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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The records state that Stickney is a large village on the Boston road, eight and one-half miles north of Boston station, in the soke of Bolingbroke, Union of Spilsby, Lindsley division, and diocese of Lincoln, England. From this came the surname Stickney. In the parish register of St. Mary's Church, in the parish of Frampton in the Wapentake of Kirton, Lincoln county, England, treeh and one-half miles outh of Boston, are many records of baptisms, marriage and burials of Stickneys from 1558 to 1609. The name does not appear on those records after that date. Tradition and information obtained in England render it probable that the family removed to Hull and its vicinity.

(I) William Stickney, the first settler, was the ancestor of nearly all who have since borne that name in America. It is inferred from records procured in England that he was the William who is mentioned as baptized in St. Mary's Church, Frampton, Lincolnshire, England, April 6, 1592, and the son of William Stickney, of Frampton, who was baptized Dec. 30, 1558, and married June 16, 1585, Margaret Pierson, and the grandson of Robert Stickney, of Frampton, who made his will Oct. 3, and was buried Oct. 18, 1582.
William Stickney, the settler, seems to have come probably from Hull, in Yorkshire, England, in 1637, and from the records of the First Church in Boston it appears that "The 6th of ye 11th moneth 1638 Willyam Stickney a husbandman & Elizabeth his wife" and others were admitted; and "The 24th day of ye 9th Moneth 1639, Our brethern Mr. Henry Sandys, William Stickeny * * * by ye Churches Silence were dismissed to ye gathering of a Church at Rowley if the Lord so please."
William Stickney with his wife and three eldest children were among the original settlers of Rowley, Mass. "On the 7th of October 1640 * * * Willi: Stickney were admitted freeman." In 1639 William Stickney had land allotted to him upon which he erected a house, on the corner of Bradford and Wethersfield streets. He was a member of an important committee in 1652 to draw up "a covenant and agreement," between the town of Rowley and the first settlers of the Merrimack lands, now Bradford. He was clerk of the market, and on jury of trials in 1653, selectman 1656, and 1661, and in 1661 styled lieutenant. The ancient possession books of Rowley contain frequent records of grants of land to him and from him and his wife. In the town books of Rowley it is recorded that William Stickney was buried Jan. 25, 1665. Elizabeth Stickney survived her husband several years. The date of her death is not known. On the two hundredth anniversary of the death of William Stickney, a granite obelisk was erected on his grave bearing the following inscription:
William Stickney
Born in
Frampton, England,
A. D., 1592
Was, with the wife
Of Boston, in N. E. in 1638
Of Rowley in 1639
Where he died
A. D. 1665
By his descendants
Josiah Stickney,
of Boston,
Matthew Adams Stickney
of Salem,
Joseph Henry Stickney,
of Baltimore, MD.

1. Samuel, born in England, 1633, married Julia Swan and Prudence Gage.
2. Amos, b. England 1635, married Sarah Morse, June 24, 1663.
3. Mary, b. England, 1637.
4. John, b. 1640.
5. Faith, b. 1641, married Samuel Gage.
6. Andrew, b. 1644, married Eduah Lambert and Elizabeth Jewett.
7. Thomas, b. 1646, married Mehitable Kimball.
8. Elizabeth, b. 1646, died Dec. 4, 1659, Rowley rec., Dec. 7 Court rec.
9. Mercy, b. 1648, died Jan. 14, 1676.
10. Adding, b. 1648, died Sept. 17, 1660.

(II) John, third son of William and Elizabeth Stickney, was born at Rowley, Mass., March 4, 1640, and died in the year 1709, leaving a will which was proved on April 4. He left real estate amounting to nearly three hundred pounds, and personal estate to the value of eighty pounds.
John Stickney saw considerable military service and reached the grade of lieutenant. He was one of the twelve men impressed from Rowley, Nov. 29, 1675, by Captain Samuel Brocklebank to serve in King Philip's war. He took part in the bloody action of Dec. 19 of that year, and assisted in the capture of the Narragansett fort. Stickney was also in the fight at Sudbury, April 21, 1676, where Capt. Brocklebank, whose daughter her afterwards married, was slain.
In 1733 there was granted to John Stickney and others for their service in King Philip's war a tract of land - "Narragansett Number 1," now Buxton, Maine. In the Boston Post-Boy and Adventiser of Nov. 18, 1767, Stickney's heirs and others were notified of unpaid taxes due on this land, the Stickney potion being one pound, three and one-half pence.
Lieut. John Stickney held various town offices, being selectman of Rowley in 1688-89, overseer in 1673, constable in 1694, and tythingman in 1698-99. In a deed executed in 1707, he is referred to as "John Stickney, Carpenter, of Rowley."
On June 9, 1680, Lieut. John Sticknee, as his name was usually spelled, married Hannah Brocklebank, dau. of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank. She was admitted to the church in Rowley June 23, 1695, and according to the Byfield Church Records, she died April 23, 1749, aged ninety years.
1. Hannah, b. July 23, 1681, married Ezekiel Sawer.
2. Elizabeth, b. June 13, 1684, married Richard Dole.
3. Mary, b. March 1, 1686, married John Palmer.
4. Samuel, whose sketch follows.
5. Sarah, b. Feb. 4, 1693, mararied Francis Palmer.
6. Jane, b. Nov. 10, 1696, married John Syle and (second) Timothy Palmer.
7. John, b. Jan. 23, 1699-1700, married Anna Lull.

(III) Samuel, elder son of Lieut. John and Hannah (Brocklebank) Stickney, was born at Rowley, Mass., March 26, 1690, died there Nov. 3, 1760, and was buried in the first burial ground of Rowley. The inventory of his estate amounted to a little more than one hundred and seventy-three pounds. In a deed of 1715 he is referred to as "Samuel Stikne of Rowley, weaver."
As has been previously stated, Narragansett Number 1, now Buxton, Maine, was granted by the general court to the representatives of those who were soldiers in King Philip's war. On Nov. 17, 1735, Samuel Stickney drew lot number eleven in right of his father John Stickney.
On Nov. 15, 1715, Samuel Stickney married Susannah Perley, who was admitted a member of the First Church in Rowley Aug. 23, 1767, and died July 12, 1773, aged seventy-six years.
1. Samuel, b. July 25, 1716, died unmarried.
2. Sarah, b. March 13, 1719, married James Dickinson.
3. Lydia, b. May 27, 1721, married Thomas Smith.
4. Moses, b. Sept. 8, 1723, married Sarah Graves.
5. William (2), whose sketch follows.
6. Elizabeth, b. March 22, 1729, died on April 28 of that year.
7. Daniel, b. April 5, 1730, married Sarah Gould.
8. Elizabeth, b. April 4, 1733, married John Stickney.
9. and 10. David and Jonathan, twins, b. Sept. 25, 1736.
David Stickney married Elizabeth Chapman, April 23, 1761; Jonathan Stickney married Martha March.

(IV) William (2), third son of Samuel (1) and Susannah (Perley) Stickney, was born at Rowley, Mass., Aug. 27, 1726, and died in 1808, aged eighty-two years. He owned the covenant of Rowley First Church, July 15, 1744, and nenewed it at Byfield Church, April 24, 1788. In a deed of 1750 he is referred to as "William Stickney of Rowley, laborer"; but in a deed of 1755 he is called a leather dresser.
He saw service in the French and Indian war, serving as sergeant in Capt. Joseph Smiths company, which was on duty up the river from Quebec, April to Nov. 29, 1759. On March 19, 1776, he was appointed by the town of Rowley one of the committee of safety.
On Feb. 18, 1743, Capt. William (2) Stickney married Mary Sawyer, daughter of Benjamin Sawyer, of Amesbury, Mass.
1. Amos, baptized July 22, 1744, died young.
2. Paul, b. Feb. 9, 1745, married Elizabeth Pike, (second) Betsey Cheney.
3. Lucy, b. July 17, 1748, died young.
4. Lucy, b. March 25, 1750, married Moses Tenney.
5. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 24, 1752, married Jacob Rogers.
6. Eunice, b. Jan. 3, 1754, died Aug. 21, 1756.
7. William, b. March 6, 1757, married Judith Frye.
8. Samuel (2), whose sketch follows.
9. Silas, b. Dec. 2, 1764, married Betsey Thorndike, (second) Sarah Shattuck.

(V) Samuel (2), fourth son of Capt. William (2) and Mary (Sawyer) Stickney, was born at Rowley, Mass., May 13, 1762, and was baptized at Byfield, three dates later. He died at Brownville, Maine, Jan. 9, 1835, in his seventy-third year. He was the first one of his line to leave his native town, but he moved from Rowley to the neighboring village of Bradford, Mass.; thence to Weare, N. H., where he lived till 1809, when he migrated to Brownville, Maine, where he spent the last twenty-four years of his life.
Although but a boy of fifteen when the revolution broke out, he saw considerable service. On July 6, 1778, he enlisted as a fifer in Capt. Simeon Brown's company, Colonel Wade's regiment, Rhode Island service. On Oct. 14, 1779, he was sergeant in Capt. Benjamin Peabody's company. On July 31, 1780, he was in the Thirty-first Division (six months men), and marched from Springfield with Capt. Greenleaf. At this time he is described as being "18 years of age; ruddy complexion; stature 5 ft. 9; and from Bradford." His last enlistment was as a fifer from Rowley, Aug. 4 to Nov. 27, 1781, in Capt. John Robinson's company, Col. William Turner's regiment of five months men, Rhode Island service.
On May 11, 1784, Samuel (2) Stickney was married, by Rev. James Chandler, to Irene Rawlings, of Newbury, Mass. She died in Sept., 1787, leaving two children:
Irene, b. Sept., 1785.
Samuel, b. March 31, 1787.
On April 29, 1792, Samuel Stickney married (second) Patty Atwood, dau. of Benjamin Atwood, of Bradford, Mass. She survived him, and died at Brownville, Maine, Oct. 2, 1845. Five years before her death she received a pension from the government of her husband's revolutionary services.
1. Martha Atwood, b. July 24, 1794, married William Wells.
2. Polly, b. April 12, 1796, died in infancy.
3. Silas, b. July 5, 1797, drowned, unmarried.
4. Mary, mentioned below.
5. Benjamin, b. Feb. 12, 1800, died June 3, 1804.
6. Betsey, b. Dec. 20, 1802, married Nathaniel P. Thomas.
7. Judith, b. May 24, 1805, died unmarried in 1866.
8. Simeon Atwood, b. Oct. 5, 1807, married Sarah W. Gilman.
9. Daniel Worthley, b. Feb. 10, 1810, died in infancy.
10. Louisa, b. March 28, 1811, married Robert Wells.
11. Lucy Ann, b. Oct. 2, 1814, married Isaac Smith.

(VI) Mary, fourth daughter and sixth child of Samuel (2) and Patty (Atwood) Stickney, was born at Weare, N. H. Jan. 31, 1799, and died at Brownville, Maine, March 25, 1883. About 1820 she was married to Daniel Smith, of Brownville, Maine.

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