Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Stephen Vinal, immigrant ancestor, was an early settler of Scituate, where he was a proprietor. He was admitted a freeman March 5, 1638-9. He probably died soon afterward, as the Widow Anna Vinal took his place as a proprietor and received various grants of land in Scituate. She received a deed of land there in 1648 with other proprietors. She died Oct. 6, 1664, and administration was granted on her estate to her two sons Stephen and John Vinal.
1. Stephen Jr., married Feb. 26, 1662, Mary Baker, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Baker.
2. John, mentioned below.
3. Martha, married April, 1646, Isaac Chittenden.

(II) John, son of Stephen Vinal, was born in 1636, probably in England, and died in Scituate, Aug. 21, 1698, aged sixty-two years. His homestead was at the corner of Kent street and Meeting-house lane, Scituate.
He married in 1664, Elizabeth Baker, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Baker, a sister of his brother's wife.
Children, b. at Scituate:
1. John, born 1665; mentioned below.
2. Elizabeth, born 1667.
3. Hannah, born 1669.
4. Jacob, born 1670.
5. Grace, born 1672, married 1700, Ebenezer Mott.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) Vinal, was born in Scituate in 1665. He married Mary ____, and settled in his native town.
Children, b. in Scituate:
1. Jacob Jr., born 1691, mentioned below.
2. Elijah, born 1694.
3. Elizabeth, born 1697.
4. John (3), born 1699.
5. Mary, born 1701.
6. Ezekiel, born 1704.
7. Hannah, born 1707.
8. Sarah, born 1711.

(IV) Jacob Jr., son of John (2) Vinal, called "junior" on account of an older Jacob Vinal in the same town, was born in Scituate in 1691. He married in 1716, Elizabeth Simmons.
Children, b. in Scituate:
1. Elizabeth, born 1717.
2. Jacob (3), born 1719, mentioned below.
3. Joseph, born 1721.
4. Priscilla, born 1723.
5. Mary, born 1725.

(V) Jacob (2), ("4th, or Jr."), son of Jacob (1) Vinal Jr., was born in Scituate in 1719. He married, 1743, Lydia Holbrook.
Children, baptized in Scituate:
1. Levi, baptized June 28, 1754.
2. Lot.
3. Jane.
Perhaps others.

(VI) Levi, son of Jacob Vinal Jr., was born in Scituate, in 1754, baptized there June 28, 1754. He married Patience ____, and settled in Scituate.
Children, b. in Scituate:
1. Levi, married Sally ____; children, b. in Scituate: i. Freeman, b. Dec. 22, 1815; ii. Nancy, b. Jan. 18, 1818; iii. Neson, b. Dec. 13, 1820; iv. Sarah Little, b. April 28, 1823; v. Harriet Jewett, b. Dec. 12, 1825; vi. Clarissa, b. July 2, 1830.
2. Lydia, born Dec. 11, 1789.
3. Jacob, born July 7, 1792.
4. Paul, born Oct. 31, 1794; mentioned below.
5. Aloyen (sic), born July 4, 1797.
6. Harriet, born Aug. 8, 1799.
7. Lot, born Sept. 15, 1801.
8. Eunice (twin), born Nov. 5, 1803.
9. Thomas (twin), born Nov. 5, 1803.
10. Jefferson, born Feb. 16, 1807.
11. James Munroe, born June 3, ___.
12. Patience, born Feb. 21, 1812.

(VII) Paul, son of Levi Vinal, was born in Scituate, Oct. 31, 1794. He lived in Scituate. He married Maria ____, born in 1799.
Children, b. in Scituate:
1. Nancy, born April 26, 1816.
2. Warren, born Oct. 2, 1817.
3. Alvin, born Aug. 14, 1819.
4. William H., born Jan. 15, 1822.
5. Maria, born Oct. 29, 1823.
6. Paul J., born Dec. 26, 1825; mentioned below.
7. William H., born Sept. 29, 1827.
8. Mary J., born Oct. 27, 1830.
9. George D., born Dec. 13, 1832.
10. Charles T., born March 15, 1835.
11. Albert, born March 1, 1837.
12. John, born March 19, 1842.

(VIII) Paul J., son of Paul Vinal, was born in Scituate, Dec. 26, 1825; died Dec. 1, 1901; married Emily Louisa Brooks, of York, born Oct. 24, 1824.
Renough Jewett, mentioned below.

(IX) Renough Jewett, son of Paul J. Vinal, was born in Boston, Dec. 29, 1848. He was educated in the Boston public schools, and at the age of sixteen began to learn the barber's trade, and worked as apprentice and journeyman until he was twenty-three years of age, when he was appointed on the Boston police force. For a period of twenty-nine years he was connected with the police department and was retired on a pension. Since he retired he has made his home at York, Maine.
He is a Republican in politics and Methodist in religion. He is a member of Faith Lodge of Free Masons, of Charlestown, Mass.; Signet Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Coeur de Lion Commandery, Knights Templar; and Aleppo Temple, Mystic Shrine. He is a member of the Boston Police Association.
He married in 1874, Sophia Varrill Lowe, born Aug. 8, 1848, daughter of Joseph and Nancy (Moore) Lowe, of York, Maine, granddaughter of George M. and Susan (Moore) Lowe, of York. Children of George M. & Susan (Moore) Lowe: Mercy Lowe; George Lowe; Susan Lowe; Joseph Lowe and Edward M. Lowe. Joeph Lowe was educated in the public schools of York; followed the sea many years, making voyages to Jamaica, Bermuda, Labrador and other ports, sailing many times in the ship "Mary Remick," under Capt. Moses Young, but during the last twenty years of his life he was collector of the port of York. In politics he was a Republican. His children: Mary S. Lowe, Sarah Lowe, John M. Lowe, George E. Lowe, Joseph Lowe and Sophia V. Lowe, mentioned above.
Child of Renough J. and Sophia V. (Lowe) Vinal:
Paul Jewett Vinal, born in York, April 23, 1875, and educated in the public schools of Boston and York, and at Comer's Commercial College, Boston; now (1908) engaged in the boating business in York; married Oct., 1905, Nellie F. Johnson, of York, and has one child, Marian Clark Vinal, born March, 1906.

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