Family Records or Genealogies
Of The
First Settlers Of Passaic Valley
(And Vicinity)
Above Chatham - with Their
Ancestors and Descendants
As Far As Can Now Be Ascertained.

by John Littell


[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

JONATHAN ALLEN owned one hundred acres, No. 28 of the Elizabethtown lots, surveyed above the first mountain, on which Daniel Allen and Joseph Allen afterwards lived, who were probably his sons.

DANIEL ALLEN married Nancy Halsey, near Elizabethtown, and had children:
1. David, who married Jane Pasnet, and lived at Paterson.
2. John, who married at Pompton, and lived and died there.
3. Elizabeth married Jonathan Parsons, son of William Parsons, and died 4th July, 1844 ; Mr. Parsons died 9th September, 1821, at 57 years. (See Parsons.)

JOSEPH ALLEN, (brother of Daniel) married Lydia Potter, daughter of Col. Samuel Potter, and had children:
1. Bethuel, who married. in Ohio, Clara Gee, and had a son, John ; when his wife died, and he married the widow Polly Scott, daughter of John Dean, of Springfield, N. J., and had another son.
2. Phebe married David Clark, son of Stephanus Clark, Sen., in Ohio.
3. Jemima, married in Ohio.
4. Chloe.
5. Moses, died a young man, unmarried.

Lydia, the wife of Joseph Allen, died 10th Feb. 1799, aged 42 years, after which he went to Ohio, to his children, and died there.

Note—I know of no connection between this family and Joseph Allen, Jun., which follows.

JOSEPH ALLEN, Jun:, married Sarah Willcockse, daughter of Peter Willcockse, Sen. (The family now spell the name Willcox.) He drew No. 113 of the Elizabethtown lots surveyed above the first mountain, about one mile east of the Mount Bethel Church, but lived in Washington Valley, between the mountains.
They had children :
1. David, who married Mary Camp, daughter of Aaron Camp, son of John Camp, (or Johannes Vancampen,) of Passaic Valley.
2. Peter, married Mary Marshall, daughter of James Marshall, of Washington Valley.
3. Gideon, married, 19th August, 1787, Susannah Cory, daughter of Elder Daniel Cory, of Longhill.
4. William married 10th March, 1790, Nancy Marshall, sister of Peter's wife.
5. Philip, married Betsey Clark, daughter of Elias Clark, who lived on Stony Hill.
6. Henry, twin to Philip, married Phebe Clark, daughter of James Clark.
7. Patty. who married Joseph Doty, [See Doty.]
8. Sarah married Jonathan Ruckman, [See Ruckman.]

DAVID ALLEN, (1st child of Joseph, Jun.,) and Mary Camp, daughter of Aaron, had children :

1. Sarah, who married John Blackford, son of Benjamin s) Blackford, of Piscataway, and went to Readstone.
2. Jemima, married 31st May, 1785, Joseph Cole, Jun., son of Joseph, of Scotch Plains. (See Cole.)
3. Phebe, married Jacob Allen, son of Joseph Allen, and went to Cincinnati.
4. Polly, married Levi Parker, son of Isaac Parker, and went to the Lakes, N. Y.
5. Amy, married Richard Roff son of Richard. (See Roff)
8. Betsey, married Thomas Willet, son of Jonathan Willet, of Stony Hill Valley.
7. John, (the Colonel) married Betsey Cole, daughter of Master William Cole, of Scotch Plains ; she died without children, and he went to the west and married there.
8. Joseph, married Hannah Willet, daughter of Jonathan Willet, above named.
9. Rachel, married Aaron Scudder, son of George Scudder, and went to the Lakes, New York.
10. Martha, married William Sherwood, of Connecticut.
11. David Allen, Jun. married Susan Townley, daughter of Matthias, son of James Townley.
12. Aaron married at Pittsburg, and went to Ohio.
13. Squier, married Hannah Cory, daughter of Parkhurst Cory, of Stony Hill Valley, and died without children.

JOSEPH ALLEN, (8th child of David Allen) and Hannah Willet, went to French Creek, and had children:
1. Camp, is unmarried.
2. John, who married Esther Hall, and went to French Creek, Penn.
3. Bradford, married ____ Line, daughter of Amos Line.
4. Betsey, who died at about the age of 6 years.

DAVID ALLEN, (11th son of David Allen,) and Susan Townley, lived in Washington Valley, and had children:
1. Aaron, who married Maria Stead, daughter of Thomas Stead, and had children, 1st, Sophia Elizabeth.
2. Sarah Anne married Israel Moore, 21st February, 1849, son of Moses Moore, and had children, lst, David Allen Moore.
3. Elias, married Elizabeth Caroline Spencer, 28th February, 1849, daughter of James L. Spencer, and had children, 1st, Cornelia.
4. David, 3rd.
5. John.
6. Mary.

PETER ALLEN, (2d child of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Mary Marshall, had children:
1. Rhoda, who married William Ross, son of Ezra Ross, of Long Hill.
2. Noah, who married Phebe Jennings.
3. Peter, who married Phebe Johnson, of Albany.
4. Anne married Levi Gould, of New York, have no children.
5. Deborah, married David Buckley, of Connecticut ; have no children.
6. Betsey, married William Randall, of Scotch Plains, and have children : 1. Philip Randall ; 2. Elizabeth Randall, who married Ebenezer Cooper ; 3. Harriet Randall.
7. Mary Anne, married James Beatty, of Staten Island.

GIDEON ALLEN, (3rd son of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Susannah Cory, had children:
1. Daniel, who married Hetty Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, son of John.
2. Henry married Esther Achor, daughter of Philip Achor, of Scotch Plains.
3. Patty.
4. Phebe, married Lines Tucker, son of Joseph Tucker, son of John.
5. Fanny, married William Jennings, son of Benjamin Jennings, of Mount Bethel.
6. Lydia married, 1st, Joseph Hamilton; 2d, William Tallman.
7. Sarah, married Henry Moore, son of Henry. (See Moore.)

DANIEL ALLEN, (son of Gideon,) and Hetty Tucker, had children:
1. Rosetta, who married her cousin Ephraim Achor, son of Philip.
2. Israel Cory, married Anne Titus, daughter of William.
3. John married Anne ____ of New York.
4. Gideon.
5. Aristedes Heustis.

WILLIAM ALLEN, (4th son of Joseph Allen, Jun.) and Nancy Marshall, had children:
1. Marsh, who married Mary Wilcox, daughter of Daniel. [See Willcox.]
2. Betsey, married David D. Smalley, son of David, Esq. [See Smalley].
3. Sally, married Moses Stiles, of Morris County.
4. Polly, married, 1st, Mr.Woodruff but had no children by him, 2d, Frederick Dell, 20th July, 1843.
5. Jane, married Isaac Clark, son of Abraham, of Westfield.
6. William, married Huldah Cole, daughter of Amos, of Scotch Plains.

HENRY ALWARD came from England, married Miss Compton ; lived between Liberty Corner and Basking Ridge, near the mill now owned by Matthias Woodard, and had children:
1. David, who went to French Creek.
2. John.
3. Henry, Jun., who married Mary Cox, and had children:
1. John, who married _____ and had children, Henry, and two others.
2. Samuel married Caty King, sister of John King, of Liberty Corner.
3. Benjamin married Sarah Ayers, daughter of Elisha Ayers, and sister of Major John Ayers, of Basking Ridge.
4. Sarah married Daniel Hampton, whose father lived where John Steele did.
5. Mary married, 1st, Mr. Vankirk; 2d, Cornelius Tunison, of Washington Valley.
6. Mercy married Ephraim Martin, son of Col. ____ Martin.
7. Henry, 3d, married Osee Pennington, daughter of Jonathan Pennington.
8. William married Elizabeth Cross, daughter of William.

SAMUEL ALWARD, (2d child of HenryAlward, Jun.,) and Caty King, had children:
1. Mark.
2. Mary, who married John Pope, Jun., son of John Pope.
' 3. David.
4. Henry married ____ ____, lived at Succasuna Plains.
5. Sally married John Mizener, of Peapack.
6. Samuel, Jun., who went to the Lakes, New-York, and married there.
7. Betsey married Mr. Brown, of Monmouth Co.
8. Charlotte went to Michigan.

BENJAMIN ALWARD, (3d child of Henry Alward, Jun.) and Sarah Ayers, had children:
1. Elisha, who died at 27 years (by the kick of a horse) unmarried.
2. Mary, married Joseph Ruckman, son of Jonathan Ruckman. (See Ruckman.)
3. Jane married John Yeatman, an Englishman, and went to Philadelphia ; they had no children.
4. Hannah married Nathan Ruckman, brother of Joseph.
5. Benjamin, Jun., married Lydia Coddington, daughter of Benjamin Coddington.
6. Sarah, married Jonas Bird, son of George Bird, of Mount Bethel.
7. Esther, (twin to Sarah,) married Stephen Lawrence, son of William Lawrence, of Schoolies Mountain.
8. William, married Phebe Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer Lyon, and went to French Creek, Penn.
9. Elizabeth married Benjamin Boylan, son of Dr. James Boylan, of Vealtown.
10. Anne married Samuel Carman, of French Creek, Penn., and lived there.
11. Stephen married Miss ____ Pool, of Schoolies Mountain.
12. Daniel married Mary Miller, daughter of Smith Miller.
13. Phebe, twin to Daniel, married Jon Kinsey, of Amboy, and live there.

SARAH ALWARD, (4th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Daniel Hampton, had children :
1. John Hampton, who married, as his 2d wife, Miss ____ Bloodgood.
2. Mary Hampton married Mr. ____ Jackson.
3. Henry Hampton married Miss ____ Edgar.
4. Dr. William Hampton married Eliza Leddel, daughter of Dr. William Leddel, of Mendham.
5. Penina Hampton did not marry.
6. Dr. Reuel Hampton.

MARY ALWARD, (5th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Cornelius Tunison, had children :
1. Henry Tunison, who married Miss ____ Casner.
2. Elizabeth Tunison married John Bakeman.
3. Nelly Tunison married John Bray, of New Brunswick.
4. Hannah Tunison married Jephtha Mundy ; lives at Middle Brook.

MERCY ALWARD, (6th child of Henry Alward, Jun.,) and Ephraim Martin, had children :
1. Patty Martin, who married Samuel Stites, son of Isaac Stites, of Mount Bethel, and went to Illinois, and had 14 children.
2. Mary Martin married Mr. ____ Scudder.
3. Betsey Martin married ____ ____.
4. Richard Martin lives near Rahway.

HENRY ALWARD, 7th child of Henry Alward, Jun., and Osee Pennington, had children :
1 . Jonathan, who married Deborah Burrows, daughter of Waters Burrows, of New Providence.
2. Mary married Goin McCoy, son of James McCoy, of Basking Ridge.
3. Anne married Jonathan Hand, son of Jonathan Hand, of Basking Ridge. (See Hand.)
4. Osee.
5. William married Miss ____ Allen, of Peapack.
6. Henry, 4th, married Fanny Guerin, and soon died.
7. Jacob married and soon died.
8. Joseph married Matilda Doty, daughter of David, son of Zeb.
9. Betsey married, 1st, John Ryerson ; 2d, Mr. Barman.

WILLIAM ALWARD, (8th child of Henry Alward, Jun.) and Eliza Cross removed to the Lakes, New York, and had children :
1. Phebe.
2. Sarah.
3. Nathaniel.
4. Jerusha.
5. William.
6. Squier.
7. Jarvis.

BENJAMIN ALWARD, Jun. (5th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Lydia Coddington, had children :
1. Hugh, who went to Illinois.
2. Esther, who married John Phillips, of Newark.
3. Sarah, who went to Illinois.
4. Jackson, who went to Illinois.

SARAH ALWARD, (8th child of Bejamin Alward,) and Jonas Bird, went to the Lakes, New York, and had children :
1. Esther Bird, who died at about 18 years, unmarried.
2. George Bird, who died at about 16 years.
3. Phebe Bird.
4. Silas Bird.
5. Sarah Bird.

ESTHER ALWARD, (7th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Stephen Lawrence, had children:
1. Mary Lawrence, who married Stephen Coleman.
2. William Lawrence, married Miss Coleman, sister of Stephen.
3. Sarah Lawrence, married William Walk.
4. John Lawrence, married Miss ____ Pool.
5. Benjamin Lawrence.
6. Sylvester Lawrence.
7. Amanda Lawrence, married her cousin Benjamin Alward, son of David.
8. Elizabeth Lawrence, died at about 12 years.
9. Stephen Lawrence, Jun.
10. Jane Lawrence.

ELIZABETH ALWARD, (9th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Benjamin Boylan, had children:
1. Anne Boylan, who died at about 22 years, unmarried.
2. Sarah Boylan, married William Hoff.
3, John Boylan, ____ lives in Newark.
4. William Boylan, _____ lives in Brooklyn, N. Y.
5. James Boylan, _____lives in Newark.

STEPHEN ALWARD, (11th child of Benjamin Alward,) and his wife, Miss Pool, had children :
1. Sarah.
2, Esther.
3. Benjamin.

DANIEL ALWARD, (12th child of Benjamin Alward,) and Mary Miller, had children:
1. Benjamin, who married his cousin Amanda Lawrence, daughter of Stephen Lawrence.
2. Moses Miller married Sarah Drake, daughter of Abraham J. Drake, son of William, of Schoolies Mountain.
3. Elizabeth.
4. Elisha, born 29th April, 1826 ___ married,. 31st August, 1847, to Rachel Drake, daughter of the above-named William Drake.
5. Daniel, Jun.
6. William.
7. Esther.
8. Smith Miller.
9. Rachel.

PHEBE ALWARD, (13th child of Benjamin Alward,) and John Kinsey, of Amboy, had children:
1. Daniel Kinsey.
2. Sarah Kinsey.
3. Esther Kinsey.
4. Wesley Kinsey.

JONATHAN ALWARD, (1st child of Henry Alward, 3d,) and Deborah Burrows, had children:
1. Edward, who died, __September, 1834, aged 25 years.
2. Jonathan Pennington, born 21st July, 1812,--graduated at Princeton College, -- studied Theology, became a Presbyterian Minister, married Catherine Fredenburg, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Fredenburg, of Somerville. They went to Western Africa, as Missionaries. He died there in April, 1841, and she returned home.
3. Ogee.
4. Waters Burrows married his cousin, Mary Frances Burrows, daughter of the Rev. Waters Burrows.
5. Francis, who died in 1845, aged 25 years.
6. Eliza Anne, who died in her 9th year.
7. Joseph, born July 4th, 1828, is preparing for the ministry.

JAMES ANDERSON, married, 14th September, 1766, Lydia Badgley, and had a son, Badgley Anderson. His wife Lydia then died, and he married Polly, the widow of Richard Shaw, and had two other children :
2. Robert, who married Nancy Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore.
3. Betsey, married David Clark, son of Elias Clark, sen. [see Clark.]

BADGLEY ANDERSON had three children :
1. John.
2. Israel.
3. _____a daughter who married Mr. Beaward.

ROBERT ANDERSON and Nancy Moore had children :
1., 2., 3.,
4. Elizabeth.
5., 6., 7.

NOTE.--RICHARD SHAW had children :
1. Lewis Shaw, who married Phebe Willis, daughter of William Willis.
2. Sally Shaw, who married William Brown, son of John Brown, Sen.


These three brothers, together with their three sisters, Phebe, Sarah, and Betsey, came over from Long Island, to Elizabethtown.
George settled in Elizabethtown. He had a daughter, Nancy, who married John Brown, and removed to Stonyhill, [see Brown.] John and James, with their three sisters, came up and settled in the Valley between the 1st and 2nd Mountains, in the year 1736-7. When Joseph Morse, the Elizabethtown Surveyor, was surveying this region, be surveyed for John and James Badgley, a tract of 400 acres of land, between the mountains, lying along Blue Brook, and extending South to the top of the first mountain. John Badgley had one son, John Badgley, Junior, whose wife's name was Ella.

JAMES BADGLEY had four children :
1. James, Jun., whose wife's name was Sarah.
2. Joseph, married Betsey Scudder, sister of BenjaminScudder, below Springfield.
3. Anthony married Anne Woodruff.
4. Robert, married Rachel Vreland.

PHEBE BADGLEY married Peter Willcockse, Senior. [See Willcockse.]
SARAH BADGLEY married Joseph Doty, Senior. [See Doty.]
BETSEY BADGLEY married Uriah Hedges, Senior. [See Hedges.]

JAMES BADGLEY, Jun., and Sarah, his wife, had children :
1. James, 3rd.
2. Joseph, 2nd.
3. Lydia.
4. Sarah.
5. Rhoda.

JOSEPH BADGLEY, 2nd, (2nd child of James Badgley,) and Betsey Scudder, had children :
1. Timothy.
2. Moses, who married Susannah---and had two children.
3. George.
4. Nancy.
5. Hannah.

ANTHONY BADGLEY, (3rd child of James Badgley,) and Anna Woodruff, had children :
1. Jonathan, who married, 1st Lydia Scudder; 2nd, Hannah Searing, daughter of Noah Searing.
2. Noah.
3. Anthony, 2nd, married Abigail Hedges, daughter of Uriah Hedges.
4. Samuel, married Polly Frazee, daughter of HenryFrazee.
5. Jenny married Barna Hole. [See Hole.]
6. Nancy, married Maxwell Frazee, son of Henry Frazee, [See Frazee.]

ROBERT BADGLEY, (4th child of James Badgley,) and Rachel Vreland, had children:
1. Enoch, who married Sally Simson, daughter of John Simson, 2nd, and had a daughter, Sarah, who died 23rd April, 1784.
2. Robert, Junior.
3. William married, 19th June, 1796, Betsey Frazee.
4. Hannah, married Joseph Scudder.

MOSES BADGLEY, son of Joseph, son of James Badgley, Jun., married Susannah ____ and had children:
1. Sarah, who married Calvin Parker, 11th June, 1788, son of Benjamin Parker, of Longhill, and had an only son, Moses B. Parker, who died unmarried.
2. Peggy, wbo married, 1st June, 1793, William P. Doty, son of Anthony, Senior, [See Doty.]

Mrs. Susannah Badgley died 25th December, 1799, aged 49 years, and Mr. Badgley married, as his 2nd wife, Nancy, the widow of Thomas Oakley. They lived on Longhill.
Another Moses Badgley married, 20th September, 1795, Anna, the widow of Samuel Miller, and daughter of John Simson, Junior, and went to Ohio.

JONATHAN BADGLEY, (1st son of Anthony, the 3rd son of James Badgley,) and Lydia Scudder, lived on North side of the 2nd Mountain, and had children :
1. Ahijah, who married Betsey Willcox, daughter of Noah Wilcox, Senior.
2. Stephen married Catherine Denman, daughter of Joseph Denman, of Springfield.
3. Noah, who died unmarried.
4. John S. married Hannah Sturges, daughter of Benjamin Sturges, of Green Village.
5. Polly, married David C. Hand, son of Nehemiah Hand, and had no children.
6. Nancy married Thomas Seward, of Springfield, and died in about six months.
7. Jane, married Samuel Ball, son of Garner Ball ; he died, and she married Mr. Travers. By his 2nd wife, Hannah Searing, he had other children.
8. Aaron, who went to Canada.
9. Nancy who went to Canada, and married there.
10. Jacob, who died young.
11. Jonathan.
12. Noah, 2nd.
13. Sarah, who died young.

ANTHONY BADGLEY, Junior, (3rd son of Anthony, 3rd son of James Badgley,) and Abigail Hedges, lived on the North side of the first mountain, where his son Samuel now lives, and had children :
1. Jemima, who married Jacob Price, sun of Rice Price. [See Price.]
2. Samuel, who was born 1st December, 1793, married Betsey Reeve, daughter of Elias Reeve, of Springfield.
3. Anthony, 3rd, married Hannah, widow of William Raddin, and daughter of Elias Clark, and had no children.
4. Phebe, married John R. Clark, son of Stephen Clark.
5. David, married Harriet Wilkison, daughter of Nathan Wilkison.
6. Mary , married George Brown, son of William Brown, son of John, and had no children.
7. Dayton, married Sarah Lyon, daughter of John Lyon., son of Ebenezer.
8. Hetty, married Benjamin Sturges, son of Benjamin Sturges of Green Village, and had no children.
9. Abigail, born May, 1811, married Moses Reeve, born July, 1809, son of Watts Reeve, of Springfield.

JEMIMA BADGLEY, (daughter of Anthony Badgley, Jun.,) and Jacob Price, removed to Western New York, and had an only child, Phebe Price, who married - and soon died.

SAMUEL BADGLEY, (2nd child of Anthony Badgley, Jun.) and Betsey Reeve, had children:
1. Charles.
2. Caroline.
3. Ann Eliza.
4. John Milton.

PHEBE BADGLEY, (4th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) and John R. Clark, lived on the South side of 1st Mountain, and had children :
1. Susan Clark, who married Brooks Roll, son of James, son of Brooks Roll.
2. Abigail Clark, who died at about 17 years, unmarried.
3. Lucilla Clark, married William Woodruff, son of Daniel Woodruff.
4. Hetty Clark.

DAVID BADGLEY, (5th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) and Harriet Wilkison, lived at N. P. Village and had children:
1. Samuel, who married Hetty Hanford, daughter of Simeon Hanford, and granddaughter of Isaac Simson, [See Simson.]
2. Elizabeth, married, September 23rd, 1849, William G. Marsh, son of Isaac Marsh and Catherine Griffin.
3. Amos.
4. Lyman.
5. William Hanley.

DAYTON BADGLEY, (7th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) and Sarah Lyon, had children :
1. Mary, born April, 1836.
2. Ellen, who died at about 7 years.
3. Margaret.
4. Isabella died 5th September, 1848, in youth.
5. Eugene.
6. Eliza.
7. Harriet Meeker.
8. James.

ABIGAIL BADGLEY, (9th child of Anthony Badgley, Junior,) and Moses Reeve, had children :
1. James W. Reeve, born November, 1833.
2. Mary Elizabeth Reeve, born April, 1836.
3. Hester Anne Reeve, born 2nd June, 1838.
4. Benjamin Franklin Reeve, born March, 1847.
5. George B. Dallas Reeve, born December, 1844.
6. Sarah Jane Reeve, born 23rd March, 1850.

SAMUEL BADGLEY, (4th son of Anthony Badgley,) and Polly Frazee, lived between the Ist and 2nd Mountains, and had children:
1. Aaron, who married Betsey Force, daughter of Samuel Force. They both soon died, and left a son, Aaron, who died at about 16 years.
2. Moses Frazee, married Sally Wilkison, daughter of Nathan Wilkison ; he soon died ; he left a daughter, Lydia, who married, and went to Ohio, and soon died.
3. Henry, married, 1st, Phebe Sturges, daughter of Benjamin Sturges, of Green Village. 2d. Sarah Gillam, daughter of James Gillam; he died December, 1844.
4. Huma married Ezekiel Clark, son of Stephen Clark, of Westfield.
5. Sarah, married William Price, son of Rice Price, [See Price.]
6. Lydia, who died in 1818, aged 19 years.
7. Anne, married Jesse Cahoon, from West Jersey; they had no children.
8. Maxwell, married Sally Parker, daughter Calvin Parker, and had no children.
9. Jacob Foster, born 2nd February, 1808, married Anne Brown, born 26th April, 1812, daughter of William Brown.

HENRY BADGLEY, (3rd child of Samuel,) and Phebe Sturges, had children :
1. Mary.
2. Samuel.
3. Lavina.
4. Caroline.
5. Benjamin.
6. Phebe.
By his 2nd wife, Sarah Gillam, he had no children.

HUMA BADGLEY, (4th child of Samuel Badgley,) and Ezekiel Clark, lived in Westfield, and had children :
1. Maria Clark, who married Joseph P. Hays.
2. Silas Clark, married Lucretia Haines.
3. Eliza Clark, married John Heaton.
4. Anne Clark, married Jesse Heaton, brother of John.
5. Sarah Clark, married James Agens.
6. William Clark, married Anne Pink, of Brooklyn.
7. Charlotte Clark, married Elias Angleman.
8. Samuel Clark.
9. Charles Clark.

JACOB F. BADGLEY, (9th child of Samuel Badgley,) and Anne Brown, lived where his father did, and had children :
1. Moses, born 21st January, 1833.
2. George Brown, born 19th August, 1835.
3. Henry, born 26th November, 1837.
4. John, born 14th June, 1840.
5. Lydia Anne, born 26th October, 1842.
6. Samuel, born 8th March, 1845.
7. Crook Vancleve, born 15th June, 1847.
8. Mary, born 2nd June, 1849.
ABNER BAILEY was a hatter. He came from Connecticut, and bought a house and a small tract of land of Jeremiah Clark, and lived on it, (where the widow Polly Day now lives.) He married, 1st, Margret, — she died 15th March, 1793, and he married, 2nd, the widow Sarah ____, a sister of Philip Cochran, of New York. Mr. Bailey died January, 10, 1810, without children, and his widow Sarah, married, 23rd September, 1811, Thomas Baldwin, son of Nathan, of Union, as her second husband; he died by accidentally falling from a wagon, (See Baldwin,) and she died April 18th, 1835, aged 72 years. Mr. Bailey, left no heirs, in New Jersey.

JONATHAN BAILEY lived at New Vernon, Morris County. He married Rachel Osborn, daughter of John Osborn, Sen., and had one son, Samuel, who lived in Passaic Valley, where Benjamin Hand now lives, [See Osborn.]
Samuel Bailey, married Sally Tappen, daughter of James Tappen, [See Dunham.] He was a Captain of the Militia, and died May, 1824, aged 52 years. They had children :
1. Jonathan, who married Abigail Beach, daughter of John Beach.
2. Samuel married Mary Lindsley, daughter of Joseph Lindsley, son of Major Lindsley, of Morristown.
3. Esther married, 6th July, 1820, Squire Manning, son of James, son of Isaac Manning, of Plainfield, and had an only daughter, Sarah, who married William T. Brokaw, son of Cornelius, of Plainfield. Mrs. Esther Manning died September, 1840, and Mr. Manning married Mary Stevens, daughter of John Stevens, of Newfoundland, New Jersey, and died 19th December, 1850.

JONATHAN BAILEY, son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and Abigail Beach, lived in Newark, and had children :
1. Silas, who married Mary Haddon, daughter of Benjamin Haddon, of New York, and had children: 1. Theodore, 2. Reynolds.
2. Henry, who married, 24th December, 1850, Elizabeth A. Reuck, of Newark.

SAMUEL BAILEY, Jun., son of Captain Samuel Bailey, and Mary Lindsley, lived in Morristown, and had children :
1. William Francis.
2. Sarah Kirtland.
3. George Edgar.
4. Theodore Frelinghuysen.

SARAH MANNING, (daughter of Squire Manning,) and William T. Brokaw, had children :
1. Joel Terry Brokaw, born 11th December, 1845.
2. George Brokaw, born 20th May, 1849.

THOMAS BAKER emigrated from England, and settled on Long Island, and from thence he removed to Connecticut Farms, (now Union,) and there died.

THOMAS BAKER, Jun., his son, married Hannah Thompson, sister of Thomas Thompson, on Rahway River, in Union, and removed to Passaic Valley, in New Providence, and bought of John Blanchard, of Elizabethtown, in March, 1738-9, 40 acres, part of lot No. 50, and in 1761 he bought of William Maxwell lot No. 26; of 99 acres, lying west of Jacob Bedell's land, and bounded north by the river, and west by Johonis' Camp, afterwards owned by Richard Scudder. He also bought of Joseph Rolph and John Ocheltree lot No. 57, lying south of No. 50, and extending south to the Stony Hill Road, and sold part of lot No. 57 to William Baker, and 35 acres, adjoining Jacob Bedell, to Jonathan Mulford, for his son Cornelius Mulford, who lived on it many years, till he died. William Crane, who married the grand-daughter of Cornelius Mulford, now lives on it. Peter Hill owns 48 acres, and John Littell, the remaining 15 acres, of Lot No. 26.

THOMAS BAKER, Junior, and Hannah Thompson, had children:
1. Thomas Baker, 3d who married 19th March 1769, Hannah Howel. He married a 2d wife,(I have not learned her name.) He also married for his 3d wife, January, 1785, the widow, Martha Line, a sister of Benjamin Bedell; his children are not known; he died March 6th, 1787.
2. William Baker, who married Rachel Valentine, daughter of Richard Valentine.
8. Daniel Baker, married, 24th December, 1766, Abigail Hendricks, of Westfield, and died 15th January, 1776.
4. Nathan, who died April, 1788.
5. Sarah married, 23rd July, 1769, William Littell, son of Andrew Littell, and went to Sussex, New Jersey. [See Littell.]
6. Elizabeth married, 1st, William Maxwell, son of John Maxwell, Senior, [See Maxwell,] 2nd, Obadiah Valentine, son of Richard Valentine, [See Valentine.]

WILLIAM BAKER, son of Thomas Baker, Junior, and Rachel Valentine, had children :
1. Thomas, baptized 25th December, 1763.
2. Abner, baptized 21st June, 1767.
3. John.
4. Hannah, who died 29th January, 1784.
His living children went to Ohio, -- and are not known here.
He died 4th July, 1787. His widow died in April, 1790.

DANIEL BAKER, son of Thomas Baker, Junior, and Abigial Hendricks, had children :
1. Aaron, who married, 14th December, 1793, his cousin Hannah Maxwell, daughter of William Maxwell.
2. Daniel Baker, Junior, who married ____ ____ in Western Pennsylvania, and went to Ohio.
3. Hannah, married Joseph Rutan, son of Abraham Rutan, of Long Hill, [See Rutan.]

AARON BAKER, son of Daniel Baker, Senior, and Hannah Maxwell, removed to Dayton Ohio and had children :
1. Betsey, who married Moses Simpson, son of Alexander Simpson, of Dayton, [See Simpson.]
2. David, married, 1st, Sophia Vancleve, daughter of Benjamin Vancleve, of Dayton; 2nd, Sophia Sourbray.
3. Silas, who died a young man, unmarried, in New Providence, New Jersey.
4. Zina, also died a young man, unmarried.
Aaron Baker, was a Justice of the Peace, in Dayton. His wife, Hannah, died December, 1818, and he married, 2nd, in Dayton, Mary Nolan, who died December, 1819, and he married, 3rd, Sally, widow of David Valentine, and daughter of Benjamin Day, Esq. She died 1833, and he married, 4th, Eve Wright, formerly of New York. He had children only by his first wife.
Note.--I have not traced any blood kin between Thomas Baker, 1st, and Hanry Baker, 1st.

HENRY BAKER, 1st, lived half a mile from Westfield church, towards Springfield. He married Phebe Hedges, of Long Island. They had children :
1. Daniel, 1st, born 3rd June, 1753, and died 2nd September, a 1788. He married Margaret Osborn, born 14th July, 1760.
2. William, who married Jemima Woodruff, daughter of Thomas Woodruff, Esq.
3. Jonathan I., married, 1st, Keziah Clark ; 2nd, Charity Clark, sisters, daughters of Jesse Clark, Esq.
4. Jeremiah, married, 4th March, 1798, Mary King. They lived at Dover, Morris county. He was born 28th August, 1770. She was born 9th June, 1778.
5. Phebe married Ziba Ludlow, of Berkshire Valley, Morris county.
6. Henry, Jun. who married ____ ____.

DANIEL BAKER, (1st child of Henry Baker, 1st,) and Margaret Osborn, had children :
1. MARY, born 25th June, 1780, and married Ezekiel De Camp, son of Moses and Sarah De Camp.
2. Phebe Hedges, born 25th September, 1782, married John Marsh, of Westfield.
3. Margaret, born 14th April, 1784, married William Britton, of Madison, Morris County. [See Britton]
4. David, born 11th June, 1780, married Cynthia Briggs of Albany, and died 7th Sept., 1832.
5. Daniel, 2nd, who died, aged one and a half years.
6. Elizabeth, born 2nd August, 1789, married Abraham Britton, brother of William. [see Britton].
7. Daniel, Junior, born 28th December, 1790, married ____ ____.
8. Hedges, born 12th August, 1792, married Charlotte K. Crane, daughter of Benjamin Crane 3rd, and died in April, 1831, aged 39 years and 4 months.
9. Prudence, born 12th April, 1794, and died 26th January 1823. She married Moses Lee, son of Thomas Lee; lived at Willow Grove, near Rahway.
10. Cyrus, born 20th December, 1795, went to Darien, Georgia, and married Jane Eliza Donnely, and died there in February, 1831.
11. Henry, born 18th December, 1797, married Mary Anne Radley, daughter of John Radley.
12. Hannah, born 20th March, 1800, married Ephraim Clark (tanner), of Westfield, as his 2nd wife.
13. Elihu, born 3rd July, 1802, married Joanna and Charlotte Carter, sisters, daughters of Lewis Carter, of Madison, Morris Co. He lives in Middletown, Monmouth county; is cashier of the bank there.
14. Electa, born 28th September, 1804, married, 1st, Aaron Woodruff, son of Noah Woodruff, had no children; married 2nd, Benjamin Crane, stone-cutter, son of Benjamin Crane 3rd; lives at Paterson. [see Crane]

MARY BAKER (1st child of Daniel Baker) and Ezekiel De Camp, had children:
1. Phebe De Camp, who married Mr. ____ Hand, son of Ellis.
2. Hannah De Camp, who married Mr. ____ Hand, brother of Phebe's husband.
3. David De Camp.
4. Hiram De Camp.
5. Walter De Camp
. 6. Hervy De Camp.
7. John De Camp.
8. Joseph De Camp.
9. Margaret De Camp.
10. Mary De Camp.
11. Sarah De Camp.
12. Moses De Camp.
13. Job De Camp.

PHEBE HEDGES BAKER, (2d child of Daniel Baker,) and John Marsh, had children:
1. Thomas Marsh.
2. Mary Marsh.
3. Anne Marsh, who married Mr. ____ Covert, of Seneca Co., New York.
4. Margaret Marsh.
5. Daniel Marsh.

HEDGES BAKER, (8th child of Daniel Baker,) and Charlotte K. Crane, had children :
1. Margaret, who married Lansing Whitehead.
2. Daniel, married Elizabeth Holt.
3. John.
4. Elizabeth.
5. Francis.

PRUDENCE BAKER, (9th child of Daniel Baker,) and Moses Lee, had children :
1. Mary Lee.
2. Elizabeth Britton Lee, who married Philip Miller.

CYRUS BAKER, (10th child of Daniel Baker,) and Jane E. Donnely, had children :
1. Daniel William.
2, Cyrus Osborn, died in Darien, Georgia.

HENRY BAKER, (11th child of Daniel Baker,) and Mary Anne Radley, had children :
1. Courtland Radley, who married Caroline Van Pelt, who died, leaving a daughter about two years old.
2. David, who was killed by lightning, in Ohio, in 1847, aged 24 years.
3. Elihu.
4. Anne Martin married Amos Miller, son of Jacob Miller.
5. Henry.

HANNAH BAKER, (12th child of Daniel,) and Ephraim Clark, had children :
1. Cyrus Osborn Clark. 2. Daniel Clark.
3. Phebe Clark.
4. Margaret Clark.
5. Mary Britton Clark.
6. Catherine Clark.
7. Ephraim Newton Clark.
Ephraim Clark, by his 1st wife, Phebe, had children:
1. Edwin.
2. James.
3. Hervy.
4. Anne.

ELIHU BAKER, (13th child of Daniel Baker,) and Joanna Carter, had children :
1. Nancy Carter.
2. William Morris.
3. Lewis Carter.
4. Alfred Britton.
5. Margaret.
And by his 2d wife, Charlotte Carter, had:
6. Joanna.

WILLIAM BAKER, (2d son of Henry Baker,) and Jemima Woodruff, had children :
1. Henry, who married Hannah Ross, daughter of James Ross, Esq.
2. William, Jun., married Jane Thompson, daughter of Moses, son of Hezekiah Thompson.
3. Nancy Woodruff, who died at 15 years.
4. Jeremiah, who died at 25 years, unmarried.
5. Jacob married his cousin, Anna Maria Britton, daughter of Colonel William Britton, of Madison.
6. Mary Hedges married Christopher Cory, son of Benjamin.
7. Phebe married Augustus V. H. Webb.

HENRY BAKER, (1st child of William Baker,) and Hannah Ross, had children :
1. James Ross, who died September, 1820, aged about 12 years.
2. William T. married Elizabeth Anne Miller, daughter of Abner Miller, and had children : 1st, Catherine, born 1839 ; 2nd, Elizabeth.
3. Sarah Eliza married William Radford, of New York, and had children : 1. William Henry Radford ; 2. James Radford ; 3. Edwin Radford.
4. James Ross, 2d, married Catherine Mundy, and had children : 1st, Eliza Danford Ross.
5. Phebe Webb, married John Squire, 3rd, a son of John Squire, Jun., and had a child, James Wade Squire.

WILLIAM BAKER. ,Jun., (2d child of William Baker,) and Jane Thompson, had children :
1. Nancy Woodruff.
2. Moses Thompson, who married Maria Pollard, of Parcipany, Morris County.
3. William, 3d, married Anne Eliza Baker, daughter of Matthias Baker.
4. James Augustus married Clarissa ____.
5. Jeremiah married his cousin, Elizabeth Cebra Webb, daughter of Augustus Y. H. Webb.
6. Esther Anjoline married Thomas Hathaway.
7. Mary married Benjamin Crane ; (not of the Westfield Cranes.)
8. Aaron.
9. Sarah Jane.
10. Ferdinand.

JACOB BAKER, (5th child of William Baker,) and Anna Maria Britton, had children :
1. William.
2. Margaretta.
3. James Hervy.
MARY H. BAKER, (6th child of William Baker,) and Christopher Cory, live in Indiana, and had children : 1, William Cory.
2. James Richards Cory.
3. Mary Cory.

PHEBE BAKER, (7th child of William Baker,) and Augustus V. H. Webb, had children :
1. Elizabeth Cebra Webb, who married her cousin, Jeremiah Baker, son of William Baker, Jun.
2. Augustus Webb.
3. Mary Webb.
4. William Henry Webb.

JONATHAN I. BAKER, (3d son of Henry Baker, 1st) and Keziah Clark, had children :
1. Charity, who married William Cory, son of Joseph Cory.
2. Getty, married Job Clark, of Rahway.
3. Jesse Clark, married Betsey Thompson, daughter of Hezekiah Thompson.
4. Harriet married John Squire, Jun., son of John Squier.
5. Mary married Ezra Drake, as his 2d wife, son of Noah Drake.

CHARITY BAKER, (daughter of Jonathan I. Baker,) and William Cory, had children :
1. Hezekiah Cory, who died at 18 years.
2. Levi Cory.
3. Margaret Cory.
4. Mary Cory, who died at 18 years.
5. Abby Cory married Washington Pierson, son of Moses.
6. Joseph Cory, who died at about 2 years.
7. Jonathan Cory, who died at about 10 years.
8. Sarah Cory.

GITTY BAKER, (2d daughter of Jonathan I. Baker)) and Job Clark, had children :
1. Elizabeth Clark.
2. Harriet Clark.
3. Mary Clark.
4. Martha Clark.
5. Keziah Clark.

JESSE C. BAKER, (3d child of Jonathan I. Baker,) died September, 1832. His wife, Betsey Thompson, died September, 1840. They had children :
1. Amelia, who married Dr. John Williamson, of Union Township.
2. Phebe married William Earl, son of Robert Earl, of Union.
3. Jonathan.
4. David.
5. Elizabeth.

HARRIET BAKER, (4th child of Jonathan I. Baker.) and John Squier, Jun., had children:
1. Mary Squier, who married James Wade, son of James W. Wade, Esq., of Union Township.
2. John Squier 3d, married Phebe Webb Baker, daughter of Henry, son of William Baker, and had a child, James Wade Squier.
3. Caleb Squier.
4. Hannah Squier.
5. Jonathan Baker Squier.

MARY BAKER, (5th child of Jonathan I. Baker,) and Ezra Drake, had children :
1. Mary Williams Drake.
2. Jonathan Drake.
3. George Drake.

JEREMIAH BAKER, (4th child of Henry Baker,) and Mary King, had children:
1. Andrew, born 5th April, 1799, married Nancy Hurd, 16th October, 1823.
2. Henry, born 29th April, 1801, is unmarried.
3. Elizabeth, born 18th September, 1803, married, 28th December, 1822, James B. Carle.
4. William H., born 3d January, 1806, married, 13th June, 1848, Clarissa Dell.
5. Nancy W., born 24th May, 1808, married, 17th November, 1836, William Henry Spencer, (as his 2d wife,) son of William Spencer, Esq., of Chatham. [See Spencer.]
6. Mary King, born 24th August, 1809, married, 26th June, 1834, Silas S. Palmer.
7. Phebe, born 28th November, 1815, married 28th November, 1838, John Dehart, of Parcipany.
8. Margaret, born 29th October, 1818, married, 20th July, 1845, John Butterworth.

ANDREW BAKER, (1st child of Jeremiah Baker,) and Nancy Hurd, had children :
1. Jeremiah.
2. Emily, who married ____ Byram, and had a child, William Henry.
3. Adeline.
4. Adolphus.
5. Henry.
6. Anne Eliza.
7. Nancy Louisa.

ELIZABETH BAKER, (3d child of Jeremiah Baker,) and James B. Carle, had children :
1. Mary Carle.
2. Margaret Carle.
3. Jane Carle.
4. William Carle.
5. James Carle.
6. Frederick Carle.
7. Salina Carle.
8. Lucy Carle.

WILLIAM H. BAKER, (4th child of Jeremiah Baker,) and Clarissa Dell, had:

MARY K. BAKER, (6th child of Jeremiah Baker,) and Silas S. Palmer, had children :
1. Jeremiah Palmer.
2. Seely Palmer.
3. Henry Palmer.

PHEBE H. BAKER, (7th child of Jeremiah Baker) and John Dehart, had children :
1. Mary Jane Dehart.
2. John Dehart.
3. Winfield Scot Dehart.

MARGARET BAKER, (8th child of Jeremiah Baker,) and John Butterworth, had children:
1. Hudson Butterworth.

PHEBE BAKER, (5th child of Henry Baker, 1st,) and Ziba Ludlow, had children :
1. Mary Ludlow, who married Thomas Tone, and both died.
2. Henry Ludlow.
3. Daniel Ludlow.
4. Phebe Ludlow.
5. Hedges Ludlow.
6. Ziba Ludlow, Jun.

JOHN BALDWIN, ___, ____, had children;
1. Capt. Enos Baldwin, who lived in Livingston Township, and married, 1st, Phebe Williams, and had three children, and 2nd, Sarah Woodruf; and three other children , 3rd, widow Phebe Tucker, by whom he had no children, and 4th, widow Prudence Mulford, and had no children
2. Nathan Baldwin, married Elizabeth, widow of Jerry Ball, and daughter of Jeremiah Hart, as his 2nd wife. By his 1st wife he had a son, Lewis, who married Anny Hart, his father's 2nd wife's sister.
3. Ezekiel Baldwin, ____, who was father of Gabriel Baldwin.
4. Molly Baldwin, who married Mr. Wade, of Union.
6. Jemima Baldwin, married Colonel Samuel Potter, [See Potter.]
6. Phebe Baldwin, married Mr. Ogden.

CAPT. ENOS BALDWIN, (son of John Baldwin,) had children:
1. Phebe, who married Matthias Denman, of Springfield.
2. Martha, married George Townley, son of Effingham. [See Townley.]
3. Esther, married Nicholas Parcels, on W. O. Ridge, Springfield.
4. Samuel, married Lucy Fairchild.
5. Sally, married David Brainard Dickerson, son of Philemon, [See Dickerson.]
6. David, married Elizabeth Reeve, daughter of Captain Isaac Reeve.
7. A daughter who married James Morehouse, son of David, the 26th November, 1788, and had a son, Baldwin, when she died, and Mr. Morehouse married Polly Potter, daughter of John Potter, of New Providence. [See Potter.]

PHEBE BALDWIN, (1st child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Matthias Denman, lived in Springfield, and had children :
1. Sally Denman, who married William Parcel ; had no children.
2. Samuel Denman, lived and died in Philadelphia.
3. Aaron Denman, married ____ ____Mulford.
4. Elizabeth Denman, married Colonel Abraham K. Wooley, son of Colonel Abraham Wooley, of Springfield.
5. David Denman, married Miss Lyon, daughter of Elijah Lyon.
6. Phebe Denman, married Oliver Wade, son of Jonas Wade, Esq.
7. Mary Denman, married, 1st, Mr. Tenbrook ; 2nd, Charles Atwater.
8. Charlotte Denman, married Rodney Wilber, Esq., of Newark.

ESTHER BALDWIN, (3d child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Nicholas Parcel, had children :
1. Mary Parcel, who married Nathaniel Squier, son of John, of Livingston.
2. Smith Parcel married Miss Lewis, sister of Lawrence Lewis.
3. Enos Parcel married Caty Smith, of Springfield.
4. Patty Parcel married Stephen Edwards, of Livingston.
5. Nicholas Parcel married Mary Anne Lyon.
6. Esther Parcel married Smith Denman, son of Jacob.

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (4th child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Lucy Fairchild, had children:
1. Sally W., who married Bern Foster.
2. Mary married William Brewster, son of John.
3. Elizabeth married Abraham Cook, son of Epaphrus, of Livingston.
4. Rhoda.
5. John married, 1st, Phebe Camel; 2nd, Jane, the widow of Dr. Camp.
6. Hannah married John Steinbreck.
7. Matthias.
8. Martha.
9. Charlotte.

DAVID BALDWIN, (6th child of Captain Enos Baldwin,) and Elizabeth Reeve, had children :
1. Isaac, who married Mary Roll, daughter of Brooks Roll, [See Roll.]
2. Moses married Elizabeth Ball, daughter of Enoch Ball.
3. Lydia married Jacob Morehouse, son of Benjamin, who was half brother of Enos Littell's wife.
4. Aaron married Anna Gould, daughter of Samuel, of Caldwell.
5. Nancy. married, 1st, Zophar Canfield ; 2d, Andrew Ayers, son of Samuel, of Ulster county, New York.
6. Enos, who died at 23 years, unmarried.
7. Catherine married, 1st, Abraham French, son of Robert ; 2. Andrew Miller Camp.
8. William married Margaret Dean, daughter of Daniel Dean, of Springfield.
9. Mary married William Littell son of Enos ;—had no children.
10. Abner married Hannah Day, daughter of Charles Thompson Day, son of Thaddeus.
11. David married Elizabeth Carnes, of Pennsyvania, and went to Michigan.
12. Harriet married Leander Tyson.

ISAAC BALDWIN, (1st child of David Baldwin,) and Mary Roll, had children:
1. Julia Anne, who married William Gouldy.
2. Cornelia A. married Stephen M. Littell, son of Enos. [See Littell.]
3, James Augustus married Catherine Brown, of Newark.
4. Elizabeth married Mr. Styer, in Ohio.
5. Mary married Henry Anderson.
4. Lydia.

MOSES BALDWIN, (2d child of David Baldwin,) and Elizabeth Ball, had children :
1, John, who married Sabina Doty, daughter of Captain Aaron Doty.
2. Joanna married Dennis Smith, of Newark.
3. Hervy Dayton.

LYDIA BALDWIN, (3d child of David,) and Jacob Morehouse, had children :
1. Hervy Williams Morehouse, who married Julietta Baldwin.
2. Aaron Baldwin Morehouse married Elizabeth Gould, daughter of Richard.
3. William Sanford Morehouse married Mary Emily Davison.
4. David Baldwin Morehouse.

AARON BALDWIN, (4th child of David) and Anna Gould, lived in Newark, and had children :
1. Harriet. who married Moses Searing.
2. Lewis Broadwell married Amanda Ogden.
3. Milton (is a Doctor,) married Aveline King ; ---lives in Newark.
4. Martha Louisa married George Hall.

NANCY BALDWIN, (5th child of David,) and Zophar Canfield, had children :
1. Enos B. Canfield, who married Julia Costar Benjamin.
2. Jane Canfield, who died at 16 years ;
and by her 2d husband Andrew Ayers, had children :
3. Catherine Victoria Ayers.
4. Jane Ayers.

CATHERINE BALDWIN, (7th child of David,) and Abraham French, had children :
1. Abraham Morris French
and by Andrew M. Camp, had
2. Harriet Elizabeth Camp, who died at 4 years of age.

WILLIAM BALDWIN, (8th child of David,) and Margaret Dean, had children :
1. Jacob Henry.

ABNER BALDWIN, (10th child of David,) and Hannah Day had children :
1. Aaron.
2. Mary Elizabeth.
3. Theodore.
4. Charles Thompson.
5. Lydia, who died at about 2 years.
6. Abner, who died at about 2 years.
7. James.

DAVID BALDWIN, (11th child of David,) and Elizabeth Carnes, had children :
1. Margaret : 2. George Martin ; 3. Sarah Anne ; 4. Charles ; 5. Elias Reeve ; 6. William.

HARRIET BALDWIN, (12th child of David,) and Leander Tyson, had children :
1. David Alexander Tyson ; 2. Lewis Baldwin Tyson; 3. Mary Elizabeth Tyson ; 4. William Courtland Tyson.

NATHAN BALDWIN, (2d son of John Baldwin, 1st) had children :
1. Thomas married, 1st, _____ ; 2d, 23d September, 1811, Elizabeth, the widow of Abner Bailey.
2. Ethan.
3. John.
4. Ezra, who married Abigail Clark, daughter of Elder John [See Clark.]

EZRA BALDWIN, (son of Nathan,) and Abigail Clark, lived near Cheapside, and had children :
1. Phebe, who married Joseph T. Hardy, and removed to Ohio,
2. Sally married Matthias Swaim.
3. Stephen married phen m led Hannah Morehouse.
4. Esther married Ebenezer Morehouse.
5. Abigail married Benjamin Morehouse, brother of Stephen's wife.
6. Mary married John Davison, son of John.
7. Daniel married Catherine Meeker.

STEPHEN BALDWIN, (3d child of Ezra,) and Hannah Morehouse, had children :
1. Phebe, who married Jacob Reeve, son of Elias.
2. John Clark married Phebe Rolf.
3. Lewis married Sally Parcel, daughter of Thomas.
4. Mary married Joseph Horton Reeve, brother of Phebe's husband.
5. Ezra married Martha Burtis, daughter of Abraham, of Brooklyn.
6. Abigail married Aaron Day, son of Joseph, son of Thaddeus.
7. Hannah Maria.
8. Lydia married Samuel Bailey, son of Samuel, of Springfield.
9. Sarah.

JOHN CLARK BALDWIN, (2d child of Stephen,) and Phebe Roll, had children :
1. Emily Clark Baldwin.
2. Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin.
3. Abby Maria Baldwin.
4. Stephen Clark Baldwin.

GABRIEL BALDWIN, (son of Ezekiel,) removed from Connecticut Farms to Longhill, North of New Providence Church. He married Rachel Linen, daughter of John or Henry Littell. She died 30th October, 1794, aged 63 years. He died ___, aged b6 years. They had children :
1. Mary, who married Nehemiah Osborn. [See Osborn.]
2. Samuel married, 13th March, 1794, Johannah Squier, daughter of Ellis Squier, went to Ohio, and had children : 1. Squier, who married Sally Crowel, daughter of Samuel of Dayton, Ohio ; 2. Amos married Miss Tucker, near Hamilton, Ohio, and died soon after ; 3. Sarah married Uriah Sawyer, in Ohio, a Yankee.
3. Susan married Nathan Halsey, of Parcipany, and had children : 1. Alfred Halsey; 2. John Halsey; 3. Albert Halsey, who died young ; 4. Nancy Halsey, who married Abner Bonnel, son of Ichabod Bonnel, of Chatham ; 5. Arabella Halsey married Joel Bonnel, brother of Alva ; 6. Susan Halsey married, 1st, Richard Vaus; 2d, she married _____; 7. Rachel Halsey, twin to Susan, married Charles Pool, an Englishman, and had children : 1. Elizabeth Pool, born 1st July, 1843 ; 2. John Halsey Pool ; 3. Dwight Pool.
4. Nancy married Daniel S. Wood, Jun., son of Captain Daniel S. Wood. [See Wood.]
5. David married two sisters, Phebe and Polly Brant, daughters of David Brant, and by Phebe Brant had one child : 1. Ellis D., who married Jane Todd, daughter of William, son of James Todd, whose wife, Jane Martin, was daughter of Alexander Martin, of Longhill. And by Polly Brant had children: 2. Samuel, who married Mary Coddington, daughter of John Coddington, and granddaughter of Samuel Parsons ; 3. Asa married Emeline Wilkison, daughter of Nathan Wilkison.

ELLIS D. BALDWIN, (son of David, son of Gabriel,) and Jane Todd, had children :
1. David.
2. Catherine.
3. John.
4. Emily.

SAMUEL BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Mary Coddington, had children :
1. Phebe.
2. Sarah Anne.
3. John.
ASA BALDWIN, (son of David,) and Emeline Wilkison, had children :
1. William.
2. Caroline.
2. David.
4. Mary Elizabeth.

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