Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Hugh Mosher, immigrant, was born in England, and came in the ship "Jane" to Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, sailing from Falmouth and making the passage to Boston, where the ship arrived June 12, 1632, in eight weeks. He was apparently a mere la at that time, and no doubt was bound out in some family. He removed to Providence Plantation in 1660 and resided in Newport. He engaged with William Vaughan and nine others in purchasing the Indian plantation, Mesquamicutt or Askomicutt, Westerly, Rhode Island, joining in the petition sent to the court of commissioners assembled in his Majesties name for the colony of Providence Plantation at Portsmouth, Aug. 27, 1661, which petition secured the right to purchase the land from the Sachem Socho, who had received it as a gift from Canonicus and Miantomi for driving off the Pequots.
He married Rebecca, daughter of John Horndel, of Newport, and, as his second wife, Sarah, whose surname is not recorded. He had a share of the purchase at Westerly appointed to him Sept. 9, 1661, but he probably never lived on the land. On July 8, 1668, he lived in Portsmouth, having purchased at that date a part of the farm of Thomas Lawton, near Hunting Swamp, he obliging himself and his heirs to maintain a good fence between his land and that of Thomas Lawton adjoining. He was accepted as a freeman of the colony of Providence Plantations, May 4, 1662.
On Aug. 24, 1676, he was a member of the court martial held in Newport, before which body Indians charged with being engaged in the King Philip's war were tried and several were by order of the court sentenced to be executed. In 1680 he paid taxes amounting to 1 pound, 4s. 1d.
In 1684 he was ordained as pastor of the first church (Baptist) at its organization in Newport, and the church soon embraced the people living in Dartmouth, Tiverton and Little Compton. A deed was given to him by Joseph Braman for half his share belonging to purchasers of Westquadnoid, the consideration being thirty-six shillings and the date was Nov. 7, 1691, and was witnessed by Rebecca Mohser and John Mosher.
His will was made Oct. 12, 1709, and proved Dec. 7, 1713, and his son James and friend, Daniel Sabeere, of Newport, were executors, and the overseers were his friend and kinsman, Jeremiah Clark and Captain John Stanton, of Newport. He gave to his son James all land in Newport, with house, etc., there, and hosue and land at Dartmouth and land in Squamicut (Westerly), Westquadnoid, etc. To wife Sarah all movables I had with her at marriage, to son James remainder of land. To each grandchild not of his name ten shillings. To sons John, Nicholas, Joseph and Daniel twelve pence each. To each daughter ten shillings or twenty shillings as estate held out. He calls himself as of Newport at the time of making the will, but before his death he had removed to Dartmouth, Mass., where he died in 1713. His estate was inventoried at 290 pounds, 7s. 2d.
1. Nicholas (q.v.)
2. John, born 1668, married March 5, 1692, Experience, daughter of Richard and Patience (Gifford) Kirby, and they had seven children; the father died Aug. 1, 1739, and the mother March 5, 1745.
3. Joseph, born 1670, married Lydia, daughter of Philip and Mary Taber, nine children; the father died in 1754 and the mother in 1743.
4. Mary, married May 19, 1691, Joseph, son of John and Margaret Rathbone, ten children; the father died in 1748 and the mother in 1749.
5. James, born 1675, married (first) July 9, 1704, Catherine, daughter of William Task; lived in New Shoreham, Rhode Island, and had one child, Daniel, b. Oct. 13, 1705. He married (second) May 22, 1714, Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Adley) David, and by this marriage he had seven children, all born in Dartmouth.
6. Daniel, married, but we have no knowledge of the date of his birth, marriage or of the name of his wife. he was the father of eleven children, and both he and his wife died in 1751.
7. Rebecca.

(II) Nicholas, son of Hugh and Rebecca (Horndel) Mosher, was born in Newport, 1666. He married, Aug. 14, 1687, Elizabeth, her surname not being named in his will or other document, but appearing on a deed which she signed in 1728 as Elizabeth Mosher. He lived at Tiverton, R. I., and Dartmouth, Mass., where he died Aug. 14, 1747, and his widow died the same year.
1. Hugh, born Nov. 16, 1690.
2. Joseph, born April 7, 1692.
3. Mary, born Dec. 16, 1695.
4. Elizabeth, born April 16, 1697.
5. Thomas, born Feb. 26, 1699.
6. Nicholas, born Jan. 17, 1703.
7. Mercy, born July 6, 1705.
8. Rebecca, born March 20, 1708.
9. Ephraim (q.v.)
10. Margaret, born Jan. 17, 1713.

(III) Ephraim, ninth child and fifth son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Mosher, was born at Dartmouth, Mass., March 5, 1710. He married, Aug. 16, 1731, Eunice Raiment, of Dartmouth.
Rachel, Daniel, Elisha, Jonathan, Ephraim and Hannah.

(IV) Daniel, eldest son and second child of Ephraim and Eunice (Raiment) Mosher, was born in Dartmouth ,Mass., where he married Dec. 30, 1764, Elizabeth Macomber.
Daniel Tripp, Polly, Ann, George W., Caleb, Elizabeth, Elijah, Ruth.

(V) Elijah, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Macomber) Mosher, was born probably in Dartmouth, Mass., July 11, 1787, and removed to Dearborn, Maine. He married Sarah Whitehouse.
Nataniel W., Christopher, Caleb, Wilson, Kenneth, Delia, Abbie and Susan.

(VI) Nathan W., son of Elijah and Sarah (Whitehouse) Mosher, was born in Dearborn, Maine, Nov. 23, 1807, married Hannah Patton.
Albert, Samuel P., Sarah and Francis.
These children were all born in Smithfield, Maine, to which town the parents removed shortly after their marriage.

(VII) Samuel Patton, second son of Nathaniel W. and Hannah (Patton) Mosher, was born in Smithfield, Maine, July 22, 1833. He learned the trade of carpenter in Seersport. He worked as a journeyman carpenter in Massachusetts and South Carolina, and removed to Oakland, maine, 1865, where he continued to work at his trade, and after a time became master car-builder in the shops of the Somerset Railroad Company, which responsible position he filled for sixteen years; he then resigned, to accept the lighter duties of night officer for the Dunn Edge Tool Company, of Oakland, and after a few years of such service retired from business. He continued his residence in Oakland, where he was a member of the Baptist church, a member of Cascade Grange, and of the Republican party, but never held political office.
He married, in Oakland, Jan. 16, 1867, Clara Wheeler, of Bloomfield, Maine, subsequently included in the town of Skowhegan, Somerset county. He died in Oakland, Maine, Aug. 25, 1902.
Harry M. and Guy Lincoln.
Harry M. was born in Oakland, 1868, and after completing his studies in the public school, learned the trade of machinist, which he has since followed.

(VIII) Guy Lincoln, second son of Samuel Patton and Clara (Wheeler) Mosher, was born in West Waterville, now Oakland, Kennebec county, Maine, Feb. 28, 1872. He attended the public schools of Oakland, and was a farmer until 1892, when he became a fireman on the railroad, and he continued in that position for two and a half years and was transferred to the machine-shop of Oakland Machine Company, where he remained for one year. He next was fireman on the Portland, Rumford Falls Railroad for two years, subsequently working in the paint-shop of the road for a short time, transferring his services to the Maine Central road and continued for one season in charge of the car-cleaning department at Waterville. In 1901 he gave up railroading and purchased the F. A. Killy confectionery and cigar business at Oakland, and conducted this business in connection with farming. He has always given his political allegiance to the Republican party, and is a member of Amon Lodge, No. 95, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Oakland.
He married, June 30, 1898, Sadie Frances, daughter of William Penn and Susan (Spaulding) Moore, born 1875, in Corinna, Maine.
Margaret Sue, born in Oakland, June 28, 1902.
Dorothy, born Jan. 17, 1908.

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