History Of Littleton New Hampshire
Edited By James R. Jackson In Three Volumes Vol. III
Genealogy Compiled By George C. Furber Revised And Enlarged By Ezra S. Stearns
Published For The Town By The University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1905


THE genealogy of Littleton was compiled by GEORGE C. FURBER in 1896 and printed in 1897-8.
A fire destroyed the work in 1898 and made necessary a reprint,
which was prepared under the supervision of EZRA S. STEARNS.
The extent of the errata is chiefly due to incorrect material furnished by individuals concerning their ancestry.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

    1. GEORGE RAYMOND ARMSTRONG, son of Reuben, b. in Fletcher, Vt., Nov. 22, 1851, m. Jan. 5, 1881, Carrie Judson, dau. of Judson Greenleaf Clark, b. in Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 13, 1860, d. in L. Oct. 14, 1895. He m. second, May 14, 1898, Emma Euphemia Dow, widow of Arthur F. Dow. He res. in L. since Sept., 1893. Travelling agent, Western Knitting Mills, Rochester, Mich. Republican. Ch.
    • i. ALDA LILLIAN, b. Springfield, Mass., April 6, 1882.
    • ii. HELEN MARIE, b. Springfield, Mass., July 12, 1883.
    • iii. CARRIE CLARK, b. Springfield, Mass., Nov. 30, 1884.
    • iv. AMES NORMA, b. Springfield, Mass., May 24, 1886.
    • v. MARJORIE PARKER, b. Springfield, Mass., Aug. 12, 1892.
    • vi. GEORGE RAYMOND, b. L. March 23, 1894.
    1. THOMAS ARNOLD, son of Thomas, b. Cheselbourne, Dorset County, Eng., 1599. Came to New England, 1635. Settled at Watertown, Mass. Freeman, 1640. He was fined for neglecting to baptize his children and involved in later contention with the church. About 1655 he removed to Providence, R.I. He was m. in England, and three children came with him to America. He m. second, Phebe Parkhurst, dau. of George and Susanna Parkhurst of Watertown, Mass., by whom he had six children. He d. 1674; she d. 1688. He was deputy, 1666-7-70-1-2.

      2. RICHARD ARNOLD, son of Thomas(1), b. in Watertown, Mass., March 22, 1642. Lived in Providence, R.I. He was deputy thirteen years, Assistant nine years, Speaker of the House of Deputies, Commissioner to establish the northern boundary of the colony, and member of important committees and commissions. He m. Mary Angell, who d. before 1695. He m. second, Sarah ----, who d. 1712. He d. April 22, 1710.

        3. RICHARD ARNOLD, son of Richard(2), b. about 1688, m. Mary Woodward, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Pray) Woodward, who d. 1745. He m. second, Dinah Thornton, dau. of John and Dinah (Steere) Thornton. He lived in Providence and Smithfield, R.I. He d. 1745.

          4. JOSIAH ARNOLD, son of Richard(3) and Dinah (Thornton) Arnold, b. about 1716. Lived at Smithfield, Gloucester, and Providence, R.I. He m. at Smithfield, July 20, 1738, Amy Phillips. Four children. No record of death. She was appointed administratrix of his estate April 22, 1748.

            5. JONATHAN ARNOLD, son of Josiah(4), b. Gloucester, R.I., Dec. 3, 1741, was a physician living in Providence, R.I., and St. Johnsbury, Vt. During the Revolution he rendered distinguished service as surgeon, director of hospitals, and purveyor-general of R.I. He was a deputy to the General Assembly and later an assistant or senator and a delegate to the Continental Congress, 1783. By grant and by purchase he became the principal proprietor of St. Johnsbury, Sutton, and Lyndon, Vt., and had interests in several other Vermont grants. In 1787 he removed to Vermont and soon after established a home in St. Johnsbury, where he d. Feb. 1, 1793. He m. June 19, 1763, Polly Burr; she d. soon after the birth of her seventh child, 1780. He m. second, Alice Crawford, the mother of three children. After his removal to St. Johnsbury, he m. third, 1790, Cynthia Hastings, b. Nov. 26, 1763, dau. of Lemuel Hastings of Charlestown. She m. second, Samuel Ladd of Haverhill, who d. Sept. 22, 1815. She d. Jan. 6, 1838. Ch. by w. Polly.
            • i. AMY, b. March 3, 1764, d. Oct. 13, 1765.
            • ii. AMAZIAH, b. Feb. 5, 1766, d. Nov. 8, 1767.
            • iii. JOSIAH LYNDON, b. April 22, 1768. Dart. Coll., 1788. Tutor Brown University. After the death of his father he removed, 1793, to St. Johnsbury, Vt. He was a gentleman of scholarly attainments. He m. in Plainfield, Conn., Feb. 8, 1795, Susannah Perkins. He d. July 7, 1796. She m. second, Hon. Charles Marsh.
            • iv. POLLY BURR, b. April 23, 1770, d. Oct. 5, 1772.
            • v. WILLIAM C., b. March 24, 1773, m. Nov. 15, 1796, Lucy Gardner.
            • vi. SALLY, b. Nov. 22, 1777, m. Oct. 8, 1797, Hon. James Burrill, of Providence, R.I.
            • vii. ABIGAIL B., b. March 12, 1780, m. Joseph Emerson Dow, the first lawyer of L.(see).
            Ch. by w. Alice.
            • viii. FREELOVE CRAWFORD, b. ----, d. young.
            • ix JOHN CRAWFORD, b. ----, d. young.
            • x. FREELOVE CRAWFORD, b. Nov. 27, 1786, m. Amaziah D. Barber, m. second, Noah Davis, then of Haverhill and later of Albion, N.Y. Their son Noah, b. in Haverhill, 1818, member of Congress and distinguished for eminent service as a Judge, N.Y. courts.
            Ch. by w. Cynthia.
            • xi. LEMUEL HASTINGS, b. Jan. 29, 1792. Dart. Coll., 1811. He studied law with James Burrill, his brother-in-law, and was admitted to the bar of Rhode Island, 1814. He left his profession and engaged in business. He was Governor of Rhode Island, 1831-3, and member of Congress, 1845-7. He m. June 23, 1819, Sally, dau. of Major Daniel Lyman. She d. 1837. He m. second, 1847, Catherine Shannard. He d. June 27, 1852.
    1. MYRON D. ASH, son of David, b. in Sutton, Vt., Jan. 15, 1866, m. Florence, dau. of Albert M. Fuller, b. in L. Aug. 18, 1870. He has res. in L. since 1890. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. SARAH LIZ, b. March 23, 1890.
    • ii. ALBERT L. b. March 25, 1891, d. L. July 23, 1893.
    • iii. RAY, b. Feb. 9, 1892, d. L. Feb. 13, 1892.
    • iv. GRACE MAY, b. March 16, 1896, d. Aug. 12, 1896.
    • v. ----, b. June 1, 1898.
    1. LEWIS ASHLAND, b. in Canada about 1843, m. Oct. 13, 1874, Mary, dau. of Henry Thompson, b. in Canada, April 29, 1853, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1873. Laborer. Roman Catholic. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. MARY ELLEN, b. July 6, 1875.
    • ii. SARAH ANNIE, b. June 30, 1880, d. L. Oct. 13, 1887.
    1. SAMUEL DORWELL ASTELL, son of Joseph, b. in Shipton, P.Q., April 21, 1835, m. July 18, 1857, Harriet, dau. of Anthony James Phelps, b. in Lunenburg, Vt., Dec. 22, 1842. He has res. in L. since 1869. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. HELEN A., b. Waterford, Vt., March 5, 1880, m. Nov. 27, 1879, Arthur N.Hatch, res. Bethlehem, farmer.
    • 2. ii. RALPH BUGBEE, b. Waterford, Vt., Jan. 21, 1862.
    • iii. SAMUEL J., b. Concord, Vt., Oct. 12, 1884. res. McIndoes, Vt. Miller.
    • iv. KATE A, b. Waterford, Vt., May 21, 1867, m. Harry Brown, res. Monroe, farmer.
    • v. WILL A., b. Concord, Vt., Oct. 14, 1868. res. Orange, Mass. Machinest.
    • vi. FRED D., b. L. May 20, 1871. res. L. Brakeman.
    • vii. FRANK M., b. L. Feb. 14, 1873. res. L. Farmer.
    • viii. HATTIE M., b. Waterford, Vt., Feb. 1, 1877, m. Charles E. Carpenter (See).

      2. RALPH BUGBEE ASTELL, son of Samuel, b. in Waterford, Vt., Jan. 21, 1862, m. Dec. 22, 1884, Ellen Lois, dau. of Solon J. Albee(6)(See) b. in L. Sept. 13, 1856. He has res. in L. since 1884. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. FRANCIS LOIS, b. L. Oct. 13, 1891.
      • ii. ROY RALPH, b. L. Oct. 10, 1896.
    1. JOHN ATWOOD, m. in Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 28, 1715, Hannah Bond, b. in Haverhill, Nov. 9, 1696, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Williams) Bond. They lived in Bradford, Mass. He was a shipwright and trader. Seven children.

      2. WILLIAM ATWOOD, son of John(1), b. in Bradford, Feb. 16, 1717/8, m. Dec. 24, 1739, Abigail Runnells; she was deceased, 1743; he m. second, Sarah ----. He lived in Bradford until about 1750, when he removed to southern New Hampshire, probably to Nottingham West, now Hudson.

        3. DAVID ATWOOD, son of William(2), b. in Chester in 1747. res. in Landaff, where he d. in 1809. He was one of four bros., David, Abijah, Jacob, John. He m. Ruth Knight, b. in 1759, d. in 1835.

          4. JOSEPH ATWOOD, son of David(3), b. in Landaff (?), Oct. 13, 1780, d. in Landaff, Oct. 17, 1863. He bore the title of Capt. He was three times m., Sally (?) Kimball, Prudence Chandler, Sally Page Simonds. Prudence was the mother of Benjamin, John C., and Mehitable, w. of Charles E. Clark of Landaff.

            5. BENJAMIN ATWOOD, son of Capt. Joseph(4), b. in Landaff, July, 1814, m. Oct., 1835, Hannah Eaton, dau. of Benjamin Page, b. in Landaff, Nov. 30, 1809. Her ancestors lived in Atkinson and neighboring towns. d. in Sugar Hill (Lisbon), Aug. 23, 1894. He res. in L. from 1855 to 1887. Farmer. Selectman, 1866-7-8-9. J.P. d. in Sugar Hill (Lisbon), Dec. 22, 1891. Ch. b. in Burke, Vt.
            • i. AMELIA FRANCES, b. May, 1889, d. Burke, Vt., Aug. 1840.
            • ii. LYDIA PAGE, b. Sept. 6, 1842, m. March, 1860, Manson Bowles, farmer. She d. L. May 7, 1882. He d. Burnham, Me., Sept. 4, 1883.
            • iii. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 18, 1845, m. March 31, 1868, Leonard Bowles, res. Lisbon, farmer.
            • iv. EMMA JANE, b. April 22, 1847, d. L. March 29, 1863.
            • 6. v. JOHN MARSHALL, b. April 8, 1850.

              6. JOHN MARSHALL Arwoon, son of Benjamin(5), b. in Burke, Vt., April 8, 1850, m. Sept. 17, 1870, Evedna, dau. of Amos Brown, b. in Landaff, Oct. 8, 1855. He has res. in L. since 1874. Farmer and lumber manufr. Democrat. Ch.
              • i. ALBERT BENJAMIN, b. Easton, Aug. 20, 1873. res. L. Clerk.
              • ii. HARRY MARSHALL, b. Easton, Sept. 26, 1875. res. L.
              • iii. JESSIE MABEL, b. L. Jan. 2, 1879.
              • iv. COLLOSSA DELIA, b. L. Jan. 9, 1889.
    7. WILLIAM MARTIN ATWOOD, son of Moses Kimball, b. in Landaff, Oct. 11, 1829, m. Sept. 27, 1855, S. Maria, dau. of Henry Palmer (See), b. in Chatham, Oct. 30, 1833, Methodist, d. in L. July 3, 1893. He res. in L. from 1854 to 1882. Laborer. Democrat. d. in L. Nov. 23, 1882. Ch.
    • i. GEORGE NELSON, b. L. Sept. 15, 1858, m. April 16, 1881, Nettie Smith. He d. L. Jan. 18, 1883. Railroad conductor. She, second, m. Edward Fogg, and, third, Charles Cook.

    8. STEPHEN WEBSTER ATWOOD, son of Moses Kimball, b. in Landaff, March 25, 1831, m. first, July 21, 1855, Julia H., dau. of William Hutchins, b. in Bath, Nov. 1, 1838, m. second, July 29, 1890, Adelia Hopkinson, dau. of Joseph D. Stott, b. in Andover, Mass., May 10, 1844. He res. in L. from 1854 to 1875. Jeweller. Democrat. Co. D, 13th N.H. Regt. Private. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. HELEN R., b. Oct. 14, 1855, m. first, Nov. 15, 1876, Richard Sutton, printer, m. second, June 11, 1880, Fremont Whetton, res. Hyde Park, Mass., railroad employee.
    • ii. GEORGIA, b. and d. in L.
    1. VICTOR AUDIBUT, son of Joseph, b. in Quebec, May, 1858, m. June 18, 1882, Mary, dau. of Joseph Houle, b. in Canada, Oct. 14, 1854, Roman Catholic. He has res. in L. since 1881. Glove-maker. Roman Catholic. Ch. b. in L.
    • i. MARY LOUISE, b. June 2, 1884.
    • ii. HECTOR, b. Aug. 15, 1885.
    • iii. VIRGINIA, b. Oct. 26, 1887.
    • iv. HENRY, b. Feb. 7, 1888.
    • v. ANNIE, b. Aug. 16, 1889.
    • vi. FRED, b. March 25, 1892.
    • vii. JOSEPH, b. April 1, 1894.
    1. GEORGE CUTTING AUSTIN, son of James, b. in Lowell, Mass., Aug. 27, 1848, m. Sept. 1, 1869, Mary Ann, dau. of Israel Young, b. in Landaff, Feb. 2, 1846, Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1881. Clerk. Methodist. Prohibition. Ch. b. in Landaff.
    • i. JAMES, b. Aug. 14, 1871, m. Dec. 23, 1891, Alice T. Stevens. res. Lyndonville, Vt. Railroad brakeman.
    • ii. FLORA MARY, b. Sept. 17, 1876. res. L.
    2. LOREN JONES AUSTIN, son of Henry Ingersoll, b. in Mexico, Me., Dec. 28, 1834, m. Jan. 21, 1883, Ellen Josephine, dau. of William H. H. Millen (See), b. in L. Aug. 10, 1845. She was formerly w. of Robert C. Whiting (See), Cong. Delegate to Nat. W. C. T. U. Convention, 1895, and well known as a writer and advocate of the principles of that organization. He res. in L. from 1889 to 1894. Lumber manufr. Prohibition. d. in Portland, Me., May 26, 1894.
    1. LOREN RICHARDSON BAGLEY, son of Samuel, b. in Orange, Vt., May 23, 1845, m. Feb. 20, 1869, Eliza Lorilla, dau. of Robert Clough, b. in L. Feb. 25, 1849. He has res. in L. since 1869. Carriage manufr. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. AUSTIN, b. L. Jan. 12, 1878.
  • 1. JOHN BAILEY, from Chippenham, Co. Wilts, England, came in the ship "Angel Gabriel," leaving Bristol, April, 1635. The ship was cast away at Pemaquid, now Bristol, Me., Aug. 15, 1635. He was a weaver and farmer, living in Salisbury and Newbury, Mass. He d. Nov. 2, 1651. His will is dated Oct. 28, 1651, and inventory filed Nov. 12, 1651.

      2. JOHN BAILEY, son of John(1) b. about 1613, came with his father, m. Eleanor Emery, dau. of John, Senior. Lived in Newbury, where he d. March, 1691. Widow Eleanor d. 1700; administration, Dec. 23, 1700.

        3. ISAAC BAILEY, son of John(2), b. 1654, m. June 13, 1683, Sarah Emery, b. Feb. 26, 1660, dau. of John Emery, Jr. She d. April 1, 1694, m. second, Sept. 5, 1700, Rebecca Bartlett, b. May 23, 1661, dau. of Richard Bartlett, Jr. He d. about 1740. He was of Newbury.

          4. JOSHUA BAILEY, son of Isaac(3), b. Oct. 30, 1685, m. Feb. 4, 1706, Sarah Coffin, dau. of Stephen. Lived in Worth's Lane, Newbury. He d. Oct. 6, 1760. In his will he names six sons, and son Jacob was then styled "of Hampstead, N.H." His dau. Abigail was the wife of Col. Moses Little, for whom Littleton was named.

            5. GEN.JACOB BAILEY, son of Joshua(4), b. in Newbury, Mass., July 19, 1726, m. Oct. 16, 1745, Prudence, dau. of Ephraim Noyes, b. in Newbury, Mass., April 10, 1725, d. in Newbury, Vt., June 1, 1809. He was one of the first settlers of Newbury, Vt., where he d. March 1, 1815. Brig. Gen. in Revolutionary War. He had ten children, the oldest being Ephraim(6). (Hemenway's Hist. Gaz. (Vt.), Vol. II. pp. 919.)

              6. EPHRAIM BAILEY, son of Gen. Jacob(5), born in Newbury, Mass., Oct. 1, 1746, m. first, in 1768, Hannah Fowler, who d. in Newbury, Vt., May 3, 1781, m. second, in 1781, Lucy Hodges, who d. in 1836. He res. in L. from 1792 to 1811. He removed from Newbury, Mass., with his parents, to Hampstead in 1748, and in 1764 to Newbury, Vt., he being one of the original proprietors of that town and Haverhill. Served in the Rev. War, was at Bennington and Saratoga as an officer in Warner's Regt. Selectman of L. 1792. Ch. by w. Hannah.
              • i. JACOB, b. Newbury, Vt., March 9, 1769, m. Hannah Chamberlin. res. in Newbury, Vt., part of life. Farmer and carpenter.
              • ii. ABIGAIL, b Newbury, Vt., Dec. 7, 1770, m. Solomon Mann (See).
              • iii. HANNAH, b. Newbury, Vt., in 1772, m. Col. Simeon Stevens. She d. Newbury, Vt., April 21, 1817.
              • iv. ABNER, m. Hannah White. res. Newbury, Vt. Farmer.
              • v. MOSES, m. Lucy Barker.
              • vi. ANNA, b. Newbury, Vt, m. first, Jonathan Tenney, farmer, d. Newbury, Vt., March 19, 1813, m. second, John Ellis, d. March 24, 1859. She d. Chenango, N.Y., Aug. 8, 1832.
              • vii. INFANT, d. young.
              Ch. by w. Lucy.
              • viii. LUCY, b. Newbury, June 16, 1782, m. Sept. 8, 1803, Ezekiel Bailey, farmer and tanner. He d. in 1862. She d. Newbury, Vt., March 1, 1870.
              • ix. ALANSON, b. April 9, 1785, m. Abigail Hutchins.
              • x. MYRA, m. Eben Strong.
              • xi. JOHN HAZEN, b. April 13, 1789, m. Susan Farnsworth.
    7. CYRUS BAILEY, b. Nov. 2, 1748, was a descendant of the Newbury, Vt., branch of Baileys, m. Abigail Weeks Bedell (widow). He res. in Peacham, Vt., most of his life, d. in L. May 29, 1822.

      8. WILLIAM BAILEY, son of Cyrus(7), b. in Bath, Oct. 28, 1775, m. Sukey, dau. of James Williams (See), b. in Methuen, Mass., Sept 2, 1787. He d. in Brompton, P.Q., Feb. 7, 1833

        9. JONATHAN LEWIS BAILEY, son of William(8), b. in Peacham, Vt., Nov. 8, 1808, m. March 6, 1838, Mary, dau. of Joseph Quimby (See), b. in Lisbon, March 27, 1816, d. in Concord, Vt., Jan. 16, 1892. He res. in L. in 1844 and 1853. Farmer. Republican. d. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 1894. Ch.
        • i. INFANT, b. Waterford, Vt., died young.
        • ii. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Waterford, Vt., March 4, 1842, d. April 16, 1843.
        • 12. iii. JAMES HENRY, b. L. May 20, 1844.
        • iv. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Concord, Vt., May 28, 1846, m. June 1, 1871, B. B. Spaulding, res. St. Johnsbury, Vt., farmer.
        • v. WILLIAM H., b. Concord, Vt., April 21, 1850, m. first, Nov. 27, 1874, Jane Hudson, d. Concord, Vt., Oct. 5, 1875, m. second, Aug. 22, 1877, Jennie Hall, d. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Nov. 9, 1888, m. third, June 13, 1889, Ella M. Clough. res. Waterford, Vt. Merchant.
        • vi. JOSEPH QUIMBY, b. Concord, Vt., d. L. Aug. 14, 1853.
        • vii. SUSAN D., b. L. May 20, 1853, m. March 3, 1886, W. A. Roberts, res. St. Johnsbury, Vt., farmer.

        10. HAMILTON M. BAILEY, son of William (8), b. in Peacham, Vt, m. Harriet Maria Burt. He died in Manchester, aged 64 years.

        11. WILLIAM BAILEY, son of William (8), b. in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 18, 1816, m. Sept. 12, 1841, Mariett Andress, dau. of William Barnes, b. in Claremont, Nov. 12, 1820, Cong. He res. in L. from 1842 to 1869, now res. in Lincoln, Neb. Merchant. Cong. Republican. Ch. b. in L.
        • i. WILLIAM ANDRESS, b. Nov. 28, 1842, d. L. April 9, 1845.
        • ii. EDWARD CORBIN, b. April 14, 1844, d. L. Aug. 22, 1849.
        • iii. EDWIN B., b. Sept. 25, 1846, d. L. Aug. 27, 1848.
        • iv. ELLEN J., b. April 23, 1849. unm., res. Lincoln, Neb.
        • v. ISABELLA ADELIA, b. Sept. 5, 1861, d. L. April 2, 1863.
        • vi. EDGAR A., b. April 15, 1854, m. Nov. 25, 1878, Fannie A. Bailey. Manager wholesale clothing house. Res. Rapid City, So. Dak.
        • vii. HENRY E., b. July 13, 1856, m. March 1, 1881, Mary A. Shepard. Real Estate. res. Chicago, Ill.
        • 14. viii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b. June 22, 1860.

          12. JAMES HENRY BAILEY, son of Jonathan L.(9), b. in L. May 20, 1844, m. Nov. 16, 1881, Mary Maroa, dau. of James Clough, b. in Lyman, Jan. 3, 1853, Methodist. He res. in L. at three periods and since 1874. Merchant. Democrat. Selectman, 1883-6-90-1. Commissioner L. Village District, 1891-5-6-7. Director L. Savings Bank, 1895 to date. Director L. Natl. Bank, 1895 to date. J.P. A. F. and A. M., Burns Lodge K.T. St. Gerard Com. 32 degree, A.A.S.R. No children.

          13. CLARK M. BAILEY, son of Hamilton M.(10), b. in L. Jan. 6, 1839, m. Sept. 22, 1858, Julia F., dau. of Nehemiah S. Clough, b. in Gilmanton, July 7, 1836, d. in Manchester, June 8, 1892. He res. in L. from 1839 to 1847. Merchant. Ch.
          • i. HARRIET MARIA, b. Manchester, Oct. 20, 1869, d. March 9, 1860.

          14. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BAILEY, son of William(11), b. in L. June 22, 1860, m. Feb. 8, 1882, Minnie Frank, dau. of E. Sumner Bryant, b. in Wareham, Mass., Feb. 19, 1863, Cong. He res. in L. from birth until 1869. Republican. Cong. No children. He was educated in Stevens High School, Claremont; Boston University School of Medicine, and Hahnemann Med. Coll., Phila., grad. from the latter, March 10, 1881. He commenced the practice of med. in Springfield, Vt., from there went to Wareham, Mass., then to Manchester, then to Lincoln, Neb., his present home. He is a member of the following med. societies: American Institute of Homoeopathy; Natl. Soc. of Electro-Therapeutists; Neb. State Homoeopathic Med. Soc.; Mo. Valley Homoeopathic Med. Assn.; Mo. Institute of Homoeopathy (Honorary Member). Official positions held: Chief of Staff of Tahitha Hospital, Lincoln, Neb.; Prest. Neb. Horn. Med. Soc.; Chairman Section of Pedagogy, American Institute of Homoeopathy; Treas. Neb. State Board of Health; member of American Committee for International Homoeopathic Congress, held in London, Eng., July, 1896. He has written a large number of important medical papers pub. in med. journals.
  • 15. MYRON BAILEY, son of Stephen, b. in Hardwick, Vt., April 26, 1824, m. Nov. 2, 1848, Ann Eliza, dau. of Samuel Peters, b. Monroe, April 15, 1822. She d. July 28, 1898. He has res. in L. since 1882. Farmer. Republican. No children.

  • 16. EDSON CLARENCE BAILEY, son of Edwin Franklin, b. in Newbury, Vt., Sept. 3, 1862. unm. He has res. in L. since Feb. 1890. Merchant. Democrat. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge K.T., North Star Com.

  • 17. RICHARD BAILEY came to America from Yorkshire, Eng., in 1635, and was one of a co. to establish the first cloth-mill in America, in Rowley, Mass, m. Edna Halstead. He d. between 1647 and 1650.

      18. JOSEPH BAILEY, son of Richard(17), m. Abigail ----. He res. in Rowley, Mass., now a part of Groveland. Dea, many years until he d., Oct. 11, 1712. Eight ch.

        19. RICHARD BAILEY, son of Joseph(18), b. Sept. 30, 1675, m. Joanna Webster of Bradford, Mass. He d. in 1748. Nine ch.

          20. EBENEZER BAILEY, son of Richard(19), b. in Bradford, Mass., April 16, 1719, m. Sarah Palmer. He d. Nov. 17, 1815. Five ch.

            21. EBENEZER BAILEY, son of Ebenezer(20), b. in Bradford, Mass., in 1740, m. Mehitable Eaton, b. in Haverhill, Mass., d. in Weare in 1818. He d. in Weare, in 1807. Ten ch.

              22. JOSEPH BAILEY, son of Ebenezer(21), b. in Weare, June 19, 1781, m. Hannah Cram, b. in Weare. He res. in Unity, d. in Claremont. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. Rebecca C., m. Josiah Green (See); Infant dau. d. young; Orren; Ithiel, Ucal (twins); John; Robert; Nathan; Ebenezer J.
    1. JAMES BAKER, son of John, b. in Canada, Dec. 31, 1851, m. Dec. 7, 1875, Margaret, dau. of Robert King, b. in Canada, Aug. 10, 1855, Cong. He has res. in L. since 1884. Laborer. Republican. Ch.
    • i. EDGAR O., b. Canada, Oct. 3, 1876, m. Dec. 19, 1898, Sarah J. Curran. He was a soldier in war with Spain.
    • ii. SIDNEY H., b. Canada, Feb. 2, 1878, d. L. Sept. 14, 1888.
    • iii. CHARLES W., b. Canada, Aug. 11, 1879.
    • iv. MABEL G., b. Ely, Vt., Aug. 4, 1881.
    • v. MYRTLE MAY, b. L. Sept. 25, 1885.
    • vi. WILLIAM A., b. L. Nov. 5, 1887.
    • vii. MARGARET E., b. L. Dec. 22, 1895.
    1. SYLVANUS BALCH, son of Benjamin, b. in Keene in 1786, m. first, Catherine, dau. of Capt. Samuel Wetherbee (See), b. in Concord, Vt., Nov. 1793, d. in L. Sept. 19, 1836, Cong, m. second, May 17, 1837, Lydia P., dau. of John Pratt, b. in Orford, Feb. 28, 1799, d. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., May 13, 1880, Cong. He res. in L. from 1828 to 1870. Clothier and farmer. Whig. Cong. Representative, 1833-4-5. Fire ward, 1835-6-7. d. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., Aug. 13, 1880. Ch.
    • i. LAURA O., b. Concord, Vt., June 24, 1820, m. Franklin Tilton (See).
    • 2. ii. JOHN W., b. Concord, Vt., May 20, 1824.
    • iii. ALBERT, b. Concord, Vt., June 9, 1828, d. San Francisco, Cal., April 13, 1895.

      2. JOHN W. BALCH, son of Sylvanus(2), b. in Concord, Vt., May 20, 1824, m. July 23, 1849, Louisa C., dau. of Solomon Stevens, b. Barnet, Vt., June 12, 1827, d. at Marshalltown, Iowa, Feb. 11, 1887. He m. second, Abby Jane Morrison, Cong. He res. in L. from 1828 to 1865. Merchant. Ch. b. in L.
      • i. ALBERT FRANK, b. April 11, 1865, m. Jan. 25, 1888, Nettie McVay. res. Marshalltown, Iowa. Banker.
      • ii. PRINEAS STEVENS, b. April 27, 1867, m. Sept. 20, 1883, Nellie Willigrod. res. Marshalltown, Iowa. Banker.
    1. JOSEPH BALL was a Rev. soldier, enlisted in Mass. when 15 years old. After the war he moved to Concord, Vt., and was the first settler there.

      2. SAMUEL BALL, son of Joseph(1), b. in Concord, Vt., April 17, 1807, m. first, May 10, 1837, Nancy, dau. of Gideon Griggs (See), b. in L. Jan. 16, 1817, d. in L. Aug. 28, 1851, m. second, Mary, dau. of Timothy Green (See), b. in Chelsea, Mass., March 21, 1816, still res. in L. He res. in L. from 1829 until he d., July 19, 1894. Farmer. Republican. Ch. by w. Nancy, b. in L.
      • i. GEORGE, b. Dec. 30, 1839, d. Marysville, Cal., July 15, 1890. Murdered by three negroes.
      • 3. ii. CHARLES, b. July 23, 1842.
      • iii. ELLEN, b. July 21, 1844. unm., d. L. Feb. 11, 1867.
      • iv. ALICE, b. June 13, 1847, m. Nov. 4 , 1873, John B. Pendergast, res. Pueblo, Col., State Agent Life Ins. Co.

          3. CHARLES BALL, son of Samuel(2), b. in L. July 23, 1842, m. Sept. 10, 1868, Emma E , dau. of David Page Sanborn (See), b. in L. March 16, 1849. He res. in L. from birth to 1868, and from 1876 to 1883. Jeweller. Ch.
          • i. PEARL J., b. Lancaster, June 3, 1869.
    1. DAVID and ASA BEARD, sons of David and Hannah (Hayward) Beard, were prominent citizens of Nelson, and were foremost in the early educational progress of the town. Hon. Alvin and Alfred Beard, of Nashua, editors and publishers of the "Nashua Telegraph," were twin sons of Asa. David Beard m. Mary Ingersol. His descendants write the name Bard.

      2. SIMEON INGERSOL BARD, M.D., son of David(1), was b. in Nelson, June 2, 1797. He was in Middlebury College two years, when the death of his father interrupted his studies, and he became the first principal of the Academy in Francestown. Subsequently he studied medicine, graduating at Hanover in Class of 1824. Homceopath. He successfully practised his profession in Hillsborough, Francestown, and in Derby, Vt., where he d. June 10, 1852. He was small in stature, original, independent, and progressive. He m. June 2, 1825, Lucinda Stowe Morse of Hillsborough. They had six children, of whom five d. in childhood or youth.

        3. REV. GEORGE INGERSOL BARD, son of Dr. Simeon Ingersoll(2) b. in Francestown, May 5, 1835, grad. Univ. of Vermont, 1857, Andover Seminary, 1860. He is a Congregational clergyman. Ordained and installed at Waterford, Vt., Oct. 17, 1860; dismissed in Jan. 1866. After successful pastorates in Dunbarton, Meredith, and Orford, he was installed at Walpole, Sept. 17, 1889, and returned to Meredith, 1897. In his earnest labor he has been loved and honored. He m. Aug. 1, 1861, Jerusha Gould Parker, dau. of Ezra Parker (See). Ch.
        • i. HENRY INGERSOL, b. Waterford, Vt., Sept. 15, 1862. res. Kirkland, Ill.
        • ii. GEORGE PARKER, b. Waterford, Vt., Aug. 24, 1865, m. March 25, 1896, Jessie Joslin, res. Bayonne, N.J.
        • iii. MARY PARKER, b. Dunbarton, May 24, 1867, d. Dunbarton, June 16, 1867.
        • iv. HERBERT DRAKELY, b. Dunbarton, Dec. 2, 1868, m. April 30, 1896, Ernestine C. McDuffee. res. Philadelphia, Pa.
        • v. JULIA HOWARD, b. Dunbarton, Jan. 4, 1871, d. Meredith, March 12, 1876.
    1. GEORGE SEYMOUR BARNES, b. in Charlotte, Vt , May 24, 1829, m. first, in 1854, Sarah L. Lamb, b. in Fairfield, Vt., March 19, 1829, d. in Sturgis, Mich., Jan. 7, 1880, m. second, Jan. 12, 1881, Emma Lamb, b. in Fairfield, Vt. He was a Methodist clergyman, pastor of the church in L. in 1861 and 1862, and was engaged in this ministry at the time of the first call for troops in 1861. His participation in the movement to meet the requisition is mentioned in Abbott's "History of the First Regiment," p. 89. He was appointed chaplain of the Seventeenth Regiment, Nov. 4, 1862, and was mustered out April 16, 1863. (See Hist. Seventeenth N.H. Regt.) The next day he was appointed chaplain of the Second Regiment, but declined the commission. He was appointed chaplain of the Twenty-ninth Regiment U.S. Colored Troops, Nov. 19, 1864, and served through the war with the regiment, was wounded at Bermuda Hundred, and mustered out Nov. 6, 1865. He is still engaged to some extent in the ministry, and now resides at Petosky, Mich. In the minutes of the Methodist Episcopal Conference for 1892 he is mentioned among the "supernumeraries" in Michigan. Ch.
    • i. ELLA JOSEPHINE, b. Concord, June 22, 1855, m. March 16, 1876, J. Riley Smith, res. Quincy, Mich., farmer.
    • ii. CARRIE, b. Concord, Dec. 6, 1856, m. Aug. 15, 1881, G. W. Browning, res. Decatur, Mich., druggist.
    • iii. GRACE, b. Peterboro, Oct. 15, 1859.
    1. GEORGE D. BARNUM, son of Charles D., b. in Boston, Mass., May, 1842, m. March 1, 1871, Sophia Eastman, dau. of Prescott Young, b. in Lisbon, July 11, 1843. She has res. in L. since 1885. He never res. in L. Shoe-crimper. Private, Co. C, 12th Mass. Inf.; Co. F, 39th Mass. Inf.; Co. G, 32d Mass. Inf. G.A.R. d. in Auburn, Me., Jan. 22, 1884. Ch.
    • 2. i. CHARLES P., b. Ashland, Mass., Jan. 4, 1872.
    • ii. GEORGE H., b. Ashland, Mass., Nov. 11, 1873.
    • iii. MABEL F., b. Boston, Mass., May 8, 1878. Student Boston Univ., 1901.
    • iv. GRACE A., b. Hyde Park, Mass., Dec. 21, 1879. Student Boston Univ., 1902.

      2. CHARLES P. BARNUM, son of George D.(1), b. in Ashland, Mass., Jan. 4, 1872, m. Aug. 8, 1894, Martha Sophia, dau. of Curtis Bedell (See), b. in Bath, Aug. 3, 1873. He has res. in L. since 1889. Clerk. Republican. K. P. No children.

    1. WILLIAM BARRETT of Cambridge, Mass., was a brother of John of Marlborough, and of Thomas of Cambridge and Marlborough, and possibly of kin to Humphrey Barrett of Concord, and to Thomas Barrett of Braintree and Chelmsford. He was a tailor and lived in Cambridge, near the College. He was a lieutenant in Philip's War, a Selectman 1671 and 1681. He m. Aug. 19, 1656, Sarah Champney, b. 1638, dau. of Richard Champney of Cambridge. She d. Aug. 21, 1661; he m. second, June 16, 1662, Mary Barnard, b. Nov. 7, 1639, dau. of John and Phebe Barnard of Watertown. She d. March 28, 1673; he m. Oct. 8, 1673, Mary Sparhawk, dau. of Nathaniel Jr. and Patience (Newman) Sparhawk. She d. Oct. 27, 1673; he m. fourth, Margaret Bartlett. He d. in Cambridge, March 19, 1689, "aged about 60." Nine of his twelve children survived him.

      2. SAMUEL BARRETT, son of William(1) and Mary (Barnard) Barrett, b. in Cambridge, Feb. 7, 1669-70, m. in Boston, March 8, 1693-4, Sarah Manning. He was a prosperous merchant in Boston and is frequently named in the records. In 1720 he and others were granted leave to build a wharf which bore his name. He d. July 22, 1733; his widow Sarah d. July 29, 1742. They had fifteen children, and among them was Rev. Samuel Barrett, b. Dec. 9, 1700, Harvard Univ. 1721, first minister of Hopkinton, Mass.

        3. GEORGE BARRETT, son of Samuel(2), b. in Boston, June 11, 1706, baptized First Church, June 16, 1706, lived in Hopkinton, where he d. leaving four sons, Aug. 17, 1745. Isaiah Barrett was appointed guardian of the children of his brother George as follows: Manning over 14 years, George about 12 years, James about 10 years, Thornton about 4 years.

          4. THORNTON BARRETT, son of George(3), b. in Hopkinton, Mass., May 20, 1740, with his brother James settled in Winchendon, Mass., 1768. The name of his wife was Abigail. He was a corporal, 1775, in Capt. Abel Wilder's Company, Lexington Alarm, and there is a probable tradition that he served in the last French and Indian war, and was wounded at Fort Edward. He is favorably mentioned from time to time in the records of Winchendon. In 1798 he removed to Bethlehem, where he d. June, 1806; his widow d. Feb. 1816, aged 75. Ch. three b. in Hopkinton, Mass., eight b. in Winchendon, Mass.
          • i. ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 30, 1761, m. Henry Crooks (See).
          • ii. SARAH, bapt. Hopkinton, Mass., 1766.
          • iii. ABIGAIL, bapt. Hopkinton, Mass., 1766.
          • iv. HANNAH, b. May 4, 1768.
          • v. Joan., b. April 26, 1773.
          • vi. JERUSHA, b. March 20, 1775, m. Levi Wheeler (See).
          • vii. THORNTON, b. March 27, 1777, m. ---- Runels, m. second, Abigail Bean; removed with a large family to Penn. His dau. Luissa m. Jedediali Farmer (See).
          • viii. SAMUEL, b. Aug, 9, 1781.
          • 6. ix. JOSEPH, b. July 1, 1783.
          • x. HENRY, b. Dec. 1, 178--.
          • xi. NATHANIEL, b. July 15, 178--. The last figure of date is torn from the record. He came in childhood with the family to Bethlehem, m. Lydia Batchellor, dau. of Nehemiah and Lucy (Hayward) Batchellor of Boxborough, Mass., and sister of Isaac Batchellor, of Bethlehem (See).

            5. JOSEPH BARRETT, son of Thornton(4), b. in Winchendon, Mass., July 1, 1783, res. a farmer in Bethlehem, m. Mary Kenney, dau. of William Kenney. He d. 1858. Ch. b. in Bethlehem.
            • i. THORNTON, b. March 7, 1805, d. Feb. 24, 1812.
            • ii. LAURECTY, b. Jan. 19, 1807, m. Caleb Baker of Bethlehem. He d. Sept. 12, 1870. She d. Sept. 24, 1879.
            • iii. LORINDA, b. Aug. 9, 1812, m. Allen Thompson of Bethlehem.
            • iv. SALLY OAKS, b. Sept. 18, 1815, m. Caleb Bowles (See).
            • v. PERMELIA W., b. May 18, 1819. d. Aug. 17, 1825.
            • 6. vi. JAMES JOHNSON, b. Feb. 8, 1823.
            • vii. JAMES KENNEY, adopted son, b. July 30, 1831, m. Lucretia Goodnow. res. Bethlehem. Selectman. Representative. Proprietor Strawberry Hill House.

              6. JAMES JOHNSON BARRETT, son of Joseph(5), b. in Bethlehem, Feb. 8, 1823, m. Jan. 3, 1845, Lydia Ann, dau. of Isaac Smith (See), b. in Brownington, Vt., Aug. 8, 1821. Advent. He res. in L. from 1855 until he d., Aug. 24, 1885. Insurance agent. Democrat. Selectman, 1859-63. Town Treasurer, 1859-66. Town Clerk, 1857. Moderator, 1866-72. Representative, 1866-68. State Senator, 12th District, 1872. Member School Board, Union District, 1868-70. Notary public. J.P., State. Appointed Adjutant 32d Regt. N.H. Militia, April 5, 1853; vacated, March 7, 1855. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge K.T., St. Gerard Com. Charter member of both bodies, I.O.O.F., N. G. (Child's Grafton Co. Gaz., p. 503.) Ch.
              • 7. i. GEORGE WARREN, b. Bethlehem, July 13, 1846.
              • ii. ALICE ESTELLE, b. Bethlehem, Dec. 22, 1851, d. Bethlehem, Dec. 23, 1853.
              • 8. iii. ALLIEN J., b. L. Sept. 17, 1867.

                7. GEORGE WARREN BARRETT, son of James Johnson(6) b. in Bethlehem, July 13, 1846, m. June 22, 1871, Ella Maria, dau. of Pliny White Taylor, b. in Springfield, Vt., July 10, 1850, Unitarian. He has res. in L. nearly all his life. Insurance agent. Democrat. Notary public. J.P., State. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge K.T., St. Gerard Com. 32 degree A.A.S.R. I.O.O.F. Ch. b. in L.
                • i. EDWARD WARREN, b. Aug. 10, 1872, res. Waltham, Mass.
                • ii. ALICE MARIE, b. Jan. 7, 1874, res. Waltham, Mass., d. Boston, Mass., July 24, 1897.
                • iii. CHARLES HOWARD, b. June 24, 1877, res. Waltham, Mass.

                8. ALLIEN J. BARRETT, son of James Johnson(6), b. in L. Sept. 17, 1857, m. first, May 29, 1880, Ida May, dau. of John Whitcher, b. in Newbury, Vt., Dec. 29, 1861, d. in L. Jan. 21, 1887, m. second, April 2, 1888, Hattie Belle, dau. of Ira Folsom, b. in Lakeport, Sept. 25, 1854. He has res. in L. all his life. Insurance agent. Democrat. A.F. and A.M., Burns Lodge K.T., St. Gerard Com. 32 degree A.A.S.R. Town clerk, 1891 to present time. J.P., State. Notary public. Ch. by w. Ida, b. in L.
                • i. AMANDA JANE, b. May 8, 1881, d. L. Sept. 25, 1881.
                • ii. HARRY HOWARD, b. March 9, 1885. and conducted it a short time until it was burned. In 1853 he returned to L. and bought the "Reporter," which he changed to the "White Mountain Banner," and continued it to 1859. In 1866 he went to Plymouth, where he now resides. In 1879 he established the Grafton County "Democrat," and conducted it five years. He has been connected with the Plymouth "Record" since 1889. Democrat. Town Clerk, Plymouth, 1879. Town Clerk, L., 1861-2-3. J.P. A.F. and A.M. No children.
    9. CHARLES COWEN BARRETT, son of Joseph, b. in Lyman, July 21, 1815, m. Jan. 1, 1852, Fanny Ross, dau. of Amos Rowell (See), b. in L. May 4, 1827, Methodist, now w. of Enoch M. Stratton (See). He res. in L. from 1854 until he d. July 27, 1880. Lumberman. Methodist. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. ADDA EUDELL, b. Lyman, Oct. 6, 1852, m. June 18, 1893, Frank Rehm, res. Boston, plumber.
    • ii. CHARLES IRVING, b. L. Oct. 22, 1857, res. Spokane, Wash.
    • iii. LILLIS, b. L. July 28, 1861, m. Nov. 9, 1884, George Knowles, res. Manchester, farmer. He d. Aug. 1895.
    1. JAMES HERBERT BARTLETT, son of James H., b. in Unity, Nov. 26, 1783, m. Nancy, dau. of Ephraim Farwell, b. in Unity, May 6, 1783, d. in Whitefield about 1848. He was one of the pioneer settlers of Whitefield, where he res. until 1849, when he moved to L. building a log house on the farm of his son Frederick. He worked on his son's farm summers, and winters hunted and trapped wild animals, being a noted hunter. He d. in Manchester while visiting his daughter Caroline, May 17, 1865. Ch.
    • i. CAROLINE, b. Unity, Aug. 9, 1802, m. Charles Chatman, res. Auburn, cobbler.
    • ii. CHARLES L., b. Unity, April 28, 1804, m. Emeline D. Lamphear. Clergyman. He d. Sept. 16, 1861. She d. Lake Faust, Ill., April 16, 1861.
    • iii. ALPHA S., b. Unity, Oct. 24, 1806, m. Feb. 2, 1824, Zelinda Cole, res. Whitefleld, farmer.
    • 2. iv. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS, b. Unity, Dec. 18, 1809.
    • v. SALLY C., b. Unity, May 1, 1812, m. Caleb Hutchins, farmer, res. Manchester. He d. June 17, 1889.
    • vi. EPHRAIM FARWELL, b. Unity, Feb. 22, 1815, m. Vienna Martin. Farmer. Last res. Haverhill. He d. Nov. 1, 1895. She d. Jan. 21, 1888.
    • vii. ELIZA ANN, b. Unity, Aug. 13, 1817, m. Charles Huntoon, res. Manchester, farmer.
    • viii. INCREASE SUMNER, b. Whitefleld, Feb. 19, 1827, d. young, Whitefleld.

      2. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS BARTLETT, son of James Herbert(1), b. in Unity, Dec. 18, 1809, m. Feb. 11, 1830, Clarissa, dau. of Elias Bacon, b. Unity, Jan.. 29, 1812, Free Baptist, d. in L. March 10, 1887. He res. in L. from 1845 until he d., Jan. 23, 1871. Farmer. Free Baptist. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. WARREN L., b. Carroll, May 1, 1832, m. June 6, 1853, Caroline Bemis. Farmer. He d. L. Nov. 12, 1879. Methodist.
      • ii. SARAH A., b. Carroll, May 2, 1834, m. Hiram Gordon (See).
      • 3. iii. GEORGE EDMUND, b. Carroll, Sept. 8, 1838.
      • iv. EDSON, b. Carroll, Nov. 1840. Died young.
      • v. JAMES H., b. Whitefleld, April 2, 1842, m. Sabrina Cameron, res. Goffstown.
      • vi. HOSEA E., b. Whitefleld, May 2, 1844, m. first, Helen Smith, d. Lunenburg, Vt. m. second, Carrie Blakeley, res. St. Johnsbury, Vt.
      • vii. AUGUSTUS N., b. L. March 5, 1848, m. Feb. 8, 1876, Helen Russell. Farmer. He d. L. Jan. 22, 1885. She m. second, Henry E. Bartlett.
      • viii. HENRY E., b. L. April 18, 1848, m. Dec. 1886, Helen (Russell) Bartlett, res. Manchester. Milk-dealer. 1st Lieut. Moore Rifles, N.H. N.G., 1887-8.

        3. GEORGE EDMUND BARTLETT, son of Frederick Augustus(2), b. in Carroll, Sept. 6, 1836, m. first, May 7, 1858, Maria, dau. of Jasper Lewis (See); b. in Dalton, June 7, 1837, d. in L. April, 1864, m second, Feb. 1, 1868, Martha Ann, dau. of Samuel Goodwin (See), b. in L. June 2, 1835. He has res. in L. since 1846. Farmer. Democrat. Ch. by w. Maria.
        • 4. i. GEORGE FRED, b. Dalton, Dec. 15, 1861.
        Ch. by w. Martha Ann.
        • ii. CORA BELL, b. L. March 30, 1869, m. Leeown Quimby (See).
        • 5. iii. WILLIAM HENRY, b. L. Nov. 20, 1872.

          4. GEORGE FRED BARTLETT, son of George Edmund(3) b. in Dalton, Dec. 15, 1861, m. Feb. 20, 1887, Rosanna, dau. of Francis Lakeway, Roman Catholic. b. in Canada, Jan. 15, 1864. He has res. in L. all his life. Laborer. Democrat.

          5. WILLIAM HENRY BARTLETT, son of George Edmund(3), b. in L. Dec. 20, 1872, m. Nov. 20, 1894, Eva May, dau. of George Myron Bemis, b. in L. May 21, 1876. He has res. in L. all his life. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
          • i. FLOYD R., b. L. Sept. 3, 1896.
          • ii. CARRIE MAY, b. L. Aug. 2, 1898, d. Aug. 8, 1898.
    6. FRANK JOHN BARTLETT, son of William Benson, b. in Easton, Nov. 19, 1853, m. Sept. 15, 1878, Rose Abigail, dau. of Amos Cole Morse, b. in Easton, Aug. 4, 1857. He has res. in L. since 1886. Carpenter. Democrat. Ch.
    • i. KARL AMOS, b. Easton, Nov. 11, 1879.
    • ii. FLOSSIE ARDELLE, b. Easton, April 21, 1882.
    • iii. SCOTT WILLIAM, b. Easton, April 26, 1886.
    • iv. ROSS WESLEY, b. L. Sept. 5, 1895.
    1. WARREN BASS, b. in Leicester, Mass, m. Naomi, dau. of Isaac Hall, b. in Walpole. He d. in Bath. Farmer. Methodist. Democrat.

      2 VAN NESS BASS, son of Warren(1), b. in Lyman, July 14, 1832, m. March 27, 1857, Susan Thompson, dau. of Justin Lindsey, b. in Newbury, Vt., in 1841. He was educated in the common schools, the High School, Bath, and Newbury, Vt., Seminary. Learned the trade of printer in Woodstock, Vt. Came to L. in 1850, and worked for Col. F. A. Eastman on the "Reporter" one year. He then purchased the "Advertiser," at White River Junction, and conducted it a short time until it was burned. In 1853 he returned to L. and bought the "Reporter," which he changed to the "White Mountain Banner," and continued it to 1859. In 1866 he went to Plymouth, where he now resides. In 1879 he established the Grafton County "Democrat," and conducted it five years. He has been connected with the Plymouth "Record" since 1889. Democrat. Town Clerk, Plymouth, 1879. Town Clerk, L., 1861-2-3. J.P. A.F. and A.M. No children.
      3. IRA ANDREW BASS, son of Simeon, b. in Lancaster, June 15, 1840, m. Dec. 30, 1871, Deborah Jeannette, dau. of Reuben Phillips (See), b. in Bethlehem, March 8, 1841. Methodist. He has res. in L. since 1871. Farmer. Democrat. Ch.
      • i. EDGAR TRUMAN, b. L. Feb. 6, 1876, d. L. Sept. 8, 1876.
      • ii. SARAH DEBORAH, b. L. Nov. 8, 1879. Adopted.
    The name is Norman. Gilbert Bachelor paid taillage in Normandy in 1195. The name is variously spelled in this country and in England. Several bearing the name were among the early settlers of New England. The early ancestor accompanied William the Norman in the Conquest of England.

    Alexander Batchelder was in Portsmouth in 1652.

    Henry Batchelder was in Ipswich in 1636, came from County Kent with wife and four servants.

    John Batchelder was in Dedham in 1635.

    John Batchelder was in Salem in 1638, from Canterbury, Eng.

    Joseph Batcheller was in Salem in 1636, from Canterbury, Eng., brought wife, one child, and three servants.

    Stephen Batcheller was in Lynn in 1632, came in the "William and Francis " from London; was a preacher.

    William Batchelder was in Charlestown in 1634.

    Coat of arms granted to the Bachelor family of Berks, Eng. Crest: a dragon's head, erased, or, vulned in neck, gu. Bacheler, Bachelor, Bachelour. Crest: a leg, erased, above knee, ppr.

    The principal authorities in relation to this family in its different groups and designations are:
    • Batchelder Genealogy by Avery.
    • Chase's History of Chester, N.H.
    • Eaton's History of Reading, Mass.
    • Fisk's History of Amherst, N.H.
    • Fullonton's History of Raymond, N.H.
    • Kidder's History of New Ipswich, N.H.
    • Batcheller Genealogy by Cushing.
    • Rev. Stephen Bachiler, by Charles E. Batchelder, 1892.
    • Batchelder Genealogy, by Fred C. Pierce, 1898.
    1. Joseph BATCHELLER came to this country from Canterbury, Eng., in 1636, with his w. Elizabeth, one child, and three servants, and settled in that part of Salem now known as Wenham, in Essex Co., Mass. His bro. Henry and family and his bro. John accompanied him. The records of the Huguenot parish of Canterbury, recently published, preserve significant evidence that Joseph Batcheller by descent and kinship was closely identified with the Huguenot people. His ch. were: (1) Mark, slain by the Indians, Dec. 15, 1675; (2) John; (3) Elizabeth, m. James Davis; (4) Hannah, b. 1644, m. John Mariner, April, 1665; (5) Joseph, bap. Aug. 22, 1647, d. 1699. Joseph, the first ancestor in this country, was one of the original members of the church in Wenham, organized Oct. 8, 1644. He was the first representative of Wenham in the Gen. Court, in 1644 (2 N.H. Hist. Soc., 215). In respect to the date of the death of Joseph Batelleller, the histories of Grafton and Sutton are in error. The church record seems to establish that his decease occurred as is stated in the following extract: In the record of a case of church discipline, under date of 11 of the 8 mo., 1647, occurs this passage (p. 84, Wenham Church Records): "In ye mesne space it pleased God to take to himself our brother Batchel, a man wise, moderate, and very able to be helpful in such cases." Says another authority: "He was a prominent and useful man in the plantation" (Hist. of Wenham, pp. 28, 29). He d. in Wenham, March, 1647 (0.S.).

      2. JOHN BATCHELLER, son of Joseph(1), b. in Wenham, Mass, m. first, July 12, 1661, Marah Dennis, d. June 26, 1665, m. second, May 4, 1666, Sarah Goodale, d. March 22, 1729. He d. Dec. 17, 1698.

        3. DAVID BATCHELLOR, son of John(2), b. in Wenham, Mass, m. Susannah Whipple. He was Town Clerk of Wenham, 1744-5-6-7. With him came the change in the orthography of the surname. It had been Batcheller, with an e in the last syllable, but afterwards it was Batchellor, the e becoming o by the peculiar way a was written at that time, thus o o. So the name Lee appeared to be Loo. Batcheller became Batchellor. (Hist. of Sutton, Mass.; Hist. of Wenham, p. 103.)

          4. NEHEMIAH BATCHELLOR, son of David(3), b. in Wenham, Mass., May 20, 1716, m. Sept. 3, 1738, Experience Perham. He was bap. May 27, 1716, admitted to the Cong. Church, Wenham, on profession of faith, Jan. 30, 1737 (0.S.); dismissed by letter to the church in Grafton, Mass., where he afterward res., Dec. 18, 1737. (Hist. of Grafton, Mass., p. 456.)

            5. NEHEMIAH BATCHELLOR, son of Nehemiah(4), b. in Grafton, Mass., Oct. 25, 1741, m. Lucy Hayward, who d. in 1822. He res. in that part of Boxhorough, Mass., which was formerly a part of Stow, and held many public offices in both towns. Rev. soldier. Lexington alarm, Capt. Wm. Whitcomb's Co., Col. James Prescott's Regt., three days. Second Lieut. first Co. raised in Stow, July 2, 1776. Capt. Silas Taylor's 3d Co., same rank and Co. as above, 4th Middlesex, commissioned July 5, 1776. Chosen by first Co. in Stow Second Lieut. Capt. Hayward's Co., Col. Thatcher's Regt. from 4th Middlesex Regt. Second Lieut. Capt. Robert Cutting's Co., Col. McIntosh's Regt. R.I. alarm, one month and thirteen days service, Gen. Lovell's Brigade, R.I. service. (Mass. Rev. Records.) He d. in 1822. His dau. Rebecca m. Elijah Woolson (See). His dau. Lydia m. Nathaniel Barrett (See).

              6. ISAAC BATCHELLOR, son of Nehemiah(5), m. Mary Wetherbee, b. Nov. 7, 1770, and d. June 6, 1858. She m. second, John Holman. Isaac was one of the first settlers of Bethlehem, coining there from Mass. at the end of the last century; was prominent in the affairs of the infant town, having been moderator, selectman and collector. He d. by accident in the prime of life, in Bethlehem, June 6, 1803. The Isaac Batchellor farm in Bethlehem was constituted of Lot 4, and the w. part of Lot 5, R. 3. His dau. Mary m. John Burt (See).

                7. STILLMAN BATCHELLOR, son of, Isaac(6), b. in Lancaster, Mass., April 15, 1793, m. first, April 9, 1820, Pamelia, dau. of Levi Wheeler, b. in Bethlehem, Feb. 8, 1799, d. in Royalston, Mass., Nov. 4, 1833, m. second, Oct. 29, 1835, Mary Jane, w. of Rev. Stephen H. Cutler (See), and dau. of Isaac and Mercy (Priest) Smith (See), b. in Brownington, Vt., Oct. 21, 1808. She m. third, Joel Bronson (See). She d. in L. Dec. 11, 1893. Her paternal grandfather served in Ashley's N.H. Reg. in the Rev. War, and her maternal grandfather, Joel Priest, in Bedel's Rangers, and Scammell's N.H. Regt. of Continental Line. She was a lineal descendant from Thomas Cushman of Plymouth Colony and his w. Mary Allerton, the last survivor of the Mayflower Co. Lineage is: (1) John Smith, Watertown, Mass.; (2) Thomas Smith, Watertown; (3) Jonathan Smith, Watertown; (4) Capt. Jonathan Smith, Middleboro, Mass.; (5) Jonathan Smith, Sr., Surry; (6) Maj. Samuel Smith, Brownington, Vt.; (7) Isaac Smith, Brownington, Vt. (See). The Cushman lineage is: (1) Robert; (2) Elder Thomas; (3) Rev. Isaac; (4) Ichabod; (5) Experience, dau. of Ichabod, m. Jonathan Smith(19) (See) of Surry. (Cushman Genealogy, 135.) Stillman came to Bethlehem at an early age with his parents, served in the War of 1812-15 in the 3d Regt. N.H. Detached Militia, full term of the Regt. Collector, 1843. Democrat, and later a Van Buren Independent and Free-Soiler. Name appears on records of M. E. Church, Bethlehem, in 1828; was prominent in that church to 1858, when he identified himself exclusively with the M. E. Church of L., which he had aided in establishing. He was Steward and Trustee of the Bethlehem church most of the time for thirty years. As Bethlehem and L. formerly constituted one circuit, he worshipped at each place by alternate Sundays, and contributed to the support of both churches for many years. He res. on the farm now known as the Glessner place, on West Hill, Bethlehem, from early manhood until his death, except from the autumn of 1859 to the spring of 1861, when he was in L. He d. in Bethlehem, May 12, 1863. (Obituary by Rev. S. B. Quimby in "Zion's Herald and Wesleyan Journal," July 15, 1863.) Ch. by w. Pamelia, b. in Bethlehem.
                • i. WILLIAM C.
                • ii. NEHEMIAH.
                • iii. STILLMAN.
                • iv. BETSEY ANN WHEELER.
                • v. LEVI WHEELER.
                The above five ch. d. in the epidemic of scarlatina in 1832. Ch. by w. Mary Jane, b. in Bethlehem.
                • vi. JENNETT CUTLER, b. Aug. 19, 1836, m. Ralph Bugbee(7) (See).
                • vii. CHARLES WILLIAM, b. Oct. 28, 1838. unm. Farmer. Co. D, 13th N.H. Inf. Sergt. d. Point Lookout, Md., July 2, 1864, from wounds received at Proctor's and Kingsland Creeks.
                • 8. viii. ALBERT STILLMAN, b. April 22, 1850.

                  8. ALBERT STILLMAN BATCHELLOR, son of Stillman(7), b. in Bethlehem, April 22, 1850, m. Aug. 5, 1880, Harriet Anna, dau. of Allen Amasa Copeland (See), b. Almena, Mich., member L. Cong. Church, educated in LaCrosse, Wis., High School. He has res. in L. since 1864. Educated in the common schools of Bethlehem and L.; Newbury, Vt., Seminary; Stanstead, P.Q., Academy; N.H. Conf. Seminary, Tilton. Grad. Dart. Coll. 1872. Commenced study of law in 1872 with H. & G. A. Bingham, and completed studies third year, 1874-1875, with G. A. Bingham; admitted to the Bar at Haverhill, March term, 1875, and was then employed as attorney by G. A. Bingham until the appointment of the latter to the Bench in Aug. 1876; continued business alone in the same office until Sept. 1, 1877, when he formed a partnership with Charles W. Bolles, as Batchellor & Bolles, which continued until April 1, 1879; continued business alone until July 1, 1879, when, with Harry Bingham and John M. Mitchell, the firm of Bingham, Mitchell, & Batchellor was formed. This firm continued business until July 1, 1882, when William H. Mitchell joined it, and it was for a time Bingham, Mitchells & Batchellor, and later, from Jan. 1, 1885, John M. Mitchell having withdrawn to give more exclusive attention to the Concord business, the L. firm was constituted of Harry Bingham, A. S. Batchellor, and W. H. Mitchell, by the continued firm name of Bingham, Mitchell & Batchellor. On the decease of Harry Bingham, senior member of the firm, in September, 1900, the business was continued by Mr. Batchellor and W. H. Mitchell, under the firm name of Batchellor & Mitchell. Public positions held have been: Supt. School Committee for town of L., 1873-4-5; member Board of Education, Union District, 1873 to 1880, inc.; Assistant Clerk, State Senate, 1875; Representative three terms, 1877-8, annual, and 187981, biennial; Executive Councillor, 1887-9, administration of Gov. Charles H. Sawyer; Trustee of N.H. State Library, 1888-1898; Editor of State Papers since 1890; Justice L. Municipal Court since 1895; Trustee of L. Public Library most of the time since its establishment, and since 1896 Prest. of the Board; Chairman of Committee on Town History; Prest. L. Musical Assn., 1884-1885; A.F. and A.M., Master Burns Lodge, 1883; D. D. G. M., Fifth Masonic District, 1885; K. T., St. Gerard Com.; 32 degree A.A.S.R.; Greek letter society in Dart. Coll., K. K. K., and Primarius of same, 1881 and '97; Prest. of Alumni Assn., N.H. Conference Seminary, 1885-90; Prest. of Dart. Class of 1872 since 1892. The Legislative Reports in the official publications and daily papers of the sessions of 1877-8-9 contain abstracts of his discussions of numerous measures in the Legislature. Briefs and legal arguments in cases in which he and his firm have been engaged are cited in N.H. Reports, Vols. 58 to 68. Many papers in more general literature have emanated from him. Some of the best known of these are: "Report on the Schools of L., 1875;" "Hist. of the Class of 1868, N.H. Conference Seminary, 1885;" "Edward Dean Rand," memorial address before G. & C. Bar Assn., 1886; "Relations of the Town and the State," historical address L. Cen. 1884; "The Profession of Medicine in L.," a historical review, 1887; "The Administration of the Law in Grafton Co.," a historical sketch in Child's Gaz. of Grafton Co., 1886; "Joseph Emerson Dow," the first lawyer settled in L., "Granite Monthly," 1887;" Jeremy L. Cross,"a biographical sketch," Granite Monthly," 1887; "Report of a Committee of the Executive Council on the revision of the record of N.H. Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion," 1889; "The Publication of Early State and Province Papers." a report to the Executive Council, 1889; "The Call to Arms in 1861, and the Response at L.," Memorial Day address, pub. in Abbott's Hist. First N.H. Reg., 1890; "The Public Library as a Barrier against Useless and Vicious Literature,'" an address at L., 1892; "The War Album in the State House," a historical and biographical paper, Vol. 16, "Granite Monthly," 1894; "John Farr," a memoir, G. & C. Bar Assn., 1894; "The Administration of L. D. Barrows and George J. Judkins," a historical address at the semi-centennial of the N.H. Conference Seminary, 1895;" Fraternal Organization as an Element in the Development of the New England Towns," a historical address at Lebanon, 1896; "Report for the Board of Trustees of the N.H. State Library," 1896; "The Development of the Courts in N.H. from the Province Period," a historical review, Hurd's N. E. States, their Constitutional, Judicial, Educational, Commercial, Professional, and Industrial History, 1897, Vol. IV., pp. 2295-2315; The same condensed in a contribution to the New York Medico-Legal Journal, 1899; "Notes on the Political and Constitutional Development of the State from Provincial Conditions," N.H. State Papers, Vols. XIX, Xx, XXI., XXII.; "Outline of the Institutional History of the Towns of N.H.," Preface, Vol. XXIV., State Papers; "The Historical Antecedents of the Controversy over the N.H. Grants," Preface, Vol. XXVI., State Papers; "The Importance of the Masonian Element in N.H. History," Preface, Vol. XXVII., State Papers; "The Masonian Proprietary, and their Methods of Administration," Preface, Vol. XXVIII., State Papers; "The Relation of the Masonian Papers to the Documentary History of New Hampshire." Preface to Vol. XXIX, State Papers; "Notes on the Military Annals of New Hampshire, with special reference to the Regimental Histories," Chapter XXXVIII., Kent's History of Seventeenth Regiment, 1898." A Brief View of the Influences that moved in the Adoption of the Federal Constitution by the State of New Hampshire," annual address before the Grafton and Coos Bar Assn., at Berlin, 1899; same in Appendix, Proceedings N.H. Bar Assn., 1900: "The Establishment and Development of a Modern New England Town," address at the centennial of the incorporation of the town of Bethlehem, 1899. Since his appointment as editor of State Papers he has brought out eleven vols. of the series, and has three more in active preparation. He has also been identified in an official capacity with many other publications, notably, "The Dartmouth Magazine," 1871-1872; "The Littleton Centennial," 1887; "The N.H. Historical Society Proceedings," Vol. I.; "L. Municipal Reports;" "The G. & C. Bar Assn. Proceedings," and the "N.H. Revised Record of Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion." Ch. b. in L.
                  • i. STILLMAN, b. Dec. 1, 1882.
                  • ii. BERTHA, b. Nov. 17, 1884.
                  • iii. FRED COPELAND, b. June 21, 1887. (Change of name, Laws of 1805, p. 485.)

    1. STEPHEN BACHILER, b. in England, 1560, Oxford, 1586, Vicar of Wherwell, Hants, 1587-1605, emigrated to New England, landing at Boston, June 5, 1632. He founded the town of Hampton, 1638, and was the first pastor of the church and minister of the town. About 1654 he returned to England, where he d. 1660, in the 100th year of his age. (Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy; Dow's History of Hampton.")

      2. NATHANIEL BATCHELLER, b. and d. in England.

        3. NATHANIEL BATCHELDER, son of Nathaniel(2), b. in England, 1630, was an early resident of Hampton. He m. Dec. 10, 1656, Deborah Smith, who d. March 8, 1675; m. second, Oct. 31, 1676, Mary (Carter) Wyman, b. July 24, 1648, dau. of Rev. Thomas Carter and widow of John Wyman, of Woburn, m. third, Oct. 23, 1689, Elizabeth Knill, widow of John Knill. He d. in Hampton, Jan. 2, 1710.

          4. STEPHEN BATCHELDER, b. in Hampton, March 8, 1675, m. Aug. 25, 1698, Mary Dearborn, b. May 6, 1678, dau. of John and Mary (Ward) Dearborn. He was a soldier in the Indian wars and a life-long resident of Hampton. He d. Sept. 19, 1748.

            5. JOHN BATCHELDER, son of Stephen(4), b. Aug. 24, 1699, m. March 18, 1725, Elizabeth Moulton, b. Sept. 10, 1699, dau. of Josiah and Elizabeth (Worthington) Moulton, of Hampton. He lived near Little Boar's Head.

              6. NATHANIEL BATCHELDER, Son of John(5), b. May 26, 1726, m. Nov. 6, 1746, Abigail Philbrick, b. Jan. 16, 1729, dau. of Nathan and Dorcas (Johnson) Philbrick, of Hampton and Rye. He removed (says Genealogy) to Nottingham. Perhaps Deerfield.

                7. NATHANIEL BATCHELDER, son of Nathaniel(6), date of birth and record of marriage not found. Soldier in Continental Line

                  8. JAMES BATCHELDER, son of Nathaniel(7), was a physician, lived in Bath and Lyman. His first wife was Elizabeth Marston. He m. second, Hannah Southworth, who d. in Lyman, 1813.

                    9. OTIS FREEMAN BATCHELDER, SON of Dr. James(8), m. May 25, 1824, Lucretia Labaree, b. in Charlestown, Dec. 27, 1794, dau. of Benjamin and Hannah (Farwell) Labaree, and sister of the wife of Isaac Abbott, and a sister of Benjamin Labaree, president of Middlebury College. She was a granddaughter of Peter Labaree, who was captured by the Indians in Charlestown, 1754. In his youth Otis lived a few years in L. He was an apprentice of Peter Bonney, a tanner. For several years succeeding his marriage he lived in Bedford, returning to this town in 1835. He was a tanner, and subsequently he conducted a shoe store. In later years he wrote the name Otis Batchelder. He d. May 24, 1869; his wife d. Dec. 31, 1866. Selectman, 1849. Universalist. Republican. I.O.O.F., N.G.A.F. and A.M., Morning Dawn and Burns Lodge. Ch. b. in Bedford.
                    • i. JANE MOORE, b. July 28, 1825, m. Charles White Rand (See).
                    • ii. LUCRETIA, b. March 12, 1827, m. Charles White Brackett (See).
                    • 10. iii. GEORGE FREDERIC, b. Jan. 18, 1829.

                      10. GEORGE FREDERIC BATCHELDER, son of Otis(9), b. in Bedford, Jan. 16, 1829, m. Oct. 10, 1855, Amelia E., dau. of Joseph Beane, b. in Lyme, July, 1837. He came to L. with his parents in 1835, and remained here most of the time until he was 17. Attended public and private schools in L. during that period. At the age of 18 attended St. Johnsbury Academy, and in Oct., 1848, engaged as clerk with Burbank & Langdon, Montpelier, Vt., remaining there four years. In J852 went to Passaic, N.J., and taught school about three years. In 1855 returned to L., and bought the store of J. W. Balch (brick store), running it until 1857, when he sold, and removed to Faribault, Minn., where he was engaged in mercantile business 18 years. At different times was Trustee of School Board, Dea. Cong. Church, Supt. Sunday School, Co. Commissioner, Regent State University, and Trustee of the State Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Institute. Was a member of the Minn. Senate in 1868-9. In 1874 he sold out, and moved to Chicago, where he was partner in the machinery house of Greenlee, Batchelder, & Co., one year. In 1879 he moved to Leadville, Col., and made a careful study of the mining business, and has ever since been interested in it. In 1888 he removed with his family to Denver, Col., his present home. In 1889 Mr. Batchelder joined with others in organizing the Col. Mining Stock Exchange, and was elected Prest. the first year, during which time work was commenced on the beautiful building known as the Mining Exchange. Republican. Cong. Since the age of 10, Mr. Batchelder has written verses. Among them are " loan Lee," "Jacob Strouse," and "The Flag." His latest is a metrical letter to the Littleton committee, describing his old home of fifty years ago as he remembers it. Ch.
                      • i. LIZZIE LUE, b. Faribault, Minn., Nov. 21, 1867, m. April, 1883, William L. Martin. res. Minneapolis, Minn.
                      • ii. CLARA BURBANK, b. Faribault, Minn., Dec. 1871.

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