Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Francis Nash lived in Braintree, Mass. Bay Colony, in 1675, at which time he was a soldier in King Philips war. He was a farmer, and on March 4, 1693, bought of Samuel White and wife, of Weymouth, one hundred acres of land in Braintree for one hundred pounds.
His first wife was Elizabeth, and May 2, 1697, he married (second) Mary, daughter of John Purchas, of Boston, and widow of Increase Niles, to whom she was married by Governor Leverett June 4, 1677. She was born Feb. 3, 1660, and she and her first husband were original members of the Second Church of Braintree.
Francis Nash died Aug. 3, 1713, and his will dated June 10, 1713, was found Aug. 24, 1713. In this will he names his wife, Mary, his oldest son, Samuel, and wife, Susannah, son, Thomas, to whom he gives five acres of land, sons Benjamin and James, both minors, Elizabeth, son-in-law John Niles and his wife, Margaret. His estate consisted of a house, barn, pasture-land and orchard. His widow, Mary, died April 16, 1735, aged about seventy-five years.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Elizabeth, born Sept. 7, 1677, married John Veazie, school-master and one of the first members of the Church of England established in Braintree in 1704, and his family were brought up in the communion of the church.
2. Samuel, of Braintree, married (first) July 9, 1705, Mary Brown, and (second) May 24, 1708, Susannah Thayer. He died between 1740 and 1742 and appears to have left no children.
3. Thomas, born August, 1681. He resided near his father's house in Braintree and was a blacksmith. He married, April 18, 1720, Abigail Norcutt, had six children and died about 1740-42.
4. John, mentioned below.
5. Margaret, born March 8, 1684, married her step-mother's son, John Niles, of Randolph Braintree; nine children.
Somewhere along the line this has to switch to the children of 2d wife:
6. Benjamin, born June 25, 1700, married Anna Swett, of Weymouth; six children, three sons and three daughters.
7. James, born Oct. 6, 1703, married Ann Earl, b. Oct. 15, 1700, d. in Boston in 1763, leaving one child, Solomon, who married (first) Dorcas Gallops and (second) Bathsheba Gaind.

(II) John, son of Francis and Elizabeth Nash, was born in Braintree, Mass. Bay Colony, about 1682. Like his father, he was a husbandman. He married, June 28, 1721, Mary, daughter of James Turbefield; four sons and one daugthter. John Nash died and was buried July 7, 1745, and his widow, Mary, died June 6, 1761. In her will, made June 4, 1761, she names children: James, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob and Molly or Mary. The daughter may have died soon after, as there appears no record of her except that in the will.
Children of whom there is a record:
1. James, baptized Nov. 12, 1727, married Margaret Thompson, Nov. 9, 1743; removed to North Yarmouth district of Maine and thence to Pleasant River, now Addison, Maine. In a list of settlers at that place, April 25, 1778, in Margaret Nash, with six of her family. James Nash, according to tradition, was absent in New York and never returned to his family. Their children were: Ruth, b. March 21, 1753, went to New York & married; Mary; William; John, of Harrington, Maine; Reuben, of Harrington, Maine; James N., revolutioary soldier, who settled at Germa Flats, New York, and received a pension, and his descendants settled in the west.
2. Samuel, baptized Nov. 12, 1727, married Kezial, daughter of Benjamin Orcutt, of Weymouth, and had children: Samuel, Isaac and Kezial, and lived in Braintree.
3. Joseph (q.v.)
4. Jacob, baptized June 6, 1736 (or 1746), married 1766, Margaret Higgins, removed to Cummington, Mass., thence to Denmark, New York, where he died March 1, 1828. He had eleven children, the sons being: Jacob, Ephraim, Oliver, John, Dyer, James, Joseph.

(III) Joseph, third son of John and Mary (Turbefield) Nash, was baptized in Braintree, Mass., Nov. 12, 1727. He removed with his brothers Samuel and James to North Weymouth, Province of Maine, about 1753, when the Indian troubles that had so hindered the settlement of the new territory by the Mass. Bay Colony were about over. He brought with him his wife, Susannah, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Blanchard) Shaw, of North Falmouth, and probably had three children.
He was the owner of a considerable tract of land, including high land and marsh medow, with the island adjacent in Casco Bay. The tract composed two hundred acres of upland and two hundred acres of meadow land he had purchased some time before leaving Boston from John Mosure, of Brookhaven, and he sold the mainland to Enoch Wiswell, of Dorchester, in whicn transfer his wife joined him in giving a deed. This conveyance was made when he had declined to remove from North Yarmouth, Cumberland county, to Addison Point, in Pleasant River, Washington county, Maine, in 1767.
He married, Dec. 16, 1746, before leaving Weymouth, and probably the first three children were born in Mass.
1. Isaiah, born June 38, 1748, lived in Addison, Maine.
2. Joseph, born July 14, 1750.
3. Susannah, baptized June 3, 1753.
4. Mary, baptized June 15, 1755; married Benjamin Goach, of Machias, Maine.
5. John, baptized April 16, 1758, lived in Columbia, Maine.
6. Abigail, baptized March 20, 1761.
7. Isaac, lived in Columbia, Maine.
8. Abraham, born in Addison, Maine, April 26, 1766, lived in Columbia, Maine.
9. Ebenezer, who lived in Columbia, Maine.
Joseph Nash died before 1794, at which time his sons Isaiah and Joseph were his assignees to settle his estate. Samuel, second son of John Nash, with Isaiah and Joseph, sons of Joseph, were lot-owners in Addison in 1774, and Samuel, Samuel Jr. and Isaac were proprietors in 1810. Samuel established his residence on the "Ridge," and his children were: Samuel Jr., Isaac and Kezial.
James Nash, the first son of John, sold his house and land to Isaiah, eldest son of Joseph Nash, and removed to New York. He had a family of three boys, one of whom was killed in the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. One settled in New York and one lived in the town of Harrington, Maine.
In a list of the inhabitants of Pleasant River, April 17, 1778, we found the names of Margaret Nash, Joseph Nash, Joseph Nash Jr., Samuel nash and Isaiah Nash.

(IV) Joseph (2), second son of Joseph (1) and Susannah Nash, was born in North Yarmouth, Cumberland county, Maine, or possibly in Weymouth or Boston, Mass., July 14, 1750. He lived in North Yarmouth with his father and uncles, Samuel and James, up to 1767, when the entire family removed to Addison Point on Pleasant river, Washington county, Maine, and where his Uncle Samuel was also a proprietor of the town of Addison.
He married Susanna _____.
Uriah (q.v.), James, Isaiah, Susan, and probably others.

(V) Uriah, son of Joseph (2) Nash, was born in Addison, Washington county, Maine. He was one of the first settlers of Harrington, Maine, and built probably about 1804 a mill and a small dwelling house, the first in the town, and when he erected a larger dwelling now (1908) occupied by Charles Leighton he used the first house as a woodshed. He engaged in farming with his brother Isaiah, who came to Harrington from Addison with him. Isaiah married Sarah Knowles, and their oldest child, Freeman K., was the first white child born in the village of Harrington. Isaiah Nash also built a large dwelling which is now occupied by William Plummer. James Nash was a revolutionary soldier and the sixth settler to build a house in Harrington. This house was of logs and stood on the west bank of the river. He afterward erected a larger dwelling now (1908) occupied by his son Charles. Susan Nash married Elic Carter, of Addison, and had twelve children born in Harrington. John Nash was another early settler of the place. Moses Nash operated a shipyard and owned probably ten of the twenty or more vessels he built.
Uriah Nash married Anna, daughter of Aaron and Mary (Knowles) Wass, and one of a family of ten children including David W. Wass and Salome, wife of Aaron W. Emerson, both of whom were living in 1906. Their common ancestor in Maine was Wilmot Wass, who came from Martha's Vineyard to Addison, Marine.
Uriah Nash was town treasurer of Harrington, Maine, 1828-35.
Rebecca, Mary, Susan, Augusta, Stillman W. (q.v.), Myrick, Warren, Moses, Lewis, Alvin, William A., who was in 1905 the only surviving member of the family of eleven children and he was living in Harrington in that year.

(VI) Stillman Wass, son of Uriah and Anna (Wass) Nash, was born in Harrington, Washington county, Maine, May 31, 1809, being among the first children of the early settlers born in the new town. He worked on his father's farm and about the mill and learned the trade of ship-building, which business he carried on in connection with manufacturing leather and boots and shoes. He conducted the first regular inn in the village, which is now occupied by Captain Russell Glover. He had also a general store, and was also postmaster of the town. He was the second citizen to hold that office and continued his services as postmaster of Harrington for twelve years.
He was married in 1832 to Melissa Wass, daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Noonan) Nash. She was born in Columbia, Washington, Maine, May 15, 1811, died Oct. 30, 1876.
Children, b. in Harrington:
1. Albert Montimer (q.v.)
2. Irene L., born Jan. 12, 1835, married Isaac H. Nickerson, of Boston, Mass.
3. Rebecca E., born June 31, (sic), 1837, died Feb. 28, 1839.
4. Frederick S., born Feb. 28, 1840, died April 13, 1840.
5. Mary L., born Aug. 23, 1841, died Jan. 17, 1849.
6. Elijah H., born Sept. 17, 1843, died Oct. 15, 1866.
7. Elizabeth Coffin, born Aug. 27, 1845, married Capt. L. Russell Glover, of the U. S. revenus service, whose sketch appears in this work.
8. Stillman E., born July 17, 1847, died unmarried Aug. 28, 1872.
9. Anne E., born March 17, 1855, married Charles Coffin, and died May 6, 1883.

(VII) Albert Mortimer, eldest son of Sillman Wass and Melissa Wass (Nash) Nash, was born in Harrington, Maine, April 15, 1833. He attended the public school of Harrington, the East Machias Academy and the Academy at Cherryville, Maine. On leaving school he became a clerk in his father's general store in Harrington, and in the post-office served as town clerk 1874-75 and assisted in the ship yard, becoming a parner in the business. He was selectman of the town 1873-76 and 1878-80. In 1898 he retired from business on attaining his sixty-fifth year of his age.
Mr. Nash cast his first vote for the Republican party led by Fremont and Dayton in 1856 and has continued loyal to that party. He has always been independent in his religious belief, but his respect for the Baptist denomination caused him to build the First Baptist Church in Harrington, Maine. His affiliation with the Masonic fraternity resulted in his recognition as a true Mason and his promotion in the order form the Blue Lodge to the Royal Arch Chapter. He was state senator, 1877-78.
He married, April 15, 1863, Martha Holden, daughter of Phineas Holden and Mary Abby (Carlton) Glover, of Calais, Maine.
Children, b. in Harrington:
1. Mary, born Oct. 29, 1864, marred Dr. F. S. Nichols, of Cherryfield, Maine.
2. Grace P., born Sept. 26, 1867, unmarried.
3. Roger Hamlin, born March 20, 1869, removed to the state of Washington; married Deborah Kelly; six children.
Martha Holden (Glover) Nash died Jan. 17, 1870; Mr. Nash married (second) Emily C., daughter of Warren Moore, of St. Stephens, New Brunswick, and they have one child, Melissa Nash.

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