History of the town of Andover, New Hampshire
1751 - 1906
Concord, N.H.
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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]



FRANK CARROLL, son of Ira Mason and Francina (Hadley) COLBY, b. in Dunbarton Nov. 24, 1860; m., August 30, 1890, CORA BELL, dau. of Clark and Drusilla (Bryant) DURGIN of East Andover. Mr. Colby is a merchant at East Andover and has resided in Andover since 1892.
Clifton Durgin, b. April 15, 1892.


(See N. H. Genealogical Record, Vol. VI, p. 145.)

THOMAS DOWNES, shoemaker, b. Feb. 2, 1611-12; d. Dover, N. H., Jan. 21, 1698-99. He was of Boston in 1652, but he received a grant of land at Cocheco, in 1656, from the town of Dover, where he afterwards lived. He m. KATHARINE , who d. Dec. 23, 1702; four children.

THOMAS, second child of Thomas and Katherine (_____) DOWNES, b. Boston March 17, 1653-54; killed by Indians at Kittery, Me., 1711; warrant for appraisal of estate granted April 20, 1711; m. (1) MARTHA _____; m. (2) MARY, dau. of Nathan and Martha (Everett) LORD ; m. (3), Oct. 24, 1698, Mrs. ABIGAIL (ROBERTS) HALL. One child by first wife; five by second.

WILLIAM, fifth child of Thomas and Abigail (Roberts) Hall DOWNES, b. _____; d. _____; m., May 3, 1721, MARY, dau. of Joseph PITMAN; administration granted son, Samuel, Aug. 28, 1754; six children.

DANIEL, fifth child of William and Mary (Pitman) DOWNES, b. _____; d. 1822; age, 93 (?) ; m. JUDITH CANNEY; res. Pine Hill, Berwick and Lebanon, Me.; seven children.

DANIEL, fourth child of Daniel and Judith (Canney) DOWNES. b. _____; d. _____; m., July 10, 1788, at Berwick, Me., TAMSON, dau. of Jonathan RICHER; nine children.

ISAAC, eldest child of Daniel and Tamson (Ricker) DOWNES, b. Lebanon, Me., about 1788; m., April, 1820, MIRIAM CILLEY of Andover.


Mr. Elkins was graduated from Harvard College in 1888; was at the Harvard Divinity School 1891-94; was pastor in Bath, N. H., Independent Society, 1894-98; at Peterborough, N. H., 1898-99; at East Manchester and West Derry, 1899-1900; at Wareham, 1901-02, and at Bath, N. H., Congregational Society, 1902-08. Mr. Elkins was an earnest scholar and took high rank at Harvard. He has been a zealous and faithful pastor, ever mindful of the highest claims of faith and duty. He married, June 6, 1899, RUTH DEXTER COMO of Marion, Mass. His children are: Enoch, b. Oct. 31, 1901; Kimball Como, b. Jan. 24, 1903; and Henry Bertrand, b. Aug. 13, 1905.


EBENEZER, son of Joseph and Margaret (Webster) FEZLows, b. in Andover in 1769; d. _____; m., Oct. 15, 1797, MERIBAH STEVENS of Salisbury. Mr. Fellows res. in Salisbury until after 1804; no later record found.

Rowell, b. Salisbury Feb. 28, 1798.
Nancy, b. Salisbury, March 18, 1800.
Sarah, b. Salisbury, July 23, 1802.
Isaac, b. Salisbury, Aug. 23, 1804.


SUSANNAH, dau, of Ezekiel and Nancy (Blake) FELLOWS, b. _____ ; m., March 23, 1815, TIMOTHY DUDLEY of Bridgewater; res. in Bridgewater and Corinth, Vt.; moved to Vermont before 1827; Susannah d. Feb. 9, 1832.

Susan Graves, b. Feb., 1816.
Mary Jane, b. March 4, 1819; d. July 22, 1882.
Moses H., b. Nov. 25, 1823; d. May 26, 1895.
Nancy N., b. Aug. 31, 1827.
Peter F., b. Jan. 8, 1830.


Mrs. Nancy Scott of Derby Line, Vt., writes, Dec. 28, 1908, that her grandmother, the wife of Ezekiel Fellows, was Nancy Blake of Andover, N. H., and a sister of Samuel Blake, who res. and d. in Georgia, Vt. This Samuel was the son of Dea. Samuel Blake, who settled in New Breton about 1767. The names of four sons are given but no daughters are mentioned. In Mr. Emery's notes the wife of Ezekiel Fellows is called Dolly, the dau. of Lt. William Blake, and it is so printed on p. 26. This is probably wrong. Since pp. 25 and 26 were printed it has been found that Dolly Blake was b. Jan., 1777, and m. Joseph Emery.


EZEKIEL, son of Joseph and Margaret (Webster) FELLOWS, b. Kingston Aug. 25, 1754; res. in Andover and in Bridgewater; d. in Bridgewater Oct. 10, 1843. His wife was NANCY BLAKE. One account, the only one known till 1909, and printed on p. 148, gives her name as Dolly, the dau. of Dea. William Blake. Dolly would have been 20 or 30 years younger than Ezekiel. Some of his descendants say that his wife was Nancy Blake, which is probably true. Nancy Blake's brother, Samuel, res. and d. in Georgia, Vt.

Joseph, b. _____; "went west and died there; two sons, Joseph and Ezekiel, settled in or near Bridgewater."
Susannah, b. _____; m. Timothy Dudley in Bridgewater.
Hannah, b. _____; m. _____ Wiggin.
Mary, b. _____; m. _____ Worthen (?).
Dorothy, b. _____; m., April 25, 1810, James Woodbury.
Abigail, b. _____; m. Jacob Graves.
Nancy, b. _____; m. Richard Gove; res. Sanbornton; afterwards in Dover, where he died. Two ch. d. young and Benjamin, Eliza, Hannah, Nancy and Richard survived.

From the records in the U. S. Pension Office it is found that Ezekiel Fellows, b. Aug. 25, 1754, of (New Breton) N. H., enlisted "Jan. or Feb., 1776, and served till Dec., 1776, or Jan., 1777"; was a sergeant in Capt. James Osgood's Co. in Col. Timothy Bedel's Regt.; applied for pension Dec. 6, 1819; claim allowed; res. Bridgewater, Grafton Co., N. H.; m., Salisbury, N. H., in Oct., 1780, Ann Blake, b. Jan. 8, 1763. He d. at Bridgewater Oct. 10, 1843. His widow was allowed a pension on an application executed Dec. 22, 1843, at Bridgewater.


JOSEPH, son of Joseph and Margaret (Webster) FELLOWS, enlisted in February or March, 1776, to serve until May, 1776, as private in Capt. James Osgood's company, Colonel Bedel's regiment. He was captured by the British and Indians at Cedar Fort, Canada. He was paroled, joined his regiment again and was discharged January 1, 1777. He enlisted again June 1, 1780, for three months, in the company of Capt. Ebenezer Webster, Colonel Nichol's regiment. He again enlisted, September, 1780, and served until November, 1780, in Capt. Ebenezer Deering's company. He applied for a pension May 8, 1818, and his claim was allowed. He resided and died in Andover. His widow applied for a pension April 24, 1840. Her residence then was Franklin and her age seventy-eight. Most of the above data are from the records of the war department in Washington, D. C. Another record (see p. 149) gives the date of Mrs. Fellows' death as March 29, 1805. This record as printed must be an error.


JAMES FLANDERS m. MARY MORRILL DALTON ; res. at Wilmot Flat until Sept., 1865, when he removed to East Andover. Mr. Flanders d. Aug. 13, 1870.

Ellen M., b. Sept. 23, 1846; m. Weare D. Tuttle.
Francis Hale, b. July 26, 1849; m., June 21, 1876, Electa Clay; no ch.
Thomas H. B., b. Nov. 7, 1853; d. Sept. 23, 1870.
Charles Fremont, b. Nov. 16, 1856; m. (1), Jan. 1, 1884, Bertha S. Bachelder; m. (2), March 3, 1904, Lillian Turner. Mr. Flanders is a physician in Manchester.
Ervina Mary, b. Feb. 16, 1864 ; m. Stephen J. Roberts.
Ervin James, b. Feb. 16, 1864; m., Oct. 18, 1898, Mellie Eastman; 1 ch.


JOSIAH HAINES' name appears on a receipt roll dated Hampton, June 13, 1778, which shows that he had enlisted to serve as a soldier until the first day of January, 1779. He was a member of Capt. Ezekiel Worthen's Co.; enlisted from Kensington and was discharged Jan. 4, 1779, He enlisted from Andover July 5, 1779, and was discharged Jan. 15, 1780. He enlisted July 23, 1782, as a private in Capt. Ebenezer Webster's Co. of Rangers; was discharged Nov. 7, 1782. Josiah Haines enlisted in Col. Hercules Mooney's Regt. July 5, 1779, for the town of Andover; discharged Jan. 15, 1780. He was also in Colonel Stickney's Regt., raised for the defense of Rhode Island.
Josiah Haines continued his residence in Andover after the close of the war. He was the first blacksmith in town and worked at his trade for many years on Connor's Hill. It is supposed that David Haines, also a blacksmith, who lived near the Robbins house in the first house east of the turnpike, and on the road towards Shaw's mill, was a descendant of Josiah Haines. David Haines had a dau. Ruhannah, who was once a prominent student at Andover Academy. No later records of Josiah or David have been found.


GEORGE H., son of Alexander and Martha (Suitor) McKEAGE, b. Broughton, P. Q., March 28, 1851; m., Oct. 22, 1879, at West Fairlee, Vt., FLODA ELEANOR, dau. of Robert and Cordelia (Terry) THURBER, b. March 12, 1861. Mr. McKeage came to reside in Andover in 1892.

Mary Floda, b. July 18, 1880; m. S. J. Matson.
Lillian D., b. June 28, 1885.
Lillie Letitia, b. May 6, 1888.
Georgia Elmira, b. June 12, 1890.
Beatrice Mattie, b. Dec. 15, 1894.
Edwin Alexander, b. April 26, 1897.
Edward Robert, b. April 26, 1897.


JEMIMA MOREY m. JOSIAH HAINES (probably the soldier and blacksmith In Andover).


Jemima and Eunice were probably the sisters of the first William Morey in Andover and natives or residents of Kingston, N. H.


IRA, son of John and Hannah (Webster) MORRISON, was b. in Candia March 31, 1817.

John Morrison, b. in Thornton; d. in Danbury Jan., 1841.
Hannah Webster, b. in Rye in 1780.


FRED E., son of Andrew J. and Louisa M. (Withington) NELSON, b. Danbury Jan. 1, 1874; is a blacksmith; resided in Andover since 1890; was selectman in 1904; m., Jan. 1, 1897, EDNAH, dau. of William and _____ POWERS. b. Sept. 4, 1874.

Myrtle Belle, b. March 14, 1901.


[The following account for the first five generations is mainly derived from data in the possession of the "Randall Historical Association," and was received through the courtesy of Dr. Francis D. Randall of Malden, Mass.]

EDWARD RANDLE or RANDALL, the immigrant, was of Strawberry Bank (Portsmouth) in 1667; owned land there. Among his children was:

JAMEs, b. about 1670; name of wife unknown. By his will, now on file in Concord, N. H., he mentions his only son and two daughters:

JAMES, b. about 1696; m. Deborah Jordan.
Catherine, b. _____; m. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah and grandson of Rev. Robert Jordan, the "immigrant."
Mary, b. _____; m. Elias Talton.

JAMES, son of James RANDALL, b. about 1696; m., about 1719, DEBORAH, dau. of Jeremiah and granddau. of Rev. Robert JORDAN. Had five sons; no record of any daughters.

John, b. 1720.
WILLIAM, b. 1722; m. Hannah Marston.
Mark, b. 1725.
Paul, b. 1727.
James, b. 1729.

WILLIAM, son of James and Deborah (Jordan) RANDALL, b. 1722; m. HANNAH, dau. of Joseph MARSTON, a noted school teacher of that time.

JAMES M., b. Rye; bapt. March 17, 1746; m. Margaret Fellows.
William, b. Rye; bapt. May 2, 1748.
Mary, b. Rye; bapt. Sept. 20, 1750; m. Joseph Morse of Chester.
Stephen, b. Rye; bapt. July 23, 1753.
Joseph, b. Rye; bapt. April 17, 1756.
Jonathan, b. Rye; bapt. March 27, 1759.
Samuel, b. Rye; bapt. May 2, 1762.
Hannah, b. Rye; bapt. Jan. 20, 1766.
Lucy, b. Rye Dec. 24, 1767; m. Abraham Osgood of Epsom; she d. Sept. 12, 1868.

The five eldest sons were in the Revolutionary Army; perhaps Samuel also.

A JAMES MARSTON RANDALL M., in Berwick, Me., Oct. 8, 1771, DEBORAH HAMILTON of Berwick or Kittery. It is likely that this JAMES MARSTON RANDALL is identical with James M. Randall, son of William and Hannah Marston Randall, and bapt. March 17, 1746; for after JAMES m. MARGARET FELLOWS in Andover, his first ch., b. July 6, 1783, was named "DEBORAH HAMILTON." James Randall was 17 years older than Margaret Fellows; and Deborah Hamilton of Berwick, or Kittery, Me., may have been his first wife. A Deborah Hamilton, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Hamilton, was bapt. at South Berwick, Me., July 13, 1744.
On p. 283 of Part II in list of children of James Randall should be inserted: JAMES, b. Feb. 16, 1793; m. Polly Moxley. On same page, in account of James Randall's family, 5th line, for Corinth, Vt., read Andover, N. H., and omit "and had several children that lived."
Mrs. Margaret (Fellows) Randall Woodbury d. Hartland, Vt., and was buried in the family lot of Samuel Trask.

JAMES, son of James and Margaret (Fellows) RANDALL, b. in Andover Feb. 16, 1793; d. in Hyde Park, Vt., March 13, 1855; m., in Hartford, Vt., Nov. 13, 1816, POLLY MOXLEY, b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Aug. 3, 1796; d. Hyde Park, Vt., July 20, 1876. Mr. Randall res. first in Hartland, then in Hartford and moved to Hyde Park, Vt., in 1844. The first six ch. b. in Hartland; the others in Hartford, Vt.

James M., b. Dec. 24, 1818; m. (1) Elvira Neal; 2 ch.; m. (2) _____.
Caroline B., b. Feb. 2, 1821; m., Jan. 24, 1841, Nathan Moxley; she d. at Hyde Park, Vt., March 5, 1878; 1 son.
Deborah Loraine, b. May 11, 1823; m., March 27, 1844, James Strong; d. April 7, 1893; 7 ch.
Lucy A., b. Nov. 19, 1825; m., Dec. 7, 1843, Amos M. Goodrich of Sharon, Vt. Lucy d. in Hyde Park, Vt.; 8 ch.
Mary B., b. Jan. 11, 1828; m. (1), Jan. 10, 1847, Heman W. Tucker, who d. July 9, 1848; m. (2), Dec. 5, 1855, Franklin Hardy of Andover, Mass. He d. May 18, 1882; 3 sons and 3 daus.

E. Jordan, b. Aug. 28, 1830.
George P., b. July 18, 1835.
Ellen Geneva, b. May 15, 1838; d. July 8, 1848.
Isabelle Louise, b. Nov. 9, 1840; m. Thad Newland; 2 sons and 1 dau.


This name appears in wills and other records variously as Raynes, Raines, Rayneau, Raino and Rano. Mr. Orra E. Monnette, Los Angeles, Cal., traces the family in this country as follows, mostly from wills. (See Maine Wills, Vol. 1, p.. 145.)

RAYNES, CAPT. FRANCIS, b. in England or France about 1625. He was a Huguenot refugee and came to the island of Barbadoes in 1635, in the ship True Love; later came to Massachusetts. He is recorded as at Dover, N. H., in 1652, where he served in military companies as ensign in 1652, lieutenant in 1654 and captain in 1659. He was also of Portsmouth and later of Dover, where he died, 1693.

NATHANIEL RAYNES, son of Capt. Francis RAYNES, b. about 1650.

JOHN RAYNES, son of NATHANIEL RAYNES, d. before 1722. John's wife, ELIZABETH, dau. of Thomas PAINE, d. after 1720. John was of York, Me.

ELIAS RANO, son of John and ElIzabeth (Paine) RAYNES, 2d, settled in Andover or New Breton.

When the news of the engagements at Concord and Lexington reached New Breton on April 21, 1775, JOHN RANO, or RAINO, with other settlers in this town, started immediately for the scene of action and participated in the struggle at Bunker Hill, where Rano was wounded in the ankle. His name appears In Massachusetts records as attached to a Massachusetts regiment. At that period and for four years later enlistments were sometimes in the state militia and sometimes in the Continental army. In the militia the enlistments were for short periods and privates seem to have been frequently transferred from one regiment to another. In many cases the only records of individual service are derived from the various pay rolls.
Rano appears in 1777 as a corporal in Captain Scott's Company, First New Hampshire Regiment, commanded by Col. Joseph Cilley. He also appears in 1777 as a member of Colonel Stickney's Regiment. He may have been paid with Stickney's men. He enlisted in Scott's Company April 26, 1777. His name appears on a return dated March 19, 1779, as a soldier in the Continental army, enlisted from the Fifth Regiment, New Hampshire state militia; abode given as New Breton, enlistment credited to Amherst, N. H. He was reported as a deserter from First New Hampshire Regiment Nov. 6, 1778. The following certificate indicates his position at two epochs:
"Exeter, May 6, 1782. This certifies that John Raino a soldier who deserted from the 1st N. H. Regt. in the year 1778, joined the army sometime in Feb'y last, has been sent out by Major Scott and has taken up one or more deserters, and that he was lately at camp.

There is in the family a tradition that Rano was taken prisoner, confined in a prison ship near New York, escaped, but did not return to his regiment. Soon after, in 1778, he appeared in Poultney, Vt., as Joseph Rann. After residing in Poultney for some time he returned to the army, probably in 1782, and served till end of war. In Poultney he m. Mrs. Olive (Howe) Ashley, dau. of Nehemiah Howe and widow of Isaac Ashley. She d. June 25, 1826. He was killed May 23, 1800, by a run-away team. His children were:

Auta, b. Sept. 2, 1780; m. John Page.
Silbey, b. April 4, 1782; m. Leonard Doughty.
Salvator, b. April 16, 1784; m., Feb. 8, 1819, Chloe, dau. of Elisha Scott; res. Poultney, Vt.
Alpha, b. May 6, 1786.
Arethusa, b. Nov. 15, 1788; m. John Ransford.
Lavina, b. March 21, 1792; m. Erastus Bigelow.


DANIEL URAN m. SARAH _____. He d. Jan. 20, 1827; age 76 years, 9 months; Sarah d. Feb. 25, 1838, "In her 93d year" (?). Daniel lived on Cross hill in Wilmot, where Thomas Graney lived in 1907.

James, b. _____; m. Nancy Flanders. James Uran d. Jan. 29, 1822, and July 16, 1832, his widow m. Bradley Mitchell of Wilmot.
Nancy, b. _____; m. John Moody, who d. Nov. 21, 1836. Nancy d. about 1816; age, 40.
Mehitable, b. _____; m. Edmund Cilley.
Betsey, b. _____.
Sarah, b. _____; m. Benjamin Cilley.
Luella, b. 1773; m. John Keniston; res. Gilmanton.

(There may have been other ch., and the proper order of the names given above is unknown.)


JOHN WOODBURY, said to have been b. in Worcester, Mass., May 14, 1753, and ELIZABETH SANBORN, said to have been b. in Hampton, N. H., July 3, 1752, were married, and at one time lived in Brentwood, N. H., where some of their children were born. They afterwards lived in Salisbury, N. H. JOHN WOODBURY d. in Salisbury, N. H., Feb. 28, 1829. ELIZABETH SANBORN WOODBURY d. in Salisbury, N. H., July 14, 1831. A. record of births, marriages and deaths was not made in Brentwood until after 1800. The proper order of the following names of children is not known:

Joseph, b. _____; m., Feb. 7, 1804, Mrs. Margaret (Fellows) Randall; res. Andover, Hartland, Vt.; d. Wilmot June 7, 1859; no ch.
JOHN, b. July 4, 1781; m. Elizabeth Dyer.
Nathan, b. _____; m. _____Blake.
James, b. _____; m., April 25, 1810, Dolly, dau. of Lieut. Ezekiel Fellows; moved to Iowa. Mr. Woodbury was taxed in Andover in 1817.
Abigail, b. _____; m. Jonathan Martin and res. and d. in Newburyport, Mass. Mr. Martin was taxed in Andover in 1815, 1816 and 1817.
Polly, b. _____; m. Joseph Morey of Andover.
_____, b. _____; m. _____Moore; res. Concord, N. H.

NATHAN, son of John and Elizabeth (Sanborn) WOODBUBY of Brentwood and Salisbury, N. H., b. _____; d. in Wilmot; m. _____ BLAKE.

Josephine, b. _____; res. Lawrence, Mass.
Julia, b. _____.
Kate, b. _____; m. (1) ____ Blake; m. (2) ____ Tripp.
Ellen, b. _____.
George, b. _____; res. (probably) in Georgetown, Mass.

(The proper order of the above names is not known.)

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