Genealogical and Family History
of the

Volume III

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Sandra Boudrou]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This old Scotch name has long been conspicuous in the history of New England, and its bearers have been noted for those Scotch qualities of industry, grit and stern adherence to principles which are proverbial. Many immigrants have come to these shores directly from Scotland and others from England, but the name is of noted Scotch origin in the early ages of Great Britain. In the early settlement of Maine and the development of its industries, past and present, it has borne no mean part, and is now known honorably throughout the United States, many of its representatives being descendants of those stern old Maine pioneers.

(I) Experience Mitchell was one of the forefathers of Pilgrims, as those immigrants were called who came to New England in the first three vessels; he arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the ship "Ann" in 1623 and had a share in the first division of lots in that year and of the live stock in 1627. He sold this place in 1631 and removed to Ducksbury, where he purchased another in 1650. He was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, but did not remove thither until late in life. He died there in 1689, aged about eighty. His will was made at Leyden with the Pilgrims and he left a brother Thomas, who lived and died in Holland.

The first wife was Jane, a daughter of Frances Cook, who arrived in the "Mayflower" in 1620. His second wife bore the same baptismal name, but her family name is unknown. His will and other documents show the names of the following children:

(II) Jacob, son of Experience and Mary Mitchell, was probably born in the old world and resided at Dartmouth, now Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where he died in 1675. He was a carpenter by trade, was ensign of the military company, and was killed with his wife by the Indians while they were on their way

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John Mitchell married the widow of Hugh Gunnison and died in 1664. He was of Smuttynose Island in 1660.

(I) Christopher Mitchell is mentioned the court records May 21, 1660. His house at the head of Braveboat Harbor is mentioned in the deed of April 22, 1665. He married Sarah, daughter of John and Joan Andrews, who was born about 1641, as shown by a deposition. He administered the estate of his brother-in-law, John Searle, in 1675. Widow Sarah was administratrix of his estate March 13, 1686. Incidental statements in deeds and town records assign him the following family:
1. William, married (first) Honor _____; (second) Elizabeth Tenney.
2. Christopher, thrice married.
3. Richard, see forward.
4. Joseph, married Joanna Couch.
5. Robert, married Sarah Deering.
6. Elizabeth, married (first) John Tenney; (second) Samuel Johnson.

(II) Richard, third son and child of Christopher and Sarah (Andrews) Mitchell, married Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Joanna (Deering) Couch. Their children were:
1. John, born May 14, 1701.
2. Sarah, July 9, 1702, married, April 4, 1723, Thomas Adams, of York.
3. Joanna, February 19, 1704.
4. Joseph, "oldest son" in 1756, was made administrator of his father's estate July 12 of that year; married Isabella Bragdon.
5. William, see forward.
6. Richard, married (first) Huldah Weare; (second) Mary (Deering) Jones.
7. Hannah, married Captain Robert Oram.
8. Mary, married January 29, 1729-30, Captain Solomon Mitchell.
9. Temperance, married William Rackliff. Published June 16, 1739.

(III) William, third son and fifth child of Richard and Sarah (Couch) Mitchell, married (first), published February 27, 1741, Sarah, daughter of Peter Weare, of North Yarmouth. She renewed the covenant July 15, 1751, and had daughter Lucy baptized. He married (second), May 9, 1756, Sarah Sellers, of York. October 3, 1759, Jacob Brown, of North Yarmouth, was made guardian of Daniel, Sarah and Lucy Mitchell, children of Sarah Mitchell, deceased, who was the daughter of Peter Weare. William Mitchell's will, dated June 18, 1784, probated September 13, 1788, mentions wife Sarah and children:
Sarah, unmarried in 1790
Lucy, baptized July 15, 1751, married, February 27, 1772, Reuben Brown, of North Yarmouth
Mary, unmarried in 1790
Lydia, unmarried in 1790

(IV) William (2), youngest child of William (1) and Sarah Mitchell, was born about 1753. He was the executor of his father's will, and was a revolutionary soldier. He lived at Braveboat Harbor and died March 19, 1827.

He married, January 1, 1776, Susanna Foy, born 1753, died November 20, 1836. His children in 1838 were:
1. Joseph, married Hannah Nelson; died without issue, January 6, 1837.
2. Charles, see forward.
3. Susanna, married Andrew W. Black.
4. Martha, married, about 1812, Henry Black or Blake.
5. Richard, married Esther Williams.

(V) Charles, second son and child of William (2) and Susanna (Foy) Mitchell, was born about 1783, died July 23, 1850. He married Olive Ingersoll, born November 14, 1780, died February 13, 1864. Their children:
1. Captain Charles, born 1812, drowned off Rye, New Hampshire, August 31, 1855. He married Sarah _____, and had children: i. Charles, married Sarah Morgrage; ii. Frances, married, November 27, 1853, Elias Bowdy.
2. Captain Horace, born 1821, died July 11, 1889; married Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah Tobey, and had children: i. Miriam, married, September 8, 1861, Robert Billings; ii. Jane, married Charles Mills of Kittery.
3. Reuben, see forward.
4. Hannah, married John Parrott.
5. Sally, married Benning More.
6. Olive, married (first) _____ More; (second) _____ Tendel.

(VI) Reuben, third son and child of Charles and Olive (Ingersoll) Mitchell, was born in Kittery Point, June 13, 1824. His earlier years were spent in the calling of a fisherman, having had at one time a number of fishing vessels in his charge. Later he worked in the navy yard as a riveter, and in this occupation he contracted a cold which developed into pneumonia and resulted in his death, August 30, 1893. He was a stanch supporter of Republican principles, a member of the Free Baptist church, and of the Order of the Golden Cross.

He married, June 27, 1846, Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Olive (Eaton) Sayward, of Wells. Their children were:
1. George W., born March 12, 1849, married 1873, Abbie Getchell, of Kittery.
2. Horace, see forward.
3. Arabella, September 7, 1859, married, April 6, 1885, Herbert C. Baker.
4. Phila, March 22, 1862, died July 26, 1872.

(VII) Hon. Horace, second son and child of Reuben and Hannah (Sayward) Mitchell, was born in Kittery, March 13, 1857. After an elementary education received in the district and high schools he spent two years in coasting. Upon his return to his home his education was resumed at Kittery high school and continued at the New Hampton Literary Institute and Business College. The thorough training he received in these institutions enabled him to immediately engage in teaching, which he followed successfully for thirty-four terms. He then accepted a clerkship in the Marshall House at York Harbor, where he remained for three years. In this new occupation he achieved success and filled a similar position in the Wentworth at New Castle, New Hampshire, for one year, subsequently conducting the Pocahontas of Gerrish Island for five years. He now formed the plan of building a summer house according to what his ideal of a summer hotel should be. He bought the old Hill House, and in 1890 erected on the site the Champernowne. This being supplied with the best accommodations, enables its guests to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of a summer vacation. It is furnished with all modern improvements and has ample facilities for boating and bathing, in addition to pleasant walks and other amusements. Caring for his guests so generously, Mr. Mitchell has become one of the most popular landlords on the coast, and his house takes its place among the most enjoyable resorts in New England. He purchased and succeeded to the business of Frank E. Rowell, attorney, in 1901. In politics he is a stanch Republican, and has been an able leader of his party in the district. He was nominated to the office of state senator by acclamation and elected in 1895 for a term by two years by a large majority. He was president of the school board for two years; postmaster under President Harrison's administration; represented Kittery in the house of representatives in 1891; represented Kittery and Eliot in 1893; superintendent of schools, 1898-99; in 1896 the governor of Maine appointed him a commissioner to examine the state treasurer's accounts, and in 1897 he served as chairman of the same commission. He was largely instrumental in forming Kittery Water District in 1907, and is president of the board of trustees. One of the trustees of the Robert W. Trail Academy and a delegate to the National convention at Chicago, 1908. He is connected with the following organizations: Member of Naval Lodge, No. 184, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, of Kittery; Unity Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of South Berwick; Bradford Commandery, of Biddeford, Maine; grand senior deacon of the Grand Lodge of Maine; past master of Naval Lodge; past grand of Riverside Lodge; past patriarch of Dirigo Encampment, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Kittery; organized Constitution Lodge, Knights of Pythias, of Kittery, in 1883, and is past chancellor of same; first grand commander and grand keeper of the records of the Order of the Golden Cross of the State of Maine; member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

He married (first), December 24, 1884, Lucy A., who died in 1900, daughter of Aaron Frost, of Pembroke, Maine. They had one child, Ethel May, born in 1888, who was educated in the high school of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and is now a student at Wellesley College. Hon. Horace Mitchell married (second), December 25, 1901, M. Gertrude, daughter of James E. Chase, and has one son, Horace Jr., born June 29, 1904.

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