History Of Littleton New Hampshire
Edited By James R. Jackson In Three Volumes Vol. III
Genealogy Compiled By George C. Furber Revised And Enlarged By Ezra S. Stearns
Published For The Town By The University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1905


THE genealogy of Littleton was compiled by GEORGE C. FURBER in 1896 and printed in 1897-8.
A fire destroyed the work in 1898 and made necessary a reprint,
which was prepared under the supervision of EZRA S. STEARNS.
The extent of the errata is chiefly due to incorrect material furnished by individuals concerning their ancestry.


[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

    1. MITCHELL SALWAY, son of Mitchell, b. in Canada, Jan. 13, 1831, m. Nov. 23, 1865, Matilda R., dau. of Anthony Cushing, b. in Canada, June 5, 1843, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1862. Laborer. Roman Catholic. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. MITCHELL JOSEPH, b. Feb. 18, 1867, m. Sept. 30, 1888, Mary Fox Cook. res. Boston, Mass.
    • ii. ANNIE M., b. Oct. 13, 1871, m. George O. W. Hatch (See).
    • iii. AGNES PAULINE, b. Sept. 3, 1875, m. Oct. 26, 1896, George H. Page, carpenter. res. L.
    • iv. VERNIE E., b. Dec. 4, 1877.
    • v. HATTIE, b. Feb. 1, 1881.
    • vi. ANTHONY VINCENT, b. May 2, 1883.
    • vii. CLEMENT J., b. April 22, 1886.

    1. JOHN SANBORN, b. in England, about 1620. His father was John Sanborn. His mother was a daughter of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, the founder and the first minister of Hampton. With his brothers, William and Stephen, he came to New Hampshire in 1632 under the auspices of their grandfather, Rev. Stephen Bachiler. He m. Mary Tuck, dau. of Robert Tuck of Hampton. She d. Dec. 30, 1668. He m. second, Aug. 2, 1671, Margaret (Page) Moulton, dau. of Robert Page, and widow of William Moulton. He d. Oct 20, 1692. She d. July 13, 1699.

      2. JOHN SANBORN, son of John(1), b. in Hampton, about 1649, m. Nov. 19, 1674, Judith Coffin, b. Dec. 4, 1653, dau. of Tristram and Judith (Greenleaf) Coffin. He d. in Hampton, Nov. 10, 1723. She d. May 17, 1774.

        3. ABNER SANBORN, son of John(2), b. in Hampton, April 27, 1694, m. Oct. 5, 1715, Rachel Shaw, b. Jan. 27, 1695, dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth (Hilliard) Shaw of Hampton. He lived beyond the river in the part of the original township which was incorporated as Hampton Falls. Selectman several years. He d. Jan. 17, 1780.

          4. COFFIN SANBORN, son of Abner(3), b. in Hampton Falls, Dec. 17, 1737, m. Jan. 1, 1759, Hannah Hilliard, d. in Sanbornton, July 21, 1821. He res. in Sanbornton, where he d., May 12, 1812.

            5. LEVI SANBORN, son of Coffin(4) b. in Sanbornton, July 31, 1777, m. July 26, 1798, Hannah, dau. of William Durgin, b. in Sanbornton, July 8, 1782, d. in Whitefield, March 22, 1862. He res. in L. from 1826 until he d., Nov. 11, 1835. Carpenter. Ch. b. in Sanbornton.
            • i. EZRA, b. Nov. 13, 1799, m. Jan. 19, 1825, Lucy Whitman. Carpenter. res. Whitefield.
            • ii. MARY MARSTON, b. Sept. 5, 1802. m. first, Asa Clark, m. second, Jonathan Nurse (See).
            • iii. Amos S., b. Dec. 20, 1804, m. Dec. 27, 1826, Deborah C. Phillips. Carpenter. He d. L. Sept. 16, 1874.
            • iv. SUSANNAH T., b. Oct. 21, 1807, m. William George, carpenter. He d. Concord, 1872.
            • 6. v. DAVID PAGE, b. Feb. 8, 1810.
            • vi. Lucy R., b. May 8, 1812, d. L. June 3, 1823.
            • vii. DEBORAH B., b. May 1, 1815, d. Sanbornton, Aug. 1, 1819.
            • viii. RACHEL T., b. Nov. 18, 1817, d. Sanbornton, Aug. 8, 1819.
            • ix. DEBORAH J., b. Feb. 19, 1820, m. Lorenzo D. Parker (See).
            • 7. x. LEVI WOODBURY, b. Feb. 4, 1824.
            • xi. HANNAH A., b. April 21, 1828, d. L. Oct. 1847.

              6. DAVID PAGE SANBORN, son of Levi(5), b. in Sanbornton, Feb. 8, 1810, m. Oct. 12, 1831, Naomi Hughes, dau. of James Dow (See), b. in L. Jan. 9, 1813. He res. in L. from 1825 until he d., March 1, 1871. Machinist and tool-maker. Republican. Appointed major of 32d Regt. N.H. Militia Aug. 27, 1836; vacated, Nov. 28, 1836. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. I.O.O.F., N.G. Ch.
              • i. AMELIA BARBER, b. L. Feb. 20, 1833, d. Sept. 18, 1853.
              • 8. ii. FRANCIS DAVIDSON, b. L. Oct. 26, 1834.
              • iii. LAURA BURNHAM, b. L. Aug. 26, 1836, m. first, Albert Tyler Johnson (See), m. second, John Smillie (See).
              • 9. iv. LUTHER DOW, b. L. Dec. 12, 1841.
              • v. ELLEN JOSEPHINE, b. Worcester, Mass., March 24, 1846, m. Minot Weeks (See).
              • vi. EMMA ELECTA, b. L. March 16, 1849, m. Charles Ball (See).
              • Vii. JENNIE LINDSEY, b. L. April 28, 1853, d. L. April 29, 1853.

              7. LEVI WOODBURY SANBORN, son of Levi(5), b. in Sanbornton, Feb. 4, 1824, m. first, Oct. 18, 1853, Mary Moody, dau. of Harry Palmer, d. in Franconia, Dec. 15, 1882, Methodist, m. second, March 10, 1886, Mary Jane Garland, b. Barnstead, July, 1827. He res. in L. from 1826 to 1854, and from 1862 to 1873. Shingle sawyer. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Private. Ch.
              • i. EDGAR, b. Whitefield, July, 1854, d. 1856.

                8. FRANCIS DAVIDSON SANBORN, son of David Page(6), b. in L. Oct. 26, 1834, m. June 9, 1855, Caroline Nute, dau. of Daniel Gilman Smith, b. in Dover, March 21, 1835, d. in Bethlehem, June 9, 1895, Methodist. He res. in L. nearly all his life. Mechanic. Republican. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Sergt. and Musician. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. LEROY SMITH, b. Oct. 6, 1857, m. March 3, 1880, Marlon E. Case. Farmer.
                • ii. HERBERT LESLIE, b. Feb. 8, 1870, m. May 30, 1894, Mamie Maud Van Ness. Glover. res. L. Ch. Francis Wellington, b. L. June 22, 1897.

                9. LUTHER DOW SANBORN, son of David Page(6), b. in L. Dec. 12, 1841, m. June 19, 1869, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of James C. Rowell (See), b. in Concord, Vt., May 19, 1848, Universalist. He res. in L. from birth to 1883. He now res. Grand Rapids, Mich. Salesman. Universalist. Republican. Recording Sec. L. Musical Association, 1870 to 1884 inc. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. JENNIE L., b. Jan. 6, 1873, d. Grand Rapids, Mich., June, 1891.
                • ii. IRVING L., b. Nov. 12, 1874, m. Dec. 12, 1889, Frances Marrin. Laborer. He served in war with Spain, Conn. Regt.

    10. SHEPHERD J. SANBORN, son of Zadoc, b. in New Hampton, April 27, 1800, m. Sept. 1, 1823, Polly, dau. of Ziba Wright (See), b. in L. June 3, 1802, d. in L. Dec. 8, 1874. He res. in L. from 1818 until he d., Sept. 12, 1864. Farmer. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
    • 11. i. MADISON, b. March 25, 1825.
    • ii. EMILY, b. May 4, 1828. unm. res. L.
    • iii. LOVICA C., b. April 28, 1830, m. James Monroe Streeter (See).
    • iv. ELIZA A., b. June 24, 1837, m. first, June 16, 1858, Lucius D. Powers, d. 1862, m. second, May 20, 1880, Alfred Richards, merchant. She res. L.
    • v. HENRY E., b. Sept 28, 1840, m. Dec. 4, 1878, Agnes A. Lattig. Railroad conductor. She d. Easton, Pa., Dec. 24, 1879.

      11. MADISON SANBORN, son of Shepherd J.(10), b. in L. March 25, 1825, m. March 5, 1863, Rachel, dau. of Jacob Markley (See), b. in Canada, Feb. 7, 1842, d. in L. Feb. 13, 1896. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Republican. Ensign 11th Co. 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, 1848. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. JENNIE ELIZA, b. Feb. 29, 1864, m. George C. Patten (See).
      • ii. FLORA AMANDA, b. April 21, 1870, m. May 9, 1894, Elliot F. Studley, clergyman. res. Providence, R.I.

    12. ISAAC SMITH ROWE SANBORN, son of Jonathan Cram, b. in Sanbornton, Oct. 27, 1830. The lineages: Isaac S. R.(8), Jonathan C.(7), Jonathan C.(6), Simeon(5), William(4), William(3), Josiah(2), William(1). He m. Sept. 20, 1855, Delia Salina, dau. of Hobart Wyatt, b. in Warren, March 13, 1836. He res. in L. from 1858 to 1869. Engineer C. & M.R.R. d. in Concord, Oct. 22, 1894. No ch.

    13. CHARLES PRESCOTT SANBORN, son of James and Lydia N. (Prescott) Sanborn, b. in Concord, Sept. 12, 1834. He was educated in the schools of Concord and three years at Yale College. He read law with Henry A. Bellows, admitted to the Bar 1860, and was of the law firm of George, Foster, & Sanborn. He was a member of the House of Representatives, 1862, 1863, 1875, and 1876, and was an efficient Speaker of the House the last two years. He was City Solicitor nine years. He d. in Concord, June 3, 1889. He May 26, 1862, Stella Louisa, dau. of Judge Henry A. Bellows (See). She d. Sept. 9, 1869. He m. second, May 20, 1872, Frances Ann, dau. of Judge Henry A. Bellows (See). Since the death of Mr. Sanborn she has successfully conducted a private school, and has contributed occasionally to the current periodicals. Ch. by w. Stella, b. in Concord.
    • i. HENRY BELLOWS, b. Nov. 28, 1863. res. Manchester.
    • ii. SARAH KATHERINE, b. July 31, 1867, d. July 30, 1878.
    Ch. by w. Frances, b. in Concord.
    • iii. CHARLES ARTHUR, b. Nov. 21, 1876. res. Boston, Mass.
    • iv. MARY AVERY, b. July 16, 1877. res. Concord.

    1. MARSHAL SANDERS, son of Rufus, b. in Bakersfield, Vt., April 10, 1833, m. Oct. 26, 1857, Ellen Maria, dau. of Josephus Parcher, b. in Bethlehem, Feb. 29, 1840. She m. second, Richard Ely McIntire (See). Marshal res. in L. from 1854 until he d., April 4, 1866. Millwright. Republican. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Capt. Marshal Sanders Post, G.A.R , was named in his honor. A.F. and A.M., Charter member of Burns Lodge; Master, 1861-2. I.O.O.F. (Granite Monthly, March, 1894.) Ch.
    • i. LUCIAN G., b. Bethlehem, May 26, 1858. unm. d. Shelburne, Mass., Dec. 25, 1874.
    • ii. NELLIE M., b. L. Aug. 28, 1859, m. March 18, 1880, Aaron C. Dowse. res. Malden, Mass.

    1. ROSCOE SANDERSON, son of Aaron, b. in Wilton, Me., March 31, 1843, m. June 3, 1869, Addie W., dau. of Anthony Luques, b. in Kennebunkport, Me., March 27, 1849, Methodist. He was educated in the Me. Wesleyan Seminary, Kents Hill; Biblical School, Concord, and School of Theology, Boston University. He was ordained in Brunswick, Me., by Bishop Matthew Simpson, Methodist, April 19, 1868. His pastorates have been, Maine Conference, East Wilton, Weld, and Temple, 1864-5; Gorham (N.H.), 1866; Kennebunkport, 1867-8; Portland, Pine St., 1869-70; Bath, Beacon St., 1871-2; Augusta, 1873-5; Waterville, 1876-7; Farmington, 1878-80; Augusta, 1881-2; Lewiston, Hammond St., 1883 to 5; Woodford, 1886 to 8. N.H. Conference, Plymouth, 1889-90: L. 1891 to 3: Penacook, 1894; Tilton, 1895 to 1899, and now at Claremont. He has been a trustee of the Me. Wesleyan Seminary and Female Coll., and the N.H. Conference Seminary and Female Coll. A.F. and A.M. Ch.
    • i. LUTIE FRANCES, b. Augusta, Me., Sept. 17, 1874.
    • ii. LIDA WARD, b. Waterville, Me., Nov. 18, 1876.

    1. RICHARD SANGER, b. in Eng., emigrated to America in 1636, and res. in Hingham, Mass., where he d. in 1661.

      2. RICHARD SANGER, son of Richard(1), b. in Eng. in 1620, emigrated from Southampton, Eng., to America in 1638, and res. in Sudbury, Mass. He took the oath of fidelity in 1647, and moved to Watertown, Mass., in 1649. He m. Mary, second dau. of Robert Reynolds, by whom he had eight ch. With two sons and three others he guarded the mill at Watertown, Mass., during King Philip's War.

        3. NATHANIEL SANGER, second son of Richard(2), b. in 1651, m. in 1679, Mary Cutter, dau. of Richard Cutter of Cambridge, Mass., by whom he had ten ch. He res. in Sherburne and Roxbury, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn. He was one of twenty soldiers impressed for the Colonial War in 1675.

          4. ELEAZER SANGER, youngest child of Nathaniel(3), b. in 1698. m. June 24, 1731, Mary Jackson, by whom he had four ch. He res. in Hardwick and Petersham, Mass., and was one of the grantees of Keene in 1753. d. Keene, March 24, 1765.

            5. ELEAZER SANGER, son of Eleazer(4), b. in 1740, m. May 24, 1765, Hannah Sherwood of Gloucester, Mass., by whom he had five ch. He and two brothers joined in the expedition against Canada in the French and Indian war in 1759, and were present at the taking of Quebec and Ticonderoga. Their names also appear on the Keene muster rolls Aug. 7, 1775, in a foot company sent to Bunker Hill, but the battle was over before they arrived.

              6. ELEAZER SANGER, eldest son of Eleazer(5), b. in Keene, Sept. 11, 1766, m. Sabrina Whitney of Winchester, Mass. He moved to St. Johnsbury, Vt., in 1790, and was an extensive land owner at St. Johnsbury Centre, owning the land on which the village is located. He built the first saw and grist mill in the village, which were known as Sanger's mills as late as 1848. He also built houses to rent, and a large "hopper roofed" house, where he entertained many guests. Ten ch.

                7. EZRA SANGER, son of Eleazer(6), b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., in 1804, m. Sarah Brown of St. Johnsbury, Vt., by whom he had five ch. He was a merchant in St. Johnsbury and Troy, Vt., and in 1833 moved to Honeoye Falls, N.Y., where he d. about 1840.

                  8. THADDEUS EZRA SANGER, eldest son of Ezra(7), b. in Troy, Vt., March 12, 1832, m. Oct. 29, 1856, Ianthe Cleora, dau. of Willard H. Kneeland (See), b. in Waterbury, Vt., Jan. 19, 1836, Cong. He was educated in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Academy; Woodstock, Vt., Medical Coll.; Cleveland Medical Coll.; and Homoeopathic Medical Coll. of Pa., grad. from the latter in 1856. He commenced the practice of medicine in East Hardwick, Vt., in 1856, and in 1858 came to L., where he has since res. and practised. He is a member of the N.H. and Vt. Homoeopathic Societies and the American Institute of Homoeopathy, and Prest. of the Ammonoosnc and N.H. State Homoeopathic Societies, also Secretary of the Vt. State Homoeopathic Society. U.S. Pension Examiner, Republican. Director of Saranac Glove Co. Board of Health, 1890. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1881 to 6 inc. Vice-Pres. Saranac Glove Co. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge; Master, 1891. K. T., St. Gerard Com.; Eminent Com., 1884-5 inc. 32 degree A.A.S.R. Grand Com. K.T. of N.H., Sept. 1892 to Sept. 1893. (Child's Grafton Co. Gaz., pp. 480-1. L. Cen., pp. 97-8, 1860-1. Granite Monthly, Nov. 1892. Book of Biographies. Grafton Co., p. 25.) Ch. b. in L.
                  • i. ELLEN INGEBORG, b. Dec. 22, 1866. grad. Boston Normal Art School, 1884, m. Edwin Kenney Parker (See).
                  • ii. LILLIAN EDITH, b. April 20, 1873, m. Fred Elmer Green (See).
                  • iii. KATHERINE FRANCES, b. April 7, 1879, m. Charles B. Henry (See).

    1. NELSON SANTY, son of Gray, Jr., b. in Lyman, Aug. 10, 1866, m. Sept. 7, 1889, Minnie, dau. of Trueworthy Ladd Parker (See), b. in Monroe, March 10, 1874. He has res. in L. since 1889. Farmer. Democrat. No ch.

    1. ELIHU SARGENT, son of Elihu and Mary (Kathlan) Sargent, b. in Dummerston, Vt., Nov. 13, 1780. With wife Betsey and one child, he came to L. 1804, and remained here until 1842. She d. 1853. Farmer. Capt. 2d Co. Light Inf. 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, appointed Feb. 25, 1815; resigned Aug. 14, 1817. Ch. all but Zolvey, b. in L.
    • i. ZOLVEY, b. Dummerston, Vt., Aug. 27, 1801.
    • ii. BETSEY, b. Aug. 19, 1804, d. L. Aug. 5, 1809.
    • iii. GEORGE, b. Dec. 28, 1806, d. L. Feb. 27, 1841.
    • iv. LORANA (LAURA) B., b. April 6, 1809. unm. d. L. Feb. 8, 1884.
    • v. ELIZA PARKS CURTIS, b. May 16, 1811, m. Henry Pallister Cheney (See).
    • 2. vi. ROSWELL, b. July 28, 1813.
    • vii. JULIA, b. Aug. 2, 1815, d. Jan. 9, 1865.
    • viii. NANCY, b. May 8, 1818, m. Nov. 30, 1843, Jeremiah Young.
    • 3. ix. JOHN, b. Sept. 24, 1819.

      2. ROSWELL SARGENT, son of Elihu(1), b. in L. July 28, 1813, m. Mary M., dau. of Obadiah Morse, b. in Lyman, Dec. 25, 1813, d. in Stanstead, P.Q., May 9, 1884. He res. in L. from 1834 to 1852. Farmer. d. in Stanstead, P.Q., June 12, 1867. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. MILo, b. 1838.
      • ii. GEORGE, b. March, 1840, d. Feb. 27, 1841.
      • iii. LAURA A., b. 1842.
      • iv. HARRY, b. 1846.
      • v. MARTHA, b. 1847.
      • vi. FRANK, b. 1849.

      3. JOHN SARGENT, son of Elihu(1), b. in L. Sept. 24, 1819, m. Mary, dau. of Horatio Tuttle, b. Aug. 23, 1830, d. in L. Sept. 2, 1880, Methodist. He res. in L. all his life, d. Oct. 5, 1880. Book-keeper. Democrat. Methodist. Selectman, 1850-1-2-4-61-70. Town Treasurer, 1851-2-3-61. Representative, 1856-7. Co. Commissioner, 1856. Deputy Sheriff, 1853-4-5. Board of Health, 1873-4. Fire ward, 1854. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1870 to 75 inc. J.P., State. No ch.

    1. RICHARD SAWTELL, the ancestor of families of similar orthography, was a resident and a proprietor of Watertown, Mass., previous to 1637. Subsequently he was one of the early settlers and a proprietor of Groton, Mass., and clerk of the town the first three years of its organization, 1662-64. He d. Aug. 2, 1694; his widow, Elizabeth, d. Oct. 18 of the same year.

      2. OBADIAH SAWTELL, eldest son of Richard(1), resided in Groton, Mass., and by wife Hannah had several children.

        3. OBADIAH SAWTELL, son of Obadiah(2), b. in Groton, Mass, m. about 1680, Hannah ----. Six children, b. in Groton, Mass.

          4. OBADIAH SAWTELL, son of Obadiah(3), b. March 18, 1701, m. Nov. 16, 1721, Rachel Parker, dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Lakin) Parker of Groton, Mass. He was one of the early settlers of Charlestown, and is frequently and honorably named in the early annuals of that historic town. He was captured by the Indians, May 24, 1746, and returned with other prisoners under a flag of truce, in August of the following year. During a later incursion by the Indians, he was killed in Charlestown, June 17, 1749. (See Hist. Charlestown and "Boston Weekly Post-Boy," Aug. 24, 1747.) His descendants have written the name Sartwell.

            5. SIMON SARTWELL, son of Obadiah(4), b. in Groton, Mass., Nov. 14, 1722. Lived in Charlestown. Constable, 1762-63; Selectman, 1767-68. The name of his wife was Hannah.

              6. OBADIAH SARTWELL, son of Simon(5), b. in Charlestown, Nov. 8, 1746. Lived in Charlestown. By wife Elizabeth he had seven children.

                7. JOEL SARTWELL„ son of Obadiah(6), b. March 27, 1774, by Charlestown town records, March 27, 1775, by family record, m. Feb. 15, 1801, Sarah Skinner, b. Aug. 2, 1780. He lived in this town and in Dalton. d. in Haverhill, May 16, 1840. Ch.
                • i. EMILY, b. Jan. 12, 1803, d. Feb. 6, 1820.
                • ii. ROSWELL, b. April 2, 1805, m. Sept. 29, 1832, Anna Rowell, b. Jan. 21, 1802, dau. of Jonathan Rowell (See). He d. Ryegate, Vt., Sept. 18, 1872. Their dau. Lois Anne, m. July 24, 1862, Richard Calvin Stanley, b. Beverly, Mass., April 7, 1835, son of Richard and Sally (Patch) Stanley. Dart. Coll., 1858. Ph. D., Dart. Coll., 1884. He was Professor of Chemistry and Geology, Bates College, Lewiston, Me., from 1866 until his death, Aug. 5, 1889. His wife d., sine prole, Sept. 22, 1872.
                • iii. SARAH ANNE, b. April 6, 1807, m. April 15, 1829, Charles Neal of Lowell, Mass. She d. Feb. 6, 1852.
                • iv. THOMAS JEFFERSON, b. June 12, 1809, m. Ruth Elkins, d. Troy, Vt.
                • v. ORIN R., b. April 23, 1811, m. June 16, 1843, Laura Maria Hutchins of Haverhill. He d. at Eutaw, Ala., Aug. 4, 1848.
                • vi. MARIA, b. June 2, 1813, m. 1830, Thomas Leighton (See).
                • vii. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, b. April 1, 1815, m. Jan. 9, 1839, Nancy McGregor. He resides in Whitefleld. His son, Joel M., b. April 8, 1841, m. Dec. 28, 1866, Anna Elizabeth McGregor, dau. of Joel McGregor. He d. May 16, 1888. Gertrude Kimball Sartwell, dau. of Joel M., b. Feb. 7, 1878, m. Sept. 30, 1891, Gilman Davis, M.D., of Whitefleld. Helen G., dau. of Joel M., b. Aug. 19, 1880, is asst. librarian, Whitefleld Public Library.
                • viii. SOPIIIA C., b. June 8, 1817, m. 1839, David Parker, son of David, of Haverhill. She d. Aug. 30, 1890. Their son, Riva Frederick Parker, b. June 30, 1840, m. Nov. 28, 1868, Eliza Chamberlin. Lives in Whitefleld. Their dau., Sarah Maria, b. July 8, 1841, m. Charles P. Chamberlin. Three other children of David and Sophia (Sartwell) Parker d. unm.

              8. JOHN SARTWELL, son of Simon(5), b. in Charlestown, May 2, 1754, m. Elizabeth Gleason. Lived in Charlestown. A dau. Betsy, m. James Moffett (See), and a dau. Polly m. James Gleason (See), m. second, Benjamin Morse (See).

    1. JOHN SAVAGE, res. in Middletown, Conn, m. Feb. 10, 1652, Elizabeth Dublin. He held the military rank of Sergt. d. in Middletown, Conn., March 6, 1685. (Family of John Savage of Middletown, Conn., 1652, by James Francis Savage.)

      2. WILLIAM SAVAGE, son of John(1), b. in Middletown, Conn., April 26, 1668, m. May 6, 1696, Christian, dau. of Hugh and Martha (Coit) Mould of New London, Conn. He held the military rank of Capt. in 1719; was Deputy to the Gen. Court, 1715 to 1726; Deacon of church in 1716. d. in Middletown, Conn., Jan. 25, 1727.

        3. WILLIAM SAVAGE, son of William(2), b. in Middletown, Conn., Sept. 18, 1699, m. June 2, 1726, Sarah, dau. of John and Mary Savage, b. Sept. 1700, d. Aug. 10, 1782. She was own cousin of her husband. He had four sons and ten grandsons in the Rev. army. d. in Middletown, Conn., April 15, 1775.

          4. STEPHEN SAVAGE, son of William(3), b. in Middletown, Conn., Oct. 26, 1737, m. March 14, 1765, Triphena, dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail (Montague) Riley, b. in Middletown, Conn., Oct. 7, 1742, d. in L. Nov. 22, 1825. He res. in L. from 1801 until he d., Aug. 14, 1825. Carpenter. Rev. soldier. Served in Capt. Shepherd's Co., Col. Belden's Regt., from April 12 to May 19, 1777, and then enlisted for the war, Sept. 5, 1777, in Capt. Wilcox's Co., Baldwin's Battalion of Artificers. Ch. b. in Middletown, Conn.
          • i. ANNA, b. Nov. 29, 1767, d. July 2, 1786.
          • ii. STEPHEN, b. Dec. 10, 1769, m. first, Nov. 1789, Lucy Stow, m. second, 1836, Abigail (Bacon) Pierce. Hotel-keeper. Farmer. He d. Sanquoit, N.Y., Dec. 4, 1848.
          • iii. ROSWELL, b. Sept. 17, 1775, m. Melinda Campbell. He d. about 1806. She m. second, Samuel Larned, Jr. (See).
          • 5. iv. SYLVESTER, 13. April 7, 1778.
          • v. ELEANOR, b. Nov. 31, 1781, m. Peter Bonney (See).
          • vi. ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 31, 1784, m. Micaijah Rowell (See).

            5. SYLVESTER SAVAGE, son of Stephen(4), b. in Middletown, Conn., April 7, 1778, m. April, 1799, Mary Roberts, b. June 7, 1780, d. June 7, 1836. He res. in L. from 1801 to 1827. Farmer. d. in Lancaster, Oct. 30, 1858. Ch. all but Harriet, b. in L.
            • i. HARRIET, b. Middletown, Conn., 1800, m. Oct. 5, 1815, William Grimes, shoemaker. She d. L. April, 1842.
            • ii. MARY. b. 1802, m. Oct. 5, 1816, Hector George, farmer. Both d. L. July 10, 1829.
            • iii. LAURA, b. March 19, 1804, m. Clark Rix, farmer. He d. May 1, 1833. She d. L. May 1, 1837.
            • iv. ELEANOR, b. May, 1808, m. June, 1826, Minor Pike. He d. L. 1844. She d. South Boston, Mass., April, 1885.
            • v. STEPHEN, b. Nov. 12, 1810, m. 1834, Sarah Powers. Blacksmith. res. Mich.
            • 6. vi. ROSWELL, b. Nov. 12, 1812.
            • vii. ROBY, b. 1815, d. L. 1817.

              6. ROSWELL SAVAGE, son of Sylvester(5), b. in L. Nov. 12, 1812, m. Jan. 1, 1836, Susan B., dau. of John Hunter (See), b. in L. April 1, 1816, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1812 to 1827. Farmer. Methodist. Republican. Ch.
              • i. JOHN R., b. Dalton, Feb. 26, 1837, d. Dalton, March 19, 1838.
              • ii. LAURA A., b. Dalton, July 19, 1839, m. first, June 3, 1876, Moses McKenzie, teamster, d. Nov. 2, 1878, m. second, Feb. 16, 1890, Samuel E. Johnson, farmer. res. Lancaster.
              • iii. MARY L., b. Dalton, Dec. 13, 1840, m. Aug. 14, 1864, Charles Smith, mechanic. res. Lancaster.
              • iv. SUSAN D., b. Dalton, Feb. 26, 1842, m. Feb. 2, 1867, George E. Bacon, drover. res. Neb.
              • v. JOHN W., b. Dalton, Jan. 1, 1844, m. Jan. 10, 1867, Ellen L. Marshall. Lobster-dealer, Boston, Mass.
              • vi. ELMERA L., b. Dalton, Nov. 15, 1846, m. May 3, 1869, Edwin Marshall, carver. res. Boston, Mass.
              • vii. SYLVESTER R., b. Dalton, Oct. 20, 1848, m. first, Dec. 13, 1871, Clara B. Marshall, d. Jan. 12. 1877, m. second, Jan. 1, 1878, Rosetta L. Martin. Farmer. He d. Lancaster, Jan. 16, 1892.
              • viii. MARTHA W., b. Dalton, Jan. 28, 1850, d. Lancaster, Oct. 13, 1864.
              • ix. ELLEN M., b. Dalton, Nov. 6, 1852, m. May 3, 1876, Coleman E. Martin, teamster. res. Somerville, Mass.
              • x. ROSWELL E., b. Dalton, March 7, 1854, m. Dec. 25, 1876, Anna G. Marshall. Farmer. res. Lancaster.
              • xi. CLARK C., b. Lancaster, July 20, 1856. d. Lancaster, July 9, 1864.
              • xii. WILLIE A., b. Lancaster, Jan. 26, 1858, d. Lancaster, Oct. 13, 1864. xiii. EMMA J., b. Lancaster, Aug. 25, 1860, d. Lancaster, June 20, 1878.

      7. JOHN SAVAGE, son of John(1), b. in Middletown, Conn., Dec. 2, 1652, m. May 30, 1682, Mary, dau. of Thomas Ranney, of Middletown, Conn., b. Oct. 1665, d. Aug. 19, 1734. He d. in that part of Middletown, now Cromwell, Conn., Oct. 30, 1726.

        8. THOMAS SAVAGE, son of John(7), b. in Middletown, Conn., Aug. 21, 1684, m. March 21, 1710-11, Mary, dau. of William Goodwin, b. Dec. 8, 1685, d. June 3, 1758. He held the rank of Sergt. d. March, 13, 1755.

          9. SAMUEL SAVAGE, son of Thomas(8), b. in Middletown, Conn., in 1722-3, m. Oct. 18, 1748, Sarah, dau. of John Kirby, b. July 19, 1726, d. Aug. 2, 1786. He was Capt. of the 5th Co. 6th Regt. Colonial Militia, 1772. d. Dec. 27, 1779.

            10. OZIAS SAVAGE, son of Samuel(9), b. in Middletown, Conn., Oct. 2, 1767, m. Clarissa, dau. of Jehiel Webb, b. Sept. 26, 1771, d. in Lisbon, Nov. 12, 1824. He res. in Rockingham and Lunenburg, Vt., until 1801, when he moved to Lisbon, where he res. the remainder of his life. He was licensed to preach in Laudaff, Oct. 31, 1801, and ordained a Methodist Elder by Bishop McKendree in Orford, June 12, 1814. He preached in this region until about 1838, frequently in L. In youth he learned the trade of cabinet-maker, and in Lisbon cultivated the farm on which he res. Chaplain 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, 1836. He d. in Lisbon, April 7, 1858. Ch.
            • i. IRA W., b. Rockingham, Vt., July 10, 1791, m. first, Dec. 16, 1816, ---- Young, m. second, Mrs. Ann Morrison. Blacksmith and carpenter. He d. Lisbon, June 18, 1846.
            • ii. ORIS, b. Rockingham, Vt., July 25, 1793, m. Dec. 22, 1819, Polly Bidwell. Farmer. He d. Lisbon, Jan. 10, 1878. She d. June 26, 1874.
            • iii. POLLY WEBB, b. Rockingham, Vt., Jan. 1, 1796, m. Joseph Pingree (See).
            • iv. JEHIEL W., b. Lunenburg, Vt., March 27, 1798, m. first, March 16, 1826, Mary Kelsea, d. Aug. 9, 1861, m. second, Aug. 9, 1852, Lucy Johnson, d. Feb. 5, 1883. Farmer. He d. Lisbon, March 31, 1885.
            • v. FANNY, b. Lunenburg, Vt. Dec. 20, 1800. unm. d. Aug. 9, 1870.
            • vi. HANNAH, b. Lisbon, Jan. Vt., 1804, m. Elijah Sabin Woolson (See).

    1. ENOS SAWYER, son of John, d. in Haverhill, Oct. 9, 1804. John was one of the first settlers of Orford.

      2. BENJAMIN SAWYER, son of Enos(1), b. in Haverhill, Oct. 16, 1790, m. in 1818, Lydia, dau. of Isaac Prouty, b. in L. April, 1801, d. in Fairlee, Vt., Oct. 1870. He res. in L. from 1820 until he d., Feb. 23, 1855. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. PHEBE, b. June 4, 1821, m. John Darius Chandler (See).
      • ii. EMELINE, b. Dec. 21, 1824, m. Dec. 1850, Eben Whiting, ice-dealer. Killed in battle of Wilderness, June 4, 1864.
      • iii. IRA CASWELL, b. March 2, 1827, m. March, 1857, Fanny Dyke. Farmer.
      • 3. iv. BENJAMIN, b. Sept. 14, 1829.

        3. BENJAMIN SAWYER, son of Benjamin(2), b. in L. Sept. 14, 1829, m. Dec. 9, 1854, Saphronia, dau. of Jeremiah M. Carter, b. in Wolcott, Vt., July 2, 1830. He has res. in L. nearly all his life. Farmer. Democrat. Co. F, 2d N.H. Inf. Private. J.P. Ch. b. in Dalton.
        • i. BENJAMIN, b. April 8, 1856, d. L. Nov. 6, 1882.
        • ii. SOPHRONIA, b. Nov. 15, 1857, m. Willard Roswell Humphrey (See).
        • iii. EDNA, b. Aug. 24, 1859, d. L. March 14, 1881.
        • iv. ELLA, b. April 25, 1860, m. Harvey Howland (See).

    4. WILLIAM SAWYER, b. in Boxborough, Mass. m. Dolly, dau. of Simeon Burt(4) (See), b. in Lunenburg, Mass., Dec. 14, 1781, d. in Bethlehem, April 17, 1844. He d. L. 1859, aged 87.

      5. ELI DAVIS SAWYER, son of William(4), b. in Bethlehem, June 20, 1814, m. Dec. 19, 1848, Sarah Oakes, dau. of John Pierce (See), b. in Bethlehem, Feb. 22, 1830. He has res. in L. since 1854. Hotel-keeper. Democrat. Selectman, 1863-4-5-6. J.P. Appointed Paymaster 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, Aug. 9, 1849. (Book of Biographies, Grafton Co., p. 173.) Ch.
      • i. ELMER GENIEVE, b. Bethlehem, Nov. 25, 1849, 1 Bethlehem, Oct. 12, 1850.
      • ii. JOHN PIERCE, b. Bethlehem, Oct. 12, 1861, m. about 1884, Nellie Dooling. res. Boston, Mass.
      • iii. FRANK PIERCE, b. Bethlehem, June 28, 1854, d. L. Feb. 6, 1855.
      • iv. HATTIE GRACE, b. L. Oct. 30, 1857, m. first, Frederick Albert Tilton (See), m. second, Jan. 9, 1896, Thomas Preston Lindsey. res. Spokane Falls, Wash.
      • 6. v. CHARLES MARTIN TUTTLE, b. L. Feb. 18, 1865. Lawyer. res. Fort Payne, Ala.
      • 7. vi. WILLIAM HENRY, b. L. Aug. 18, 1867.

        6. CHARLES MARTIN TUTTLE SAWYER, son of Eli Davis, b. L. Feb. 18, 1865, m. Sept. 30, 1888, Annie Frances Harper. Educated in the Littleton High and Graded Schools, studied law with W. W. Havalson and Lake Moore, and was admitted to the Bar of De Kalb County, Ala., Feb. 9, 1896. He has ever since been located in the practice of law at Fort Payne, Ala., and has been a member of the city council two years. A.F. and A.M.- I.O.O.F. Democrat. Ch. (living), b. Fort Payne, Ala.
        • i. SARAH PIERCE.
        • ii. HATTIE GRACE.

        7. WILLIAM HENRY SAWYER, son of Eli Davis(5), b. in Littleton, Aug. 18, 1867, m. Nov. 18, 1891, Carrie Blanche Lane, b. in Littleton, April 6, 1867, dau. of Benjamin F. and Julia (Farr) Lane. (See Gilman Farr.) He studied law with Bingham, Mitchell & Batchellor, and grad. at Boston University, 1890, and was admitted to the Bar at Concord, July 25, 1890. He has continued in practice at Concord, and since 1898 has been associated in business with Joseph S. Matthews. In 1895 he delivered an address before the Grafton and Coos Bar Ass., entitled "Historical Review of the Legislation of New Hampshire regulating the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors." Ch. b. in Concord.
        • i. HOWARD PIERCE, b. Aug. 13, 1892.
        • ii. HELEN LANE, b. March 13, 1895.
        • iii. MARION FARR, b. July 22, 1896.
        • iv. ROBERT CUSHMAN, b. March 13, 1899.

        8. SAMUEL COLE SAWYER, son of William H., and grandson of William(4), b. in Bethlehem, Aug. 21, 1845, m. May 6, 1868, Eliza Jane, dau. of Calvin W. Burns (See), b. in Whitefield, April 5, 1847, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1873. Dentist. Cong. Deacon. Prohibition. J.P. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. I.O.O.F. Ch.
        • i. FRED BURNS, b. Lakeport, Sept. 7, 1870, m. Dec. 23, 1894, Sarah Greenleaf. Dentist. res. Lisbon.
        • ii. GERTRUDE PRINCE, b. L. Sept. 18, 1884.

    1. MARTIN LUTHER SCOTT, son of Rev. Nathan (Methodist), b. in Glover, Vt., Jan. 12, 1835, m. in 1857, Sarah M. Worthington. He was educated in the common schools, Lyndon, Vt., Academy, and Newbury, Vt., Seminary. He commenced the study of medicine with Dr. C. B. Darling, Lyndon, Vt., and Dr. C. W. Scott of Irasburg, Vt., and grad. from the University of Vt. in 1856. He immediately commenced the practice of medicine, homoeopathic, in L., but the following year removed to Georgeville, P.Q., where he remained until 1860. His subsequent locations have been: Bradford, Vt., 1861 to 1866; Denver, Col., 1866-7; West Randolph, Vt., 1868 to 1880; since 1881, Northampton, Mass. He has been Sec. of the Vt. State Med. Society and Chairman of the Board of Censors. Episcopal. A.F. and A.M. K.T. Ch.
    • i. CORA A.
    • ii. LULA A.
    • iii. GEORGE W.

    The Sellingham families of this town are representatives of a group of emigrants that made a commendable record, and have an interesting history They were Protestants, from near the Rhine, in Germany. They did not emigrate to New England at one time, but immediately after 1750 several families were living in and near Boston, Mass. Their imperfect knowledge of the English language and other reasons, at once apparent, encouraged them to settle in one community. The town of Lexington, Mass., possessed one thousand acres of land in the town of Ashburnham, Mass. By a deed, bearing date of December, 1757, they purchased the Lexington Grant and divided it into farms among themselves. This section of the town is known to the present time as "The Dutch Farms." The original grantees were Henry Hall, Christian William Whiteman, Jacob Schoffe, Simon Rodamel, Peter Perry, John Rich, and John Kiblinger. Immediately they were joined by other emigrants from the same locality in Germany, who settled near them in the same township. The added names are Jacob and Henry Sellingham, Andrew Windrow, Henry Stack, Jacob Constantine, Jacob Barkardst, John Oberlock, Philip Vorback, and Jacob Wilker. They were educated, intelligent people, thrifty in business, zealous in the support of schools, and good substantial citizens. They had fled from tyranny in their native land, and were prompt in a rational resistance of oppression in any form. In all the elements of patriotism they were trained and ripened for the Revolution, and during the war they contributed their full proportion in service, sacrifice, and treasure. From the first, they were received in good fellowship, and they bore their share of the burdens of municipal affairs. From this thrifty community John Rich, in 1775, removed to Haverhill and ten years later to Maidstone, Vt. He was a selectman of Ashburnham, Mass., a trusted agent of the State Government of New Hampshire, and a soldier at Haverhill during the Revolution, and subsequently many years a Representative in the Legislature of Vermont. He m. 1753, Catherine Sophia Whiteman, whom he had known in the fatherland. His sons, John, Henry, Jacob, and Moody, were prominent men in town and county affairs. Rich Stevens, a sheriff of Essex County, was a son of his daughter Elizabeth. He d. Sept. 30, 1813, aged 84; his widow, Catherine, d. April 14, 1818, aged 82. Jacob Schoffe removed from Ashburnham, Mass., to Haverhill about 1774 and soon after to Essex County, Vt. His son Jacob, b. 1757, was a soldier in the Revolution, frontier service, and d. in Maidstone, Vt., aged over 80 years. His other sons were John, Daniel, and Henry, and their descendants have lived in Grafton and Coos Counties. The family of Rodamel generally assumed the name of Dimond. Jacob Dimond, son of the emigrant, b. June 3, 1760. After the Revolution, in which he was a soldier, he settled in Claremont, where he d., March 16, 1826. Mary Dimond, b. Nov. 5, 1752, a daughter of the emigrant, m. Jan. 3, 1783, Henry Stevens, of Claremont. Christian William Whiteman removed with a part of his children in 1796 to Warren, where William Whiteman had previously located. Henry Sellingham, son of Jacob, the emigrant, b. about 1735, with his sons, Henry, Jr., and Jacob, settled in Thornton about 1775. Henry, Jr., and Jacob were soldiers in the Revolution. Later, Henry and Henry, Jr., removed to Stewartstown. Jacob continued to reside in Thornton many years. He was a pensioner, and in 1840 he was living in Woodstock. Among his nine children were Catherine, who m. James K. Hatch (See), and Daniel, who m. Matilda Clement. Daniel was a soldier in the War of 1812, and d. in Woodstock about 1855.

    1. ANDREW J. SELLINGHAM, a grandson of Daniel, above named, was b. in Woodstock, April 1, 1855, m. Jan. 1, 1893, Lizzie Minerva (Whitcomb) Bolles, b. Jan. 28, 1859, dau. of Curtis Whitcomb (See), and widow of Cortes Hibbard Bolles (See). He has res. in L. since 1885. Carpenter. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. EVA A., b. L. Jan. 17, 1894.

      2. ELLSWORTH SELLINGHAM, son of Lafayette, b. in Walden, Vt., Aug. 28, 1860, has res. in L. since 1892. He writes the name Sulham. He m. Jan. 4, 1888, Louise G. Phillips, dau. of Elisha Phillips (See). Carpenter. Republican. Ch.
      • i. ETHEL, b. Lisbon, Sept. 30, 1888.
      • ii. LEON, b. Hartford, Conn., July 14, 1892.
      • iii. NATHANIEL, b. L. Aug. 5, 1893.

    1. PAUL SGOBEL, son of Michael, b. in Palermo, Sicily, April 12, 1845, m. April 18, 1870, Helen, dau. of Lee Munson, b. in Montpelier, Vt., Aug. 21, 1846. He res. in L. from 1881 to 1897. Farmer. Roman Catholic. Democrat. No ch.

    1. JOSHUA BERRY SHAW, son of Nehemiah, b. in Pittsfield, Oct. 23, 1809, m. Dec. 4, 1845, Sarah Jane, dau. of Moses L. Cleveland (See), b. in Bath, Oct. 3, 1824, d. in L. March 15, 1896, Episcopal. He res. in L. from 1833 until he d., Dec. 25, 1895. Shoemaker. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. MARY ARABEL, b. L. Jan. 16, 1847, m. William Henry Kidder (See).

    1. JOHN CHARLES SHAY, b. in Canada, m. Oct. 2, 1865, Drusella Eliza, dau. of John Bowman (See), b. in L. April 26, 1845, d. in L. June 27, 1882, Cong. He res. in L. from 1865 to 1867 and 1883. Painter. Co. B, 4th Vt. Inf. Sergt. Ch.
    • i. WILLIAM ALBERT, b. L. Feb. 1867. Printer. res. Montpelier, Vt.
    • ii. BESSIE DRUSELLA, b. Cabot, Vt., Nov. 22, 1876. res. Montpelier, Vt.
    • iii. KATIE L., b. Nov. 29, 1872, d. May 18, 1878.

    1. FRANK EDWARD SHEPHERD, son of William Henry, b. in Canada, April 16, 1858, m. June 25, 1884, Anna Elizabeth, dau. of Luther Adams Parker (See), b. in L. Jan. 5, 1853. He has res. in L. since 1875. Glover. Republican. No ch.

    1. THOMAS SHUTE, b. in Newburyport, Mass., April 11, 1756, m. Feb. 3, 1783, Elizabeth Barker, b. in Stratham, Aug. 25, 1760, d. Dec. 29, 1837. He was the earliest known ancestor of the Shutes of Sanbornton, where he d., May 24, 1837. (History of Sanbornton, pp. 707-8-9-10.)

      2. JOSEPH SHUTE, son of Thomas(1), b. in Sanbornton, Nov. 5, 1793, m. first, Feb. 23, 1820, Mary, dau. of Moses Carter(4) (See), b. in New Hampton, May 16, 1798, d. in L. Jan. 1, 1840, Cong, m. second, Dec. 6, 1841, Phebe, dau. of Perley Church, b. in Waterford, Vt., Dec. 6, 1798, d. in L. Sept. 24, 1873, Cong. He res. in L. from 1819 until he d., Sept. 18, 1873. Farmer. Republican. Soldier in War of 1812-15. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. I.O.O.F. Ch. by w. Mary, b. in L.
      • i. JOSEPH B., b. Dec. 1, 1820, m. Adeline Eastman. Farmer. He d. Whitefleld, June 9, 1861.
      • ii. SALLY, b. Jan. 26, 1824, m. Azro Brown, carpenter. res. Waterford, Vt.
      • 5. iii. HORACE, b. Dec. 17, 1829.
      • iv. SEWELL, b. May 20, 1833, m. Mary Stoddard. Blacksmith. He d. Waterford, Vt., Oct. 11, 1884.
      • v. HARRIET, b. April 14, 1885, d. in infancy.
      • vi. ALDEN, b. Oct. 20, 1887, d. in infancy.

      3. MICHAEL MITCHELL SHUTE, son of Thomas(1), b. in Sanbornton, Sept. 26, 1799, m. April 2, 1829, Lydia, dau. of Moses Carter(4) (See), b. in L. in 1803, d. March 17, 1872, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1829 until he d., May 3, 1885. Farmer. They had six ch., all d. in infancy.

      4. NATHANIEL SHUTE, son of Thomas(1), b. in Sanbornton, Aug. 20, 1801, m. Feb. 13, 1827, Maria D. B., dau. of Reuben Smith, b. in Sanbornton in 1802, d. in L. in 1880, Cong. He res. in L. from 1828 until he d., Feb. 7, 1885. Farmer. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. CHARLES S., b. Nov. 14, 1830, d. Feb. 27, 1844.
      • 6. ii. GILMAN D., b. June 18, 1831.
      • iii. CHARLES N., b. Oct. 14, 1847, d. L. Nov. 14, 1847.

        5. HORACE SHUTE, son of Joseph(2), b. in L. Dec. 17, 1829, m. Nov. 5, 1850, Mary Jane, dau. of Abijah Bowman(13) (See), b. in L. Nov. 17, 1833. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Republican. Co. I, 1st N.H. H. Art. Private. G.A.R. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. KATE MARIA, b. Jan. 11, 1855, m. Calvin P. Crouch (See).
        • ii. MARY JANE, b. April 3, 1859, m. Oct. 16, 1879, George Clark, laborer. Divorced.

        6. GILMAN D. SHUTE, son of Nathaniel(4), b. in L. June 18, 1831, m. in 1852, Lucy A., dau. of Charles C. Whiting, b. in Lyman, in 1831, d. in Lisbon, in 1890. He res. in L. in youth and from 1852 to 1864. Farmer. Co. I, 1st N.H. H. Art. Private. G.A.R. Ch.
        • i. ELLEN M., b. L. 1855, m. May 1, 1873, Albert Laundry. res. Nashua.
        • ii. ARTHUR N., b. L. 1857, m. March 19, 1881, Adella Dyke. Farmer. res. Lyman. Representative, 1901.
        • iii. GRACE L., b. L. 1863, m. Feb. 2, 1878, Arthur B. Corey. res. Whitefield.
        • iv. ALICE M., res. Nashua.
        • v. AMBROSE B., res. Boston, Mass.

    1. WILLIAM M. SILSBY, son of Lewis, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., July 20, 1857, m. May 20, 1885, Annette Amelia, dau. of Tyler E. Parker (See), b. in Kirby, Vt., July 22, 1863, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1888. Merchant. Republican. Fire ward, 1890-1. Treas. L. Musical Association, 1891-2-3. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge K.T., St. Gerard Com. 32 degree A.A.S.R. Ch.
    • i. GLENN WILDER, b. Lyndonville, Vt., June 11, 1887.
    • ii. GARALD WILLIAM, b. L. July 21, 1889.
    • iii. MILDRED PERSIS, b. L. May 6, 1891.

    1. JOHN SIMINO, son of Augustus, b. in Canada, Sept. 29, 1845, m. March 6, 1865, Adaline, dau. of William Seeley, b. in Canada, Oct. 5, 1840, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1872. Farmer. Roman Catholic. Republican. No ch.

    1. SOLON LOYRA Simmins, son of Charles, b. in L. July 28, 1842, m. first, March 20, 1866, Laura A., dau. of Roswell Bowker, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., March 23, 1846, d. in L. July 12, 1883. M. second, Nov. 24, 1887, Mary E., dau. of Mitchell Foley, b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Nov. 1, 1854. She m. first, Frank C. Hutchinson. Cong. He has res. in L. since 1879. Shipping clerk. Republican. Co. K, 8th Vt. Inf. Sergt. G.A.R., Com., 1893. First Lieut. Co. F, 3d Regt. N.H. Militia, June 25, 1877, to March 29, 1879. A.F. and A.M., Master Burns Lodge, 1894-5. K.T., St. Gerard Com. Ch. by w. Laura.
    • i. JENNIE LELIA, b. Lunenburg, Vt., Nov. 19, 1868, m. April, 1891, Albert A. Onthank, clerk. res. L. until 1899.

    1. JOHN TENNEY SIMPSON, son of Samuel, b. in Mayfield, Me., Dec. 10, 1833, m. Feb. 3, 1857, Isabel, dau. of Moses Norton, b. in Norridgewalk, Me., Oct. 28, 1836, Methodist. Prest. Relief Corps, 1889–90-1. He has res. in L. since 1868. Carpenter. Republican. Selectman, 1890-1-2-3. Representative, 1887-8. Supervisor, 1884. Commissioner L. Village District, 1893-4-6-7-8. Co. I, 10th Me. Inf. 1st Lieut. G.A.R, Com. 1880-1. Capt. Moore Rifles, N.H. N.G., 1884 to 1888. Ch.
    • i. LIZZIE FLORENCE, b. Portland, Me., Nov. 10, 1858, d. L. Nov. 1871.
    • ii. CHARLES HERBERT, b. Portland, Me., Dec. 26, 1859, d. L. May 29, 1882.
    • 3. iii. HARRY MORTON, b. Portland, Me., Sept. 12, 1866.
    • iv. KATE BELLE, b. L. Nov. 11, 1871, d. L. Oct. 2, 1894.
    • v. ERNEST, b. L. July 10, 1875. res. L.
    • vi. CARL CLARENCE, b. L. Jan. 29, 1879.

    2. SAMUEL FREELAN SIMPSON, son of Samuel, b. in Poland, Me., Nov. 27, 1845, m. Dec. 1872, Delia, dau. of Nathan Applebee(3) (See), b. in L. in 1847, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1869 to 1890. Carpenter. Methodist. Republican. Co. C, 25th Me. Inf. Private. G.A.R. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. JESSIE ELOISE, b. April 27, 1876. res. Lawrence, Mass.
    • ii. CARRIE DUSTIN, b. Aug. 25, 1886.

      3. HARRY MORTON SIMPSON, son of John Tenney(1), b. in Portland, Me., Sept. 12, 1866, m. Dec. 5, 1890, Cora Ann, dau. of Daniel B. Hardy, b. in Carroll, Jan. 31, 1870. He has res. in L. since 1869. Plumber. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. HARRY CHARLES, b. Oct. 25, 1891.
      • ii. HAZEL M., b. April 30, 1894.

    4. CHARLES ALBERT SIMPSON, son of Clinton B., b. in Rumney, April 20, 1867, m. Nov. 15, 1893, Flora Edna Lang, b. in Dalton, May 4, 1868, dau. of Jonathan M. and Harriet Ann (Griswold) Lang. Removed to L. 1897. Methodist. Democrat. Merchant. Ch.
    • i. PAUL LANG, b. Jan. 29, 1896.
    • ii. EARL EDWARD, b. Jan. 20, 1898.

    5. RILEY SMITH SIMPSON, son of Suel, b. in Bath, Sept. 8, 1836, m. Nov. 2, 1859, Susan Ellen, dau. of Rudolphus Chandler(1) (See), b. in Dunham, P.Q., May 19, 1842, d. in L. Jan. 29, 1895, Free Baptist. He has res. in L. since 1853. Carpenter. Free Baptist. Republican. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Corp. G.A.R. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. LIZZIE FLORENCE, b. Oct. 26, 1861. m. Hugh Dorman Wilkins (See).
    • 7. ii. GEORGE RILEY, b. Oct. 29, 1862.

    6. CHESTER SIMPSON, son of Suel, b. in Sheffield, Vt., May 20, 1838, m. first, April 14, 1861, Sarah Ann, dau. of Reuben Phillips (See), b. in Bethlehem, July 26, 1837, d. in L. Feb. 22, 1880, Free Baptist, m. second, Oct. 10, 1886, Catherine, dau. of William Fitzpatrick, b. in Galena, 111., Aug. 6, 1849, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1855. Carpenter. Free Baptist. Republican. J.P. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Sergt. Com. G.A.R., 1887. Ch. by w. Sarah, b. in L.
    • i. LAURA BELL, b. Feb. 6, 1862, m. Sept. 22, 1885, William J. Dodge, glover. res. Gloversville, N.Y.
    • ii. MAY DELIA, b. May 24, 1866, m. Oct. 14, 1890, Alvin Snell, laborer. res. St. Johnsville, N.Y.
    • iii. REUBEN PHILLIPS, b. Aug. 30, 1868, d. Gloversville, N.Y., May 15, 1892.
    • iv. WILFORD CHESTER, b. March 5, 1870, d. L. Oct. 26, 1872.
    • v. CARRIE EMMA, b. Aug. 17, 1873. res. Gloversville, N.Y.
    • vi. HARRY ELISHA, b. June 7, 1875. res. Barton, Vt.
    • vii. FERDINAND CHESTER, b. Jan. 7, 1878. res. L.
    • viii. SARAH DEBORAH, b. Nov. 8, 1879. res. L.

      7. GEORGE RILEY SIMPSON, son of Riley Smith(5), b. in L. Oct. 29, 1862, m. Sept. 15, 1886, Abbie Wilcomb, dau. of Isaac B. Stearns (See), b. in L. Aug. 24, 1865. He has res. in L. all his life. Clerk. K.P. Ch.
      • i. LEONA ELLEN, b. L. June 9, 1892.

    1. JOHN SINKLER, b. according to tradition in Scotland, about 1630, emigrated to America and settled in Exeter as early as 1659, and m. about that time Mary ----, m. second, Deborah ----. Church member. He d. in Exeter in 1699 or 1700.

      2. JOHN SINKLER, son of John(1), b. in Exeter, about 1668, m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Bean, Sr., b. in Exeter, Sept. 24, 1678. He d. in Exeter in 1731.

        3. SAMUEL SINCLAIR, son of John(2), b. in Exeter, before 1709, m. Sarah, dau. of Richard and Jane (Hilton) Mattoon. He was one of two hundred and fifteen original proprietors of Gilmanton, May 20, 1727. He res. in Newmarket, d. after Feb. 27, 1758.

          4. RICHARD SINCLAIR, son of Samuel(3), b. in Newmarket, about 1730, m. in 1752-3, Polly, dau. of Capt. Joseph and Alice (Rawlins) Cilley, of Hampton. He was a carpenter and wheelwright by trade, but dealt in real estate a great deal. He enlisted, March 28, 1760, in Capt. Jeremiah Marston's Co. for the French and Indian war. In the Rev. war he was a Capt. in the 10th Regt. (Col. Badger), in Col. Waldron's Regt., and in Col. Bartlett's Regt. He was made 2d Major of the 10th N.H. Regt., Nov. 3. 1780. In Barnstead town records, March 22, 1788, he is called "Colonel." He res. in Newmarket, Gilmanton, and Barnstead. He was Moderator, Selectman, Auditor and Surveyor of Highways in Barnstead for many years. He d. in Barnstead, July 27, 1813.

            5. RICHARD SINCLAIR, son of Richard(4), b. in Newmarket, Oct. 6, 1756, m. Oct. 27, 1784, Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Hodgdon, of Barnstead, b. in 1762, d. in Barnstead in 1840. He was a Rev. soldier, enlisted first, July 23, 1776, served as private, drummer, and ensign, until Oct. 27, 1780, after that was selectman and held other minor offices. He res. in Barnstead, d. in Ohio in 1820.

              6. CHARLES GRANDISON SINCLAIR, son of Richard(50, b. in Barnstead, May 4, 1793, m. Jan. 30, 1825, Martha G., dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Giles) Norris, b. in Barnstead, Sept. 12, 1798, d. in Bethlehem, Feb. 1880, Cong. He was a soldier in the war of 1812-15, wounded. Sergt. Merchant. d. Barnstead, July 18, 1834.

                7. JOHN G. SINCLAIR, son of Charles Grandison(6), b. in Barnstead, March 25, 1826, m. first, Oct. 29, 1847, Tamar Merrill, dau. of Col.. Daniel Clark, b. in Landaff, Sept. 2, 1828, d. in L. Feb. 13, 1872, Methodist, m. second, July 10, 1874, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John Pierce (See), b. in Bethlehem, April 9, 1837, Cong. She m. first, Willard A. Blandin. John G. res. in L. from 1870 to 1874. Merchant, and starch and lumber manufr. Representative, Bethlehem, 1852-5-62-3-4-76-7-8; L. 1874. Member Constitutional Convention, 1873. State Senator, 1858-9. Democratic candidate for Gov., 1866-7-8. Delegate to Democratic National Convention, 1868. Bank Commissioner under Gov. Baker. Democratic candidate for Speaker of the House, and in 1876 for U.S. Senator. President L. Musical Association, 1871 to 7 inc. A.F. and A.M. I.O.O.F. He d. in Bethlehem, June 27, 1899. (Sinclair Genealogy, by L. A. Morrison.) Ch. b. in Bethlehem.
                • 8. i. CHARLES ARTHUR, b. Aug. 21, 1848.
                • ii. EMMA PEAVEY, b. Aug. 20, 1851, m. Feb. 12, 1874, Charles J. Fowler, b. Bristol, Feb. 6, 1845, son of Oscar F. and Louisa (Waterman) Fowler, Methodist clergyman. res. Haverhill, Mass.
                • iii. MARTHA AROLINE, b. March 29, 1855, m. Oct. 7, 1885, John W. Weeks, b. Lancaster, April 11, 1860, son of William D. and Mary H. (Fowler) Weeks. Grad. U.S. Naval Academy. res. Newton, Mass.

                  8. CHARLES ARTHUR SINCLAIR, son of John G.(7), b. in Bethlehem, Aug. 21, 1848, m. Nov. 27, 1873, Emma Isabel, dau. of Hiram Jones, b. in Rye, Nov. 27, 1855. (Adopted daughter of Hon. Frank Jones, Portsmouth, her uncle.) Charles was educated in Tilton Seminary, Newbury, Vt., Academy, and Phillips Academy, Exeter, and entered Dart. Coll. but did not grad. He res. in L. from 1870 to 1874. Capitalist and railroad owner. Representative from L., 1873. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1870-1-2. State Senator from 1888 to 1892, and 1894 to 6. Representative from Portsmouth, 1892-3. Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator, 1891 and 1895. Delegate to Democratic National Convention, 1896. A.F. and A.M., K.T. 32 degree A.A.S.R. He d. Brookline, Mass., April 22, 1899. Ch. b. in Portsmouth.
                  • i. GRACE JONES, b. Aug 23, 1874, m. Jan. 1, 1896, Parker Whittemore. res. Roslindale, Mass.
                  • ii. MARTHA SOPHY, b. Aug. 11, 1876, m. Oct. 12, 1897, Sherburn M. Merrill. res. Boston, Mass.
                  • iii. MARY LOUISE, b. Jan. 23, 1879, m. April 20, 1898, John C. Spring in Boston (First Bapt. Ch.),
                  • Mass. res. Newton Centre, Mass.
                  • iv. ELLEN MARIE, b. April 17, 1887, at Portsmouth, res. Portsmouth.

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