Charity married, 2d, John Ayers.
2 Joseph married Rebecca ____.
3. Abigail married Reuben Blackford.
4. Rachel married William Stewart.
5. Isaac married Hannah De Camp.
6. Anna married Christopher Lintner.
7. John married ______.
8. Israel married ______.
9. Polly married David Baker.
10. Matthias married ______.
11. Samuel married ______.
12. Silas was a physician, and married ______.

ABRAHAM ROLL, (son of John 1st,) was born 29th Aug. 1739, and died 20th October, 1813. He married, 1st, Mary Brooks, born 5th February, 1742; 2d, Caty Vreeland, sister of Daniel. She was daughter of Jacob Brooks, who lived on the Coriell place, in Westfield. He became blind before he died. By his first wife he had children :
1. Elizabeth, born 29th August, 1759, and died 26th September, 1850. She married Isaac Sayre, son of Isaac, from New England. [See Sayre.]
2. Jacob, born 8th November, 1761, and married Betsey Mills. He owned the grist mill in New Providence several years, and sold out, and went to Ohio. They had children :
1. Sally; 2. Mary ; 3. Philemon; 4. Moses; 5. Abraham.
3. Brooks, born 9th February, 1763, married Phebe Ross, daughter of James, a shoemaker, of Westfield.
4. Hannah, born 2d September, 1766, married Moses Parmalle, of Westfield.
5. Baltus, born 3d May, 1769, married Susan Jennings, of Elizabethtown ; had no children. He lived on the top of the first mountain in Westfield, and was murdered in his own house about 1833, by some persons unknown.
6. Peter, born 7th May, 1773, married Polly Belton, of Short Hills.
7. Jephtha., born 3d Dec. 1776, married Abby Brookfield, of Rahway.
8. Abraham, born 28th Sept. 1779, married Betsey Dunham, daughter of David ; had two daughters, and removed to Ohio.
9. Mary, born 12th March. 1783, married Abner Smalley, son of James. [See Smalley.]
And by his 2d wife, Caty Vreeland, Abraham Roll had children:
10. Isaac, who married Susan ____; lives in Rahway.
11. Abby married Mr. Trembly.
12. David.
13. Jane married ____.

BROOKS ROLL, (son of Abraham,) and Phebe Ross, had children:
1. Abby, who married a son of John Dunham.
2. Mary married Isaac Baldwin, son of David, of Canoe Brook. [See Baldwin.]
3. Sally married Aaron Bailey, son of Samuel, of Springfield.
4. James married Caty Dunham, daughter of David, and half sister of his uncle Abraham Roll's wife.
Mr. Brooks Roll died 19th Jan. 1833.

HANNAH ROLL, (4th child of Abraham,) and Moses Parmalee, had children :
1. Mary Parrnalee.
2. Betsey Parmalee married Henry Howard, of New York.
3. Abby Parmalee married Aura Wilson, as his 2d wile, near Poughkeepsie.
4. Rebecca Parmalee married, 1st, Mr. Manning, of Plainfield ; 2d, Aaron Coe, Esq., of Westfield.
5. Brooks Parmalee married Miss Wilson, daughter of Aura Wilson, by his 1st wife.
6. Nancy Parmalee died unmarried.
7. Lockey Parmalee married James Stafford, and went west, where he died, and she returned with 3 children, Isaac, Abby, and James Stafford.
8. Sally married Mr. Parmalee, a distant relation.

PETER ROLL, (6th child of Abraham,) and Polly Belton, had children :
1. Charles, who married his second cousin, Mary Roll, 10th child of of John, son of Isaac Roll, and had children : 1. Mary Augusta ; 2. Caroline Virginia; 3. Charles ; 4. Sidney.
2. Baltus.
3. A daughter.

JEPHTHA ROLL, (7th child of Abraham,) and Abby Brookfield had children :
1. Sarah, who married Thomas J. Blanck ; lives in New York.
2. William married Susan ____.

ISAAC ROLL, (10th child of Abraham,) had children :
1. George Washington, who married Sally Wood, daughter of John, son of John Wood.
2. Samuel Oliver married ____, a sister of Caroline's husband.
3. Catherine married, 1st, Mr. Shotwell. 2d, John Wilson.
4 Caroline married _____ a brother of Samuel's wife.
5. Isaac (Clawson? hard to read).
6. Sanford Vreeland.
7. William Stone.
8. Johila Marsh.

JOHN ROSS, of Westfield, was born 24th Dec. 1715, and died 7th April, 1798. He was, in 1748, Alderman of the borough of Elizabeth ; he married, 1st, June, 11th 1736, Hannah Talmadge, who was born 6th July, 1715 ; 2d, Joannah Crane, a widow, and daughter of Alderman William Miller. She was born 15th Sept. 1728, married Mr. Ross, 22d Jan. 1754, and died 13th Sept. 1779, without children by him, and he married, 27th Feb. 1780, 3d, Susannah, the widow of another Crane, his 2d wife's aunt, and sister of the same Alderman Miller, and she died Nov. 1797, without children by him. By his first wife, Hannah Talmadge, he bad children:
1. John Ross, Jun., born 26th August, 1737, married Sarah Scudder, sister of Corbet Scudder.
2. Rebecca, born 14th June. 1739, married Cornelius Ludlow, of Westfield.
3. Timothy, born 26th Aug. 1741, married Polly Briant, daughter of John. [See Lamb.]
4. Sarah, born 11th July, 1743. married Andrew Miller, and died 4th Aug. 1817, in her 75th year.
5. Ichabod, born 24th Sept. 1745, married, 1st, Miss Davis; 2d, Betsey Lamb, daughter of John. [See Lamb.]
6. James, born 9th Nov. 1751, married 1st Hannah Thompson, daughter of Thomas, of Union Township ; 2d, Sarah Thompson, elder sister of his first wife. [See Thompson.]

JOHN ROSS, Jun., (son of John ) and Sarah Scudder had children :
1. Hannah, who married Samuel Freeman.
2. Sarah married Mr. Tucker.
3. Polly married John Stevens, of Rahway.

REBECCA ROSS, (2d child of John 1st,) and Cornelius Ludlow had children :
1. Noah Ludlow married Rachel Rouse Ridgeway, and had children : 1. Eliakim Ludlow, who married Polly Walker, daughter, of Asher, of Passaic Valley. [See Walker.] 2. Henry Ludlow.
2. Rebecca Ludlow.
3. John Ludlow.

TIMOTHY ROSS, (3d child of John.) and Polly Briant had one child :
1. Samuel Ross, who married Huldah Randolph, daughter of Thomas, and had children : 1. Timothy, who married Sarah Laing, daughter of John and had children : 1. William, who died young ; 2. Charles : 3. Mary, who married Mr. Decker, and died without children ; 4. Harriet ; 5. Daniel, who married his cousin, Susan Ross, daughter of Milan; 6. Clark ; 7 Milan.
2. Milan married Susan Force, and had children ; 1. Samuel ; 2. Randolph ; 3. John ; 4. William ; 5. Susan, who married her cousin, Daniel Ross, son of Timothy.
3. John, who married, and died without children.
4. Sally married Mr. Coon, who died and left her a widow.
And by a 2d wife, a daughter of Ezekiel Day, Samuel Ross had two children :
5. James ; 6. ____, a daughter, who married Peter Houseman.

SARAH ROSS, (4th child of John Ross 1st,) and Andrew Miller, had children :
1. Hannah Miller, who married Thomas Parcel, of Chatham.
2. Rebecca Miller married John Brokaw, of Rahway.
3. Enoch Miller married Johannah Garthwaite.
4. John Miller married Abigail Stites, daughter of Richard. [ See Stites.]
5. Abner Miller married Bethiah Tryon, of Orange county, New York.
6. Timothy Miller.
7. Sarah Miller, who married James Tharp.
8. Andrew Miller.
9. Susan Miller, who married Capt. John Scudder.

JOHN MILLER, (4th child of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross,) and Abigail Stites, had children :
1. Cornelia Miller, who married Gideon Ross, son of James, son of John Ross 1st.
2. Hezekiah Stites Miller, who married Elizabeth Burnet, sister of Samuel Burnet, of Livingston, and had children : 1. Lucinda Miller ; 2. Joseph Augustus Miller ; 3. Elizabeth Jenette Miller; 4. Cornelia Miller ; 5. Julia Anne Miller ; 6. John Stites Miller ; 7. James Ross Miller ; 8. Ophelia Miller ; 9. George W. Miller.

ICHABOD ROSS, (5th child of John,) and Miss Davis, had children :
1. Talmadge, who married Betsey Littell, daughter of Moses. [See Littell.]
2. John, who married Anna Keyt, daughter of James.
By his 2d wile, Betsey Lamb, lchabod Ross had children:
3. Mary, who died unmarried at about 17 or 18 years.
4. Elizabeth married, 1st, Joshua Clark, son of Robert ; 2d, Sanford Hicks.
5. Ichabod, Jun. married Phebe Miller, daughter of Abner Miller.
6. Hannah married Henderson Williams.

TALMADGE ROSS, (son of Ichabod, son of John,) and Betsey Littell, daughter of Moses, son of Benjamin Littell, removed to Ohio, about 12 miles north of Chilicuthe, and had children:
1. Moses, who married Mary Frazee, 2d child of Moses Frazee. and Mary Terry.
2. John married Sarah Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee. He died 12th May, 1844, aged 57 years, 8 months, and 4 days.
3. Abby, born 12th July, 1791, married Charles Marsh, son of Charles. of Westfield.
4. Jacob died in 1814, unmarried, aged 22 years
5. Talmadge died in 1814, unmarried, aged 20 years.
6. Eliza. who also died unmarried. 7. Linus H. Ross married ______, and lived near Sandusky, Ohio.
8. Abraham.
9. Thompson Seabury Ross.

MOSES ROSS, (son of Talmadge,) and Mary Frazee, lived near Chilicothe, and had children :
1. Pamela., who married James Gay , and had five children.
2. Jacob Davis Ross married _____; had two children.
3. Frazee Ross married _____; had two children.
4. Talmadge Ross ;
5. John Ross.
6. Resin Ross married _____.
7. Abby Eliza Ross married _____.
S. James Ross.
9. William Ross.

JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Talmadge,) and Sarah Lee, had ten children :
1. Talmadge Ross, born 1810, and married Eliza Stites, daughter of Henry, of Scotch Plains, and had children : 1. Anne Eliza, born 1st Jan. 1836; 2. Mary Jane, born 1839 ; 3. John Henry Ross, born 18th May, 1845.
2. Joseph Ross, born 4th Jan. 1813, married Nancy Squier, daughter of John Squier, son of Aaron Squier, of Long Hill, and had a child, Charles Gideon Ross.
3. Eliza Ross, born 11th Feb. 1815, and married John Frazee, son of Levi Frazee, of Westfield. and had children: 1. Caleb Maxwell Frazee, born 5th Oct. 1838. 2. Susan Frazee, born 11th March, 1840. 3. Preston Frazee, burn 17th August, 1842. 4 John Ross Frazee, born 1st. October, 1845. 5. Henry Martin Frazee. born 6th September, 1847.
4. Susan Ross, born 23d February, 1817, and married Isaac Thom, son of James Thom, of New Market, and had children : 1. James Thom, born 24th February, 1839. 2. Sarah Anne Thom born 14th October, 1839. 3. Mary Augusta Thom, born 26th Feb. 1845.
5. John Ross, born 5th March, 1820, married Harriet Bullman. He died 22d April, 1848 she died 20th Feb. 1848, leaving no children.
6. Mary Ross, born 27th March 1822, married Clarkson Shotwell, son of Daniel Shotwell, of Plainfield, and had one child. Susan Snotwell, born 23th April, 1817.
7. James Ross, born 27th August, 1826, and married Mary Freeman, daughter of Caleb of Plainfield.
8. Moses Lee Ross, born 18th November 1828.
9. Seth Williston Ross, born 31st March, 1832.
10. Cornelia Ross, born November, 1831.

JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Ichabod,) and Anna Keyt, had children :
1. Elizabeth, who married John Miller, son of Enoch, and had children ; 1. John R. Miller ; 2. Catherine Miller ; 3. Keziah Miller; 4. David Miller ; 5. James Miller.
2. Electa married Josiah Crane, son of John 4th, and had children : 1. John Grant Crane married Abby Miller, daughter of John 0. Miller. He lives on the old-John-Crane homestead. 2. Mary Crane married Hampton Cutter, son of William, of Woodbridge. 3. Annie Elizabeth Crane married Job Williams, son of Moses, of Union. 4. Josiah Crane, Jun, married Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of Jacob.
3. Mary married Miller Williams, son of Moses, and went to Ohio, where she died.
4. Anne married Benjamin Williams, son of Nathaniel, and had one daughter, Anne Williams, who married Jahn Norris.

ELIZABETH ROSS, (4th child of Ichabod,) and her first husband, Joshua Clark, had children:
1. Mary Clark, who married Caleb M. Littell, son of Doctor Anthony. [See Littell.]
2. Amos Clark married Sarah Meeker, daughter of Samuel, of Springfield.
And by her 2d husband Sanford Hicks, Elizabeth Ross, had:
3. A daughter, who married John Chatterton, of Elizabethtown.

ICHABOD ROSS Jun, (5th child of Ichabod, son of John,) and Phebe Miller, had children :
1. John, who married? 2. Betsey. 3. Ichabod 3d. 4. Abner married HANNAH ROSS, (6th child of Ichabod Ross, Sen.): and Henderson Williams, had children : 1. Sarah Williams, who married Peter Messier, and had a daughter, Eliza Anne Messier, who married Augustus Howel.
2. Mary Williams, who married Asa D. Vandergrift.
3. Phebe Anne Williams married John Dunham, son of John, son of John, of Passaic Valley, and had a daughter, Ellen Dunham, and then died.
4. Benjamin Williams.
5. Theodore Williams married Miss ____ Mulford.
6. Emeline Williams, who died.

JAMES ROSS, Esq. (6th son of John Ross 1st,) by his first wife, Hannah Thompson, had children:
1. Bettey, who married John Marsh Clark.
2. Sarah, born 6th May, 1777, and married Doctor Joseph Quimby, of Westfield, and died 1803, without children.
James Ross, Esq. by his 2d wife, Sarah Thompson, had children :
3. James Thompson Ross, who died unmarried.
4. Hannah married, January, 1807, Henry Baker, son of William. [See Baker.]
5. Gideon, married, 20th April, 1829, Cornelia Miller, born 8th May, 1793, daughter of John Miller, son of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross, daughter of John Ross 1st.

BETSEY ROSS, (daughter of James Ross, Esq.) and John Marsh Clark, had children :
1. Betsey M. Clark, who married Benjamin T. Clark, son of Charles Clark, Esq.
2. James Ross Clark, born 20th June, 1793, and married Catherine Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, and had children : 1. James Ross Clark, Jun. born 12th May, 1827. 2. John Joseph Clark, born 16th July, 1832.

BETSEY M. CLARK, and Benjamin T. Clark, had children :
1. James Marsh Clark, who married Miss Maxwell.
2. Sarah Anne Clark married Edwin Keyt.
3. Eveline Clark married Mr. Bryer.
4. Susan Clark married Mr. Maxwell.
5. Charles Augustus Clark married Ruth Sanford.
6. Lockey Clark married Mr. Bryer.
7. Benjamin Clark ; 8. Catherine Clark ; 9. Hannah Clark. 10. Gideon Clark ; 11, Henry Clay Clark ; 12. A daughter.

HANNAH ROSS, (4th child of James Ross, Esq.) and Henry Baker had children :
1. James Ross Baker, who died September, 1820, aged about 12 years.
2. William T. Baker, who married Elizabeth Anne Miller, daughter of Abner, and had children: 1. Catherine Baker, born 1839; 2. Elizabeth Baker. 3. Sarah Eliza Baker, who married William Radford, of New York, and had children : 1. William Henry Radford ; 2. James Radford ; 3. Edwin Radford. 4. James Ross Baker 2d, who married Catherine Mundy, and had children : 1. Eliza Radford Baker. 5. Phebe Webb Baker married John Squier, son of John, son of John Squier, and had children : 1. James Wade Squier.

GIDEON ROSS, Esq. (5th child of James Ross, Esq.) was a surveyor, a justice of the peace, a major in the militia, and was several times elected a member of the legislature. He and Cornelia Miller had children :
1. James, born 17th June, 1832, and died 21st, July, 1839.
2. Cornelia, born 20th December, 1835.

JONATHAN RUCKMAN lived on Stony Hill, south of David Smalley, Esq. He married Saran Allen, daughter of Joseph Allen, Jun. and had children :
1. Stephen, who married, 12th March, 1794, Esther Dobbin, of Cauldwel.
2. Nathan, born 1777, married Hannah Alward, daughter of Benjamin Aiward.
3. David married Betsey Coon, daughter of Capt. Israel Coon, and had no children.
4. Levi married Jane Leforge, daughter of Abraham, and died 16th October, 1844.
5. Jonathan, who died a young man, unmarried.
6. Phebe married John Cory ; lived on the 2d mountain, southeast of Mount Bethel.
7. Joseph, married, 1st, Mary Alward, sister of Nathan's wife ; 2d, Sally Kelly, of Mount Horeb. He had children : 1. JoHn ; 2. Josiah; 3. Elisha; 4. Joseph; 5. Eliza. And by his 2d wife, 6. Jonathan; 7. David.

STEPHEN RUCKMAN, (son of Jonathan,) and Esther Dobbin, had children :
1. Sally, who married Samuel Dixon, of Washington Valley.
2. Betsey married Isaac Morehouse, of Livingston, and went to Indiana.
3. Phebe married Isaac Coddington, son of Achibald, of Mount Horeb.
4. Hetty, who went to Indiana with Isaac Morehouse, and died.
5. Isaac married Nancy Winans, of Washington Valley.
6. Stephen, jun. went to Indiana, and married there.
7. Jane married William Buck, near Germantown, Hunterdon county.
S. Thirza married John Buck, of the same place.
9. Ellen married Abraham Bryant, of the same place.

NATHAN RUCKMAN, (2d child of Jonathan,) and Hannah Alward had children:
1. William, who died at about 24 years, unmarried.
2. David N., born 21st April, who married 1st, Jane Stevens, daughter of James Stevens, and had a son James ; his wife then died, and he married, 2d, Hannah P. Bonnel, daughter of Stephen C. Bonnel, son of James, and had children : 2. William. 3. Nancy ; 4. Hannah ; 5. David ; 6. Bern; 7. Lemuel. 8. Stephen C. Bonnel. [See Bonnel.]
3. Rachel married Francis Vaughn, and went to North Western Pennsylvania.
4. Hannah, who died at 18 or 19 years, unmarried.:
5. Sarah married Charles Foster, son of Silas Foster, of Chatham.

LEVI RUCKMAN, (4th child of Jonathan,) and Jane Leforge, had children:
1. Martin, born 27th October, 1811, married Jane Dow, of Bedminster, born May, 1806. They had children : 1. Lucy Anne, born 20th December, 1833. 2. Enoch, horn 20th February, 1835. 3. Jonathan Lewis, born 2d March, 1836. 4. Benjamin F., born 25th October, 1867. 5. Phebe, born 25th March, 1839. 6. Phinehas, born 26th April, 1842. 7. David Martin, born 14th November, 1843. 8. William Henry, born 7th December, 1845. 9. Levi, born 8th August, 1848.
2. Sarah married Joseph F. Tilyou, and obtained a divorce from him.
3. Eliza married Jefferson Moore, son of Jesse, of Mount Bethel, and had children: 1. Harriet Moore: 2. Wesley Moore ; 3. Mary Jane Moore ; 4. Jacob Moore ; 5. Jonathan Moore.
4. Deborah married Jacob Ludlow, son ofJoseph. [See Ludlow.]
5. Harriet married Lewis Noe Miller, son of Lewis. [See Miller]. She had one son, Levi Miller, and died.
6. Jenette married David Bird, son of John, of Mount Bethel, and had children : 1. Harriet Bird ; 2. Jacob Bird; 3. Levi Bird.
7. Mary married, 23 June, 1849, Watson Bird, son of Elias, and had children: 1. John Henry Bird ; 2. ____.
8. Atwood.
9. Rebecca.
10. Hannah.

PHEBE RUCKMAN, (fith child of Jonathan,) and John Cory, had children :
1. Daniel Cory, who married Rachel Willet, daughter of Jonathan, of Warren, and had several children.
2. Jonathan C try, wno monied Mary Titus, daughter of William, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Cory ; 2. Maryette Cory ; 3. Phebe Cory ; 4. Anne Jane Cory.
Both Daniel and Jonathan Cory have been members of the legislature, from Somerset county.

RICHARD RUNYON, (whose ancestors were French,) was born 14th April, 1719. He had a sister, who married a Mr. Layton, and had children.
Peter Layton, who was called Capt. Layton, lived at Long Hill, did not marry.
Provy Layton, who married Justice John Carle, of Long Hill. [See Carle.]
A Mr. John Runyon married, 10th September, 1765, Violet Layton.

RICHARD RUNYON married Jane Van Court, born 13th August, 1727, and had children :
1. Sarah, born 30th March, 1746, and married Elias Coriell, son of Abraham, of Piscataway, and died in 1820, aged 74 years. [See Coriell.]
2. Anna, born 27th October, 1747, and married Daniel Sayre, brother of Ephraim Sayre, of Madison, and had children : 1. James Sayre, who married Deborah Dunham, daughter of John, son of John. 2. Elias Sayre married Miss Hetfield, of Elizabethtown, and had a son, Thomas 0. Sayre.
3. Elias, born 7th June, 1749, married, 9th January, 1771, Deborah Clark, born 27th July, 1749, daughter of Daniel Clark. Elias Runyon died 8th March, 1793.
4. Elizabeth, born 11th December, 1750, married Moses Carpenter, of Goshen, New York ; had an only daughter, Elizabeth Carpenter, and soon after died.
5. Jean, born 6th December, 1752, and died of consumption, at about 20 years.
6. Rosannah, born 3d November, 1754, and died unmarried.
7. John, born 26th November, 1756, married Polly Conklin, daughter of Stephen, of Basking Ridge, and went to Ohio, and settled near the head of the Little Miami river. He died in 1836, and she died in 1842. They had children: 1. Stephen, who died in 1813, unmarried ; 2. Richard ; 3. John ; 4. Elias ; 5. Betsey, who married Joseph McLain ; 6. Debby married James McLain, brother of Joseph ; 7. Polly married Mr. ____ Vance : 8. Anna, and three other daughters.

ELIAS RUNYON, (son of Richard,) and Deborah Clark lived at Long Hill, where their father did, and had children :
1. Richard, born 26th November, 1771, married Phebe Lewis, daughter of Isaac, of Sussex.
2. Anna, born 24th September, 1773, married Ludlow Squier, son of Thomas. [See Squier.]
3. Daniel, born 23d March, 1776, married 1st, Hope Lewis, sister of Richard's wife ; she soon died, and he married 2d, Polly Squier, daughter of Thomas, of Livingston.
4. John, born 17th August, 1773, married his 2d cousin, Margaret Runyon, daughter of Richard, of Piscataway.
5. Jean, born 16th January, 1781, and died 4th February, 1781, in infancy.
6. Israel, born 16th March, 1782, married Polly Deeds, daughter of Michael, of Springfield, and died 28th September, 1813.
7. Elias, born 5th November, 1784, was a physician, married Agnes Day, daughter of Col. Israel Day, of Chatham had no children.
8. Peter P., born 19th May, 1787, married Phebe Tenyck, daughter of Tunis Tenyck, of New Brunswick. Is a justice of the peace, and judge of the court in Middlesex county.
9. Jane, born 29th December, 1790, married Savage Wright, from Virginia, and lives in Piscataway.

RICHARD RUNYON, (son of Elias,) and Phebe Lewis lived in New Brunswick, and had children:
1. Sally, born November, 1797, married John Dunham Martin, son of Arauna, of New Brunswick, and had children : 1. Mary Martin, who married Charles Martin, son of Still Martin, of New York. 2. Richard Runyon Martin ; 3. Arauna Martin ; 4. Isaac Lewis Martin.
2. Debby, born February, 1799, married Ambrose F. Randolph, son of Still F. Randolph, and had children: 1. Still Randolph ; 2. Richard Runyon Randolph ; 3. Howard Malcom Randolph.
3. Jane, born 1802, married James Boyce, son of George and had children : l . Susan Hankinson Boyce married Dr. Sears, of N. Y. 2. Charles Decilding Boyce ; 3. Peter Boyce; 4. Albert Boyce ; 5. Henry Boyce.

DANIEL RUNYON, (son of Elias,) owns his father's farm at Long Hill ; was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1834, and acted in that office fifteen years. He and Polly Squier had children :
1. Caroline, who is unmarried.
2. Phehe, who married Augustus Stewart, son of Christopher, of Plainfield ; went to Illinois, and had children : 1. John Runyon Stewart : 2. Mary Ellen Stewart. 3. Edward Stewart.
3. George married Mary Giles, daughter of John Giles ; lives in Plainfield, and had children : 1. William Henry ; 2. Alfred ; 3. John.

PETER P. RUNYON, (son of Elias,) and Phebe Tenyck had children:
1. Trembly, who died young.
2. Debby.
3. Mary, who married Peter C. Onderdonk, son of John.
4. John, twin to Mary, died at about 6 or 7 years.
5. Elias married Emily Fiiz Randolph, daughter of David, editor of the N. B. Fredonian.
6. Susan married Mahlon Runyon, son of Abel.
7. Virginia.

PETER RUTAN owned two 100 acre lots, Nos. 28 and 29 addition of the Elizabethtown lots. and now owned by the heirs of Nicholas Van Winkle, Joseph H.. Patten, and others. He had a son, Abraham, that survived him ; who owned the eastern half of the 200 acre tract, and lived on it near the spring.

ABRAHAM RUTAN was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church of New Providence. He married ______ ; she died 15th Dec. 1788 ; they had 5 sons and 8 daughters:
1. John, who married, 20th March, 1774, Catherine Jones, and went to the west.
2. Samuel married Eleanor Bedell, daughter of Jacob, and went west. [See Bedell.]
3. Peter, born 1757, and died 12th April, 1802, aged 45 years, unmarried.
4. Joseph, born 1769, married, 14th June, 1791, Hannah Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker, Jun. She died 26th July, 1804, aged 34 years, and he married, 2d, Rachel Hole, daughter of Uzel Johnson's 2d wife. He died 19th March, 1809, aged 40 years.
5. Abraham married Hannah Shipman, daughter of Abraham, of Munroe, Morris county. He died 25th Dec. 1804, aged 30 years, and left two children. Manning and Eliza ; Eliza died young ; Manning married Miss Hurd, and lived at Dover, Morris county, and subsequently removed to Greenville, Montcalin county, Michigan.
6. Sally, who married, 6th June, 1775, Simeon Simpson, son of Alexander, as his 2d wife. [See Simpson.]
7. Hannah married John Cauldwell, son of William. [see Cauldwell]
8. Mary, married 7th April, 1785?[illegible] M___ [illegible] Roll [I think] and went to Ohio. [see Roll.]
9. Rosannah married, 26th Dec. 1786, Thomas Parrot, son of William. [see Parrot.]
10. Martha married, 17th Oct. 1737, Moses Camp, son of Aaron. [See Camp.]
11. Charity married John Miller and had a son, James Miller, who lived at New Vernon, and a daughter, Anna, who married in Pennsylvania, Samuel Ayers, and lived near Rossville, Ohio.
12. Anna married 29th April, 1790, Moses Squier, son of Thomas. [See Squier.]
13. Elizabeth married, 14th June, 1791, Abraham Cauldwell. son of William. [See Cauldwell].

James Miller, son of Charity Rutan. and John Miller, married Anna Collard, and had children : 1. John Miller; 2. Charity Miller, who married Nathaniel Bonnel, of Green Village, as his 2d wife ; 3. Ebenezer Miller married Hannah Winters, of N. Y. ; 4. Mary Miller ; 5. Joseph Miller married Sarah Messier, daughter of John Vleit Messier ; 6. James Miller ; 7. Margaret Miller married Mr. Logan.

JOSEPH RUTAN, (son of Abraham, son of Peter,) lived where his father did. He and Hannah Baker had children:
1. Daniel, who married Jane Cauldwell, daughter of Hugh, and had children: 1. Hugh, who died in Newark, unmarried, aged about 24 years. 2. Hannah, also died in Newark, unmarried, aged about 24 years.
Daniel Rutan died 6th Feb. 1820, aged 28 years. His widow, Jane, died 24 Feb. 1849, aged 61 years.
2. Abigail, born 19th March, 1795, and married Peter D. Valentine, son of Jonathan. [See Valentine.]
3. Abraham, who died 9th May, 18[last two digits illegible], aged 15 years.
4. Samuel married Lockey Meeker, daughter or Joseph O. Meeker, of Scotch Plains, and died 1st April, 1827, age 28 years. [See Dunham] And by his 2d wife, Rachel Hole, Joseph Rutan had children:
5. Eliza, who married Barnabas Earl, and went to Kalamazoo county, Michigan.
6. Joseph married Sally Anne Fornote, daughter of William, of Rahway.

JOSEPH RUTAN, (son or Joseph) and Sally Fornote, lived in Rahway, and had children:
1. Mary Elizabeth, who married, 4th August, 1844, William Harris Smith, son of Adam Smith, of Bound Brook. He died in Feb. 1843, leaving a daughter, Mary Williams Smith.
2. Henrietta Adams; 3. Jane Anne ; 4. Francis Adelia [hard to read]; 5. Hannah Baker.
Joseph Rutan died in April [1844? almost illegible].

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