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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


(For first generation see Roger Shaw I).

(II) Joseph, second child and eldest son of Roger and Ann Shaw, was born in Cambridge, Mass. about 1635, and died in Hampton, N. H. Nov. 8, 1721. He settled in what is now Hampton Falls, N. H., where, on account of his education, wealth and fair character, he was a man of influence. His name appears in a list of men eligible for council of the Province.
He married, June 26, 1661, Elizabeth, daughter of William and Ann Partridge, of Salisbury, Mass.
Abiah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Caleb, Josiah, Sarah, John and Ann.

(III) Caleb, fourth child of Joseph and Elizabeth (Partridge) Shaw, was born in Hampton, June 31, 1671, and was drowned March 19, 1715. He resided at Hampton Falls, sustained the standing of his family, and was a member of the board of selectmen of the town. He was captain and owner of a fishing vessel. His death was brought about by his being knocked overboard by the boom of his vessel.
He married, in 1694, Elizabeth Hilliard, daughter of Timothy and Apphia (Philbrick) Hilliard. His widow married (second) Joseph Tilton.
Rachel, John, Aphia, Josiah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret, Joseph, Ebenezer and Mary.

(IV) Ebenezer, tenth child and fifth son of Caleb and Elizabeth (Hilliard) Shaw, was born in Hampton, Oct. 7, 1713, and died in Standish, Maine, March 13, 1782. He was granted two hundred acres of land and a mill privilege in Standish by the proprietors, and bought a large tract in addition. He moved into the town in 1762, and there built the first mill. He was a farmer, carpenter, cooper and millman, and prominent in the town.
He married, in Hampton, Nov. 19, 1738, Anna Philbrick, daughter of Thomas and Abiah Philbrick.
Josiah, Abiah, Joanna, Sargent, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Margaret and Joseph. (Mention of Sargent and his descendants appears in this article).

(V) Josiah, eldest child of Ebenezer and Anna (Philbrick) Shaw, was born in Hampton, N. H., Jan. 31, 1740, and died Aug. 7, 1810. In 1763 he removed with his family to the township of Pearsontown, now Standish, Maine, and bought lot No. 43. There he settled and kept the first tavern ever opened to the public in that town. He was also the first town treasurer of that municipality, as well as selectman. By occupation he was a cooper and farmer.
He married Mary Lamprey, of Hampton, who died Jan. 9, 1826.
Mary, Hannah, Anna, Jonathan, Josiah and Eli.

(VI) Hannah, second child of Josiah and Mary (Lamprey) Shaw, was born in Standish, Dec. 22, 1763, and died in Bethel, Feb. 11, 1841. She married Asaph Brown, of Stowe, Mass., and Waterford, Maine.

(V) Sargent fourth child and second son of Ebenezer and Anna (Philbrick) Shaw, was born in Standish, Oct. 23, 1745, and died in Standish Dec. 3, 1823. He was a prosperous farmer and cooper, and was the first constable of the town of Standish, was a revolutionary soldier, serving several years, and was selectman some years. His military record is given in the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors" as follows:
"Shaw, Sargent, Pearsontown, Private, Capt. Wentworth Stewart's Co., Col. Edmund Phinny's regt.; billeting allowed from time of enlistment to date of marching to headquarters, July 12, 1775; credited with eleven weeks five days allowance; also, company return dated Sept. 29, 1775, including abstract of pay due from last of July, 1775; enlisted May 16, 1775."
Pearsontown is the former name of Standish.
Sargent Shaw married (first) Sarah Knight, daughter of William and Hannah (Roberts) Knight, of Windham.
Enoch and Sarah.
He married (second) Salome (Lombard) Dorset, daughter of Jedediah Lombard, of Groham.
Joseph, Abigail, Mary and Elizabeth.
He married (third) Anna Thompson.
Anna, Hannah, Sargent, Peter, Salome, Eunice, Phebe and Achsah.

(VI) Joseph, eldest child of Sargent and Salome (Lombard) (Dorset) Shaw, was born in Standish Oct. 13, 1778, and died in Thorndike, Aug. 27, 1849. He was a moral, well-educated man of good standing, a farmer and school teacher, and filled many town offices.
He married Mary Blithen, of Thorndike.
Julia Ann, Albert, Joseph, Mary Abigail and Joseph Addison.

(VII) Dr. Albert, second child of Joseph and Mary (Blithen) Shaw, was born in Thorndike, April 1, 1817. He practiced medicine in Bath until the early fifties, when he started for the gold fields of California, and was never heard from after he left the Mississippi river.
He married, June 14, 1840, Eliza Drew, daughter of Joseph Drew, of Newfield. She was born Nov. 24, 1817, and died July 12, 1854.
Felicia H. and Katy (died young).

(VIII) Felicia Hemans, daughter of Dr. Albert and Eliza (Drew) Shaw, was born in Thorndike, April 3, 1841, and married Ivory Small Bean.

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