Revised Register Of The
Soldiers And Sailors Of New Hampshire
In The War Of The Rebellion 1861-1866.

Prepared And Published By
Authority Of The Legislature,
By Augustus D. Ayling, Adjutant General.

Concord: Ira C. Evans, Public Printer. 1895.


[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


Officers and men of New Hampshire organizations awarded medals of honor under resolution of Congress, No. 43, approved July 12, 1862, and section 6 of act of Congress, approved March 3, 1863.
  • Brady, James, Private, Co. F, Tenth Infantry, for capture of a flag at Chaffin's Farm, near Richmond, Va., September 29, 1864.
  • Cohn, Abraham, Sergeant Major, Sixth Infantry, for gallantry in action at the Wilderness, Va., May 6, 1864.
  • Copp, Charles D., Captain, Co. C. Ninth Infantry, for conspicuous bravery in battle at Fredericksburg, Va., December 13, 1862.
  • Coughlin, John, Lieutenant Colonel, Tenth Infantry, for distinguished gallantry in action at Swift Creek, Va., May 9, 1864.
  • Dillon, Michael A., Private, Co. G, Second Infantry, for bravery in action at Williamsburgh, Va., May 5, 1862, and Oak Grove, Va., June 25, 1862.
  • Dow, George P., First Sergeant, Co. C. Seventh Infantry, for gallantry in reconnoissance toward Richmond, Va., October, 1864.
  • Goodall, Francis H., First Sergeant, Co. G, Eleventh Infantry, for most conspicuous gallantry at the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., December 13, 1862.
  • Little, Henry F. W., Sergeant, Co. D, Seventh Infantry, for gallantry in the skirmish line near Richmond, Va., September, 1864.
  • Robie, George F., Sergeant, Co. D, Seventh Infantry, for bravery at Richmond, Va., 1864.
  • Rowe, Henry W., Private, Co. I, Eleventh Infantry, for capture of a flag at Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1864.
  • Tilton, William, Sergeant, Co. C. Seventh Infantry, for gallant conduct in the field.
  • Wilkins, Leander A., Sergeant, Co. H., Ninth Infantry, for re-capture of the colors of the Twenty-first Massachusetts, at Petersburg, Va., July 30, 1864.


Officers and men of New Hampshire organizations awarded "Gillmore Medals" by Maj. Gen. A. Gillmore, for gallant and meritorious conduct during operations before Charleston, S.C.

  • Ackerman, Joseph, Captain, Co. F.
  • Allen, George, Private, Co. C.
  • Brelsford, Samuel D., Private, Co. A.
  • Brooks, John, Corporal, Co. H.
  • Burgess, Benjamin D., Private, Co. G.
  • Cassidy, James, Corporal, Co. K.
  • Chase, James M., First Sergeant, Co. B.
  • Connolly, Michael J., Second Lieutenant, Co. C.
  • Davis, George H., Sergeant, Co. I.
  • Dickey, James M., Corporal, Co. E.
  • Ennes, John F., Private, Co. F.
  • Gorman, Cyrus, Private, Co. A.
  • Macklin, Hugh, Corporal, Co. K.
  • Paige, David H., Corporal, Co. H.
  • Perkins, David W., First Sergeant, Co. D.
  • Pettengill, Andrew J., Sergeant, Co. E.
  • Randall, Charles D., Private, Co. D.
  • Silloway, Frederick, Private, Co. B.
  • Smith, Charles D., Corporal, Co. F.
  • White, Almon B., Corporal, Co. I.

  • Appleyard, Joseph, Private, Co. D.
  • Colomey, James R. Private, Co. H.
  • Connolly, Michael, Private, Co. C.
  • Estey, John C., First Sergeant, Co. K.
  • Gardner, John, Private, Co. B.
  • Hayes, Franklin, Sergeant, Co. A.
  • Huntress, Lorenzo D., First Lieutenant, Co. I.
  • Kane, Franklin, Private, Co. B.
  • Mokler, James, Private, Co. E.
  • Nolan, John, Private, Co. G.
  • Prescott, Harlan P., Corporal, Co. I.
  • Rich, William, Corporal, Co. F.
  • Richardson, Carlton C., Corporal, Co. E.
  • Smith, William E., Sergeant, Co. D.
  • Stinehour, Nelson P., Sergeant, Co. H.
  • Wentworth, Alvah, Sergeant, Co. A.
  • Wentworth, Stephen J., Second Lieutenant, Co. K.
  • Wilding, George, Private, Co. I.
  • Wingate, Joseph, First Lieutenant, Co. K.
  • Winn, Joseph L., Private, Co. B.

  • Alden, Zenas P., Corporal, Co. C.
  • Brown, Robert A., Private, Co. E.
  • Cahill, Michael, Private, Co. B.
  • Corson, George F., First Sergeant, Co. B.
  • Cummings, Brainard, Sergeant, Co. A.
  • Dudley, Alonzo G., First Sergeant, Co. K.
  • Kimball, Henry, Private, Co. E.
  • Merrill, Otis A., Sergeant, Co. H.
  • Miller, Robert, Sergeant, Co. C.
  • Parker, George, Private, Co. D.
  • Perkins, Martin V. B., Corporal, Co. F.
  • Price, Stephen H., Corporal, Co. H.
  • Rainey, George H., Corporal, Co. K.
  • Randall, Franklin H., Sergeant, Co. G.
  • Sargent, Samuel P., Sergeant, Co. F.
  • Smith, John H., Private, Co. I.
  • Weaver, George, Sergeant, Co. I.
  • Wells, Clinton P., Private, Co. D.

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