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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surnames Lothrop and Lathrop have been known in New England history since the earliest times of the colony, and whether written Lothrop, Lathrop or Lathropp, the meaning is the same, and has relation to either one or the other of two half-brothers, the first being the Rev. John Lathropp and the other Mark Lothrop, both sons of Thomas Lowthroppe, of Cherry Burton, a town about four miles from the ancient seat of the old Lowthrope family in the wapentake of Dickering, east riding of Yorkshire, England. Lowthrope is a small parish of about one hundred and fifty inhabitants, a perpetual curacy in the archdeaconry of York; and from this parish the family of Lowthrop, Lothrop or Lathrop received its name.
Robert de Lowthrop was a chaplain of the church in the reign of Richard II. In the early part of the sixteenth century John Lowthroppe was living in Cherry Burton, and was a gentleman having landed estates in various parts of Yorkshire. There is no record of his parentage or of any of the members of his own family except the account of his son Robert, who succeeded to the patenal estates in Cherry Burton, and who died in 1558.
Among the children of Robert was Thomas, who was born in Cherry Burton, and married there three wives, there being issue of each marriage. One of the children of the second marriage was the Rev. John Lathropp, the American ancestor of one of the principal branches of the Lothrop-Lathrop families in this country.
The third wife of Thomas Lothrop was Jane, and one of their five children was Mark Lothrop, who was baptized in Etton, Sept. 27, 1597, and with him begins the narrative of the Lothrop family purposed to be treated in this place.

(I) Mark Lothrop was in Salem, Mass., in 1643, when "at a meeting of 7 men on the 11th day of the 10th month 1643, Marke Lothrop is receaved an inhabitant, and hath a request for some ground neer to his kinsman, Thos. Lothrop." And further the records of that ancient town say that "at a meeting of the selectmen, the 17th 3rd month, 1652, granted to Hugh Woodberrie, Marke Lothrop and Thomas Priton a spot of medoe, lying between Benjamin Felton's medoe and the Great Swamp, near Wenham, to be equally divided between them." As his name does not appear in any of the records previous to 1643 it is quite probable that he settled in Salem soon after his arrival in this country; and it is uncertain how long he continued to live in Salem, for in 1656 he was living in Bridgewater, Mass., and was one of the proprietors of that town. In 1657 he took the oath of fidelity, was elected constable in 1658, and for the next quarter century held a prominent place in public affairs in that town, serving at various times as trial and grand juror, surveyor of highways, and also as one of the committee appointed "to lay out all the waies requisett in the township of Bridgewater."
Mark Lothrop died Oct. 25, 1685, and his son Samuel was appointed administrator of his estate, which inventoried 253 pounds 1 shilling. The name of his wife does not appear, but he had at least four children whose names are known:
Elizabeth, Samuel, Mark and Edward.

(II) Samuel, son of Mark Lothrop, was born before 1660, and died after April 11, 1724, the date of his will, at which time he is mentioned as "being old." In 1682 he is reported as being of age, and then was one of the proprietors of Bridgewater. March 10, 1675, the constables of Bridgewater were fined two pounds "for pressing Samuell Laythorpe illegally, and hee a man unfit to goe forth on the service." This had relation to the attempt of the constables to force Mark Lothrop into service during King Philip's war.
His wife was Sarah Downer.
Children, b. in Bridgewater:
1. Mary, born Oct. 28, 1683; married John Keith.
2. Samuel Jr., born May 17, 1685.
3. John, born Oct. 15, 1687; married Mary Edson.
4. Mark, born Sept. 9, 1689; married, 1722, Hannah, daughter of Deacon Joseph Alden, and great-granddaughter of John Alden, of Duxbury.
5. Sarah, born June 5, 1693; married Solomon Packard.
6. Joseph, twins with Sarah; married Mary Snow.
7. Edward, born July 7, 1697; married Hannah Wade.

(III) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and Sarah (Downer) Lothrop, was born in Bridgewater May 17, 1685, and died there Jan. 13, 1772. He married (first) Nov. 14, 1710, Abial Lassell, born June 25, 1688, died Nov. 3, 1749, daughter of Isaac Lassell. He married (second) in 1751, Lydia Hayden.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Samuel, born Sept. 23, 1771, died Nov. 9, 1776; married April 3, 1735, Elizabeth, dau. of John Keith.
2. Isaac, born Dec. 21, 1714, died Nov. 25, 1774; married (first) Bethiah, dau. of Major Edward Howard, (second) April 13, 1742, Patience, dau. of Joseph Alger.
3. Sarah, born Sept. 15, 1717; married Nov. 17, 1737, Aliezer Edson.
4. Daniel, born May 2, 1721.
5. Abiel, born Dec. 7, 1729, died May 3, 1755; married May 28, 1747, Israel Alger, Jr.

(IV) Colonel Daniel, son of Samuel (2) and Abigal (Lassell) Lothrop, was born in Bridgewater, Mass., May 2, 1721, and died in Leeds, Maine, March 18, 1818. When Washington took command of the American army at the beginning of the war of the revolution, Colonel Lothrop was major of militia in Colonel Crafts' regiment, and immediately entered the service. His subsequent record as a soldier may be noted as follows:
Captain of a company of artillery in Colonel John Bailey's regiment, April 10, 1775 to May 2, 1775; company raised agreeable to vote of the provincial congress as ordered by the committee of safety; also captain same company and regiment from May 3, 1775, to Aug. 1, 1775; captain same company and regiment, June 3, 1775 to Aug. 11, 1775; captain of a company in General John Thomas' regiment, according to return dated Roxbury, Oct. 6, 1775; captain of a company in Colonel Thomas Crafts' regiment of artillery, and name reported in a list of officers to be commissioned, as returned by Colonel Crafts, dated Boston, Sept. 27, 1776; ordered in council, Oct. 9, 1776, that said officers be commissioned; also captain of the 7th company of Colonel Crafts' regiment of artillery from May 9, 1776 to Nov. 1, 1776, 5 months, 24 days; also captain in same regiment from Nov. 1, 1776 to Feb. 1, 1777, service 3 months; reported as having served one month in colony and two months in Continental army; also captain in same regiment from Feb. 1, 1777, to date of discharge May 7, 1777.
After the close of the war Colonel Lothrop removed to the province of Maine and took up his residence in the town of Leeds, where he died in 1818.
In 1744 he married Rhoda, daughter of Thomas Willis.
1. Daniel Jr., born Dec. 10, 1745.
2. Rhoda, born April 9, 1747; married 1763, Daniel Williams Jr.
3. Molly, born Aug. 2, 1755; married June 20, 1771, Thomas Johnson.
4. Abigail, born Feb. 4, 1758; married Feb. 1, 1775, Isaac Hartwell.

(V) Daniel (2), son of Colonel Daniel (1) and Rhoda (Willis) Lothrop, was born in West Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 10, 1745, and died in Wilton, Maine, in 1837. He too was a soldier of the revolution, serving under his father, and his record is noted as follows:
Private and matross in Capt. Daniel Lothrop's company of artillery, Colonel John Bailey's regiment, April 10, 1755 to May 2, 1775; company raised agreeable to a vote of the provincial congress, as ordered by committee of safety; private in Capt. Daniel Lothrop's company, Colonel Thomas Crafts' regiment of artillery, from June 3, 1776; also private same company and regiment from May 16, 1776 to Aug. 1, 1776; also private in Capt. Daniel Lothrop's 7th company, Col. Crafts' regiment from Aug. 1, 1776, to Nov. 1, 1776; also same company and regiment from Nov. 1, 1776 to Feb. 1, 1777; reported as serving one month in colony service and two months in continental army; sergeant same company and regiment from Feb. 1, 1777 to date of discharge, May 7, 1777.
Sergeant Lothrop removed to Maine probably with his father, and lived in the town of Wilton, where he died in 1837.
He married (first) Aug. 23, 1764, Hannah, dau. of George Howard. She died soon after the birth of her fourth child, and he married (second) Sept. 5, 1775, Lydia, dau. of Samuel Willis. After her death he married (third) Sept. 1, 1785, Mary, dau. of George Turner. He had in all eleven children.
1. George, born Bridgewater June 13, 1765.
2. Daniel, born March 28, 1767, removed to Maine, and died in Lee; married, 1787, Sally Whiting; was member of the Maine legislature.
3. Thomas, born 1768, died in infancy.
4. Thomas, married Cynthia Pratt, and removed to Leeds, Maine.
5. Hannah, born 1771; married, 1789, Joshua Gilmore, of Easton, Mass.
6. Samuel, born 1777, died Leeds, 1871; married, 1799, Bethiah, dau. of Joseph Johnson.
7. Sullivan.
8. Lydia, married Stillman Howard.
9. Polly, married Luther Carey.
10. Rhoda, married Nathan Richmond.
11. Alson, married Huldah Richmond.

(VI) Sullivan, son of Sergeant Daniel (2) and Lydia (Willis) Lothrop, was born in Leeds, Maine, in 1778. He married (first) ____ Haynes, and married (second) ____ Jennings. He had four sons and one daughter, and among the former was Daniel O., who removed to Malone, New York, and Sullivan.

(VII) Sullivan (2), son of Sullivan (1) Lothrop, was born in Leeds, Maine, Oct., 1802, and was an enterprising and successful business man, proprietor of a large general country store, a tannery and a saw mill, and engaged somewhat extensively in lumbering.
He married, June 22, 1826, Susan Bigelow, born in Bloomfield, now Skowhegan, Maine, in 1803, dau. of James Bigelow.
1. Amasa Bigelow.
2. Mary Bigelow.
3. Allen H.
4. James Bigelow.
5. Roscoe G.
6. Olive (now dead).
7. Esther E.
8. Daniel Webster.
9. Mellen (now dead).
10. Susan A.

(VIII) Daniel Webster, youngest son of Sullivan and Susan (Bigelow) Lothrop, was born at St. Albans, Somerset county, Maine, May 20, 1842, and received his early education in public schools and Harland Academy, and after leaving school he worked for his father in various business enterprises until he was about twenty-one years old. He then went to Boston and entered the employ of King, Hovey & Co., wholesale produce dealers, with whom he remained some time, and in Feb., 1865, through the influence of William P. Fessenden, of Maine, he was appointed to a position in the office of the Sixth Auditor, in the departmental service, Washington, D. C., where he has remained to the present time.
During the civil war, while living in Maine, Mr. Lothrop recruited Company F, of the Twentieth Maine Volunteer Infantry, Captain Andrews.
In 1870 he married Jennie R., dau. of William M. Nimmo, of Maryland.
1. Edwin S., born Aug. 23, 1871; is a physician, and president of the Washington Homeopathic Medical Society; married Alice Sykes. children: Corrinna, ten years old, and Blanche, three years old.
2. Frank N., born June, 1874; married Fannie Rich, and has one child, Phyllis.
3. Alice, born July 30, 1877; married J. C. Thompson, a native of England, lives in Washington and has one child, Edwin S. Thompson, born Oct., 1908.
4. Jennie R., born Nov., 1880.
5. Etta T., born March, 1887.


(For ancestry see Mark Lothrop I).

(VI) George, eldest son of Daniel (2) and Hannah (Howard) Lothrop, was born in Bridgewater, Mass. June 13, 1765, and died in Leeds, Maine, March 4, 1839. He eventually located in Leeds, where the family name is still preserved through his descendants.
He married, in 1783, Polly, daughter of Jeremiah Thayer. She died Oct. 25, 1831.
Alson, Daniel (both died in Bridgewater, 1790), Samuel, Rhoda (died young), Leavitt Absolom (died young in Vassalborough), Jeremiah (died young), Hannah, Jeremiah and Polly.

(VII) Solomon, son of George and Polly (Thayer) Lothrop, [trans note: I don't see him on the list above of the children of this couple. Am I missing something here?] Bridgewater, Mass. Feb. 26, 1788, and died in Leeds, Aug. 12, 1873. He settled in Leeds, was an active and energetic merchant for many years at Lothrop's Corner, which by his efforts became a smart business center. He acquired wealth and became owner of a large amount of land. His home, where his youngest son, Willard, lived, was purchased of Abial Daily, M. D., the first resident physician in the town.
He was the first postmaster in the town, which office he held twenty-five years, with great acceptance to the people. He was selectman seven years, and represented the town twice in the state legislature. He was also active in social and religious circles.
He married, in Leeds, July 15, 1810, Sarah W., daughter of Capt. Daniel and Sally (Whiting) Lothrop, his cousin.
George Daniel, Betsey, Solomon Leavitt, Orissa and Willard.

(VIII) Solomon Leavitt, second son of Solomon and Sarah W. (Lothrop) Lothrop, was born in Leeds, June 10, 1817, and died there Feb. 8, 1874. He lived near his father where he owned a farm and was engaged throughout his life in agriculture.
He was a Democrat in politics, and in religious faith a Baptist.
He married, in Leeds, April 20, 1840, Hannah Turner, who was born in Leeds, Oct. 11, 1818, and died March 1, 1905, dau. of George and Betsy (Gilbert) Turner.
Lewis Leavitt, William Henry and Lydia Albina.

(IX) William Henry, second son of Solomon L. and Hannah (Turner) Lothrop, was born in Leeds, May 17, 1842, and died in Portland April 21, 1880. He was educated at Monmouth Academy, and after leaving school engaged in the dry goods business at Augusta and Portland. From 1865 till the time of his death he was a member of the firm of Woodman, True & Company, wholesale dealers in dry goods and woolens.
In political matters he acted with the Democratic party; in religious views he was a Baptist.
He married, Dec. 12, 1866, Georgie F. Noyes, who was born in Bath, Maine, 1842, still living. She was the daughter of Smith Woodard and Sarah (Harmon) Noyes, of Portland.
Carl Dennison, William Henry, Harry W. and James Kimball.

(X) Harry Woodard, third son of William H. and Georgie F. (Noyes) Lothrop, was born in Portland, Oct. 23, 1874. He married June 10, 1903, in Portland, Claire Elizabeth Randall, who was born Nov. 24, 1881, daughter of John F. and Elvira Small (Sargent) Randall, of Portland.

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