Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The Roussin family is of ancient French origin. The most prominent branch had its family seat at Tournaisis, France, and bore these arms: D'or au chevron de gules acc. en chief de deux hures de sanglier d'argent et en p. d'une quintefeuille du meme.

(I) Jean Roussin, immigrant ancestor, was among the early pioneers from France to Quebec, and from him of the name are descended in Canada.
1. Jean Isaac, married Madelene Singerese; (second) Oct. 28, 1655, Marie Lessard at Quebec.
2. Nicholas, mentioned below.

(II) Nicholas, son of Jean Roussin, born in Canada, died March 7, 1697, at L'Ange Gardien. He married Madeleine Paradis, daughter of Pierre Paradis. She was born in 1653 and died Nov. 29, 1660. at Chateau Richer. He married (second) Madeleine Tremblay, born 1658, died April 10, 1726, daughter of Pierre Tremblay.
Child of 1st wife:
1. Marie, born Nov. 25, 1669, married Nov. 5, 1685, Pierre Tremblay.
Children of 2d wife:
2. Jacques, born Oct. 22, 1685, married April 12, 1712, Madeleine Guyon; he died Nov. 13, 1753.
3. Nicholas, born Jan. 14, 1688, married 1711, Marie Anne Goulet; (second) Aug. 13, 1741, Marie Ann Cote; he died May 19, 1762, at St. Augustin.
4. Joseph, born 1689, married Anne Jacob.
5. Jean, born 1690, married Marie Anne Geneveive Pose, born 1697.
6. Louis, born 1695, mentioned below.

(III) Louis, son of Nicholas Roussin, was born in 1695. He settled at Terrebonne, Canada. He married Catherine Trudel, born 1702, daughter of Phillippe (2).
1. Angelique, born 1720, married Jan. 8, 1742, at Toussant.
2. Elizabeth, born 1722, married Nov., 1741, Ignace Charles; she died Oct. 15, 1756.
Children b. at Terrebonne:
3. Marie, born 1724, married Feb. 2, 1750, Antoine Dupre at Montreal.
4. Louis, born 1726, mentioned below.
5. Margaret, born 1727, married May 27, 1748, Louis Forget.
6. Oside, born Feb. 8, 1729, died March 15, 1830. [trans note: 1830 is what they have here].
7. Marie Joseph, born Feb. 9, 1731, married Jan. 12, 1750, Nicholas Ledoux.
8. Marie Madeleine, born Aug. 29, 1732, married Jan. 28, 1753, Julien Delmel; died June 7, 1762.
9. Francis, born March 5, 1734.
10. Marie Agathe, born July 24, died Aug. 8, 1735.
11. Francis, born May 24, 173_.
12. Joseph Paschal, born Oct. 13, 173_, married Feb. 18, 1760, Catherine Demers.
13. Nicholas, born Oct. 27, 173_.
14. Jacques, born Jan. 20, 1739, married Nov. 23, 1751, Marie Joseph Poupard.
15. Marie Catherine, born Aug. 29, 1740, married Jan. 26, 1756, Joseph Annable Lorrain.
16. Jean Baptist, born May 20, 1742, died Dec. 11, 1748.
17. Scholastique, born April 28, 1744.

(IV) Louis (2), son of Louis (1) Roussin, was born in 1726. He settled with his father at Terrebonne. He married Judith Dupree, born 1727, daughter of Jean Dupree (2).
Children, b. at Terrebonne:
1. Marie Judith, born Feb. 25, 1751, married June 9, 1777, Jean Baptist Moraud at Montreal.
2. Louis, born March 17, 1757.
3. Felicity, born July 26, 1759.

(V) Joseph Anthoine Roussin, descended from the family in Terrebonne, was born in that town, and lived there all his life. Among his children was William, mentoned below.

(VI) William, son of Joseph Anthoine Roussin, born in Terrebonne, 1826, died in 1900. He married Octavia LaPointe, born in Terrebonne in 1834. She lives at present (1908) in the city of Montreal. William Roussin received his elementary education in the schools of his native town. When a young man he was employed in a wholesale liquor store in Montreal for nine years, and then embarked in business for himsel.f with a general store at Roxton Falls, Eastern Township, Canada, and continued in active business to the day of his death. In politics he was a Liberal.
William Charles, born July 30, 1860, mentioned below.

(VII) William Charles, son of William Roussin, was born in Montreal, Canada, July 30, 1860. He was educated at Mason College in Terrebonne and at the Academy at Roxton Falls. He then went to work as clerk in his father's store and continued until he was twenty-seven years old. In 1887 he came to Biddeford, Maine, and engaged in the retail grocery business in partnership with John B. F. Tartre under the firm name of Roussin & Tartre. The business was prosperous and the firm continued until 1898, when it was dissolved to give place to a corporation entitled the Biddeford Grocery Company. The stockholders were Mr. Roussin, Mr. Tartre and Mr. Beauregarde. The present (1908) officers of the company are: President, Mr. Roussin; secretary, Mr. Tartre, and treasurer Mr. Bouregarde. The concern is enterprising and flouishing, having a large trade among the French-speaking people of the city, of whom there are some five thousand.
In politics Mr. Roussin is a Republican. He has been assessor of the city three years, alderman one year. He is a member of the board of trustees of York County Savings Bank.
He mararied, June, 1895, Alda Cordeau, born at Actonvale, Canada, daughter of Victor Cordeau. She has lived in Biddeford from early childhood and was educated in the public schools there.
Children, b. in Biddeford:
1. Charles Edward, born April, 1886.
2. Jeanette, born June, 1897.
3. Adrienne, born 1900.
4. Theodore, born 1903.

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