History Of Littleton New Hampshire
Edited By James R. Jackson In Three Volumes Vol. III
Genealogy Compiled By George C. Furber Revised And Enlarged By Ezra S. Stearns
Published For The Town By The University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1905


THE genealogy of Littleton was compiled by GEORGE C. FURBER in 1896 and printed in 1897-8.
A fire destroyed the work in 1898 and made necessary a reprint,
which was prepared under the supervision of EZRA S. STEARNS.
The extent of the errata is chiefly due to incorrect material furnished by individuals concerning their ancestry.


[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

    1. RICHARD TAFT, son of Abisha, b. in Barre, Vt., March 14, 1812, m. May 23, 1839, Lucinda Knight, dau. of Aaron Knight (See). In 1849 he opened the Flume in Franconia Notch, and three years later he began the building of the Profile House. With a prophetic vision of the possibilities of the summer business among the White Mountains from year to year, he labored on with untiring energy. During the later years he was associated in business with Charles H. Greenleaf, who succeeded the firm of Taft and Greenleaf. He resided in Littleton from 1875 until he d., Feb. 14, 1881. Cong. Republican. His widow d. in Boston, Mass., Oct. 18, 1895. (See "New York Journal of Commerce," Feb. 17, 1881; "Littleton Journal," Feb. 18, 1881; "Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer," under Franconia; "Granite Monthly," Vol. IV. p. 257; "History of Hancock," p. 706.) Ch.
    • i.ii.iii. d. in infancy.
    • iv. MARY IDA, b. Lincoln, Oct. 3, 1860, m. Charles Franklin Eastman (See).

    1. THOMAS TARBELL, settled in Watertown, Mass., about 1656, moved to Groton, Mass., about 1663, m. Mary ---. He was probably the ancestor of all the Tarbells in New England. d. in 1680.

      2. THOMAS TARBELL, son of Thomas(1), b. in Watertown, Mass, m. June 30, 1666, Anne Longley, dau. of William. He res. in Groton and Charlestown, Mass. d. about 1678.

        3. THOMAS TARBELL, son of Thomas(2), b. in Groton, Mass., July 6, 1667, m. Dec. 1, 1686, Elizabeth Blood. He res. in Groton, Mass. Town Clerk, 1704-5. d. Jan. 24, 1717.

          4. ELEAZER TARBELL, son of Thomas(3), b. in Groton, Mass., April 28, 1707, m. Dec. 20, 1727, Elizabeth Bowers. He res. in Groton, Mass., until 1740, then moved to Lunenburg, Mass.

            5. SAMUEL TARBELL, son of Eleazer(4), b. in Lunenburg, Mass., Sept. 18, 1744, m. Feb. 25, 1773, Beatrice Carter, b. Nov. 18, 1753, dau. of Thomas and Betty (Sawyer) Carter of Lunenburg. He res. in Lunenburg, Mass., until 1773, then moved to Rindge and built a mill. He was a member of the Lexington Co. in 1775, and a Lieut. in Capt. Stone's Co. in 1777. Selectman in 1787, and held other offices. d. in Rindge, April 6, 1828. She d. Aug. 20, 1839.

              6. THOMAS TARBELL, son of Samuel(5), b. in Rindge, Nov. 22, 1773, m. Feb. 19, 1797, Achsah Fay, dau. of Joseph and Lucy (Warren) Fay. She d. Aug. 8, 1821. He m. second, Polly Towne, dau. of Jeremiah. He d. in Rindge, Nov. 14, 1862.

                7. REUBEN TARBELL, son of Thomas(6), b. in Rindge, Jan. 6, 1798, m. Sept. 8, 1825, Beatrice, dau. of Aaron and Anne (Dunster) Beard of Walpole. He d. in Rindge, Oct. 30, 1862.

                  8. CHARLES DUANE TARBELL, son of Reuben(7), b. in Rindge, July 20, 1832, m. Nov. 18, 1856, Elmira F., dau. of Benjamin Whitney, b. in Marlboro', Jan. 18, 1836, Cong. He res. in L. from Oct. 1870 to Jan. 1890. Merchant and lumber manufr. Now res. in Southern Pines, N.C. Cong. Dea. Republican. Ch.
                  • i. FRANK LESLIE, b. Marlboro', March 20, 1859, d. Keene, Feb. 7, 1867.
                  • ii. MARY EDITH, b. Marlboro', March 17, 1861, m. Fred E. Goodall (See).
                  • iii. ANNE MABEL, b. Bellows Falls, Vt., Sept. 14, 1888, m. Henry Ashley Jackman (See).
                  • iv. FLORA ELMIRA, b. L. March 6, 1871.

    1. CHESTER TAYLOR, res. in Lisbon and Landaff.

      2. LOVELL TAYLOR, son of Chester(1), b. in Concord, now Lisbon, March 28, 1813, m. Dec. 20, 1843, Alvira, dau. of Amos Hubbard (See), b. in L. Aug. 3, 1815, d. in L. May 11, 1881. He res. in L. from 1845 to 1894. Farmer. Democrat. J.P. Enlisted in U.S. Navy, Jan. 14, 1838, for three years, served on ship "Cyene;" discharged Feb. 2, 1841. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. d. in Soldiers' Home, Tilton, March 29, 1896. Ch. all but Charles b. in L.

        i. CHARLES, b. Lisbon, Oct. 28, 1844, m. Sept. 24, 1866, Eliza Ann Parker. Broker. Divorced, June, 1884.
      • ii. MARIA, b. Sept. 25, 1846, m. Dec. 26, 1865, Alvin C. Norcross. res. Barre, Vt.
      • iii. MARY, b. Sept. 25, 1846. d. L. Aug. 28, 1862.
      • iv. LOVINA, b. Sept. 12, 1853, m. Charles H. Rix (See).

      3. LEONARD TAYLOR, son of Chester(1), b. in Lisbon, Feb. 8, 1832, m. Feb. 20, 1868, Margaret, dau. of John McLean, b. in Lynwick, Canada, April 10, 1846, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1851. Farmer. Republican. Co. L, N.H. Batt. N.E. Cav. and 1st N.H. Cav. Sergt. Was confined in Libby Prison. G.A.R. He d. L. Oct. 20, 1900. Ch. b. in Dalton.
      • i. CHRISTIE HANNAH, b. March 23, 1870, m. Nov. 28, 1898, Rollin G. Harris. res. L.
      • ii. CHESTER HENRY, b. April 19, 1876.
      • iii. EDNAH ISABEL, b. May 10, 1878, d. L. April 19, 1892.

    4. WILLIAM MORSE TAYLOR, son of Austin, b. in L. Jan. 22, 1828, m. Sept. 19, 1850, Maria, dau. of Jeremy Howland, b. in Landaff, Sept. 14, 1830, d. in L. July 3, 1889, Advent. He res. in L. from 1876 until he d., Jan. 21, 1895. Carriage-maker. Advent. Prohibition. Selectman, 1879-80-1-2-9. Board of Health, 1885. J.P. Ch.
    • i. MAURICE CLARK, b. Lisbon, Nov. 23, 1854.

      . 5. MAURICE CLARK TAYLOR, son of William Morse(4), b. in Lisbon, Nov. 23, 1854, m. Dec. 5, 1876, Eleanor, dau. of Jonathan Aldrich, b. in Lyman, Dec. 5, 1856. He has res. in L. since 1886. Merchant. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. WILLIAM AUSTIN, b. Lisbon, Jan. 30, 1878. Boston Conservatory of Music, 1899.

    1. JONAS TEMPLE, son of Isaac, b. in Acton, Mass., July 4, 1779, m. June 6, 1824, Tryphena, dau. of Jonas Lewis(1) (See), b. in L. Aug. 20, 1797, d. in Concord, Vt., Feb. 12, 1870, Universalist. He res. in L. from 1829 until he d., March 27, 1858. Farmer. Democrat. Universalist. Ch.
    • i. HORACE, b. Charleston, Vt., Jan. 18, 1826, d. Charleston, Vt., April 27, 1826.
    • ii. JERUSHA, b. Charleston, Vt., Sept. 22, 1827, m. April 8, 1849, Samuel Dudley, farmer. res. West Concord, Vt.
    • iii. RICHARD, b. L. Aug. 3, 1830, m. April, 1863, Lydia Sabin. Farmer. He d. Danvers, Mass., April 16, 1894.
    • iv. HARRIET, b. L. Nov. 26, 1832, m. Aug. 1854, John Morse, farmer. She d. Concord, Vt. Nov. 8, 1876.
    • v. MINERVA, b. L. March 28, 1836, m. Nov. 25, 1868, Daniel Pike, farmer. res. Concord, Vt.
    • vi. CHARLES, b. L. May 5, 1839, m. first, May, 1862, Annett Morse, m. second, Sept. 1, 1868, Laura Phillips.
    • Farmer. He d. Concord, Vt., Feb. 2, 1873. She d. March 22, 1874.

      2. ELMER ERNEST TEMPLE, son of Charles, and grandson of Jonas(1), b. in Concord, Vt., April 11, 1870, m. May 24, 1893, Eda Grace, dau. of Hazen Pitman Carleton, b. in Lisbon, Oct. 13, 1872, Advent. He has res. in L. since 1893. Farmer. Republican.

    1. WILLIAM ROGERS TERRETT, son of John Cotton, b. in N.Y. City, July, 1849, m. Nov. 20, 1878, Eleanor, dau. of John Merrill (See), b. in L. April 27, 1843. She res. in L. from birth to 1867. He never res. in L. He was educated in Princeton Seminary and Williams Coll., and commenced the study of theology in 1871. He was ordained a Presbyterian clergyman in Amenia, N.Y., and has been located as follows: Amenia, N.Y., 1874 to 6; Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1877 to 9, and 1881 to 8; Dalton, Mass., 1880-1. He is now Prof. of Constitutional Law and American History in Hamilton Coll.; Clinton, N.Y. Williams Coll. gave him degree of D.D. Ch.
    • i. JOHN ROGERS, b. Sharon, Conn., 1879.
    • ii. MILDRED, b. Dalton, Mass., 1881.

    1. JOHN B. TERRIEN, b. in Halifax, N.S., 1855. res. in L. 1879-1884, when he removed to Nashua. He m. in L. 1879, Mary L. Mozrall, b. in L. 1861, only child of Frank and Lucy (Bean) Mozrall. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. ALBERT B., b. 1880. Dart. Coll., Class of 1904.
    • ii. GEORGE D., b. 1882. Nashua High School.
    • iii. MARY L., b. 1883. Nashua High School.
    • iv. MINNIE E., b. 1884. Nashua High School.

    The register of the family of Frank Mozrall, named above, was not received in time for alphabetical arrangement. He was b. in Miramiche, N.B., 1826, m. 1860, Lucy Bean, b. in St. Monic, P.Q., 1841. He res. in L. 1855 to 1891, when he removed to Marlboro', Mass., where his wife Lucy died 1894. He removed to Nashua, remarried, and still resides in that city. He was facetious and original in ready repartee, and embalmed in the lighter annals of the north country are many of his encounters in wit with the professors of the art, who flourished in this vicinity until they grew dim in age or were elected to office.

    The following authorities have been consulted in preparing this record: Gen. Bezaleel Thayer of Mexico, N.Y., author of the "Memorial of the Thayer Name"; as collected from Plymouth Memorial and other histories of that colony, viz.: "Winthrop's Journal of Mass.," Hutchinson's, Prince's, Holmes's, and also Judge Horace Metcalf's note to Dr. Elisha Thayer, of Dedham, Mass., who had examined the Eng. Law Reports on the subject of the Thayer name spelled in these reports. In those reports the name is spelled in several different ways: Thayer, Thear, Their, Thayar. The Their is of German origin, and in that language signifies an ox, or a cow, or a dealer in such, consequently is from the Continent, and is synonymous with bullock in the Eng. language. We know that about one thousand years ago, more or less, the Danes and Saxons intruded upon Eng., and the counties of Kent and Essex passed into their possession. Next we find a coat of arms conferred upon the Thayer name in the Co. of Essex, town of Braintree, Eng., from which the Thayers emigrated to America. Albert Ross Parsons, author< of "New Light on the Great Pyramid " (Ghizeh), states "that the ancient Chersonesus Taurica (the modern Crimea) was the home of the Scythian ancestors of the Saxons, or people known as John Bull." Frances Rallstone, author of "Mazzaroth, or Constellations," says "the signification of the word Taurus (sign of the Zodiac) in the Eng. language is bullock, meaning coming, ruling, step, springing forward, salvation, finishing. The Arabic, Syriac, Coptic, Greek (Septuagint), Latin (Vulgate), all meaning the the same." The Greek Omega corresponds to the Hebrew Tau or long cross. The letter "T" meaning sacrifice, finished. (Prepared by Miss Eliva Anna Thayer, of New York City.)

    1. AUGUSTINE THAYER, of Thaydom, Essex Co., Eng., is the first recorded. A coat of arms was granted him, which was recorded in the Lincolnfield Heraldic Office, and has been copied by Gen. Bezaleel Thayer, of Mexico, N.Y.

      2. THOMAS THAYER, probably son of Augustine(1), b. in Braintree, Essex Co., Eng, m. Margery ----. About 1662, he emigrated to America with his three sons, Thomas, Ferdinando, and Shadrach, and a brother, Richard, and settled in Braintree, Mass., where he d.

        3. FERDINANDO THAYER, son of Thomas(2), b. in Eng. before 1630, m. Jan. 14, 1652, Hulda Hayward, of Braintree, Eng. They were in Mendon, Mass., in the time of King Philip's war, and fled to Braintree, Mass., but afterwards returned to Mendon, where he d., March 28, 1713.

          4. ISAAC THAYER, son of Ferdinando(3), b. in Mendon, Mass., in 1665, m. first, in 1691 or 2, Mercy Ward, m. second, in 1703, Mary ----. He d. in Mendon, Mass., in 1730. Eleven ch.

            5. SAMUEL THAYER, son of Isaac(4), b. in Mendon, Mass., in 1713, m. first, Dec. 24, 1739, Keziah Patridge, m. second, Aug. 30, 1759, Sarah Robinson. He was a farmer, and bore the title of Ensign. Twelve ch. d. in Mendon, Mass.

              6. DANIEL THAYER, son of Samuel(5), b. in Mendon, Mass., in 1758, m. Aug. 19, 1778, Beulah Corbett, b. Oct. 9, 1759, dau. of Dea. Daniel Corbett, of Milford, Mass. He was a farmer. res. in Orange, Mass., and Westmoreland. Democrat. Thirteen ch. Soldier in War of 1812-15. d. in Westmoreland, in 1835.

                7. DANIEL THAYER, son of Daniel(6), b. in Orange, Mass., Feb. 22, 1791, m. first, May 1, 1813, Lydia, dau. of Daniel Holbrook, b. in Winchester, where she d., Feb. 19, 1820, m. second, Nov. 13, 1821, Susannah, dau. of Capt. Samuel Fairbanks, b. in Chesterfield, May 22, 1783, d. in L. July 17, 1870, Cong. She m. first, Daniel Hildreth. Daniel Thayer res. in L. from about 1852 until he d., May 19, 1880. Farmer and cattle-dealer. Democrat. Universalist. Ch. by w. Lydia, b. in Keene.
                • i. Lydia LOUISE, b. July 26, 1814, m. Capt. Elisha Foster, railroad contractor. She d. Waitsfleld, Vt., April 15, 1866.
                • 8. ii. DANIEL ELLIOTT, b. Dec. 18, 1815.
                • 9. iii. HENRY LOWELL, b. Oct. 10, 1817.
                • iv. EMILY, b. Dec. 30, 1819, m. 1838, James Campbell, farmer. She d. Morristown, Vt., Feb. 26, 1868.
                Ch. by w. Susannah, b. in Waitsfield, Vt.
                • v. SUSAN MAHALA, b. Sept. 29. 1822, m. 1850, Stillman Cady, lawyer. He d. Baldwinsville, Mass., 1884.
                • vi. FRANCES LAVERNIA, b. Aug. 16, 1824. unm. res. L.
                • vii. ELIVA ANNA, b. July 29, 1826. unm. res. N.Y. City and L.
                • viii. LUCY HELEN, b. Aug. 31, 1828, m. William Harriman (See).

                  8. DANIEL ELLIOTT THAYER, son of Daniel(7), b. in Keene, Dec. 18, 1815, m. Oct. 2, 1842, Lucetta, dau. of Benjamin West, b. in Danville, Vt., Oct. 7, 1818, Universalist. He res. in L. from 1846 to 52, from 1857 to 69, and from 1887 until he d., March 26, 1890. Merchant. Democrat. Ch.
                  • i. EMILY CALISTA, b. Randolph, Vt., June 27, 1848, d. Jan. 30, 1867.
                  • ii. ALBERT H., b. L. June 2, 1847, m. May Davis. Tradesman. He d. Boston, Mass., May 14, 1887.
                  • iii. ELLA, b. L. Aug. 15, 1852, d. Jan. 5, 1871.

                  9. HENRY LOWELL THAYER, son of Daniel(7), b. in Keene, Oct. 10, 1817, m. May 19, 1839, Mary Ann Cox, b. in Holderness, Feb. 14, 1819, d. in L. Nov. 10, 1889. He res. in L. from 1841 until he d., March 20, 1892. Merchant and hotel-keeper. Representative, 1866. J.P. I.O.O.F. Ch.
                  • 10. i. HENRY PARKER, b. Danville, Vt., March 14, 1840.
                  • ii. FRANK, b. L. Nov. 22, 1842. unm. Hotel propr. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. d. June 25, 1899.

                    10. HENRY PARKER THAYER, son of Henry Lowell(9), b. in Danville, Vt., March 14, 1840, m. May 12, 1864, Emily Elizabeth, dau. of Ebenezer C. Kimball (See), b. in Irasburg, Vt., Nov. 22, 1839, Cong. He res. in L. from 1841 until he d., Feb. 23, 1876. Hotel-keeper. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
                    • i. HENRY LOUIS, b. Sept. 27, 1866, d. L. Feb. 6, 1869.
                    • ii. GARA GREENLEAF, b. Sept. 1, 1876, m. Edwin K. Parker (See).

    1. JAMES THOM, son of James Lindsey, b. in New Ireland, P.Q., Sept. 7, 1854, m. Sept. 4, 1884, Edith E. W., dau. of Samuel J. Briggs, b. in New Ireland, P.Q., July 12, 1862, Episcopal. He has res. in L. since 1893. Farmer. Methodist. Ch. b. in New Ireland, P.Q.
    • i. AUBY ESTELLA MAUD, b. April 26, 1886.
    • ii. EVERETT JOHNSON, b. Oct. 22, 1888.

    2. FREDERICK ALEXANDER THOM, son of James Lindsey, b. in New Ireland, P.Q., Jan. 13, 1871, m. July 2, 1894, Florence Mabel, dau. of Olin J. Mooney (See), b. in Dalton, Dec. 7, 1873. He has res. in L. since 1886. Laborer. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. EDWARD F., b. Oct. 30, 1897.
    • ii. KATHERINE L., b. May 21, 1900.

    1. HENRY THOMAS, son of Abram, b. in Bath, April 2, 1811, m. Eveline, dau. of Ebenezer Farr(3) (See), b. in L. March 9, 1809, d. in Bethlehem, Jan. 6, 1886. He res. in L. from 1840 until he d., Nov. 30, 1862. Mechanic and hotel-keeper. Universalist. Democrat. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. Ch. all but Sarah, b. in L.
    • i. SARAH R., b. Bath, May 27, 1838, m. Dec. 23, 1861, Lyman B. Seavey, miller. He d. Whitefield, April 26, 1881.
    • ii. HENRY L., b. 1840.
    • iii. CHARLES H., b. April 19, 1842, d. L. April 25, 1845.
    • iv. ELLEN M., b. Sept. 6, 1843, m. Henry C. Libbey (See).

    1. LUTHER THOMPSON, b. in 1767, m. first, Beulah White, b. in 1768, d. July 18, 1825, Cong, m. second, Mehitable Petty, b. in 1778, d. Aug. 19, 1860. He came to L. from Francestown in 1800, and res. in L. until he d., Feb. 8, 1855. Farmer. Cong. The wife of Asa Lewis was a sister of Luther Thompson. Ch. by w. Beulah.
    • i. LYDIA, b. May 6, 1790, m. James Dow (See).
    • 2. ii. ASA LEWIS, b. Francestown, 1794.
    • 3. iii. SAMUEL, b. Francestown, March 2, 1796.
    • iv. HANNAH, b. L., m. Abijah J. Whitmore (See).
    • v. BEULAH, M. Jan. 7, 1822, Elisha Briggs. res. N.Y.
    • vi. EVELINE, M. Aug. 25, 1827, Oliver Morse, laborer. res. L.
    • vii. LUTHER, M. May 2, 1827, Elmira Daggett. Laborer. res. Mich.
    • viii. CAROLINE E., b. L. 1810, m. Calvin French Cate (See).
    • ix. ADELINE, b. L. 1813, m. Sept. 3, 1840, Harry Baxter, general trader. res. Barton, Vt.

      2. ASA LEWIS THOMPSON, son of Luther(1), b. in Francestown in 1794, m. in 1817 Nancy W., dau. of James Williams(1) (See), b. in L. March 12, 1800, d. in L. Feb. 20, 1872, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1800 until he d., April 15, 1875. Farmer. Republican. Appointed Ensign 5th Co., 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, April 22, 1825; declined, May 20, 1826. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. NANCY WILLIAMS, b. Jan. 29, 1818, m. Luther B. Towne (See).
      • ii. MARY LEWIS, b. April 25, 1819, m. William Henry Page, merchant. He d. 1855. She d. Concord, Nov. 29, 1853.
      • iii. ASA LEWIS, b. Feb. 10, 1824. Laborer. d. L. Nov. 29, 1850.
      • iv. LABAN TIFFT, b. Feb. 13, 1827, m. ---- Smith. Driver. He d. Haverhill, May 16, 1895. She d. July 20, 1872. v. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. July 12, 1828, m. Mary Child. Sailor. He d. Cal. 1856.
      • 4. vi. MERRILL WILLIAMS, b. May 29, 1831.
      • vii. ISAAC FRYE, b. 1833, m. ---- Rand. Insurance agent. res. Quincy, Ill., 1891.
      • viii. LAURA WEST, b. 1836, d. L. Aug. 1857.
      • ix. WILLIAM DOUGLASS, b. April 4, 1839. m. Nov. 6, 1864, Almira Allen, dau. of Gilman Farr (See).

      3. SAMUEL THOMPSON, son of Luther(1), b. in Francestown, March 2, 1796, m. first, Oct. 1816, Persis Nourse, b. in Keene in 1798, d. in L. Feb. 1821, m. second, Sally Richardson. He res. in L. from March 2, 1800, until he d., Feb. 17, 1847. Ch. by w. Persis, b. in L.
      • i. SAMUEL F., b. Nov. 8, 1817, m. Mary (Hunt) Prescott, b. Nov. 23, 1814, dau. of John Hunt of Laconia, and widow of Samuel Prescott. He d. L. May 7, 1878.
      • ii. ALVIRA C., b. Oct. 25, 1819, m. Oct. 28, 1848, Albert Pressey, tinsmith. res. Canaan.
      Ch. by w. Sally, b. in L.
      • iii. WILLIAM, b. Jan. 22, 1822, d. Lisbon, Dec. 1, 1847.
      • iv. EVELINE, b. Jan. 14, 1826, d. Lisbon, Jan. 18, 1842.
      • v. HORACE, b. May 14, 1827, d. L. July 22, 1828.
      • vi. HORACE F., b. May 11, 1828, d. April 13, 1853.
      • vii. JOHN RICHARDSON, b. May 4, 1833, m. first, Sophronia Armington, m. second, Mary ----. Government officer. He d. Washington, D.C., Feb. 12, 1894. Co. K, 15th Vt. Inf., Lieut. A.F. and A.M. Columbia Com. K.T., Washington, D.C. ("Granite Monthly," March, 1894, p. 183.)

        4. MERRILL WILLIAMS THOMPSON, son of Asa Lewis(2), b. in L. May 29, 1831, m. Feb. 6, 1852, Mary Jane, dau. of Simeon Bass, b. in Lancaster. June 27, 1833. She m. second, Zuriel Albee Richardson (See). Merrill res. in L. from 1853 until he d., Feb. 6, 1862. Farmer. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. FRANKLIN W., b. May 3, 1853, d. L. Feb. 6, 1862.
        • 5. ii. CHARLES EDWARD, b. April 11, 1856.

          5. CHARLES EDWARD THOMPSON, son of Merrill Williams(4), b. in L. April 11, 1856, m. Jan. 20, 1883, Lina F. Orr. He was educated in the schools of L., and grad. from the Medical Department of Vt. University, June, 1880. He commenced the practice of medicine, regular school, in North Stratford, Oct., 1880, where he continued until he d., July 23, 1887. He was a member of the White Mountain Med. Assn. I.O.O.F. K. of H. No ch.

    6. ALFRED THOMPSON, son of Abner, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., Jan. 27, 1819, m. March 20, 1867, Mary J., dau. of Hiram Drown, b. in Sheffield, Vt., March 19, 1849. He has res. in L. since 1891. Farmer. Republican. Ch. b. in Lunenburg, Vt.
    • i. CELIA E., b. June 4, 1869, m. Oct. 13, 1883, Francis Wood, farmer. res. L.
    • ii. MARTHA J., b. Feb. 20, 1872, m. John Seace, fireman. res. Concord.
    • iii. RILEY A., b. March 19, 1874. res. L.

    1. EDWIN TIBBETTS, son of William, b. in Warren, Nov. 12, 1856, m. April 3, 1886, Katie, dau. of William R. Elliott (See), b. in Dalton, Oct. 12, 1869. He has res. in L. since 1882. Section hand. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. BLANCHE LILLIAN, b. Sandwich, May 10, 1887.
    • ii. GEORGE EDWIN, b. Dalton, April 2, 1890.
    • iii. EDIE E., b. L. March 1, 1894.

    1. LABAN TIFFT, son of Samuel, b. in Providence, R.I., Feb. 11, 1786, m. first, Patience, b. in 1791, d. Jan. 20, 1815, m. second, Jan. 13, 1817, Betsey, dau. of James Williams(1), b. in L. Nov. 1796, d. L. May 2, 1875. He res. in L. from 1812 until he d., May 18, 1882. A.F. and A.M., Morning Dawn and Burns Lodge. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. HARRIET FRANCES, b. Sept. 5, 1810, m. Barton Gilman Towne (See).
    • ii. MARY B., b. 1812, m. May 16, 1641, David B. Stevens. Be d. July 12, 1868. She d. Nov. 16, 1852.
    • iii. PATIENCE, b. Oct. 1817, d. L. Sept. 30, 1836.
    • iv. AMANDA. b. May 25, 1822, m. Curtis Leander Albee(7) (See).
    • v. PHEBE JANE, b. May 21, 1824, m. Ralph Bugbee(9) (See).
    • vi. FRANKLIN, b. May, 1828, d. L. Feb. 2, 1842.

    The name Tilton comes from "Aelmar" the Saxon. Soc, man or Lord of Tiletone in Leicestershire, was the first to take the name, A.D. 1040. The family record during the "Crusades" and later wars was good. The noble family of Digby are from the Tiltons, and they bore the name of Digby de Tilton as late as 1500. The landed estates of the Tiltons at Tilton, Eng., were not disposed of until 1639, when small farms were made from the estates. The old church, now restored at Tilton, was built by the family in early days, and all the early members of the family are buried in the churchyard, and their tombs are still in existence.

    1. WILLIAM TILTON, an emigrant from England, with wife Susanna settled in Lynn, Mass., about 1640, where he d. 1653. His widow m. second, Roger Shaw of Hampton. She d. Jan. 28, 1655.

      2. DANIEL TILTON, son of William(1), b. about 1646, removed with his mother to Hampton, where he resided through life. In 1667 he was granted leave "to sitt downe as a smith." His shop was in the south part of the town, now Hampton Falls. He was a selectman of Hampton, 1692, and ensign in the Colonial wars and an assemblyman for the sessions: convened Oct. 18, 1693, dissolved May 24, 1694; convened Nov. 6, 1695, dissolved July 23, 1696; convened Jan. 12, 1702/3, dissolved Dec. 11, 1703; and the session convened June 30, 1709. He was Speaker of the Assembly which convened in Jan. 1702/3. He m. Dec. 23, 1669, Mehitable Sanborn. He d. Feb. 10, 1714/5. Eleven ch.

        3. JOSEPH TILTON, son of Daniel(2), b. March 5, 1677, m. Dec. 26, 1698, Margaret Sherburne, b. Feb. 15, 1679, dau. of Samuel and Love (Hutchins) Sherburne of Hampton. She d. July 1, 1717, m. second, Dec. 5, 1717, Elizabeth (Hilliard) Shaw, b. Sept. 29, 1679, dau. of Timothy and Apphia (Phibrick) Hilliard, and widow of Caleb Shaw. She d. April 19, 1724, m. third, June 17, 1725, Elizabeth (Chase) Hilliard, b. 1684, dau. of Joseph and Rachel (Partridge) Chase, and widow of Benjamin Hilliard. He lived in Hampton Falls, was a captain, moderator, 1720, and selectman, 1720 and 1733. He d. 1744.

          4. TIMOTHY TILTON, son of Joseph(3), b. in Hampton Falls, Oct. 4, 1718, m. Dec. 25, 1746, Martha Boynton. He lived twenty-five years in East Kingston, removing about 1772 to Loudon. Selectman, 1775.

            5. JOSEPH TILTON, son of Timothy(4), b. in East Kingston, Sept. 7, 1748. His first wife d. April 20, 1783, m. second, Cosiah Bagley, d. in Danville, Vt. He res. in East Kingston; was styled Col. as early as 1780, and served on the Governor's staff after 1800. d. in Danville, Vt.

              6. JOSEPH TILTON, son of Joseph(5), b. in East Kingston, April 19, 1781, m. Dec. 3, 1812, Sally B., dau. of John and Hannah (Clifford), Tilton, b. in Shipton, P.Q., Dec. 7, 1791, d. in L. Dec. 29, 1875, Cong. He res. in L. from 1847 until he d., Sept. 2, 1864. Farmer. Cong. Whig and Republican. Ch. b. in Danville, Vt.
              • i. SUSAN FRENCH, b. Nov. 20, 1813, m. Cyrus Eastman (See).
              • 7. ii. FRANKLIN, b. Sept. 12, 1815.
              • iii. MARY ANN, b. Aug. 23, 1817, d. Danville, Vt., Aug. 21, 1853.
              • iv. MARTHA, b. Aug. 17, 1819, d. Danville, Vt.. Feb. 22, 1843.
              • v. JOSEPH, b. Dec. 7, 1825, d. Danville, Vt., April 9, 1832.
              • 8. vi. HENRY LOWELL, b. May 3, 1828.

                7. FRANKLIN TILTON, son of Joseph(6), b. in Danville, Vt., Sept. 12, 1815, m. June 17, 1847, Laura Olive, dau. of Sylvanus Balch (See), b. in Concord, Vt., June 24, 1820, d. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., May 24, 1873, Cong. He res. in L. from 1840 until he d., March 22, 1867. Merchant. Cong. Republican. J.P. Fire ward, 1850. Appointed Postmaster, June 27, 1849. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. JOHN FRANKLIN, b. May 29, 1848. unm. res. L. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge, Master, 1884. K.T., St. Gerard Com.
                • ii. WILLIAM HENRY, b. Jan. 23, 1852, m. Oct. 12, 1896, Maggie Dunn. Merchant. res. San Francisco, Cal.
                • 9. iii. FREDERICK ALBERT, b. July 19, 1855.
                • iv. MARY BALCH, b. Sept. 1, 1857. unm. d. L. Nov. 12, 1892.
                • v. CARRIE LOUISE, b. Oct. 29, 1863, m. Millard Fillmore Young (See).

                8. HENRY LOWELL TILTON, son of Joseph(6), b. in Danville, Vt., May 3, 1828, m. Oct. 11, 1855, Caroline Adelia, dau. of William Brackett (See), b. in L. Nov. 4, 1831, Episcopal. He has res. in L. since 1847. Banker. Episcopal. Republican. Representative, 1885-6. Presidential Elector, 1880. Col. on Gov. Straw's staff, 1872. Member and Treasurer of Board of Education, Union District, 1868 to 74 inc. Vice-Prest. L. National Bank, 1877 to 89 inc., Director, 1871 to 6 inc. Vice-Prest. L. Savings Bank, 1881 to 9 inc., Director, 1871 to 80 inc. Chairman of Executive Com., L. Musical Association, 1870-1-2-3-5- 6-7-8-9-80-1-2. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. LAURA ISABELLA, b. Sept. 6, 1858, d. L. Feb. 28, 1876.
                • 10. ii. GEORGE HENRY, b. Nov. 3, 1860.

                  9. FREDERICK ALBERT TILTON, son of Franklin(7), b. in L. July 19, 1855, m. June 10, 1875, Hattie Grace, dau. of Eli D. Sawyer (See), b. in L. Oct. 30, 1857. She m. second, Thomas Preston Lindsey, Spokane, Wash. Frederick res. in L. from birth to 1888. Merchant. Republican. Fire ward, 1880-1. d. in Spokane, Wash., May 30, 1893. Ch.
                  • i. LAURA BELLE, b. L. April 8, 1876. res. Spokane, Wash.
                  • ii. FRANKLIN PIERCE, b. L. March 4, 1880.
                  • iii. REBECCA, b. L. April 18, 1882.
                  • v. WILLIAM HENRY, b. Spokane, Wash., May 21, 1892.

                  10. GEORGE HENRY TILTON, son of Henry Lowell(8), b. in L. Nov. 3, 1860, m. June 7, 1883, Cora Winona, dau. of Joseph S. Frye (See), b. in Waterford, Vt., April 13, 1860, Episcopal. He has res. in L. all his life. Real estate. Episcopal. Republican. Treasurer L. Musical Association, 1894-5-6. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1895 to date. Ch.
                  • i. GEORGE HENRY, b. Spokane, Wash., March 29, 1891.

    1. WILLIAM TIMSON, son of William, b. in St. Albans, Eng., Dec. 3, 1863, m. May 7, 1888, Sarah, dau. of Benjamin Bean, b. in Bethlehem, Feb. 11, 1860. He has res. in L. since 1885. Glover. Episcopal. Republican. K.P. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. WILLIAM FREDERIC, b. June 14, 1891.
    • ii. LAWRENCE THOMAS R., b. Aug. 17, 1893.

    1. JEREMY TITUS, b. Lyman, Aug. 7, 1812, m. first, Dec. 19, 1837, Mary Hunt. She d. Bath. Nov. 22, 1842, m. second, March 16, 1843, Cynthia C., dau. of Jonathan E. Ward (See), b. Columbia. March 28, 1825, d. Haverhill, July 17, 1887. He now res. Newport, R.I. Ch. by w. Mary.
    • i. LYDIA J., b. Lisbon, March 29, 1840, m. Sept. 19, 1857, S. B. St. Clair. res. Haverhill.
    • ii. AUGUSTIN C., b. Bath, April 28, 1842, m. Dec. 9, 1863, Nettie J. Cogswell. res. Newport, R.I.
    Ch. by w. Cynthia.
    • iii. MARY F., b. Bath, Sept. 2, 1844. m. Jan. 16, 1862, Andrew J. French. res. Haverhill.
    • iv. WOOSTER B., b. Bath, April 10, 1846, m. Feb. 25, 1869, Ardell H. French. res. Haverhill.
    • v. HATTIE E., b. Bath, Oct. 8, 1848. m. Ray T. Gile (See).
    • vi. ISAAC WALTON, b. Bath, Feb. 19, 1852, m. Sept. 13, 1882, Augusta T. Brown. res. Lynn, Mass.
    • vii. AMY E., b. Bath, Jan. 28, 1855, m. Nov. 1, 1882, Wiley E. Dearth. res. Haverhill.
    • viii. MARTHA JANE, b. Haverhill, Nov. 21, 1857, m. Nov. 16, 1880, Charles H. Knights. res. Peterboro'.
    • ix. KATHERINE B., b. Haverhill, Dec. 23, 1861. unm. Trained nurse. res. Boston, Mass.
    • x. WILBUR W., b. Haverhill, Nov. 3, 1865, m. Dec. 31, 1891, Ona E. Lane. res. Laconia.

    1. WILLIAM TowNE, emigrant ancestor of a numerous family, m. in Yarmouth, Eng., March 25, 1620, Joanna Blessing. Six of their eight children were baptized in Yarmouth. The family came to New England previous to 1640, and settled at Salem, Mass. Soon after 1650 he removed to Topsfield, Mass., where he d. about 1672. His widow d. about 1680.

      2. JACOB TOWNE, son of William(1), b. in Yarmouth, Eng., baptized March 11, 1632, m. June 26, 1657, Catherine Symonds, dau. of John Symonds. He lived in Salem and in Topsfield, Mass., where he d., Nov. 27, 1704. Six children.

        3. JACOB TOWN; son of Jacob(2), b. in Topsfield, Mass., Feb. 13, 1660, m. June 24, 1684, Phebe Smith, b. Aug. 26, 1661, dau. of Robert Smith. He d. in Topsfield, Mass., Oct. 4, 1741. His wife d. Jan. 14, 1740. Ten children.

          4. JABEZ TOWNE, son of Jacob(3), b. in Topsfield, Mass., June 15, 1704, m. March 30, 1730, Tryphenia Dwinnell. Lived in Boxford, Mass. Removed, 1767, to Londonderry. He signed the Association Test, in Londonderry, 1776. He d. April 1, 1783. She d. April 16, 1785. Their son, Jabez, Jr., d. in the French and Indian War, Massachusetts service, 1758.

            5. JACOB TOWNE, son of Jabez(4), b. in Topsfield, Mass., Sept. 25, 1738. He served in a Massachusetts regiment in the French and Indian War, and was severely wounded in the disastrous assault upon Fort Ticonderoga, 1758. He was concealed by a comrade, and escaped the scalping knife of the savage foe. He removed to Keene, and continued a residence there through life. He was one of the "Company of Foot," 1773, signed the Association Test, 1776, and in the autumn of that year he served in Capt. Whitcomb's Co., Col. Ashley's Regt., raised to re-enforce the army under Gen. Gates. He m. Dec. 9, 1762, Susannah Brown, b. 1743. She d. in Keene, May 4, 1793. He d. 1830. His descendants generally have written the name Town or Towns.

              6. AMOS TOWN, son of Jacob(5), b. in Keene, Feb. 25, 1775, m. Feb. 23, 1802, Betsey, dau. of James Wright, b. in Keene, Feb. 6, 1779, d. in L. Jan. 18, 1868, Baptist. He res. in L. from March 18, 1802, until he d., Oct. 11, 1859. Farmer. Baptist. Whig. Selectman, 1823-4. Ch. b. in L.
              • 7. i. JAMES WRIGHT, b. Dec. 21, 1802.
              • 8. ii. BARTON GILMAN, b. Aug. 1, 1809.
              • 9. iii. LUTHER BROWN, b. Dec. 7, 1814.
              • 10. iv. ROBY CURTIS, b. June 3, 1817.
              • v. EMILY BONNEY, b. Oct. 30, 1822, m. April 16, 1843, Austin Buck, hotel proprietor. He d. L. about 1866.

                7. JAMES WRIGHT TOWN, son of Amos(6), b. in L. Dec. 21, 1802, m. Jan. 25, 1827, Lucinda, dau. of Levi Hildreth (See), b. in L. Jan. 28, 1806, d. in L. Feb. 18, 1886, Baptist. He res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Baptist. Republican. d. in L. April 3, 1887. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. CEPHAS BRACKETT, b. Nov. 29, 1827, m. first, Sarah Aldrich, d. L. March 20, 1861, m. second, Susan Bedell. Farmer. He d. L. Jan. 19, 1881. She d. July 30, 1893. Lieut. 5th Co., 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, from May, 1853, to the repeal of militia law.
                  • ii. WILLIAM AMOS, b. Feb. 26, 1830, d. L. Oct. 9, 1862.
                  • 11. iii. ALONZO EDWIN, b. Aug. 16, 1832.
                  • iv. LUZELLA MARIA, b. June 25, 1835, m. Rufus Smith(11) (See).
                  • v. BETSEY WRIGHT, b. Feb. 13, 1810, m. Madison Higgins(4) (See).

                  8. BARTON GILMAN TOWN, son of Amos(6), b. in L. Aug. 1, 1809, m. Feb. 9, 1834, Harriet Frances, dau. of Laban Tifft (See), b. in Scituate, R.I., Sept. 5, 1810, d. in Lancaster, Dec. 10, 1880. He res. in L. from birth to 1833. Farmer. Capt. 5th Co., 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, April 26, 1834; vacated Sept. 27, 1834. Selectman of Lancaster, 1840-1-5-9-73-75. Member State Board of Agriculture. d. in Lancaster, Feb. 20, 1881. Ch.
                  • 1. FRANCIS LABAN, b. Jefferson, Feb. 11, 1836. unm. Dart. Coll., Chandler Scientific Dept., Class of 1856; Grad. from Dart. Med. Coll., 1860. Entered Med. Department U.S.A. as Asst. Surgeon; served through War of Rebellion and several Indian campaigns, and rose to rank of Col. and Asst. Surgeon Gen. U.S. Army. Retired. res. summer Lancaster, winter San Antonio, Texas.
                  • ii. MARIA PATIENCE, b. Lancaster, April 26, 1838. m. March 4, 1863, Frank Bugbee, M.D. He d. Lancaster, Sept. 8, 1880. She d. Lancaster, July 21, 1880. Ch. Hattie Maria, b. Nov. 19, 1865, d. July 15, 1880. (Biog. Frank Bugbee by C. B. Jordan; Fergusson's Hist. Coos Co., p. 397.)

                  9. LUTHER BROWN TOWN, son of Amos(6), b. in L. Dec. 7, 1814, m. Nov. 27, 1839, Nancy Williams, dau. of Asa Lewis Thompson (See), b. in L. Jan. 29, 1818, d. in L. May 13, 1887. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Selectman, 1856-7. J.P. Appointed Lieut. 5th Co., 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, Dec. 21, 1836; vacated March 17, 1839. Ch.
                  • 12. i. HENRY GUY (Carlton), b. L. March 28, 1843. (Adopted.)

                  10. ROBY CURTIS TOWN, son of Amos(6), b. in L. June 3, 1817, m. first, Dec. 4, 1839, Abigail G., dau. of Benjamin W. Pearsons, b. in Sanboruton, June 3, 1817, d. in L. Feb. 18, 1850, Methodist, m. second, Sept. 19, 1850, Marcy G., dau. of Luther Hoskins (See), b. in L. Dec. 11, 1817, d. in L. Jan. 1, 1879, Methodist, m. third, May 1, 1880, Elvira E., dau. of Simeon Remick (See), b. in L. Aug. 14, 1837, Methodist. She d. in L. June 2, 1899. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Methodist. Republican. Appointed Capt. 5th Co., 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, April 8, 1839; vacated Feb. 10, 1841. Selectman, 1855. J.P. I.O.O.F. Ch. by w. Abigail, b. in L.
                  • i. MARY ELLEN. b. Aug. 18, 1840, m. first, John W. Savage. Divorced, m. second, Frank C. Scott, farmer. She d. Webster, July 29, 1883.
                  • ii. ELMORE GRANT, b. Nov. 19, 1849, m. Susan Sylvia Swett. Farmer. He d. L. Aug. 28, 1884.
                  • iii. FRANKLIN (Pingree), b. March 30, 1844, laborer. d. Petersham, Mass., July 4, 1875. Co. I, 1st N.H.H. Art. Private. Adopted. Son of Job Pingree(6) (See).

                    11. ALONZO EDWIN TOWN, son of James Wright(7), b. in L. Aug. 16, 1832, m. first, Dec. 26, 1859, Elizabeth Platts, d. in Leroy, Kas., March 20, 1862, m. second, Oct. 27, 1867, Sina Howard, dau. of George Aldrich(10) (See), b. in L. Sept. 6, 1849, d. in L. Aug. 29, 1872, m. third, Feb. 26, 1876, Mary, dau. of Florence Sullivan, b. in Ireland, Feb. 1, 1848. He res. in L. all his life except a few years in Kas. Farmer. d. in L. Dec. 20, 1881. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. Ch. by w. Elizabeth.
                    • i. IDA MAY, b. Kas. Dec. 15, 1861, d. Leroy, Kas., March 8, 1862.
                    Ch. by w. Sina.
                    • ii. LIZZIE L., b. L. Feb. 4, 1869. d. in L. Jan. 11, 1900.
                    Ch. by w. Mary.
                    • iii. HELEN MAY, b. L. Dec. 9, 1876, m. Nov. 9, 1897, Charles W. Gleed. res. L.
                    • iv. EDWIN A., b. L. Jan. 27, 1879.

                    12. HENRY GUY TOWN, adopted son of Luther Brown(9), and son of Guy Carleton, b. in L. March 28, 1843, m. July 2, 1864, Ellen Martha, dau. of James W. Merrill (See), b. in L. Aug. 16, 1846. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
                    • i. IDA MAY, b. July 4, 1865, m. Solon Albert Frye (See).
                    • ii. LUTHER LEROY, b. June 17, 1867, m. Jan. 26, 1895, Clara Choquette. Laborer. res. L.
                    • iii. GRACE MARTHA, b. March 2, 1869.
                    • iv. GEORGE HENRY, b. June 17, 1872. res. L.
                    • v. CHARLES HORACE, b. April 14, 1874, d. April 29, 1892.

                  13. SAMUEL TOWN, grandson of Jacob(5), b, in L. Feb. 1807, m. first, June 1, 1826, Lovica, dau. of Ebenezer Farr(3) (See), b. in Chesterfield in 1804, d. in L. Dec. 1852, m. second, April 30, 1855, Lovina Watson, b. in Vt. in 1819, d. in L. March 8, 1871. He res. in L. from birth to 1874. Farmer. Democrat. d. in Dalton, Sept. 1882. Ch. by w. Lovica, b. in L.
                  • i. ALVIRA, b. 1827, m. Jesse Mardine, farmer. res. Dalton.
                  • ii. CAROLINE, b. 1828, m. Niles Miner, laborer.
                  • iii. MARIA, b. Oct. 19, 1834, m. J.H. Rounsevel, laborer. She res. Whitefield.
                  • iv. WILLIAM, b. April 18, 1837, d. L. May 1, 1887.
                  • 14. v. CHARLES FREDERICK, b. Oct. 14, 1839.
                  • vi. POLLY, b. April 7, 1842, m. first, Charles Dyke, Private, Co. B. 18th N.H. Inf., d. Washington, D.C., Feb. 18, 1865, m. second, William Symonds, mechanic, res. Bartlett.
                  • vii. NORMAN, b. Aug. 26, 1844, Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Private. d. Portsmouth, Va., Aug. 3, 1863.

                    14. CHARLES FREDERICK TOWN, son of Samuel(13), b. in L. Oct. 14, 1839, m. first, Feb. 14, 1865, Julia Ann, dau. of Levi B. Harlow, b. in Charlestown, Sept. 18, 1845, d. in Whitefield, Oct. 27, 1886. m. second, June 17, 1895, Elizabeth Sutor, b. in Canada in 1841, Methoist. He has res. in L. all his life except four years. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. by w. Julia.
                    • i. ELMIRA, b. Bethlehem, Jan. 16, 1867, m. James Burns, laborer. res. Bethlehem.
                    • ii. CECIL J., b. L. Dec. 2, 1877. res. L.

    1. ARTHUR EDWARD TRASK, son of Luther W., b. in Riverton, Conn., July 31, 1860, m. July 10, 1880, Carrie, dau. of John Morrison Giffin, b. in Hardwick, Vt., Oct. 20, 1860. He has res. in L. since 1889. Glover. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. MINNIE MERLE, b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Sept. 24, 1883.
    • ii. VIOLA DARLING, b. L. Dec. 28, 1889.

    1. CYPRIAN TROMBLEY, son of Cyprian, b. in Clarenceville, P.Q., Jan. 26, 1860, m. Oct. 15, 1888, Laura Eliza, dau. of Norman B. Tabor, b. in Haverhill, March 14, 1865, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1882. Barber. Republican. I.O.O.F., N.G. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. HAROLD BERKLEY, b. Oct. 26, 1889.
    • ii. CARROLL CYPRIAN, b. Feb. 6, 1892.

    1. JOHN TULIP, son of John, b. in Quebec, Oct. 1840, m. June 24, 1861, Adaline,.dau. of John B. Balduc, b. in Lake St. Francis, Canada, April 15, 1841, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1875. Tanner. Roman Catholic. Republican. Ch.
    • i. MARY RILLA, b. Cookshire, P.Q., May 11, 1863, d. Cookshire, P.Q., Dec. 29, 1870.
    • ii. LUCY, b. Cookshire, P.Q., Jan. 6, 1865, m. Feb. 1881, Rennie Bufford, tanner. res. L.
    • iii. EDWARD, b. Cookshire, P.Q., Oct. 28, 1867, m. Jan. 1, 1884, Virginia Hamel. Brakeman. He d. Lincoln, Neb., July 28, 1890.
    • iv. MEDDIE, b. Cookshire, P.Q., Oct. 1869. d. Cookshire, P.Q., Feb. 1871.
    • v. NELLIE, b. Cookshire, P.Q., May, 1871, d. L. Dec. 28, 1885.
    • vi. FRED, b. Cookshire, P.Q., July 3, 1873. res. L.
    • vii. CLARA, b. L. Nov. 16, 1875. res. L.
    • viii. GEORGIANNA. b. L. Feb. 16, 1877.
    • ix. CHARLES, b. L. Sept. 16, 1879, d. Aug. 1880.
    • x. IDA, b. L. Sept. 14, 1881.
    • xi. ALPHONSE, b. L. Feb. 16, 1884.

    2. WILLIAM TULIP, son of John, b. in St. Lazare, Canada, March 29, 1861, m. Aug. 28, 1883, Emma Gignere, b. in St. Mary, Canada, Oct. 19, 1856, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1886. Glover. Methodist. Ch.
    • i. NAPOLEON, b. Canada, June 14, 1884, d. L. Aug. 6, 1891.
    • ii. WILLIE, b. Canada, Feb. 1, 1886.
    • iii. JERRY, b. Canada, Sept. 8, 1887.
    • iv. HENRY, b. L. Dec. 30, 1889.
    • v. IRA, b. L. Sept. 29, 1891.

    1. JOHN TUNNEY, son of Patrick, b. in Ireland, March, 1827, m. June, 1852, Ellen, dau. of Patrick Murphy, b. in Ireland, Nov. 1827. She has res. in L. since 1893, Roman Catholic. He res. in L. but a short time. Farmer. Roman Catholic. Democrat. Co. B, 11th Vt. Inf. d. in L. May 12, 1893. Ch. b. in Addison, Vt.
    • i. PATRICK, b. Nov. 6, 1855, m. Feb. 1891, Mary Kizer. Laborer. res. Berlin Falls.
    • ii. ANNIE, b. Aug. 18, 1856, m. Edward Elisha Burnham (See).
    • iii. MINNIE, b. May 6, 1866. unm. res. L.
    • iv. JOHN, b. April 24, 1868, m. Jan. 11, 1897, Isabel J. Burns. res. L.

    The name has been spelled in numerous ways, some of the more common being: Tuthill, Tuttil, Tutall, Tuttell, Tutle, Tottle, etc., but the last named seems to be the correct one, meaning "The Hill of God." There are many eminences in Eng. bearing the name of Tothill, and the present way of spelling is a corruption of it. (The Tuttle Family, by George F. Tuttle, New Haven, Conn.)

    1. JOHN TUTTLE, bro. of Richard, of Boston, b. in England, m. Joanna ----. He emigrated to America and settled in Ipswich, Mass., as early as 1635. Representative, 1644; made freeman, March 13, 1639. He went to Ireland about the time the disheartened colonists of New Haven, Conn., were negotiating for the city of Galloway for a future home; established himself advantageously there, and was joined by his wife in 1654. He d. in Carrickfergus, Ireland, Dec. 30, 1656.

      2. SIMON TUTTLE, son of John b. in 1637, m. first, in 1659, Joan, dau. of Thomas Burnham, m. second, in 1662-3, Sarah, dau. of John Cogswell, d. Jan. 24, 1732. In 1678, he had a right of commonage in Ipswich, Mass. d. Jan. 1692.

        3. SIMON TUTTLE, son of Simon(2), b. Sept. 17, 1667, m. June 16, 1696, Mary, dau. of Samuel Rogers, b. Sept. 16, 1672. He removed to Littleton, Mass., in 1720.

          4. JOHN TUTTLE, son of Simon(3), m. Sarah ----.

            5. JONATHAN TUTTLE, son of John(4), b. in Littleton, Mass., Sept. 30, 1753, m. Aug. 6, 1781, Catherine Gray, of Salem, Mass. Rev. soldier; in battles of Trenton and Princeton. He removed to Landaff about 1807.

              6. HORATIO TUTTLE, son of Jonathan(5), b. in Littleton, Mass., Dec. 22, 1790, m. about 1812, Betsey Thomas, of Acton, Mass., d. Oct. 1, 1842. He was a blacksmith. res. in Littleton, Mass., three years, worked in Bath for a time, then removed to Colebrook. He d. in Barnet, Vt., while away for medical treatment, Dec. 31, 1842. Ch.
              • i. JONATHAN, b. April 6, 1814. Blacksmith. d. Aug. 1843.
              • ii. JOHN LEIGHTON, b. Sept. 22, 1815. Machinist. He d. in Paterson, N.J., 1863.
              • 7. iii. CHARLES MARTIN, b. Eaton, P.Q., Feb. 18, 1818.
              • 8. iv. SOCRATES, b. Colebrook, Nov. 19, 1819.
              • v. ELIZABETH, b. May 9, 1822, m. E. A. Harwood. res. Worcester, Mass.
              • vi. WILLIAM A., b. May 8, 1824. Merchant. He d. Paterson, N.J., 1869.
              • vii. HORATIO GATES. b. April 22, 1827. Carpenter.
              • viii. CATHERINE GRAY, b. April 22, 1827, m. ---- Nelson, teacher. She d. Paterson, N.J., April, 1877.
              • ix. MARY, b. Aug. 23, 1830, m. John Sargent (See).

                7. CHARLES MARTIN TUTTLE, son of Horatio(6), b. in Eaton, P.Q., Feb. 18, 1818, m. first, June 5, 1845, Mary E., dau. of Ephraim Place, d. in Concord. Divorced, Jan. 1, 1858, m. second, March 17, 1859, Elizabeth Roach Arnold, b. in New Bedford, Mass., Methodist, m. third, March 27, 1862, Luthera, dau. of Alpheus Moulton, b. in Lyman, Dec. 9, 1841, Unitarian. He was educated in the common schools of Colebrook and Barnet, Vt., and attended the Peacham, Vt., Academy; later he studied medicine with his uncle Socrates Tuttle and William Nelson, in Barnet, Vt., and attended lectures at the Vt. Medical Coll., Woodstock, Vt., from which he graduated in 1840. Dart. Coll. gave him the degree of A.M. in 1868. He then settled in L. the same year, where he practised, regular school, all his life, except five years spent in New Bedford, Mass., and a short time in a N.Y. hospital. He was a member of the White Mountain and Moosilauke Medical Societies, and has been Prest. of each. Unitarian. Democrat. Representative, 1865. Board of Health, 1873 to 84 inc. Member State Board of Agriculture, 1879 to 82. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1875-6-7. Appointed Surgeon 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, Sept. 4, 1844. d. in L. May 13, 1887. Ch. by w. Mary, b. in L.
                • i. ALICE, b. Oct. 14, 1849, m. Frank Tifft Moffett (See).
                • ii. MARY BELLE, b. 1855. unm. res. Fort Wayne, Ind.
                Ch. by w. Luthera, b. in L.
                • iii. ALPHEUS MOULTON, b. Oct. 4, 1864. res. Boston, Mass.
                • iv. ELIZABETH ARNOLD, b. July 27, 1866, m. William Johnstone Beattie (See).
                • v. MARY SARGENT, b. Dec. 22, 1867. unm. res. L.
                • vi. JENNIE HOBART, b. March 18, 1873. unm. Local Editor Republic-Journal. res. L.

                8. SOCRATES TUTTLE, son of Horatio(6), b. in Colebrook, Nov. 19, 1819, m. first, May 23, 1848, Jane, dau. of Baltus Winters, d. June 14, 1849, m. second, Nov. 1852, Mary, dau. of William Dickey, d. Aug. 25, 1869, m. third, Elizabeth A., widow of Dr. F. S. Weller. Socrates learned the blacksmith trade, but soon commenced the study of law, and became a prominent lawyer in Paterson, N.J., where he continued in practice until he d., Feb. 12, 1885. He was Mayor of Paterson in 1871-2, and Repr. in the Legislature in 1861-2, and held other offices. Whig and Republican. Presbyterian. Ch. by w. Jane.
                • i. JENNIE, b. Paterson, N.J, m. 1869, Garret A. Hobart, Vice-Prest. of the U.S. res. Paterson, N.J.
                Ch. by w. Mary, b. in Paterson, N.J.
                • ii. CHARLES M.
                • iii. WILLIAM D.
                • iv. MINNIE, d. in infancy.
                • v. ELIZABETH MURRAY, d. when three years old.
                • vi. LILLIAN, d. when seven years old.
                • vii. AUGUSTUS HOBART.

    9. ROBERT TUTTLE, son of Robert and Elizabeth J. (Coffin) Tuttle, b. in Lancaster, Nov. 16, 1866, m. Sept. 8, 1897, Lyle D. Glovier, dau. of Ivory Glovier, of Franconia. He is a merchant in this town. Unitarian. Republican. A.F. and A.M., North Star Lodge K.T. Ch.
    • i. HELEN D., b. June 14, 1898.

    1. ISAAC TWOMBLY, b. in Barrington, June 12, 1782, m. Elizabeth ----, b. in Gilmanton, May 19, 1780, d. in Bethlehem, Feb. 28, 1857. He res. in L. from 1807 to 1851. Farmer. d. in Bethlehem, June 26, 1857. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. MARY, b. Jan. 30, 1810, m. Asaph Whitcomb, farmer. She d. Bethlehem, Dec. 17, 1890.
    • ii. WILLIAM W., b. Sept. 17, 1813, d. L. June 22, 1826.
    • 2. iii. ISAAC, b. Oct. 8, 1815.
    • iv. BETSEY, b. Oct. 12, 1821, m. David Morrison. She d. Lunenburg, Vt., April, 1895.

      2. ISAAC TWOMBLY, son of Isaac(1), b. in L. Oct. 8, 1815, m. June 25, 1843, Polly C. Barber, b. Oct. 31, 1819, d. in Bethlehem, Feb. 2, 1881. He res. in L. from birth to 1846. Farmer. d. in Bethlehem, Sept. 2, 1883. Ch. b. in Sheffield, Vt.
      • i. CELISTA ANN, b. July 9, 1848, m. May 18, 1878, James A. F. Hughes, farmer. res. Bethlehem.
      • ii. GEORGE B., b. Dec. 1850, d. Bethlehem, June 4, 1866.

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