History Of Littleton New Hampshire
Edited By James R. Jackson In Three Volumes Vol. III
Genealogy Compiled By George C. Furber Revised And Enlarged By Ezra S. Stearns
Published For The Town By The University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1905


THE genealogy of Littleton was compiled by GEORGE C. FURBER in 1896 and printed in 1897-8.
A fire destroyed the work in 1898 and made necessary a reprint,
which was prepared under the supervision of EZRA S. STEARNS.
The extent of the errata is chiefly due to incorrect material furnished by individuals concerning their ancestry.


[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

    1. LEWIS OLIVER PLACE, son of Jonathan, b. in Bartlett, Oct. 29, 1807, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jesse Wilson, b. in Danville, Vt., Aug. 30, 1809, d. in L. Nov. 1885. He res. in L. from 1845 until he d., April 21, 1879. Laborer. Baptist. Republican. Co. C, 15th N.H. Inf. Private. Ch.
    • i. BETSEY, b. Carroll, Aug. 1836, m. 1858, Curtis C. Munsey, engineer. He d. Danvers, Mass.
    • 2. ii. WILLIAM LEWIS, b. Carroll, Oct. 12, 1837.
    • iii. GEORGE, b. Carroll, Dec. 16, 1888, m. first, Mary Jane Morse, d. L. 1875, m. second, Elenora Fisher. res. Bethlehem. Co. G, 2d N.H. Inf.; Co. C, 16th N.H. Inf.; Co. I, 1st N.H.H. Art. Private.
    • iv. ALONZO, b. Carroll, July 24, 1840, m. first, April 24, 1866, Catherine Nurse. Divorced, m. second, 1884, Augusta Rogers. Stone-cutter. res. L. Co. C, 3d Vt. Inf.; Co. C, 16th N.H. Inf.; Co. A, 6th N.H. Inf. Private, trans. to U.S. Navy. G.A.R.
    • v. MARY ANN, b. Bethlehem.
    • v. JESSE WILSON, b. L. April 17, 1846, m. 1882, Eunice Stiles. Farmer. res. Grand Island, Neb. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Private.
    • vii. JONATHAN, b. L. April 13, 1847. Killed at Cold Harbor, Va., June 1, 1864. Co. D, 18th N.H. Inf. Private.
    • 3. viii. JAMES, b. L. Nov. 17, 1848.
    • ix. FRANKLIN, b. L. March, 1850, d. L.

      2. WILLIAM LEWIS PLACE, son of Lewis Oliver(1), b. in Carroll, Oct. 12, 1837, m. Oct. 14, 1863, Christina, dau. of George Sharp, b. in Scotland, Aug. 8, 1841. Free Baptist. He has res. in L. since 1845. Farmer. Free Baptist. Democrat. No ch.

      3. JAMES PLACE, son of Lewis Oliver(1), b. in L. Nov. 17, 1848, m. June 6, 1891, Ellen Louise, dau. of Joseph Mozrall (See), b. in L. Aug. 18, 1871, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. all his life. Mason. Republican. I.O.O.F. Ch.
      • i. JAMES LEWIS, b. L. June 26, 1892.

    1. LOREN PLANT, son of Joseph, b. in Canada, Aug. 2, 1813, m. Lucinda, dau. of Philip Flanders, b. in Canada, Nov. 14, 1822, d. in L. Sept. 23, 1877, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1854 until he d., Feb. 19, 1887. Laborer. Ch.
    • 2. i. AUGUSTUS, b. Barnston, P.Q., Oct. 31, 1841.
    • 3. ii. AUSTIN, b. Barnston, P.Q., Nov. 14, 1844.
    • iii. SUSAN, b. Barnston, P.Q., April 27, 1846, m. Augustus Josiah French (See).
    • 4. iv. HENRY D., b. Canada, 1855.
    • v. SELENA, b. Derby, Vt., m. Henry Cheney. (Divorced.)
    • 5. vi. LORENZO, b. Canada, Nov. 18, 1855.
    • vii. EMELINE, b. Canada, July 16, 1861, m. Charles W. Potter (See).
    • viii. EMILY, b. Canada, July 16, 1861, m. Charles Kay, machinist. res. Laconia.

      2. AUGUSTUS PLANT, son of Loren b. in Barnston, P.Q., Oct. 31, 1841, m. Aug. 4, 1870, Mellie, dau. of Joseph Blake, b. in Beebe Plain, Vt., Aug. 13, 1847. He has res. in L. since 1853. Farmer and contractor. Prohibition. Ch.
      • i. CORA MAY, b. L. June 23, 1872, m. Edwin W. Carr (See).

      3. AUSTIN PLANT, son of Loren(1), b. in Barnston, P.Q., Nov. 14, 1844, m. Ellen, dau. of Joseph Le Bounty, b. in Waterville, C.E., July 22, 1854. He has res. in L. since youth. Laborer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
      • 6. i. HENRY AUSTIN, b. July 18, 1870.
      • ii. MARY ELLEN, b. July 18, 1871.
      • iii. CARRIE BELL, b. Aug. 12, 1878.
      • iv. SUSIE AUGUSTA, b. Oct. 10, 1885.
      • v. MYRTLE OLA, b. June 7, 1888.

      4. HENRY D. PLANT, son of Loren(1), b. in Canada in 1855, m. July 25, 1880, Lucy, dau. of Lewis Strong, b. in St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 25, 1853. She m. first, ---- Fletcher. Henry has res. in L. since 1864. Farmer. Advent. Democrat. No ch.

      5. LORENZO PLANT, son of Loren(1), b. in Canada, Nov. 18, 1855, m. Matilda, dau. of David C. Knapp, b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., July 17, 1856. Advent. He has res. in L. since youth. Mason. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. BERTHA MAY, b. Oct. 14, 1886.
      • ii. CORDELIA F., b. April 1, 1889.
      • iii. MABEL, b. July 24, 1891.
      • iv. EDWARD KENNEY, b. Sept. 30, 1895.

        6. HENRY AUSTIN PLANT, son of Austin(3), b. in L. July 18, 1870, m. March 15, 1888, Marcia, dau. of Russell George (See), b. in Dalton, May 26, 1869. He has res. in L. all his life. Laborer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. CORLIE, b. Dec. 18, 1888.
        • ii. MABEL, b. Aug. 1, 1890.
        • iii. LESLIE, b. Oct. 1, 1892.
        • iv. WARREN E., b. July 8, 1894.

    1. MILO CARREE POLLARD, son of William, b. in Ryegate, Vt., Dec. 24, 1841, m. Jan. 2, 1871, Climena, dau. of Moses Blakslee (See), b. in L. June 29, 1843, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1874. Farmer. Cong. Republican. Selectman, 1887-8. Board of Health, 1888. Treasurer Town School Board, 1895. Co. C, 15th N.H. Inf. Private. G.A.R. Ch.
    • i. GERTRUDE ELIZA, b. Monroe, Oct. 29, 1871, m. June 26, 1895, Frelan W. Gray, glover. res. L.
    • ii. CARRIE MABEL, b. L. April 18, 1875. res. L.

    1. JOSEPH PORTER, b. in Randolph, Mass., Jan. 31, 1780, m. Jan. 30, 1805, Emma Parker. He d. in Lyman in 1856.

      2. HARRISON PORTER, son of Joseph(1), b. in Lyman, Sept. 15, 1812, m. first, Emily, dau. of Elijah Knapp, m. second, Mary H., dau. of Daniel Knapp. He d. in Lancaster, Sept. 10, 1868.

        3. HENRY HARRISON PORTER, son of Harrison(2), b. in Lyman, Jan. 17, 1840, m. June 17, 1877, Annie S., dau. of Dr. Robert Burns(7) (See), b. in Plymouth, Nov. 21, 1852. She d. in L., March 17, 1900. He has res. in L. since 1876. Glove salesman. Methodist. Republican. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. I.O.O.F. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. CLEMENTINE B., b. June 26, 1878. Student Smith Coll., 1901.
        • ii. ELIZABETH L., b. Jan. 10, 1880.

    1. CHARLES WARRINGTON POTTER, son of Andrew, b. in Winhall, Vt., July 16, 1861, m. Aug. 15, 1881, Emeline, dau. of Loren Plant (See), b. in Canada, July 16, 1861. He res. in L. from 1890 until he d., July 3, 1897. Laborer. Republican. Ch.
    • i. HELEN LUCINDA, b. Burlington, Vt., March 31, 1882.
    • ii. CHARLES AUSTIN, b. Winhall, Vt., Jan. 18, 1884.
    • iii. RAY ALLEN, b. L. April 21, 1890.
    • iv. PEARL INA, b. L. March 26, 1892.

    1. CLARK WILLISON POWERS, son of Henry H., b. in Newfane, Vt., June 3, 1824, m. Aug. 27, 1845, Clarissa E., dau. of Noah Allen, b. in Burke. Vt., Sept. 15, 1823, Baptist. He res. in L. from 1876 until he d., Feb. 3, 1891. Farmer. Democrat. Co. H, 4th Vt. Inf. Private. Ch. b. in Danville, Vt.
    • 2. i. SCOTT W., b. May 2, 1852.
    • ii. ALLEN, b. Jan. 2, 1854.
    • iii. CLARK, b. Feb. 2, 1866. Violin repairer. res. Boston, Mass.
    • iv. SURVALLIN, b. Nov. 24, 1857, m. Maggie Brower. Machinist. res. Waterbury, Conn.
    • v. WILLIE, b. Oct. 29, 1859, m. June 19, 1883, Nellie M. Williams. Stonecutter. res. Hardwick, Vt.
    • vi. ROSETTA, b. Aug. 1, 1861. unm. res. Haverhill.
    • 3. vii. ABEL R., b. May 10, 1863.
    • viii. FLORA, b. Aug. 25, 1866, m. John Thompson, farmer. res. Bethlehem.
    • ix. HENRY, b. Nov. 28, 1889, m. Etta Conway. Printer. res. Boston, Mass.

      2. SCOTT W. POWERS, son of Clark Willison(1), b. in Danville, Vt., May 2, 1852, m. first, May 1, 1875, Sarah, dau. of John C. Quimby (See), b. in L. March 21, 1855, d. in L. May 21, 1891, Cong, m. second, Oct. 14, 1893, Nellie, dau. of David Noonan, b. in Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 26, 1861, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1872. Carpenter. Cong. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. JESSIE, b. June 9, 1877, d. L. Sept. 16, 1893.
      • ii. MYRTIE E., b. July 19, 1879, m. Geo. C. Burnham (See).
      • iii. HARLAND, b. June 26, 1882.

      3. ABEL R. POWERS, son of Clark Willison(1), b. in Danville, Vt., May 10, 1863, m. July 12, 1891, Lizzie Jane, dau. of Jacob Benton, b. in Thornton, Feb. 16, 1866, Baptist. He has res. in L. since 1876. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. FORREST RAY, b. Sept. 18, 1893.
      • ii. WINNIE ELLA, b. Aug. 19, 1896.
      • iii. WILMER FRANCELLA, b. Aug. 19, 1896, d. Oct. 1, 1895.

    4. MATTHIAS POWERS, son of Matt, b. in Ireland, March 31, 1820, m. Aug. 12, 1844, Joanna O'Brien, dau. of William, b. in Ireland, Aug. 12, 1823. He came to this town 1853, and remained six years, returning in 1883. He res. here until his death, Dec. 17, 1898. Farmer Catholic. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. MARY, b. Ireland, Aug. 12, 1846.
    • ii. FANNY, b. Bath, Jan. 11, 1852, m. June 21, 1876, Charles H. Dudley, res. Danvers, Mass. He d. Aug. 19, 1896. She m. second, Sept. 4, 1897, Milo A. Jewett, M.D. (See). One son by first marriage, Charles H. Dudley, now a student Dart. Coll.
      • iii. THOMAS, b. L. Oct. 19, 1853.
      • iv. MARGARET, b. L. June 7, 1866, d. Oct. 16, 1874.
      • v. ALICE ELIZABETH, b. L. May 11, 1868.
      • vi. MAURICE, b. Newbury, Vt., March 4, 1860, d. May 2, 1865.
      • vii. ALICE, b. Newbury, Vt., Feb. 8, 1862. Teacher. res. L.
      • viii. MATTHEW, b. Newbury, Vt., Aug. 16, 1883. Laborer. res. L.

    1. TYLER JOSEPH PRATT, son of Perry, b. in Holland, Vt., Feb. 14, 1843, m. March 17, 1868, Sarah S., dau. of Levi Applebee, b. in Holland, Vt., March 17, 1842, Cong. He res. in L. from 1874 to 1894. Harness maker and auctioneer. Republican. I.O.O.F. d. in Concord, Feb. 14, 1895. No ch.

    1. WILLIAM PRESBREY, b. in London, Eng., about 1690, m. about 1725, Hannah Smith. He came to America about 1712, and settled in Taunton, Mass., where he d. about 1771.

      2. JOSEPH PRESBREY, son of William(1), b. in Taunton, Mass., about 1732,(?) m. Mary Baker. He was a carpenter. res. in Taunton, Mass., where he d. about 1807.

        3. ELISHA PRESBREY, son of Joseph(2), b. in Taunton, Mass., about 1756, m. about 1780, Welthea Wilbur. He was a carpenter. res. in Taunton, Mass., Westmoreland, Lyman, and Lisbon, where he d.

          4. SAMUEL PRESBY, son of Elisha(3), b. in Taunton, Mass., Sept. 7, 1785, m. in 1808, Eunice, dau. of Job Wilbur, b. in Westmoreland in 1789. He was a farmer. res. in Lyman and Lunenburg, Vt., where he d., Aug. 4, 1856. He wrote the name Presby.

            5. SAMUEL BAKER PRESBY, son of Samuel(4), b. in Lyman, March 22, 1813, m. Oct. 16, 1839, Rhoda Merrill, dau. of Daniel Merrill Waite, b. in New Hampton, May 4, 1808, d. in Lisbon, April 12, 1888, Methodist. He res. in L. from 1839 to 1874. Farmer. Methodist. Republican. d. in Lisbon, Aug. 26, 1884. Ch. b. in L.
            • i. SARAH KELLEY, b. Aug. 21, 1842, m. Aug. 3, 1869, Cephas P. Barrett, carpenter and farmer. res. Lisbon.
            • ii. MIRA RHODA WAITE, b. Aug. 4, 1844, d. Jan. 21, 1846.
            • iii. DANIEL MERRILL, b. Aug. 18, 1847, d. Feb. 6, 1848.
            • 6. iv. JOSEPH WAITE, b. March 9, 1850.
            • v. AUSTIN, b. Jan. 26, 1855, m. Nov. 20, 1894, Mrs. Minnie S. Hardin. Farmer. res. Lisbon.

              6. JOSEPH WAITE PRESBY, son of Samuel Baker(5), b. in L. March 9, 1850, m. July 29, 1875, Isabel, dau. of William Severance, b. in Auburn, July 11, 1858. He res. in L. from birth to 1875. He was educated in L. High School; N.H. Conference Seminary; Boston University; post-graduate studies with Ill. Wesleyan University and Chautauqua University; commenced the study of theology in 1874 in Boston University, and grad. in 1877. He was ordained a Deacon in the Methodist Church, in Dover, by Bishop Peck, April 22, 1877, and an Elder, in Plymouth, by Bishop Foster, April 13, 1879. He has been located as pastor as follows: East Deering, two years; Hillsborough, two years; Peterborough, one year; Brookline, two years; Manchester, First Church, two years; East Rochester, one year; Bird City circuit, Kas., one year; Mystic, Conn., two years; Portland, Conn., two years; Winooski, Vt., one year; Saranac, N.Y., one year; Argyle, N.Y., one year; Crown Point, N.Y., two years: now at Little Silver, N.J. His published works are a pamphlet entitled "Systematic Beneficence," and a tract, both published by the Methodist Book Concern; he has also written several short poems, pub. in "Zion's Herald" and other papers. He was Statistical Secretary of the N.H. Conference, 1881 to 4 inc. J.P. A.F. and A.M. K.P. U.O.A.M. S. of T. I.O.G.T. Ch.
              • i. EDMUND JAMES, b. Deering, Jan. 5, 1878.
              • ii. HAROLD WAITE, b. Brookline, Dec. 6, 1881.
              • iii. OLIN LATIMER, b. Bird City, Kas., Aug. 18, 1886, d. Sept. 1, 1886.
              • iv. CLINTON FISKE, b. Portland, Conn., Aug. 6, 1890.
              • v. AUSTIN BAKER, b. Portland, Conn., Aug. 6, 1890.
              • vi. BERTHA, b. Argyle, N.Y., Aug. 23, 1893.

    1. JOHN P. PRESCOTT, son of John E., b. in L. Jan. 26, 1863, m. June 30, 1883, Mary Adelaide, dau. of Joseph Mozrall (See), b. in L. April 21, 1861, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. all his life. Steward in hotel. Republican. I.O.O.F. Ch.
    • i. FRANK JEWELL, b. L. April 12, 1888.

    2. ERVIN STEPHENS PRESCOTT, son of Stephens, b. in Landaff, Jan. 1, 1872, m. Sept. 5, 1893, Eliza Alethe, dau. of William B. Hurd (See), b. in Lyman, May 7, 1870. He has res. in L. since 1893. Laborer. Democrat. I.O.O.F. K.P., C.C. Ch.
    • i. ERVIN E., b. L. Nov. 16, 1895.

    1. GEORGE S. PRINCE, son of David S., b. in Amherst in 1851, m. Sept. 29, 1875, Ella A., dau. of Ezekiel Cudworth (See), b. in Rindge, Oct. 1, 1852. He res. in L. from 1878 to 1889. Supt. in lumber mill. No ch.

    1. ADAM PRINGLE, son of Adam, b. in Selkirk, Scotland, Dec. 19, 1856, m. April 11, 1882, Selena, dau. of Atward Hart, b. in Cookshire, P.Q., Sept. 29, 1864, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1880. Glover. Ch.
    • i. FLOSSIE, b. Newport, R.I., June 15, 1885 (Adopted).
    • ii. GLADYS J., b. L. April 24, 1894.
    • iii. DONALDA NATALIE, b. L. Sept. 6, 1895.

    1. CHARLES SIDNEY PUSHEE, son of Sylvester, b. in Lyme, March 13, 1838, m. Jan. 1, 1870, Ellen F., dau. of Henry H. Hill, b. in Strafford, Vt., Jan. 1, 1847, Cong. He res. in L. from 1891 until he d., April 21, 1897. Policeman. Cong. Republican. Co. I, 5th N.H. Inf. Wagoner. G.A.R. Ch.
    • i. FRED ALMON, b. Boston, Mass., May 23, 1880 (Adopted).

    1. EDMUND QUESSY, son of Antoine, b. in Nicolet, P.Q., in 1844, m. May 14, 1881, Margaret, dau. of Louis Byron (Bero) (See), b. in Barnston, P.Q., April 18, 1840, d. L. Aug. 30, 1895. She m. first, ---- Belware, Roman Catholic. Edmund has res. in L. since 1875. Laborer. Roman Catholic. Democrat. No ch.

    1. JOSEPH QUIMBY, son of Eben, b. in Salisbury, Dec. 1784, m. Ruth, dau. of Eben Richardson, b. in Lisbon, Oct. 23, 1786, d. in L. March 22, 1874, Baptist. He res. in L. from 1844 until he d., May 4, 1860. Farmer. Baptist. Democrat. Ch. b. in Lisbon.
    • i. LINDA, b. July 27, 1805, m. Elijah Fitch (See).
    • ii. EBEN, res. in New Richmond, Wis. Farmer.
    • iii. LAURA, m. 1834, Chester Stebbins, joiner. He d. 1867. She d. Lancaster, March, 1892.
    • iv. MARY, b. March 27, 1816. m. March 6, 1838, Jonathan Lewis Bailey (See), farmer. He d. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 1894. She d. West Concord, Vt., Jan. 16, 1892.
    • 2. v. JOHN COLBY, b. July 25, 1818. vi. ENOCH, b. June 10, 1820. Farmer. res. New Richmond, Wis.
    • 3. vii. ALDEN, b. Nov. 10, 1823.
    • 4. viii. JAMES MADISON, b. Aug. 4, 1826.

      2. JOHN COLBY QUIMBY, son of Joseph(1), b. in Lisbon, July 25, 1818, m. April 1, 1845, Jane C., dau. of Amos Rowell (See), b. in Bath, July 17, 1823, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1836. Farmer. Cong. Deacon. Democrat. Representative, 1859-60. Selectman, 1874-5. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. ELLA, b. March 9, 1848, m. William Burns Bowman(20) (See).
      • ii. SARAH, b. March 21, 1856 m. Scott W. Powers (See).
      • 5. iii. JOHN HARVEY, b. Dec. 4, 1856.
      • 6. v. HENRY WALTER, b. Dec. 12, 1859.

      3. ALDEN QUIMBY, son of Joseph(1), b. in Lisbon, Nov. 10, 1823, m. first, March 4, 1848, Edna Jane Head, b. Sept. 26, 1829, d. in Upper Stillwater, Me., March 9, 1856, m. second, May 25, 1869, Emile, dau. of Samuel Gibson, b. in Lyman, April 15, 1844. Divorced, and she m. second, Royal D. Rounsevel (See). Alden m. third, Nov. 12, 1881, Mary Abbie, dau. of Daniel Gilman Smith, b. in Dover, Nov. 4, 1837, Methodist. She m. first, Norman G. Smith (See). Alden res. in L. from 1844 until he d., Jan. 8, 1886. Station agent at L., 1856 to 1885. Democrat. Co. I. 1st N.H.H. Art. 2d Lieut. G.A.R. I.O.O.F. Ch. by w. Edna Jane.
      • i. HELEN MARIA, b. L. 1848, m. first, May, 1868, Henry Richardson, painter. res. Lancaster, m. second, Elihu Burritt Smith. She d. Hot Springs, Ark., Nov. 30, 1881.

      4. JAMES MADISON QUIMBY, son of Joseph(1), b. in Lisbon, Aug. 4, 1826, m. March 20, 1849, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Simon Eggleston, b. in Northfield, Vt., April 6, 1831. She d. L. Aug. 30, 1898. He has res. in L. from 1844 to 1864, and since 1887. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. CHARLES JOSEPH, b. L. Oct. 20, 1860, m. Oct. 1870, Martha Ann Francis. Machinist. res. Waterville, Me.

        5. JOHN HARVEY QUIMBY, son of. John Colby(2), b. in L. Dec. 4, 1856, m. first, Oct. 14, 1878, Mattie, adopted dau. of Nelson C. Farr, b. in L. in 1859, Cong. Divorced, m. second, Sept. 6, 1887, Mary Emma, dau. of John Steele, b. in Manchester, Sept. 29, 1856. He has res. in L. nearly all his life. Farmer. Democrat. No ch.

        6. HENRY WALTER QUIMBY, son of John Colby(2), b. in L. Dec. 12, 1859, m. Oct. 17, 1881, Nellie Eliza, dau. of Aaron D. Fisher (See), b. in L. Oct. 31, 1861. He has res. in L. all his life. Clerk. Democrat. No ch.

    7. OBED BOWLES QUIMBY, son of Ira, b. in Lisbon, Jan. 18, 1838, m. Oct. 4, 1849, Emily, dau. of David W. Gordon, b. in Lancaster, July 21, 1828, d. in L. March 20, 1896, Advent. He has res. in L. since 1885. Carpenter. Advent. Democrat. Ch.
    • 10. i. JUDSON MONROE, b. Dalton, July 16, 1860.
    • ii. FLORINA H., b. Dalton, Dec. 23, 1861, m. June 10, 1879, Fred Bowles, farmer. She d. Lisbon, Aug. 7, 1880.
    • iii. EMILY V., b. Dalton, June 8, 1853, m. Nov. 19, 1876, Gilbert Aldrich, farmer. She d. Lisbon, June 8, 1885.
    • iv. HILAND B., b. Dalton, Oct. 18, 1864, m. about 1876, Carrie Nichols. Clergyman. He d. Bristol, Vt., May 31, 1882.
    • v. ARIDA H., b. Dalton, Feb. 3, 1866, m. Nov. 10, 1880, Willard Smith, farmer. res. Lisbon.
    • vi. FENELLA, b. Lisbon, March 12, 1858, m. Frank Eugene Bowles (See).
    • vii. LORENZO D., b. Lisbon, Oct. 29, 1859, m. about 1884, Kate Oakes. Real estate agent. res. N.Y. City.
    • viii. GEORGE G., b. Lisbon, March 28, 1861. res. N.Y. City.

    8. JAMES B. QUIMBY, son of Ira, b. in Lisbon, Oct. 23, 1832, m. Jan. 11, 1893, Harriet, dau. of Moses Burnham, b. in Forks, Me., June 18, 1848, d. in L. Dec. 30, 1895, Cong. She m. first, Ezra Kenison. James res. in L. from 1886 until he d., June 4, 1893. Carpenter. Advent. No ch.

    9. IRA QUIMBY, son of Ira, b. in Dalton, Oct. 9, 1841, m. Aug. 12, 1864, Emily Jane, dau. of David Young, b. in Colebrook, June 15, 1843. He has res. in L. since 1874. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. b. in Lisbon.
    • 11. i. LEEOWN, b. May 16, 1865.
    • ii. LEORA JANE, b. May 4, 1867, m. Joseph Lakeway (See).
    • iii. EDA MAY, b. Feb. 1, 1869, m. Nov. 20, 1886, George W. Hoyt, glover. res. L.
    • iv. EMON DAVID, b. July 21, 1871, m. Dec. 14, 1895, Kate Sedgell. res. L.

      10. JUDSON MONROE QUIMBY, son of Obed Bowles(7), b. in Dalton, July 16, 1850, m. first, July 16, 1873, Nellie, dau. of George Nichols, b. in North Anson, Me., Oct. 4, 1849, d. in L. Jan. 17, 1896, Advent, m. second, April 29, 1897, Emma H. Dean, b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., in 1850. He has res. in L. since 1882. Carpenter. Advent. Democrat. Ch. by w. Nellie.
      • i. ERNEST HOWARD, b. N.Y. City, Feb. 15, 1890 (Adopted).

      11. LEEOWN QUIMBY, son of Ira(9), b. in Lisbon, May 16, 1865, m. Dec. 18, 1894, Cora, dau. of George Edmund Bartlett (See), b. in L. March 30, 1869. He has res. in L. since 1874. Farmer. Free Baptist. Democrat.

    12. ALBERT HUTCHINS QUIMBY, b. in Barnet, Vt., Dec. 13, 1831. m. March 27, 1855, Catherine Balch, dau. of James Dow (See), b. in L. Feb. 27, 1833, d. in L. July 13, 1865. He res. in in L. from 1852 until he d., Sept. 4, 1866. Mauufr. 5th N.H. Inf. Musician. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge. I.O.O.F., N.G. Ch., b. in L.
    • 18. i. FRANK ALBERT, b. April 4, 1858.
    • ii. CATHERINE ALICE, b. July 8, 1864, m. Charles Edward Wright (See).

    13. FRANK ALBERT QUIMBY, son of Albert Hutchins(12), b. in L. April 4, 1858, m. Emma, dau. of Hon. Peter Sinclair, member of Parliament, P.E.I. He res. in L. from 1858 to 1876. Book-keeper. Ch.

    14. DANIEL QUIMBY, son of Samuel, b. in Franconia, May 30, 1827, m. Feb. 1, 1852, Ann, dau. of Aaron Pinney, b. in Alexandria, April 6, 1837. He has res. in L. since 1888. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. GEORGE, b. Franconia, Dec. 14, 1853, m. first, April, 1877, Inez Thayer, d. May, 1886, m. second, 1887, Nellie Staples. Farmer. res. L.
    • ii. ELLEN, b. Whitefleld, March 6, 1855, m. Oct. 1, 1881, Fred Gleason, farmer. res. Franconia.
    • iii. ESTHER, b. Franconia, May 6, 1859, m. Oct. 1880, William Aulis, mason. res. Franconia.
    • iv. Lucy, b. Franconia, July 6, 1866.
    • v. FREEMAN, b. Franconia, Aug. 18, 1869.
    • vi. LILLIAN, b. Franconia, June 11, 1871, m. May 30, 1893, Arthur Williams, hotel employee. res. Orlando, Florida.
    • vii. BLANCHE, b. Franconia, Feb. 13, 1875.

    15. THADDEUS QUIMBY, son of Luther, b. in Franconia, Dec. 14, 1840, m. Martha Jane, dau. of David Streeter, b. in Easton, Feb. 28, 1847. d. in L. Oct. 7, 1896. He has res. in L. since 1893. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. DAVID LUTHER, b. Dalton, July 7, 1866, m. Feb. 28, 1888, Rhoda Robinson Simes. Farmer. res. Lisbon.
    • ii. MIRINDA ANN, b. Lancaster, Aug. 21, 1866, m. Elisha Sweet(2) (See).
    • iii. ELFREDA MAY, b. Franconia, Aug. 28, 1869, m. Oct. 6, 1885, Harry E. Kay. res. Bethlehem. (Divorced Sept. 27, 1893.)
    • iv. WILLIAM HENRY, b. Franconia, June 11, 1876.

    16. ANDREW M. QUIMBY, came to L. in 1840, where he res. about four years. He then moved to Lowell, Mass., where he d. It is reported he m. in Lowell. Shoemaker. Appointed Postmaster of Pingreeville (North Littleton), Jan. 3, 1842.

    17. SILAS EVERARD QUIMBY, son of Rev. Silas, b. in Haverhill, Oct. 19, 1837, m. July 10, 1862, Anna W., dau. of Rev. Orange Scott. He was educated in the N.H. Methodist Conference Seminary and Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., where he graduated in 1859. He was ordained Deacon in Tilton in 1862, and Elder in Keene in 1865. He taught Greek and mathematics in Newbury, Vt., Seminary from 1859 to 1863, when he was given charge of the Methodist church in L. for the year 1863-4. In April, 1864, he returned to the Newbury, Vt., Seminary, as Prof. of Greek and mathematics, where he remained until 1867. Since then his ministry has been as follows: Lebanon, 1867-8; Plymouth, 1869-70; Exeter, 1871-2-3; Sunapee, 1874-5-6; Tilton, 1877; President of the N.H. Conference Seminary, Tilton, 1878 to 1885; Whitefield, 1886-7; Laconia, 1888-9; Newmarket, 1890; Exeter, 1891-2-3; Rochester, 1894; Penacook, 1895-6; Salem, Pleasant St., 1897-1900; Sec. of N.H. Conference, twenty years. Twice elected Delegate to the Methodist Gen. Conference. Ch.
    • ii. CARL NOYES.
    • iii. MABEL ALICE.
    • iv. ERNEST SCOTT.
    • v. ANNA LUCY, deceased.

    1. WALTER ALBERT RAINEY, son of John, b. in Canada, Oct. 7, 1860, m. Nov. 3, 1884, Mary Ann, dau. of Robert Symes, b. in Canada, April 23, 1865, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1880. Glover. Episcopal. Republican. I.O.0.F. C.P., L. Encampment. No ch.

    1. ROBERT RAND, b. in Middletown, Conn, m. Hepsibah Atkins. He d. in Middletown, Conn.

      2. HAMLIN RAND, son of Robert(1), b. in Middletown, Conn., about 1786, m. Harriet Sprague, descended in the sixth generation from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins; their granddaughter, Ruth Alden, having m. Samuel Sprague. Harriet d. in Bath in 1822. Hamlin res. in Bath and Lisbon. He d. in North Charlestown, Aug. 12, 1836. Ch. b. in Bath.
      • i. HARRIET SPRAGUE, b. 1817, m. 1848, William H. Cummings, banker and merchant. He d. Lisbon, 1891.
      • ii. HAMLIN A., b. 1818, d. 1822.
      • 3. iii. CHARLES WHITE, b. July 5, 1819.
      • 4. iv. EDWARD DEAN, b. Dec. 26, 1821.

        3. CHARLES WHITE RAND, son of Hamlin(2), b. in Bath, July 5, 1819, m. June 24, 1847, Jane Moore, dau. of Otis Batchelder (See), b. in Bedford, July 28, 1825, Christian Science. He res. in L. from 1842 until he d., Aug. 3, 1874. He grad. from Wesleyan University in 1841, and at once commenced studying law with Hon. Henry A. Bellows. He attended the Cambridge Law School, and was admitted to the Bar in 1844. He commenced the practice of law in L., where he remained until he d. He was connected with the firms of Rand & Farr, and C. W. & E. D. Rand. He was U.S. District Attorney, 1861 to 69; Co. Solicitor, 1855 to 60; Supt. of Schools, 1849; Member of Board of Education, Union District, 1868-9-70; Member Board of Health, 1873; Director L. Savings Bank, 1870-1-2-3; J.P. State; Aid-de-Camp, 4th Div. N.H. Militia, 1845-6-7-8, to Major-Gen. Sullivan G. Hutchins. Universalist. Republican. No ch. (Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer, pp. 105-6.)

        4. EDWARD DEAN RAND, son of Hamlin(2), b. in Bath, Dec. 26, 1821, m. Nov. 12, 1856, Joan Heaton, dau. of Truman Stevens (See), b. in L. in 1830, d. in Lisbon, April 4, 1889. He was educated in Wesleyan University, grad. in 1841, commenced the study of law in New Orleans, La., in 1844, with Lockell & Micon, and Judah P. Benjamin & Micon, and was admitted to the Bar in La. in 1846, and in N.H. in 1855. He res. in L. from 1855 to 1860, and was a member of the law firm of C. W. & E. D. Rand. In 1860 he went to Lisbon, where he res. until he d., Jan. 14, 1885. He was Circuit Court Judge from 1874 to 76; Supt. of Schools in L. in 1857, and in Lisbon; Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, 1868; Prest. N.H. Democratic State Convention, 1878. J.P. Democrat. His printed works comprise several legal papers and published opinions while Judge (56 N.H. Reports); poems published in Chapin's N.H. Poets, p. 252, and others in current periodicals; Selections and Poems, a posthumous publication from his writings in prose and verse, issued by the Lisbon Library Assn. in 1885; Address before Democratic State Convention, 1878; Address and Poem in proceedings of the Grafton & Coos Bar Association. (Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer, pp. 97-8; Biog. by A. S. Batchellor, 1 G. & C. Bar Assn. Proc., p. 223.). Ch.
        • i. KATHERINE E., b. Lisbon, Aug. 19, 1862. unm. Author of "Childhood of an Affinity," and other works of fiction. res. Lisbon.

    1. JAMES RANKIN, b. in Glasgow, Scotland, m. Margaret Witherspoon, of Paisley, Scotland. He came to America about 1776, and settled first in Thornton, then moved to L. in 1791 and purchased the mill, then partially built, and privilege at Pattenville, and 1200 acres of timber land, paying therefor with lands in Thornton. Lumber manufr. Presbyterian elder. Moderator, 1794-5-7-8-1800. Town Treasurer, 1794. Selectman, 1795. Representative, 1798. d. in L. in 1804. Ch. all but David, b. in Glasgow, Scotland.
    • 2. i. JOHN, b. 1757.
    • 3. ii. ANDREW, m. Dorothy French.
    • iii. WILLIAM, m. Olive Brown. res. Brompton, P.Q.
    • iv. HENRY, m. ---- Holbrook. res. Brompton, P.Q.
    • v. JAMES, d. 1820. A.F. and A.M., North Star, No. 8.
    • 4. vi. SAMUEL, m. Aug. 22, 1798, Azubah Whitcomb.
    • vii. MIRIAM, m. Nathaniel Webster (See).
    • 5. viii. DAVID, b. Thornton, 1783.

      2. JOHN RANKIN, son of James(1), b. in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1757, m. in 1790, Lois Whitcher, b. in Methuen, Mass., in 1758, d. in Danville, Vt., Feb. 27, 1841. He res. in Barnet, Vt., from 1790 to 1799, when he removed to Danville, Vt., where he d., Aug. 25, 1845. Farmer. Sheriff. Ch.
      • i. MARION, b. Barnet, Vt., Dec. 11, 1791, m. Nov. 28, 1810, Samuel Ingalls, cabinet-maker. She d. Danville, Vt., July 31, 1866.
      • ii. DAVID, b. Barnet, Vt., Sept. 26, 1793.
      • iii. ABIGAIL, b. Barnet, Vt., Nov. 29, 1795. unm. d. Danville, Vt., Oct. 22, 1827.
      • iv. LOIS, b. Barnet, Vt., May 6, 1798, m. Micajah Lowell. res. Oshkosh, Wis.
      • v. JOHN, b. Danville, Vt., July 31, 1800.
      • vi. ASA K., b. Danville, Vt., Sept. 28, 1802, m. May 30, 1839, Mindwell Rowell. Farmer. He d. Danvers, Ill., May 9, 1864. She d. Sept. 22, 1850.
      • vii. EDWIN, b. Danville, Vt., March 17, 1804. d. Danville, Vt., Nov. 15, 1815.
      • viii. MARIA, b. Danville, Vt., Sept. 3, 1806. unm. d. Danville, Vt., Oct. 22, 1854.
      • ix. LAURA H., b. Danville, Vt., Feb. 20, 1809. Warner Bingham (See).
      • x. SARAH, b. Danville, Vt., July 18, 1812. unm. She d. Danville, Vt., Aug. 6, 1893.
      • xi. HENRY, b. Danville, Vt., Dec. 25, 1814. d. Danville, Vt., April 29, 1815.
      • xii. HORATIO, b. Danville, Vt., Dec. 22, 1816. unm. d. Danville, Vt., May 9, 1890.

      3. ANDREW RANKIN, son of James(1), b. in Glasgow, Scotland, m. Dorothy French, b. in Candia, dau. of Simon French. He res. in L. from 1791 to 1823. Farmer. Moderator, 1804. Selectman, 1799-1801-2-4-9. Representative, 1812. Cong. Deacon, 1816 to 23. Clerk of Church, 1815. Capt. 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, 1817. d. in Windsor, P.Q. Ch.
      • i. JOHN, unm. Farmer. Paymaster 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, 1818. Dep. Sheriff.
      • 6. ii. ANDREW, b. L. Nov. 1, 1796.
      • iii. Simon F., physician. res. St. Anthony, Minn.
      • iv. HENRY, teacher.
      • v. WILLIAM, teacher and farmer.
      • vi. BETSEY.
      • vii. DOROTHY, m. Ithamar Bradley.
      • viii. SARAH, unm. ix. CAROLINE, m. ---- Griggs, d. Anoka, Minn.

      4. SAMUEL RANKIN, son of James(1), b. in Glasgow, Scotland, m. first, Aug. 22, 1798, Azubah Whitcomb, m. second, Margaret, dau. of Richard Peabody(4) (See), b. in Woodstock, Conn., in 1776, d. in 1863. She m. first, David Goodall(6) (See), m. third, ---- Grout. He res. in L. from 1791 to 1818. Farmer. Selectman, 1807-11-12. Ch. by w. Azubah, b. in L.
      • i. DIANTHA, b. Nov. 28, 1799.
      • ii. ORLEAN, b. March 14, 1801.
      • iii. ALMIRA, b. Nov. 18, 1808.
      • iv. SAMUEL, b. Feb. 23, 1804.
      • v. JOANNA, b. Jan. 29, 1806.
      • vi. PHILAMON, b. Sept. 8, 1807.
      Ch. by w. Margaret.
      • vii. ALBERT, unm. Merchant. d. St. Johnsbury, Vt., about 1866. (All the above except Albert d. young.)

      5. DAVID RANKIN, son of James(1), b. in Thornton, in 1783, m. 1808, Persis Daniel, b. in Westmoreland, d. in Haverhill, Ohio, in 1854, Cong. He res. in L. from 1791 to 1845. Lumberman. Selectman. 1813-14-15-16-17-18-19. Representative, 1828-9. Moderator, 1831-3. Candidate for presidential elector on Anti-Masonic ticket, 1832. Major State Militia, 1814 to 1816; Col., 1817 to 1820; Brig. Gen. State Militia, 2d Div. 6th Brig., 1821. d. in Haverhill, Ohio, May 28, 1852. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. CLARISSA DAVIS, b. Jan. 21, 1809, m. Guy Carlton Rowell (See).
      • ii. MELINDA, b. March 21, 1811. unm. d. Bloomington, Ill., Dec. 8, 1888. An eminent New England woman. First Protestant missionary in Mexico, and during a part of the civil war an efficient army nurse at New Orleans. Author of "Texas and Twenty Years among the Mexicans." See an appreciative biography portraying the character and life work of an earnest, resolute woman in "Granite Monthly," Vol. XVI., p. 248, written by her kinsman, Jeremiah Eames Rankin, D.D., LL.D.
      • iii. ELONA, b. 1813, m. 1864, John La Croix, farmer. She d. Haverhill, Ohio, 1890.
      • iv. CHASTINA, b. 1815, d. L. in infancy.
      • v. HARRIET NEWELL, b. 1817, m. May 27, 1840, Thomas H. Kimball, farmer. She d. Brownsville, Texas, 1858.
      • vi. PERSIS D., b. 1819, m. 1850, James Martin, merchant. He d. Ironton, Ohio, 1874. She d. Ironton, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1898.
      • vii. DAVID, b. 1821. unm. Farmer. d. Haverhill, Ohio, 1861.
      • viii. EMILY, b. 1823, m. 1858, Cambridge Culbertson, furnace owner. He d. Ironton, Ohio, 1894.
      • ix. ELLEN, b. 1824. m. 1859, John Butterfield, farmer. He d. Haverhill, Ohio, 1895. She d. Haverhill, Ohio, 1864.

        6. ANDREW RANKIN, son of Andrew(3), b. in L. Nov. 1, 1796, m. Jan. 18, 1824, Lois, dau. of Jeremiah Eames(3) (See), b. in Stewartstown, Aug. 3, 1799, d. in Danbury, Nov. 1, 1866, Cong. He was educated in Andover, Mass., and in Dart. Coll., but did not grad., and subsequently received from that Coll. the honorary degree of A.M. in 1839. He studied theology with Rev. Brown Emerson, of Salem, Mass., and was licensed to preach as a Cong. by the Andover Association, Sept. 22, 1821. Sept. 26 of that year he was commissioned to the Colebrook Station by the N.H. Missionary Society, where he remained until March, 1823. His subsequent charges were in Campton and Thornton from Nov. 8, 1823, to Feb. 4, 1829; Stanstead, P.Q., about seven months; Salisbury, July 11, 1830 to 1832; agent of the N.H. Missionary Society in N.H. and Vt., about four years; agent of the N.H. Temperance Society and editor of a temperance paper about one year; South Berwick, Me., March 6, 1837, to June 1, 1840; agent of the American Tract Society for Me. and N.H. a short period; Chester, Vt., from June 11, 1844, to March 24, 1846, when his health failed and he was obliged to give up active labor as a pastor until 1860, when he took charge of the church in Danbury, where he continued until 1862, when utter prostration compelled him to end his active work. He d. Danbury, Oct. 22, 1862. Ch.
        • i. Lucy Arm b. Thornton, July 12, 1826, m. Aug. 28, 1855, Hon. Sumner Albee. He d. Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 11, 1893.
        • 7. ii. JEREMIAH EAMES, b. Thornton, Jan. 2, 1828.
        • iii. SARAH MARIA, b. Salisbury, Oct. 1829, m. March 24, 1863, Charles A. Flanders. He d. Malden, Mass., Sept. 8, 1868.
        • iv. ANDREW EVARTS, b. Salisbury, June 8, 1831, m. Oct. 11, 1869, Isabel Poland. Lawyer and Clerk of Court. He d. Morrisville, Vt., Jan. 14, 1888.
        • v. Lois ADELINE, b. Salisbury, May 28, 1836. Clerk. res. Washington, D.C.
        • vi. CAROLINE SUSAN, b. South Berwick, Me., Jan. 26, 1840, m. May 5, 1864, Rev. Henry E. Butler, clergyman. res. St. Johns, Mich.

          7. JEREMIAH EAMES RANKIN, son of Andrew(6), b. in Thornton. Jan. 2, 1828, m. Nov. 29, 1854, Mary Howell, dau. of Cyrus Birge, b. in Underhill, Vt., Aug. 9, 1830, by two lines descended from the Pilgrims. He was educated in So. Berwick, Me., Academy, Middlebury, Vt., Coll., where he was made A.B. in 1848, A.M. in 1854, D.D. in 1869, LL.D. in 1889. He commenced the study of theology in Andover, Mass., Theological Seminary in 1851 and grad. in 1854. He was ordained a Cong. clergyman in Stockholm, N.Y., and has been located in Potsdam, N.Y., two years; St. Albans, Vt., five years; Lowell, Mass., Appleton St. Church, two years; Boston, Mass., Charlestown District, five years; Washington, D.C., fifteen years; Orange, N.J., Highland Ave., five years, most of the time as pastor of Cong. churches. Since 1889 he has been Prest. of Howard University, Washington, D.C. His published literary works comprise volumes of sermons and poems, published by D. Lothrop & Co., Boston, Mass., and other houses, and articles in the "Independent," "Congregationalist," "The Advance," "The Christian Advocate," "Our Day," and other publications. He has edited the "Pilgrim Press," and "The Congregational Review," and written secular and national hymns, including "For God and Home and Native Land," "Keep your Colors Flying," and "God be with you till we meet again." He is the author of the "Bridal Ring," Boston, 1866; "Auld Scotch blither," 1873; "Subduing Kingdoms," Washington, 1881; "The Hotel of God," Boston, 1883; "Atheism of the Heart," 1884; "Christ His Own Interpreter," 1884; Hymns, "Pro Patria" and "Ingleside Rhaims," New York, 1887, and "German-English Lyrics," Washington, 1897. He has held the following ecclesiastic positions: Member of Executive Committee and Vice-Prest. of A.M.A.; corporate member of A.B.C.F.M.; twice delegate of Cong. Council to Methodist Triennial Conference, and in 1884 was a delegate from the Cong. Council to the Cong. Union of England and Wales. Other positions held are: Supt. of Schools in St. Albans, Vt., and member of the School Board in Charlestown District, Boston, Mass.; Chaplain of Legislature, D.C.; Trustee of Howard University, Washington, D.C., from 1870 to 78 inc., and Prof. of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology there from 1878 to 84. He has frequently been poet and orator at Coll. commencements, and was orator at the L. Cen. (L. Cen., pp. 14 to 31 inc.) Ch.
          • i. EAMES BIRGE, b. Washington, D.C., Jan. 23, 1856, m. Sept. 11, 1879, Martha Miles. Physician. res. N.Y. City.
          • ii. WALTER NEWTON, b. St. Albans, Vt., Aug. 22, 1857, d. Washington, D.C., May, 1878.
          • iii. MARY FARNHAM, b. St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 12, 1858, m. Nov. 11, 1876, Harvey D. Goulder. res. Cleveland, Ohio.
          • v. ANDREW WYMAN, b. Lowell, Mass., April 7, 1863, d. Lowell, Mass., March 28, 1864.
          • v. EDITH GODCOMB, b. Charlestown, Mass., May 29, 1868. res. Washington, D.C.

    1. LEVI FRANKLIN RANLET, son of Levi, b. in Meredith, Sept. 13, 1798, m. Feb. 26, 1824, Ann Maria, dau. of Robert Gotham, b. in Lancaster, Oct. 10, 1807, d. in Plymouth, Nov. 6, 1879. He res. in L. from 1839 to 1873. Blacksmith. Methodist. Republican. Representative, 1850. d. in Plymouth, Nov. 24, 1873. Ch.
    • 2. i. NOAH WEBSTER, b. Lancaster, Jan. 23, 1826.
    • ii. SARAH GOTHAM, b. Lancaster, July 27, 1831. m. first, Cyrus Willis (See), m. second, Collins M. Buchanan (See).
    • iii. EDGAR, b. Lisbon, Oct. 18, 1838, d. Lisbon, Dec. 12, 1838.
    • iv. HENRY C., b. Lisbon, Oct. 18, 1838, d. L. April 25, 1839.
    • v. CHARLES FRANK, b. L., Oct. 3, 1841, m. July 2, 1866, Mary Osgood. Laborer. He d. L. June 17, 1867. She m. second, Charles H. Applebee (See).
    • vi. GEORGE MAYO, b. L. Feb. 5, 1847, m. April 18, 1870, Mary Leonard. Ice dealer. res. Susquehanna, Penn.

      2. NOAH WEBSTER RANLET, son of Levi Franklin(1), b. in Lancaster, Jan. 23, 1826, m. first, Dec. 8, 1847, Deborah, dau. of Simeon Burnham, b. in Bethlehem, April 21, 1828, d. in L. April 6, 1864, m. second, Sept. 25, 1864, Sarah Emeline, dau. of Hobert Wyatt, b. in Warren, March 30, 1834, Cong. She m. first, George Powers. Noah has res. in L. since 1839. Carriage manufr. Cong. Republican. Fire ward, 1882-3-4-5-6. I.O.O.F. Ch. by w. Deborah, b. in L.
      • i. JENNY L., b. Oct. 11, 1849, m. George Belknap (See)
      Ch. by w. Sarah, b. in L.
      • 3. ii. HARRY WYATT, b. Oct. 24, 1865.
      • iii. ISABEL MAUD, b. Sept. 28, 1868, m. John Bradbury Jarvis (See).
      • iv. FRANK HERBERT, b. May 15, 1872. unm. res. L.

        3. HARRY WYATT RANLET, son of Noah Webster(2), b. in L. Oct. 24, 1865, m. Nov. 27, 1889, Dulcenia Mason, dau. of Joseph S. Frye (See), b. in Waterford, Vt., Dec. 10, 1865. He has res. in L. from 1865 to 1887, and since 1895. Carriage-maker. Grad. Dart. Coll., 1887. Ch.
        • i. WYATT FRYE, b. Spokane, Wash., Dec. 30, 1890.
        • ii. EMILIE, b. L. Oct. 10, 1896.

    4. DANIEL WEBSTER RANLET, son of Charles, b. in Newmarket, Sept. 4, 1842, m. April 29, 1869, Clara Bell, dau. of John C. Morrison (See), b. in Bethlehem, Aug. 11, 1845, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1892. Hotel steward. Cong. Republican. A.F. and A.M. Ch.
    • i. CHARLES TUTTLE, b. Bethlehem, Sept. 30, 1871, m. 1892, Gertrude Tucker. res. St. Johnsbury, Vt.
    • ii. MARY HATTIE, b. Bethlehem, April 27, 1873, d. Oct. 1873.
    • iii. DANIEL MORRISON, b. Laconia, Oct. 25, 1876. First Sergeant Co. B, 9th N.Y., war with Spain. He m. Nov. 25, 1899, Margery Borden.
    • iv. BESSIE, b. Bethlehem, Jan. 22, 1881.

    1. JOHN REAGAN, son of Charles, b. in Ireland, Aug. 1, 1858, m. May 14, 1883, Rhoda, dau. of Peter Duffy (See), b. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., June 10, 1858, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1870. Foreman on railroad section. Roman Catholic. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. MARY, b. June 14, 1884.
    • ii. CHARLES, b. May 12, 1886.
    • iii. JOHN, b. June 10, 1888.
    • iv. JAMES, b. June 18, 1892.
    • v. LEO, b. May 1, 1895.

    1. ABRAHAM REDINGTON and wife Margaret are named in the records of Boxford, Mass., 1645. "He was held in much esteem." He d. in Boxford, Sept. 12, 1697. Six ch.

      2. THOMAS REDINGTON, son of Abraham(1), b. July 25, 1649, m. March 22, 1682/3, Mary Kimball, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Smith) Kimball of Bradford, Mass. He also lived in Boxford, where he d., Jan. 7, 1702/3. Six ch.

        3. THOMAS REDINGTON, son of Thomas(2), b. in Boxford, d. in Lunenburg, Mass., Aug. 10, 1755. He m. Hepsibah Perley, b. Aug. 14, 1699, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Osgood) Perley. He lived in Boxford and Lunenburg, Mass.

          4. BENJAMIN REDINGTON, son of Thomas(3), b. in 1729, m. March 24, 1757, Ruth, dau. of Rev. David Stearns, b. Jan. 3, 1736/7, d. March 14, 1798. He res. in Lunenburg, Mass., and later in Walpole, where he d., Aug. 23, 1811.

            5. THOMAS REDINGTON, son of Benjamin(4), b. in Lunenburg, Mass., March 29, 1766, m. Feb. 21, 1797, Mary Stowell, b. in Worcester, Mass. Oct. 8, 1773, d. in Walpole, Dec. 21, 1825. Merchant. Whig. d. in Walpole, Jan. 26, 1824. (History of Walpole, p. 346.) Ch.
            • i. CHARLES STEARNS, b. Walpole, Jan. 8, 1798, d. Boston, Mass., May 8, 1802.
            • ii. GEORGE THOMAS, b. Walpole, Nov. 27, 1799, d. Boston, Mass., May 17, 1802.
            • iii. WILLIAM EBENEZER, b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 12, 1801, d. Boston, Mass., Jan. 5, 1803.
            • iv. CHARLES THOMAS, b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 16, 1808, d. St. Augustine, Fla., Dec. 21, 1831.
            • v. MARY STEARNS, b. Worcester, Mass., Oct. 19, 1806, m. George Warner Ely (See).
            • 6. vi. GEORGE BENJAMIN, b. Charlestown, Nov. 27, 1808.
            • vii. WILLIAM EBENEZER, b. Charlestown, Sept. 19, 1810, m. Esther Forsaith. Clerk. He d. Boston, Mass., May 1, 1880.
            • viii. FRANCIS CORNELIUS, b. Charlestown, March 28, 1813, d. Charlestown, July 81, 1813.
            • ix. FRANCES ANN, b. Charlestown, March 30, 1814. unm. d. Concord, Nov. 2, 1861.
            • 7. x. HENRY CORNELIUS, b. Charlestown, Nov. 24, 1816.

              6. GEORGE BENJAMIN REDINGTON, son of Thomas(5), b. in Charlestown, Nov. 27, 1808. unm. He res. in L. from 1829 until he d., Dec. 1, 1888. Merchant and scythe manufr. Republican. Fire ward, 1850. Director L. National Bank, 1871 to 1887 inc. Director L. Savings Bank, 1871 to 1888 inc. Director White Mountains Railroad.

              7. HENRY CORNELIUS REDINGTON, son of Thomas(5), b. in Charlestown, Nov. 24, 1816, m. April 30, 1846, Mary Bean, dau. of Stephen and granddau. of Ebenezer Richardson(25) (See), b. in Lisbon. July 20, 1821, Cong. Deaconess. He res. in L, most of the time from 1834 until he d., March 2, 1889. Republican. Merchant and scythe manuf. Ch. b. in L.
              • i. STELLA LOUISE, b. Feb. 8, 1848, m. Charles Leonidas Clay (See).
              • ii. CHARLES THOMAS, b. Feb. 26, 1851, d. L. Jan. 12, 1876.
              • iii. MARY FRANCES, b. Dec. 1, 1852, m. Charles Edward Milliken (See).
              • iv. ISABELLA STEARNS, b. Jan. 12, 1862, m. John Glover Bent (See).
              • v. GEORGE HENRY, b. Dec. 8, 1865, d. L. Nov. 12, 1867.

    1. WILLIAM REDWOOD, son of William, b. in Nottingham, Eng., March 5, 1808, m. June, 1828, Elizabeth Redwood, b. in Nottingham, Eng., in 1805, d. in L. Dec. 13, 1883, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1832. Tailor. Methodist. Democrat. No ch. He d. L. Dec. 18, 1897.

    The name Remich is of German extraction. There is a town of that name in the Duchy of Luxemburg, named in the time of Roman occupation, and probably the family came from that town.

    1. CHRISTIAN REMICH, b. in Eng. or Germany, in 1631, m. about 1654, Hannah ----. He emigrated to America, and was one of the proprietors of Kittery, Me., and was a large owner of land in Kittery, Elliot, and South Berwick, Me., now in the possession of his descendants. He was a surveyor, and for many years Selectman, Treasurer, and Representative. He had four sons, all of whom were fairly well educated, and many of their descendants have become noted men, the most prominent being Chief Justice Morrison Remich Waite. The name is written Remich and Remick. (N.E. Historical and Genealogical Register, Oct. 1893.)

      2. JACOB REMICK, son of Christian(1), b. in Kittery, Me., Nov. 23, 1660, m. first, about 1682, Lydia ----, m. second, about 1690, Mary ----. He was a shipwright and farmer; quite an extensive land owner; selectman many years, and town treasurer about ten years. He res. in Kittery, Me., where he d., June, 1745.

        3. JAMES REMICK, son of Jacob(2), b. in Kittery, Me., Jan. 23, 1701, m. Sept. 1729, Abigail, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Carter) Benjamin of Charlestown, Mass., b. March 23, 1706/7. She m. second, April, 1751, Samuel Henshaw, and res. in Medford, Mass. James res. in Kittery, Me., and Charlestown, Mass. He was probably lost at sea, or d. in a foreign country, about 1746.

          4. DAVID REMICK, son of James(3), b. in Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 22, 1732, m. March 25, 1757, Susanna Whittier of Haverhill, Mass., d. in 1794, ---- a relative of John G. Whittier. David was a 2d Lieut. in the French and Indian War, commission dated May 21, 1759. He was also a Rev. soldier in Capt. Joseph Eaton's Co., Col. Samuel Johnson's Regt. on an expedition to the northward, 1777. d. June 30, 1793.

            5. JAMES REMICK, son of David(4), b. in Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 15, 1760, m. Sept. 10, 1782, Mary Kinsman of Ipswich, Mass., b. Dec. 18, 1762, d. Sept. 19, 1840. He was a Rev. soldier in Capt. Joseph Eaton's Co., Col. Samuel Johnston's Regt., in an expedition to the northward, 1777. He d. Barrington, July 18, 1836.

              6. DANIEL REMICK, son of James(5), b. in Dover, Feb. 22, 1785, m. Dec. 25, 1806, Olive Kelley, b. in Dover, Dec. 22, 1784, d. Jan. 4, 1849. He d. Danville, Vt., June 13, 1827.

                7. SAMUEL KELLEY REMICK, son of Daniel(6), b. in Danville, Vt., Sept. 16, 1815, m. April 19, 1838, Sophia, dau. of Clark Cushman(8) (See), b. in Barnet. Vt.. Oct. 12, 1816, d. in Colebrook, April 2, 1879. He res. in Barnet, Vt., Hardwick, Vt., and in Colebrook, N.H. Hotel-keeper. Republican. d. in Colebrook, Dec. 24, 1878. Ch. all but Kate b. in Hardwick, Vt.
                • i. KATE O., b. Barnet, Vt., Jan. 24, 1839, m. Sept. 30, 1867, Edwin Small, livery propr. She d. Colebrook, Aug. 6, 1894.
                • ii. CHARLES E., b. May 6, 1840, m. June 23, 1868, Mattie C. Chapman. Merchant. Sheriff, Oneida Co., N.Y., and delegate to Dem. Nat. Convention. res. Oneida, N.Y.
                • iii. GUSTUS S., b. April 30, 1842, m. July 22, 1871, Sarah R. Clarendon. Jeweller. res. Colebrook.
                • iv. LOUISE MATILDA, b. Jan. 1, 1845. M. Edgar Aldrich (See).
                • v. MARY SOPHIA, b. Feb. 25, 1847, m. Lewis B. Heald (See).
                • vi. ADA AUGUSTA, b. Nov. 15, 1849. in Sept. 6, 1876, James I. Parsons, lawyer. She d. Colebrook, Dec. 28, 1881.
                • 8. vii. DANIEL CLARK, b. Jan. 15, 1852.
                • 9. viii. JAMES WALDRON, b. Oct. 30, 1860.

                  8. DANIEL CLARK REMICH, son of Samuel Kelley(7), b. in Hardwick, Vt., Jan. 15, 1852, m. first, Feb. 12, 1879, Belle, dau. of Alfred Loverin, b. in Colebrook, d. in L. Sept. 9, 1885, m. second, May 18, 1886, Lizzie Maria, dau. of Benjamin West Kilburn (See), b. in L. Sept. 14, 1854, Cong. He was educated in the common schools and Hardwick Academy, and grad. from the law department of Mich. University in 1878. He was admitted to the Bar at Lancaster, April term, 1878, and at once entered the law firm of Dudley & Remich, where he remained until May 1, 1882, when he moved to L. and became a partner in the firm of Bingham, Aldrich, & Remich. After the retirement of George A. Bingham (See), in 1884, the firm became Aldrich & Remich, which continued in business until Jan. 1, 1889, when Edgar Aldrich (See) retired. He then formed a partnership with his brother, James Waldron Remick (See), under the firm name of Remich & Remick, which continued to Sept. 1, 1890, when Daniel retired to engage in the stereoscopic view business with Benjamin West Kilburn (See). Cong. Republican. Fire ward, 1888. Board of Health, 1895-6. Representative, 1895-6 and 1899-1900. State Senator, 1901-2. Prest. Board of Trade. Director and Prest. of Littleton Shoe Co. Member of Executive Committee, State Law and Order League; has written extensively on temperance and other reforms, and frequently advocates same causes on platforms and before courts and the Legislature. Delivered address 125th anniversary of L. in 1895, and an historical address on "Manufactures," Centennial, 1884. (L. Cen. pp. 282 to 241 inc.) Notary public. J.P. Prest. L. Driving Park Association, 1896. No ch. (Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer, p. 112(3). L. Cen., p. 131.)

                  9. JAMES WALDRON REMICK, son of Samuel Kelley(7), b. in Hardwick, Vt., Oct. 30, 1860, m. Dec. 5, 1888, Mary S., dau. of Nathan Pendleton, b. in Bangor, Me., July, 1864. He was educated in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Colebrook, and grad. from the Law Department of Mich. University in 1882, and the same year was admitted to the Bar in Concord. He was in practice in Colebrook two years, and subsequently in the employ of Aldrich & Remich in L. In 1885 he formed a partnership with Hon. Ossian Ray, under the firm name of Ray & Remick, in L. In 1889 he formed a partnership with his brother, Daniel Clark Remich (See), under the firm name of Remich & Remick, which continued to Sept. 1, 1890, when his brother retired. Since then he has practised alone. Among his writings may be mentioned, Briefs and Arguments reported in N.H. Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 62 to 68, and in the Federal Reporter, notable among which is the one given in full in State v. Saunders, 66 N.H., p. 46. Republican. U.S. District Attorney for N.H. under Prest. Harrison. Board of Health, 1887-8-9. Member Board of Education, Union District, 1895 to date, and president of the Board since 1899. Notary public. J.P. (Child's Grafton Co. Gazetteer, p. 112(3).) Ch.
                  • i. GLADYS, b. L. Oct. 31, 1891.

    10. SIMEON REMICK, b. in Groton, Vt., Sept. 1798, m. May 27, 1827, Hannah R., dau. of Walter Bowman(8) (See), b. in L. in 1800, d. in L. April 10, 1875. He res. in L. from 1827 until he d., Dec. 24, 1869. Farmer. Democrat. J.P. A.F. and A.M., Morning Dawn. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. JOHN S., b. Dec. 29, 1827, d. L. Oct. 26, 1849.
    • ii. WALTER B., b. Sept. 4, 1829, m. Sept. 22, 1852, Diantha L. Hurlburt. Farmer. res. Waterford, Vt.
    • iii. CASSANDRA C., b. July 3, 1831, m. Henry Townsend, peddler. She d. L. April 18, 1878.
    • iv. COZBI F., b. May 12, 1833, m. Hubbard Hadlock (See).
    • v. HANNAH R., b. July 18, 1835, d. L. Aug. 6, 1838.
    • vi. ELVIRA E., b. Aug. 14, 1837, m. Roby C. Towne (See).
    • 11. vii. JAMES WALLACE, b. April 23, 1840.
    • viii. ZADOCK B., b. July 7, 1843, m. Jan. 2, 1869, Alpharetta Williams. Farmer. res. Lyman. Co. D,
    • 13th N.H. Inf., and Co. I, 1st N.H.H. Art. Private.

      11. JAMES WALLACE REMICK, son of Simeon(10), b. in L. April 23, 1840, m. Feb. 25, 1870, Ellen, dau. of Charles Goss, b. in Waterford, Vt., Sept. 28, 1845, Cong. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Cong. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. CORA ELLEN, b. L. Jan. 2, 1871. res. L.

    12. SHADRACH REMICK, b. in Kittery, Me., July 6, 1829, m. Nov. 19, 1854, Julia H., dau. of Rudolphus Chandler (See), b. in Compton, P.Q., Jan. 22, 1838. He res. in L. from 1860 to 1890. Stone-mason. Ch.
    • i. ALMA J., b. Jefferson, Sept. 19, 1856, m. Charles A. Glover (See).
    • ii. ELLA H., b. Jefferson, Aug. 13, 1858, m. Nov. 28, 1881, Walter P. Flanders, glover. He d. L. March 6, 1886.
    • iii. EVA E., b. L. July 26, 1860, m. William Jesse Moore, scale-maker. He d. St. Johnsbury, Vt., March 25, 1894. She m. second, May 27, 1895, Fred E. Clark.
    • iv. ADA E., b. L. June 13, 1862, m. Jan. 12, 1886, William E. Tenney, carriage smith. res. Concord.
    • v. EMMA A., b. L. July 24, 1864, d. March 8, 1884.
    • vi. GRACIE M., b. L. Nov. 1871, d. March 13, 1872.
    • vii. LILLIAN M., b. L. March 12, 1874, m. June 20, 1894, Charles H. Shattuck, druggist. res. Concord.

    1. JOHN SAURIN RENFREW, son of John, b. in Newbury, Vt., Jan. 2, 1864, m. July 13, 1885, Lilla Estelle, dau. of Levi D. Barnard, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., Sept. 1862, Cong. He has res. in L. 1882-3, and since 1885. Merchant. Cong. Republican. Ch.
    • i. EARLE BARNARD, b. South Ryegate, Vt., Jan. 18, 1887.
    • ii. FLORENCE EMMA, b. L. July, 1890.
    • iii. MARION, b. L. Jan. 29, 1897.
    • iv. MABEL, b. L. June 26, 1899.

      2. IRVING CLARK RENFREW, son of John, b. in Peacham, Vt., Aug. 9, 1868, m. June 16, 1891, Hattie Jane, dau. of Henry G. Rollins, b. in Newbury, Vt., Jan. 30, 1869, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1889. Merchant. Cong. Deacon. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. PHYLLIS ESTELLE, b. April 26, 1892.
      • ii. PERCY LAURENCE, b. Nov. 5, 1894. d. April 20, 1898.
      • iii. MARGUERITE ETHEL, b. Nov. 5, 1894.
      • iv. KATHERINE, b. April 24, 1900. d. April 26, 1900.

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