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[Many families included in these genealogical records had their beginnings in Massachusetts.]


The name may have been dervied from two Saxon words: gar, signifying a weapon, dart, javelin, arms; and dyn, sound, alarm, noise. These two Saxon words would make the name Gardyn and with the er, denoting the inhabitant of a place would be Dardyner, and by transition easily and naturally made into Gardiner. Or it may have come from the occupation of gardener, keeper of a garden.

(I) George, said to have been a son of Sir Thomas Gardiner, Knight, was admitted as an inhabitant of Aquidneck, Sept. 1, 1638. He was born in England in 1601, and died in Kings county, Rhode Island, 1679.
He left six sons:
1. Benoni (q.v.).
2. Henry, who died in 1744, aged one hundred and one years.
3. William, who died in 1711, at sea by the hands of pirates.
4. George, who died in 1724, aged ninety-four years.
5. Nicholas, born about 1654, died 1712.
6. Joseph.
The fourteen children of George Gardiner, according to Austen, were born as follows:
Benoni, Henry, George, William, Nicholas, Dorcas, Rebecca, Samuel, Joseph, Lydia, Mary, Peregrine, Robert, Jeremiah.

(II) Benoni, eldest child of George Gardiner, the immigrant, was born in England about 1627, and died in Kingstown, Rhode Island, 1731, aged one hundred and four years. He came to Narragansett, Rhode Island, with his parents, and took the oath of allegiance May 19, 1671, the same year is first child, William, wa born of his wife Mary; their other children were:
Nathaniel, Stephen, Isaac (b. Jan. 7, 1687), Bridget.
His wife Mary was born in 1645, and died Nov. 16, 1729.

(III) William, son of Benoni and Mary Gardiner, was born at Boston Neck, Rhode Island, 1671, in Narragansett. He was known as William Junior to distinguish him from his uncle, William Gardiner, who called himself "son of George Gardiner of Newport," and died in 1732.
He marraied Abigail, born in 1681, daughter of John and Abigail (Richmond) Remington, of Newport, Kingston, Rhode Island, and granddaughter of Edward and Abigail (Davis) Richmond. They lived on Boston Neck, South Kingston, R.I., where their seven children were born.
1. John, born 1696, died 1770; married (first) Mary Hill, had three children; married (second) Mary Taylor, of Jamaica, Long Island, seven children.
2. William married Elizabeth Gibbs, and had children.
3. Thomas, who died without issue.
4. Sylvester (q.v.).
5. Abigail, married (first) Caleb Hazard and (second) Governor William Robinson.
6. Hannah, married Dr. McSparran.
7. Lydia, married Josiah Arnold, grandson of Governor Benedict Arnold.
After the death of William Gardiner, of Boston Neck, Dec. 14, 1732, his widow married Captain Job Almy.

(IV) Sylvester, fourth son of William and Abigail (Remington) Gardiner, was born in the family mansion at South Kingston, Rhode Island, 1708. He was sent to Boston, Mass. to attend school and prepare for the practice of medicine. He spent eight years in England and France, and returned to Boston an accomplished physician and surgeon. He practice in Boston, where he was considered one of the ablest physicians in America. He also engaged in business as an importer of drugs and became very wealthy. He became proprietor of about one hundred thousand acres of land, part of the Plymouth purchase on the Kennebec river in the district of Maine. Part of this tract of land he colonized with Germans, that settlement being known as Pownalboro, afterwards Dresden. Another chief town was Gardinerstown, afterwards divided into Gardiner and Pittston.
He was a warden of King's Chapel, Boston, and one of the founders of Christ church there. He also endowed Christ Church, Gardinerstown, now Gardiner, Maine, with ten acres of land for a glebe and twenty-eight pounds sterling annually for the salary of the minister forever.
He remained loyal to the mother country at the time of the Revolution. When the British evacuated Boston he was obliged to leave that city and was banished from his estate in Maine. He took refuge in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and his estates in Boston were confiscated. He removed from Halifax to England. He returned to the United States in 1785, settling in Newport, where he continued the practice of his profession up to the time of his death, which occurred in Newport, R. I., Aug. 8, 1786.
He married (first) Anne, daughter of Dr. John Gibbons, of Boston, and had six children:
1. John (q.v.).
2. William, who had no issue.
3. Anne, who became the wife of Rt. Hon. Arthur Browne, son (or brother) of the Earl of Altamont, and their first son, John, married a daughter of Lord Howe, and the three other children were: James, Anne Maria and Louisa.
4. Hannah (q.v.).
5. Rebecca, married Philip Dumaresque, four children.
6. Abigail, married for her first husband Oliver Whipple, of Cumberland, R. I., and afterward a lawyer in Portsmouth, N. H. By her first marriage she had three children: Sylvester G., Hannah, who became the wife of Frederic Allan, a lawyer of Gardiner, Maine, and Anne.

Dr. Sylvester Gardiner married (second) Love Eppes, of Salem, Mass., and for his third wife, Catherine Goldthwaite. He had no children with his second or third marriages.

(V) John, eldest son of Sylvester and Anne (Gibbons) Gardiner, was born in Boston, Mass., about the year 1731, and was drowned on his way from Pownalboro to Boston in 1793. He was sent to London to be educated in the law at the Inner Temple, and he received the degree of Master of Arts from the University of Glasgow in 1755. He practiced law in London and in Wales, and was sent by the government to St. Christophers, British West Indies, as attorney general in 1765, and he held that important government position up to 1783, when he returned to his native city and practiced law there for two or three years. His father, Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, was a large owner in the Plymouth purchase, and became the owner of large tracts in Maine, one hundred thousand acres of land on the Kennebec river, and he became the founder of Gardinerstown, which was afterwards divided into Pittston and Gardiner.
John Gardiner located in Pownalboro and he represented that town in the general court of Mass. from 1788 to 1793. He accepted the Unitarian religious view and was the prime mover in changing Kings Chapel, Boston, from the use to which it had been consecreated by the authority of the church of England and making it the home of the Uniatarian society, but unlike the other Unitarian churches in Boston, Kings Chapel used the book of Common Prayer with the changes necessary to make it conform to the Unitarian faith. John Gardiner received the honorary degree of Master of Arts from Harvard College in 1791.
He married Margaret Harries in South Wales, of a very respectable family, and among their children was John Sylvester, born in Haverford West, Southern Wales, in June 1765. He was brought up in the family of his grandfather, Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, in Boston, 1770-75, returned to England in the latter year and was a pupil of Dr. Samuel Parr, 1776=82. He pursued a course of law in Boston, Mass., 1783-85, but left the law to enter the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal church. His diaconate was passed in Beaufort, South Carolina, as minister in charge of the parish of St. Helena, where he remained 1789-92. He was elevated to the priesthood in 1791, and was assistant rector of Trinity Church, Boston, Mass., 1792-1805, and rector 1805-30. Harvard honored him with the degree of A. M. in 1803, and the University of Pennsylvania conferred on him the LL.D. degree in 1813. He conducted a classical school in Boston, 1792-1805, and he organized and was the first president of the Anthology Club, Boston, his term as president extending from 1805 to 1811.
He died in Harrowgate, England, July 29, 1830, while a health-seeker in that locality. His aunt, Hannah (q.v.), became the wife of Robert Hallowell, and they became the parents of Robert Hallowell Gardiner (q.v.), on whom on account of a dislike to the religious and political principles of his eldest son John, Dr. Sylvester Gardiner in his will settled his estate at Gardiner.

(V) Hannah, fourth child and second daughter of Sylvester and Anne (Gibbons) Gardiner, was born 1744, died Feb. 9, 1796. She married Jan. 7, 1772, Robert Hallowell, for whom the town of Hallowell in the district of Maine was named. They had four daughters, all of whom died unmarried, and one son Robert, who, by the wish of his grandfather, Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, as expressed in his will, applied to the general court of Massachusetts to have his name changed to Robert Hallowell Gardiner, and the legislature of 1803 passed an act to that effect and this act gives him a place in the Gardiner genealogy.

(VI) Robert Hallowell, son of Robert and Hannah (Gardiner) Hallowell, was born in Bristol, England, Feb. 10, 1782, while his parents and maternal grandparents were residents of England. He came with them to Newport in 1785, and was prepared for matriculation at Harvard College, and was graduated A.B. in 1801, A.M. in 1804. In 1803 his name was changed by the legislature of Mass., as above mentioned, to Robert Hallowell Gardiner. He devoted his business hours to the cares of the large Gardiner estate in educational and church work. He was a trustee of Bowdoin College, 1841-60; an honorary member of the Mass. Historical Society; a Whig in national politics and a useful and greatly respected citizen of Gardiner, Maine.
He was married to Emma Jane Tudor, and they lived in Gardiner, Maine.
1. Emma Jane, died unmarried.
2. Anne Hallowell, married Francis Richards and had five sons and one daughter.
3. Robert Hallowell, born Nov. 3, 1809, married Sarah Fenwick Jones, of Savannah, Georgia; he graduated from Harvard, A.B., 1830; died 1886.
4. Delia Tudor, married George Jones, of Savannah, and died without issue.
5. Lucy Vaughan, died unmarried.
6. John William Tudor (q.v.).
7. Henrietta, married Richard Sullivan, of Boston, and died without issue.
8. Frederick, born Sept. 11, 1822, graduated from Bowdoin, A.B., 1842; A.M. 1845; D.D. 1869; General Theological Seminary, New York, 1845; honorary D.D. Kenyon, 1869; Trinity, 1870; married Caroline, daughter of William Vaughan; died in Middletown, Connecticut, July 17, 1889.
9. Eleanor Harriet.

(VII) John William Tudor, second son and sixth child of Robert Hallowell and Emma Jane (Tudor) Gardiner, was born in Gardiner, Maine, June 5, 1817, and died there Sept. 27, 1879. He was a student at Harvard College, class of 1836, leaving college in 1835 to accept an appointment as cadet at West Point Military Academy. He was graudated at the U. S. Military Academy in 1840, with a class rank of twenty-six in a class of forty-two, having as classmates:
William T. Sherman, Stewart Van Vleet, George H. Thomas, Richard S. Ewell, George W. Getty, William Hays, Bushrod R. Johnson and Thomas Jordan.
He was assigned to the First Dragoons, July 1, 1840, with the brevet rank of second lieutenant, and on Dec. 31, 1840, became second lieutenant. He receive promotions as follows:
First lieutenant, April 21, 1846; captain, Oct. 9, 1851; major, Second Cavalry, Oct. 26, 1861, and he was "retired from active service Nov. 14, 1861 for disability resulting from long and faithful service and from disease and exposure in the line of duty." He served on mustering and recruiting service in the state of Maine and as acting assistant adjutant general; as provost marshal general and chief mustering and disbursing officer at Augusta, Maine, 1861-64, and he was brevetted lieutenant colonel March 13, 1865, "for meritorious service during the Rebellion."
He was married at "The Woodyard," Maryland, July 5, 1854, to Anne Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Patterson) Hays, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, born Oct. 25, 1821.
1. Robert Hallowell (q.v.).
2. Eleanor, b. June 3, 1857.
3. Anne, died in infancy.
4. Francis Richards, born 1861, died 1880.
5. and 6. John Hays and John Tudor (twins), born April 6, 1863.

(VIII) Robert Hallowell, eldest child of Colonel John William Tudor and Anne Elizabeth (Hays) Gardiner, was born at Fort Tejon, California, Sept. 9, 1855. He was graduated at the Montreal high school, 1871; Roxbury Latin school, Boston, Mass.m 1872; Harvard College, A.B., 1876; student in the Harvard Univ. Law School, 1878-80; admitted to the Suffolk car in 1880, and practiced law in Boston from that time. He became a director in the Arlington Mills; in the Webster & Atlas National Bank; in the Cochrane Chemical Company; in the Falls Company; in the Shetucket Company, of which corporation he was president; and a trustee of the Gardiner Real Estate Association; the Cushing Real Estate Trust; the Nickerson Land Trust; the Perry Real Estate Trust; the William Lawrence Real Estate Trust; the Boston Real Estate Trust and of other estates and corporations. He also became a trustee of the Wells Memorial Institute. He was one of the founders of the Republican Club of Massachusetts and served as chairman of its executive committee.
He was prominent in the Protestant Episcopal church as a member of the standing committee for the dioceses first of Mass. and afterwards of Maine, and delegate from the latter diocese to the general convention of 1904 and 1907, and in 1904 was elected president of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, and in 1908 president of the National Conference of Church Clubs.
In 1900 he made his home and legal residence at Gardiner, Maine, and his winter home is in Boston, his law office being at 713 Barristers Hall, Pemberton Square.
He was married at Trinity Church, Boston, June 23, 1881, to Alice, daughter of Edward and Anne (Outram) Bangs, of Watertown, Mass. Children: Alice, born in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 14, 1857, wife of Robert H. Gardiner; Anne Outram, married Russell Sturgis; Edward Appleton, Harvard A.B., 1884; Outram; Francis Reginald, Harvard A.B., 1891, LL.B., 1894.

Children of Robert Hallowell & Alice (Bangs) Gardiner:
1. Robert Hallowell Jr., born Nov. 5, 1882; Roxbury Latin school, 1900, Harvard College, A.B. and A.M., 1904, and Law School, LL.B., 1907.
2. Alice, b. Feb. 24, 1885, married Livingston Davis, Harvard, A.B., 1904.
3. Sylvester, b. Jan. 11, 1888, died May 15, 1889.
4. Anna Lowell, b. Sept. 9, 1890.
5. William Tudor, b. June 12, 1892.

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