Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Whittemore family traces its ancestry back to the early part of the thirteenth century, when very few Englishmen had surnames, and men who owned land were distinguished by adding to their names the name of their estates.

(I) Sir John was knighted on the battlefield for valorous conduct in 1230, and received a tract of land entitled "Whytemere" or white meadow, whence came his title Lord John de Whytemere. The geneartions following Sir John are as follows:

(II) Philip de Whytemere, died in 1300.
(III) Philip de Whytemere, died in 1365.
(IV) Richard-1 de Whytemere, died in 1386.
(V) Richard-2 de Whytemere succeedee him.
(VI) Richard-3 de Whytemere, died in 1442.
(VII) Thomas Whytemere, died in 1483.
(VIII) Richard4 de Whytermere, died in 1504.
(IX) Richard-5 Whitmore, died in 1595.
(X) Thomas-2 Whitmore, was buried April 26, 1617.
(XI) Thomas-3 Whittemore, was born in 1594, came to America with his wife Hannah and five children in 1642. He settled in Charlestown (now Malden) Massachusetts, and died in 1660. Thomas and Hannah had twelve children.

(XII) Daniel (1), son of Thomas and Hannah Whittemore, was baptized in England, July 31, 1633, and emigrated with his parents in his boyhood. He grew to manhood in Charlestown and settled in Malden, where his death occurred May 11, 1683.
On March 7, 1662, he married Mary, daughter of Richard Mellin, of Charlestown.

(XIII) Daniel (2), eldest child of Daniel (1) and Mary (Mellin) Whittemore, was born in Malden, Mass., April 27, 1663, and married Lydia Bassett, who died April 6, 1755.
Daniel, Lydia, Joseph, Mary, Richard, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Hannah, William and Sarah.
Daniel (3) Whittemore died Sept. 21, 1756, aged ninety-four. His will, dated in 1742, gave the bulk of his estate to his son Daniel. To Jonathan he devised 40 pounds.

(XIV) Jonathan (1), seventh chld and fourth son of Daniel (3) and Lydia (Bassett) Whittemore, was born in Needham, Mass., April 11, 1705, and married Sarah Woodcock April 10, 1735. He had a son Jonathan.

(XV) Jonathan (2), son of Jonathan (1) and Sarah (Woodcock) Whittemore, was born in Needham, Mass. He served seven years in the revolutionary war, after which he removed to Maine. He married.
Ebenezer, Arnold and Eunice.

(XVI) Ebenezer, eldest son of Jonathan (2) Whittmore, was born in Needham, Mass., about 1770, and removed to Livermore, Maine, with his father. He married and had sons Isaac and Alpheus.

(XVII) Isaac, son of Ebenezer Whittemore, was born in Livermore, Maine, in 1808, died March 9, 1886, in Auburn, Maine.
He married Elizabeth Hatch, of Cambridge, Maine.
Franklin I., Jacob H., Charles E. and Edwin Carey.
He was a farmer and lumberman. He resided practically all his life in the town of Dexter, Maine, on the home farm, which contained one hundred acres. He was a Republican He was a very prominent worker in the Baptist church in Dexter. and treasurer of the same.

(XVIII) Rev. Edwin Carey, fourth child and youngest son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hatch) Whittemore, was born in Dexter, Maine, April 29, 1858. He was fitted for college in Dexter high school and Coburn Classical Institute of Waterville, graduated from Colby University in the class of 1879, and from Newton Theological Institution in 1882. He ws settled over the Baptist church in New Boston, New Hampshire, and remained two years. His pastoral charges since have been at Auburn, Maine, 1884-89, at Damariscotta, Maine, 1889-99, and at Waterville, Maine.
He is the author of the "History of the Damariscotta Association," "History of the First Baptist Church at Nobleboro," "History of the Seventy-five Years of the Maine Baptist Missionary Convention," "History of Coburn Classical Institute," "Memorial of Albert T. Dunn, D. D.," "Memorial of Professor William Elder, LL. D." He was chairman of the editorial board of the "Centennial History of Waterville," and furnished for that volume the chapter on the General History of Waterville, which was a very scholarly production.
He is a preacher of ability, popular among his parishioners, and very influential in the denomination to which he belongs. He is a member of the following learned socieites: American Historical Association, American Academy of Political and Social Science, and Waterville Historical Society.
The Sunday school number about six hundred members. The church raises annually thirty-five hundred dollars for home work, and one thousand for foreign work.
He married, July 25, 1879, Ida M., daughter of Albert E. and Lydia (Flint) Macomber, of Abbott, Maine.
Bertha Carey, born April 16, 1882. She graduated from Colby University in 1904, and is now assistant in the library of the University of Maine, at Orono.

(XVII) Alpheus, son of Ebenezer Whittemore, was born in Dexter, Maine. He married Hannah, daughter of Jesse (Mason) Smith, of East Livermore, maine, and they had eleven children, the second son being given the name of his father.

(XVIII) Alpheus, second son of Alpheus and Hannah (Smith) Whittemore, was born in Livermore, Maine, 1825, and after attending the district school in the winter and working on his father's farm in the summer months, he was apprenticed to the carpenter's trade, and he was both farmer and carpenter during his entire life. He was a member of the Free Baptist church, and held the office of deacon for the greater part of his adult life.
He married Sarah T., daughter of John Smith, who removed to Livermore from New Hampshire.
1. Franklin H., born in Livermore, Maine, made his home in Leeds, Maine.
2. Herbert C. (q.v.)
3. Louella, married De Forrest C. Whittemore, of Jay, Maine.
4. Maria S., married Henry S. Ballentine, of Livermore.
5. Everett T., married May Sturtevant.
6. Mary Ann, married Dr. Pratt, of Farmington, Maine.

(XUX) Herbert C., second son of Alpheus and Sarah T. (Smith) Whittemore, was born in Livermore, Maine, Nov. 11, 1857. He attended the public schools of his native town, Milton Academy and Maine Wesleyan Seminary, where he was graduated. He then studied law in the office of George D. Parks, of Brunswick, Maine, and was admitted to the bar in 1888, in Portland. He practiced his profession in Brunswick, 1888-89, with his preceptor, and removed his law office to Livermore Falls in 1889, where he continued the practice in all the courts of the county and state.
His political affiliation is with the Republican party, and his church membership in the Baptist church, of which organization he is a trustee. His fraternal affiliation is with the Blue Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, of Livermore Falls.
He married, Nov. 25, 1890, Helen, daughter of Alvin and Agrandice (Lyford) Record, of Livermore Falls, and they reside in Livermore Falls where their two children were born.
Stanley H. and Christine R.
Stanley H. Whittemore died at the age of about three years.

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