Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This family of German origin was located at a remote period in lower Saxony. They were in possession of the Manor of Rycken from which they took their name, at first written Van Rycken and passing through many changes before the simple Riker was adopted in America.
Hans Von Rycken, lord of the manor, took part in the first crusade to the Holy Land in 1096 and lost his life in the service. His descendants located in Lower Saxony, Holstein and Hamburg, where they occupied places of trust for two centuries. The American family it is supposed descended from a branch in Amsterdam.
Captain Jacob Simonsz de Rycke, a wealthy merchant of Amsterdam, distinguished for his military service, is said to have been the grandfather of Abraham de Rycke, the progenitor of the American family. The name Jacob occurs in the early generations.
Abraham de Rycke came to this country about 1638 and was the founder of the New York and New Jersey families. His descendants, after three generations, spelled the name Riker. It is recorded that Abraham received in 1638 a grant of land from Governor Keith, for which he secured a patent Aug. 8, 1640. In 1642 he was living in New Amsterdam, where he remained many years, engaged in trade.
His wife was Grietie, daughtr of Hendrick Harmensen. He died 1689.

(I) Thomas Jefferson Riker was born in New York City. He was a merchant and connection with the Methodist church. He married, in 1828, Amelia Ann, daughter of Samuel Worthman Bradley, a shipping master of New York, who at one time owned a large sugar plantation in Rio Janeiro, South America.
Samuel T., Edgar J. and Margaret A.

(II) Edgar Jefferson, second son of Thomas J. and Amelia A. (Bradley) Riker, was born in New York City July 7, 1832. When but eleven years of age he went to Nottingham, New Hampshire, and was in the employ of Alfred A. Lane. Six years later he went to Epping, N. H. and learned the blacksmith's trade. In 1852 he went to Lowell, Mass., and was employed in a machine shop for one year, when he secured a position with the Hill Manufacturing Company at Lewiston, Maine. After ten years sevice there he transferred to the Mason Locomotive Company at Taunton, Mass., but three years later, in 1866, he returned to the Hill Manufacturing Company at Lewiston, which position he still (1908) retains.
Like his father, he has been connected with the Methodist church, and in politics is a Democrat. He was a member of the Lewiston Light Infantry, First Corps, for seven years.
Mr. Riker married in Lowell, Mass., July 2, 1853, Keziah, daughter of Thomas and Elvira (Lindsay) Pressey, who was born in Mercer, Maine, Sept. 29, 1832.
Warren Edgar, born Jan. 26, 1656.
Emma Frances, born May 16, 1859, married (first) Charles McKenney; (second) Fred S. Merrill, a shoe manufacturer of Brockton.

(III) Warren Edgar, only son of Edgar J. and Keziah (Pressey) Riker, was born in Mercer, Maine, Jan. 26, 1856, and was educated in the Mercer public and Lewiston high schools. In early life he learned the jeweler's trade, which business he followed for about nine years, five of which he was in business for himself. He was for a time in partnership with B. F. Bradford, a druggist, the firm name being B. F. Bradford & Company. In 1888 he bought out the business which he has since continued.
Mr. Riker, while intersted in politics, has devoted much of his time as commissioner to the developing and perfecting of the fire department. He also organized the ambulance corps and was commissioned captain, serving for six years when the rank was reduced by act of state legislature to second lieutenant, and as this officer served till the corps was discontinued.
Mr. Riker has always been interested in military affairs, serving for many years as captain of the local militia company and for eighteen years he has been a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. He is also a member of the following secret societies: Ashlar Lodge, No. 105, F. and A. M.; King Hiram Chapter, No. 9, R. A. M.; Manufacturers' and Mechanics Lodge, No. 62, I.O.O.F.; Worumbus Encampment, No. 13, I.O.O.F.' Industry Lodge, No. 2, K. of P.; member of First Regiment, uniformed rank, K. of P., and is colonel of the regiment; trustee and chairman of finance committee of Lewiston Lodge, No. 371, Elks, from the time that the charter was obtained until 1905; F. of A., holding all local and state chairs in the lastnamed, and is now holding office in the supreme court of same.
Mr. Riker married at Lewiston, Nov. 4, 1884, Carrie Leona, daughter of Horace and Sarah (Sawyer) Daggett, who was born in Auburn, Maine, Sept. 1, 1865. They have no children.

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