Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


From two immigrant ancestors, Simon Lobdell, of Milford, Conn., and Nicholas Lobdell, of Hingham, Mass., are descended so far as known, all those of that name in this country. No relationship is traced between these men, although relationship is thought to have existed. The descendants of Nicholas, with only a few exceptions, have their homes in the eastern states. The name in various public records is spelled: Lobdale, Lobden, Lobdle, Lobdel, Lobdill and Lopdell.

(I) Nicholas Lobden, the compiler of the "Lobdell Genealogy," assumes that Nicholas Lobden (as the name was then spelled) came from Hastings, Kent county, England. "Nicholas Lobden, a retainer of Captian James Lasher, Baron of Parliament, arrested on a plea for debt, prayed to be discharged, 22 Sept., 1621." Letteres from Sir Thomas Richardson secured his pardon 3 Oct., 1621. James Lasher was mayor the ville and port of Hastings, Kent, England.
Nicholas Lobden had grants of land in Hingham, Mass., in 1635-36, but whether he was a resident of the town for any times appears doubtful. Hobart's diary states "Goodman Lobdell's wife died 1641." Nicholas is supposed to have married (second) Bridget Pierce, sister of Michael Pierce, of Hingham, but this is only conjecture, and to have died about 1645-46. Mrs. Bridget Lobdell married (second) 1647-48, Nathaniel Bosworth, who left bequests in his will to Mary, Sarah, John and Nathan Lobdell. These, together with Isaac, are supposed to be the children of Nicholas Lobden.

(II) Isaac, son of Nicholas Lobden, with his brother John, was admitted freeman in 1673. In 1681, Isaac Lobdell, in behalf of the selectmen of Hull, petitioned that Sergeant Nathaniel Bosworth, of Hull, of empowered to administer oaths and to marry persons, and in 1683 served on the grand jury at Plymouth.
Isaac Lobdell, of Hull, Mass., married Martha Ward, daughter of Samuel Ward, a wealthy citizen of Charlestown, then of Hingham, proprietor of large tracts of land in these towns and in Hull. Copy of a deed of land in Hull given by Isaac Lobdell and Martha, his wife, to John Lobdell, May 17, 1670, is found in Suffolk deeds, page 314. In the same records is found: "Isaac Lobdell of Hull (Yeoman) and wife, Martha (Ward), for love and affection to son John of Boston (mariner) messuage in Hull and balance of lease for eighteen years in Bumpus Island; also his negro slave, Sambo, etc.; in consideration of support for life and sundry payments (yearly rent), March 15, 1702." Isaac Lobdell "well stricken in years," made his will March 22, 1710, and it was probated May 4, 1718. He appointed son Joseph and ____ Perry, executors.
Isaac, Samuel, Nicholas, Joseph, Mary, Abigail, Rebecca, Elizabeth and a daughter who married Mr. Lendall.

(III) Isaac (2), eldest child of Isaac (1) and Martha (Ward) Lobdell, was born June 28, 1657. He was a soldier in Samuel Wadsworth's company in King Philip's war, 1675-76. In 1686 he took the oath at Plymouth and became a freeman. He died before 1718, at which time his father's will was proved and mentions children of "My son Isaac, deceased."
He married (first) Sarah King, a daughter of Samuel King, of Plymouth. She was born Jan. 31, 1666, and died March 27, 1697. On Aug. 12, 1697, Isaac Lobdell was married (second) to Hannah Bishop by Cotton Mather.
Children of 1st wife (all but youngest b. at Plymouth):
A daughter (died young), Sarah, Martha, Samuel, and Ebenezer (whose sketch follows.)

(IV) Ebenezer, youngest child of Isaac (2) and Sarah (King) Lobdell, was baptized at Hull, Nov. 1, 1694, died March 18, 1748. He was married (first) July 12, 1715, by Mr. Cushman, to Lydia Shaw, who was born Nov. 2, 1697, at Plympton and died Aug. 15, 1745. She was the daughter of Benoni and Lydia (Waterman) Shaw, of Plympton. He married (second) Dec. 18, 1745, Mercy, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah (Sturtevant) Standish, the great-granddaughter of Myles Standish. As Widow Lobdell she married Benjamin Weston, and died Feb. 22, 1794, aged seventy-seven.
Children of Ebenezer & Lydia (Shaw) Lobdell:
Isaac, Sarah, Lydia and Ezekiel.

(V) Isaac (3), eldest child of Ebenezer and Lydia (Shaw) Lobdell, was born Dec. 26, 1716, and resided at Plympton, where his children were born. He married Feb. 24, 1741, Ruth Clark, daughter of Thomas and Alice (Rogers) Clark. She died Nov. 26, 1797, in the eighty-third year of her age, and the following spring Mr. Lobdell removed to Falmouth, Maine, to make his home with his son Isaac. He died Jan. 26, 1802, as shown by the stone that marks his grave at Stroudwater.
Samuel, Sarah, Deborah, Hannah, Ebenezer, Isaac (whose sketch follows.)

(VI) Captain Isaac (4), youngest child of Isaac (3) and Ruth (Clark) Lobdell, was born Oct. 5, 1755, and died June 18, 1806. He settled in Maine and lived for years in Stroudwater, where he was buried. He was a soldier in the war of independence, and the folowing is his record as found in "The Soldiers and Sailors of Massachusetts in the Revolutionary War":
"Isaac Lobdill, Private, Captain John Bradford's company, Colonel Theophilus Cotton's regiment, which marched April 9, 1775, to Marshfield; service twelve days; reported enlisted into the army; company probably belonged to Halifax and Plympton. Isaac Lobdell, Plympton. Private, Captain John Bradford's company, Colonel Theophilus Cotton's regiment; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 2, 1775; service three months seven days. Isaac Lobden, private. Captin Thomas Samson's company, Colonel Thomas Lothrop's brigade, service, ten days; reported, left service before being discharged; company marched to Bristol, Rhode Island, on an alarm in Dec., 1776. Roll dated Plympton. Isaac Lobdell, sergeant, Lieutenant Ephraim Bowman's detachment from Captain Andrew Lusk's company, Colonel Asa Burn's regiment; entered service Oct. 14, 1781; discharged Oct. 22, 1781; service eight days; detachment marched to join the army at Saratoga by order of General Fellows on the alarm at the northward of Oct. 14, 1781."
By deed dated May 9, 1795, on record in Cumberland registry, Mary Billings, widow, of Falmouth, Alexander Nichols, Esq., of Bristol, and Margaret, his wife, in consideration of two hundred pounds conveyed to Isaac Lobdell, late of Kingston, Plymouth county, trader, a lot of land in Falmouth, being the same conveyed to James Forder by Samuel Waldo and Thomas Westbrook. The house is now (1908) occupied by Augustus Tate, Stroudwater.
He was called captain, and may have held office in the militia, but he is more likely to have got (gotten!!!) his title from his connection with the shipping industry. The tradition is that he brought his famly to Falmouth in his own vessel. He must have been a stirring business man, and undoubtedly attracted to Falmouth by the great growth Portland was having at that time. He had a farm in Scarbobo, and is credited with many transactions in real estate, while his store in Stroudwater was the center of a large business. He contributed liberally toward the settlement and support of Rev. Caleb Bradley, frequently entertaining the pastor as his house, and served the parish in the office of treasurer.
Isaac Lobdell married Dec. 21, 1776, Polly (Mary) Stetson, who was born Sept. 7, 1759, daughter of Caleb and Abigail (Bradford) Stetson, of Scituate. Mary Stetson was descended from William Bradford, the second governor of Plymouth Colony, as follows:
Mary Stetson was the daughter of Abigail Bradford, who was the daughter of Samuel Bradford, who was the son of William (4), who was the son of William (3), the governor. Samuel Bradford married Sarah Gray, a native of Rhode Island, b. June 10, 1737.
Mrs. Lobdell occupied the homestead at Stroudwater several years after the death of her husband, but before 1820 she removed to Minot, where her home was the mecca of children and grandchidlren until her death, Sept. 3, 1843, beloved by her children, worshipped by her grandchildren, and respected by all who knew her.
Abigail, Nancy, Stetson, Mary Gray, Deborah, Isaac, Marcia, Charles and Edward Gray (twins.)

(VII) Isaac (5), second son of Captain Isaac (4) and Polly (Stetson) Lobdell, was born May 17, 1789, and died July 31, 1832. He resided in Cape Elizabeth in the brick house on the State Reform School farm, which was taken down about 1900. Both he and his wife are buried in the cemetery at Stroudwater.
He married Charlotte Pratt, who was born in 1791 or 1793, in Cape Elizabeth, daughter of Zenas and Nancy (Thomas) Pratt, of Cape Elizabeth. She died Feb. 27, 1840, aged forty-seven or forty-nine.
Theodore, Ann, Isaac, Charles, Mary, Edward and Elizabeth Gordon.

(VIII) Mary, fifth child of Isaac (5) and Charlotte (Pratt) Lobdell, was born in Westbrook, Dec. 12, 1819, and married March, 1842, Samuel Morton Jennings, of Wayne. She died at Oakland, Sept. 15, 1893, and was buried at North Wayne.

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