Revised Register Of The
Soldiers And Sailors Of New Hampshire
In The War Of The Rebellion 1861-1866.

Prepared And Published By
Authority Of The Legislature,
By Augustus D. Ayling, Adjutant General.

Concord: Ira C. Evans, Public Printer. 1895.


[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

THIS company was organized at Peterborough in 1804. As early as 1814 it became a part of the state militia and was known as the Company of Artillery in the Twenty-second Regiment, Fourth Brigade, Third Division, New Hampshire Volunteer State Militia. Under the law men could enlist for this company from any place within the limits of the regiment. In 1833, as a result of trouble in electing officers, the headquarters of the company were transferred to Lyndeborough. The company was incorporated under the name of the Lafayette Artillery, January 13, 1837. On the 1st of August, 1864, in pursuance of instructions from Maj. Gen. John A. Dix, commanding the Department of the East, dated June 30, 1864, the company was mustered into the service of the United States for the period of ninety days, and sent to Fort Constitution to assist in relieving the National Guards and Strafford Guards.

On the 23d of September, 1864, the company was mustered out of the United States service. September 24, 1866, the company was assigned to the First Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer State Militia, and designated as the First Company Artillery (unattached), Lafayette Artillery. During the year ending May 20, 1870, it became Company A of the same regiment, and during the year ending May 1, 1878, it became Company A of the Second Regiment. The company was disbanded as a company of the New Hampshire National Guard, August 24, 1881, but by act of Legislature approved August 21, 1883, it was authorized to retain and use the arms, uniforms, and equipments belonging to the State, and to receive from the State an amount not exceeding one hundred dollars annually for armory rent.

Mustered into the service of the United States August 1, 1864, at Lyndeborough, by William M. Graham, Capt. 1 Art., U.S.A. Mustered out September 23, 1864, at Fort Constitution, New Castle, by Thomas S. Doebler, 1 Lt. 14 Inf., U.S.A. Each man was a volunteer appointed or enlisted for ninety days.