Genealogical and Family History
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Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.

New York

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[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


Gilman is an ancient English surname, and the family is found in various counties in the most ancient records. The surname is doubtless derived from a place name. The coat-of-armes of the family: A leg coupled at the thigh. Crest a demi-lion issuing from a cap of maintenance.

(I) Edward Gilman was born in England, married June 22, 1555, Rose Rysse. His will, made Feb. 5, 1573, proved July 7 the same year, mentions the eldest and three other sons and five daughters. His widow married (second) April 3, 1578, John Snell, who was buried Oct. 3, 1613.
1. John.
2. Robert, mentioned below.
3. Lawrence, baptized at Caston, Nov. 3, 1561; buried Aug. 21, 1629; married June 20, 1588, Elizabeth James, who was buried Dec. 20, 1602; his will was dated Aug. 1, 1629, proved Dec. 8, 1629.

(II) Robert, son of Edward (1) Gilman, was baptized at Caston, England, July 10, 1559, buried March 6, 1631. He married Mary _____, who was buried at Caston, March 9, 1618. He was mentioned in the will of his brother Lawrence in 1629. He enfeoffed [trans note: that's what it says!] to his son John in his will lands which had come to him by his father's will in 1572.
1. Robert, married May 14, 1611, Rose Hawes; (second) Mary _____; died 1658.
2. Edward, mentioned below.
3. Lawrence, of Caston, baptized there Dec. 1, 1594; mentioned in brother John's will in 1639 and made his will in 1647.
4. John, baptized at Caston Feb. 28, 1598.

(III) Edward (2), immigrant ancestor, son of Robert Gillman, born in England in 1587-88. Married at Hingham, England, June 3, 1614, Mary Clark. With his wife, three sons, two daughters and three servants, he embarked in the ship "Diligent" from Gravesend, with one hundred and thirty-three others, led by Rev. Robert Peck, and they arrived at Boston Aug. 10, 1638. He settled in Hingham, and was admitted a freeman Dec. 13, 1638. He was a proprietor. He was a grantee of Seekonk, now Rehoboth. In 1647 he removed to Ipswich, where he was selectman in 1649. He sold his Hingham estate Oct. 1, 1652. He and several of his children settled later in Exeter. He died some time before April 10, 1655, when administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Mary, the sons and sons-in-law consenting.
1. Mary, baptized at Hingham, England, Aug. 6, 1615, married John Foulshan.
2. Edward, baptized Dec. 26, 1617, married daughter of Richard Smith, of Ipswich, formerly of Shropham, county Norfolk, England; settled at Exeter [trans note: prob. N. H.] and was a prominent man.
3. Sarah, baptized Dec. 26, 1617.
4. Lydia, married Jan. 19, 1645, Daniel Cushing.
5. Hon. John, born Jan. 10, 1624, baptized May 23, 1626, died July 24, 1708; married Elizabeth Tremorgye; was in the lumber and milling business with brother Edward; councillor in 1680; representative to the New Hampshire legislature and speaker in 1693.
6. Moses, mentioned below.

(IV) Moses, son of Edward (2) Gilman, was baptized at Hingham, England March 11, 1630. He came to America with his parents, and married Elizabeth Hersey, daughter of William Hersey Sr. He and his father were accepted as inhabitants of Exeter, New Hampshire, May 10, 1652. He had a grant of land July 8, 1652, together with his brothers, Edward and John. He had other grants in Oct., 1664, and March 30, 1674, when "Lieutenant Edward Gilman's land was laid out in Great Red Oak Hill," and Moses' land was in what is now Newmarket, on or near the Lamprey river.
Between 1660 and 1693 he was often selectman and had other offices. His will was dated Jan. 12, 1691, proved Aug. 6, 1702.
1. Moses, died 1747; married (first) Ann _____; (second) Elizabeth _____.
2. Jeremiah, born Aug. 31, 1660, mentioned below.
3. James, born May 31, 1665, married Mary Dolloff.
4. Captain John, born June 7, 1668, died 1750.
5. David.
6. Joshua, married Nov. 10, 1702, Maria Hersey, and resided at Hampton (N.H.); died Jan. 26, 1718.
7. Caleb, married Susanna Folsom, daughter of Lieut, Peter Folsom.
8. Elizabeth, married Byley Dudley.
9. Mary, married Cornelius Conner.
10. Judith, married Thomas Lyford.
The order of birth is not known.

(V) Captain Jeremiah, son of Moses Gilman, was born Aug. 31, 1660. He married Mary Wiggin, daughter of Andrew and granddaughter of Governor Thomas Wiggin. Her mother was Hannah, daughter of Governor Simon Bradstreet, and granddaughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley. Mary Gilman was admitted to the church at Hampton, April 4, 1697.
1. Jeremiah, with his brother Andrew and two others, was captured by the Indians at Pickpocket hill in the spring of 1739; they became separated and he never returned; it is said that he escaped and settled in Connecticut.
2. Andrew, born 1690, married (first) Joanna Thing, who died Nov. 16, 1727; (second) April 3, 1728, Bridget Hilton, died Nov. 10, 1736, dau. of Colonel Winthrop Hilton.
3. Simon, married Elizabeth _____, and died about 1750.
4. Isreal, mentioned below.
5. Thomas.
6. Benjamin.
7. Major Ezekiel, born Jan. 15, 1706, died on the Louisburg expedition; married Sarah Dudley, b. Jan. 15, 1706.
8. Hannah.
9. Joseph, of Newmarket.

(VI) Israel, son of Jeremiah Gilman, lived at Newmarket and died about 1768. He married (first) Deborah Thing, born Feb. 14, 1708, died 1737, daughter of Samuel Thing. He married (second) _____ Sanborn. His family was one of the most prominent in New Hampshire at that time. Three of his sons were colonels in the Revolution, and became prominent men.
1. Colonel Israel, married Hannah Smith, b. June 29, 1734, d. Sept. 18, 1823, daughter of Col. Joseph Smith; colonel in the revolution; died Feb. 20, 1777.
2. Colonel Samuel, born April, 1732, married (first) Dec. 17, 1761, Deborah Fowler, born 1746, d. Aug. 20, 1786, daughter of Jacob Fowler; married (second) Oct. 13, 1788, Deborah Thing, who died 1808; colonel in the revolution; resided in Newmarket, two miles from Newfields, on the road to Epping, but removed after the war to Tamworth; died Nov. 21, 1799.
3. Colonel David, born June 9, 1735, mentioned below.
4. Abigail, born 1737, married _____ Sanborn.
5. Bradstreet, married Molly Marshall, of Brentwood.
6. John, of Meredith, N. H.
7. Benjamin, of Tamworth, married _____ Clough, of London, N. H.; member of the legislature; children: i. Benjamin; ii. Joseph; iii. Sally; iv. Mehitable; v. Antipas, b. July 2, 1773; vi. Mary, b. Feb. 22, 1776; vii. Nathaniel (twin), b. Feb. 22, 1776; viii. Abigail, b. March 22, 1778.

(VII) Colonel David, son of Israel Gilman, was born June 9, 1735. He married July 21, 1778, Sarah, widow of Lieut. Winthrop Hilton, and daughter of Col. Joseph Smith. She was born March 26, 1738, died at Newmarket, March 26, 1810. He was a colonel in the revolution. He resided in Tamoworth, N. H., and represented the town in the legislature for several years between 1788 and 1805.
1. Simon, born 1766, mentioned below.
2. Betsey S., born Sept. 1, 1779, married April 10, 1803, her cousin, Jacob Gilman, of Tamworth, b. June 16, 1765.
3. Israel, married Hannah Thing; children: i. David, married Louisa Sliter; ii. John T., died young; iii. Gideon; iv. Josiah, married Abigial Hapgood; v. Nathaniel P., died young; vi. George W., married Abigail Hunter; vii. Noah, married Lois P. Webb; viii. Nathaniel P., died young; ix. Abigail T., married Reuben Varney; x. Hannah, married Marshall Davis.
4. Deborah, married _____ Ames, and resided in Belfast, Maine and Boston, Mass.

(VIII) Simon, son of Colonel David Gilman, was born in 1766. He married Phebe Allen, b. 1768, d. Dec. 9, 1861, daughter of Japheth Allen, a revolutionary soldier of Bridgewater. He resided in Tamworth, N. H., but removed to Maine later in life.
1. David, married _____ Ayer.
2. Japheth, married Charlotte Durgin.
3. Ezra, mararied _____ Cook.
4. Simon G., born July 3, 1797, mentioned below.
5. Nahum, married Abigail Remick.
6. Isaac, married Esther Williams.
7. Betsey.
8. Louisa.
9. J. T., editor of the Times, Bath, Maine.

(IX) Simon G., son of Simon Gilman, born in Tamworth, New Hampshire, July 3, 1797, died in Sacramento, California Dec. 12, 1862. He was educated in the public schools of Tamworth. He went to Westbrook, Maine, when a young man, and learned the trade of blacksmith. About 1835 he embarked in business for himself, with a blacksmith shop at Woodfords, near Portland, Maine. After ten years at that stand, he removed to Biddeford, where he continued until he was sixty years old, about five years before his death, when he retired. He died while visiting his son in California.
In politics Mr. Gilman was a Whig until the formation of the Republican party, with which he was affiliated during his last years. He was at one time high sheriff of the county of Cumberland, Maine. He was a member of the Protestant Episcopal church.
Mr. Gilman was highly esteemed by his townsmen for his many excellent qualities of heart and mind. Of sterling character and vigorous intellect, he was always a citizen of influence and usefulness.
Children, b. in Westbrook & Biddeford:
1. Elizabeth F., born March 12, 1827, died young.
2. Albert H., born April 6, 1829, mentioned below.
3. Simon G., born June 13, 1831.
4. Sumner A., born March 29, 1834.
5. Elizabeth, born May 6, 1837.
6. Maria, born Oct. 9, 1840.
7. Mary Ellen, born Sept. 3, 1843.
8. George W., born April 8, 1846.
9. Charles E., born April 26, 1849.
10. John T., born Feb. 23, 1852, died in infancy.

(X) Albert Huston, son of Simon G. Gilman, was born in Westbrook, Maine, April 6, 1829. He was educated in the common schools of Saco and Thornton Academy. He learned the trade of machinist in the Biddeford machine-shop, now the Saco & Pett shops. He was master mechanic for sixteen years. He was in partnership with the Drapers, of Hopedale, for two years in the manufacture of cotton-mill machinery. He then embarked in a similar business on his own account in Boston, working in the meantime on the improvement of cotton-mill machinery. In 1872 he returned to Saco and established his business under the name of Gilman Machine Works, employing about a score of men in manufacturing machinery for cotton-mills under his patents. He built up a prosperous business and continued in it until 1904, when he retired. Of great mechanical skill and inventive genius, Mr. Gilman accomplished much in the improvement of the machinery for manufacturing cotton goods. As a business man he has also shown signal ability.
Mr. Gilman is fond of travel and has seen much of the world. In 1887 he made a trip abroad extending over a period of six months, visiting England, France, Germany, Italy and Holland. In politics he is a Repbublican and has been a member of the common council from his ward. In his younger days he was affiliated with the (American party) "Know-nothings." In religion he is a Unitarian, serving as treasurer of the society and on its executive committee.
He is a member of Saco Lodge of Odd Fellows; was formerly of Dunlap Lodge of Free Masons, and is now a member of Saco Lodge; member of York Royal Arch Chapter; of Maine Council, Royal and Select Masters; and of Bradford Commandery, Knights Templar.
He married (first) Sept. 20, 1850, Martha I. Whitney, born Oct. 20, 1828, died Jan. 10, 1875, daughter of William Whitney, of Casco, Maine. Mr. Gilman married (second) Dec. 2, 1875, Sarah A. Roberts, born July 11, 1838, daughter of Tristram Roberts, of Parsonfield, Maine.
Edward H., mentioned below.

(XI) Edward H., son of Albert Huston Gilman, born May 24, 1852, was educated in the public schools of Saco; associated in business with his father, manufacturing cottom-mill machinery. Married April 6, 1875, Ada Stackpole, b. June 3, 1855.
1. William A., born Aug. 11, 1876, educated in the schools of his native town, now a machinist in the York Manufacturing Company.
2. Arthur C., born March 8, 1886, educated in the public schools, in Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., then for two years at the Waltham Watch School, and now located at Hartford, Connecticut.
3. Ruth, born Aug. 6, 1888, fitted for college in Saco schools, student at Wellesley College, class of 1909.

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