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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Edward Spalding came from England with Sir George Yeardley in 1619 (approximately). There is documentary evidence in the records of the Virginia Colony that Edward Spalding and his family were fully established in the colony in 1623, as in the "Lists of the Living and the Dead in Virginia, Feb. 16, 1623," page 37, under the caption: "Att James Citie and within the Corporation thereof," Edward Spalding uxor Spalding, puer Spalding and puella Spalding are recorded between the names Mr. Cann and Capt. Hartt above, and John Helin uxor Helen, puer Helin and infant Helin below. Apparently these formed a single household. On page 53, in the same list, the name of Edward Spalding appears under the caption "More att Elizabeth Cittie."
It is supposed that Edward and Edmund emigrated together about 1619, and that Edmund joined the Maryland Colony under Lord Baltimore, and became the progenitor of Maryland branch, while Edward went to Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1630.

(I) Edward Spalding, with his wife, Margaret, and daughter, Grace, were in Braintree before 1643, as their son, Benjamin, was born in that year. Grace, the daughter, was buried in 1641 and his wife Margaret died in 1640. [trans. note: just a minute here: the mother died in 1640, yet the son was born in 1643. hmmm.]
Edward Spalding was made a freeman in 1640. As the original settlers of Braintree were from the old English counties of Lincolnshire, Devonshire and Essex, and as the laws of the colony forbid Irish emigration, it is very probable that the Spaldings were English. When the town of Chelmsford was incorporated, in May, 1655, Edward Spalding was an inhabitant of that plantation, he probably settling there in 1653, as he was chosen a selectman in 1654, and the next year his name is on a petition to extend the boundary of the town to the Merrimack river. Among the proprietors of the "New Field" in 1669 were Edward Spalding, Sr., Edward Spalding, Jr., and John Spalding.
Children, b. in England:
1. John
2. Edward
3. Grace.
After the death of his wife, Margaret, in 1640, he married Rachel _____, who is named in his will.
4. Benjamin, born April 7, 1643.
5. Joseph, born Oct. 25, 1646.
6. Dinah, born March 14, 1649.
7. Andrew (q.v.), born Nov. 19, 1652.
He died Feb. 26, 1670, and his widow died soon after.

(II) Andrew, youngest of the seven children of Edward Spalding, the immigrant, by his second wife, Rachel, was born in Chelmsford, Middlesex county, Mass. Bay Colony, Nov. 19, 1652. He married Hannah, daughter of Henry Jefes, of Billerica, April 30, 1674. He was a deacon in the church at Chelmsford, and succeeded by the will of his father to the paternal estate.
Children, b. in Chelmsford:
1. Hannah, who died March 10, 1677.
2. Andrew, born March 25, 1678.
3. Henry (q.v.), born Nov. 2, 1680.
4. John, born Aug. 20, 1682.
5. Rachel, born Sept. 26, 1685, married Samuel Butterfield Dec. 7, 1703.
6. William, born Aug. 3, 1688.
7. Joanna, born Oct. 8, 1689-90, married Joshua Fletcher.
8. Benoni, born Feb. 6, 1691.
9. May, born Dec. 5, 1695, died July 18, 1698.
Andrew Spalding died in Chelmsford, Mass., May 5, 1718.

(III) Henry, second son and third child of Andrew and Joanna (Jefes) Spalding, was born in Chelmsford, Nov. 2, 1680. He married, probably in 1703, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Lund, of Dunstable, Mass., now Nashua. N. H. Thomas Lund, Lun or Lunn, was a soldier, and his son, Thomas, was killed by the Indians Sept. 5, 1724.
Henry Spalding died in Chelmsford, April 4, 1720, and his widow, with Richard Stratton, a neighbor, settled his estate.
Children, b. in Chelmsford:
1. Henry, born Nov. 22, 1704.
2. Thomas, born July 30, 1707.
3. William, born March 17, 1711.
4. Leonard (q.v.), born Dec. 1, 1713.
5. Ebenezer, born May 29, 1717, and no mention of him as settling his father's estate, probably died young.

(IV) Leonard, fourth son of Henry and Elizabeth (Lund) Spalding, was born in Chelmsford, Dec. 1, 1713. He married Elizabeth _____, and had eight children. He lived in Chelmsford, and died there in Feb., 1758. In his will he mentions his widow, Elizabeth, and his children, Sarah, Abel, Esther and Lucy, under fourteen, and Rachel and Thankful, over fourteen.
His widow married for her second husband Dr. Ezekiel Chase, and she died in Buckfield, Maine, in 1799, aged eighty years.
1. Benjamin (q.v.), born Feb. 5, 1739.
2. Elizabeth, born Dec. 29, 1740.
3. Rachel.
4. Thankful.
5. Sarah.
6. Abel.
7. Esther.
8. Lucy, who married William Spalding (1759-1825), of Carlisle, April 6, 1779, and they had seven children.

(V) Benjamin, eldest child of Leonard and Elizabeth Spalding, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Feb. 5, 1739. He removed to Buckfield, Maine, in 1776, where he was a pioneer settler and leader in the improvements made in the town. He removed part of his family there in 1778, when the place had only two or three families.
He married in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov .29, 1764, Patty Barrett, born Jan. 31, 1740, died in Buckfield, Maine, Oct. 4, 1819, having been a widow eight years, her husband having died Oct. 14, 1811.
1. Patty, born in Ashby, Mass., Sept. 14, 1765, married Joseph Robinson, March 2, 1784.
2. Rebecca, born in Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 10, 1766, married Benjamin Heald, who died Oct. 12, 1841; she died June 10, 1858.
3. Benjamin (q.v.), born Aug. 15, 1768.
4. Leonard, born Feb. 13, 1770.
5. Elizabeth, born Jan. 18, 1772, married John Fletcher of Sumner, Maine.
6. Esther, born Buckfield, Maine Oct. 28, 1775, married Alexander Thayer, of Paris, Maine.
7. Abel, born Oct. 15, 1777.
8. Stephen, born Aug. 13, 1782.
9. Thankful, born Aug. 16, 1787, married Caleb Cushman, of Paris, Maine.

(VI) Benjamin (2), oldest son and third child of Benjamin (1) and Patty (Barrett) Spalding, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Aug. 15, 1768. He was for many years representative from Buckfield, Maine, to the general court of Massachusetts, and to the legislature of Maine after it became a state. He also served as county commissioner, selectman and justice of the peace, and was one of the best esteemed men of the town.
He married (first) Myrtilla, daughter of Icrease and Rebecca Robinson, of Sumner, Maine, Oct. 15, 1790. She was born Dec. 12, 1770, died Oct. 1, 1816, after having given birth to seven children. Mr. Spalding married (second) Nov. 6, 1817, Mrs. Mary (Sturtevant) Bumpus, of Hebron, Maine. She was born Sept. 12, 1777, in Wareham, Mass., died in Buckfield, Maine, June 24, 1845.
Mr. Spalding died Feb. 18, 1858.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Increase, born Oct. 2, 1791.
2. Lupira, born Feb. 17, 1794, married William Cole, of Buckfield, Maine.
3. Jonas, born April 22, 1796.
4. Adrian, born July 1, 1800, died March 4, 1825.
5. Axel, born Feb. 17, 1803.
6. Sidney (q.v.), born Jan. 20, 1807.
7. Melissa, born Jan. 22, 1809, died Aug. 18, 1831.
Children of 2d wife:
8. Dastine, born Jan. 15, 1819.
9. Ozen, born Dec. 2, 1821.

(VII) Sidney Spaulding, as the name is now spelled, fifth son and sixth child of Benjamin and Myrtilla (Robinson) Spalding, was born in Buckfield, Maine, Jan. 20, 1807, died there April 1, 1881.
He married Eliza Green, daughter of William and Hannah Atwood, of Livermore, Maine, Aug .10, 1834.
Children, b. in Buckfield, Maine:
1. Mary, born 1835, died Aug. 18, 1835.
2. Benjamin, born June 15, 1836.
3. Cyrus Cole, born Feb. 18, 1838.
4. William Cole (q.v.), born June 18, 1841.
5. Flora Augusta, born Feb. 20, 1846.
6. Florence Atwood, born Jan. 26, 1855, married May 24, 1877, C. Childs.

(VIII) William Cole, third son and fourth child of Sidney and Eliza Green (Atwood) Spaulding, was born in Buckfield, Maine, June 18, 1841. He was brought up on his father's farm, and when he reached his majority removed to Fort Fairfield, where he engage in the hardware business.
He married, July 25, 1865, Lovina Jane, daughter of John Sterling, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the marriage being celebrated at Fort Fairfield, Maine, and in 1867 they made their home in Caribou, Aroostook county, Maine, where he continued the hardware business. He was made a director of the Aroostook Trust & Banking Company from its incorportion, a trustee of the Universalist church, a member of the Masonic fraternity, and a director of the Bangor & Aroostook railroad.
Mrs. Spaulding was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 14, 1842, died March 31, 1904.
1. John Sterling, born July 21, 1869, died in Caribou, Maine, Dec. 15, 1896; married Harriet Louise, dau. of William and Elizabeth Burpee, of Fort Fairfield, Maine, Nov. 29, 1892; no children.
2. Atwood W. (q.v.).

(IX) Atwood W., second son of William Cole and Lovina Jane (Sterling) Spaulding, was born in Caribou, Aroostook county, Maine, Jan. 6, 1873. He attended the public school of his native town, and was graduated at Columbia Institute, New York City, a department of Columbia University, in 1892, and on his return to Caribou he entered into the hardware business with his father, as a partner.
In 1897 he was made military secretary on the staff of Governor Llewellyn Powers, and his position gave him the direction of the Maine volunteers enlisted for the Spanish-American war. He was initiated in the Order of Knights of Pythias through membership in Lyndon Lodge, No. 46, and in the Patrons of Husbandry through membership in Caribou Lodge, No. 138. The Ancient Order of United Workmen have his support and sympathy, he being a member of Arctic Lodge, No. 71, and the Masonic fraternity have him as a member through his initiation in the mysteries of the order by Carbon Lodge, No. 170, Aroostook Council, No. 16, of Presque Isle, Garfield Royal Arch Commandery of Caribou, St. Aldemar Commandery, No. 17, of Houlton, and Kora Temple, Mystic Shrine, Lewiston, Maine.

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