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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The name first appears in the "Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England," under date of March 12, 1628, when Richard Clayton, aged thirty-four years or thereabouts, carpenter, desirous to transport himself, his wife, one daughter, his sister of fourteen years old, his brother Barnaby Clayton, aged twenty-three years, and his brother-in-law, Thomas Hanscombe, for New England in the company's ships, under the usual proposition, to wit: He being able to furnish forty pounds toward the charge of him and his, what shall be wanting to company will upon this condition, that upon their arrival (in New England) that he shall be indebted to the company shall be (paid) by the labor of himself and his two servants, or brothers aforesaid, allowing them all three shillings the day for so long time (until) they have paid this debt and in that time finding (them) 3 persons dyet at the company's charge and while earning out this debt to instruct any of the company in the trade of a plow wright and there is land to be (allotted) to him and his, as is usual by the company orders that transport themselves: Written this 12th March, 1628.
As Richard Clayton is credited to the parish of Sutton, Bedfordshire, England, it is reasonable to suppose that the entire party was of that parish.

(I) Thomas Hanscom, the immigrant, was born in the parish of Sutton, Bedfordshire, England, about 1623, according to a deposition made by him. Savage says he came to New England in 1629. He married, May 16, 1664, Ann, her surname not being on record. Ann Hanscom survived her husand and as his widow married James Tobey, who went to Kittery, Maine, in 1657, and she was living there in 1720.
Children of Thomas & Ann Hanscom (prob. b. in Kittery, Maine):
1. Thomas, b. Oct. 17, 1666.
2. John, b. Sept. 15, 1668.
3. Olive, b. March 12, 1671.
4. Samuel, b. April 10, 1675.
5. Moses, who married Hannah, dau. of William and Hannah (Nelson) Rockliff and was in Scarborough, Maine, in 1738.
6. Job, who married Mary Gowell.

(II) Thomas (2), eldest child of Thomas (1) and Ann Hanscom, was born in Kittery, Maine, Oct. 17, 1666. He married as his first wife Alice, dau. of Richard Rogers, at whose house, known as No. 23, nine other families were assigned for protection in case of Indian attacks threatened in 1720. She died between 1696 and 1698, and he married (second), Tamsen, dau. of Richard Gowell, who administered her husband's estate Nov. 11, 1713. In the threatened Indian attacks of 1720, the family of Widow Hamscom were assigned to the house No. 12, owned by David Libby Jr., where the family of James Staples was also ordered to take refuge.
Thomas Hanscom died intestate about 1712.
Children by 1st wife:
1. Thomas, born in Dec., 1690.
2. Hester, born Nov. 20, 1692, married David Libby Jr.
3. Ann, born Aug. 16, 1694, married Daniel Fogg Jr. June 30, 1715.
4. John, born Oct. 26, 1696, died Nov. 1, 1697.
5. Pricilla, born Oct. 26, 1696, died Jan., 1697.
Children by 2d wife:
6. Samuel, born July 25, 1698.
7. Mary, born July 28, 1700, married John Merrill Jr. Dec. 16, 1721.
8. Martha, born Sept. 17, 1702, married Solomon Libby, March 4, 1724-25.
9. John, born April 15, 1705, married Mary Brooks.
10. Joseph, born July 13, 1708, married Lydia Spinney March 18, 1723-24.
11. Moses, see forward.

(III) Moses, youngest child of Thomas (2) and Tamsen (Gowell) Hanscom, was born March 2, 1713, in Kittery, and resided in that part of the town which is now Eliot, where he died Feb. 26, 1793, in his eightieth year.
He married (first) Mary, daughter of Stephen and Mary (King) Bailey, of Kittery. She was born Sept. 14, 1720, in that town and died about 1739. The intention of his second marriage was published Aug. 2, 1740, the bride being Abigail, widow of John Shapleigh, a daughter of Nathan and Shuah (Heard) Bartlett.
Children of 2d wife:
Susanna, Abigail, Anne, Nathaniel, Moses and Molly.

(IV) Nathaniel, elder son of Moses and Abigial (Bartlett) (Shapeligh) Hanscom, was born Oct. 19, 1756, in Kittery, and resided on the paternal homestead in Eliot, where his life was spent in agriculture, and he died Feb. 29, 1812.
He married (first) 1785, Molly Moody, of York, and (second) Jan. 12, 1791, Sally, daughter of Timothy and Miriam (Furnald) Furnald, born Dec. 13, 1764.
Children of 1st marriage:
Moses, Mary and Abigial.
Children of 2d marriage:
Nathaniel, Timothy, Benning, John, Roger, Oliver and Susannah.

(V) Moses (2), eldest child of Nathaniel and Mary (Molly) (Moody) Hanscom, was born about 1786 in Eliot, and settled in Danville, Maine, where he had a wife, Mary, and reared a family.

(VI) Rev. Moses (3), so of Moses (2) and Mary Hanscom, was born May 10, 1808, in Danville, and early decided on preparation for the ministry. He was ordained at Danville April 12, 1842, and was settled as a pastor at Durham in the same year. He built a house in 1843, and continued as pastor of the church until 1847, when he removed to Bowdoinham. He also preached at Brooklyn, Nobleboro and Friendship, and was a very successful pastor, much beloved by his people and was elevated to the positon of elder in the Baptist church. He was very active in temperance work.
He married (first) Mary Vickery, who was the mother of:
William Allen, Ruel W., Moses . and Sarah.
He married (second) Alina Snow, of Brunswick, whose children were:
Rebecca S., Ella, Mary Louise, Edwin W., Frank B., Elvira D. and Eliza G.
Some of these died in infancy. The third daughter is the wife of Fred Eveleth, a school principal in Jersey City.
Edwin W. is an organist and composer of music, living in Auburn, Maine.
Frank B. is in business in Los Angeles, California.
The youngest daughter is the wife of Hon. George L. Record (q.v.), a prominent attorney of Jersey City.

(VII) Ruel Williams, second son of Rev. Moses (3) and Mary (Vickery) Hanscom, was born Jan. 22, 1837, in Durham, and died in New York City Sept. 17, 1905. He was reared of a family in Durham and attended the public schools of his native town. When a young man he went to Abington, Mass., and thence to Boston, where he was engaged in the drygoods business.
He enlisted as a soldier in 1863 and went out as a corporal in the Forty-third Mass. Volunteers. He was with General Foster in North Carolina, where he received an injury in his knee and after several months service was brought home to Bowdoinham, where his father was then living. After his recovery he went into business in Lewiston, Maine, which he conducted for two years from a sick bed, with the able aid of his wife. He continued actively in the wholesale fancy goods business in Lewiston and Auburn till failing health compelled him to retire in 1891, as the result of the injury received in the military service.
He was a prominent member of the Baptist church, of the Grand Army of the Republic, and a consistent Republican in politics.
He married Charlotte Moulton, daughter of John Henry Jackson, of Lee, Maine, where she was born May 6, 1836. She was also an active worker in the Baptist church and died June 17, 1905.
Warren Whitmore, who is in the home office of the Equitable Assurance Society of New York.
Walter Allen, a contractor in the same city.
Howard C., mentioned below.

(VIII) Howard Chapin, youngest son of Ruel Williams and Charlotte Moulton (Jackson) Hanscom, was born June 12, 1875, in Auburn, Maine, where he attended the public schools and was prepared for college. He matriculated from Colby College in 1892 and was graduated with the degree of A.B. in 1896. Subsequently he became a student in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York City, from which he received the degree of M.D. in 1900. After the experience gained in the hospitals of New York, he began the active practice of his profession in that city, with an office at 231 West Ninety-sixth street, where he has ever since continued.
While in college he affiliated with the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, and is now a member of the New York State Medical Association and of the American Medical Association. He is a medical officer of the National Guard of New York, and is assistant surgeon of the Twelfth Regiment, with the grade of captain, and a member of the Army and Navy Club of New York. He keeps in close touch with the affairs of his native city and state, and with the fortunes of the Republican party in that state, in which he gained his early political experience.


(For early generations see Thomas Hanscom I)

(IV) Aaron Hanscom was at least a great-grandson of the immigrant Thomas, and might have been a brother of John Hanscom, b. in Eliot in 1748, who married Sarah Stacy, and whose son William was the famous shipwright and the progenitor of a numerous family of ship builders.
Aaron was among the firs pioneers in Machias, Washington county, Maine, which was settled from Kittery, Scarboro and Elliott. In 1769 he was among the petitioners to the general court of Mass. to have Machias set off as an independent township.
He married Sally, daughter of Joseph Seavery.
Nathan, Aaron, Abigail, Sally, Isaac, Joseph, Lois, Sylvanus, Daniel, Thomas and Moses.

(V) Sylvanus, fifth son of Aaron and Sally (Seavery) Hanscom, married Eda Averill.
James, Luther Pike, Phebe, Eliza, Alfred and Mary Ann.

(VI) Luther Pike, second son of Sylvanus and Eda (Averill) Hanscom, was born in Machias, Maine, March 5, 1808. He was a lumberman and an old Hickory Democrat. He married Mary A. Bedell.
Lucinda F., Elizabeth E., Elsie E., Loring Louis, Mary A., Sylvanus L., Albara H., James A., Frank P. and Sarah E.

(VII) The Rev. Loring Louis, eldest son of Luther Pike and Mary A. (Bedell) Hanscom, was born in Crawford, Washington county, Maine, Sept. 19, 1839, died Sept. 19, 1904. He received a classical education at Washington Academy, and was ordained to the Methodist ministry. Elder Hanscom was stationed at Robbinston, Pembroke, Dexter, Bath, Rockland, Thomastone, all within the state of Maine, and in Minnesota. He was a devoted worker in the Master's vineyard, bringing many souls into the fold during a lifetime of Christian endeavor.
He married Sarah Brigham, of Plantation No. 14, Maine.
1. The Rev. Dr. George L., pastor of the Congregational church in Jacksonville, Florida, a man of great pulpit eloquence, who has had pastorates in Rochester, New York, and Newark, New Jersey.
2. William H.
3. Dr. Walter Vose.
4. Rev. Fred L., of Pittsfield, Illinois.

(VIII) Dr. Walter Vose, third son of Rev. Loring L. and Sarah (Brigham) Hanscom, was born in Orington, Penobscot county, Maine, April 25, 1868. Walter obtained such schooling as the local schools permitted, and at the high school at Orono, Bucksport Seminary, and the University of Maine completed his education. He graduated from Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, in 1890, coming directly to Rockland, Maine, to practice. He has achieved a remarkable success in his specialty of surgery, performing perhaps more surgical operations than any other surgeon in the county. He conducts a private hospital in connection with his practice. Dr. Hanscom has read papers on surgical subjects before learned medical societies.
He belongs to the National Homoeopathic Society, and the Maine State Homoeopathic Society. Of fraternal organization he is of membership in Aurora Lodge, No. 50, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; King Solomon's Temple, No. 8, Royal Arch Chapter; King Hiram Council, No. 6, Royal and Select Masters; Claremont Commandery of Knights Templar; the Consistory at Portland, of Kora Temple, Mystic Shrine, at Lewiston, and of Rockland Lodge, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, No. 1008.
Dr. Hanscom married Abbie Fessenden, daughter of Dr. Nathan Wiggin, of Rockland, in 1888,
Harold N.

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