Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This name probably belongs to that large clas of patronymics derived from a natural object, and is similar in origin to Bullerfield, Marshfield, Fairfield, Littlefield, Whitfield and Greenfield. Possibly the first part may have been taken from the Gaelic Mac, meaning son, whose compounds are so numerous in Scotch (Scottish) family nomenclature.

(I) Dudley Maxfield was born in Kennebec county, Maine, about the end of the eighteenth century. He was probably a descendnat of John Maxfield, who was taxed at Salisbury, Mass. in 1652, and seems to have been the only early settler of the name in America.
The first John Maxfield had a son John (2), who died at Salisbury, Dec. 10, 1703, leaving eight children. The sons were: John (3), Timothy, Nathaniel, Joseph and William, who lived well into the middle of the eighteenth century, but no details of their history can be found.
Dudley Maxfield came to Argyle, Maine, when a young man, and lived and died there. He married Sallie Ayers, of Argyle.
1. Samuel, born about 1833, died at the age of six months.
2. Judith, born 1835, now (1908) living at Lynn, Mass.; married (first) C. C. Spencer, of Greenbush, Maine; and (second) Elmer E. Brodie.
3. Wentworth, whose sketch follows.
4. Alfreda, born 1840, married Dudley Spencer, of Argyle, and now lives at Stillwater, Maine; married Dudley Spencer, two children: Zilla and Melissa. Zilla Spencer married Seth J. Hopkins, of East Lamoine, Maine (two children: Newell C. and Martha Hodgkins). Melissa Spencer, now deceased, married Samuel Smith, of Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England, who now lives at Stillwater, Maine; children: Two boys and one girl, all now deceased.

(II) Wentworth, second son of Dudley and Sallie (Ayers) Maxfield, was born at Argyle, Maine, in 1837, died at Bangor, Jan. 11, 1906. He went into the lumber business when young, and carried on extensive operations throughout the state, acquring a handsome fortune thereby. His home in mature life was at Bangor, where he attended the Unitarian church. He was a Republican in politics, and also belonged to the Odd Fellows.
On Oct. 9, 1861, he married Abbie C. Burr, daughter of Warren and Eliza Emerson Burr, of Brewer, Maine.
1. Lena May, died 1890, aged fifteen years.
2. Anna Burr, married Robert Elms, of Bangor, child, Marjorie Burr Elms.

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