Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The genealogist tells us that the name Morse has been changed from De-Mors to Mors, the prefix "de" being gradually dropped by English usage, and the final 'e' added, giving the present form of the name Morse. The surname claims high antiquity. It occurs in England as early as A.D. 1358, in the reign of Edward III, when Hugo de Mors is mentioned, and was known as early as 1200. The names of Anthony Morse, William Morse, Joseph Morse and Samuel Morse appear in the New England records at an early date.
William and Anthony, of Newbury, Essex county, Mass., were brothers.
Joseph of Ipswich, Essex county, and Samuel of Dedham, Norfolk county, were also brothers, but the degree of retionship between the first two and second two is not known.

(I) Anthony Morse sailed with his brother William from Southampton, England, in the ship "James," 1635, and reached Boston, Mass. June 3 following. He was made a freeman of the colony of Massachusetts Bay, May 25, 1636, and settled in Newbury, where he died Oct. 12, 1686. He is spoken of as of Marlborough, England, and that was probably a place of his residence, but there is no evidence that he was born there. His will was made April 28, 1680, and the inventory of his estate was returned Nov. 23, 1686, by his youngest son Joshua, who was executor of the will. This will was filed in the Essex county probate court, but not recorded, and is still extant.
He married (first) Mary _____, and (second) Anne _____; the latter died in Newbury March 9, 1679.
Robert, Peter, Joseph, Anthony, Benjamin, Sarah, Hannah, Lydia (died young), Lydia, Mary, Esther and Joshua.

(II) Joseph, third son of Anthony Morse, was of Newbury, where he died Jan. 15, 1686. He died before his father, in whose will the children of Joseph are referred to, but not by name. He died intestate, and his estate was administered upon Feb., 1688, by his widow Mary, and it seems that at the time of his death Joseph was of the island of Piscataqua, where he may have lived from an early period, as no records of the birth of any of his children are found in Newbury or in Essex county.
Benjamin, Joseph, Joshua, Sarah and Mary.

(III) Joseph (2), second son of Joseph (1) and Mary Morse, was born about 1673. He was one of the constituent members of the Third Church of Newbury, 1726, and was chosen member of the "Monthly Society" of that church, Dec. 7, 1727.
He married Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary (Titcomb) Poor, of Newbury.
Joseph, Daniel, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Judith, Edmund, Jonathan, Enoch and Sarah.

(IV) Daniel, second son of Joseph (2) and Elizabeth (Poor) Morse, was born in Newbury, March 8, 1695. He was a resident of Newbury, and had children born there. March 26, 1723, Daniel Morse was one of six men appointed "to look after the boys on Sabbath dayes and to give notice of their misdemeanors to their masters or parents."
He married, 1727, Sarah Swain, of Reading.
Joshua, Sarah, Daniel and Elizabeth.

(V) Daniel (2), third son of Daniel (1) and Sarah (Swain) Morse, was born in Newbury, and baptized in the Third Church of Newbury, now Newburyport, Feb. 25, 1733. He was a carpenter, and built the first frame house in Bath, Maine. He probably removed to Georgetown, Maine, before 1750. He died about 1790, and was buried in the southern part of Phippsburg. He was a man of great piety, and highly esteemed in church circles.
He married Widow Margaret Crane, whose husband was killed by the Indians at Topsham, Maine. Her maiden name was McNeil.
Daniel, David, Jonathan and Margaret.

(VI) Jonathan, third son of Daniel (2) and Margaret (McNeil) (Crane) Morse, was born at Phippsburg, Maine, July 7, 1755, and died July, 1836. He was a resident of Phippsburg. He married, about 1788, Sarah Wyman, born Feb. 4, 1760, died Oct. 9, 1849, a sister of Mary WYMAN, who married Jonathan's brother Daniel, and was daughter of Francis and Sarah (Bliphen or Blethen) Wyman. This Francis Wyman was son of Francis and Jane (Pomeroy) Wyman, of Georgetown, North Yarmouth and Phippsburg, Maine, the son of William and Prudence, the daughter of Thomas Putnam, of Salem, Mass. William Wyman was of Woburn, Mass., son of Francis and Abigail (Read) Wyman, Francis being the original settler at Woburn in 1640, his descent being traced from Francis Wyman, of Westmill, county of Hertford, England.
William, Frances, Richard, Jonathan, Esedas, Frank, Daivd, Wyman.

(VII) Wyman, youngest child of Jonathan and Sarah (Wyman) Morse, was born in Phippsburg, Maine, June 8, 1801, and died at Bath, Maine, Aug. 6, 1844. He is spoken of as "master of a steamboat," of Bath, maine.
He married, Nov. 18, 1824, Eliza Anna, born Nov. 4, 1805, died Oct. 9, 1880, daughter of Benjamin and Widow Elizabeth (Todd) (Woodwell) Donnell.
1. Benjamin Wyman, born Sept. 1, 1825, see forward.
2. Samuel Thomas, born in Bath, Maine March 4, 1828, died in Charlestown, Mass. March 18, 1831.
3. Charles Henry, born in Charlestown, Mass. June 17, 1830, was captain of a river steamboat, and was superintendent of the Knickerbocker Steam Towage Company at Bath Maine; he was a member of the Universalist church; he married (first) Feb. 5, 1862, Emily A. Bonner, of Somerville, Mass., ceremony performed by Rev. Mr. Clark; she died July 28, 1862; he married (second) June 27, 1875, Jennie R. Larrabee, of Bath, ceremony peformed by Rev. Mr. Dyke.
4. Eliza Ann, born in Charltetown, Mass. Aug. 26, 1832, married Oct. 31, 1876, at Bath, Maine, ceremony performed by Rev. Mr. Nutting, of Bath, and resides at Bath.
5. Frances May, born at Charlestown, Mass., Dec. 31, 1834, died in Bath, Maine, Dec. 21, 1866.
6. Samuel Ralph, born in Charlestown, Mass., May 16, 1837, died in Bath, Maine, July 10, 1845.
7. George William, born in Bath, Maine, April 4, 1839, died Oct. 16, 1881, at sea, in the Indian ocean; he was a master mariner; he married Dec. 19, 1874, Jane Parker, his second cousin, daughter of Alden and Louise (Lee) Morse, of Winnegance, Maine, ceremony performed by Rev. Mr. Houghton; they had one child, Louise Lee Morse, married Sept. 25, 1907, Maurice M. Miller.
8. James Thomas, born in Bath, Maine, April 25, 1841, a member of Morse & Company, shipping merchants, Boston.
9. John Gilman, born in Bath, Maine, March 19, 1843, died there May 11, 1849.

(VIII) Captain Benjamin Wyman, eldest son of Wyman and Eliza Ann (Donnell) Morse, was born Sept. 1, 1825, in Bath, Maine, died there May 30, 1887. Upon the death of his father, Benjamin W., then aged eighteen years, was given charge of the "Bellingham," the first tow-boat on the Kennebec, of which his father was commander. From this small beginning he built up the largest tow-boat line on the Atlantic coast, known as "The Knickerbocker," owning tow-boats of which he was president at the time of his death, and had served in that capacity for some years previous. In addition to this successful enterprise, he was the principal head of the firm of B. W. & H. F. Morse, extensively engaged in the gathering of ice at Bath, Maine, and along the coast; manager of one of the most extensive fleets of coating vessels; director of Lincoln Bank; member of Board of Trade. For width of enterprise and courage of execution, he had few equals in the business world, and among his many friends he was genial, hearty and kind, retaining their esteem and affection throughout his entire life. he was a member of the Universalist church.
Captain Morse married, July 19, 1853, in New York, Ann E. J. Rodbird, born April 10, 1830, died Dec. 4, 1898, daughter of William and Jane N. (Pritchard) Rodbird.
1. Jennie Rodbird, born Oct. 1, 1854.
2. Charles W., b. Oct. 21, 1856, married April 14, 1884, Hattie Bishop Hussey, b. at Brooklyn, N. Y. Nov. 4, 1862, died July 29, 1898; children: i. Benjamin Wyman, b. Dec. 17, 1885, senior at Harvard College; ii. Erwin Albert, b. Jan. 28, 1888, sophomore at Yale College; iii. Harry Franklin, b. Dec. 15, 1890, freshman at Princeton College; iv. Ann Elsie, b. Feb. 28, 1897.


James Morse was born in Newburg, Penobscot county, Maine, in 1837. In early life he was a farmer in Newburg. In 1870 he went to Texas and from there to Nebraska, going to New Mexico in 1897, and is now residing in San Antonio, Texas. During these years he was a railroad contractor, which occupation he is still engaged in.
He married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Washburn and Grace (Matthews) Newcomb, of Newburg. One child, Charles Washburn, of whose life the next sketch treats.

(II) Charles Washburn, only son and child of James and Mary Elizabeth (Newcomb) Morse, was born Jan. 2, 1859, in Newburg. His mother died when he was but eight months old and he was taken and reared by his grandparents Newcomb. He remained in that home until he went west. The country school, those nurseries of democracy, was the place of his education. The boy Morse worked at farming until he attained his majority and then embarked in the hay and potato business.
Going to Denver and Leadville, Colorado, he scored a success there, but sacrificed his Colorado prospects and returned to Maine. He temporarily lived on the old Newcomb homestead in Newburg, coming to Bangor in 1891, and engaged in the wholesale horse business. He handles about a thousand horses yearly, buying in Chicago and Buffalo. During the past year he has made twenty-eight trips to the west for horses. He owns for his own personal use several high-blooded animals which have won ribbons at horse shows. Dexter, which won the championship over all other entries in the horse show at Bar Harbor in 1905, and Baxter, who was another winner at the same show. Torrisdale (raised by Colonel Morrell, of Pennsylvania, sired by Red Wilkes, and cost seventy-five thousand dollars), is owned by Mr. Morse, and also Search Light, a family horse, which won the blue ribbon and cup at Chicago horse show prior to Mr. Morse obtaining her. He is an excellent authority on horse flesh both for exhibition and speed, while as a buyer and salesman he has few equals.
Startin life without capital Mr. Morse has reached a success only attained by men of sterling merit and business ability. Honorable and fair in all his dealings, he is a good type of the energetic American business man, genial and friendly in his manner. Mr. Morse has made friends all over the country. He made one trip to England with a string of trotters that he disposed of in Liverpool at a satisfactory profit. Since then he has exported other lots of horses to the same market.
Bangor Lodge, No. 244, B.P.O.E., counts him as one of its valuable members. He is Independent in politics.
He married Effie A., daughter of Howard and Olive Nealley, in 1880, and they have one child, Agnes, who married Henry Stoddard Lancaster, formerly of Worcester, Mass.; they have one child, Dorothy Morse Lancaster, born July 28, 1908.


This is a name conspicuous in American and English annals, and has been traced with tolerable accuracy to the time of William the Conqueror. The name is inseparably connected with the invention of the electric telegraph and is otherwise distinguished in relation to science, literature and all the influences that make for the betterment of the condition of mankind. Its bearers are to be found in remotely separated districts of the U. S., and they have been noted for their maintenance of the standards set up by their Puritan fathers.

(I) Joseph (1) Morse, with his wife Dorothy, arrived in New England a year or two after his sons, Joseph and John, had settled there. He lived in Ipswich, Mass., where he owned a house and several parcels of land. His will was drawn "The foure and twentieth day of ye second month Ano Dom, 1646," and was "Proven this Courth held at Ipswich 29, 7, 1646." The inventory was taken July 28, 1646, and ammounted to eighty-three pounds, one shilling and ten pence. This will gives all that is known of the personal history of Joseph Morse, the ancestor of this line. His name is here written plainly Morse. The date of the death of his wife is not on record.
Joseph, John and Hannah.

(II) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and Dorothy Morse, was born about 1610, probably in England, as is shown by the following entry: "Joseph Morse, aged twenty-four years, embarked at Ipswich, England, April 1, 1634, in the ship Elizabeth." He was made freeman May 6, 1635. He soon after removed to Watertown, Middlesex county, Mass., where he continued to live until his death.
He was married in Watertown to Hester, daughter of John and Elizabeth Pierce.
Joseph, Deacon John, Jonathan, Hester, Sarah, Jeremiah and Isaac.

(III) Ensign and Deacon John, second son of Joseph (2) and Hester (Pierce) Morse, was born Feb. 28, 1639, in Groton, Mass., and died in Watertown July 23, 1702. That he held the grade is proven by the town book of Watertown, where "James Morse being incapable through bodily infirmity, his father, Ensign John Morse, was elected to serve as constable in his stead." He was elected commissioner in 1689, and in 1681 both John Morse Senior and Junior were elected tythingmen. "July 16, 1692, alsoe agreed upon by the selectmen that John Morse whoe is out in the Country serves, that his wife shall be allowed two shillings per week out of his wages according to order of Court in 1690." In 1694 he was elected sealer of leather. He took the place of his son James, May 10, 1697.
The name of his first wife is not known, but it was certainly not Ann Smith, as stated by Bond. He was married (second) April 27, 1666, to Abigail, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns, at Watertown, who died Oct. 15, 1690. He was again married (third) is shown by this extract from Middlesex probate records: "June 1, 1702, Sarah, widow of John Morse, gave bonds on his estate together with Thomas Lord of Charlestown and Nathaniel Lord of Charlestown," while his son, James Morse, administered the estate of his father, Deacon John Morse, Aug. 4, 1702, and the heir agreed upon the distribution of the same estate Aug. 5, 1702.
Lydia, John (died young), John (died young), John, Joseph, Abigail (died young), Abigail, Isaac, Samuel and Nathaniel.

(IV) Joseph (3), son of Ensign and Deacon John and Abigail (Stearns) Morse, was born Aug. 25, 1671, in Watertown, and died while on a visit to Guilford, Connecticut, June 24, 1709. He was married, according to the town records of Watertown, Aug. 25, 1691, to Elizabeth Sautle. His estate was administered by his widow, Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1709, when she gave her second account she signed as "the now wife of Benjamin Nourse of Framingham, Massachusetts," and her second marriage took place Feb. 16, 1713, and they went to his home in Framingham, taking her children with them.
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth Morse:
Elizabeth, Joseph, Abigial, Zachariah, Samuel, Jonathan and Elizabeth.

(V) Zachariah, second son of Joseph (3) and Elizabeth (Sawtell or Sautle) Morse, was born Aug .12, 1699, in Watertown. He removed to Southboro, Mass., where he was married Nov. 16, 1724, to Huldah, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Bridges) Whitney. His estate was administered in 1734 at Southboro.
Benjamin, Joseph, Mary Elizabeth (died young), Elizabeth and Samuel.

(VI) Samuel, youngest son of Zachariah and Huldah (Whitney) Morse, was born in 1738, in Southboro, and was married there (first) to ____ Twiggs; (second) to Mary Rice, of Marlboro.
William, Samuel, Jesse Wood, Anna and Betsey.

(VII) William, eldest son of Samuel Morse, ws born March 17, 1777, at Salisbury, Mass., and died in Rumbord, Maine, June 21, 1853. He undoubtedly removed to Rumford, Maine, quite early in life and perhaps lived in Vermont, as he was married in that state. He was a blacksmith by trade.
He was married to Sally Wood, of Pomfret, Vermont, who was born in Dec., 1780, and died Feb. 9, 1865.
William Munroe and Zuba.

(VIII) William Munroe, only son of William and Sally (Wood) Morse, was born in 1816, in Rumford, and died Aug. 8, 1868. His education was obtained at the district school. He was a blacksmith, farmer and drover, and served as deputy sheriff eight years. In politics he was a Republican, and was a member of the Methodist church.
He was married to Betsey Elliott, born May 21, 1824, died in 1903.
Mary El.izabeth (died young), James Smith, Charles Munroe, Zenas B. (deceased) and Jennie F. (died young).

(IX) James Smith, eldest son of William Munroe and Betsey (Elliott) Morse, was born Feb. 28, 1850. He was educated in the schools of Rumford, and attended Dixfield hikgh school one term. He worked on his father's farm until he was twenty years of age, then went ot Southington, Connecticut, to work for three years, then returned to Rumford and bought a farm on which he worked until 1893, when he bought out the grain business of Atwood & Lowe, of Rumford Falls, and conducted that two years, when, in 1895, he sold out to F. A. Danforth. The same year he bought back a half-interest in the business, and for three years it was known as the firm of Danford & Morse. In 1898 he bought out his partner's interest, and has since carried on the business alone. He is also director in the Rumford Falls Trust Company.
In politics he is a Republican, and was representative to the legislature in 1890-91, served on committee on Indians affairs and on other committees. He has also served as town clerk and on the board of selectmen. He is a member of Blazing Star Lodge, A. F. and A. M., of Rumford; Rumford Chapeter, R. A. M.; Strathglass Commandery, K. T.; also treasurer of Blazing Star Lodge, and of the commandery. He is a member of Penacook Lodge, I.O.O.F., of Rumford; also a member of the Rumford Grange. He is a trustee of the Methodist church.
He was married in 1870 to Lydia A., daughter of Timothy D. and Hannah W. Colby, of Rumford.
Walter G., Zenas W. and Timothy C. (died young).

(X) Walter G., eldest son of James Smith and Lydia A. (Colby) Morse, was born Jan. 31, 1876, in Rumford. He was educated in the schools of Rumford, and at Hebron Academy, and is engaged in the grain business with his father. He is a Republican in politics, served as selectman six years, and as assessor of the village, also served on the Republican town committee. He is a member of Blazing Star Lodge, A. F. and A. M., Rumford Chapter, R.A.M., Strathglass Commandery, K. T., Kora Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., of Lewiston, Maine, Penacook Lodge, I.O.O.F., Rebeckah Lodge and Rumford Lodge of Elks.
He was married Dec. 9, 1901, to Nellie, daughter of Dr. A. L. and Nellie Kimball Stanwood, of Rumford Falls.
Kathleen M., born June 5, 1904.
James S., born Feb. 6, 1907.

(X) Zenas W., second son of James Smith and Lydia A. (Colby) Morse, was born Aug. 28, 1877, in Rumford, and was educated in the schools of Rumford and at Hebron Academy. He is freight agent for the Maine Central railroad at Rumford Falls. He is in politics a Republican, is a member of the Elks at Rumford Falls.
He was married to Seva, daughter of John Thatcher, of Portland. Mrs. Morse is now deceased; she left no children.


Anthony Morse, of Newbury, Mass., emigrated from Marlboro, Wiltshire, England, and settled in Newbury in 1635 with his brother William, both registering as shoemakers He sailed in the ship "James" from London, England, April 5, 1635. He built a house about one-half mile south of the old cemetery, in what is called Newbury Old Town, on a slight eminence in a field which is called Morse's field. Traces of his house are visible a few rods from the road (1908). His will is one file in Salem, Essex county, Mass.
His first wife was named Mary and his second wife Ann. The latter died March 8, 1680, in Newbury, and he died there Oct. 12, 1686.
Robert, Peter, Joseph, Anthony, Benjamin, Sarah, Hannah, Lydia (died young), Lydia, Esther and Joshua.

(II) Joseph (1), third son of Anthony and Mary Morse, was born about 1634, probably in Wiltshire, England, as his father set sail for America in the ship "James" from London, April 5, 1635. He grew up in Newbury, where his people settled. He was a blacksmith and land owner in that town, and also at Piscataqua. Inventories of his estate taken after his death showed that he owned a house with adjacent land and two blacksmith shops at Piscataqua, and a smith's shop and tools at Newbury.
About 1667 Joseph Morse married Mary, but her surname is unknown.
1. Benjamin, born about 1668, married (first) Susanna Merrill, (second) Mercy Bell.
2. Joseph.
3. Joshua.
4. Sarah (died young).
5. Mary (died young).
Joseph Morse died Jan. 15, 1678, aged forty-three.

(III) Joseph (2), second son of Joseph (1) and Mary Morse, was born Oct. 28, 1673, in Newbury, and died between May 19 and Sept. 27, 1741.
He was thrice married. His first wife was Lydia (Plummer) Morse, whom he married at Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 4, 1688. She died in Newbury Nov. 8, 1689, leaving a six days old baby, Lydia, who married John Titcomb, in April, 1712. Married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of John Poor, of Newbury, Jan. 30, 1691. The date of her death is unknown, but judging from the births of her children it must have occurred between 1698 and 1702.
Children of 2d wife:
Joseph, Daniel, John (died young), John and Mary.
He married (third) Joanna, but her maiden name has been lost. She survived him. The six youngest of his children probably by third wife were:
Elizabeth, Judith, Edmund, Jonathan, Enoch and Sarah.

(IV) Jonathan, son of Joseph (2) and Joanna Morse, was born March 14, 1710, in Newbury, and died March 20, 1778, at Falmouth, Maine. He was a member of the First Church of Newbury, now the First Church (Unitarianian) of Newburyport, Mass. He was dismissed from the Third Church of Newbury to the church of Falmouth, Maine, April, 1738.
He was married (first) in 1731 to Mary Merrill, and (second) to Sarah Sawyer, and she survived him, dying in 1784, aged eighty-five years.
Jonathan, Eliphalet, Joseph, Sarah and Stephen.

(V) Eliphalet, second son of Jonathan and Mary (Merrill) Morse, was born May 11, 1734, at Falmouth, Maine. He married Nov. 19, 1756, Martha Mayo, probably of Cape Cod, Mass. We have no record of their children, except one son, Reuben.

(VI) Reuben, son of Eliphalet and Martha (Mayo) Morse, was born Jan. 6, 1776, at Falmouth, Maine. He married Aug. 3, 1797, Huldah, daughter of Mark and Sarah (Sweetser) Morse, who was born Feb. 25, 1778, in Gray, and died there Nov. 2, 1876.
Mark, Thomas, Reuben, Moses, Judith and Alvah.

(II) Lieutenant Anthony (2), fourth son of Anthony (1) and Mary Morse, was born in England. He lived in Newbury, and served as lieutenant in the militia. His will was made before that of his father and caused some confusion as to the identity of the two.
He married (first), May 8, 1659, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Agnes (Coffey) Knight, who died July 29, 1667, and he married (second), Nov. 11, 1669, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Barnard. She was born Sept. 27, 1645. He died Feb. 22, 1677, in Newbury, and his widow subsequently married Phillip Eastman, of Salisbury, Mass., and removed with her husband and children to Woodstock, Connecticut.
Children (all of 1st wife):
Ruth, Anthony, Elizabeth, John, Peter, Joseph and Sarah.

(III) Ensign Anthony, eldest son of Lieut. Anthony (2) and Elizabeth (Knight) Morse, was born Dec. 31, 1662. He was always known as Ensign Morse. His will was drawn March 5, 1705, and by its provisions his wife Sarah was to enjoy the whole of his estate until his eldest son became of age.
He married Feb. 4, 1685, Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Susannah (Kingsbury) Pike. She was born Oct. 12, 1666, and died in 1717. His death is recorded in the town book as occurring May 16, 1710.
Sarah (died young), Sarah (died one year old), Deacon Joseph, Anthony, Sarah, Stephen, Elizabeth, Timothy, Thomas, Mary and John.

(IV) Deacon Joseph (3), eldest son of Ensign Anthony and Sarah (Pike) Morse, was born April 3, 1694, at Newbury. He married (first) Dec. 22, 1721, Rebecca, daughter of Robert and Rebecca (Knight) Adams, of Newbury, who was born June 18, 1689, died Aug. 26, 1737. He married (second), July 17, 1738, Mary, daughter of Nicholas and Mary (Morse) Jackman, who was born Sept. 15, 1719.
Anthony, Joseph, Rebecca, Sarah, Lydia and Eliphalet.

(V) Anthony (3), eldest son of Deacon Joseph (3) and Rebecca (Adams) Morse, was born Sept. 22, 1722, in Newbury, and died in Falmouth, Maine, in 1806. Early in life he removed to Falmouth, Maine, wher he was a farmer, weaver and doctor, as well as deacon in the First Church. "Six months before he died he mounted a horse which was thirty-two years old and rode twenty-four miles."
His first marriage intention was published in Falmouth on Feb. 26, 1743, to Hannah Merrill, who died. His second marriage intention was published May 12, 1761, to Mrs. Susannah (Wallace), widow of Ephraim Jones. On July 1, 1794, he gave a deed of land to his sons, Ephraim and Thomas Morse, then signing as a weaver, on condition that they should support him and his wife Susannah, to a bond given at a given date, granting them as tenants in common and not as joint tenants "of my farm where I now dwell," of ninety-five acres which "I bought from Benjamin Waite in 1770, and of John and Hannah Waite in 1789."
Children of 1st wife:
Joseph, John, Anthony, Mark, Mary, Ann, Hannah, Eliphalet, Sarah, Reuben and Patience.
Children of 2d wife:
Thomas, Ephraim and Lucy.

(VI) John, second son of Anthony (3) and Hannah (Merrill) Morse, was born Aug. 3, 1746, in Falmouth, and settled in Gray, Maine, where he died June 20, 1829.
He was married (first) in 1769, to Sarah Saunders, who died in 1805, and he was married (second) to Leonice Riggs, who died in Gray, July 21, 1858, aged ninety years.
Children of 1st wife:
John, Enoch, Sarah, Anthony, David, Hannah, Susannah, Abigail, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary (died young), and Mary.
Child of 2d wife:

(VII) John Junior, eldest son of John (1) and Sarah (Saunders) Morse, was born June 25, 1770, in Gray, and died April 21, 1837. He was married in 1796 to Rebecca Young.
Captain John, Benjamin, Joseph, Susan, Joel, Thomas E., Phebe, Rebecca and Lipha W.

(VIII) Thomas E., fifth son of John Junior and Rebecca (Young) Morse, was born June 8, 1808, in Gray, Maine. He married Sally W. Sawyer, of Gray.

(IX) Julia W., daughter of Thomas E. and Sally W. (Sawyer) Morse, was married June 21, 1853, to Ara Cushman, of Auburn.

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