Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surname Viles is identical with Vilas, and belongs to an old English family of Norman origin. The name is spelled also Villiers, Vilars, Villars, Villas, Vilos. The surname Viall, or Vyall, was spelled with similar variations in the early records in New England, and appears to be the same or a kindred name.
John Viall was born in England in 1619, and died Feb. 26, 1685-86; settled in Boston early, and had many descendants there.
Peter Viles, born in England, Feb. 24, 1704, settled in Hopkinton, Mass., and the adjacent town of Grafton, where his son Noah lived; married Mercy Gay, b. Feb. 17, 1697, d. May 15, 1770, dau. of John and Mary Gay; he was ancestor of most of the family spelling their names Vilas.
It should be said, however, that a Peter Villars married at Boston, March 25, 1709, Hannah Colman - a record evidently not known to the writer of this branch of the family genealogy.
Joseph Viles, of Boston, married May 2, 1728, Sarah Walles. (Intention reads Joseph, marriage record John).
John Viles, of Waltham, married July 2, 1731, Susanna Bemis, who d. Nov. 28, 1785; he died Feb. 4, 1774; had thirteen children. (See Bond's "History of Watertown.")
It is quite possible that Peter of Boston was the father of Peter, John and Joseph. These are the first mentioned of this very unusual name, all in the same town or locality.
In the revolution we find Joseph Viles, a private in Capt. Micah Chase's company, Col. Jonathan Holman's regiment, credited to Sutton, but we find no further trace of such a man in Sutton, and conclude that he is the same Joseph who was from Boston in 1779, in Capt. Samuel Hamant's company, Col. Samuel Denny's regiment. Joseph Villars, of Boston, was also in Capt. Thomas Cartwright's company, Col. Henry Jackson's company, in 1778, and in the Continental army from 1777-80. He must have been related closely to the family given below.

(I) Joseph Viles, ancestor of this family, was in Milton, N. H. before 1766, when he removed to Orland, Maine, being the third settler in that town. The first was Joseph Green, of Fort Pownal, Maine, in 1764; the second was Ebenezer Gross, of Boston, 1765, and Viles may have known in Boston.

(II) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Viles, was born at Orland, Maine, in 1770. He was an early settler in that part of New Vineyard set off to Industry in 1844.
He married Sarah, daughter of John Hancock, and a descendant of the pioneer, Nathan Hancock. Sarah was born in Castine, Maine, about 1772; her father was a Free Mason, and it is related that in the revolution, during the blockade, he was able to procure all the tea and sugar he wanted from the British officers who were also Free Masons.
The Viles family removed from Orland as early as 1811, and settled on lot 2, range 3, New Vineyard. Viles died at Anson, July 12, 1848, aged seventy-

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........1859, aged eighty-seven.
1. Rufus, born July 20, 1790, mentioned below.
2. Joseph, born about 1792; married ____ Heald, of Anson, died in Wisconsin.
3. Leonard, born May 3, 1795; married Anna, dau. of Joseph and Ann (Gott) Bray, of Anson.
4. Sarah, born March 7, 1802; married Dec. 27, 1825, Judah Baker; son of Abiel.
5. Fisher, born July 27, 1804; married Hannah, dau. of Rowland and Eunice (Mason) Luce.
6. Alfred, born Oct. 2, 1817; married Thankful, dau. of Abner and Hannah Norton; died in Wisconsin.
7. Wentworth, married Judith Bray.
8. Naomi, married March 20, 1823, Elijah, son of Henry and Mehitable (Norton) Butler; died in Wisconsin.
9. George, married Elvira Wing, of Dead River plantation; died in Wisconsin.
10. Frances L., married Leander Perkins, in 1834.
11. John Hancock, born at New Vineyard, Dec. 10, 1818, married Oct. 31, 1843, Mercy Edmunds, dau. of Peter A. and Susan (Butler) West.

(III) Captain Rufus, son of Joseph (2) Viles, was born at Orland, July 20, 1790, and died at New Portland, Nov. 28, 1873.
He married, Sept. 10, 1815, Eunice Chase, daughter of Asa and Sally (Bartlett) Merry. His wife died at Industry, Maine, Aug. 1, 1828, and he married (second) March 22, 1829, Sarah Ann Stanley, niece of Deacon Ira Emery's wife, with whom she lived, born Sept. 29, 1811, died at New Portland Feb. 15, 1864.
Capt. Viles lived at Industry, and followed farming without success. He removed to Flagstaff, Maine, in 1832, and began lumbering; he became prosperous, acquiring a comfortable competence. He was gifted musically, and for many years taught vocal music to large classes in Industry. He was captain of his militia company.
He removed to New Portland in 1852, and continued in the lumbering business the remainder of his life in that town. He was first an old line Whig and later a Republican, a member and deacon of the Congregational church.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Rufus, born July 24, 1816, married Ann Marshall.
2. Asa Merry, born June 8, 1818, married Eliza, dau. of William and Sarah (Remick) Butler; resided in Madison, Maine.
3. Caroline B., born at Industry, April 21, 1820, married William Douglass.
4. Sarah Merry, born March 1, 1822, married Isaiah Jenkins.
5. Joseph, born July 11, 1823, married Lucille Rogers, daughter of Orran and Abigail (Clapp) Hewitt.
6. Emily J., born April 25, [trans. note: another line or two hacked off the top of the page. Rats.]
......Merry, born Aug. 5, 1828, died Oct., 1828.
Children of 2d wife, b. at Industry:
8. Hannah S., born Feb. 6, 1830, died at Flagstaff, Maine, May 30, 1848.
9. Eunice Merry, born June 4, 1832, married Samuel F. Cutts.
Children of 2d wife, b. at Flagstaff:
10. Apphia Stanley, born May 20, 1834, married John Smith.
11. Mary D., born Oct. 1, 1835, married Gustavus B. Dorn.
12. Sarah A., born June 16, 1838, married Frank S. Brown.
13. Edward Payson, born May 4, 1842, mentioned below.
14. Edward, born July 10, 1846, died Aug. 21, 1846.
15. Emma R., twin of Edward, born July 10, 1846, married Frank Luce, son of Solomon Jr. and Minerva (Pratt) Luce, of New Vineyard.
16. Hannah S., born Aug. 5, 1848, died unmarried, Sept. 10, 1879.
17. Julian Kossuth, born March 5, 1852, married Frances C. C. Cross.

(IV) Edward Payson, son of Rufus Viles, was born May 4, 1842, in Flagstaff, Maine. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and of New Portland. He was then in partnership with his brother, Julian Kossuth, in the stove, hardware and tinware business in New Portland for about ten years. At the expiration of that period he purchased the interest of his partner and has since continued the business alone. He is also extensively engaged in lumbering. He was postmaster of New Portland twelve years, deputy sheriff six years, and high sheriff of Somerset county six years, displaying signal ability and efficiency in his duties.
In politics he is a Republican. He left New Portland in 1893, and since then has resided in Skowhegan, Maine, engaged in lumbering in that section. He is a director of the Dead River & North Branch Log Driving Company, an office he has held for twenty-five years.
He is an attendant of the Congregational church; member of Northern Star Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; Royal Arch Masons; De Molay Commandery, No. 10, Knights Templar; Kora Temple, Mystic Shrine, Lewiston.
He married, May 21, 1876, Ada A. Spooner, born at New Portland Sept. 22, 1847, dau. of Lamont and Caroline (Cragin) Spooner.

(V) Blaine S., son of Edward Payson Viles, was born at New Portland, Maine, July 22, 1879. He was educated at New Portland, Skowhegan, Bowdoin College, class of 1903, and Yale School of Forestry, 1904. He is a professor of forestry, and engaged in the U. S. government service. He is connected with Corbin Park, of New Hampshire, and John Appleton, of Bangor, Maine, and is also associated with his father in the lumber business.
In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of Mt. Vernon Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; Mt. Vernon Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Sullivan Commandery, Knights Templar; Mystic Shrine, Concord, N. H.
He married, June 3, 1904, Annie Ethel Johnson, of Hallowell, Maine, born in Lynn, Mass., Oct. 9, 1878, daughter of William C. and Annie (Capp) Johnson.
Children, b. in Newport, N. H.:
1. Dorothy, born May 28, 1905.
2. William Payson, born July 16, 1906.

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