Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


(I) Robert Reynolds, immigrant ancestor of this family, was born in England. He is known to have been in Boston as early as 1632. He was a shoemaker by trade. He was admitted to the church at Boston, Aug. 10, 1634, and a freeman Sept. 3, 1634. He removed to Watertown from Boston, and was dismissed to the church at Wethersfield, Connecticut, March 29, 1636, but returned to Boston later, and died there April 27, 1659. He sold land at Muddy River, now Brookline, Mass., in 1645 and 1653.
His wife, Mary, was admitted to the church Oct. 4, 1645, and died Jan. 18, 1663. His will was proved July 27, 1659, bequeathing to wife, Mary, son Nathaniel; daughter Ruth Whitney, and her eldest son; daughter Tabitha Abdy, and her son, Matthew; daughter Sarah Mason, and her son Nathaniel. (See New Eng. Reg. IX, p. 138).
1. Nathaniel, mentioned below.
2. Ruth, married John Whitney.
3. Tabitha, married Matthew Abdy.
4. Sarah, married ____ Mason.
5. Mary, married ____ Sawyer.

(II) Capt. Nathaniel, son of Robert Reynolds, was born in England. He lived in Boston, and was a lieutenant and later captain of the artillery company (the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company), and was in King Philiip's war, at Chelmsford, Feb., 1676. He was admitted a freeman in 1665. He was also a shormaker. In 1680 he removed to Bristol, Rhode Island, where he died July 10, 1708. He was one of the leading men.
He married (first) Nov. 30, 1657, Sarah, daughter of John Dwight. She died July 8, 1663. He married (second) Priscilla, daughter of Peter Brockett, who was a trade of Boston.
Children of 1st wife, b. in Boston:
1. Sarah, born July 26, 1659, married John Fosdick.
2. Mary, born Nov. 20, 1660, died Jan. 28, 1663.
3. Nathaniel, born March 3, 1662-63.
Children of 2d wife, b. in Boston & Bristol:
4. John, born Aug. 4, 1668, died Jan. 30, 1757, in his eighty-ninth year.
5. Peter, born Jan. 26, 1670.
6. Philip, born Sept. 15, 1672.
7. Joseph, born Jan. 9, 1677, died Jan. 16, 1759.
8. Hannah, born Jan. 15, 1682, married Samuel Royall.
9. Mary, born 1684, married Nathaniel Woodbury.
10. Benjamin, born May 10, 1686, mentioned below.
11. Ruth, born Dec. 9, 1688, married Josiah Cary.

(III) Benjamin, son of Capt. Nathaniel Reynolds, was born in Bristol, May 10, 1686, died Aug. 4, 1770. He lived at Bristol. He married Susanna, daughter of Rev. Grindall Rawson, of Mendon, in 1709.
Children, b. at Bristol:
1. Priscilla, born April 13, 1711, married Edward Rawson.
2. Ann (twin), born July 12, 1715, died unmarried.
3. Mary (twin), born July 12, 1715, died young.
4. Mary, born Nov. 20, 1716.
5. John, born April 1, 1718.
6. Benjamin, born Nov. 15, 1722, mentioned below.
7. Grindall, born July 11, 1726, settled in Putney, Vermont.
8. Sarah, married Seth Chapin.

(IV) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin (1) Reynolds, was born in Bristol, Rhode Island, Nov. 15, 1722. He moved to Chignecto, Nova Scotia. When the revolution broke out, he sided with the colonies and against the majority of the Nova Scotia province, and returned to New England in 1776, entereing the revolutionary army and having a romantic record therein. At the close of the war he was granted land in Marietta, Ohio, for his services, but never claimed his land. Instead of moving westward, he settled in the wilderness at which is now Lubec, Maine.
He married (first) Lydia Raymond, and (second), at Marblehead, Mass., _____. He was drowned at sea. Among his children was Jonathan, mentioned below.

(V) Jonathan, son of Benjamin (2) Reynolds, was born at Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia, and died in Pembroke, Maine, in 1866. He settled in Pembroke.
He married Persis, daughter of Capt. Theophilus Wilder, of Hingham, Mass. Among his children was Capt. Bela R., mentioned below.

(VI) Captain Bela R., son of Jonathan Reynolds, was born in Pembroke, Sept. 15, 1797, died May 10, 1853. He was a sea captain, and later in life was associated in business at Dennysville.
He married his cousin, Deborah, daughter of Ebenezer C. and Abigail (Ayer) WILDER, granddaughter of Capt. Theophilus Wilder. Capt. Wilder, who was a soldier in the revolution and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis, Oct. 19, 1781, was born May 15, 1740, and married Lydia Cushing. Theophilus and Mary (Hersey) Wilder, married May 25, 1732, were the parents of Capt. Theophilus Wilder. Jabez Wilder, father of Theophilus Wilder Sr., was born in 1671, married 1692, Mary Ford, born May 16, 1671. Edward Wilder, immigrant, ws father of Jabez; came in the ship "Confidence," and settled at Hingham, Mass.; married Elizabeth Ames, and died Oct. 15, 1670. Thomas Wilder, father of Edward, immigrant, died in England in 1634, son of John and Alice (Keats) Wilder, and grandson of Thomas Keats. Nicholas Wilder, ancestor of John, was a military commander in the army of the Earl of Richmond at the battle of Bosworth, Aug. 22, 1458, when he won the approval of Henry VIII, who gave him a grant of land and a coat-of-arms.
CHILD of Bela R. & Deborah (Wilder) Reynolds:
Abbie Wilder, born Feb. 21, 1830, married A. L. Raymond Gardner.

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