Genealogical and Family History
of the

Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


This family is of Irish origin, and the surname, independent of errors in spelling by uneducated scribes, has been found spelled in various forms: Hale, Halle, Halie, Healey, Hally and Haley, which is the generally accepted form. Branches of the family were early settled in Kittery and Biddeford, Maine, and are said to have been desended from two distinct heads, possibly brothers.

(I) Andrew Haley was a fisheman at the Isle of Shoals at an early date, and was known as "King of Shoals." He built a sea-wall to connect two islands and improve his harbor, fourteen rods long, thirteen feet high and fifteen feet wide. Haley's Island was named for him. He bought land in York in 1662 and sold it in 1684.
He married Deborah Wilson, daughter of Gowen Wilson, and she was administratrix of his estate, Dec. 2, 1697.
1. Andrew, mentioned below.
2. William, married Sarah _____; had a grant of land in 1699; was of Boston in 1714.
3. Deliverance, married Jan. 1, 1702, George Berry.
4. Elizabeth, married, 1695, John Nelson; married (second) William Hoyt; (third) Nicholas Hilliard.
5. Deborah, married Richard Crockett.
6. Anna, married Richard Westcott.
7. Rhoda, married Samuel Skillings.

(II) Andrew (2), son of Andrew (1) Haley, married July 15, 1697, Elizabeth Scammon, daughter of Humphrey Scammon, and settled on the Haley homestead. He had grants of land in 1694-99. He made his will April 8, 1725, and mentions three sons and three daughters; land and buildings on Spruce creek; reserved orchard fruit for wife Elizabeth. He wrote his name Hally. The inventory of his estate was returned July 2, 1725, one thousand one hundred and seventy-six pounds, sixteen shillings and seven pence, with a few pounds additional returned two years later.
His widow was published to Nicholas Weeks, Aug. 14, 1742.
1. Elizabeth, born Jan. 25, 1698, owned the covenant Jan. 14, 1719; married Dec. 29, 1726, Peter Lewis.
2. Andrew, born Jan. 22, 1700, married Aug. 7, 1727, Mary Bryar, and inherited the Haley Homestead.
3. William, born Feb. 17, 1704, probably died young.
4. Samuel, born Feb. 17, 1706, mentioned below.
5. Sarah, born April 7, 1709, married Joseph Weeks, intention recorded April 23, 1726.
6. John, born June 14, 1712, married Margaret Bryar.
7. Rebecca, married Charles Smith, intention recorded July 19, 1735.

(III) Samuel, son of Andrew (2) Haley, was born Feb. 17, 1706. He married Nov. 21, 1733, Grace Lewis, and resided in Kittery. By his father's will he received a part of the homestead and "housing." He owned the covenant March 3, 1728.
1. Samuel, born about 1734.
2. Josiah, born Feb. 9, 1736.
Probably others.

(IV) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) Haley, was born in Kittery about 1734. He was baptized by the pastor of the Spruce creek church March 24, 1751. He married Mary Orme, born 1730, died May 2, 1810. He died Feb. 7, 1811.
Samuel "Haley" was commissioned second lieutenant in Capt. Josiah Davis' regiment, third company of the third York county regiment of Massachusetts.
Children, b. in Kittery:
1. Susannah, born Nov. 19, 1754, died Dec. 7, 1810.
2. Mary, born July 17, 1756.
3. Elsy, born May 20, 1758.
4. Samuel, born April 4, 1760.
5. Margaret, born Oct. 23, 1761, married July 3, 1787, Charles Bellamy.
6. Joseph, born Dec. 5, 1764.
7. Sarah, born Aug. 17, 1765.
8. John, born June 20, 1767, married Mary Bellamy, intention recorded March 26, 1789.
9. Tamesin, born June 6, 1769, married Nov. 21, 1791, John Bellamy.
10. Elisha, born March 23, 1771.
11. Benjamin, born May 16, 1773, mentioned below.
12. Daniel, born June 12, 1775.

(V) Benjamin, son of Samuel (2) Haley, was born in Kittery, Maine, May 16, 1773. A Benjamin Haley married, June 26, 1803, Elizabeth S. Gilpatrick, probably his second wife. He resided in Biddeford, Maine. He had a son Samuel, mentioned below.

(VI) Samuel (3), son of Benjamin Haley, was born about 1790. He married _____ Palmer.
Abraham, Harreit, Henry U., (mentioned below), Mary, Charles.

(VII) Henry U., son of Samuel (3) Haley, was born March 20, 1829, at Hollis, Maine, died May 30, 1888. He resided at Hollis, Maine, where he was educated in the public schools and where he worked during his active years at teaming lumber and in the sawmills of that vicinity.
In politics he was a Republican until 1876. He married Oct. 13, 1850, Martha P. Boothby, born April 8, 1830, at Saco, Maine, died Oct. 20, 1892, daughter of Joel and Eliza (Patterson) Boothby.
Children, b. in Saco:
1. William H., born Sept. 18, 1851.
2. Ruth A., born April 30, 1853, died Sept. 15, 1860.
3. George F., born Jan. 30, 1856, mentioned below.
4. Joel B., born June 20, 1858.
5. Charles, born Sept. 7, 1860.
6. Elbridge, born Nov. 18, 1862, died April 2, 1876.
7. Roscoe, born Aug. 12, 1865.
8. Leroy, born Aug. 8, 1867, mentioned below.
9. Maybell, born Dec. 26, 1869.
10. Esther D., born Sept. 27, 1872.

(VIII) George Franklin, son of Henry U. Haley, was born in Saco, Jan. 30, 1856. He attended the public schols and while still in school worked between terms in a sawmill. Later he learned the trade of cigarmaker. He finally chose the law for his profession and began to study law in the office of B. F. Hamilton, of Biddeford. He was admitted to the bar two years later, in Jan., 1882, and soon afterward entered into a partnership with Mr. Hamilton, under the name of Hamilton & Haley, and continuing with much success for ten years. The firm was dissolved in 1892, and he was in business along until 1895, when he formed a new partnership with his brother, under the firm name of George F. & Leroy Haley. This firm has taken a foremost position in the profession and is well known throughout the state.
Mr. Haley is a Democrat in politics. He married Marianna Gaines, daughter of John Gaines, of Saco, Maine. They have no children.

(VIII) Leroy, eight child of Henr U. Haley, born Aug. 8, 1867, at Saco, Maine, received his education in the common schools of that city, studied law in the office of Hamilton & Haley (Benjamin F. Hamilton and George F. Haley), in Biddeford, and was admitted to the bar May 25, 1889. Feb. 5, 1890, formed a partnership in the law business at Springvale, town of Sanford, York county, with Asa Low, under the firm name of Low & Haley, which continued until Dec. 1, 1895. Then became associated with his brother, George F., at Biddeford, under the firm name of George F. & Leroy Haley, which partnership is still (1908) in existence.
Married Aug. 31, 1891, Grace Frost, daughter of Edward P. and Sarah (Clark) Frost, of Sanford.
1. Esther, born at Sanford, Maine, Sept. 14, 1893.
2. Irene S., born at Sanford, Oct. 9, 1895.
Boy born at Biddeford, Maine, March 30, 1899, died in infancy.

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