Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Deacon John Pearson was born in Yorkshire, England in 1615, was married in England, and came with is wife Maudlen to Saugus (Lynn) Mass. Bay Colony, in 1637, and to Reading in 1639. He was one of the seven heads of families that formed the First Church at Reading, and he took a prominent part in founding the town, being deacon of the church which was the basis of the town government. Deacon John and Maudlen Pearson has three children born in Lynn and two in Reading, their names in the order of their birth being:
Mary, Bertha, Sarah, John (q.v.), James.

(II) John (2), eldest son and fourth child of Deacon John (1) and Maudlen Pearson, was born in Reading, 1650 or 1653, died in 1720. He was known as Captain Pearson, and was a representative for the town of Lynn in the general court of Massachusetts from 1702 to 1710.
He married about 1677, _____ Kendall.
1. James, born 1678, married ____Swain.
2. Tabitha, married ____ Goodwin.
3. John, married ____ Batcheller.
4. Rebecca, born 1686.
5. Kendall (q.v.)
6. Susanna, born 1690, married ____ Gould.
7. Mary, born 1692, married ____ Eaton.
8. Thomas, born 1694.
9. Ebenezer, born 1696.
10. Sarah.
11. Abigail.
12. Elizabeth.

(III) Kendall, third son and fifth child of Captain John and ____ (Kendall) Pearson, was born in Reading, Mass., 1688, died in Lynn, Mass., 1768. He married ____ Boardman, had one child Thomas. (q.v.)

(IV) Thomas, only child of Kendall and ____ (Boardman) Pearson, was born probably at Lynn in 1709. Married ____ Lewis, and among their children was Thomas (q.v.).

(V) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) and ____ (Lewis) Pearson, was born Feb. 12, 1733. He enlisted in the navy and served until Nov. 5, 1749.
He married Martha ____, born Aug. 8, 1730.
1. Elizabeth, born Dec. 7, 1748, died March 24, 1749.
2. A daughter, stillborn April 12, 1750.
3. Nathaniel, born Aug. 3, 1754, died Oct. 24, 1758.
4. Thomas, birth unknown.
5. Martha, born Sept. 13, 1757.
6. Eunice, born Feb. 12, 1760.
7. Sarah, born Oct. 7, 1762, died Sept. 18, 1764.
8. A son, stillborn March 17, 1765.
9. Louis, born July 22, 1766.
10. Hannah, born Feb. 23, 1770.
11. Woodbridge (q.v.)

(VI) Woodbridge, youngest child of Thomas (2) and Martha Pearson, was born Sept. 18, 1772, died in his carriage while on his return from Swansville to his home in Morrill, Maine, Nov. 3, 1848. H was among the early settlers of Unity, Maine; from there removed to Montville, Maine, 1814, and about 1829 took up his residence in Morrill.
He married Mary Whitney, born Oct. 7, 1780, died Nov. 29, 1861, daughter of Rev. John and Joanna (Fox) Whitney.
1. Martha, born in Unity, Maine, June 26, 1799, died in Montville Sept. 22, 1890; married Feb. 1, 1824, William Alexander.
2. Trial, b. Unity, Maine, Nov. 6, 1800, died Nov. 8, 1888, in Montville; married Martha Witham.
3. Joanna, born Nov. 16, 1802.
4. Samuel, born April 27, 1804, died in Belfast, Maine, March 18, 1897; married (first) Desire Ellis; (second) Mrs. Mary Waterman.
5. Fanny, b. Unity, March 16, 1806, died in Swansville, Maine, Jan. 27, 1882; married Elisha Ellis.
6. Louis, b. Unity, Maine, April 6, 1808, died about 1843; married Henry Warren.
7. Orrison, b. Unity, June 11, 1810, died March 20, 1818.
8. Mary, b. Unity, Maine, Nov. 22, 1812, died in Montville, Maine; married Thomas Nickerson.
9. John Charles, b. Montville, Maine, March 18, 1817, died July 29, 1886, in Morrill; married Eliza Jackson.
10. Thomas (q.v.)
11. Hannah, born Oct. 31, 1819, died in Montville, Maine, Nov. 17, 1821.
12. Jeremiah, born July 5, 1823, died in Portland Hospital, July 17, 1898; married (first) Mary Doten; (second) Ursula Gould.

(VII) Thomas, son of Woodbridge and Mary (Whitney) Pearson, was born in Montville, Maine, Jan. 3, 1819, died there Oct. 24, 1890. He conducted farming operations in Morrill, Maine, from whence he went to Montville and there resided on a farm the remainder of his days. He was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and a Democrat in politics.
He married Oct. 18, 1846, Melvina Doten, born in Waldo county, Maine, Oct. 28, 1831, and late in life removed to Maplewood, Mass., where she lived with her eldest son, Joseph O.
1. Joseph Orrison, born Dec. 22, 1847, married March 18, 1874, Mehitable Plummer, b. Nov. 9, 1849, d. Aug. 6, 1891; children: i. Fred Alton, b. April 23, 1876, married July, 1904, Orpha Hicklin; ii. Maud Melvina, b. July 31, 1878, d. Sept. 20, 1880. iii. Joseph Lavell, b. March 13, 1880, married Jan. 7, 1902, Eva S. Taylor, (two children, Myrtle Florence, b. July 17, 1904, and Marion Eva, b. June 2, 1907). iv. Hattie Orrie, b. March 3, 1886. v. Thomas Ray, b. March 5, 1888.
2. Lucy E., born March 19, 1850, died Feb. 28, 1854.
3. Eugene Lavell, born Dec. 10, 1853, lives in Mass.; married July 31, 1884, Margaret McLean.
4. Josiah Wilson, born April 7, 1856, died in Providence, Rhode Island Dec. 1, 1901; was a physician and surgeon.....[trans note: some cut off].......Crockett, one child, Keith Nelson, b. Sept. 1, 1888.
5. Eddy Vivan, born May 19, 1861, died July 5, 1861.
6. Nelson Rich (q.v.)
7. Thomas Norman, born June 2, 1865, was a physician in the town of Morrill, Maine; married June, 1894, Lilla Hatch.
8. George Edwin, born July 31, 1867, lives in New Jersey; married Aug. 24, 1892, Elizabeth ____, one child, Madge Melvina, b. Aug. 24, 1893.
9. John Woodbridge, born April 21, 1871, resides in Waterville, Maine; married Nov. 27, 1901, Betha Rollins.

(IX) Nelson Rich, son of Thomas and Melvina (Doten) Pearson, was born in Morrill, Maine, Feb. 6, 1863. He attended the public schools of his native town and the academies at Albion and China, Maine. He attended the East Maine Conference Seminary from 1886 to 1890. He began preaching and exhorting in the Methodist churches at Ripley and Harmony, in 1888, and was ordained a deacon by Bishop Andrews at Dover, Maine, in 1890. He was stationed at Vanceboro and Lamber Lake in 1890-92; was ordained elder by Bishop Goodell at Rockland in 1892; was itinerant generally for two years at Easton, Spragues Mills, South Presque Isle, China, East Vassalboro, Rockport (four years), Carabour (three years), Columbia Falls (one year), Pembroke, Sullivan, Sorrento, and was appointed to Waldoboro, Lincoln county, in the spring of 1908.
He was initiated as a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Belfast; of the Knights of Pythias at West Sullivan; of the David A. Hooper Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, at West Sullivan, and of the Ancient Order of Unikted Workmen, Carabou.
He married April 4, 1892, Emma M., daughter of Simeon H. and Huldah (Kendall) Perkins, of South Paris, Maine. Huldah (Kendall) Perkins was born in Berlin, New Hampshire.
1. Ruth Hutchins, born in Easton, Maine, April 26, 1893.
2. Carl Rees Thomas, born Rockport, Maine, June 30, 1896, died there Dec. 6, 1898.
3. Esther Charlotte, b. Carabou, Oct. 31, 1901.

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