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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surname Heywood is distinct from Haywood, Hayward and Howard, although the spelling of each in every possible way makes it difficult not to confuse the families, especially the Heywards, Howards and Heywoods were living in the same town. The derivation of the name Heywood is given in a pedigree prepared by Peter John Heywood, of Whitehaven, England, 1781, and published in "Hunter's Life and Times of Oliver Heywood," who was a non-conformist clergyman of note in the days of Charles I. The pedigree runs back to the year 1164, a period when surnames were beginning to come into use in the mother country. Often some local feature of a man's place of residence was employed to distinguish him from others bearing the same christian name. The earliest authentic document containing the name of Heywood or its prototype is a title deed, still preserved, for a tract of land in Lancashire from one Adame de Burgo or de Bury, who held the knight's fee to a large section of territory in the vicinity of Peter de Ey-wood, that is, "of wooded island." The latter was the reputed founder of the Heywood family in England, from which the American family is descended. This estate remained in the possession of the descendants of Peter Heywood more than five hundred years, or until 1717, when Robert Heywood sold it to John Starkey, of Rochdale, whose grandson, James Starkey, dying intestate, allowed the place to pass into the hands of the Crown. It is now an attractive public park, having been donated for the purpose by Queen Victoria.
While the English line from this Peter Heywood is traced in an unbroken line from this Peter Heywood, the ancestry of the emigrants to America had not at last accounts been discovered. James and John Heywood, both about twenty-two years old, presumably brothers, came together in the ship "Planter" in 1635. They were both certified from Stepney parish, London. James Heywood settled in Charlestown and Woburn, where he died Nov. 20, 1642.

(I) John Heywood, mentioned above, was probably born in London about 1620, died Jan. 11, 1707. He settled in Concord, Mass., and was admitted a freeman in 1670.
He married (first) Aug. 17, 1656, Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Atkinson. She was probably not his first wife, unless his age is estimated wrongly. She died 1665 and he married (second) Sarah Simonds. He married (third) Priscilla ____, who survived him.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Rebecca, born Sept. 9, 1657, died young.
2. Rebecca, born May 13, 1660.
3. John, born April 5, 1662, mentioned below.
4. Persis, born April 11, 1664.
5. Benoni, born July 31, 1665, died young.
Children of 2d wife:
6. Sarah, born Aug. 30, 1666.
7. Judith, born Jan. 3, 1667.
8. Mary, born Nov. 3, 1669.
9. Abigail, born April 9, 1672.
10. William, born April 17, 1674.
11. Huldah, born Sept. 17, 1676.
12. James, born Jan. 27, 1678-79.
13. Joseph, born Jan. 3, 1680-81.
14. Benjamin, born March 17, 1682-83.

(II) Deacon John (2), son of John (1) Heywood, was born in Concord, April 5, 1662, died there Jan. 2, 1718. He was constable of Concord in 1676, and in his later years kept an ordinary or inn.
He married Sarah ____.
1. Sarah.
2. Thomas, born July 16, 1686.
3. Samuel, born Oct. 11, 1687, married 1710, Elizabeth Hubbard; died Oct. 28, 1750; deacon and town officer; thirteen children.
4. Edmund, born July 31, 1689.
5. Josiah, born Nov. 15, 1691, mentioned below.
6. Daniel, born April 15, 1694, removed to Worcester; married Hannah Ward.
7. Eleazer, born Aug. 3, 1696.
8. Nathan, born Sept. 24, 1698.
9. Sarah, born Jan. 18, 1700-01.
10. John, born March 14, 1703, settled in Lunenburg.
11. Mary, born March 23, 1704.
12. Phinehas, born July 18, 1707, settled in Shrewsbury; married Elizabeth Moore; died March 6, 1776.
13. Benjamin, born Oct. 25, 1709.

(III) Josiah, son of Deacon John (2) Heywood, was born in Concord, Nov. 15, 1691. He married Lydia ____.
Children, b. in Concord:
1. Josiah, born March 28, 1717.
2. Edward, born Nov. 28, 1718.
3. John, born May 3, 1720, died Dec. 15, 1721.
4. John, born May 29, 1722.
5. Lydia, born May 24, 1724.
6. Peter, born April 24, 1726, mentioned below.
7. Oliver, born Aug. 12, 1728.
8. Hannah, born Aug. 8, 1730.
9. Lucy, born Oct. 24, 1732, died 1732.

(IV) Peter, son of Josiah Heywood, was born in Concord, April 24, 1726. He settled at Canaan, Maine, now Skowhegan. He married, May 29, 1750, Sarah Wesson or Weston.
Children, b. at Concord:
1. Peter, born March 28, 1751.
2. Asa, born Aug. 25, 1754.
3. Sarah, born Feb. 9, 1757.
4. Hannah, born Aug. 11, 1759, married Isaac Smith.

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