Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The immigrants of this cognomen, evidently of French extraction, came from England to Massachusetts in the pioneer days of the colony. More than one of the name were pioneers, but from John, the progenitor of the line sketched below, descended the greater number of those now bearing the name in New England.

(I) John Maynard, a native of England, came to Massachusetts and was an inhaitant of Sudbury in 1639. He probably brought with him a wife and one child or more. He had a house lot of four acres on the North street near Edmund and Henry Rice. He was a petitioner for Marlborough in 1656. He died in Sudbury, Dec. 10, 1672.
He married (second) June 14, 1646, Mary Axdell, probably a daughter of Comfort Starr.
Child of 1st wife:
John, born in England in 1630.
Children of 2d wife:
Zachery, Elizabeth, Lydia, Hannah and Mary.

(II) Zachery, eldest child of John and Mary (Axdell) Maynard, born in Sudbury June 7, 1647, lived and died there in 1724. He married, in 1678, Hannah Goodrich, who died in 1719. She was the daughter of John Goodrich, of Wethersfield, Connecticut.
Zachariah, John, Hannah, Jonathan, David, Elizabeth, Joseph, Moses and Abgail.

(III) Jonathan, fourth child and third son of Zachery and Hannah (Goodrich) Maynard, born in Sudbury April 8, 1685, died July, 1763. He was a weaver by trade, but followed the usual custom of the day and cultivated the soil. May 29, 1713, he bought of John Town, a farm of one hundred and ninety acres on "the plain." He also bought up land up as far as Ball's bridge and became an inn-keeper.
He married, Dec. 10, 1714, Mehitable Needom (or Needham), of Cambridge, who died Oct. 19, 1767.
Mehitable, Jonathan, Zachariah, John, Joseph and William.

(IV) Jonathan (2), eldest son and second child of Jonathan (1) and Mehitable (Needham) Maynard, born in Framingham, Jan. 1, 1718, died in 1782. He took the west part of his father's farm, and there erected buildings.
He married (first) Nov. 11, 1742, Martha, daughter of John Gleason; (second) Widow Sarah (Muzzey) Hill, of Sherburne.
Children, prob. by 1st wife:
William and Jonathan.

(V) William, son of Jonathan (2) and Martha (Gleason) Maynard, born March 29, 1745, lived on his father's farm. He was a minute-man in 1775; was a lieutenant in Captain Drury's company of Colonel Nickerson's regiment of eight months' men; was at the battle of Bunker Hill, was wounded there, and carried to his grave the bullet he received in the hip. He was afterwards made a captain and served through the revolution. He was a school teacher, and about 1788 went to South Carolina, where he "kept school," and died there.
He married Mary, a daughter of Benjamin Pepper. She died March 12, 1780.
John, Martha, Mary, Benjamin, William and Thomas.

(VI) John, eldest child of William and Mary (Pepper) Maynard, born in Framingham, Mass., Oct. 3, 1766, died in Scarborough, Maine, Sept. 6, 1818. When a youth he went to St. Croix, West Indies, and there met and married Mary Durant, who was born in the Island of St. Croix in 1771. She was the daughter of Thomas Durant, then in business in St. Croix. He was a lineal descendant of George Durant, who came to this country from England and settled in Connecticut in 1633. He was of Huguenot extraction, the family having originally gone to England from France.
After his marriage Mr. Maynard remained in St. Croix until 1800, and accumulated a fortune. Returning to this country with his wife and several children, he took up his residence in Bulfinch street, Boston, where his wife died in 1812.
In Boston Mr. Maynard met with financial reverses, and was obliged to break up his home there. In 1806 he sold to William Henderson the store property by Warren's bridge, and removed to Scarboro with his family, where he resided on a farm which had been the property of his wife.

(VII) Maria Cornelia Durant, child of John and Mary (Durant) Maynard, born in Boston, June 18, 1808, married Neal Dow, of Portland.

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