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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The name of Prescott is of Saxon origin and is composed by the contraction of two Saxon words, Priest and Cottage, and therefore signifies priest cottage, or priest's house. The name has long been known in England. It was given to a street and a lane or place in the ancient city of London. Prescott is also the name of a market town in Lancashire, and those of this surname that emigrated to American originally, or their ancestors, orginated from this town. Some of the Prescott family had titles, and the ancient coat-of-arms is: Sabe, a chevron between three owls, argent (two in chief, one in base). Crest: a cubit arm, couped, erect, vested, Gules: cuff ermine, holding in the hand a pitch pot or hand beacon, sable fired proper. The arms of the Prescotts of Dryny, Lincolnshire, England, and which belong to the descendants particularly of that branch of the family descended from James Prescott, of New Hampshire, are described: Ermine, a chevron sable on a chief of the second, two leopard's heads, or: crest, out of a ducal coronet, or, a boar's head and neck argent, bristiled of the first.
The first mention of the surname Prescott is found in Thomas Rymer's Foedera - Magistro Waltere de Prestecote, the Latin for Walter Prescott. Althought the direct lineage of the American Prescotts has not been trace farther back than the reign of Elizabeth, it is evident that the family from an early date lived at the town of Prescott already mentioned.

(I) James Prescott, of Standish, Lancashire, a descendant of the Lancashire family, was the progenitor. He was required by order of Queen Elizabeth, dated August, 1564, to keep in readiness with horsemen and armor. He married a daughter of Roger Standish, Esq., of Standish, and sister of Ralph Standish.
1. James, mentioned below.
2. Roger, married (first) Elizabeth _____, 1563; (second) Ellen (?) Shaw, of Standish, Aug. 20, 1568; resided in Shevington, died 1594.
3. Ralph, died young.
4. Robert, married Feb. 3, 1565, Elizabeth Nightingale; resided in Standish and died there 1576.
5. William, father of Alexander, grandfather of Sir John Prescott, Lord of the Manors of Radwington in Essex and Bromley in Kent.
6. John, resided in Sutterby, Lincolnshire.

(II) Sir James (2), son of James (1) Prescott, married Alice Molineaux. From his brave military prowess and achievements he was created Lord of the Manor of Dryby in Lincolnshire, and had new arms granted to him, as described above, and was afterwards known as Sir James. He died March 1, 1583.
1. John, mentioned below.
2. Ann, born at Dryby.

(III) John, only son of Sir James (2) Prescott, was born at Dryby, Lincolnshire.
1. William.
2. James, mentioned below.

(IV) James, son of John Prescott, was born at Dryby, and lived there.
1. Mary, baptized at Dryby, 1631.
2. John, baptized 1632.
3. Annie, baptized 1634.
4. James, mentioned below.
Other children.

(V) James, son of James Prescott, was the American immigrant ancestor. He left Dryby in 1665, and settled in Hampton, New Hampshire, then of Norfolk county, Mass. He had a farm in that part of the town which since 1712 has constituted the town of Hampton Falls, about two miles north of the Hampton Falls Academy, on the road to Exeter, lately owned by Wells Healey. He was admitted a freeman in 1678, and his church membership was transferred to the parish at the Falls in 1712. From thence it was transferred to the Kingston church, Sept. 29, 1725. We are told by the Prescott Memorial that "he was a man of integrity and influence, possessing good sense, a sound and discriminating mind, one whose judgment was much sought for, and in whose opinion the people placed a most confident reliance." He was in 1694 one of the original grantees of the town of Kingston, and Dec. 19, 1700, was moderator of the proprietors' meeting, and again June 18, 1701.
He had large grants of land in Kingston, whither he removed in 1725, and where he died Nov. 25, 1728, aged about eighty-five years.
He married, 1668, Mary Boulter, born at Exeter, May 15, 1648, daughter of Nathaniel and Grace Boulter. Her father was born in England in 1625, settled in Hampton as early as 1642 and in Exeter in 1645. She died at Kingston, Oct. 4, 1735, aged eighty-seven years, four months, twenty days.
1. Joshua, born March 1, 1669; had eleven children.
2. James Jr., born Sept. 1, 1671, mentioned below.
3. Rebecca, born April 15, 1673, married Dec. 3, 1691, Nathaniel Sanborn; he married (second) Sarah Nason, and died Nov. 9, 1723.
4. Jonathan, born Aug. 6, 1675, died Jan. 6, 1755; married Elizabeth _____.
5. Mary, born June 11, 1677, married (first) Nov. 2, 1699, Jabez Coleman; (second) Nov. 9, 1730, Thomas Crosby; (third) ____ Bean; died 1740.
6. Abigail, born Nov. 19, 1679; married Nov. 2, 1699, Richard Bounds.
7. Temperance, died young, born Nov. 19, 1679. [trans note: she must have been twins with Abigail?]
8. John, born Nov. 19, 1681, married Aug. 18, 1701, Abigail Marston, died 1761.
9. Nathaniel, born Nov. 19, 1683, married Dec. 30, 1703, Ann Marston; died Feb. 26, 1771.

(VI) Sergeant James, son of James Prescott, was born Sept. 1, 1671. He was admitted to the church with his wife Maria, Oct. 10, 1697. He was a farmer, and resided near his father, on the opposite side (west) of the road leading from the side (west) of the road leading from the Hampton Falls Academy to Exeter. He was constable in 1707. He served at Port Royal from March to Sept., 1701. He was deacon of the church.
He married (first) March 1, 1695, Maria Marston, born May 16, 1672, daughter of William Jr. and Rebecca (Page) Marston. He married (second) June 17, 1746, Abigail Sanborn, widow. She was daughter of Edward Gove, one of the first settlers of Hampton, and married (first) Deacon Philemon Dalton, (second) Deacon Benjamin Sanborn, and (third) James Prescott.
1. Jeremiah, born Dec. 8, 1695; married Jan. 14, 1720, Hannah Philbrick.
2. Samuel, born March 14, 1697; mentioned below.
3. Elisha, born March 18, 1669; married Feb. 13, 1724, Phebe Sanborn; died Dec. 10, 1781.
4. Sarah, born Jan. 20, 1701; married March 9, 1720, Joseph Lowell.
5. Lucy, born Feb. 6, 1703; married Jan. 18, 1722, Joseph Sanborn Jr., died March 9, 1723.
6. Ebenezer, born Dec. 3, 1705; married Dec. 15, 1726, Abigail Tilton; died 1750.
7. James, born Dec. 2, 1708; married Jan. 14, 1731, Dorothy Tilton; died 1734.
8. Rebecca, born Sept. 27, 1711; married Jan. 18, 1727, Caleb Towle, Jr.

(VII) Samuel, son of James Prescott, was born at Hampton (N.H.), March 14, 1697. In 1746 he was appointed, with Hon. Meshach Weare, an appraiser of the estate of Captain Jonathan Prescott, who died at Louisburg, in Jan., 1746. He served several years as selectman, town clerk and in other positions of trust and honor. He was a soldier in a scouting company in the French and Indian war. He was a farmer at Hampton Falls, where he died of fever June 12, 1759, aged sixty-two years, three months.
He married, Dec. 17, 1717, Mary Sanborn, daughter of Joseph and granddaughter of John Sanborn, one of the first settlers of Hampton. Her mother, Mary Gove, daughter of Edward Gove Sr., was born July 28, 1697. Prescott and his wife were admitted to the chruch July 13, 1740.
1. Jeremiah, born Sept. 29, 1718; mentioned below.
2. Samuel, born Jan. 9, 1721; married Feb. 28, 1745, Sarah Dalton.
3. John, born Dec. 12, 1723, married Nov. 27, 1746, Hannah Rundlett.
4. Major Joseph, born Nov. 17, 1725, married Molly Norris, of Hampton, settled in Epping; major of Colonel Stephen Evna's regiment, and took part in the battles of Bennington, Ticonderoga, and the surrender of Burgoyne and other engagements; member of the New Hampshire provincial congress in 1775.
5. Major William, born June 21, 1728, married Nov. 22, 1750, Susanna Sanborn; settled in Hampton Falls, where his house is now or was lately standing; captain of a company in the revolution under Col. Tash in 1776, later was major.

(VIII) Jeremiah, eldest son of Samuel Prescott, was born Sept. 29, 1718, baptized Nov. 22, 1724. He settled in Epping, and was a farmer all his active life. In April, 1755, he was in Capt. Nathaniel Folsom's company, of Exter, Col. Joseph Blanchard's regiment, in the expedition against the French forts DuQuesne, Niagara and West Point. In May, 1756, he was in the Crown Point expedition, in Capt. Nathaniel Doe's company, Col. Nathaniel Meserve's regiment. He signed the Assocation Test in 1776. He married (first) Jan. 15, 1742, Mary Hayes, who died before 1780; married (second) Feb. 10, 1780, Mary Towle, widow of Lemuel Towle, and daughter of Gideon Shaw. On account of unhappiness resulting from this marriage, Prescott took his own life.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Colonel Jeremiah, born Dec. 22, 1741; mentioned below.
2. Samuel, born March 25, 1744; married 1768, Mehitable Bean, of Exeter, resided in Epping, N. H., and Readfield, Maine.
3. William, born about 1746; married Mary Dearborn; settled in Vershire, Vermont; was soldier in the revolution.
4. Phebe, born about 1748, resided at Vershire, Vermont.
5. Hannah, born 1751, married John Hoit; resided at Epping, Danbury and Grafton, N. H.
6. Elisha, born Dec. 13, 1754; married Mary Marston; soldier in the revolution.
7. Molly, married ____ Knowles and lived in Fremont and Canaan, N. H.
8. Joseph, born Oct. 22, 1760; married Abigail Knowles; resided at Belfast and Lincoln, Maine.
9. Benjamin, born Sept. 3, 1762, married Polly Hinkley, of Hallowell, Maine.

(IX) Colonel Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah Prescott, was born Dec. 22, 1741, at Hampton Falls. He was an ardent patriot, lieutenant in Capt. Nathan Sanborn's company, Col. Stephen Evan's regiment in 1777, and later captain in Col. Thomas Stickney's regiment. He settled in Epsom, N. H., after the revolution, following the occupation of farming until his death. He was colonel of the state militia after the war. He signed the Association Test of 1776.
He married, Jan., 1764, Jane Sherburne, born Oct., 1745, died Sept., 1828, aged eighty-three. He died April 25, 1817.
1. John, born Dec. 17, 1764; married June 11, 1792, Deborah Hill.
2. Jeremiah, born May 11, 1767, married Molly Sanborn, resided at Epsom and Vershire.
3. Huldah, born Feb., 1770, married Daniel Kimball, of Pembroke, resided at Bradford, Vermont.
4. Samuel, born April, 1773; married 1798, Betsey Mason.
5. Sarah, born 1776; married Stephen Maltby; settled in Vershire.
6. Joseph, born July 21, 1779; married Jan., 1801, Serepta Olmstead; settled in Newbury, Vermont.
7. Sherburne, born Sept. 29, 1782; married (first) 1805, Betsey Rand; (second) Paulina Sleeper.
8. Amos, born Dec., 1784; mentioned below.

(X) Amos, youngest son of Colonel Jeremiah Prescott, born in Epsom, New Hampshire, Dec., 1784, was a farmer, living in Epsom. He had a white swelling of the knee for which amputation was performed in May, 1806, and he died of consumption Dec. following.
He married Anna Cass, daughter of Theophilus Cass, of Epsom. She married (second) John Connor, and she died Nov., 1856.
1. Lydia, born July, 1805; married Daniel Drake, of Chichester; she died Nov., 1827; children: Judith and Amos Drake.
2. Amos, mentioned below.

(XI) Amos (2), son of Amos (1) Prescott, was born in Epsom, Dec. 6, 1806. He was educated in the public schools, and learned the trade of brick mason. He settled in Bristol, Vermont, where he followed his trade, and died in 1891, in North Berwick, Maine.
He mararied, Oct. 18, 1826, Lydia H. Dugan, born at Holderness, N. H. Aug. 7, 1807, daughter of Gregory Dugan.
Children, b. at Bristol & Epsom:
1. James Lewis, born March 8, 1828, mentioned below.
2. Belia, born July, 1832.
3. Margaret, born in Feb., 1844.

(XII) James Lewis, son of Amos (2) Prescott, was born in Epsom, March 8, 1828. He married Dec. 22, 1847, Harriet M. Tripp, daughter of Jeremiah and Chloe Tripp, of Epsom. His wife was born March 14, 1831. He was educated in the public schools of Epsom, New Hampshire.
In religion he was an Adventist, in politics a Republican.
Children, b. in N. H. & Maine:
1. Lewis Morrill, died in infancy.
2. Amos Lewis, born April 3, 1853.
3. William Warren, born Sept. 2, 1855.
4. Charles Henry, born Aug. 3, 1857; mentioned below.
5. Harriet Isabel, born Aug. 16, 1861.
6. George Morrill, born Sept. 8, 1863; died Dec. 4, 1869.
7. James Eddie, born April 16, 1866; died Dec. 11, 1869.
8. Frank Howard, born June 19, 1868; died Dec. 15, 1869.
9. Fred Everett, born Feb. 20, 1871; died in 1874.

(XIII) Charles Henry, son of James Lewis Prescott, was born in Barnstead, N. H., Aug. 3, 1857. His parents moved to Maine in his infancy, and he has always lived in York county, having been engaged in business in Biddeford for twenty-eight years. He was educated at Berwick Academy and Boston University; was admitted to the bar of Maine, in York county, in 1880. He bought the Biddeford Weekly Journal the same year, and in 1884 established the Biddeford Daily Journal, now one of the leading papers of the state, with a spendid modern mechanical equipment, in one of the finest newspaper buildings east of Boston.
Mr. Prescott was elected a prepresentative to the state legislature in 1883, being the youngest member of that body; was elected a delegate at large to the Republican national convention in 1888; was county treasurer from 1887 to 1891; a member of the Maine senate in 1894, and chosen chairman of the York county delegation; a member of the staff of Governor Cleaves from 1893 to 1897; appointed judge of the Biddeford municipal court in 1895, but resigned; was elected a member of the executive council in 1901, and re-elected in 1903, serving two years of the time as chairman of that body; was a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor in 1904, receiving 291 votes in the convention, but declined to run again.
Mr. Prescott was one of the promoters of the Biddeford and Saco Railroad Company, and for twenty years has been an officer of the company, being its president at the present (1908) time; he is also a director of the Portland Railroad Company, a director of the North Berwick Manufacturing Company, a director of the First National Bank, a director of the Webber Hospital Association, and a trustee of the York County Savings Bank.
He was married in 1882 to Ellen S. Hobbs, of North Berwick. He resides in Saco.

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