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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


From the time when surnames came into use, it has been the custom of the Scandinavian people to form the surname by adding son to the forename of the father whose surname was not adopted by his chldren. This custom, though less in use now than formerly, is still in vogue, and the principal subjects of this article followed the ancient usage in reference to the name.

(I) Lars Nelson was born in the village of Schellinge, near the seaport of Warberg, Sweden, in 1903. He was always a farmer and spent his entire life in the vicinity of his birthplace. He was killed in 1870 by a load of wood which fell on him.
He married May Christiansen, who died in Schellinge, Swede, aged sixty years.
Lars, Johanna, Gustaf, August, Inga Maria.

(II) Gustaf, second son and third child of Lars Nelson, was born in Schellinge, Sweden, in 1829, and grew up on his father's farm, where he remained until 1866. He then emigrated to the United States and settled in Michigan, where he spent seven or eight years, and then removed to California, and is now (1908) residing in that state. He has been an agricultural and railroad laborer, and at times has had charge of crews of men.
He married Inga Britta Hammar, who was born in Askome, Sweden, daughter of Johan Hammar, who was born in Askomne, Sweden, in 1793.
His father was at one time a member of the Swedish Chamber of Deputies. Johan and his two brothers were in the Swedish army; one brother was a captain, and the other a lieutenant. Two cousins of Otto Nelson are commissioned officers in the Swedish army.
Gustaf and Inga Britta (Hammar) Larson had four sons, one of whom died in infancy; Edward, born in Sweden in 1858, died in La Porte, Michigan in 1882; Otto, mentioned at length below; John Alvin, born in Sweden in 1866, is living in Bangor.

(III) Otto, son of Gustaf and Inga Britta (Hammar) Nelson, was born in Schellinge, Sweden, July 15, 1864. He remained in Sweden until he was nineteen years of age, and in 1883 came to America, having been educated in the fatherland. For four years he was a sailor in American waters. At twenty-three years of age he located in Bangor, and during the following nine years learned his trade and was a journeyman carpenter. At the end of that time he started in business for himself and has since built up a business as general constractor second to no other in Bangor. Among the building he has erectred are the following named residences:
C. C. Emerson, on State street, which cost $20,000; M. E. Mudgett, West Broadway, $15,000; Thornton Lyford, Fifth street, $8,000. Also the Merchants' National Bank block; the Stearn's block (eight stores); John R. Graham block, $100,000; Merrill Trust Company block; the baggage and heating buildings of the Maine Central railroad; two large business blocks at Houlton; Catholic church at Bar Harbor; parish house and stone church for the Central Congregational Society, Bangor; New Union church at Vinal Haven; employs from fifty to two hudnred men in his contracting operations.
For five years past owned and operated a large woodworking plant, which turned out finishing lumber of all kinds, and employed thirty or forty men. He also has a controlling interest in Smith's planing mills in Brewer, valued at $100,000, with which he has recently consolidated his own private plant.
Mr. Nelson is a Republican, and has represented the Sixth ward two years in the city council, and two years on the board of aldermen. He is a member of the Advent Christian Church; was its treasurer six years, and is now chairman of its finance committee.
He is also a member of St. Andrew's Lodge, No. 83, Ancient Free and Accepted Masters; Oriental Lodge, No. 10, I.O.O.F.; and Bangor Council, No.123, Royal Arcanum.
He married, Nov. 28, 1888, Lottie Mary, daughter of Dudley C. and Mary E. Fraser, of South Brewer.

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