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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surnames Howard and Hayward were once identical. Among the early settlers and their descendants the name was used interchangeably, spelled Howard, Haward, Haword, Hawoorth, etc. Heywood was also sometimes misspelled and the same spellings cited here used for that family.

(I) John Howard, immigrant ancestor of the Bridgewater family, was born in England. He spelled his name Haward, but it was pronounced like Howard. Another family in Bridgewater at the same time, doubtless of the same ancestry, spelled the name Hayward, though many of the later generations have also spelled their name Howard.
John Howard was born in England. When a young man, he came to Plymouth and settled later in Duxbury. He was able to bear arms, according to the list dated 1643. He was a volunteer for the Pequot war, June 7, 1637. His brother, James Howard, who came with him to Plymouth, went to the Bermudas. John removed to West Bridgewater, where he was a proprietor and original settler in 1651. He was a young man when he emigrated and lived for a time in the family of Captain Myles Standish. He became a citizen of much influence and prominence and one of the first military officers of the town of Bridgewater. He took the oath of fidelity in 1659. His descendants lived on his original homestead until a generation ago. He began to keep a tavern as early as 1670 and a tavern has been kept in Bridgewater down to recent (1908) times by his descendants. He died in 1700. He was an ensign in 1664.
1. John.
2. James.
3. Jonathan, mentioned below.
4. Elizabeth, born at Plymouth Aug. 20, 1647, married Edward Fobes.
5. Sarah, married Zachariah Packard.
6. Bethia, married Henry Kingman.
7. Ephraim.

(II) Major Jonathan, son of John Howard, married Sarah Dean, and among their children was a son Jonathan, mentioned below.

(III) Jonathan (2), son of Major Jonathan (1) Howard, was born in 1692. He married Sarah, daughter of John Field, in 1719, and among their children was a son Nathan, mentioned below.

(IV) Nathan, son of Jonathan (2) Howard, was born in 1720. He married Jane, daughter of Major Edward Howard, in 1746.

(V) Nathan (2), son of Nathan (1) Howard, was born in 1746. He married Susanna, daughter of Henry Howard, of eastern Massachusetts, and among their children was a son Ruel, mentioned below.

(VI) Ruel, son of Nathan (2) Howard, was born in 1776. He came to Maine in 1814, and was a farmer, carpenter and contractor. He was a major in the war of 1812. He married Mary Boyd, who probably came from Bristol, Maine.
Columbus, mentioned below; Boyd, Susan, Brizillai, Fanny, Ruel, Cyril, Joseph and Everett.

(VII) Columbus, son of Ruel Howard, was born in Bridgewater, Mass., 1801. He followed farming in Sidney, Maine. He married Lucy, born in Sidney, Maine, 1810, daughter of Captain Salvanus Ambrose and Lucy Ann (Cowen) Hammond. Captain Hammond was lost at sea when Mrs. Howard was an infant.
Jane Frances, Mary, and Emily H., born 1643, wife of James E. Fuller.


John Howard, immigrant ancestor, came to New England when he was about fifteen years old, with his brother George. He spelled his name Haward, as did his descendants until after 1700. He lived in the family of Captain Myles Standish. He settled in Duxbury and was among those to bear arms there in 1643. He soon removed to Bridgewater and was one of the original settlers and proprietors of that town. In 1645 his name appears as one of the fifty-four original proprietors of Bridgewater. In 1656 he was highway surveyor and in 1657 was admitted a freeman. His allotment of land was in the easterly part of the grant. He was one of the first military officers and was appointed ensign Sept. 27, 1664. In May, 1676, during King Philip's war, he with twenty others fought with some Indians and took seventeen of them alive with much plunder, and all returned without serious injury. In 1678 he was deputy to the general court and also selectman. In 1683 he was deputy for the second time. On Oct. 2, 1689, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. He was a carpenter by trade. There is a letter still preserved by the family from Mary Hayward to her sons, John and George, in New England, and was no doubt written to this John.
His house was built near the first meeting house, directly north of the house of where B. B. Howard now (1908) or lately resided, on the corner of Howard and River streets. It was the first public house in Bridgewater, John Haward being licensed to keep an ordinary in 1670 at this place. An inn has been kept there by his descendants up to within a few years, being owned and managed by the family for a period of one hundred and fifty-one years. The house was taken down in 1838.
He died intestate in 1700. He married Martha, daughter of Thomas Haward, who came over on the ship "Hercules" in 1635, and was an original proprietor of Bridgewater.
1. John, mentioned below.
2. James.
3. Jonathan.
4. Elizabeth, married Edward Fobes.
5. Sarah, married Zacheus Packard.
6. Bethiah, married Henry Kingman.
7. Ephraim, born 1667.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Haward, settled first at Joppa or East Bridgewater, and lived on the spot where Deacon Keene afterward resided. At the death of his father he inherited the homestead, and went back to West Bridgewater to live on the homestead, selling his property at East Bridgewater to his uncle, Edward Mitchell, in 1703. He conducted a tavern until 1726.
He married, in 1678, Sarah Latham, daughter of Robert and Susanna (Winslow) Latham; Susannah was daughter of John Winslow, who was son of Kenelm Winslow, of Droitwich, England.
1. Susannah, married Dec. 2, 1702, Capt. Nathaniel Ames; died Jan. 11, 1767.
2. Edward, born 1687.
3. Robert, b. 1689, mentioned below.
4. Martha, married David Perkins; died July 14, 1735.
5. Sarah, married May 4, 1721, Rev. David Turner, of Rehoboth.
6. Bethia, married (first) Aug. 12, 1712, Jonathan Randall; (second) John Hayes.

(III) Robert, son of John (2) Howard, was born in 1689, and died in Bridgewater, now Brockton, about 1780. He married April 25, 1725, Abigail, dau. of Joseph, who was the son of the Rev. James Keith from Aberdeen, and Elizabeth (Fobes) Keith.
1. John, born Dec. 20, 1726.
2. Martha, born Oct. 27, 1729, married Nov. 27, 1754, William Edson.
3. Keziah, born June 4, 1732, died Sept. 1, 1749.
4. Robert, born June 29, 1735.
5. Adam, born March 18, 1737.
6. Abigail, born Sept. 9, 1740, died Dec. 9, 1747.
7. Betty, born Dec. 1, 1744, married Abijah Thayer, March 16, 1779.
8. Daniel, mentioned below.

(IV) Daniel, son of Robert Howard, was born at Brockton, Jan. 6, 1750. He was town clerk and treasurer of the north parish from 1782 to 1785. He married, June 29, 1773, Vesta Howard, born Oct. 4, 1755, daughter of Barnabas and Mehitable (Packard) Howard. He died April 21, 1821.
1. Darius, born Dec. 13, 1773-74.
2. Daniel, born Feb. 6, 1775, mentioned below.
3. Ambrose, born July 30, 1776.
4. Polly, born Jan. 25, 1778, died May 11, 1784.
5. Ziphion, born Dec. 15, 1779.
6. Vesta, born Nov. 12, 1781, married April 8, 1804, Robert Swan Holbrook.
7. Damaris, born March 10, 1784, married Jabez Woodman.
8. Cyrus, born Oct. 7, 1785, died July 19, 1787.
9. Sidney, born Oct. 7, 1785 (twin), died Aug. 30, 1787.
10. Cyrus, born July 22, 1788.
11. Sidney, born June 12, 1790.
12. Polly, born April 29, 1792.
13. Lewis, born July 10, 1794.

(V) Daniel, son of Daniel Howard, was born Feb. 6, 1775, died at Vassalborough, Maine, April 30, 1864. He graduated from Harvard College in 1797 and studied law with Judge Nahum Mitchell, of East Bridgewater. He commenced to practice his profession at Turner, Maine. He removed to Buckfield, Maine, thence to New Gloucester, Maine, from there to Jay, and then to Vassalborough about 1832.
He married (first) Nov. 4, 1802, Susanna Kingman, born 1784, died March 14, 1806, daughter of Ezra an Susanna (Whitman) Kingman, of East Bridgewater, where she is buried. He married (second) June 9, 1809, Mary (Hall) Emerson, widow, died Jan. 4, 1854, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Goff) Hall, of Newcastle, Maine.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Sidney Kingman, born 1803.
2. Susan Whiting, b. 1805, married ____ Eustis, and settled in Jay, Maine.
Children of 2d wife:
3. Mary Emerson, married Daniel Marshall.
4. Eliza Ann, married ____ White.
5. Vesta Jane, died Aug. 22, 1831.
6. Daniel Mosely, mentioned below.
7. Harriet Newhall, married (first) ____ Taylor; (second) William Tarbell.

(VI) Daniel Mosely, son of Daniel Howard, was born March 5, 1816, died Dec. 27, 1895. He resided in Bangor, Maine, where he was actively engaged in business until his death.
He married, Nov. 14, 1839, Eliza Anne, born at Clinton, Maine, Feb. 16, 1819, died at Bangor, April 20, 1879, daughter of Samuel and Eliza (Hall) Hudson, of Bangor.
1. George Frederic, born Dec. 7, 1840, died unmarried Feb. 13, 1899.
2. Edward Taylor, born May 27, 1842, died unmarried Sept. 9, 1863.
3. Blanche Willis, born July 21, 1847, married Dr. Julius Von Teuffel, court physician in Germany; was a writer of distinction; died Oct. 8, 1898.
4. Marion Louise, born May 8, 1849, married (first) Benjamin Fuller Smith; married (second) Henry Mellen Prentiss.

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