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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Among the earliest settlers in New England were persons named Snow. Nicholas Snow was a passenger in the "Ann," 1623, and settled in Plymouth; Thomas was of Boston, 1636; Anthony was of Plymouth, 1638; William was of Plymouth, 1643; and various others of the name were in Eastham and Woburn. The Massachusetts Revolutionary War Rolls show over two hundred and fifty enlistments under this name.

(I) Richard Snow was the earliest inhabitant bearing his name in Woburn. He was taxed there in the rate for the county, assessed Sept. 8, 1645, which was the first tax in Woburn upon record. In 1648 land was granted to him by the town. Nov. 19, 1656, he bought a house and twenty acres of land of George Farley, one of the original inhabitants of Woburn, then recently removed to Billerica; and in general distribution of common lands and timber, made in 1668, he had a due proportion assigned him in the "fifth Eighth." He seems to have been an industrious, thriving husbandman, and to have maintained a respectable rank in society; but not being ambitious of honor and distinction, he never attained any considerable office either in the church or the town. In 1659 Richard Snow was dismissed from ordinary traning in consideration of his inefficiency to bear arms. The History of Woburn says he died Nov. 9, 1711, but that must be a mistake, as the Middlesex county court records state that the will of Richard Snow was proved in 1677. Besides John and James Snow, sons apparently his, born before he removed to Woburn to reside, he had born to him afterwards Daniel (died young), Samuel and Zechariah.

(II) John Snow, referred to above as being probably a son of Richard Snow, born before his father took up his residence in Woburn, died Nov. 25, 1706. He had John, Zerubbabel, Timothy, Hannah, Mary, Ebenezer and Nathaniel.

(III) Zerubbabel, son of John Snow, was born May 14, 1672, died Nov. 20, 1733. He married Sept. 22, 1697, Jemima Cutler, and they had Zerubbabel, Josiah, Jabez (died young), Jemima, Ebenezer, John, William, Abigial and Jabez.

(IV) John (2), fifth son of Zerubbabel and Jemima (Cutler) Snow, was born March 30, 1706. The supposition is that he moved from Woburn to the town of Rutland, Mass., a small town about half-way between Northampton and Worcester, where he resided (probably) from about 1735 to 1766. Subsequently he settled in Chesterfield, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, where he and Moses Smith built the first sawmill erected in the town. He was selectman in 1767. The following is taken from the Vital Records of Rutland, Mass., page 91:
"John Snow was living in Rutland, Mass., in 1763, being one of the petitioners to have the town of Paxton set off from Rutland." The following is taken from the History of Rutland, Worcester county, Mass., by Jonas Reid, pages 14-15:
"John's oldest son Warren was evidently born before John moved to Rutland."
John Snow died May 12, 1777, in his seventy-second year. His wife, Abigail Snow, died March 6, 1790, in her eighty-fourth year.
Warren, Zerubbabel, mentioned below, Phebe, born Rutland about 1746.

(V) Zerubbabel (2), second son of John (2) and Abigail Snow, was born in Rutland, Aug. 21, 1741. He settled in Chesterfield, April, 1770, where he was selectman 1773-74. He died April 12, 1795, in the fifty-fourth year of his age.
He married Mary Trowbridge, of Worcester, Mass., who died June 24, 1818, in her seventy-fourth year.
Molly, James, Lydia, Abigail, Sally, John, Jerusha and Levi.

(VI) James, eldest son of Zerubbabel (2) and Mary (Trowbridge) Snow, married, 1787, Abigail, daughter of Jonathan Farr, by whom he had Eli A., Kimball, Alpheus, Gardner, Elijah J., Polly, Jerusha, Selina, Sally, Mary and Thirza C.

(VII) Alpheus, third son of James and Abigail (Farr) Snow, was born May 10, 1791, died May 28, 1869. In his youth he attended school only three weeks; nevertheless, by private study he afterward succeeded in acquiring an ordinary education. He had a special aptitude for arithmetic, and it is said that even persons who ought to have been his superiors in this branch of mathematics sought his aid in the solution of difficult problems. When a young man he learned the trade of blacksmith, which he followed for many years at the West Village. He was also engaged in farming. He was selectman 1837-39-45-49-53, and represented the town in the general court in 1849.
He married, 1815, Salome Harris, born Nov. 5, 1796, daughter of Perley Harris, who married, 1783, Abiail, dau. of Warren Snow, brother of Zerubbabel Snow.
Minerva, Alpheus, Franklin, Jude, Lucien and Bernard.

(VIII) Jude, third son of Alpheus and Salome (Harris) Snow, was born in Chesterfield, N. H., Sept. 23, 1820, died in Portland, Maine, Jan. 6, 1867. He was a merchant of Boston, Mass., and Portland, Maine.
He married, Oct. 31, 1849, Lydia Augusta Hall, born Jan. 2, 1828, died Dec. 13, 1885, daughter of David and Nancy M. (Conant) Hall.
1. David William, see forward.
2. Lucien, see forward.
3. Edward H., born Oct. 28, 1859, is connected with the drygoods firm of Eastman Bros. & Bancroft, of Portland; resides in Portland; married Sept. 10, 1884, Alice G., dau. of William Trott and Henrietta (Baker) King, for his first wife, and Mary H., dau. of John P. and Abigail (Swan) Hobbs, for his second wife.
4. Ella Conant, born Jan. 8, 1867, married the Rev. William James Denzilow Thomas; children: Denzilow and Augusta, of Washington, D.C.
David HALL, father of Lydia Augusta (Hall) Snow, was born Oct. 8, 1791, died April 22, 1863. He was a merchant, conducting business in company with his brother-in-law, Alvah Conant, at Alfred and Portland. He was the son of Dr. Abiel and Mary (Farnum) Hall, of Alfred. He married Dec. 10, 1818, in Alfred, Nancy Merrill, b. in Alfred Dec. 27, 1796, bap. Jan. 24, 1803 and died in Portland Nov., 1865, dau. of John and Lydia (Farnum) Conant.
Children of David and Nancy M. (Conant) Hall:
Augustus, died young.
Lucy Maria, died young.
Charles Conant.
Lydia Augusta, aforementioned as the wife of Jude Snow.

(IX) David William, eldest child of Jude and Lydia Augusta (Hall) Snow, was born in Boston, Nov. 10, 1851. He was brought in his childhood to Portland, Maine, on the removed of his parents to that city. He prepared for college in the public schools of Portland, entered Bowdoin College in 1869, graduated in 1873 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and later became a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
Returning to Portland, he engaged in mercantile pursuits for about three years and then entered the law office of Hon. William L. Putnam of that city, where he read law for two years and then entered Harvard Law School for a course in special subjects. He was admitted to the Cumberland bar at the October term, 1879, and immediately began the practice of his profession, at first in a partnership with Franklin C. Payson, under the firm name of Snow & Payson, and later returned to Judge Putnam's office, where, after the dissolution of the firm of Snow & Payson, he continued his practice until Mr. Putnam was elevated to the bench of the United States circuit court. The firm of Symonds, Snow, Cook & Hutchinson was then formed, the other members being Hon. Joseph W. Symonds, Charles Sumner Cook and Charles L. Hutchinson. Since its formation, the firm has been engaged in much of the important litigation in the state of Maine. Mr. Snow, naturally adapted to his chosen profession, studious and energetic, has made for himself an enviable reputation as a corporation and real estate lawyer. He is a trustee of the Portland Trust Company, a member of the Cumberland County, Maine State, American and International Bar associations. Mr. Snow is well known and highly respected in his adopted city, and by his sterling integrity has won the confidence and esteem of his numerous clientage, professional associates and fellow citizens.
Mr. Snow married, in Portland, June 18, 1885, Martha V., born in Atkinson, N. H., Jan. 9, 1855, daughter of William H. and Caroline (Vinton) Hemenway.
Roger Vinton, born Aug. 11, 1890, a graduate of Portland high school, now a student at Williams College, class of 1912.

(IX) Lucien, second son of Jude and Lydia Augusta (Hall) Snow, was born in Boston, Oct. 21, 1854. He was brought to Portland, Maine, by his parents when two years old, and was educated in the public schools of that city, graduating from the high school in 1873. At the age of nineteen he entered mercantile life, and was with A. Little & Company, drygoods merchants, two years; Lock, Twitchell & Company, five years; and Storer Brothers, two years. In 1882 he became a partner in the firm of H. E. Stevens & Company, iron and steel merchants. Four years later he retired from this firm and became president of the American Cotton Company, of Westbrook, where he served a year. In 1887, in company with M. E. Bolster, E. P. Staples, F. W. Roberts and N. D. Smith, the firm of Bolster, Snow & Company was organized, which for twenty years carried on a wholesale trade in drygoods and men's furnishings. This business was sold July 1, 1807, to Parker, Thomas & Company, who have since carried it on.
Mr. Snow always manifested a decided aptitude for financial affairs; while in the employ of others he had much more to do with the financial than the sales departments, and after becoming a partner in trade the administration of the finances of the firm with which he was connected generally fell to him. He was president of the Portland Street Sprinkling Company, treasurer of the Baker Manifold Company, trustee of the Portland Savings Bank, of which he was also one of the incorporators, and a director in the Casco National Bank.
He was a member of the Portland Athletic and Country clubs. In politics he was a Republican, one who could be relied on to vote the ticket. He was a Congregationalist in religion.
Mr. Snow married, in Portland, Feb. 9, 1882, Nellie Wadsworth, born in Portland Aug. 29, 1861, daughter of Hon. Samuel E. and Zilpah (Barker) Spring.
Lucien, born Dec. 4, 1885, graduated from Harvard College in 1907.
Mr. Snow, who was one of Portland's most prominent merchants for many years, died very suddenly at his home on Neal street, Oct. 39, 1908, after a brief illness of only three weeks, from heart failure.

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