Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Captain William Marston, immigrant ancestor, was of ancient English family whose various branches bore coats-of-arms and achieved distinction. He is the ancestor of all the Hampton Marstons, though another immigrant of the name, one Robert Marson, presumably his brother, settled also in the town of Hampton, New Hampshire. Robert Marston's dwelling house was between the common and the meeting house green, on the place at present (1908) known as the Jeremiah Marston place. He died in 1643, leaving a son Simon who disappers from the records, leaving no issue. The Robert Marston place was sold to William Moulton by Simon. Moulton sold it to Richard Knight, who, on Oct. 5, 1653, sold it to the present owner, Jeremiah Marston.
Captain William Marston was born in England in 1592; married and had several children before he came to America. Land was granted to him in Hampton as early as June 30, 1640, and it is probable that a house lot was assigned to him eariler. He lived near the present site of the town house on the farm now owned by Frank Green.
His wife seems to have been living as late as 1651. He died June 30, 1672, leaving a widow named Sabina, who was executrix of his will. She married (second) John Redman.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Thomas, born about 1615, mentioned below.
2. William, born about 1621, married Rebecca Page and Ann Philbrick; died Jan. 22, 1704-05.
3. John, born about 1625, died 1708.
4. Prudence, married William Swain and Moses Coxe.
Child of 2d wife:
5. Tryphena, born Dec. 28, 1663, married Joseph Philbrick.

(II) Thomas, son of William Marston, was born in England about 1615, and married Mary, daughter of William Eastow. He settled on what is now known as the Jeremiah Marston place, which he bought Oct. 5, 1653, as related above. He was a farmer.
Children, b. in Hampton:
1. Isaac, married Elizabeth Brown and Jane Haines.
2. John, born 1650, married Mary Wall.
3. Bethia, born June 2, 1651.
4. Ephraim, born Oct. 8, 1655, mentioned below.
5. James, born Nov. 19, 1656, died Sept., 1693; married Dinah Sanborn.
6. Caleb, born April 23, 1659, died Oct. 31, 1671.
7. Mary, born Sept. 9, 1661, married William Sanborn; died Oct. 11, 1686.
8. Sarah, born Nov. 20, 1665, married Simon Dow; died March 8, 1698.

(III) Ephraim, son of Thomas Marston, was born in Hampton, Oct. 8, 1655, died Oct. 10, 1742, of a cancer. He settled on the homestead in Hampton, which he received by will from his father. He was a farmer and brewer, and owned a large orchard with a variety of fruits for that day. He was deputy to the general court several years; was a government contractor and took a prominent part in public affairs. He deeded to each of sons a farm, and gave to Jeremiah the homestead and brewery.
He married, Feb. 19, 1677, Abial, born Feb. 25, 1653, died Jan. 3, 1743, daughter of Lieut. John and Mary (Tuck) Sanborn.
1. Abial, married John Green and died soon.
2. Mary, married Joseph Taylor.
3. John.
4. Simon, mentioned below.
5. Phebe, born 1685, died Sept. 5, 1699.
6. Thomas, born July 14, 1687.
7. Jeremiah, born Nov. 5, 1691.
8. Ephraim, born July 5, 1697, married ____ Saborn.

(IV) Simon, son of Ephraim Marston, was born Oct. 10, 1683, died May 4, 1735. He resided in Hampton. He married Jan. 26, 1705, Hannah, daughter of James and Mary (Sears) Carr, of Newbury.
1. Jonathan, born Oct. 12, 1706 (twin).
2. Sarah (twin), born Oct. 12, 1706, married Simon Dearborn.
3. Daniel, born Sept. 13, 1708, mentioned below.
4. Deborah, born March 31, 1711, married Thomas Nudd.
5. Simon, born Nov .28, 1714, died young.

(V) Daniel, son of Simon Marston, was born in Hampton, Sept. 13, 1708. Married (first), Jan. 1, 1732, Anna, daughet of Colonel Joshua and Mary Wingate, of Hampton. He married (second), Dec. 31, 1735, Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Clough, of Salisbury. He resided at North Hampton on a farm given him by his father. He was captain in the English coloniel army in the French war, and served in Connecticut and Nova Scotia, with General Loudon.
1. Anna, born July 7, 1734, died young.
2. Simon, born Feb. 3, 1737, mentioned below.
3. Samuel, born Jan. 17, 1739, died young.
4. Daniel, born July 18, 1741.
5. Samuel, born March 10, 1743.
6. Anna, born April 28, 1745, married Josiah Page.
7. Robey, born 1747.
8. Meriam, born July, 174_, married John Towle.
9. Sarah, born Aug. 15, 1752.
10. Theodore, born Sept. 28, 1755.
11. David, born Sept. 24, 1757.

(VI) Captain Simon (2), son of Daniel Marston, was born in North Hampton, Feb. 3, 1737, died Dec., 1810, while on a visit to his daughter in Salisbury, Mass. He resided in North Hampton until about 1767, when he removed to Deerfield. He was moderator and selectman many years. He was captain in the revolution, and after the war major in the state militia.
He married, 1757, Hannah, daughter of John and Mary Wedgwood.
1. Asa, born March 16, 1758.
2. Catherine, born Aug. 11, 1759, married Nov. 18, 1784, Jonathan Prescott.
3. Simon, born 1761.
4. Jonathan, born 1763.
5. Hannah, born 1765, married 1784, Samuel Ballou.
6. Sarah, born Nov. 14, 1767, died March 19, 1858.
7. Mary, born 1770, married Asa Clough.
8. Mehitable, born 1772, married 1805, Samuel Dearborn.
9. Daniel.
10. David, born 1778, died July 8, 1819.
11. Sophia D., born Feb. 21, 1782, married 1805, Moses Pike.
Captain Simon Marston was in Colonel Waldron's regiment in 1776; also in Col. Joseph Senter's regiment in the Rhode Island campaign in 1777; also in Lieut-Col. Stephen Peabody's regiment in the Continental service in 1778. He and others petition for a change in the rate of pay of soldiers on account of the rise in prices (depreciation of the currency) in 1778.


William Marston Sr., the forebear of the Hampton branch of the Marstons, was born in England about 1592, came to Salem, Mass. Bay Colony, in 1634 with his wife and family of four children, and probably accompanied by his brother Robert and John.
He received a grant of land in Salem from the general court in 1636, but soon after went to Newbury and in Oct., 1638, with fifty-five other settlers, located on lands at Winnecumet in Norfolk county granted by the general court of the Mass. Bay Colony and they name the place Hampton after their English home.
His first wife, who came with him from England, bore him four children, all born in England:
1. Thomas, born 1617.
2. William (q.v.), born 1622.
3. John, born 1626.
4. Prudence, born 1630, married Moses Coxes.
His wife died about 1660, and about 1662 he married Sabrina, daughter of Robert and Lucia Page, of Ormesby, Norfolk, England, she being at the time of her marriage eighteen or twenty years of age.
5. Tryphena, born in Hampton, Oct. 28, 1663, married, in 1685, James Jr., son of James and Ann Philbrick.
The patriarch was a gody man and belonged to the Friends Society and was fined by the general court fifteen pounds for keeping a paper and two books that inculcated Quaker doctrines. He died in Hampton June 30, 1672.

(II) William Jr. (2), second child of William (1) Marston, the patriarch immigrant, was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1622, and came with his father and the other members of his family to Salem, Mass. Bay Colony, in 1634. He lived in Hampton, and was married Oct. 15, 1652, Rebecca, daughter of Robert and Lucia Paige, of Ormesby, Norfolk county, England.
Children, b. in Hampton:
1. Rebecca, born 1654, married in 1676, John Smith.
2. Hannah, born Aug. 21, 1656, married in 1676, Samuel Fogg.
3. Mary, born Feb. 9, 1659, died Dec. 2, 1660.
4. Samuel (q.v.), born July 8, 1661.
5. Lucy, born Feb. 21, 166_, married Mr. Marston.
6. William, born Aug. 7, 1667, died Nov. 8, 1667.
7. William, born 1669, died single before 1701.
8. Maria, born March 6, 1672, married 1695, James Prescott.
His wife died June 27, 1673, aged thirty-seven years, and he married about 1675, Ann, widow of James Philbrick Sr.
William Marston Jr. died in Hampton, N. H., Jan. 22, 1703.

(III) Captain Samuel, son of William Jr. and Rebecca (Paige) Marston, was born in Hampton, N. H. July 8, 1661. He married in 1683-84, Sarah, daughter of William Sanborn, and lived on the homestead in Hampton.
1. William, born Jan., 1685.
2. Samuel (q.v.) born July 7, 1687.
3. Lucy, born Sept. 15, 1689, died Sept. 20, 1689.
4. Stephen, born Dec. 2, 1691, died young.
5. Joseph, born 1694.
6. Reuben, born Sept. 24, 1696.
7. Sarah, born May 29, 1699, married Jacob Libby.
8. Hannah, born Sept. 17, 1701.
9. Ruth, born April 19, 1704.
10. Mary, born Oct. 28, 1707, married 1730, Moses Perkins.
11. Obediah, born Sept. 28, 1710.
Capt. Samuel Marston made no will, but disposed of his estate by deeds giving a farm to each of his five sons and the homestead to his widow and youngest son, Obediah. He died Nov. 8, 1723. His wife was born Feb. 10, 1666, and died in the homestead at Hampton, April 17, 1738.

(IV) Ensign Samuel (2), second son of Capt. Samuel (1) and Sarah (Sanborn) Marston, was born in Hampton, N. H., July 7, 1687, died March 9, 1756. He married Catherine Carr, of Newbury, Mass., and lived on the farm at Hampton deeded him by his father.
Children, b. in Hampton:
1. Catherine, born May 6, 1710, married in 1729, Henry Elkins.
2. Winthrop, born June 15, 1712.
3. Hepzibeth, born March 19, 1714.
4. Samuel, born June 26, 1716.
5. Mary, born March 5, 1719, married John Wedgwood.
6. Hannah, born June 7, 1722.
7. James, born Dec. 21, 1724.
8. Josiah (q.v.), born June 17, 1726.
Hepzibah, Samuel, Hannah and James died young.

(V) Josiah, youngest child of Ensign Samuel (2) and Catherine (Carr) Marston, was born in Hampton, N. H. June 17, 1726. He married Hannah Moulton, about 1756, and removed from Hampton in 1768 to Middleton and from Middleton to Wakefield in 1796, where he died.
Children, first 4 b. in Hampton, the last in Middleton:
1. Mary, born May 31, 1758, married a Mr. Heady.
2. Samuel (q.v.), born Oct. 7, 1760.
3. Hannah, born Aug. 20, 1762, married a Mr. Moulton.
4. James, born June 19, 1766.
5. Lucy, born about 1769, married a Mr. Marrow.

(VI) Samuel (3), eldest son of Josiah and Hannah (Moulton) Marston, was born in Hampton, N. H., Oct. 7, 1760. He married Nov. 11, 1784, Sarah Hill, of Falmouth, Maine, and settled in Addison, Washington county, Maine.
He was a lumberman and farmer and served as a soldier in the American revolution for some years and was a pensioner during the last years of his life. He died in Addison, Maine in Nov., 1828.
Children, b. in Addison:
1. John, born Sept. 28, 1785.
2. Sylvia, born 1787.
3. Samuel H., born May 15, 1790.
4. Elizabeth, born April, 1793, married Henry Cates.
5. Josiah, was drowned.
6. Sarah, born Jan. 29, 1797, married James Flynn.
7. William S. (q.v.).
8. Ruth, born Feb. 14, 1802.

(VII) William S., fourth son of Samuel (3) and Sarah (Hill) Marston, was born in Addison, Washington county, Maine, May 15, 1799. He married Nov. 30, 1826, Hannah Dorman, of Harrington, Maine, and they lived for a time in Beddington and in 1829 removed to Jonesboro and in 1857 to Chelsea, Mass., where he died July 17, 1862. His wife was born Aug. 25, 1806, and died in Chelsea, Mass., March 6, 1873.
1. Gilbert B., born in Beddington, Maine, Sept. 30, 1827.
2. Josiah W., born Dec. 31, 1829.
3. Daniel C. (q.v.), born June 17, 1832.
4. Eliza Ann, born Oct. 1, 1834, married H. A. Johnson.
5. Lucy A., born May 8, 1837, married Lyman Hilton.
6. Elvira F., born Feb. 16, 1839, married William Burnett.
7. Sarah C., born March 28, 1841, died July 17, 1861.
8. Cynthia A., born Feb. 12, 1844, married John J. Switzer.
9. Emma R., born June 30, 1847, married Rev. G. B. Lawton.
10. Aubine E., born Sept. 23, 1849, married Daniel Johnson.
11. William C., born June 25, 1851.

(VIII) Daniel Clark, son of William S. and Hannah (Dorman) Marston, was born in Jonesboro, Maine, June 17, 1832. He married (first) Jan. 1, 1859, Sylvesta S. Hall, three children; (second) at Brockton, Mass., Oct. 11, 1888, to Miriam, daughter of John Fogg and Sarah (Whitney) Lord, of Jonesboro, and granddaughter of Gustavus Fellows and Hannah (Libby) Whitney.
Daniel Clark Marston was a master mariner and was shipwrecked on the coast of Oregon and as the first officer and master of a ship had visited New Zealand, Australia, Manila, Phillipine Islands, both coasts of South America, most of the West Indian ports and Spain and Portugal.
He was treasurer of the town of Jonesboro at the time of his death, which occurred at his home in that town Jan. 25, 1905, having held the position of town treasurer for several years.
During the civil war his ship was captured by Admiral Semmes of the Confederate States navy, and he was held a prisoner for a short time.
Children by 1st wife:
1. Horace L., born Jan. 25, 1861.
2. Maud L., born Jan. 9, 1865, married Charles A. Abbott.
3. Madge L., born Oct. 12, 1869, married Russell L. Gilman.
Children of 2d wife, b. in Jonesboro, Maine:
4. Ruby Helen, born July 12, 1894.
5. Perley Fogg, born Oct. 6, 1897.

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