History Of Littleton New Hampshire
Edited By James R. Jackson In Three Volumes Vol. III
Genealogy Compiled By George C. Furber Revised And Enlarged By Ezra S. Stearns
Published For The Town By The University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1905


THE genealogy of Littleton was compiled by GEORGE C. FURBER in 1896 and printed in 1897-8.
A fire destroyed the work in 1898 and made necessary a reprint,
which was prepared under the supervision of EZRA S. STEARNS.
The extent of the errata is chiefly due to incorrect material furnished by individuals concerning their ancestry.

WILLIS to YOUNG & Appendix

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

    1. CYRUS WILLis, son of Samuel, b. in Hanover in 1816, m. Jan. 21, 1851, Sarah Gotham, dau. of Levi Frank Ranlett (See), b. in Lancaster, July 27, 1831. She m. second, Collins M. Buchanan (See). Cyrus res. in L. from 1849 until he d., Jan. 3, 1860. Stage-driver. Whig. Deputy sheriff, 1858. Ch.
    • 2. i. FREEMAN CYRUS, b. L. Sept. 20, 1853.

      2. FREEMAN CYRUS WILLIS, son of Cyrus(1), b. in L. Sept. 20, 1853, m. May 1, 1873, Lizzie Rogers, dau. of Frank Chase, b. in Plymouth in 1856. d. in Laconia, March 7, 1887. He res. in L. from birth to 1870. Hotel-keeper. Democrat. Ch.
      • 1. LYMAN CYRUS, b. Plymouth, Dec. 14, 1876.
      • ii. FRANK BUCHANAN, b. Plymouth, March 11, 1878.
      • iii. HARRIET ELISE, b. Campton, Dec. 4, 1881.
      • iv. ALLAN SHELDON, b. Campton, Nov. 8, 1883.
      • v. SAMUEL SANFORD, b. Laconia, Jan. 24, 1887.

    1. ROSWELL EDWARD WILMOT, son of Harvey J., b. in Wheelock, Vt., Sept. 16, 1856, m. Oct. 15, 1883, Helen Rebecca, dau. of Frederic Hibbard, b. in L. July 5, 1856. He has res. in L. since 1875. Express agent. Republican. Fire ward, 1888-9. I.O.O.F. Ch.
    • i. ROSS HIBBARD, b. Lisbon, Sept. 7, 1884.
    • ii. HAROLD DUDLEY, b. L. Feb. 15, 1887.
    • iii. MERRILL MAGOON, b. L. Dec. 19, 1893.

    1. ADAMS BROCK WILSON., son of Adams, b. in Newbury, Vt., March 8, 1842, m. Nov. 18, 1866, Luella Melissa, dau. of William Little (See), b. in Lyman, Feb. 7, 1841. She went to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1870, and taught in the city schools, and was Superintendent. She resigned in 1889 to establish a school for young ladies in Paris, France. She is now teaching in Chicago, Ill., Cong. He was educated in Newbury, Vt., Seminary, and Middletown, Conn., University, and commenced the study of medicine, regular school, in 1863. He attended three courses of lectures at Dart. and Burlington, Vt., Medical Coll., grad. from Dart. in the fall of 1866, and commenced practice in L. in 1867, where he continued until he d., Aug. 31, 1869. Cong. A.F. and A.M. No ch.

    2. WILLIAM DEXTER WILSON, son of William, b. in Stoddard, Feb. 28, 1816. Grad. of Cambridge Divinity School, 1838. Became an eminent minister, and served the Unitarian society in this town about 1839-40. An address before the Littleton Anti-Slavery Society was published in pamphlet form. In 1842 he took orders in the Episcopal Church, and, beginning 1850, he was eighteen years Professor of Philosophy in Hobart Coll., Geneva, N.Y. He was then called to a similar chair in Cornell University. He was subsequently Professor in St. Andrew's School of Divinity, Syracuse, N.Y., where he still resides as Professor Emeritus. He has been a voluminous writer in the field of mathematics, logic, metaphysics, and religion. D.D., LL.D., L.H.D. He married, and a son is Dean of St. Andrew's School of Theology.

    1. NATHAN WINCH, son of Thomas and Deborah (Gleason) Winch, b. in Framingham, Mass., Nov. 9, 1737. He Thankful Gibbs, of Sudbury; m. second, Feb. 2, 1769, Abigail Brown. He lived in Framingham, was a lieutenant, and d. Sept. 2, 1803. Thirteen ch., only three of whom need be named in this connection.
    • x. LUCY, b. 1777; bap. Nov. 2, m. John Palmer (See).
    • xii. ABEL, b. March 15, 1780.
    • 2. xiii. JOEL, b. Nov. 25, 1783.

      2. JOEL WINCH, son of Nathan(1) b. in Framingham, Mass., Nov. 25, 1783, m. May 6, 1806, Sally Sessions, of Weymouth. He settled in Bethlehem, 1806, where he d. Oct. 2, 1879. Among his eight children were Dr. Albert Winch, of Whitefield, and other sons successful in business, only one of whom has resided in L.

        3. JOHN C. WINCH, son of Joel(2), b. in Bethlehem, May 16, 1824, m. Aug. 16, 1849, Fannie J., dau. of Roswell Carleton, b. in White-field, April 16, 1830. He owned a summer res. in L., and res. in L. summers from 1882 to 95 inc. Capitalist. Free Baptist. Republican. d. in N.Y. City, March 17, 1896. Ch.
        • i. MAIE C., b. Bethlehem, July 17, 1850, m. Dec. 12, 1867, Albert L. Thompson, ice-dealer. res. N.Y. City.
        • ii. CARRIE W., b. Bethlehem, Oct. 25, 1852, m. George Alfred Keyes (See).
        • iii. JOHN C., b. N.Y. City, Feb. 7, 1870, d. N.Y. City, April 22, 1874.

    1. JAMES ANCRUM WINSLOW, son of John Ancrum, late Rear Admiral U.S. Navy, b. in Boston, Mass., April 29, 1839. unm. He was educated in the Boston public schools, Roxbury Latin School, and grad. from Harvard Coll. in 1859. He studied law in the University of Va. Law School, 1859 to April, 1861, when the outbreak of the war prevented his completing the course. He was admitted to the Bar in the Superior Court, Boston, Mass., Sept. 3, 1861. He was located in practice in Boston, Mass., 1862, to Oct. 1867, and a member of the firm of Woodside & Winslow, 1862; L., from Oct. 1867, to May, 1868. He was admitted to the N.Y. Bar in Binghamton, N.Y., May 12, 1869, where he practised until he d., June 27, 1892. His published writings comprise frequent contributions on legal, political, critical, and literary topics published in newspapers in Boston, Mass., L., Binghamton, and other places in N.Y. J.P. Private 4th Mass. Battalion when called into service, May, 1862; First Lieut. 2d Regt. Mass. V.M., 1864, to May, 1865. Episcopal. (Bell's Bench and Bar, p. 757.)

    1. DANIEL WISE, son of Daniel, b. in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Eng., Jan. 10, 1813, m. Aug. 1836, Sarah Ann, dau. of Richard Hill, b. in Portsea, Eng., Aug. 1812, d. in Englewood, N.J., Jan. 8, 1890. He was educated in the Portsmouth, Eng., Grammar School, and began studying theological books in 1831. He never attended Coll., but has received the honorary degrees of A.M. and D.D. from Wesleyan University. He was licensed as a local Methodist preacher in 1834; ordained Deacon by Bishop Waugh in Lynn, Mass., in 1839; Elder by Bishop Morris in Boston, Mass., in 1843. He was located as a Methodist clergyman as follows: L., Lyman, and Bath, 1834-5; Haverhill, 1835; Lisbon and Haverhill, 1836; Hingham, Mass., 1837; Quincy, Mass., 1838; Ipswich, Mass., 1840-2; Springfield, Mass., 1843; no charge, 1844; Nantucket, Mass., 1845-6; Providence, R.I., 1846-7; Fall River, Mass., 1848-9; New Bedford, Mass., 1850-1. He then took up editorial work and was editor of the "Sunday School Messenger," Boston, 1838 to 44; "Ladies' Pearl," Lowell, Mass., 1840 to 42; "New England Diadem" (temperance), Providence, R.I., 1846-7; "Zion's Herald," Boston, 1852 to 56; "Sunday School Advocate," New York, 1856 to 72; "Sunday School Teachers' Journal," 1860 to 68; "Good News," 1860 to 72; "Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine," Boston, Mass., 1853 to 56; "The Methodist Review," 1887-8. He was also a frequent contributor to "The Ladies' Repository," Cincinnati, and "The National Repository," New York. Since 1872 he has taken a "supernumerary" position, writing much for various papers, also writing a large number of books, among which may be mentioned: Under the nom de plume of Francis Forrester, Esq., "My Uncle Toby's Library," 12 vols.; "Glen Morris Stories," 5 vols.; "Holleyrood Stories," 6 vols. Under the nom de plume of Lawrence Lancewood, Esq., "The Lindendale Stories," 5 vols. His writings include subjects in history, biography, travels, religion, morals, education, literature, advice to youth, and juvenile literature. Between the years 1840 and 91, sixty-nine volumes were published of his writings, and the aggregate sale of them was over half a million copies. He res. in L. from 1833 to 37 as teacher and local preacher; d. in Englewood, N.J. Ch.
    • i. THEODORE DANIEL, b. Quincy, Mass., Aug. 22, 1838, d. Boston, Mass., Aug. 1839.
    • ii. SARAH LUELLA, b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 1839. res. Englewood, N.J.
    • iii. JENNIE E., b. Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 17, 1842, m. June 7, 1866, Donald Mackay, hanker. res. Englewood, N.J.
    • iv. CAROLINE LOUISA, b. West Bloomfield, N.J., Aug. 30, 1844, d. N.Y. City, Jan. 18, 1845.

    1. EDWIN ERASTUS WITHAM, son of Isaiah, b. in Bradford, Me., Dec. 22, 1850, m. Nov. 27, 1873, Clara Bonetta, dau. of John B. Horn, b. in Milan, May 31, 1856. He has res. in L. since 1889. Supt. of lumber mills. Democrat. Ch. b. in Stark.
    • i. HARRY HOWARD, b. Feb. 21, 1876. Drew Theo. Seminary, 1899.
    • ii. H. ROBERT WILSON, b. July 19, 1881.
    • iii. GUY CLIFTON, b. Dec. 15, 1883.

    1. JOHN E. WOODRUFF, son of George W., b. in Burke, Vt., Aug. 29, 1857, m. Feb. 25, 1891, Hepsy, dau. of Jeremy Bartlett, b. in Westfield, N.Y., Dec. 1860. He has res. in L. since 1895. Meat-dealer. Unitarian. A.F. and A.M. No ch.

    2. DWIGHT L. WOODRUFF, son of George W., b. in Burke, Vt., March 14, 1870, m. Oct. 14, 1896, Clara K., dau. of Arthur P. Rowe, b. in Campton, Jan. 31, 1877, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1896. Meat-dealer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. KINGSLEY PHILIP, b. L. Nov. 13, 1897.

    1. ANDREW WOODS, an Irish Presbyterian of the race commonly styled Scotch-Irish, with his wife came from the north of Ireland soon after the Revolution and settled in Bath. He was a prosperous farmer and a man of recognized ability and excellent character. James Calhoun (See), who settled in Lyman, came from the same locality in Ireland.

      2. ANDREW SALTER Woods, son of Andrew(1), b. in Bath, June 2, 1803, m. Jan. 7, 1830, Eliza, dau. of James Hutchins, b. in Bath, July 2, 1801, d. in Bath, Jan. 7, 1892. He grad. from Dart. Coll. in 1825, and immediately commenced the study of law with Ira Goodall, and was admitted to the Bar in Oct. 1828. He formed a partnership with Mr. Goodall, which continued until Oct. 1840, when he was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court; in March, 1855, he was made Chief Justice, which office he held until the reorganization of the court about a year later, when he resigned, and, forming a partnership with his son Edward (See), and Harry and George A. Bingham (See), resumed practice under the firm name of Woods & Bingham, with two offices, one in Bath, the other in L. In June, 1862, he formed a partnership with his son Edward, which continued until he d. in Bath, June 20, 1863. In 1852 Dart. Coll. gave him the degree of LL.D. Cong. Democrat. (The Bench and Bar of N.H., Bell, p. 97. Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer, p. 63. Memorial Address by Hon. Harry Bingham, G. and C. Bar Assn., Vol. I. p. 609.) Ch. b. in Bath.
      • i. ELIZA ISABEL, b. Nov. 1, 1830, m. George Azro Bingham (See).
      • ii. REBECCA NEWELL, b. Feb. 22, 1833, m. Jan. 28, 1868, Thomas James Marsh Smith, printer. He d. Boston, Mass., Feb. 1892.
      • 3. iii. EDWARD, b. Oct. 24, 1835.
      • iv. CATHERINE JANE, b. Sept. 25, 1837, d. May 7, 1860.
      • v. HARRIET JAMESON, b. July 5, 1840, d. Sept. 26, 1863.
      • vi. HELEN ADELAIDE, b. Dec. 22, 1842, d. March 7, 1843.
      • vii. ANDREW SALTER, b. March 1, 1845, d. Sept. 26, 1847.

        3. EDWARD WOODS, son of Andrew Salter(2), b. in Bath, Oct. 24, 1835, m. April 2, 1863, Mary, dau. of John L. Carleton, b. in Bath, Nov. 20, 1843. He was educated in the public schools of Bath, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Dart. Coll., from which he grad. in 1856. He commenced the study of law with his father in 1856, and was admitted to the Bar at Haverhill in 1859, then came to L. as a member of the firm of Woods & Bingham, where he remained until 1862, then returned to Bath and formed a partnership with his father, which continued until his father's death in 1863. Since then he has practised alone in Bath. Democrat. Representative from Bath, 1873-4. Col. on Gov. Weston's staff, 1874. Town Treasurer many years. State Senator, 1892. (Book of Biographies, Grafton Co., p. 52.) Ch. b. in Bath.
        • i. EDWARD, b. Jan. 15, 1864, d. Aug. 29, 1865.
        • ii. KATHERINE E., b. Dec. 12, 1865, m. Oct. 14, 1891, Amos N. Blandin, manager of Bath Lumber Co. Ch. Catherine Eliza, b. Dec. 11, 1892.
        • iii. THOMAS SMITH, b. May 21, 1868, m. Nov. 11, 1891, Isabella Batchelder. Printer. res. Boston, Mass. Ch. Dorothea C., b. July 30, 1893, Thomas Smith, b. Nov. 11, 1896.
        • iv. ANDREW SALTER, b. Dec. 31, 1874. Clerk. res. Boston, Mass.

    4. FRANCIS WOODS, son of Francis, b. in Canada, Aug. 20, 1853, m. Oct. 13, 1883, Celia, dau. of Alfred Thompson, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., June 4, 1869. He has res. in L. since 1889. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. MAMIE, b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., June, 1885, d. May, 1886.

    1. GEORGE F. WOODWARD, son of Nicholas, b. in Sutton, Mass., June, 1836, m. Ellen, dau. of Peter Garey, b. in Stanbridge, P.Q., June 7, 1838. He res. in L. from 1874 until he d., Jan. 23, 1892. Axe-maker. Ch. b. in East Douglas, Mass.
    • i. ELLA M., b. April 23, 1858, m. Robert Morrison Doty (See).
    • ii. NETTIE F., b. Jan. 12, 1862, m. John W. Kelley (See).

    2. JOHN WOODWARD, son of William, b. in Glasgow, Scotland, Oct. 26, 1842, m. Oct. 18, 1866, Malvina Augusta, dau. of John C. Putnam, b. in Amherst, Aug. 15, 1846. He has res. in L. since 1881. Board sawyer. Republican. Co. D, 1st Vt. Cav., and Co. F, 2d N.H. Inf. Private. G.A.R. I.O.O.F. Ch.
    • i. MARY JANE, b. Berlin, Aug. 1, 1869, m. Luther Joseph Crane (See).
    • ii. GERTRUDE BELL, b. Carroll, March 20, 1871, m. Sept. 20, 1892, George G. Prescott, sign-painter. res. Concord.
    • iii. EMELY ELIZABETH, b. Berlin, May 19, 1874.
    • iv. JOHN PUTNAM, b. Gorham, Oct. 10, 1877, d. L. July 11, 1895.

    1. THOMAS WOOLSON, b. 1626 or 7, of Newton, Mass, m. Nov. 20, 1660, Sarah Hyde, b. May 19, 1644, dau. of Dea. Samuel and Temperance Hyde, of Newton. He settled in the part of Watertown, Mass., now Weston; was the owner of considerable land, and an innholder, 1686 to 1708. Selectman, 1699, 1700, 1702, 1703. He d. in Sudbury, Mass., April 5, 1713; she d. Sept. 11, 1721. Both are buried in Weston.

      2. JOSEPH WOOLSON, son of Thomas(1), b. Nov. 16, 1667. He was a farmer in Weston, and had care of the meeting-house there. His wife Hannah d. April 30, 1721. He d. May 16, 1755. Six ch.

        3. JOSEPH WOOLSON, son of Joseph(2), b. Dec. 13, 1699, m. 1726 (pub. March 19), Elizabeth Upham, dau. of Thomas Upham, of Reading, Mass, m. second, Nov. 3, 1761, Grace (Harrington) Gregory, b. Aug. 1, 1714, dau. of Benjamin and Grace (Allen) Harrington and widow of Isaac Gregory of Weston. He was constable of Weston, 1761. He d. Oct. 15, 1766.

          4. ASA WOOLSON, son of Joseph(3), b. in Weston, Mass., Aug. 2, 1727, m. June 1, 1762, Elizabeth Knight, b. in Woburn, Mass., July 3, 1736. He lived a few years in Weston, and removed to Townsend, 1766, and two years later to the adjoining town of Lunenburg, Mass., where he d. April 18, 1789.

            5. ELIJAH WOOLSON, son of Asa(4), b. in Lunenburg, Mass., Dec. 1, 1769, m. Sept. 7, 1797, Rebecca Batchellor, b. Nov. 12, 1776, dau. of Lieut. Nehemiah and Lucy (Hayward) Batchellor, and a sister of Isaac Batchellor of Bethlehem (See). She d. Oct. 10, 1814. He m. second, Sept. 1, 1815, Nancy Little, of Lyman, b. Aug. 9, 1783. He lived in Bethlehem and in Lisbon. Late in life he lived with his only daughter in Massena and Hogansburg, N.Y., where he d. April, 1836. Among his eight sons were (1) Elijah S., named below; (2) Amos, who m. Hannah D. Temple, dau. of Enos Temple; these are the parents of Hon. Augustus A. Woolson and Charles D. Woolson, of Lisbon; (3) Silas B. Woolson, of Newark, Ohio; (4) Ira K. Woolson, of Ohio.

              6. ELIJAH SABIN WOOLSON, son of Elijah(5), b. in Bethlehem, Aug. 8, 1801, m. Sept. 16. 1824, Hannah, dau. of Rev. Ozias Savage (See), b. in Lisbon, Jan. 27, 1804, Cong. He res. in L. from 1832 to 38, and from 1840 until he d., May 22, 1874. Merchant tailor. Democrat. Town Clerk, 1842-3-4-5. Fire ward, 1844. J.P. A.F. and A.M. I.O.O.F. Mrs. Woolson resides with her daughter, Mrs. Brown, in Springfield, Vt. Ch.
              • 7. i. SABIN CLARK, b. Lisbon, July 3, 1825.
              • ii. REBECCAH, b. Lisbon, April 19. 1827, d. Nov. 25, 1832.
              • iii. WILLIAM COOLEDGE, b. Sandwich, Feb. 13, 1829. Jeweller. d. San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 28, 1854.
              • 8. iv. GEORGE STORRS, b. Sandwich, Jan. 10, 1831.
              • v. OZIAS SAVAGE, b. L. Nov. 10, 1833, d. L. Jan. 13, 1852.
              • vi. FANNIE SAVAGE, b. Lisbon, March 10, 1839, m. Feb. 4, 1863, Adna Brown, manufr. res. Springfield, Vt.
              • vii. LLEWELLA, b. L. Sept. 22, 1841, m. Francis Fletcher Hodgman (See).
              • 9. viii. HARRY HIBBARD, b. L. June 23, 1848.

                7. SABIN CLARK WOOLSON, son of Elijah Sabin(6), b. in Lisbon, July 3, 1825, m. Sept. 18, 1848, Lydia, dau. of Dudley Burnside, b. in Northumberland, Nov. 25, 1827, Cong. He res. in L. from 1838 to 1856. Merchant tailor. He removed to Montpelier, Vt., where he was successful in business and esteemed as a citizen. He d. Aug. 27, 1900. Democrat. A.F. and A.M. K.P. I.O.O.F. Ch.
                • i. CLEMENTINE B., b. Lancaster, Feb. 10, 1850, m. May 15, 1878, George E. Taplin, merchant. She d. Montpelier, Vt., June 26, 1894.
                • ii. HELEN R., b. Montpelier, Vt., Dec. 22, 1865, m. July 9, 1889, Joseph G. Brown, insurance agent. res. Montpelier, Vt.

                8. GEORGE STORRS WOOLSON, son of Elijah Sabin(6), b. in Sandwich, Jan. 10, 1831, m. Sept. 14, 1853, Emma Mary, dau. of Henry Hall, b. in Guildhall, Vt., March 24, 1833, Cong. She m. second, John Farr (See). He res. in L. from 1832 until he d., Oct. 22, 1855. Merchant tailor. Universalist. Democrat. Town Clerk, 1854. I.O.O.F. Ch.
                • i. GEORGE SPARKS, b. L. April 6, 1856.

                9. HARRY HIBBARD WOOLSON, son of Elijah Sabin(6), b. in L. June 23, 1848, m. Feb. 9, 1883, Rose, dau. of Patrick Lynch, b. in Moretown, Vt., April 17, 1855. He res. in L. from birth to 1869. Now resides in Boston. Merchant tailor. Democrat. Ch.
                • i. MAUD J., b. Wellington, Mass., Jan. 14, 1887.

    1. JOHN WOOSTER, son of David and Roxana (Willey), b. in Campton, May 23, 1798, m. first, Oct. 10, 1822, Charlotte Babcock, b. March 7, 1807, d. in Blendon, Ohio, Aug. 1, 1829, m. second, in 1832, Fannie Reed, dau. of Brainerd Stebbins, b. in Williamstown, Vt., Aug. 20, 1804, d. in Sutton, Vt., Feb. 26, 1888. He was admitted on trial to the N.H. Methodist Conference in 1830; was ordained Dea. by Bishop Roberts, in Lyndon, Vt., Aug. 12, 1832; and Elder by Bishop Hedding, in West Windsor, Vt., Aug. 31, 1834. He was located as a Methodist minister as follows: Sandwich. 1830; Milton, 1831; Epping, 1832; Pembroke, 1833; Cabot and Walden, Vt., 1834; Barre, Vt., 1835; located, 1836. He was, Oct. 14, 1839, licensed to preach by the Caledonia, Vt., Cong. Association, and was located as follows: Kirby, Vt., 1839-40; Concord, Vt., 1840-1-2; Granby, Vt., 1843 to 58. From 1858 to 1872 he res. in L. supplying pulpits as his strength permitted. Rep. and Postmaster, Granby, Vt. He d. in Sutton, Vt., Dec. 4, 1873. Ch. by w. Charlotte, b. in Blendon, Ohio.
    • i. CHARLOTTE LUCRETIA, b. April 30, 1826. m. May 3, 1846, Norman Alvah Harris, painter. He d. Milford, Mass., May 23, 1885.
    • ii. DAVID, b. May 25, 1828, d. June 20, 1829.
    Ch. by w. Fannie.
    • iii. FANNIE REED, b. London, Oct. 11, 1833, m. May 11, 1851, George Ashley Appleton, farmer. res. Victory, Vt.
    • iv. ELLEN MARGARET, b. Marshfield, Vt., Sept. 5, 1836, m. William W. Thompson, farmer. res. West Burke, Vt.
    • v. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, b. Walden, Vt., Sept. 4, 1839, m. Catherine Lamb. Farmer. res. Wooster, Texas.
    • 2. vi. THEODORE FREELINGHUYSEN, b. Granby, Vt., July 24, 1844.

      2. THEODORE FREELINGHUYSEN WOOSTER, son of John(1), b. in Granby, Vt., July 24, 1844, m. May 2, 1871, Emiletta Ruby, dau. of Eben Howe, b. in Dalton, Sept. 18, 1851. He res. in L. from 1859 to 1871. Farmer. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Private. Ch. b. in Mapleton, Iowa.
      • i. DAN FRANK, b. Nov. 21, 1871, d. Mapleton, Iowa, July 2, 1882.
      • ii. HARRY FREELINGHUYSEN, b. Aug. 24, 1874, m. March 31, 1894, Addie May Dickerson. Farmer. res. Mapleton, Iowa.
      • iii. ELLEN MAY, b. Dec. 14, 1876, d. Jan. 18, 1882.
      • iv. LILLA ESTELLA, b. June 29, 1882. res. Mapleton, Iowa.

    1. WILLIAM WORCESTER, b. in Eng. m. first, Sarah, ----, d. in Salisbury, Mass., April 23, 1650, m. second, July 22, 1650, Mrs. Rebecca (Swayne) (Biley) Hall, b. in Eng. about 1616, dau. of Bennett Swayne and widow of Henry Biley and of John Hall. She d. in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 21, 1695. He emigrated to America, and was the first minister of Salisbury, Mass., where he d., Oct. 28, 1662. Cotton Mather, in the "Magnalia," enrolls his name in the list of the "reverend, learned, and holy divines arriving such from Europe to America, by whose evangelical ministry the churches in America have been illuminated." The General Court say, in an order in reference to the payment of his support, that "they of New Town (now Amesbury) should forbear to content themselves with private help, whilst the Lord pleases to continue so bright a star in their candlestick." Ten ch. (The Worcester Family, by J. F. Worcester.)

      2. SAMUEL WORCESTER, son of William(1), b. in Eng, m. Nov. 29, 1659, Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Parrott of Rowley, Mass., b. May 1, 1640. He was a large land-owner in that part of Rowley afterward Bradford, and later incorporated under the name of Groveland. Representative in Bradford, 1679 to 1681. d., on the way from his home to Boston, in that part of Saugus now Lynn, Mass., Feb. 20, 1680/1. Eleven ch. She m. second, Oct. 29, 1686, Onesiphorus Marsh, son of George Marsh. She d. May 9, 1690.

        3. FRANCIS WORCESTER, son of Samuel(2), b. in Rowley, m. Jan. 29, 1690/1, Mary, dau. of Peter Cheney of Newbury, Mass., b. Sept. 2, 1671. She m. second, Dec. 8, 1726, Joseph Eaton of Salisbury. She d. aged 85, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother of 138 children. Francis d. Dec. 17, 1717. Ten ch.

          4. FRANCIS WORCESTER, son of Francis(3), b. in Bradford, Mass., June 7, 1698, m. first, April 18, 1720, Abigail Carlton of Rowley, Mass., d. July 25, 1774, aged 78, m. second, Mrs. Martin. He was ordained a Cong, minister in Sandwich, Mass., June 18, 1735. d. in Hollis, Oct. 14, 1783. Five ch.

            5. NOAH WORCESTER, son of Francis(4), b. in Sandwich, Mass., Oct. 4, 1735, m. first, Feb. 22, 1757, Lydia, dau. of Abraham Taylor, b. Oct. 11, 1733, d. July 6, 1772, m. second, Sept. 29, 1772, Hepzibah Sherwin, b. in Boxford, Mass., April 30, 1746. d. July 2, 1831. Town Clerk. Selectman. Committee of Safety. Delegate, 1778, to Constitutional Convention. He d. in Hollis, Aug. 13, 1817. Seven ch.

              6. LEONARD WORCESTER, son of Noah(5), b. in Hollis, Jan. 1, 1767, m. first, Nov. 1, 1793, Elizabeth, dau. of, Samuel Hopkins, D.D., b. in Hadley Mass., June 12, 1772, d. in Peacham, Vt., Sept. 4, 1818, m. second, Jan. 25, 1820, Eunice Woodbury of Salem, Mass., b. July 13, 1770, d. in Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 6, 1846. He was a printer in youth, and after attaining his majority was for several years editor and publisher of the "Massachusetts Spy." In 1795 he was chosen Deacon of the First Church in Worcester, Mass., and without any regular course of theological training was licensed to preach, March 12, 1799, and was ordained Pastor of the Cong. church in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 30, 1799, where he preached until 1837. In 1839 He came to L., where he res. until 1842, when he went to St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he d., May 28, 1846. He received the degree of A.M. from Middlebury Coll. in 1804, and from Dart. Coll. in 1827. He wrote a large number of articles, which were published, also many articles for the newspapers. (Sprague's American Pulpit, Vol. II. pp. 455-6.) Ch. by w. Elizabeth.
              • i. LEONARD, b. Worcester, Mass., Dec. 30, 1794, d. July 1, 1795.
              • ii. ELIZABETH HOPKINS, b. Worcester, Mass., June 11, 1796, d. March 30, 1817.
              • iii. SAMUEL AUSTIN, b. Worcester, Mass., Jan. 19, 1798, m. first, July 19, 1825, Ann Orr, m. second, April 3, 1841, Erminia Nash. Missionary clergyman. He d. Park Hill, Cherokee Nation, April 20, 1859.
              • iv. LEONARD, b. Worcester, Mass., May 22, 1799, m. Aug. 18, 1823, Susan C. Seaver. Teacher. He d. Newark, N.J., Aug. 24, 1835.
              • v. HANNAH SPRING, b. Peacham, Vt., March 14, 1801. Teacher. d. Peacham, Vt., May 22, 1838.
              • vi. JERUSHA, b. Peacham, Vt., Sept. 20, 1802, d. March 15, 1803.
              • vii. JERUSHA, b. Peacham, Vt., March 3, 1804, d. Peacham, Vt., Nov. 3, 1829.
              • 7. viii. EVARTS, b. Peacham, Vt., March 24, 1807.
              • 8. ix. ISAAC REDINGTON, b. Peacham, Vt., Oct. 20, 1808.
              • x. LYDIA, b. Peacham, Vt., Oct. 2, 1810, d. Aug. 23, 1811.
              • xi. JOHN HOPKINS, b. Peacham, Vt., May 28, 1812, m. first, Aug. 16, 1836, Sarah V. Wheeler, m. second, Nov. 30, 1840, Harriet Ellsworth Strong, m. third, Aug. 23, 1843, Martha Porter Clark, m. fourth, Oct. 21, 1851, Catherine Fleming. Clergyman and teacher. res. Burlington, Vt.
              • xii. EZRA CARTER, b. Peacham, Vt., July 26, 1814, d. Aug. 21, 1814.
              • 9. xiii. EZRA CARTER, b. Peacham, Vt., Feb. 28, 1816.
              • xiv. LYDIA ELIZA, b. Peacham, Vt., April 28, 1817, d. Sept. 6, 1817.

                7. EVARTS WORCESTER, son of Leonard(6), b. in Peacham, Vt., March 24, 1807, m. May 19, 1836, Anna Pope, dau. of Prof. Roswell Shurtleff, b. in Hanover, March 8, 1812, d. in Hanover, Aug. 27, 1881. She m. second, Joseph Emerson. He was educated in Peacham Academy and Dart. Coll., from which he grad. 1830. He commenced the study of theology in 1833 with his father, and was ordained a Cong, minister in L., March, 1836, serving as pastor of the Cong. church until May following, when ill health compelled him to give up active work. He d. in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 21, 1836. No ch.

                8. ISAAC REDINGTON WORCESTER, son of Leonard(6), b. in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 20, 1808, m. Nov. 16, 1835, Mary Sophia, dau. of Henry Sargent, b. in Leicester, Mass., Jan. 24, 1818, Cong. He was educated in Peacham Academy, and grad. from Dart. Medical Coll. in 1832. He practised medicine in Kingston and Leicester, Mass., and later attended Andover Theological Seminary. He was ordained a Cong, minister in L. in 1837, and served as pastor of the Cong. church of L. until 1842. From 1843 to 46 he was Sec. of the Vt. Domestic Missionary Society; editor "Missionary Herald," 1848 to 78; corporate member of the A.B.C.F.M. and member of the Prudential Committee. d. in Auburndale, Mass., Oct. 23, 1892. Ch.
                • i. ELIZABETH SARGENT, b. Newark, N.J., Sept. 6, 1836, m. Rev. Nathaniel George Clark (See).
                • ii. SARAH, b. L. June 3, 1838, d. Montpelier, Vt., Nov. 16, 1843.
                • iii. SAMUEL AUSTIN, b. L. Oct. 31, 1842, d. June 2, 1843.
                • iv. HENRY LEONARD, b. Leicester, Mass., Nov. 11, 1846, d. June 25, 1855.
                • v. MARY, b. Leicester, Mass., March 3, 1849, m. Rev. Martin L. D'Ooge (See).

                9. EZRA CARTER WORCESTER, son of Leonard(6), b. in Peacham, Vt., Feb. 28, 1816, m. Aug. 23, 1843, Ellen H., dau. of Dean Conant (See), b. in Charlestown, Sept. 20, 1826. He was educated in Peacham Academy, and commenced the study of medicine in 1834; attended two courses of medical lectures at Dart. Medical Coll. from which he grad., July 25, 1838. He commenced practising medicine in L. in 1839, where he remained until 1841. His subsequent locations were: East St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1841 to 43; Chelsea, Vt., 1843 to 46; Thetford, Vt., from 1846 until he d. He was a member of the White Mountain, Vt., and Orange Co., Vt., Medical Societies, and the American Medical Association. Regular school. Cong. d. in Thetford, Vt., July 29, 1887. Ch. all but William b. in Thetford, Vt.
                • i. WILLIAM LEONARD, b. Chelsea, Vt., April 21, 1845. Physician.
                • ii. CATHERINE ELLEN, b. Nov. 23, 1847. Teacher, res. Northampton, Mass.
                • iii. GEORGE STEELE, b. Sept. 24, 1849, m. Aug. 30, 1881, Ida E. Kinney Farmer. res. Thetford, Vt.
                • iv. ALICE ELIZABETH. b. Jan. 5, 1856. Teacher. d. in Northampton, Mass., Jan. 3, 1889.
                • v. JANE SHEDD, b. April 3, 1858. Teacher. res. Hampton, Va.
                • vi. HENRY EVARTS, b. March 15, 1861, m. Dec. 25, 1886, Annie E. Mansfield. Bookbinder. res. Boston, Mass.
                • vii. DEAN CONANT, b. Oct. 1, 1866, m. April 27, 1893, Nanon Fay Leas. Assistant Prof. in Mich. University. Member of both the United States Commissions in the Philippine Islands. res. Ann Arbor, Mich.
                • viii. ELEANOR BONNEY, b. Feb. 7, 1869. Teacher. res. Thetford, Vt.

    1. ZIBA WRIGHT, b. in New Boston, July, 1770, m. Polly, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Millen) Millen, and a sister of David Millen (See), b. May, 1777, d. Sept. 30, 1851. He res. in L. from 1798 until he d., Nov. 21, 1845. Farmer. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. LUCY, m. Samuel Millen, farmer. res. Wilson, N.Y.
    • ii. BETSEY, b. April 4, 1800, m. Hiram Chaffee (See).
    • iii. POLLY, b. June 3, 1802, m. Shepherd J. Sanborn (See).
    • iv. ALFRED, m. Sept. 21, 1826, Harriet Bowman. Stone-mason. res. Manchester.
    • v. FANNY, m. Leonard Streeter, farmer. res. Bow.
    • vi. POLLINA, m. Addison Ring, carpenter. res. Lisbon.
    • vii. EMELY, b. 1810, d. L. Aug. 30, 1818.

    2. JOSEPH WRIGHT, b. in 1721, m. in 1749, Jane, dau. of Westwood Cook, of Hadley, Mass., son of Capt. Aaron Cook of Hadley, by wife Sarah, sole heir and only child of William Westwood, Esq., of Co. Essex, Eng. Joseph's grandfather came to America from Eng., he belonging to a family located for centuries in Kelvedon and Wrightsbridge, Co. Essex, near Brentwood. The present head of the family is Edward Caryngdon Wright, Esq., of Kelvedon, m. Mary Julia, dau. of the present Lord Petre.

      3. CARMI WRIGHT, son of Joseph(2), b. in Ware or Hadley, Mass., in 1753, m. Dec. 7, 1780, Emma, dau. of Azariah Cooley of South Deerfield, Mass. He was a Rev. soldier, res. in Deerfield, Mass., and Adams, N.Y., where he d. Sept. 7, 1832.

        4. CHESTER WRIGHT, son of Carmi(3), b. in Deerfield, Mass., Oct. 7, 1781, m. Sarah Scott. He d. in Adams, N.Y., in 1865.

          5. SHELDON CARPENTER WRIGHT, son of Chester(4), b. in Adams, N.Y., Oct. 13, 1832, m. July 6, 1861, Mary Julia Nangle, a descendant of Sir Gilbert De Angulo, a Norman-English knight who went with Henry I. into Ireland, A.D. 1172, settling there and founding the family whose name was subsequently corrupted into Nangle; a branch of which family settling in Co. Westmeath held for generations the Barony of Navan, now extinct. Sheldon d. in Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 29, 1875.

            6. CHARLES EDWARD WRIGHT, son of Sheldon Carpenter(5), b. in Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 17, 1867, m. Sept. 23, 1889, Catherine Alice, dau. of Albert Hutchins Quimby (See), and adopted dau. of Luther Thompson Dow (See), b. in L. July 8, 1864. She was educated in L. High School, and grad. from Colby Academy, New London, in 1886; taught in L. Graded School, 1886; Principal of Plainfield Academy, Plainfield, Conn., 1887. Member of School Board, Whitefield, 1892 to 95. Episcopal. He was educated in Battle Creek, Mich., High School, and N.H. Conference Seminary, Tilton, Class of 1886; studied Law with Aldrich & Remich and Edgar Aldrich in L.; admitted to the Bar, June, 1890; attorney with Edgar Aldrich until March, 1891, since then has practised in Whitefield. res. in L. 1887 to 91. Episcopal. Republican. Member of Whitefield School Board, 1892 to 95. Trustee N.H. State Library. J.P. Notary public. Ch. b. in Whitefield.
            • i. KATHARINE DOROTHY, b. Dec. 21, 1892.
            • ii. MARGARET WESTWOOD, b. Sept. 23, 1894.

    1. CYRUS YOUNG, son of Timothy, b. in Kingsey, C.E., March 22, 1830, m. first, May 27, 1852, Lodema Ruhama, dau. of Lucius Dalton, b. in Colebrook, June 6, 1835, d. in L. July 11, 1889, Cong. She was divorced from Cyrus, and m. second, Levi Burt. Cyrus m. second, Feb. 14, 1877, Ellen Frances, dau. of Barker Eastman, b. in Tilton, Sept. 15, 1848, Episcopal. He has res. in L. since 1853. Farmer. Republican. Fire ward, 1882-3-4-5-6. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. ESTHER AUGUSTA, b. Dec. 1, 1855, m. George S. Bellows (See).
    • 2. ii. ELBRIDGE CYRUS, b. March 6, 1856.
    • iii. CLARA, b. Aug. 28, 1870, m. Oct. 13, 1890, John Goodrich, railroad employee. res. Chicago, Ill.

      2. ELBRIDGE CYRUS YOUNG, son of Cyrus(1), b. in L. March 6, 1856, m. Nov. 15, 1879, Mary Emma, dau. of Amos K. Chase (See), b. in Lisbon, Sept. 30, 1855. He has res. in L. all his life. Republican. K.P. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. MAUDE ELLEN, b. Oct. 15, 1882.
      • ii. HAROLD EUGENE, b. Dec. 9, 1885.

    3. JOSEPH HERBERT YOUNG, son of Priest, b. in Franconia, June 1, 1846, m. April 11, 1869, Flora Loanda, dau. of Rev. Zebina Young, b. in Hatley, Canada, March 18, 1849. He has res. in L. since 1883. Laborer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. EDWIN ZEBINA, b. Franconia, Oct. 22, 1873.

    4. JOSEPH YOUNG, b. in Haverhill, Mass., July 16, 1768. (Granite Monthly, Vol. XII. p. 36. Biography of Maj. Samuel Young.)

      5. ITHIEL YOUNG, son of Joseph(4), b. in Lisbon, Sept. 10, 1801.

        6. MILLARD FILLMORE YOUNG, son of Ithiel(5), b. in Lisbon, Sept. 9, 1850, m. Oct. 5, 1887, Carrie Louise, dau. of Franklin Tilton (See). b. in L. Oct. 29, 1863, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1883. Dentist. Democrat. Appointed Coroner, 1893. Master, 1887-8, of Burns Lodge, A.F. and A.M. K.T., St. Gerard Com., E.C., 1893. 32 degree A.A.S.R. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. RILEY TILTON, b. Aug. 1, 1889.
        • ii. MILLARD FRANKLIN, b. June 6, 1891.

    7. THOMAS YOUNG, son of Eugene, b. in Canada in 1853, m. first, in 1872, Olive, dau. of Nelson Lemay, b. in Canada, July, 1856, d. Jan. 25, 1883, m. second, May 31, 1885, Adeline, dau. of Frank Joslyn, b. in Canada, Feb. 7, 1860, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1883. Glover. Roman Catholic. Ch. by w. Olive.
    • i. LIZZIE BELL, b. Whitefield, May 21, 1873, m. 1886, Edward Guyot shoemaker. res. Marlboro', Mass.
    • ii. ZILDA, b. Canada, Feb. 25, 1876, m. Aug. 30, 1891, Eugene Cayer. res. L.
    • iii. THOMAS, b. Canada, July 3, 1877. res. L.
    • iv. MARY, b. Canada, 1879. res. L.
    • v. OLIVE, b. L. 1881. res. Whitefield.
    Ch. by w. Adeline, b. in L.
    • vi. JOSEPH, b. Feb. 20, 1887.
    • vii. OLEANA, b. Oct. 17, 1890.
    • viii. LENA, b. April 26, 1893, d. L. Nov. 8, 1894.
    • ix. HOMER, b. May 24, 1895, d. Sept. 13, 1895.

    8. GEORGE DAVID YOUNG, son of Andrew Jackson, b. in L. Oct. 10, 1870, m. Oct. 5, 1893, Mary Helen, dau. of Sumner P. Smith (See), b. in L. Dec. 10, 1870, d. in L. May 31, 1896, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1888. Clerk. Republican. Ch.
    • i. REBECCA, b. L. July 15, 1895.


    This branch of the family is said to trace back to Sir John Baldwin, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, through the following line:

    RICHARD, who settled in Milford, Conn., in 1639.

      NATHANIEL, son of Richard, b. in Eng, m. Abigail Camp.

        DANIEL, son of Nathaniel, b. in Eng. 1644, m. Sarah Camp.

          DANIEL, Jr., son of Daniel, b. 1668.

            NATHAN, son of Daniel, Jr., b. 1691. res. in Newtown, Conn. Was captain of the 2d Co. Trainband in that town in 1739.

              JABEZ, son of Nathan, b. in Newtown, Conn., April 8, 1733, m. Aug. 1770, Judith Brace. He removed from Newtown, Conn.,to Stratford, 1788. Built the first framed house in 1790. d. in Stratford, March 31, 1803.

                ELISHA, son of Jabez; b. in Stratford, Sept. 19, 1788, m. March 10, 1818, Huldah, dau. of Edmund and Huldah (Lathrop) Alger, b. in Bridgewater, Mass., Oct. 6, 1790. He d. in Stratford, Aug. 26, 1875.

                  JEDEDIAH M., son of Elisha, b. in Stratford, March 9, 1827, m. first, Dec. 25, 1855, Sarah C. Bennett, m. second, June 6, 1871, Sarah L., dau. of Ira F. and Sarah S. (Granger) Morse. He d. in Stratford, Feb. 2, 1887.

                    HARRY STEVENS, son of Jedediah M., b. in Stratford, May 20, 1877, m. Sept. 2, 1902, Bessie T., dau. of Frank T. and Alice (Tuttle) Moffett. Merchant. Ch.
                    • i. SARAH, b. L. Sept. 14, 1904.

    1. WILLIAM BRETT, b. about 1643-4, emigrated from Kent, Eng., about 1645, and settled in Duxbury, Mass. He m. Margaret ----, d. Bridgewater, Mass., in 1681.

      2. NATHANIEL BRETT, son of William(1), b. in Bridgewater, Mass., date not known. Was a Deacon. d. in 1740.

        3. SETH BRETT, son of Nathaniel(2), b. in Bridgewater, Mass., in 1688, m. Sarah Alden in 1712. d. in Bridgewater, Mass., Jan. 11, 1722.

          4. SIMEON BRETT, son of Seth(3), b. Bridgewater, Mass., Jan. 8, 1720. Served in the War of the Revolution. d. in Bridgewater, Mass., in 1792.

            5. RUFUS BRETT, son of Simeon, b. Bridgewater, Mass., Aug. 2, 1751, m. Sept. 28, 1775, Susanna Carey. res. Paris, Me. d. Paris in 1835.

              6. EZRA BRETT, son of Rufus(5), b. Paris, Me., Feb. 27, 1779. d. Paris, Me.

                7. GEORGE W. BRETT, Son of Ezra(6), b. Paris, Me., April 14, 1810. res. in Auburn, Me, m. Jan. 22, 1834, Susan S. Wharf. d. Nov. 17, 1902, Auburn, Me.

                  8. JOHN R. BRETT, son of George W.(7), b. Sawyerville, Me., Nov. 26, 1849, m. Nov. 4, 1871, Ella Jannette Hall, b. Mexico, Me., Jan. 26, 1850. Has res. in L. since Nov. 1903. Foreman in shoe shop. Ch. all born in Auburn, Me.
                  • i. ARCHIE, b. Jan. 7, 1873. d. Feb. 10, 1873.
                  • ii. GEORGE MONROE, b. Nov. 4, 1875. Prof. Mathematics, University of Vermont.
                  • iii. BERTHA MABELLE, b. Dec. 16, 1878. Teacher, Concord.
                  • iv. JOHN HALL, b. Sept. 25, 1884. Student, Bowdoin College.

    ROGER came to this country from Wales about 1630, but little is known of him. He was the progenitor of this branch of Eastmans.

      SIMEON, descendant of Roger.

        GALAN F., son of Simeon, b. in Concord. res. in Plymouth, where he d., 1858.

          AARON A., son of Galan F., b. in Plymouth, Aug. 2, 1844, m. Jan. 1, 1870, Agnes S., dau. of Thomas R. and Harriet (George) Ford, b. in Rumney, July 25, 1847. He has res. in L. since 1890. Tanner. Ch.
          • i. BELLE, b. Manchester, Sept. 7, 1877. res. in L.
          • ii. HARRIET F., b. Plymouth, Feb. 20, 1868 (adopted).

    RICHARD W., b. in Yarmouth, N.S., 1826, m. April 11, 1854, Elizabeth S. Crawley.

      ERVIN EUGENE, son of Richard W., b. in Yarmouth, N.S., Feb. 24, 1859, m. Nov. 9, 1886, Beatrice D., dau. of Ezekiel and Achsah Ann (Tarbell) Cudworth (See). He has res. in L. since 1881. Merchant.

    THOMAS, b. in Weymouth, Eng. Sailed from there in 1623, m. Margaret Frier. He was a member of the General Court of Mass. Bay in 1637. Of his life before leaving Eng. nothing is known. The name is recorded in Dorsetshire for three centuries prior to 1600.

      EBENEZER, son of Thomas, baptized Sept. 4, 1737, m. Damaris, dau. of Nathan and Susanna Merrill. She d. Feb. 5, 1837. He d. Nov. 21, 1832. res. in Roxbury, Mass. Nine children.

        THOMAS, son of Ebenezer, b. Oct. 10, 1783. m. Dec. 1, 1808, Sarah Barry. He d. in Machias, Me., Sept. 17, 1872. Farmer and lumberman. Thirteen children.

          ALFRED, son of Thomas(3), b. in Machias, Me., July 16, 1812, m. first, Mary, dau. of John Crocker, m. second, Hannah M. Foss, m. third, Lizzie A. Hanson, Feb. 1862. He res. in Machias, Me., where he d., Jan. 8, 1904. Farmed. Sixteen children.

            HIRAM WALLACE, b. Machias, Me., March 14, 1866, m. Oct. 3, 1894, Della N. Hildreth, b. Charleston, Vt., Oct. 22, 1871. res. in L. since 1896. Piano salesman.

    JOHN, res. Plymouth.

      HIRAM, son of John, b. in Bridgewater, Dec. 25, 1820, m. Abigail S. Preston. He res. in Bristol, where he d., Dec. 20, 1871.

        MOSES F., son of Hiram, b. in Plymouth, Feb. 20, 1855, m. first, May 3, 1876, Laura M., dau. of John and Mary A. Whitmore, b. in Hebron, April 2, 1855, d. in Akron, Cal., April 10, 1893, m. second, Dec. 15, 1894, Emily L. Colby, b. in Warner, July 28, 1872. He came to L. 1876, where he now res. Ch. by w. Laura M.
        • i. GRACE ELINOR, b. L. Feb. 20, 1881, m. Dec. 26, 1901, Ellsworth W. Hawkins. res. in L.
        • ii. LOUISE PRESTON, b. L. Sept. 27, 1884, d. L. Dec. 6, 1884.
        • iii. FREDERICK WHITMORE, b. Oskaloosa, Ia., June 2, 1888.
        • iv. LAURIE. b. Akron, Cal., March 24, 1893, d. July, 1893.

    COLBLRN, m. Elizabeth Fay. res. in Lunenburg, Vt.

      JOHN W., son of Colburn, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., Oct. 1, 1815, m. Nov. 16, 1840, Anna, dau. of Chester and Betsey (Hutchins) Smith. d. in Lunenburg, Vt., March 10, 1883. He was a member of the Vt. House of Representatives, 1852-3. State Senator, 1870-1. d. in Lunenburg, Vt., April 22, 1896.

        HARRY CLAY, son of John W., b. in Lunenburg, Vt., May 10, 1850, m. Dec. 2, 1871, Mary E., dau. of Hiram M. and Julia (Knapp) Grant, b. in Lancaster, April 10, 1853. He has res. in L. since 1892. Merchant. Ch.
        • i. FLORENCE ETHEL, b. Lancaster, June 20, 1872, m. Sept. 30, 1896, Arthur C. Strain (See). res. Groveton.
        • ii. EUGENE HARRY, b. Lancaster, Jan. 4, 1875, m. Oct. 13, 1892, Geneva M. George (See). res. in L.
        • iii. GERTRUDE ANNA, b. Lunenburg, Vt., Feb. 3, 1878, m. May 19, 1904, Edwin Z. Young (See). res. in L.
        • iv. ELIZABETH MAUD, b. Lunenburg, Vt., Sept. 14, 1882, m. June 4, 1901, Richard T. Eastman (See). res. in L.

    JOHN, b. in Eng, m. Dorothy ----. He d. May 24, 1662. He was one of the emigrants who settled in Concord, Mass., in 1635.

      JOHN, son of John(1), b. in Eng, m. .June 17, 1661, Sarah Dean. She d. July 17, 1689. He d. in Concord, Mass., June 17, 1689.

        JOHN, son of John(2), b. Concord, Mass., Sept. 1, 1666, m. Dec. 18, 1690, Mary Chandler, b. March 3, 1672, d. Aug. 14, 1759. He res. in Temple, where he d. Nov. 25, 1731.

          EPHRAIM, son of John(3), b. Feb. 19, 1701, m. Eleanor ----.

            JOHN, son of Ephraim, b. Sept. 11, 1741, m. Dec. 8, 1763, Rachel Tuttle. He d. Sept. 13, 1821.

              JOHN, son of John(5), b. Shirley, Mass., Feb. 28, 1773. Dec. 14, 1794, Polly Gassett. He res. in Shirley, Mass., until he d., July 1, 1798.

                BENJAMIN HARVEY, son of John(6), b. Shirley, Mass., Sept. 20, 1797, m. first, Nov. 11, 1819, Sally Flint, b. Nov. 16, 1800, d. Sept. 24, 1825, m. second, Nov. 7, 1826, Susan, dau. of Henry and Susannah (Hobert) Kibling, b. in Ashburnhatn, Mass., Dec. 21, 1799, where she d., March 27, 1865. There were two children by the first wife and six by the second.

                  LEWIS BRIGHAM, son of Benjamin H., b. in Royalston, Mass., March 5, 1839, m. Oct. 12, 1867, Mary Sophia, dau. of Samuel K. and Sophia (Cushman) Remick (See). He enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, April, 1861, serving in Indiana regiments until April, 1865. Res. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Lawrence, Mass. from 1866 to 1895, removing to L. in Nov. 1895. Served as Special Justice L. Police Court, 1897-8, and until Feb. 1, 1899. Appointed Deputy Collector of U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Feb. 1, 1899. Re-appointed .July 1, 1894. Ch.
                  • i. HARRY LEWIS, b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Aug. 2, 1868 (See).
                  • ii. HATTIE MARY, b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Oct. 1, 1869. res. L.
                  • iii. WALTER NELSON, b. Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 7, 1876. res. White River Jct., Vt.
                  • iv. NELLIE SOPHIA, b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Nov. 11, 1879, m. John B. Nute (See).
                  • HARRY LEWIS, son of Lewis B., b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Aug. 2, 1868, m. June 21, 1899, Mary E. Mooney, b. in Bolton Glen, Que., July 21, 1864. He has res. in L. since 1890. Lawyer.

    JOHN(1), b. in Eng. Admitted a freeman in 1640. In 1642 he was Selectman of Sudbury, Mass. Was one of the petitioners m. 1657 for the grant which constituted Marlborough, Mass. First white settler there. Came about 1657. Opened the first public house in the place, where he d. in 1687.

      ISAAC(2), son of John(1), b. in Sudbury, Mass., Aug. 8, 1648, m. Jan. 17, 1671, Frances Woods. He d. Dec. 9, 1724.

        JOHN(3), son of Isaac(2), b. Sept. 16, 1682, m. Nov. 3, 1703, Deliverance Rice. He d. May 14, 1754.

          BENJAMIN(4), son of John(3), b. Dec. 14, 1710, m. Feb. 4, 1732, Lucy Amsden. He d. Oct. 20, 1757.

            BENJAMIN(5), son of Benjamin(4), b. Oct. 17, 1751, m. Abigail Howe. He d. July 18, 1814.

              WINTHROP(6), son of Benjamin(5), b. in Marlborough, Mass., Aug. 12, 1795, m. July 25, 1822, Lydia Hinting. He d. in Winchester, Nov. 25, 1877.

                GEORGE WINTHROP(7), son of Winthrop(6), b. in Pelham, March 25, 1834, m. 1870, Harriett F. Colburn. res. Marlborough, Mass.

                  EVERETT CHASE(8), son of George Winthrop(7), b. in Marlborough, Mass., 1871, m. Sept. 18, 1902, Louisa Catherine Barrett, b. Montreal. He has res. in L. since 1901. Lawyer. Ch.
                  • 1. CHARLES FRANK, b. L. June, 1903.

    JAMES, M. Elenor Lloyd.

      GEORGE, son of James, b. in Frederickton, N.B., 1800, m. Elizabeth Shepard. When he came to the States he dropped the "t" in his name. d. Sept. 3, 1877.

        GEORGE LLOYD, son of George, b. in Machias, Me., Feb. 21, 1849, m. April 13, 1871, Amanda S., dau. of William H. and Emily H. (Knight) Henderson. He has res. in L. since 1901. Lumberman. Ch.
        • i. OLA KATHERINE, b. Monroe, March 7, 1878, m. June 19, 1894, Fred. H. Rogers. Clothier. res. Barre, Vt.
        • ii. LESLIE FRANK, b. Monroe, July 1, 1874. res. L.
        • iii. BELLE TOWNSEND, b. Monroe, June 7, 1876. m. Feb. 19, 1896, Guy H. Albee. Farmer. res. Hardwick, Vt.
        • iv. EMILY ELIZABETH, b. Newbury, Vt., July 27, 1878, m. May 13, 1902, William F. Jackson. He d. Lincoln, Oct. 13, 1904.
        • v. GuY LLOYD, b. Hardwick, Vt., July 13, 1890.

    EBENEZER, res. in Atkinson.

      BENJAMIN, son of Ebenezer, b. in Atkinson about 1755, m. Sally Jackman. res. in Bath, where he d. Rev. soldier, Ensign, was wounded at the battle of Saratoga.

        BENJAMIN, son of Benjamin(1), b. in Bath, May, 1795, m. Jan. 13, 1831, Elvira P. Morton. He res. in Newbury, Vt., where he d., Nov. 10, 1858. She d. Feb. 17, 1897, aged 91 years and 9 months.

          ANDREW JACKSON, son of Benjamin(2), b. in Bath, Aug. 27, 1836, m. Sarah E., dau. of Stillman and Jane (King) Jenne. res. in Newbury, Vt.

            ARTHUR BENJAMIN, son of Andrew J., b. in Newbury, Vt., Nov. 19, 1868, m. Sept. 12, 1894, Eva Marrietta Nims, b. in Manlius, N.Y., July 7, 1868. He has res. in L. since 1902. Supt. Pike Mfg. Co. Ch. b. in Manlius, N.Y.
            • i. ARTHUR BERTRAND, b. June 21, 1895.
            • ii. FRANCES CATHERINE, b. April 2, 1900.

    EDWIN CARTER, son of Robert, b. in Ely, Eng., Oct. 23, 1852, m. Nov. 14, 1876, Emma, dau. of Cyrus E. and Hannah Farnham, b. in Pittsburg, April 7, 1850. He has res. in L. since 1880. Salesman. Methodist. Ch. b. in Lyman.
    • i. BERTHA BELLE, b. Nov. 4, 1878, m. May 17, 1904, Tellis F. Cole. res. in Ryegate, Vt.
    • ii. JOHN EDWIN, b. Jan. 6, 1880, m. Aug. 12, 1903, Florence Bean. res. in L.

    MATHIAS, b. in Franklin, Vt., Aug. 8, 1848, m. Huldah M. Boivin. res. in Enosburg Falls, Vt.

      ISADORE NELSON, son of Mathias, b. in Enosburg Falls, Vt., Aug. 7, 1870, m. Jan. 15, 1898, Delia S., dau. of Lemuel N. and Priscilla (Simpson) Phillips, b. in L. Feb. 7, 1872. He has res. in L. since 1901. Hotel keeper. Ch.
      • i. GLENNA, b. Plymouth, June 20, 1899.
      • ii. DORRIS, b. L. June 17, 1902.

    JOHN THOMAS, son of James, see page 322. Additions. m. second, Ang. 28, 1898, Jennie O., dau. of Zurial A. and Mary J. (Bass) Richardson (See). Ch. by wife Jennie.
    • i. MARY ELIZABETH, b. L. Aug. 31, 1903.
    • ii. JAMES R., b. L. Dec. 25, 1904.

    ABRAHAM, b. Feb. 28, 1763, m. Mary ----. res. Farmington. d. June 18, 1842.

      ASA, son of Abraham, b. Farmington, Nov. 2, 1806, m. Sept. 12, 1832, Lucinda Pratt. He d. Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 1878.

        ASA BYRON, son of Asa, b. in Cohasset, Mass., Feb. 15. 1845, m. Oct. 9, 1871, Mary E. Miller. He served as a private Co. D, 24th Mass. Inf., war of the Rebellion. d. in Boston, Mass., Jan. 13, 1894.

          JOHN BILLINGS, son of Asa B., b. in Roxbury, Mass., 1874, m. Nov. 17, 1902, Nellie S., dau. of Lewis B. and Mary S. (Remick) Heald (See). He served in Co. B, 6th Mass. U.S.V., war with Spain. Commissioned 1st Lieut. Co. F, N.H.N.G. Oct. 14, 1901. res. in L. since 1896. Ch.
          • i. PAUL BILLINGS, b. L. 1903.

    JOSEPH, b. in Armagh, Ireland.

      ROBERT, son of Joseph, b. in Armagh, Ireland, June 6, 1799, m. May 4, 1821, Mary Ann McGlothlin. She was of Scotch ancestry. He res. in Canada, where he d. May 15, 1894.

        ROBERT, son of Robert(1), b. in Canada, m. Dec. 22, 1863, Mary McCutcheon. Pres. res. L. Farmer.

          ALBERT J., son of Robert(2), b. in Canada, Nov. 11, 1874, m. June 11, 1901, Stella M., dau. of Leslie F. and Minnie (Henderson) Bean (See). res. L. Farmer. Ch. b. in L.
          • i. RAYMOND W., b. Oct. 19, 1902.
          • ii. WHEELER D., b. March 23, 1904.

    The name "Poor" was assumed by a Norman named Roger, when he went to Eng. with Prince Henry Third, because of his personal characteristic of being "lean."

    DANIEL, b. in Eng. 1624. Came from Wiltshire, Eng., 1638, m. Oct. 20, 1650, Mary Farnum. She d. in Andover, Mass., Feb. 3, 1814. He res. in Andover, where he d.

      DANIEL, son of Daniel(1), b. in Andover, Mass., Sept. 5, 1656, m. in 1688, Mehitable Osgood. res. in Andover, Mass.

        DANIEL, son of Daniel(2), b. in Andover, Mass., Feb. 9, 1689, m. March 20, 1712, Dorothy Kimball. He res. in Andover, Mass., where he d. Aug. 8, 1772.

          PETER, son of Daniel(3), b. in Andover, Mass., June 11, 1730, m. Oct. 11, 1753, Sarah P. Wood, b. in Boxford, Mass., Jan. 29, 1730. d. Sept. 19, 1788. He res. in Andover, Mass., where he d.

            DANIEL, son of Peter, b. in Andover, Mass., Aug. 4, 1760, m. May 23, 1782, Hannah, dau. of John and Hannah Fay, b. in Andover, Mass., April 25, 1762. d. in Wilmot, Nov. 15, 1839. He d. in Wilmot, April 23, 1848.

              CHARLES, son of Daniel(5), b. in Andover, Mass., Feb. 22, 1800, m. Feb. 27, 1831, Abigail C. Gay, b. in Wilmot, Dec. 15, 1811, granddau. of Eliphalet Gay, a soldier of the war of the Revolution. He res. in Wilmot, where he d., March 17, 1877.

                WILLIAM GAY, son of Charles, b. in Wilmot, May 18, 1832, m. Aug. 20, 1855, Delina Ann, dau. of Lorenzo M. and Ruth (Wakefield) Freeto, b. in Newport, Jan. 11, 1835. d. in Lebanon, July 27, 1894. He res. in L. from 1864 to 1867. d. in Wilton, Me., Sept. 3, 1878.

                  RUEL WHITCOMB, son of William G., b. in New London, Sept. 29, 1860, m. Oct. 18, 1884, Ida M., dau. of Charles G. and Huldah J. (Delano) Sawyer, b. in Greenville, Me., Nov. 25, 1861. He res. in L. from 1881 until 1888. Cashier L. Nat. Bank. res. in New York City. Ch.
                  • i. HELEN HILDER, b. North Long Branch, N.J., June 25, 1899.

    JOHN MORRISON, b. about 1790. res. in Northumberland, where he d.

      JOHN MORRISON, son of John(2), b. in Lancaster, July 6, 1813, m. Caroline, dau. of William Smith, b. in Raymond, Me. He d. Dalton, Jan. 8, 1900.

        JOHN MORRISON, son of John(2), born in Dalton, Oct. 23, 1859, m. Dec. 25, 1879, Kate, dau. of Edward P. Cushman. He has res. in L. since 1900. Insurance and real estate. Ch.
        • i. HARRY, b. Dalton, 1880, d. 1882.

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