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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The surname Hawley seems to have had a Norman origin. At any rate it is used by a Norman at the time of the Conquest and appears in the Battle Abbey. The family has been prominent in Derbyshire since about A. D. 1200. We have six generations of an old pedigree in that county. Doubtless many of the families branched off from this line.
John Hawley (5), of Banbridge, had an only daughter and heir, Anne, who married Thomas Blount. He was the son of Thomas Hawley, of Ersby, and grandson of Sir William of Ersby. Sir William's father was also Sir William and his grandfather was Robert de Hawley. Coat-of-arms of the Derby family: Vert a saltire engrailed argent. Crest: A dexter arm in armor proper garnished or holding in the hand a spear in bend sinister point downwards proper. Motto: Suiverzmoi.

(I) The father of the three immigrants of this family who came to America and their two sisters is not known, and though it is known that they were of the Derbyshire family, the English lineage has not been traced.
1. Joseph, born 1603, mentioned below.
2. Hannah, of Milford, Connecticut, married (first) John Ufford and (second) Capt. John Beard.
3. Elizabeth, of Stratford, Connecticut, married Richard Booth.
4. Thomas, settled in Roxbury, Mass.; married Emma _____.
5. Robert, of Rhode Island, married Dorothy (Harbottle) Lamb, widow of T. Lamb.

(II) Joseph Hawley, the American immigrant ancestor, was born in Derbyshire, England, in 1603, died May 20, 1690. He was a yeoman and evidently of good education and abilities, for he was the town recorder from 1650 to 1666 at Stratford, Connecticut, where he settled soon after coming to this county.
He married Katherine Birdsey, who died at Stratford, June 25, 1692.
He bought lands at Stratford in 1650 of Richard Mills, and from time to time he received grants of land when the common lands were divided. He was representative in the general assembly thirty times in thirty-three years and evidently one of the most prominent men of the town during that time.
In his will he bequeathed lands at Parwidge in Derbyshire to his son Samuel. This is the town of Parwich, nine miles from old Derby.
Children, b. at Stratford:
1. Samuel, born 1647, mentioned below.
2. Joseph Jr., born Jan. 9, 1649.
3. Elizabeth, born Jan. 26, 1651.
4. Ebenezer, born Sept. 17, 1654.
5. Hannah, born May 26, 1657.
6. Ephraim, born Aug. 7, 1659.
7. John Esq., born June 14, 1661.
8. Mary, born July 16, 1663, married Captain John Coe.

(III) Samuel, son of Joseph Hawley, was born at Straford, CT., 1647, died Aug. 24, 1734. He was a farmer and tanner at Stratford, and was one of the thirty-six proprietors of the new town of Newtown, Connecticut. His brother John was another proprietor. Neither settled there, however. Samuel was prominent in town and church affairs. He represented the town in the general assembly in 1690-95-97-1708-11, a total of eighteen sessions. His will was dated April 15, 1734.
He married, May 20, 1673, Mary Thompson, of Farmington, baptized June 7, 1653, died 1691, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Welles) Thompson. Ann was the daughter of Thomas Welles. Samuel Hawley married (second) Patience Hubbell, widow of Lieut. John Hubbell.
Children, b. at Stratford:
1. Samuel, born May 14, 1674, married May 14, 1702, Bethia Booth.
2. Captain Joseph, born July 30, 1678, married Joanna Booth.
4. [trans note: their numbering, not mine] Matthew, born Nov. 7, 1680, died young.
5. Ebenezer, born Feb. 25, 1682.
6. Jehiel, born April 5, 1685, married Hope Stowe.
7. Elizabeth, born March 30, 1687, married Lieut. Charles Wolcott.
8. Ephraim, born 1692, married Sarah Curtis.
9. Catherine, born 1693.
10. Stephen, born 1695, died July 21, 1720.
11. Benjamin, born 1696, mentioned below.
12. Mary, born 1699, married Josiah Hubbell.
13. Nathaniel, born 1701, married Mary Ufford.

(IV) Benjamin, son of Samuel Hawley, was born in Stratford, CT., 1696, died May 8, 1765. He was a farmer at Landsend in Hawleyville, town of Newtown, Connecticut, and was progenitor of all of the Hawleys of Newtown.
He married Feb. 13, 1725, Mary Nichols, of Stratford.
Children, b. at Hawleyville:
1. Benjamin Jr., born 1730, married Charity Hind.
2. William, born 1732, mentioned below.
3. Sarah, born 1734, married April 8, 1759, Stephen Morehause.
4. Abel, born Dec. 24, 1736, married Vashti Sherman, born May 30, 1732, died May 19, 1763; he died May 30, 1793.
5. Mary, married May 2, 1771, Jonathan Fairchild.
6. Ebenezer, resided at Newtown.

(V) William, son of Benjamiin Hawley, was born in 1732 and died April 9, 1791. He was a farmer at Newtown. He married Mary Glover of that town, born 1736, died April 14, 1791.
Children, b. at Newtown:
1. Joseph, born May 17, 1762, mentioned below.
2. Anna, married Asa Norton and lived at Opelousas, Louisiana.
3. Daniel, born Dec. 25, 1766, resided at Brookfield, Connecticut; married Lucy Dibble.
4. Mary, died unmarried.
5. William Nichols, settled in Kent, Connecticut, married _____ Hamlin.

(VI) Joseph (2), son of William Hawley, was born May 17, 1762, at Newtown, died June 14, 1829. He lived at Hawleyville in Newtown and was a farmer. He mararied Nov. 25, 1786, Ruby, born June 20, 1765, died Sept. 15, 1800, daughter of John and Bethia (Glover) Camp.
Children, b. at Hawleyville:
1. William C., born July 9, 1789, died March 11, 1835; resided at Carthage, Illinois; married Sallie, daughter of Samuel and Mollie (Turner) Trowbridge; he married (second) Betsey Baldwin, born Sept. 10, 1799; had a son Theodore.
2. John, born Dec. 29, 1791, married March 11, 1832, Lucy Ann Fairchild.
3. Glover, born Oct. 13, 1803, married Maryette Fairchild.
4. Samuel Beers, mentioned below.

(VII) Samuel Beers, son or nephew of Joseph Hawley, was born in Newtown, Connecticut about 1800. He married Emeline Barnes.
Children, b. in Newtown:
Theodore (mentioned below), Albert, Ann, Mary, James.

(VIII) Theodore, son of Samuel Beers Hawley, was born in Newtown, and educated there in the public schools. He enlisted Aug. 13, 1862, in the Twentieth Connecticut Regiment in the civil war, Company F, of which he was appointed first sergeant and was mustered in Sept. 8, 1862; promoted second lieutenant of the same company Feb. 24, 1863, and resigned his commission July 17, 1863.
After leaving the service he began the manufacture of rubber in New York, removed after a time to Bristol, Rhode Island, where his business was located for twenty years. He is now living at Noroton Heights, Connecticut, where he has made his home since he retired from active business. Mr. Hawley is a Republican in politics and held several town offices while living in Bristol.
He married Hannah Martin, born at Albany, New York about 1841, died in 1906.
1. Theodore, born Jan. 8, 1862, mentioned below.
2. Emma Gertrude, born in Harlem, New York, married John B. Fraser, who is a dry goods dealer in Brooklyn, New York.
3. Susie A., born in CT., resides in Brooklyn, New York.

(IX) Theodore (2), son of Theodore (1) Hawley, was born in Harlem, New York City, Jan. 8 1862. He attended the public schools of Bristol and graduated there from the Bristol high school. He went into the office of the rubber works for five years. He then learned the printing trade in New York City and worked at it for a short time. In 1880 he started to learn the business of manufacturing paper bags and was superintendent of the factory of the Elsas Paper Company, which was later merged into the Continental Paper Bag Company. For twenty years he has been general superintendent of the factory which in 1899 was removed from New York City to Rumford Falls, Maine. Since the removal he has been general superintendent, as afore stated. Under his management in the past twenty years the business has grown some fortyfold. When he began there were eighteen hands, now there are more than eight hundred men in his factory.
Mr. Hawley is a Republican in politics and is active in local affairs. He is president of the board of trade at Rumford Falls and has served on various important town committees. He was formerly for ten years a member of the New York National Guard, a sergeant of Company I, Thirteenth Regiment, of Brooklyn.
He is past exalted ruler of the Rumford Lodge, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; a member of the Knights of Columbus, Brooklyn, and of the Ancient Order of United Workmen of Rumford Falls. He is a Catholic in relgion.
He married, Oct. 19, 1893, Jessie B., born at West Newton, Pennsylvania, daughter of Casius Clay Markle, of West Newton, Pennsylvania.
1. Eleanor M., born Aug. 25, 1894.
2. Dorothy F., born June 28, 1900.
3. Margery, born Dec. 8, 1902.
4. Gertrude F., born April 20, 1905.
5. Theodore 3d, born Aug. 5, 1907.

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