Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Allan Perley, the immigrant ancestor, was born in 1606, in Wales or England, came from St. Albans county Herts, England, in the ship "Planter," in 1635, and died in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 28, 1675. The name is also spelled Apperley (Ap, son of). He settled first in Charlestown Village, Mass. Bay, in what is now (1908) called Button End, Woburn. He removed to Ipswich and later to Topsfield, Mass., selling his house and land on High street, at Ipswich, to Walter Roper, Sept. 3, 1652. He was admitted a freeman May 18, 1642. He died Dec. 28, 1675. His will was made June 23, 1670, and Nov. 16, 1671, and proved Feb. 3, 1675-76, bequeathing to wife Susanna, sons John, Samuel, Thomas Timothy; daughters Sarah and Martha; son Nathaniel deceased. He owned land at the time of his death in Essex, Rowley and Boxford.
He married, in 1635, Susanna Bokesen, who died at Ipswich Feb. 11, 1692.

(II) Thomas, son of Allan Perley, was born at Ipswich in 1641, and died at Boxford Sept. 24, 1709; married July 8, 1667, Lydia Peabody, born 1644, died April 30, 1675, daughter of Lieut. Francis and Mary (Foster) Peabody, of Topsfield. Her mother was daughter of Reginald Foster.
The line has been traced in England. Foster and Perley came over in the same vessel from the same parish. Lydia joined the church at Rowley, was admitted by letter at Boxford, Feb. 21, 1702-03. Perley settled in Rowley and bought much land; in 1687 the largest taxpayer except his brother-in-law, John Peabody. His home was on the Isaac Hale place. He was admitted freeman May 23, 1677; deputy to the general court 1689-92-93, 1700-02; selectman 1690-94-99, 1701-4-9; constable in 1688; juror; moderator in 1693, 1701-4-6-7-9; quartermaster of Boxford military company in 1688; lieutenant 1681.
His home was in the town of Boxford, and May 9, 1704, he was elected on a committee to determine the town line.
Thomas, Jacob, Lydia, Mary, Hepzibah and Sarah.

(III) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) Perley, was born at East Boxford, Sept. 27, 1668 (or 1670); died Nov. 13, 1745; married Sarah Osgood, of Andover, b. Nov. 4, 1675, died at Boxford Sept. 23, 1724, daughter of Captain John and Mary (Clement) Osgood. Her mother was accused of witchcraft and pleaded guilty to save her life. He married (second) May 15, 1727, Elizabeth (Porter) Putnam, of Danvers, who died Oct., 1746, widow of Joseph Putnam, and mother of General Israel Putnam.
Perley was town clerk from 1712 to 1723; surveyor 1723; juror; moderator 1726-27; selectman 1697-99, 1701-4-8-9-14-20-27; deputy to the general court 1703-9-18-19; schoolmaster in 1712. He was ensign of the militia company; lieutenant Jan. 17, 1717; captain in Colonel John Appleton's regiment.
His will was dated Sept. 21, 1745, proved Nov. 25 following.
Lydia, Mary, Hepzibah, Moses, Sarah, Thomas.

(IV) Thomas (3), son of Thomas (2) Perley, was born at East Boxford, Feb. 22, 1704-05; died Sept. 28, 1795; married Sept. 20, 1731, Eunice Putnam, his step-sister, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Porter) Putnam, and sister of General Putnam, of revolutionary fame. She was born April 13, 1710, died Feb. 2, 1787, at East Boxford. He inherited the Cleaveland farm in 1745, and built a house on the homestead. He was a leading patriot during and before the revolution; was on the committee of Jan. 21, 1773, to consider the crisis; in 1776 on the committee to pay soldiers, and on the committee of safety and correspondence; later a delegate to the state convention to frame a constitution; moderator of town meetings, 1755-59-61-63-65-68-70-72-73; fence viewer; hogreeve; constable; tithingman; warden; surveyor; selectman and assessor 1747-54-57-60-61-66; town clerk 1752-57; treasurer 1742-51.
His daughter Huldah, born Feb. 13, 1731-32, under her father's will, had a quarter of the furniture and other personal estate, She married, April 22, 1761, Joshua Cleaves, and died at Beverly, Sept., 1774.

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