Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Robert Tuck, immigrant ancestor, came to New England in 1636 from Gorlston, a seaboard town of county Suffolk, England. He settled first in Watertown, Mass., where he was a propietor in 1636. He lived also a while in Salem. In 1638 he, with others, petitioned for leave to settle at Hampton, New Hampshire, and he was granted land there in 1640. He was admitted a freeman Sept. 7, 1639. His house lot was near Rand's hioll, on the west side of the road leading toward North Hampton, and bounded on the west by Ward's lane, near the railroad crossing, as it now is. The house was conveniently situated and was kept as an ordinery or inn. He was called a vintner. He made a trip to England, after he had lived in Hampton about fifteen years, and when he returned got into trouble by continuing at business in the inn without renewal of his license. He was a tailor by trade after he came to New England. He was also a chirurgeon. He was selectman in 1648-49-52, and in 1647 was town clerk, being elected for three years. He was commissioner for small causes for the town of Hampton. He died intestate, Oct. 4, 1664.
He married, in England, Jonna ____, who died Feb. 14, 1673-74.
Children, b. in England:
1. Robert, remained in England and had a son William.
2. Elizabeth, married John Sherburne.
3. Mary, married Lieut. John Sambourne, of Hampton; died Dec. 30, 1668.
4. Edward, mentioned below.

(II) Edward, son of Robert Tuck, was born in England and came to America with his parents. He married about 1648, Mary Philbrick, daughter of Thomas Philbrick, of Hampton. He died intestate April 6, 1652, and his widow was appointed administratrix of the estate. She married (second) James Wall, of Hampton, as his second wife, and outlived him more than forty years. She died about 1699.
1. Edward, born Sept. 8, 1649, died young.
2. John, mentioned below.

(III) Deacon John, son of Edward Tuck, born about 1651 or 1652, died Jan. 4, 1742, aged ninety years. He married Jan. 9, 1678, Bethia Hobbs, born in Hampton Feb. 28, 1659, died May 29, 1738, daughter of Morris and Sarah (Eastow) Hobbs.
He was a carpenter by trade, owned much real estate, and carried on a farm. He also invested capital in building mills, some of which he operated. He owned grist and fulling mills on the Nilus river, and the sites of these two mills are or were lately occupied by mills. He was selectman many years, and town clerk nearly sixteen years. He was twice elected deputy to the general court, and was involved in a controversy in regard to his representation of the town.
He and his wife united with the church Feb. 28, 1696-97, and he was chosen deacon July 19, 1715, and held the office until his death. That he was a very pious man is shown by his diary, in which he says, under date of May 22, 1715, that he then regan to read the Bible through for the thirteenth time.
1. Bethia, born July 28, 1682, died July 25, 1755; married Nov. 4, 1703, John Marston.
2. Mary, born Jan. 27, 1684, married June 21, 1716, Deacon Samuel Shaw, as his second wife.
3. John, born April 19, 1687, died June 25, 1688.
4. Samuel, born April 30, 1689.
5. Sarah, born April 30, 1689 (twin), died Feb. 15, 1764; married Jan. 16, 1718, Thomas Batchelder.
6. Hannah, born April 10, 1692, married Dec. 29, 1715, Jonathan Dearborn.
7. Edward, born Feb. 7, 1694-95, mentioned below.
8. Jonathan, born Sept. 11, 1697.
9. John, born Aug. 23, 1702.

(IV) Edward (2), son of Deacon John Tuck, was born Feb. 7, 1694-95, died June 7, 1772. He married Nov. 24, 1720, Sarah Dearborn, born June 17, 1699, died Jan. 15, 1756, daughter of Samuel and Mercy (Batchelder) Dearborn. He was a carpenter by trade, and settled in Kensington, New Hampshire. His estate remained in the family many years, and is or was lately occupied by Samuel Parsons Tuck, his great-grandson.
1. Sarah, born Aug. 4, 1722, married Feb. 4, 1742, Nathaniel Prescott; died 1805.
2. Bethia, born June, 1723, married Benjamin Veasey; died Dec. 13, 1802.
3. Mercy, born June 20, 1724, married ____ Batchelder; died April 1, 1806.
4. Edward, born Aug. 6, 1726, died unmarried 1748.
6. [trans note: they skipped 5] Mary, born April 19, 1730, died unmarried March 2, 1810.
7. Hannah, born Dec. 11, 1733, married Major John Lane as his second wife.
8. John, born July 28, 1736.
9. Samuel, born Sept. 13, 1738, mentioned below.
10. Jeremiah, born Nov. 17, 1740, died Sept., 1748.
11. Jesse, born Jan. 16, 1743.

(V) Samuel, son of Edward Tuck, was born in Kensington, New Hampshire, Sept. 13, 1738. He resided for a time in his native town, but removed to Brentwood, N. H., and lived on a farm south of his brother John. He was a soldier in the revolution, and died in the army Nov. 12, 1777, aged thirty-nine.
He married Anna _____, who died Aug. 8, 1836, aged ninety-two years one month and three days.
1. Edward, born Jan. 4, 1764.
2. Samuel, born April 6, 1765.
3. John Moulton, born Sept. 17, 1776.
4. Anna, born Sept. 25, 1768, married April 7, 1789, Rev. Cyrus Baldwin.
5. Mary, born May 5, 1733, married May 28, 1794, Daniel French; died March 14, 1847.
6. Jeremiah, born 1774-75.
7. Jesse, born Dec. 5, 1776, mentioned below.
8. Sarah, born March 26, 1778, married Nov. 27, 1806, Isaac Whittier; died Aug. 12, 1850.

(VI) Jesse, son of Samuel Tuck, born in Brentwood, N. H. Dec. 5, 1776, died Sept. 10, 1832. He resided in Fayette, Kennebec county, Maine. He married, in 1798, Dorothy Woodman, born Jan. 3, 1777, died March 29, 1817.
1. Mary, born Dec. 8, 1799, died unmarried Sept. 2, 1863.
2. Samuel, born Sept. 17, 1801.
3. Jonathan, born Nov. 9, 1803.
4. Madison, born Dec. 17, 1809, mentioned below.
5. Nancy, born May 7, 1813, married March 27, 1828, Reuben Crane Jr.

(VII) Madison, son of Jesse Tuck, born Dec. 17, 1809, died Dec. 10, 1893. He resided in Hallowell, Kennebec county, Maine. He married, April 4, 1832, Mary A. Woodbridge, born Oct. 18, 1810, died Sept. 20, 1864.
1. William Jesse, born March 20, 1833, mentioned below.
2. Mary Ellen, married Lewis Frank Chase.
3. Elizabeth H., married John Pierce; now deceased.
4. Hattie J.
5. Julia M., deceased, married Rev. Howard Parshaley.
6. Emma L., married Amos Chadbourn.

(VIII) William Jesse, son of Madison Tuck, born in Hallowell, Maine, March 20, 1833, died April 9, 1907. His boyhood, schooldays and his whole life up to the seventies were spent in his native town, but he was best known from his long service as an officer of the "Eastern Queen," "Star of the East" and "Kenmebec," steamships of the Kennebec & Boston line. Mr. Tuck commenced his steamboat life in 1863 as clerk of the freight steamer, "C. W. Dexter," owned by Alden Sampson & Sons, which plied between Hallowell and Boston and was commanded by Capt. Reuben Eastman. "Jesse," as Mr. Tuck was universally called by his friends, was made baggage master on the "Eastern Queen" two years later, and in 1866 was appointed purser of that vessel, continuing in that office, which he filled so capably, until the boat was sold in 1871. Soon afterward Mr. Tuck was placed in charge of the Augusta business of the steamship company as agent, remaining there until 1887, when he again went on the line as purser of the "Star of the East." After several seasons he was transferred to the new steamer "Kennebec," Capt. Collins, and continued until he retired from active life there years before his death. He was for more than forty years in the steamboat service in various positions, chiefly with Capt. Collins and the pioneers in river business, the late Hiram Fuller and his son, Charles E. Fuller, who died Feb., 1888. He was one of the best known and most popular pursers of New England, faithful and exact in his business affairs, considerate and obliging to the patrons of the steamships. He knew the business thoroughly and did his full duty in every position that he held.
He was a member of the Free Baptist church of Augusta, and the four deacons were the bearers at his funeral. He was a member of Kennebec Lodge of Free Masons of Hallowell. He was fond of music and skillful in instrumental and vocal music, playing in the old Hallowell Band under the veteran leader, Fales, and in the celebrated Hallowell Band under A. H. Davis's leadership, and for many years sang in the Methodist choir under that veteran choister, Mark Johnson. Mr. Tuck was the type of man of whom his native state has reason to be proud. Active, industrious, earnest, of the strictest integrity, he commanded the confidence and respect of everyone.
He married (first) Lucy Churchill, of Augusta, died in 1885. He married (second) Elizabeth Jordan, born in Brighton, Maine, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Palmer) Jordan. She resides at the old home in Augusta.
The only child was William Albert, born Dec. 26, 1864, educated in the public schools of Hallowell and Augusta; resides in Eureka City, California, where he is at present (1908) engaged in the shoe business.

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