Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This name is "supposed to be of Scandinavian origin derived from Ingiald, and retained in the designations of Ingelby, Inglesham, Ingleton, Ingoldsthorpe, Ingoldsby, and other parishes and place lying chiefly in what are now called the Danish counties." In Domesday Book the form of name is Ingaldus; and this authority gives a "Baron Ingald a tenant of King William at Rersbi and Elverstone, Leicestershire, A.D. 1808 who came from Normandy." On ancient records it is found written Ingall and Ingle, especially in Lincolnshire, and is also given Ingel, Ingles and Ingolds. In support of the theory of a Scandinavian origin, it is known that during the ninth century Scandinavian pirates often visited the east coast of Great Britain, and after many years people of this nationality made settlements, especially in Lincolnshire. They were a hardy, seafaring race, owing to the nature of their country, but in England they became toilers of the soil.
The earliest record is the will of Henry Ingalls, probably born 1480, grandfather of the emigrant to America, which was made in 1555, filed in the probate court attached to Lincoln Cathedral. It mentions his "wife Johan." The will of his son, Robert Ingalls, was dated July 12, 1617, at Skirbeck county, Lincoln, as was his father's - mentions "wife Elizabeth" and "eldest son Edmund," who with his mother was appointed executor of his father's estate.

(I) Edmund Ingalls, emigrant ancestor, eldest son of Robert and Elizabeth of England, was born in 1598, at Skirbeck county, Lincoln, England, the ancestral home being located and identified by the wills of his father and grandfather as cited above. He came to Salem, Massachusetts, in Governor Endicott's company in 1628. In 1629 he settled at Lynn with his brother Francis and four others. He is described as "a man of good character and one of the most prominent citizens as town records show." While traveling horseback to Boston, in March, 1648, he was drowned in the Saugus river, owing to a defective bridge. His heirs recovered damages from the town. His will was proved Sept. 16, 1648, the estate appraised at 135 pounds. Wife Ann administratrix.
1. Robert, born about 1621, married Sarah Harker.
2. Elizabeth, born 1622, died June 9, 1676; married Rev. Francis Dane, of Andover.
3. Faith, born 1623, married Andrew Allen, and moved to Andover.
4. John, born 1625, married Elizabeth Barrett.
5. Sarah, born 1626, married Willian Bitnar.
6. Henry, born 1627.
7. Samuel, born 1634, married Ruth Eaton.
8. Mary, married John Eaton.
9. Joseph, died young.

(II) Henry (1), third son of Edmund and Ann Ingalls, was born at Skirbeck county, Lincoln, England, 1627, and married (first) July 6, 1653, Mary, daughter of John and Ann Osgood, of Andover, Mass., who died Dec., 1686. He married (second), Aug. 1, 1687, Sarah Farnum, widow of George Abbott. She died May 12, 1728, aged ninety.
Henry Ingalls owned land at Ipswich, Mass., which he sold in 1652, and became one of the first settlers of Andover. He bought land of the Indians, for which he paid in clothing and trinkets. He was a town officer and held many places of trust. Was made freeman by the general court in 1673. He died Feb. 5, 1714.
1. Samuel, born Oct. 3, 1654, married Sarah Hendrick.
2. Henry, born Dec. 8, 1656, married Abigail Emery.
3. Mary, born Jan. 28, 1659, married May 28, 1679, John Stevens, of Andover.
4. John, born May 21, 1661, married Sarah Russell.
5. Stephen, born May 21, 1661 (twin), married Dinah Elson.
6. Francis, born Sept. 23, 1663, died of smallpox Dec. 9, 1690.
7. Moses, born June 26, 1666, died Sept. 26, 1667.
8. James, born Sept. 24, 1669, married Hannah Abbott.
9. Sarah, born Sept. 7, 1672, probably died young.
10. Joseph, born March 24, 1675, died young.
11. Josiah, born Feb. 28, 1676, married Mary Holt, and (second) Esther Frye.
12. Sarah, born Jan. 22, 1679, married Joshua Swan.

(III) Henry (2), second son of Henry (1) and Mary (Osgood) Ingalls, was born in Andover, Mass., Dec. 8, 1656, and married June 6, 1688, Abigail, daughter of John Jr. and Mary (Webster) Emery, of Newbury, Mass., who was born Jan. 16, 1669, died July 12, 1756. He died at Andover, Feb. 8, 1698-99.
1. Henry, born April 2, 1689, married Hannah Martin.
2. Mary, born Feb. 25, 1691, not mentioned in father's will, probably the Mary who married, 1755, Thomas Dustin, of Haverhill.
3. Abigail, born Jan. 15, 1693, died unmarried Aug. 11, 1742.
4. Francis, born Dec. 20, 1694, married Lydia Ingalls, and (second) Lydia Stevens.
5. Joseph, born April 17, 1697, married Phebe Farnum.

(IV) Francis (1), second son of Henry (2) and Abigail (Emery) Ingalls, was born at Andover, Dec. 20, 1694. He married (first) Nov. 19, 1719, Lydia, daughter of James and Hannah Ingalls, who died April 24, 1743. His second wife was Lydia Stevens, who made her will in 1787. His will was proved Feb. 26, 1789. He lived and died in Andover, and all his children were born there as recorded.
1. Ebenezer, born 1721, married Sarah Kimball, and (second) Sarah Curtis.
2. Isaiah, born June 6, 1723, died March 23, 1728-29.
3. Francis, born Jan. 27, 1724, died April 3, 1729.
4. Lydia, born Aug. 11, 1727, died April 18, 1729.
5. Francis, see fowward.
6. Susannah, born June 27, 1734, died Sept. 3, 1736.
7. Josiah, born 1735, died Sept. 8, 1736.
8. Sarah, born April 5, 1736, died May 3, 1738.
9. Abijah, born 1739, married Elizableth Hutchinson.
10. Jemima, born July 27, 1740, married June 29, 1762, Amos Holt.
11. Josiah, born Sept. 11, 1742, died March 14, 1745.

(V) Francis (2), fourth son of Francis (1) and Lydia (Ingalls) Ingalls, was born in Andover, Jan. 26, 1731, and married Nov. 12, 1754, Eunice Jennings, who died May 22, 1799. He was a farmer, and lived at Andover, where he died April 3, 1795.
1. Nathan, born June 12, 1755, married Phebe Griffin.
2. Isaiah, born July 13, 1756, married Esther Stevens and (second) Phebe Curtis.
3. Phineas, born Nov. 14, 1758.
4. Francis, born May 30, 1760, married Nancy Estes.
5. Jonathan, born Feb. 25, 1762, married Sarah Berry.
6. Theodore, born March 30, 1764, married Hannah Berry, (second) Sally Flint, and (third) Ruth Flint.
7. Asa, born Jan. 17, 1766, married Maray Estes, (second) Patience Jennett and (third) Mehitable Loring.
8. Cyrus, born Dec. 13, 1768, married Sarah Barker.
9. Eunice, born Oct. 16, 1770, married James Ingalls, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Curtis) Ingalls - her first cousin - and moved to New York.

(VI) Phineas (1), third son of Francis (2) and Eunice (Jennings) Ingalls, was born in Andover, Nov. 14, 1758. He married, oct. 22, 1783, Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Stevens, who was born Nov. 19, 1764, died July 19, 1858. He was a revolutionary soldier of Bunker Hill, 1775; Albany, 1776. He moved to Bridgeton, Maine, in 1781, and died there Jan. 5, 1844.
1. Aaron, born Sept. 20, 1784, married Sarah Berry.
2. Asa, born Jan. 14, 1787, married Phebe Berry.
3. Theodore, born Feb. 20, 1790, married Sarah Carter, who died Sept. 15, 1824. He was a physician and prominent in politics in Portland, Maine. He died May 9, 1857.
4. Elizabeth, born May 1, 1793, died 1865, married (first) Feb. 24, 1823, William Webb, (second) June 20, 1842, Stephen Beeman.
5. Eunice, born Sept. 8, 1795, died Oct. 9, 1845; married April 12, 1821, Stephen Peary.
6. Phineas, born Dec. 22, 1797.
7. Cynthia, born June 9, 1800, died Sept. 30, 1866; married Sept. 15, 1823, Ichabod Warren.
8. Tabitha, born Feb. 15, 1803, died Dec. 18, 1866; married June 9, 1836, Hugh Bennett.
9. Almira, born Dec. 14, 1806, died March 26, 1840; married June 9, 1836, Nathaniel Potter.

(VII) Phineas (2), third son of Phineas (1) and Elizabeth (Stevens) Ingalls, was born in Bridgeton, Maine, Dec. 22, 1797. He married, March 19, 1845, Ruth Huston, daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Mosher) Elder, who was born in Gorham, Maine, July 11, 1815. He was a physician of Gorham, and died there about Feb. 24, 1858.
1. Nancy Elizabeth, born Feb. 25, died Feb. 26, 1847.
2. Francis, born July 7, died July 8, 1848.
3. Frederick, born May 10, died May 11, 1850.
4. Phineas Henry, M. D., born April 18, 1856.

(VIII) Phineas Henry, M. d., youngest son of Dr. Phineas (2) and Ruth H. (Elder) Ingalls, was born at Gorham, Maine, April 18, 1856. He was educated at the public schools of Portland, and was graduated A. B. at Bowdoin College, 1877, and received the degree of A. M., 1885. He studied at Portland, with S. H. Tewksbury, M. D., and Charles W. Bray, M. D., and also attended a course at the Maine Medical School and College of Physicians and Surgeons, of New York, where he was graduated 1800. Immediately after he began practice as house surgeon of the Woman's Hospital, New York City, which position he held until Nov., 1881, when he returned to Portland, Maine, removing to Hartford, Connecticut in March, 1882, where he has since continued practice.
He was police commissioner of Hartford, 1891-1896, a Republican in politics and a member of the D. K. E. fraternity. He is also a member of the Hartford City Medical Society, Hartford County Medical Society, Connecticut State Medical Society, Alumni Association Woman's Hospital, State of New York, and the American Gynecological Society.
He was house surgeon to the Maine General Hospital 1879, and gynecologist to the Hartford Hospital since 1884. He has performed some remarkable surgical operations and many of his papers describing them have been published in the leading medical journals.
Dr. Ingalls married, May 13, 1885, Mary Helen, daughter of Joseph Watson and Josephine E. (Coffing) Beach, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut, July 12, 1861. They had a son, Phineas, who died June 13, 1886, in infancy.

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